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December 19 2020 2:16AM

I got a Bruno lift for my truck. The installation team was excellent. They came to my house, picked up my truck, took it to a shop and brought it back with the lift installed. That process took about three hours. It was less than they told me. They told me it might be four or five.

The lift looks very good. I haven't used it a lot yet but I think it's gonna be excellent. I like the ability to take my chair where I go when I need it.

Donald S.
Pooler, GA
December 17 2020 1:44AM

I can't walk. I needed to get a stairlift for my home. My daughter chose to use Bruno. The reps who came were very quiet. They did what they had to do and left. But they forgot the seat belt so they had to come back. The quality of my Bruno stairlift is wonderful. It also fits into the stairwell very well.

Emma T.
Pittsburgh, PA
December 12 2020 2:34AM

I was needing to get a stairlift for my elderly mother. I did research and Bruno seems the most reliable and with the longest warranty.

The sales visit was very well-organized. The people who came showed us how it worked. We rode it up and down. They answered any questions. They didn't rush us. We stayed there a long time. I was very pleased.

I love the stairlift. It gets my mother down and upstairs where she doesn't have to get out-of-breath. It's got very good quality. I'm really pleased with it. The cost is very reasonable.

Having the stairlift made it easier on me to not have to worry about my mother falling down the stairs. It also carries my groceries upstairs and my laundry. If you get Bruno, you'll get your money's worth.

Marie M.
Marietta, GA
December 11 2020 7:30AM

My Bruno stairlift works great. I love it. The VA told me they would send somebody around to give me an estimate. They sent two different companies here. Each one of them gave me an estimate. The VA picked Bruno, which was fine with me.

The installation was good. My problem is my stairway is very narrow, and the stairlift takes up a lot of the room, which can't be helped. The quality is very good. It looks good. It operates well.

Irtys M.
Sullivan, IL
December 09 2020 10:44AM

My Bruno stairlift works slower than my other one, but it's very nice and very quiet. I'm still on oxygen. So, it helps because I'm short-of-breath. I can ride it up and don't have to be short-of-breath.

I had an old Bruno for about 25 years old. To get the new one, I just called and ordered it over the phone. The person who came to install did a good job.

Lorraine S.
Oakdale, MN
December 08 2020 10:50AM

My husband had a stroke and this Bruno stairlift is very good. We both had strokes and heart attacks. That really helps out. When the people came and installed it, they were super nice. They were here for about three hours. I would tell others right away to get a Bruno stairlift.

Ethel R.
Conemaugh, PA
December 08 2020 2:47AM

I purchased a Bruno stairlift for my elderly mom. The person who came during the sales visit did a very good job.

He ended up recommending Bruno's product over some other products because the feature of the bottom rail kind of moves down and back up again. Because of that feature and because he highly recommended the equipment, we went that way.

It was a one-man team that came out for the installation, and it did not go well at all. On the first visit, the technician broke the mechanism that moves the arm down to the bottom of the lift. The chair rides on a rail. There's a bottom piece of the rail that moves up and down as part of the operation of the chair.

I was there when it happened. He couldn't get it to fold right. He was pushing on it, and there was a loud cracking noise.

Shortly later, he said, "This was shipped broken from the factory and we're gonna have to get a new piece shipped out. I can't install this because it was broken at the factory."

I didn't call him on it at the time. He said, "Well, you probably heard the cracking noise, but it was already broken. And pushing on it just caused it to completely break." So, a new section had to be sent from the factory. That took a couple of weeks.

My parents seem to say the stairlift works fine. There was an issue where that piece of rail that comes down had moved a rug there, and it wasn't working.

So, they called the installer, Albany Lift, back up again and said, "Hey, it's not working." They said that that interaction went very poorly with Albany Lift and that they were rude. But my parents are old and crotchety. So, I don't really know if that interaction went poorly.

Doug S.
North Bennington, VT
December 07 2020 9:35AM

I had fallen and I got out of the hospital. Guardian Healthcare was a provider through VA. They use Bruno and they're familiar with the company. I told the therapist to go ahead with the company that they deal with, and the paper went through so quickly. It was unreal.

I'm happy with Bruno except when it goes up and before it hits the last step, it stops. Then I got to put my foot down and push up on the step and push backwards and then it'd go up the rest of the way.

I got the straight stairlift. The rails are not straight with the stairwell though. They come out, they start so far out the top and then they get wider at the bottom. I don't understand why because the chair doesn't hit nowhere on it. That rail should be straight with the wall.

I have two of them. I have a tri-level. One is going down and one is going upstairs from the main level. Both of them are like that.

When it's all the way up the top, that's where it's closest to the wall, but it goes out wider at the bottom. But even if you spin the chair, it doesn't even touch the wall when it's up high.

The lift is fine. I wish, when you get off, that you don't have to keep lifting the arms up. The arms with the one upstairs, once you spin, you lift up one arm and it doesn't beep anymore. I wish you could just leave it in any position and let it go and you don't have the beep.

I'm the only one that lives here so when I get off on that level, whichever position the chair's in when I get off it, I figure if I just get back on, I don't have to worry about that. But you have to keep putting the seat up and putting the arm up and that's ridiculous.

The installation team was really good. They measured everything. They went outside and they cut everything. I even cleared a spot in the garage in case it rained and they were just fine. They put everything together.

The young guy did the one going downstairs and it works with no problem. It will go up and down. The one upstairs, the other guy put in. That's where it goes up and before it gets the last step, it stops. Other than that, they did a great job.

With the stairlift, I like that I'm able to get up and down the steps, plus I got the remotes that if somebody was handicapped or something and rode it down, or if some reason I had to come up the steps and I didn't use it, then I'm able to get it back.

The greatest thing is being able to get upstairs because I was sleeping downstairs for almost a month and a half. There's just a bath and not a shower so I couldn't take a shower. I'd have to get me upstairs to get a shower. Now I can do it all on my own.

Todd R.
Morrow, GA
December 06 2020 4:06AM

We had another Bruno stairlift installed a year ago. It is going to our lower floor. Apparently, there was an update to the model in the last year and we find that the new one is not half as nice as the old one. It just seems to become a cheaper construction.

It raffles as it goes up, the arms flop down on their own, the seat has got some kind of a surface on it that is supposed to help you not slip, but it prevents my wife from sliding on as well as she does the lower floor.

There are a number of things about it that we don't think are improvements. The old one is a bit more utility. The new one is a little bit nicer to look at. The other one tucked behind the seat and was more out of the way than the new one is.

We went to a local installer and looked for a chairlift for my wife originally so that she could go to the basement. So, they installed that one approximately 15 months ago and she was very happy with that.

We went and got the new prices for the new one, and they did tell us it had been updated. But it's fine. We're not gonna worry about it.

The rattling might be a problem. The other one is pretty quiet as far as the gears go. This one seems to clunk a lot, especially at a certain point on the stairs.

We haven't talked to the installer about it, but that's what we observed. We'll talk to the installer about that at some point.

Colin W.
Coeur D Alene, ID
December 04 2020 12:10PM

We had a Bruno here. I bought it used from a friend of mine because his parents had died. That was about six years ago. What had happened was my mother and father-in-law both moved in with us. They also need a chairlift.

So, the old one I had was getting used way more than we anticipated between my wife and both my in-laws, and it had seen its better days. So, we decided to update it. Because I had Bruno, I just stuck with the same name.

Everything went well during the installation. The only thing is when they came to put it in, we weren't told in advance that there was gonna be a charge for taking the old one out.

We kind of went around with the manager, and they waived the fee to have it removed because it was never brought up to us upfront. I'm very happy with their lift. It works terrific.

Kevin V.
Weyauwega, WI
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