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According to the Hearing Health Foundation, there is a link between hearing loss and health conditions like dementia, depression, heart disease, and others. With the elderly already susceptible to these health concerns, taking care of hearing issues should be a priority sooner rather than later. Hear.com offers a wide variety of hearing aids, such as those discussed in our Hearing Aid Buyer’s Guide, to help consumers from the comfort of their home.

  • Free consultation over the phone
  • Network of expert hearing professionals
  • Wide selection of hearing aids from top manufacturers
  • Financing and insurance options available

  • No chat for immediate help on their website

Hear.com’s Free Consultation

Working with Hear.com starts with a free, comprehensive and unbiased phone consultation with a qualified hearing professional. You answer several questions about your auditory range, lifestyle, and interest in using technology. The consultant offers suggestions for improving your hearing, with hearing aid recommendations if it seems you need them. You will have an in-office hearing test before receiving firm recommendations for hearing aids. Hear.com’s consultants discuss prices, financing, and insurance, so cost is never hidden. Alternatively, you can first fill out a form on the Hear.com website to receive a free hearing report, then speak to a consultant.

Hear.com Provider Hearing Test

If you’re satisfied with the phone consultation, you can book a hearing test appointment at the nearest Hear.com Partner Provider. Hearing tests are conducted by highly-trained and respected audiologists or specialists to evaluate your hearing level and make a firm hearing aid recommendation. You return a few days later to the Partner Provider’s office to have the devices fitted.

Hear.com’s Risk-Free Hearing Aid Trial

Once you have hearing aids fitted, Hear.com wants you to give them a full test run. You should wear the devices in all of your regular daily settings to gauge how well they work for your lifestyle. Hear.com is confident in their products, and they want you to be delighted with your new hearing aids. If you’re not happy with the devices, you can return them within 45 days to get a full refund.

Hear.com Partner Provider Network

Hear.com has over 1,600 Partner Providers across the United States. The company only partners with best-in-industry hearing professionals committed to keeping up with the latest innovations and providing a superior level of care. Check the website for providers near you. At the time we published this review, Hear.com has local partner offices in 17 states.

Hear.com Hearing Aids

Hear.com connects customers to best-in-class hearing aids created by the top manufacturers in the industry. In addition to Audio Service, Bernafon and Hansaton, you’ll find several hearing aids available from Hear.com:

  • Oticon: Features a discreet hearing aid design, 20% better soft sound clarity and mobile app connectivity to allow users to customize their hearing experience.
  • Unitron: These hearing aids promote natural hearing and are upgradeable to meet changing needs over time. Unitron hearing devices connect to cell phones, mp3 players and televisions for direct sound delivery.
  • Phonak: Multi-microphone technology detects where sounds originate to enhance what you need to hear while reducing other noises. The AutoSense OS transitions smoothly between different hearing environments.
  • ReSound: LiNX feature allows users to control ReSound hearing aids from a mobile app that stores settings for future use.
  • Widex: First fully digital hearing aids, differentiates between 100 different sound scenarios to provide the most natural hearing possible.
  • Signia: Waterproof design allows for swimming or bathing without removing the hearing aids. Sophisticated microphone technology provides a 3D sound experience.
  • Rexton: Innovative behind-the-ear devices utilize Bluetooth and other technologies. Rexton offers a variety of models to suit a range of hearing needs. Free mobile apps set hearing preferences based on the surrounding environment and provide relief from tinnitus.

Hear.com Hearing Aid Costs

Hear.com offers a wide range of hearing aids with outstanding features so that you can find a pair with excellent sound quality, speech clarity, noise reduction, and feedback mitigation. Depending on your lifestyle, the severity of hearing loss, and the level of technology you want to use, you may need a Basic, Midrange, or Premium model. The chart below gives you some idea of the cost of hearing aids from Hear.com.

Hear.com Sample Hearing Aid Prices
(Cost per Pair)
Hearing Aid Class Features Best Use Cost
Basic Customizable programs
Latest technology
Feedback cancellation
Around the house $1,600 to $3,500
Midrange Better sound quality
Wireless connectivity
Voice recognition
Active lifestyle
Complex locaions
$3,500 to $5,000
Premium 360-degree hearing
Adapts to environment
Multimedia connectivity
Severe hearing loss $5,000 to $6,500

Financing Hearing Aids with Hear.com

Hear.com works with Wells Fargo, CareCredit and AllWell to provide financing. Available terms are 12 months no interest and 24 to 60 months low interest ($120 monthly payment). If you have a low credit score, you can still set up financing if you can make a 30% down payment on the hearing aids. Depending on your location, you may be eligible to get financial assistance from the Northwest Lions Foundation. Veterans and those with low income have options for making hearing aids affordable.

How to Buy Hearing Aids from Hear.com

You use a simple three-step process to buy hearing aids from Hear.com. At the end of this process, your hearing will improve with comfortable devices to fit your needs.

  1. Complete the online form on Hear.com or call the number on the website to get started. You will answer several questions about your ability to hear, and if you use the online form, Hear.com presents a free hearing analysis report for your review.
  2. Shortly after completing the form, Hear.com will contact you for your free phone consultation and then will schedule you for the initial office visit.
  3. The office visit provides a hearing test and professional hearing aid selections with a follow-up appointment for a fitting. Hear.com provides continuing customer service after the sale.

Hear.com Complaints

Hear.com claims an over 92% customer satisfaction rate, and online ratings backs that up. Although Hear.com received some negative reviews regarding customer service, product quality, and business practices, opinions are overwhelmingly positive. The Better Business Bureau accredits the company with an “A-” rating. ConsumerAffairs readers rate Hear.com with 4.5 out of 5 stars, and ConsumersAdvocate gives the company a healthy 9 out of 10 rating. Trustpilot rated Hear.com as “Excellent” for three years running.

Hear.com Q&A

  • What sets Hear.com apart from other hearing aid vendors?
    Hear.com’s simple, three-step buying process sets this hearing aid company apart from others. Also, the company only partners with the highest regarded hearing professionals and hearing aid manufacturers.

  • What is the Hear.com mobile app?
    Hear.com’s mobile app lets customers chat real time with a professional hearing aid expert any time they need help. Customers can also see their appointment details and schedule or change upcoming appointments with Hear.com’s Partner Providers.

  • Is there a warranty on Hear.com hearing aids?
    Yes, all hearing aids purchased through Hear.com are covered by up to a three-year warranty.

  • How do I get help from Hear.com?
    If you have any questions regarding your hearing or hearing aid, you can call or email your Hear.com personal hearing aid expert, or use the mobile app. Additionally, your hearing aid purchase includes a Comprehensive Service Package which entitles you to up to five device service visits at the closest Partner Provider.

  • Can I find a list of Partner Providers on Hear.com?
    While the Hear.com website discloses an approximate number of Partner Providers by state, we found no list of locations. You and your consultant will determine the partner clinics closest to you, during the initial phone consultation.


Choosing hearing aids can get complicated with over 1,000 models available. Hear.com makes buying hearing aids easier with a three-step process, generous financing, and there’s always an expert available to answer questions or provide assistance.

To learn more about Hear.com’s hearing aids, call (877) 589-1316 or visit the Hear.com website.

Hear.com Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
April 06 2021 7:13PM

I was very pleased with my total experience from the product to the professionals that helped me every step of the way. I tried other online hearing aids and Hear.com found the one that worked best.

I am grateful for the way I am now able to hear my grandchildren. I did not think I really needed hearing aids but I was totally wrong. I was missing out on so many things and didn't even know it.

Frank S.
Greer, SC

Frank, we really appreciate the positive review and I will pass this feedback along to your consultant! We love to help our customers find the perfect hearing aid for their lifestyle. You would be surprised to know how many people think they do not need hearing aids but knowing that you can now hear your grandchildren and not miss out on anything makes us so happy! Happy hearing! :)

June 16 2021 5:21PM

I had a fantastic experience working with Hear.com! I was trying to find information for my dad, who needed hearing aids, and stumbled across hear.com.

Filling out their survey took some time but it was super thorough and it seemed to help answer some questions before I even had a chance to speak with someone at their company.

I wish we did this for my dad a long time ago! This was seriously such an amazing decision, thank you to those at hear.com. :)

Rachel V.
Syracuse, NY

Hi, Rachel! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We are so thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our process and that our survey was able to answer so many of your questions. I hope your dad is enjoying his hearing aids. Please reach out to us if you need anything! ~ The Customer Success Team

June 11 2021 9:53PM

Hear.com was very helpful and kept in touch with me during the trial period and even after. I am enjoying the Resound hearing aids. My hearing is so much better than it was before l got them. They are so comfortable l forget l am wearing them.

Lawrence B.
Brooksville, FL

Hi, Lawrence! Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We are so thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our customer service and the Resound hearing aids we recommended for you. It is great to hear that they are treating you so well and that they have improved your hearing. If you need anything from us, please do not hesitate to reach out. ~The Customer Success Team

May 14 2021 3:40PM

Very professional, great staff. Experts. This product is amazing. I had tried other hear aid devices and this one is a cut above the others. This is the best thing I have done for myself in many years. I have already told others about Hear.Com. Thank You.

James H.
Maurice, LA

Hi, James! Thank you for taking the time to write us such a positive review! We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying the hearing aid that we recommended for you. I will also make sure to pass along the kind words to your sales consultant! If you need anything from us, please do not hesitate to reach out. Happy hearing! ~The Customer Success Team

April 24 2021 6:15PM

Dr ** both were very responsive to my needs for hearing aid. Dr ** did a thorough test, explained the test results and recommended a suitable hearing aid.

Steven was very prompt with answering all my questions and providing me the information. I recommend working with hearing.com, Thanks for your help Dr **.

Balbir C.

Hi, Balbir! Thank you for taking the time to write us a positive review. I am very happy to hear that your consultant and provider were able to answer all of your questions as well as recommend a suitable hearing aid for you. I will make sure to pass along the kind words to them! Should you need anything from us in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out!

April 23 2021 6:08PM

These hearing aids have been a life changer for me. Especially the volume of TV while watching has gone so low now that my wife actually will turn up the volume and I could never hear a single word being said at her volume she likes to watch at.

Tom F.

Hi, Tom! Thank you for taking the time to leave such awesome feedback, we appreciate the positive review! We are very happy to hear that your hearing aids have been a big life-changer for you and that you can hear the television so well. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do for you in the future. Happy hearing!

April 15 2021 6:21PM

This company was tops in proactive communication. We had a dedicated representative throughout the buying process who explored options, talked with our insurance company, called for followup as we tried out the aids — in short, we did feel like they believed they were in business to serve their customers in ways that made those customer willing to help the company build a profitable and sustainable business.

Paul F.
Frisco, TX

Hi, Paul! Thank you for taking the time to give us such a positive rating and review. We always try to be thorough when communicating with our customers and stay with them through their hearing aid journey! I will make sure to pass along the kind words to your sales consultant. Happy hearing!

April 15 2021 2:47PM

Hear.com dropped the ball about sending my paperwork to the company that was going to test my ears and get my hearing aids. The day I was scheduled to do this was canceled because the company did not have the information they needed.

Carol S.
Savannah, GA

Hi, Carol. I apologize that you feel as though we dropped the ball. We actually had your appointment canceled because we determined the best course of action for you would be to find a provider that is in your network to assure that you receive the best benefit possible. Please know that you will need a referral from your primary physician in order to receive your full insurance benefit. I am sincerely sorry that this was not communicated to you. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to me at [email protected]!

April 14 2021 1:39PM

After the sale good luck getting ahold of your sales rep, so far called and left 4 messages and emailed a few times with no reply and it’s been over 2 weeks. She was on the ball when trying to sell them to me but since I can not get ahold of her or her mamas.

William S.
Longs, SC

Hi, William! Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. I am sincerely sorry for the lack of communication you received from hear.com, I completely understand your frustrations! I do see that a representative did reach out to you informing you that your consultant was injured and healing causing her to be on leave. With this, there were some transitions that took longer than we expected! I have checked your account and see that you have been approved for a refund. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I will also email you the contact information for the financing company should you have any questions for them. Have a great rest of your week!

April 07 2021 5:47PM

Sonja ** is an AWESOME REP!!! Sonja represents Hear.Com customers very well and with kindness and knowledge!!! I will recommend her to anyone trying to get help with the buying of hearing aids!! Thank you!! Irene **.

Mary H.
Selma, AL

Hi, Irene! Thank you so much for the positive rating and review. I am so happy to hear that Sonja was so helpful in your hearing aid journey and I will make sure to pass along the kind words to her! Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can help you with in the future. Happy hearing :)

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