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Miracle-Ear began in 1948 with a single hearing aid created by Dahlberg Electronics. In the early 1950s, the company incorporated then-new transistor technology into its hearing aid product, and by the early 2000s, all of the brand’s products were digitally based. The company has continued to innovate new technologies to improve hearing aid function, developing proprietary Speech Isolation, new digital noise reduction capabilities and integrated smartphone app functionality.

Currently owned by the Amplifon family of companies based in Plymouth, Minnesota, Miracle-Ear is now a worldwide company. Its extensive network of local stores throughout the country offer hearing tests, hearing aid fitting and service help to set them apart from other direct-to-consumer companies with no local presence or way to shop for hearing assistance devices in store.

Instead of selling purely by mail-order or over the internet, Miracle-Ear has brick and mortar store locations in all 50 states to provide in-person service from certified representatives. The company also runs the Miracle-Ear Foundation, supplying free hearing aids to adults and children without the financial means, insurance or government support to otherwise acquire a hearing aid device.

  • One of the oldest makers of portable hearing aids
  • Wide range of hearing aid products, customizable options
  • Lifetime customer service
  • In-person fitting and customization
  • Foundation to help those in financial need
  • Cost
  • Store locations may not be close to all consumers

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Cost

Miracle-Ear doesn’t list the price of its hearing aid products on their website. Miracle-Ear says its products can run between $1,000 and $5,000 and according to the AARP, the average cost in the United States for a single hearing aid is approximately $2,300. It’s important to note, hearing aid cost will vary depending on your specific hearing needs, type of hearing aid and the technology included in the hearing aid. After doing some online research, we discovered customers paid within the following price ranges for hearing aids, including Miracle-Ear products.

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid: $1,000-$5,600

  • In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid: $450 (basic technology)-$5,600 (advanced technology)

  • Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid: $150 (basic)-$5,000 (advanced technology)

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Technology

All hearing aids consist of three basic parts: a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker, which is sometimes called the receiver. The microphone takes in sound, the amplifier makes the sound louder and the speaker plays the sound into the ear. Beyond the basics, Miracle-Ear’s proprietary technologies help make its hearing aids and hearing assistive devices appealing to modern wearers. For example, its GENIUS™ noise reduction and directional programming and speech recognition technology, which recognizes and gives preference to speech sounds and filters the rest for a better understanding of conversations. Miracle-Ear also offers smartphone apps to manage your hearing aid without having to carry a separate remote control device.

Miracle-Ear hearing aids come in several styles, including receiver-in-the-ear canal (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE) options. These aids have a similar look, with a small battery pack worn behind the ear and a wire attached to the small receiver inside the ear canal. However, there are differences in the receiver location and how it works.

Miracle-Ear also carries more discreet and often custom-fit styles, such as completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids, which fit into the ear canal and do not have external packs behind the ear. In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids also fit inside the ear but have larger casings and do not go as deep into the ear canal. Miracle-Ear also offers tiny, self-contained invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids designed to go unnoticed when worn.

miracle-ear technology

Screenshot: Miracle-Ear Technology

Miracle-Ear Products

Miracle-Ear offers six different hearing aid products plus custom-fit devices in several styles.

  • The GENIUS™ 3.0 RIC is a leading receiver in canal device. It comes in eight colors and offers two case designs with different battery options. Like most Miracle-Ear products, it includes Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled through the Miracle-Ear smartphone app, along with the technology to adjust for tinnitus, noise reduction and feedback cancellation.

  • The Rechargeable LI RIC is the rechargeable version of the GENIUS 3.0 RIC and comes with a built-in lithium-ion power cell that provides up to 24 hours of use per charge.

  • Miracle Ear GENIUS 3.0 RIC

    Miracle-Ear GENIUS 3.0 RIC. Source: Miracle-Ear
  • The Mini RIC stands out for its compact size. It has the same remote control features through the Miracle-Ear app as other products, as well as speech isolation and wind noise reduction.

  • The ReadyFit CIC, an entirely in-canal device that does not have to be custom fit. It is flexibly designed to fit the majority of users comfortably without the need for custom work. It uses Miracle-Ear’s proprietary SingleMic™ sound collection technology and can connect via Bluetooth to the Miracle-Ear smartphone app.

  • The Miracle-Ear Mirage™ IIC is an ultra-compact hearing device within the invisible in canal category, providing the most privacy for those who do not want anyone to know they use a hearing aid.

  • Miracle-Ear distinguishes itself from competitors by offering custom hearing aids. The CIC, ITC and ITE devices are customizable, available in five skin-tone colors and include the same innovative technology and app connectivity as other Miracle-Ear products. Custom devices are fit to your needs and specifications through local Miracle-Ear stores.

The following chart compares Miracle-Ear device types and features.

Hearing device type RIC
  • Direct canal placement for quality sound
  • Most natural sound experience
  • Small, lightweight, discreet
Great For Sound quality
Miracle-Ear Products
  • GENIUS 3.0 RIC
  • Rechargeable LI RIC
  • Mini RIC
Hearing device type BTE
  • Maximum amplification
  • Easy to adjust and clean
  • Best option for severe hearing loss
Great For Severe hearing loss
Miracle-Ear Products
  • GENIUS 3.0 BTE
Hearing device type Custom Fit: CIC ITE, IIC, ITE
  • Secure fit when active
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Small and nearly invisible
Great For Active lifestyle
Miracle-Ear Products
  • ReadyFit CIC
  • Mirage IIC
  • Custom designs

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Miracle-Ear Warranties and Service

Miracle-Ear offers a limited three-year warranty on the majority of its hearing aids. For more on exclusions, customers are directed to speak with a Miracle-Ear representative. Miracle-Ear also provides lifetime service for its devices, including free programming, free quarterly check-ups and cleanings, free annual hearing tests to determine if your hearing aid needs to be adjusted, and free cleaning and adjustments when needed.

Miracle-Ear hearing test

Screenshot – Miracle-Ear Online Hearing Test. Source: Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear Complaints

A great reputation for customer service helped Miracle-Ear earn a spot on our list of the Best Hearing Aid Companies for 2018. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Miracle-Ear has an A+ rating with the agency. The company also gets four and a half stars out of five on ConsumerAffairs, with more than 200 reviews on the site. Most reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the few negative reviews tend to involve personal conflicts with local representatives. As a franchise operation with 1,300 locations throughout the US, Miracle-Ear strives to offer the same level of service wherever you live.

Miracle-Ear Q&A

  • How do I know if I need a Miracle-Ear hearing aid?
    As part of your first visit to Miracle-Ear, a hearing test is done to help determine what you might need. Come prepared with your health history and expect an inspection of your ear canal, along with evaluations of your hearing and ability to understand speech in a variety of environments. If you do need a device, Miracle-Ear will test an assortment of hearing aid types to see what works for you. The company even has a free online hearing test and a free downloadable hearing loss guide to help you get started.

  • Does Miracle-Ear accept Medicare?
    No, Medicare does not cover any hearing aids and only covers hearing tests for specific diagnostic purposes. However, while it’s uncommon to find hearing aid coverage in Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans, some plans do offer limited hearing aid benefits. It is worth checking with your plan’s hearing aid policy and how to submit a claim yourself.

  • Are Miracle-Ear salespeople doctors?
    No, Miracle-Ear store staff are not doctors but are trained and certified by Miracle-Ear, with annual recertification. The company’s hearing care professionals must also maintain any required state licensing.

  • Can I get Miracle-Ear hearing aids through my doctor?
    No, Miracle-Ear sells directly to the consumer. They have a network of stores across the country staffed by hearing professionals for those who need customization service or prefer to shop in person. The centers also offer hearing tests.

  • Are there any discounts available?
    Miracle-Ear works through the Miracle-Ear Foundation to provide hearing aids to those in need without any other way of paying for a hearing aid. To find more information and learn about eligibility, you can visit the Miracle-Ear Foundation website.

  • I am not on Medicare. Will my insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?
    The majority of health insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, or coverage is limited depending on the reason for needing hearing aids or coverage amount. A few plans cover hearing aids in limited amounts, such as up to $1,000 towards the devices on some plans. In the case of children who need hearing aids, 20 states mandate that health insurance plans cover hearing aids for children in some way.

  • What Does Miracle-Ear’s Lifetime Service Include?
    To ensure your device continues to work as it should, Miracle-Ear prefers to see its customers five times a year on average. These visits include free quarterly check-ups to get your device cleaned, repaired and adjusted, and a free annual hearing test to monitor ongoing changes in hearing.

Concluding Thoughts on Miracle-Ear

With its long history, expansive store network and hearing aid technology, Miracle-Ear is a top contender in terms of quality and support. While it isn’t our #1 pick for hearing aid companies, it is a good choice. Our favorite part about the company is its commitment to serving the hearing impaired community through the Miracle-Ear Foundation, which provides hearing aids at a low cost or no cost. Overall, Miracle-Ear’s lifetime services, including free hearing tests and regular cleaning and adjustments, are good value and may reduce costs compared to companies that sell additional warranties or service plans for an extra cost.

Miracle-Ear Reviews

Recent Reviews

February 12 2019 5:25PM

Waste of Time & Money. Father-in-Law paid 4,500.00 for mine on sale. Never worked right. Eat batteries. When I moved the close by vendor just took them to back room and gave them back. Junk, still did not work. When contacted they told me to bring them back to where they were purchased at. Apparently these stores are franchised. The 20.00 dollar one as seen on T.V. at Walgreens works MUCH better.

James S.
Algonquin, IL
February 05 2019 12:26AM

It is sad that this company would take advantage of a 91 year old woman. My mother. Their contract says that you may bring the hearing aids back within 30 days. There could be nothing further from the truth!! My Mother brought an advertisement in for hearing aids starting at $550.00. She left paying $5,500. Less than a month later she realized she had made a mistake and attempted to return them. First, they told her there was nothing they could do until "she spoke to her boss" who was not available. They told her to come back in a week. Understand, my mother doesn't drive, and gets around using a walker. She made an appointment for the following week, returned and was told "none" of her money would be refunded. It was very clear they don't stand behind their advertising or their contracts or their words. CUSTOMER BEWARE !!!

Joel V.
Ventura, CA
January 31 2019 6:18PM

My regular associates and all family members, except for one young grandson, are loud talkers and it didn't occur to me that my hearing was really bad until I noticed that I was the only one regularly asking my grandson to repeat everything said to me. I remembered seeing a "Miracle Ear" TV advertisement, so I checked their reviews as well as those for the competition. I'm very glad that I chose Turnersville Miracle-Ear, where I was placed with Sherry **, who I would happily recommend as someone who works with you until your hearing aid is fine tuned to complete satisfaction. "Miracle-Ear" may seem a little pricey compared to the competition, but I tend to agree with the saying "you get what you pay for," especially when applied to your lifetime hearing.

Monroeville, NJ
January 23 2019 12:27AM

I want to commend the audiologist, Jeffrey, at the Miracle-ear location in Spokane located on Division near Northtown. His very professional manner, friendliness and service oriented demeanor is the very best I have ever encountered in my many years of dealing with service-oriented establishments. I would award him a five star plus rating. If there is anyone within 100 miles of this location needing help with their hearing, please visit this Miracle-ear location. You will not be disappointed.

Larery G.
January 16 2019 5:51PM

I have had my hearing aids for 1 year. I was recently called for a checkup appointment. Upon arriving I find that the gentleman that had served me in the past was no longer with the company. I was served by an overly aggressive young man whose first order of business was to tell me that the technology of my hearing aids was out dated. I was informed that I could get the new and improved technology "for only" an additional $5,600.00. I asked how long the new technology has been available, surprisingly it has been available for "thats right" 1 year. So initially I was sold out dated technology. Go shopping before you spend that kind of money, there has to be better places to do business with.

Leroy T.
January 15 2019 7:58PM

The proper exam and fit is so vital. I was fortunate to find both on my first trip. A well qualified, experienced clinician makes for a successful choice of device. Follow up visits for adjustments are very necessary to obtain ultimate results. This is an important thing and is stressed by clinician, "I can't fix it if you don't report a problem". There is no charge for any visits for 3 years. They even fixed one at no charge after dog bit it. But I recommend that you search Miracle Ear on the basis of finding an experienced clinician. The reviews tell me that is a big cause of the complaints.

William M.
January 10 2019 8:47PM

My first pair of Miracle ear hearing aids did not work properly or fit. They fell out of my ears. I called dennis **, the salesman, 2 days after he came out to my home. I said they did not work and I wanted my money back. He said he would be out in 2 weeks. He told me to wear them for 2 more weeks. I said I can not do that. They don't stay in and don't work right. He said he would be out in 2 more weeks. Really?? What is wrong with this person? He debited my credit card in the meantime, 3 weeks from his first visit. I have had 3 hearing aids now which none worked for me. I asked for my money back every time! Now they say they will not refund my money because it is over 30 days. Of course it is! He made sure of that. They are crooks!!

January 07 2019 10:58PM

Dennis ** from Miracle ear in Florissant Mo came to my mothers house as she is homebound. The first 2 hearings aids did not work or fit properly. She asked for her money back as they had debited her credit card for $2950. It was within the first 30 days. Dennis ** refused and brought another pair that caused an allergic reaction and she had to go to the dr to get medication to stop the itching. She has a totally useless pair of Miracle ear hearing aids in the box. They will not refund her money.

January 05 2019 12:06PM

I recently rescheduled for a visit to Miracle-Ear. I have had my hearing aids for 3 years. I was one of the lucky ones who has great insurance that pay for most of the cost for new hearing aids. Well fast forward to new technician, new issues. While the technician was great in his customer services approach, the followup as to what my insurance will pay and in trying to sell me on the fact that I needed to pay over 5000 up front to " save" on a new purchase on the latest technology then still be left with 3000 to pay later for the purchase yet stating that my insurance was offering a " great deal" if I purchase a certain kind of hearing aid that was not a Miracle ear product but miracle ear would provide service left me with a lot of red flags. This came on the heels of being fitted by the outgoing technician a month before with tips on my hearing aids that did not work for me for no apparent reason. Then the new technician changed the tips back to my original fit but after doing my routine hearing test stated that my right hearing aid seem to not register on the testing equipment that he was using. HUM! When I returned to get the right hearing aid tested- there was no mention about testing it again. Just a new set of hearing aids with new technology that I was ask to try on. Should I had agreed to purchase the new ones would have cost me 5000 upfront leaving me to possibly have to fight with my insurance company to recoup my money. Plus I would still had to finance 3000. Not to mention that the office assistant had not done her homework with my insurance company before trying to "school" me on insurance policy, procedures and the such. Also trying to convince me that my same insurance company would require that I have a hearing test performed at the on site clinic at work. ( I know for a fact that this is not true) was not happening. Mind you I purchase hearing aids three years prior and stay pretty up on any "new changes" in policies, procedures and such. When asked about paying 5000 up front I was told that, this was needed because they had been duped before by insurance. (not my issues) This definitely sent me out the door. I am looking for a new service/ product provider for sure. Great Customer service/ Great Sales pitch. No sale!!!. Its all about doing the homework first before attempting to milk me for money upfront!t My current hearing aids still work.

Claudette W.
December 27 2018 3:11PM

Friendly and courteous conversation were the largest selling points of our initial visit to Miracle Ear. Resulting in an $8000.00 investment and numerous visits for adjustment, for adjustment, for adjustment, for adjustment, improvement in hearing never seems to become a reality. The greatest challenge is hearing in restaurants, gatherings and in environments where ambient noise is greater than the voice level of the person being listened to. During the adjustment of the aids, we view a screen showing how the adjustment affects the ability to hear in those frequencies identified as needing to be amplified. Finally, stepping outside I am told that the adjustment should cut down on those sounds interfering with the hearing of conversation. It does seem so at that time. However, no improvement appears to occur in social situations. I am very disappointed in the instruments and the selling price. I feel as though I have wasted my time and money and will not return to Miracle ear but for cleaning.

David B.
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