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August 19 2021 2:23AM

My husband or myself have accompanied my mother in law to almost every appointment. When her need was first diagnosed, the audiologist was so anxious to make the sale.

He offered to come to my mother in law's house the same night to get payment because she didn’t have several thousand dollars to immediately write a check at the office.

My suspicions were aroused. It seemed that they wanted to upsell her at every subsequent appointment. I questioned other hearing aid wearers who hadn’t had to move to higher priced hearing aids for years after their first one and had paid considerably less.

In fact, many were shocked at the Miracle Ear pricing. Recently, my mother in law lost one of her aids. I called to see if there was any kind of warranty that covered this situation.

The person on the phone didn’t know anything about the warranty and couldn’t connect me to anyone who did. The only way I could get my answer was to make an appointment. Terrible customer service.

Linda L.
Denver, PA
June 27 2021 8:55AM

Vastly overpriced. CIC. Rip off. It's only about the money. The shell for the CIC is the same casing for for the less expensive options. Point is, technology has evolved over the decades and the the markup for these...5K aids is outrageous!

A fine line between reasonable and ridiculous for Miracle Ear. This is 2021. The technology is available, been using it for years...yet the prices are outrageous.

B M.
Does Not Matter, NE
June 23 2021 9:12PM

I was so impressed with the knowledge of the entire staff. The courtesy given to myself and my daughter who accompanied me to my visit was awesome. Since this was my first visit for a hearing test I was a little nervous, but was put to ease immediately.

I am so happy with my new hearing aids and to be able to hear everything once again is priceless!! I highly recommend Miracle Ear.

Louise C.
Warner, OK
June 10 2021 2:12AM

I Felt like they were an answer to my prayer. I paid in all about near five thousand dollars. They have not been worth one half that much.

I should have made payments. I thought they would help me. And now that I have others that were not happy with theirs, I am not by myself.

June 04 2021 2:44PM

Personalized attention to all answers you ask & teach you how to function & walk you through the process of cleaning, replacing the battery, and inserting your hearing aid.

Everything seemed simplified, not complicated at all. I would recommend Miracle Ear for assisting you to hear much better!

Joanne P.
Belford, NJ
May 17 2021 7:43PM

When I shopped for hearing aids at Miracle Ear I had my hearing test results clearly showing my hearing loss. Based on that a qualified technician should be able to recommend a hearing aid that works.

The first set of hearing aids (priced around $4900 before discounts) did not work as expected. The Noise and TV modes were totally useless and after a number of visits for adjustment, one hearing aid started to make own loud noise.

It was sent back to the factory and it a took a week or two to get a replacement. After further adjustments there was no improvement, the hearing aids (CIC type) could not be used with a phone, resulting in distortion and feedback.

So these were exchanged for another Miracle Ear CIC model, that was said to be more expensive but that I would get it at the 'same price'. This one had clarity problems in all modes and could not be used with a phone either. A third model was promised.

After waiting more than a week I was told there was a manufacturing problem, so I returned version 2 and asked for a full refund, as advertised by Miracle Ear.

To my surprise the refund was reduced by several hundred dollars and I was told it would take a month or so to get it.

So, in summary I wasted months on Miracle Ear and lost several hundred dollars because they could not provide a hearing aid that would be useful. In summary, Miracle Ear was a very bad experience.

Andy R.
Lakewood Ranch, FL
April 27 2021 6:38PM

My son made me go to Miracle Ear because he was tired of me not hearing a word he said. Erica took control of that situation. She tested me and found that I could hear with the hearing aids I was wearing.

Erica fitted me with new hearing aids and it has been wonderful because I can hear my son, he doesn’t have to keep repeating himself. Those ladies are wonderful if I need anything they get me in and take care of it.

Semoran Blvd. is the place to go. They will treat you with kindness and respect and find out what your problem is.

Marcia S.
Oviedo, FL
April 22 2021 7:20PM

I like so many others went in to get checked for hearing aids, they said I needed them so I purchased them over 6000.00. The first week they worked, after that it was all downhill. The left one would work then not work, tried charging still didn’t work.

So I had them for three weeks and it cost me $300.00 for restocking, I wish I would have read the reviews. Do not buy a hearing aid from Miracle Ear.

Andie M.
Allentown, PA
April 21 2021 10:09PM

Very pleased with Bethany ** the hearing aid specialist. She did hearing test and went Over results to explain it all. Fitted hearing aids and explained their working. They work beautifully.

Have gone back for adjustments. Can stop in any time. Bethany always takes care of any problem quickly and efficiently. Would recommend to any user.

Sondra A.
Boynton Beach, FL
April 12 2021 11:27PM

My mom has had hearing aids by several places, including a previous purchase at another Miracle Ear store, but what she has now are the absolute worst! They were great at first. Listened to her concerns, and seemed to actually care.

They did a mold and took her money (almost $7000) with no problem. Hearing aids arrived and didn't fit. They didn't go deep enough into her ear. Returned and had to convince them to do another mold.

Another month and the 2nd pair arrive. Again they don't fit. They seemed to shave the ear piece down so it fit better. She was told to wear them a few days and see how it goes. Unfortunately my mom was so upset she didn't want to go back because it didn't seem to help.

Now she spent all this money for hearing aids she wears but they don't work unless she pushes them into her ear. I am so aggravated. She can't hear, which causes her to talk very softly and then nobody can hear her.

We will NEVER pay ahead of time again. Perhaps a small down payment but until we are 100% satisfied we are not paying the balance.

Mary R.
Punta Gorda, FL
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