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December 11 2020 3:06PM

I returned to Miracle Ear due to my first experience. I thought it would be the same person at the place- it wasn’t.

I requested In the canal hearing aids that were advertised- the, let’s face it- salesman said my with my hearing, it would be best to use the outside of the ear aids. Miserable experience - and with research I find I could of used the inside to ear canal hearing aids.

Franny W.
East Northport, NY
December 10 2020 10:09PM

I have had my aids for about 1 1/2 years now. I hate them. They fall out, they hurt my ears, I have dry skin or sores all the time, even if I use the solutions given to me to use.

I still hear background noise and if I am in a large crowd I only hear half of the conversations. They suck. Nano is my next one.

L B.
Pocatello, ID
December 09 2020 4:31PM

Their ad in the "Deals Direct" flyer was at best misleading and at worst a flat out lie. The ad said that they are offering hearing aids at no cost to federal workers and retirees.

They asked me for my insurance card??? Why would they need that if it was no cost? I kept the forms I had filled out and left. Will never trust them again.

Anonymous A.
Swansea, MA
December 04 2020 4:43PM

This happened several years ago. Wanted an in ear canal hearing aid but what was sent was not but the sales person tried to tell me it was the one that I chose. The price of the hearing aid was almost 4 thousand dollars.

Was told maybe the company could trim it down but I would probably have to use this one. After threatening to go to my lawyer he gave me my money back and was told never to come back to Miracle Ear again.

Steve O.
Marshall, MO
December 02 2020 10:25PM

I went to Woodbridge NJ Miracle-Ear. I interview with Dr. Shelley A. ** because I have a hearing problem. He tested me & Sold me a pair that only works with batteries. He said to me that those was the cheaper one for the price of 4,915.00 dollars.

Finance by Ally Bank Plus 1,000 dollars down payment. They are really suck. I had a lot of problems with them. Since the first day I bought them on 11/02/2020 & Today it will be 30 days of the purchase.

Now I want to give them back because they are not good.. They shut down every other half hour. They are definitely not working properly.. I’m having that problem since I bought them & he doesn’t want to take them back & I had them for only 30 days.

On Monday 12/1/2020 he kept them to send them to the factory or Company I’m not sure.. Dr. Shelley Said to me it will take 70 working days & I don’t want them back.

I want to cancel the Contract for Damaged hearing aids & Dr Shelley Is giving me a hard time so He doesn’t care about my problem. What he cares is about the money & they are not worth it the prices.

Right now That Dr. Shelley ** are giving a Really bad reputation to the Company Miracle-Ear. He’s very rude.. I returned my hearing aid in Woodbridge NJ & They doesn’t want to return my money back...

The Doctor Shelley ** is very rude & a big Liar saying things that I never said to him... He’s saying that he didn’t offer me a cheaper one’s because I said that I wanted those & that’s a Lie.. He Knows how to take people's money... This is the Miracle-Ear place...

If this is a responsible Place that likes to help peoples with their hearing aid problems... That Dr. is Not doing it the right way. He’s definitely putting down The Company Reputation Down... Thank You. My Name is Maria ** From Carteret New Jersey. I’m a disabled women.

Maria C.
Carteret, NJ
October 11 2020 4:23PM

We spent $6,000 on Miracle Ear hearing aids 4 years ago for my husband. He still doesn't hear very well. After 2 years Miracle Ear began trying to upsell us to their "newer better" model. At his appts. he told them he couldn't hear me, and had trouble with overall hearing.

He was told the hearing aids work fine, and it must be the timbre of my voice. That explains why he speaks loudly when on the phone and has the TV turned way up. Really?

When I complained about paying a high price for what I thought was a high quality product, and my husband's continued inability to hear, I was told that $6,000 was a mid-grade price. YIKES.

Unfortunately, I thought this was a one time purchase. Nope you can expect to buy hearing aids every 5-6 years, and in our case after only 4 years we are researching again.

Marian M.
Richland, MI
October 01 2020 2:58AM

My dad went to Miracle Ear to get evaluated for the hearing and to possibly get a hearing aid. Miracle Ear person recommended two different hearing aids cost $6700 and $7600.

I called to find out why the cost is so expensive. They told me that theirs are high quality and different than the ones from other stores. I told them to cancel the order. They say to cancel we have to pay 10% penalty for cancelling the order and will charge me $670. This was ridiculous.

We did not even ship the hearing aid. This place all about ripping people off. Just to cancel order cost $670. And, their hearing aids are at least two times more expensive.

Andrew C.
Los Angeles, CA
September 25 2020 1:10PM

Let's face it folks, basically a "license to sell" and a knowledge of hearing devices is all that is required for a hearing device store front. Are they medical professionals and have your health (ear) as the number one priority?

Medical insurance may or may not pay (a few) $$ on price of hearing devices, and nothing more. Is the hearing device industry regulated like a "medical device" selling practice would be? No.

Their profits are solely on the price of the hearing device, the annual high cost of an extended warranty (+/- $400 annually or you could pay THOUSANDS for new), selling you upgrades and accessories. Very profitable apparently.

Lastly, why do I use the term "hearing device" instead of "hearing aids" you ask? Simple! My last annual hearing test was like all the others over the years...it clocked in at a fraction over 2 minutes! Wow!

No, this is not a guess or a wrist watch time. A Stop Watch was used. Highly accurate. Unlike a barely 2 minute hearing test. But the above does not apply to just Miracle Ear. The shame of it is that perhaps it all applies to the overall hearing device industry.

My hearing devices have now fallen into the rote method with me. I have given up on hearing clarity, especially when based on barely 2 minute hearing tests. I have accepted the fact that it is what it is.

William L.
Cornelius, NC
September 15 2020 4:25AM

I have only had my new hearing aids from Miracle Ear for about 2 months. However, so far they are fantastic. And the Specialist is wonderful. She listens to what I explain to her I'm hearing and makes the appropriate adjustments.

I'm at full strength now after having to graduate up. I tried an in the ear set a few years ago from the Veterans Administration and that was not a pleasant experience. The background noise was deafening. But I chose over the ear this time and it is a great experience so far.

I like that they have buttons on them to toggle from different environments. I also have this availability on my cell phone. The only one issue that I might question is that they recommended joining this monthly program and I would have batteries auto-shipped every month.

Thus far I've made 2 monthly payments and no batteries yet. And I weighed the cost of the program versus buying batteries myself and I think I can actually get the batteries cheaper at Best Buy or Walmart.

So I'm cancelling my membership. But the hearing aids themselves are wonderful. Henderson, Kentucky.

Sonya F V.
Henderson, KY
August 07 2020 2:01AM

The staff is great....but for $8,000 the devices are just not very good. The sound quality Is not even half as good as basic Bose earbuds. They require a lot of programming that never seems to give me what I need.

The phone app is too basic with three core options. I had hearing aid buzzing that still shows up some. Disappointing.

Mark D.
Charlevoix, MI
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