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November 14 2020 4:58AM

I like my Safe Step really well. I like all its features. I had to replace my tub and I just had been putting it off. Then I thought, "Well, I might as well get a walk-in now." The reps from Safe Step were fine.

The installers were excellent. Our bathroom is very tight, and they got it all in. They had to take the door out. They cleaned up after themselves, too.

The heater doesn't really heat anything though. The seat and back are colder than ice. They said to call them if anything wasn't working. I just had been too busy.

I've told most of my friends that I have it and I really like it, but that they are expensive. I could afford it. I suggested to get it for my sister, but she just can't afford that.

Pat B.
Rocky Ford, CO
November 14 2020 2:21AM

I researched all of the walk-in bathtub companies and it seemed like Safe Step was the best.

The salesman really went into detail, and because I had already researched, I knew. So I told him, "You could sit here and do this spiel all day, but I'm gonna buy one." He was absolutely great.

The installers were great, too. They were here to do a job and they did their job. They got it done a lot sooner than I thought.

For me, I like that it's easy when you get in and out of the tub. It's got a lot of bells and whistles that are nice. They're all good. I realized I'm gonna have to get one of those tankless water heaters now. I've already told others if they can afford it, they should get it. It's well worth it.

Allen N.
Lakewood, CO
November 13 2020 2:31AM

The installation of our Safe Step was pretty quick because the guys that installed it were in a town in Nebraska close to us.

They had an install for the next day and the lady cancelled. So, they called and installed ours about two weeks sooner than we were expecting it. That was a really nice surprise.

I like the tub. My husband doesn't because he thinks it takes too long to fill. He doesn't wanna sit there for 15 minutes while it fills up with water. But that's pretty much the only complaint we have about it. Otherwise, it's been good. We kind of appreciate the convenience.

Debra R.
Sterling, CO
November 06 2020 6:13AM

We'd had a Safe Step before and my husband saw some sort of an ad. So, we called and ordered it. The sales reps we dealt with were great, and the installation went very well. We like the ease of getting in and out of our walk in tub. I like the features very much.

Linda B.
Colorado Springs, CO
November 05 2020 9:56AM

I called Safe Step and set up an appointment and it sounded pretty good. The installers did really good on the installation.

As far as the product, I shower in it, but I really haven't had a lot of time with it. There are other people here that have used it, and they like it. If there's one thing that I have against it is when it goes together up on the top, there's a line there.

When you're showering, water comes in that and goes right down on the floor. I have to put a towel there or something to keep it from going on the floor. Other than that, I'd recommend it to people because it is nice.

Barbara W.
Henderson, CO
November 04 2020 2:47AM

The representative was very informative and did not try to pressure us into buying the tub. He was able to offer various prices and options. He said the microbubble feature is very therapeutic and removes dead skin. Yucky I know. But he did not exaggerate. It is amazing.

I have been in many spas but never enjoyed any as nice as our tub. Really love it. Although it was very expensive we are very very happy we invested in a safe step. I fall a lot which was the motivation for getting it. But oh my! It is so much more than just the safety it provides.

I would have loved this in my early adult years even though I never fell back then. If you are thinking of getting one...if you can afford it I recommend you get one.

Jo J.
Idaho Falls, ID
November 02 2020 11:40AM

I did some research and found Safe Step online. Then, I called and set an appointment and they sent a salesman out. When I first met him, I was very impressed. I really liked him. He seemed to be really knowledgeable.

Before we bought the Safe Step, I had American Standard also come out and give us a bid. American Standard told me that our hot water heater was not gonna be big enough. We have a 40-gallon. But the Safe Step guy said, "Oh, no 40-gallon is plenty big enough."

It turns out, he was wrong. American Standard is right. 40-gallon is not big enough. We are now having to buy a new hot water heater on top of it because he reassured us that we had put the right equipment, and we didn't.

I'm not really pleased with that. Either he doesn't know what he was talking about or he just lied to make the sale. But it is what it is. We already have a $17,000 bathtub installed.

Now, I have to invest in another $800 hot water heater and the worst part about it is we have to buy a specialty hot water heater because it's done in a crawlspace, so we have to have the short fat one. We can't get a regular tall hot water heater.

Right now, grandma's using the tub, but she can only fill it about half full. She can get up to about her waist, which is over the first set of waist jet. But she can't use the back jets because the water's not deep enough.

It blows water all over the place. And it's not like you can fill it partway and then give it a second, turn the water off and wait a little bit and then turn it back on and get it hot and then cold because you gotta already be in the tub.

Our only option is to boil hot water and pour hot water in there while she's in the tub in order to get it full enough.

I have not been really happy with it and I haven't recommended Safe Step. They do what they have to do to make the sale. So, I told other people, "Be prepared to not find everything factual."

I should've done a little bit more research. I should've gone into some blogs and talked to people on the internet.

There are multiple things that the salesman goes over that could be an issue. Everybody has their own little things, but what turned out to be my problem was the hot water heater isn't big enough,

They need to tell people the truth. A 40-gallon hot water heater is not big enough. It needs to be a minimum of 50, which is what American Standard told me. I chose not to believe them and I chose to go with Safe Step's salesman, and now I'm regretting it.

Grandma loves the tub, but we can't get full use out of it. The installation guys were really good but the salesman kinda turned me off from it.

Shelly B.
Henderson, CO
October 31 2020 5:18AM

The Safe Step tub is great, but they got a lot of things that they need to do as far as for the consumer. We have problems with how they measured it. We ended up accepting a smaller tub.

We had a check and I wrote the right number in the little square box, but I did not write the right number on the line where you write the actual words. They owe me money.

I've been trying to talk to them. I've tried to directly contact them. I've left four messages and no one has returned my call. So, I am not a very happy person. I don't even know whether they're aware of what they did. I need to talk to somebody so we can straighten it out.

Safe Step has a successful program. Majority of the people that they try and sell to, and do sell to, are older. The gentleman that came here was very polished. But they have a routine that they go through to try to sell it to you, and he won't deviate from that.

I was ready to do this before he ever got here, made the appointment, and he would just keep on and go step by step. I told him we wanna buy it, and he just wanted to continue. He was overselling the product. He did not need to do that.

Then he measured wrong. It came here after having to wait for almost a month for installation, and it was the wrong tub. I had to delay a day for them to bring us the right tub, and we had to do some modifications to get it in the bathroom.

But once it was in, the installer was highly competent. They did what they were supposed to do. However, they still say, "This is how you fill up the tub. This is how you do it."

We walked in there, he has the tub already filled up. We had no idea about the shower. He showed us all the features about the tub while it was full of water. He showed us how to drain it but did not drain it.

Then he took two hours after that to caulk everything. It was distressing because it took so long for them to do it. I was highly disappointed not from the standpoint that it took that long. But he didn't explain, "Well, it's gonna take me this much longer to get it done."

We kept going on. He sent his assistant in and sat down in the kitchen. I was writing the check, they were doing whatever, and I was not paying attention to what was going on. I got totally distracted.

It was a personal thing that we were gonna install it that particular day, which we did not. We installed it the next day.

The following day, I was going to have a physical procedure done, and I could not use the tub that night because he told me it took 24 hours for that caulk to set up. So I couldn't even use it when I wanted to use it before I went for my medical procedure.

Fred H.
Johnstown, OH
October 30 2020 9:43AM

My wife can't walk. She's in a wheelchair. I got an ad on Safe Step, and she liked the 4-inch step. We really liked the guy that came and sold it to us.

The tub had everything we wanted. It's more expensive than anything else out there, but that's what we wanted, so we got it. The quality is good.

Three nice guys came out to install. They did a good job. I'm not unhappy at all with what they did. We have a little bit of a leak, though. But we're happy with it all in all.

Harold B.
Delphos, OH
October 28 2020 7:54AM

There was a tub in here and it was jetted. It was way tall and it didn't work. We've already got a walk in shower. We decided, "You know, it's gonna come a day when we need this." So, we got the Safe Step.

The sales rep was very nice. The installers were really nice as well. I'm not sure everything was true the way the tub turned out. Our tub's been leaking.

I got in one time and I had to climb out on a ladder. The water wouldn't drain. I was freezing to death. I had to holler for my husband to bring me the step ladder. He held me out.

I just had a technician come out yesterday and work on my Safe Step tub. Evidently, the tub has been leaking into our crawlspace. And I'm hoping that takes care of the musty smell in the house. So far, it has.

I can't give enough credit to the technician, Kim. She showed us stuff that I was never shown. She did a fantastic job. She worked here all day and she took care of everything that she could, except the fast drain still needs to be replaced.

Sharon G.
Kokomo, IN
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