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April 16 2021 9:54AM

The sales rep from Safe Step did a video inspection of the area, and then he gave a presentation with his light machine. Safe Step looks like a quality product. We have circulation jets that shoot the water out, and I have circulation problems, so I thought it might help me. So far, I'm satisfied.

Dave S.
Sun City West, AZ
April 16 2021 4:15AM

We did some investigation into walk-in tubs and found that Safe Step had exactly what we were looking for. The shower attachment had an overhead shower thing that comes standard on their tubs.

We had a walk-in shower and it has a very flimsy stool in there, and my mother almost fell off of it a couple of times. So, the permanent fixed bench seat in the new tub is very helpful.

During the installation, everything was done in a very expedient fashion. I was wondering how they were going to remove the old tub, but they just smashed it into pieces and hauled it out.

My mother uses the tub for the shower thing. It also is a lower lip by almost half of what we have for the walk-in shower. So, that really helps her with getting in and out. I use the tub function about three times a week. It really helps with my arthritis.

I do have one slight issue with the tub, and that's when trying to drain it. I have to hold the lever to keep the drain in the open position.

I'm not certain if that's how it's supposed to be done. But since I'm the only one that is using the tub portion of it right now, I haven't bothered calling in about it. Overall, the tub has definitely been very helpful for both me and my mother.

Brendon W.
Los Alamos, NM
April 15 2021 4:12AM

The Safe Step salesman that came out was very knowledgeable in what he had to say. It's great to get in the tub. I needed something to help eliminate some of my pain. I was assuming that this bathtub could help, which it has. It's really helped a lot in my condition.

Rick L.
Peoria, AZ
April 13 2021 5:50AM

The Safe Step salesman did a great job explaining things. He was good at his job. We bought the tub.

The installation went as planned. The installers did kind of leave a mess though. They left like a bunch of stuff all over my floor and it tracked out into the driveway. They could have done a little better job cleaning up after themselves.

We've had some issues with our tub, and it took a while to get them back out to take care of it, but the issue has been successfully addressed. The third time we used it, it was leaking water onto the floor. I left messages for probably over a week, and nobody ever returned my call.

I finally sent a text back to our salesperson. He didn't contact me but someone from service did. They got somebody out here pretty quickly. They replaced the drain assembly.

Service is really important to me, especially when you're paying that kind of money for a product. One thing that the salesman really focused on was that their service department was top-notch.

I was concerned that nobody was returning my calls or leaving messages. Nobody even answers the phone. It's a voice mail.

If they were backed up and couldn't get to somebody, somebody still needed to respond and set a date and find out the severity of the issue because we couldn't even use the tub for a week.

Deanna L.
Gilbert, AZ
March 29 2021 5:54PM

The tub is good if we could fill it up. We were told a 50 gallon water heater would work but it doesn't. The water only comes up to the middle of my stomach. I see many people complaining about that.

If I had been told that a 50 gallon water wouldn't work I would have had 2nd thoughts about buying it. And what are they going to do? Uninstall the tub or buy me a larger water heater?

My water heater is pretty new so I guess I'm stuck with a tub we don't enjoy like they told us we would.

Michael O.
Lincolnwood, IL
March 15 2021 1:10AM

WARNING!. The lights have never worked. The door handle takes a strong person to latch. The button on the hand held shower head is extremely hard to push in need another strong person to push it. The grab bars are slippery. They are not textured.

The on/off water handle is hard to use. You have to listen and feel for the click to know that it is turned off. The drain control came apart and when I stepped on the drain it stuck closed. I had to use my fingernails to pull it open.

The shower curtain, which I never received, lets water pour down on the tub and flow all over the floor. The cheap caulk did not last a year and water ran down between the wall and the tub into my basement.

My 50 gallon water heater is NOT big enough to heat the water the tub holds. The installers torn up my wall paper, sliced through my bathroom wall into my bedroom, and cut part way through a tile on my bathroom floor.

I have called many times and not gotten an answer except once. They said they would be in my area the next day and would come out. I asked about what time. He said, "I cannot tell you."

They never showed up. I have not reported them to BBB because I know from dealing with them in the past, nothing will be done.

Gail K.
Cincinnati, OH
March 12 2021 1:53PM

I was never told that I had to upgrade my hot water tank and that is going to cost me $5,000.00. This is a cost I never expected and was never told about.

The tub is what I expected the cost wasn't. It cost me $ 15,000 but I got a lifetime warranty. I have been able to get ahold of them when I needed to.

Joseph M.
Canton, OH
February 20 2021 3:28PM

The tub is ok but not all it was made out to be. We replaced our water heater to a 50 gallon but still can’t get enough hot water.

We could have spent the $19,000 on a Jacuzzi tub AND a hot tub with gazebo. Not thrilled with this tub. We are going to use a few things to see if we can make it work for us.

Sharon M.
Manila, UT
November 21 2020 1:13PM

I really like the tub, the only thing that I don't like is the door. I wish it opened out instead in. It would make it easier for me to clean and easier for my husband to get in.

Otherwise I'm very happy with it. The guys that done the work on it were great. They knew exactly what they're doing {fantastic work}. Thanks to them my safe walk in tub looks beautiful. Thank you.

Patricia C.
Westport, MA
November 17 2020 8:03AM

We like the quality and the price of Safe Step. Their sales reps were very professional and pleasant. The installers were kinda young. They were good, though. They were professional. It was just a surprise to us that they knew what they were doing at such a young age. It kinda blew me away.

As far as the product, we like the low entrance and that it's safe. I've used it and I've noticed a little bit of difference in my life. We're happy with it so far.

Ted P.
Cheyenne, WY
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