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June 05 2021 4:05AM

Everything was going good with the Safe Step installation until they ran into an issue with the corner pieces.

The gentleman that installed it had quite an imagination, because apparently, we weren't told that they couldn't order the correct size. So, he had to cut and he was under stress, but he did a good job.

At first, we thought we were going to have to wait again to order the correct size, but then, the installer was told that they don't make the tubs in the size we needed them, which unfortunately wasn't told to us when we ordered it.

That was a little downfall but he made it work and my parents were happy with the results of how he did it.

The only thing is the little lip thing that's on the bottom of the water doesn't come out. It would need to be probably a little bit higher. Other than that, it's a great shower. It's helping for what we need it to work for for both of my parents. It was a good investment for them.

Vickie G.
Pueblo, CO
May 06 2021 6:32PM

I am still waiting....over a year later, for the contractor to not only fix what the "retired" Safe Step contractor screwed up, but for the 2nd safe step tub contractor to fix.

The manager is located in Southern Oregon. She is very difficult to deal with. Still have not received service. Very unsatisfied. Getting ready to seek legal recourse.

Becky M.
McCloud, CA
May 05 2021 1:15AM

We have a smaller space that made it decisive to go with Safe Step. The fact that it's the number one certainly was added to the ease of making the decision.

The sales representative from Safe Step was very informative and not pushy, but he was a good salesman.

Because it was a tight space, the install took considerably longer than they thought it would because the installers had to do extra things and kind of change the plumbing and rewire because we needed an extra slot in the fuse box.

They had to come back and put an extra silicone in. The work quality is very good. They were very nice guys, and they were friendly and attentive. They were honest and hardworking and they also think that I was very patient.

Both my wife and I have used the tub. It is for my wife, but I used it first so that I would be familiar with the different buttons and levers and so forth. It was good.

The tub has very good features like the small bubbles thing and the micro thing. The seat warming up is good, the quick draining is very good and the control panel there on the right side is very handy. It was impressive. I would be happy to recommend to friends.

Leonard K.
Albuquerque, NM
April 29 2021 10:48AM

Safe Step's service was excellent. There was one major thing that I was quite upset about. They should get that whole bunch of white paint off of my wall. Those walls were custom-painted. There were colors. They were not white. Other than that, the installation was great. As far as the tub, I like the little bubbles and the lights.

Steve F.
Chandler, AZ
April 27 2021 9:08AM

The Safe Step salesman got a little bit huffy when he thought I might not get the product, but he was okay. The construction guys and the guy that came and saw what it looked like and what they were going to do were great. I was really happy with them.

As far as the tub, the step is very small. It's very shallow. You have to get in and close the door. If I weighed like four pounds more, I would have a hard time closing the door because it's very narrow.

The part I don't like about it is you have to close the door when you get in, turn the water on, and you have to wait until it starts to fill up and the water gets hot.

What I do is I turn the water on in my lavatory and get the water to get over here and get hot. Then when I get in there, it doesn't take that long for the warm water to start getting in there. You have to be in there because you can't open the door once you start getting water in it.

We did have problems in the beginning because the day that they were installing it, the door was damaged, so we had to wait until they ordered a door and wait until the door got here.

I have been waiting for about six weeks. The door got stuck in Texas because of whatever happened with the weather. It was nobody's fault.

Olivia H.
Gilbert, AZ
April 26 2021 2:28AM

Safe Step put in the wrong product. I didn't know until they had it all in and I said, "Well, that isn't the one that I ordered." They offered me a discount and I said, "Okay, I'll take the discount" because it was already in.

Then the company changed their mind and didn't want to give a discount. They wanted me to have what I ordered. So, they're bringing it on Wednesday. But I'm satisfied with the one I got. They don't have to bring the other one and put it in.

I like the jets on the one I got. They feel good on my back, my feet and my legs. I sleep better. Overall, I love the product.

Betty D.
Bullhead City, AZ
April 24 2021 6:02AM

I like that Safe Step only did the step-ins. Other people did not and they did other things. Also, Safe Step's warranty on the tub made a big difference to me.

The sales rep did a great presentation and spent a lot of time here explaining everything and showing me everything. It was a very complete presentation. He answered all my questions. He was very well-informed. He didn't hesitate on any of my questions.

My tub has everything but the shower. I use the hydrotherapy. It's very therapeutic. I don't really have any issues, but I do a lot of things around the house that makes my muscles a little sore. So, it helps out a lot with that. The jets and the comfort factor are what I appreciate the most.

Having the Safe Step now, I take a bath more often. I'm usually a shower person, but I had a big garden tub and I never got in it. So, this is a change for me and it's appreciated. You should buy one, too.

Diane H.
Mesa, AZ
April 22 2021 2:27AM

I enjoy the jets and and the micro bubbles on my Safe Step tub. The guys who came to install were very knowledgeable, very friendly and they absolutely knew what they were doing. The teamwork they put in putting that thing together was awesome.

They put out tarps before they drag anything in or out. They were very attentive to make sure they didn't do anything that would cause some damage to the walls. They were very aware of what they were doing. They did a great job. I was very impressed.

I was surprised they got it installed as fast as they did. They came in at 8:00 in the morning and were walking out the door at 1:00.

One guy was in the truck putting pieces together. The other guy was in the house, cutting pipes, setting things up and moving things around, so it would just slip right in.

They picked up the tub, sat it down and hooked up everything to it. They had absolutely no problems putting that tub together.

We've had the tub for about a month or so. It is on the pricey side but we feel like it's very much worth the investment. I've got arthritis in my back. I just had a knee replacement.

After working, doing any lifting on a particular day, my back is sore. I get in the tub and it takes care of it. Those micro bubbles make a humongous difference. I'm glad that the salesman talked me into it. I feel so clean when I walk out of the tub with those micro bubbles.

Safe Step really stepped above and beyond. I'd tell others to buy it. I would steer them to the guy that does the sales. He was excellent. He really made the sale more than anything else.

He was very concise in telling us what it can do and compared it to the competitors. I did look at it and researched it. He was 100% right. It's easy for him to sell those because the stuff he's saying is all truthful.

The price tag scares a lot of people, but having that thing in the bathroom is absolutely awesome. The only thing is they could have made it a little bit bigger, so my wife and I could share it together, but that's okay. They just need to come up with a triple-seater model.

I also like that the Safe Step came from Tennessee. We are very satisfied with our unit. With the other ones I've seen, you got to lift your leg pretty high to get in there.

Some of the other ones made it look like it was just an over-glorified shower. The whole experience with Safe Step was great.

Gerard V.
Chandler, AZ
April 20 2021 5:35AM

We're not very happy with Safe Step. I made it a dry run. I got my knee replaced and it's gonna be hard for me to get in there and out. My wife's not that well either. We really thought it was going to be something different, but it's not what we thought.

The very first thing that happened was the shower thing got stuck and it went all the way to the roof. I had a technician come in and fixed that. It's kind of not too good for us.

I called the guy that sold it to me and asked him if he could give me a discount. He was the one that I talked to about the shower getting stuck up above in the ceiling there.

I tried to call the number they gave me if something happened to it, but they just wouldn't answer or leave a message. He got ahold of somebody, so they did send a technician to take care of the problem.

Then, when I talked about a discount, he said, "We'll talk about that later," but he never called me back, and I didn't call him back either.

The installers did cover the doors from the inside of the bathroom but it still got dust in the kitchen and the living room. But they did a good job with the work. I had a shower and a tub and they took the tub out and the shower and rearranged the plumbing and electricity.

We don't use the tub at all. That was a wasted thing for the money that I paid. We use the handheld showerhead, but not the one that hit the roof. That's the only one we could use. The big one gets all over the place and we have to wipe down the walls.

Benny C.
Benson, AZ
April 18 2021 10:15AM

Don't buy Safe Step. The product sucks because it doesn't work. I wanted a Jacuzzi tub and bought it. I paid for it. They stuck it in. It didn't work from the get-go. Installers didn't know how to fix it. They've been back to my place twice, and they can't figure it out.

Now, I'm not in Arizona anymore. When I get back in November, I gotta call them up again and bring the parts, so it'll work. I'm frustrated with it.

Jeff A.
Yuma, AZ
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