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September 01 2021 9:52AM

I'm not happy with the Safe Step tub at all. It's supposed to be Safe Step, and my wife can barely get in and out of it because of the stupid placement of the handle behind the door. You have to open the door to get in, and then you can't hold on to that handle.

When she gets out, it's the same thing. She has to open the door, and it covers up the handle. Then she has difficulty getting up because there's nothing for her to hold on to.

If I had known how that was engineered before I got it, I would not have purchased it. I don't recommend it to anybody.

Ronald S.
Mcdonald, PA
August 31 2021 5:15AM

We're really enjoying our Safe Step. The quality is great. The installers were very professional, and the job was finished in one day. I would refer Safe Step to anybody.

Patricia N.
Del City, OK
August 30 2021 12:30PM

Safe Step had the best reputation and it seemed like they had the best product. The installers were great. They were nice guys and they worked really clean and fast. I like our new tub. It does what we expected it to do.

Mark C.
Roland, AR
August 29 2021 12:10PM

I love Safe Step right now. There were some problems at the very beginning, but it's understandable. They had problems with the computer.

They upgraded their models, and with the speaker system that they had installed on it, they're having problems with it from the manufacturer. They did come out and refix it. The install was beautiful.

The two guys that did it, Mark and Richard, were wonderful. The salesperson, Vicki, was very professional.

I went with Safe Step because of their advertisement, the reviews that I was seeing, the features and options like the wideness of the suite, and all the other features that it had with it. With the air jets, you could just do your feet if you wanted to. You can do your full body.

Mark V.
Henderson, NV
August 29 2021 6:30AM

Our Safe Step walk-in tub is kind of hard to get into. I kind of think we wasted $15,000. Our kids also thought we wasted our money. I think the door should be bigger. If I was going to redesign it, I would make a few changes.

My wife uses it primarily, and the only time I'll ever use it will be this winter with the whirlpool and my hot water here in Illinois, but I got another stand-up stall shower that I use.

It gets a little complicated because this thing's got so many bells and whistles on it, including the music and the lights and all that going on.

Ed L.
Mount Olive, IL
August 28 2021 7:34AM

My mom lives with us. She's 85 and now she's on a walker. I had a tub that she had trouble getting over, and I started looking at the walk-in tub. I didn't get any quotes from other companies, but I did call and try to do some research on Safe Step. They're American made, and that's the number one thing.

Their sales rep was good. He went through the whole thing, and I was pleased with that. He came a long way to see me. The installer did a good job. He was very informative. I tried to stay out of his way, but he would answer questions and do all kinds of stuff.

My wife has used the walk-in tub for the jets, and she likes it. It's good. I like the idea that it's lifetime warranties, but I understand there's not a lot to do with it as far as not having any problems with it. So I'm pleased.

Ken H.
Dover, AR
August 28 2021 4:37AM

My Safe Step walk-in tub is working fine. I like it. The installers had come back out and peeled off some of the plastic, but it went fine.

John C.
Henderson, NV
August 28 2021 1:32AM

The sales agent from Safe Step explained everything. So, she was good. I love the work done in the bathroom. My dad is terminally ill, so a lot of times, he's tired. It's best to get over there early in the morning, get him started, and he's good.

I took my dad and my stepmom in there and showed them how the tub works. It's just going to take time for them to get used to.

The tub is beautiful. I just think a waste is the overhead showerhead because the arm works so much better. You can sit down and rinse yourself off. You can stand up, bathe and rinse yourself off. Everybody wants the Safe Step.

I put a bubble bath in there for my dad and then I went to get some soap. I noticed when I went back over there, there was so much dead skin and oil just running around. Especially with no soap, it does a really good job.

Maryann H.
Las Vegas, NV
August 11 2021 4:08PM

Call and ask for safety specialist jack **. He is great, knows his product and will give you the bottom line!!! He’s not a salesman. He’s a angel. A true helper for This product!

He works the Florida market and will come to you!!! Call him 708-655-1135 he will set you in a tub that fits your budget!!! He is the best.

Kevin M.
Flordia, FL
July 26 2021 8:22PM

When you shower the drain keeps on closing and you have dnn manually open it. When you shut the shower off. It drips for almost two minutes.

They sent a plumber. He said tilt the head. I guess I'm being picky. It only cost sixteen thousand and four hundred dollars. I really shouldn't complain. Not happy!!

Thomas M.
Bayville, NJ
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