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July 14 2021 5:55PM

Installation was ok, but after the sale and installation they don't know you. I have been trying for over a MONTH to get my tub fixed so I can use it.

They keep making appointments and I keep rearranging my schedule to accommodate them And they keep canceling at the last moment. I guess my problem is my tub is paid for in full.

They got their money so now to hell with me. No wonder I see their used tubs for sale on the internet. If you can not get them to work what good are they?

If I had it to do over I would go to a feed store and get a water trough and compressor. Would be cheaper and work just as well. Will NOT recommend.

Lora Z.
Ravenden, AR
June 24 2021 9:35AM

I'm enjoying our Safe Step really well. It's great. It's so easy to get into. The rep I dealt with was wonderful. The installers were very good and very thoughtful.

Sharon C.
Bayfield, CO
June 23 2021 9:15PM

The sales representative was friendly and knowledgeable about the tub however he did not know what it took install this tub. Installation was a nightmare. It took more than one day and it was a nightmare.

They taped down runners to my hardwood floors and when taking the tape off the tape peeled the finish off the floor. Then they wanted to run conduit on the outside of the house and we said we didn't want that they drilled hole in the guest bedroom to run conduit.

During putting in the tub they had a water leak thru the floor to the first floor. My house was full of dust and the noise was enough to give you a headache.

I do not recommend this headache to anyone. I certainly would not have done this if I had known this was the process. It is not worth it at all.

Julie W.
Hillsboro, MO
June 21 2021 10:10AM

The salesman from Safe Step was very nice. The product was very nicely installed. I'm a little concerned about it. They left and I did not know if there is a temperature control underneath that doesn't allow but certain temperature of water to get in there.

I was going to call the salesman. He said he also takes care of any repairs. One thing I'm disappointed in is when I fill the tub up to get all the jets to work, the water is about partway up, then it goes cold.

I have a 50-gallon hot water tank and my son-in-law turned it on high, thought maybe that was the problem, but that's not.

Also, the tub could have been a little wider. If people are very big, it isn't going to work for them because it's not wide enough.

Mary S.
Cortez, CO
June 16 2021 12:40PM

I had a tub installed in October 2020. Within a month, they had to come out and repair the drain. In May I began having issues again. Tub will not turn on 50% of the time and makes odd noises. Tech came out and said a part was either defective or installed wrong from the start.

Now almost 2 months later, it is still not repaired and is not useable. Every week, they tell me the part is coming tomorrow, Monday or within a couple of days. They tell me someone will call me back in a couple of hours. NOT ONE person ever called me back.

The latest...I was promised it would be here this Monday, someone would call to schedule the repair and given a tracking number to show they did order it. It is now Wednesday.

The tracking number does NOT exist! Waiting for a call back I know I will not get. They have left me no choice but to start filing formal complaints.

D D.
Cherry Hill, NJ
June 15 2021 8:06AM

My wife loves our Safe Step. She has bad hips and she had a knee replacement. She's going to have to get both hips replaced. So, I thought it might be better on her.

The sales representative at Safe Step did a good job and the people that came out to do the tub couldn't have been any better.

The craftsman was Herbert, and his son was there also to help him install it. Herbert is an outstanding craftsman and when he left, I felt like I gained another brother.

They went above and beyond. Our bathroom is not like a regular bathroom. It has slope walls and I was a little concerned about them cutting the plastic to fit the walls, but they did a great job.

My wife likes all the features with the bubbles and air. I'm usually a shower person. I haven't used it other than a shower, but I like it.

David W.
Darlington, MD
June 10 2021 1:43PM

WARNING!!! Haven't used the tub or shower. Afraid to because the install crew was inexperienced; one was an 18-year-old fresh out of high school, the other one was a 35-year-old former mechanic with no experience.

The lead guy had only been working with the contractor a little over a year. An outside contractor came in on the 4th morning, before they started caulking, and said the installation was not good work due to the large gaps in the acrylic walls and in the corner caddies.

You better talk to your salesman on which contractor will be doing the installation and not have them switch contractors on you. Let them know you want the most experienced contractor, even if you have to wait several months.
Get it in writing. We have major regrets on purchasing this tub and shower because of the install.

Charlie N.
Eden, NC
June 09 2021 3:27PM

First let me start with commending the rep sent out to discuss the sales and installation of the tub, she was FANTASTIC.

When I set up this appointment there were 2 things that concerned me, one who was going to install this tub and 2 how much would it cost (ball park) I got hem and haw answers to BOTH questions.

From research I did online the price of one of these tubs with installation was around $10,000. HA...HA HA HA...the one year price was between 22 and 23 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Now with a few discounts that price would come down...HA HA HA about 1% yea, ONE PERCENT...and that was if I agreed to order one THAT day. RIDICULOUS!!

Like I said the rep was very good, for her it was a 2 HOUR drive to get here and she showed up EXACTLY on time, looked over the situation, made recommendations...THEN gave us a price.

Safe Step could have saved BOTH of us a lot of time and inconvenience had the been a little more forth coming about the price.

HOW can you trust a company that will do something like that. So be aware if you are thinking about buying THIS company's for me I'm done with them.

C E.
Sparta, NC
June 08 2021 7:24PM

It was great first 2 months, then needed a repair. That was done within 2 weeks. Now...6 months does NOT work. Sometimes it turns on, sometimes it does not. Who wants to fill it all the way up on a maybe it'll work? And How do I know it's safe?

Repair came after a week and said it needed a part. Round and round for SIX weeks with customer service, supervisors, etc. Every week they promise to come fix it and still NOTHING! I am to the point of wanting it taken out and my money back!

Anon D.
June 05 2021 5:19AM

I took the time and had Safe Step come out. The guy that presented it did a pretty good job and that was something that I was interested in, and it seemed to have the options that I was looking for.

It was slow before the product ever got to me, but the people that did the installation did a wonderful job.

They were absolutely professional about it as far as coming and making sure things were clean. They left everything well done and cleaned up. So, I was very happy with that.

I've got a little bit of problem though. My hot water heater, evidently, wasn't big enough. But Safe Step kind of presented that it was, so we waited several months before we ever got the thing back in.

The first time we tried it, we run out of water. I've only used it twice since I had it installed because I'm trying to get squared away on this heat of the unit.

I have a brand-new 50-gallon water heater that was put in just almost a year ago, and I was kind of told that it would work, but it doesn't. So, we're trying the slowly turn the heat up on it to see if I can get it to work to give me enough water.

Another thing was, they did not have the shower curtain. I called in on that and it just arrived here this week. Right now, we're trying to make this happen.

When I started calling in when I was having the hot water problem, it seems like I couldn't get anybody to call me back. I left messages and couldn't get anybody to call me back. They were kind of slow on getting back to me.

The product is beautiful, but it's like a very expensive eyesore right now. Either I have to put another heater in or I find out if this one is going to work or not. But overall, it looks like that's what I want as far as something to use.

Sam M.
Pasadena, MD
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