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January 24 2021 3:46AM

I have been using hearing aids that I bought from Costco for the last 7 years. When they started to fail I looked for something better. I ran across Eargo online and did a lot of research about them.

I have to say I was skeptical but since they have a 45 day return policy I figured I would give them a try. I am so glad I did! I put them in as soon as I got them charged and OMG they are fantastic.

The way they come set up works perfect for me without any modifications required. Thank you Eargo for giving me my hearing back!

Bill O.
Spring Hill, KS
December 06 2020 10:35PM

Getting used to the Eargo faster & easier than I would have thought. I am very pleased by your employees that have helped me & by the videos. I decided the pdf user guide is a good idea & also good to have. I downloaded it today.

Patricia W.
Washington, DC
November 13 2020 2:42AM

This is what I wrote to them...please be wary! Did you know that I've only had my Eargos for a little over a year. They quit working right before the warranty was up and I was able to get them replaced for free. And then the charger broke.

So I called about getting a new charger and your company said that my type of hearing aid is not made anymore and so there are no Chargers available and I must buy a new set of hearing aids with a new charger! What??!!

So after I complained vigorously it came to my attention from your company that indeed there is a charger that will work with my hearing aids.... and it will only cost $350! What?!

So after I complained vigorously again I got a $50 reduction. What?! At this point I didn't have a choice so I went ahead and purchased them.

And then I am so pissed I had my wife call you guys on Tuesday ask where my order is since it didn't arrive at all a week after it was due for arrival! She was told this past Tuesday that new charger would be shipped and arrive in overnight shipping.

Since Wednesday was a holiday I didn't expect it until today which is Thursday. And now you're just telling me that that there's been another delay? What?! OMG Eargo....it's time for me to write this nightmare in an online rating.

Your ads and communication to customers tries to be funny and cute. This is not funny and cute. My experience with you has sucked! Show quoted text.

Eric A.
La Conner, WA

Hi Eric. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I reviewed your account and sent your post to one of our client care managers. We have decided to extend your replacement charger warranty an additional 6 months for the trouble you've experienced. We did charge you $245 for the charger and overnighted the replacement as soon as it was discovered there was a processing issue with the first one. We'll take the information in your post and use it as part of our ongoing commitment to provide world class customer service.

November 10 2020 5:58PM

Intelligent, personable, friendly individuals to work with; great product. Having worn behind the ear hearing aids for three years, these are much easier to wear, and much less trouble, especially if you wear glasses, and now with the mask required so many places because of COVID-19.

They go in the ear and present no trouble switching glasses, or taking your mask off. In addition if you have any questions there is always someone just a phone call away more than willing to help you.

Naples, FL
November 01 2020 2:42PM

I’m beyond pleased with my experience with my Eargos and the company. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that as a former Federal employee my Fed health insurance paid ALL the cost of my hearing aids.

They arrived rapidly and I wore them right away after watching all the videos available. We drove in our convertible the next day (top down) and I could hear my husband talking and experienced no wind noise.

The next week my specialist answered all my questions and had good ideas to improve the comfort of my Eargos (I have very small ear canals). The videos are excellent and the app available to control the hearing aids is a must have!

All in all I highly recommend these hearing aids. Of course not everyone will have the immediate experience I’ve had-so my advice is keep experimenting with them, ask for help from the company and don’t give up!! The end result is worth it!

Katherine C.
Jacksonville, AR
October 30 2020 7:29PM

Terrible product. Ordered replacement equipment to try to make them work. Paid $78 for the pieces that fit the ear 20 days ago (cannot use them until replaced). Have tried to find when product is coming. They sent a note they may send them on Nov 6, 25 days after my order. Cr

Tom G.
October 22 2020 10:54PM

Always helpful with diagnostic concerns and customer service. I am a repeat customer and always had exceptional experience. All issues have been addressed and corrected. Would recommend Eargo and look forward to future developments in products.

Stephen P.
Brandon, FL
October 22 2020 8:41PM

I am grateful for the email reminders about the Eargo benefits. Loved the convenience of the online hearing test and receiving the results.

Directions were clear and phone number provided for contact. I really appreciate that there was no pressure to try the Product or hounding phone calls. Thank you!

Susan O.
Chicago, IL
October 20 2020 8:12PM

I just had a delightful experience with a customer service representative! That has become somewhat of a rare situation, yet I'm grateful to have found a company who practices what they preach.

Eargo, earned my respect today because of Virginia, a delightful customer service representative. Respectful yours Bill **.

Bill M.
Sacramento, CA
October 12 2020 10:48PM

Trent serviced my call. The entire experience, including an assessment of my needs, clear description of the very impressive policies of Eargo to execution of my order efficiently was very pleasant. I enjoyed the process and look forward to receiving my aids.

Edwin R.
Bradenton, FL
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