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October 09 2020 1:09AM

Great customer service to get you locked in with quick delivery. Then, after 2 weeks, when I decided to return them because, among other things, (1) the sound was tinny; (2) difficult to change programs; and (3) occasionally high-pitched annoying sounds, I was treated to extremely BAD customer service.

Couldn’t reach anybody and had to leave messages. Not all calls were returned. Mailed the hearing aids back to Eargo, but it is now 6 weeks later and I still have not been reimbursed the $2500 my insurance company paid them.

It is so bad that I got the insurance company to intervene on my behalf. A rep at the insurance company told me this is a common problem with this company.

Had I known about this, I would not have purchased hearing aids from Eargo. That is why I am writing this — to warn you! Best of luck!

Richard Z.
Rockville, MD
October 06 2020 8:16PM

Customer service very nice. They answer every question from A to Z, Gabe ** was very nice. Keep up the good work. They call me on time the next day and if I had anymore questions not to hesitate to call them and that they would stay in touch.

Steve S.
Dallas, TX
September 25 2020 11:20PM

An Eargo device is like a disposable razor, use it a few times and throw it away. Do I sound disappointed? I am, when you are required to replace an earpiece twice in one year for malfunctioning issues.

Eargo customer service rep told me, "Your earpiece warranty expired a month ago, you would need to pay $200 for a replacement." They had me doing all kinds of troubleshooting for almost a month, with no success.

This is not how you treat customers who are still making payments on a device that won't work. I hope customers get to read this, realize, this can happen to them.

Jorge U.
Miami, FL

Dear Jorge. Thank you for reaching out to Eargo through Retirement Living and reporting on your problems. I reviewed your case records and it appears there was considerable contact back and forth between Eargo and you without a connection being made shortly after your warranty expired. Given this difficulty, I am authorized to make an exception and request that a replacement device be sent to you at no charge. I hope this remedies the issue to your satisfaction.

September 23 2020 11:26PM

Bought Eargo Neo in August 2019 for $2500.00. Had trouble right away. One had a constant noise. It took two weeks to get a replacement. They would work great for about a month and in spite of keeping them as clean as I possibly could, they would stop working.

After going thru this over and over for a year, I gave up when they wanted $300.00 to replace each hearing aid. Sorry I was so vain to want invisible hearing aids.

Roy C.
Gainesville, FL

Dear Roy. Thank you for contacting Eargo through Retirement Living. I reviewed your account and left a message on your voice mail. I'd like to discuss how to replace your existing Eargos with a courtesy replacement and to put you in touch with one of our licensed hearing professionals to discuss care and maintenance. We want you to wear a an Eargo hearing aid that is comfortable to wear, comfortable in appearance, and easy to use.

September 23 2020 1:40AM

I just received my third Eargo hearing aids. I have been buying these aids since the company started. They keep making the product better and better. The customer service is unparalleled.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally discreet hearing aid that provides great ability to address your hearing loss, get Eargo. Beside being almost completely invisible, the charging case is terrific. I carry it in my purse all the time.

I could not stand the idea of little tiny batteries that need to be changed somewhat often. I tried another hearing aid that was much more expensive than Eargo and gave me pretty crummy customer service.

It actually went Far into my ear canal and needed to be inserted only by an audiologist. What a pain, including pain in the ear because they never fit right and kept slipping out and becoming extremely painful halfway in and halfway out.

I don’t work for Eargo, I am just a customer, but I can tell you that you should definitely try this game changer for people who might have hearing loss related to age, which I have discovered is a lot of people over the age of 50 or even 45.

Catherine S.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
September 22 2020 3:10PM

Great invisible hearing aids at a fantastic price. They are completely invisible and have improved my hearing immensely. Highly recommend them.

For the price especially if you’re a veteran or related to a veteran or work in the government the price is phenomenal. Even at regular price they’re still cheaper than most and much better than any over the ear hearing aids.

Chuck S.
Naples, FL
September 22 2020 12:34AM

I have been a Eargo customer for the past four years. I have a mild to moderate hearing loss and my Eargo Max fits comfortably. I can now enjoy conversations with my wife and especially when I am in a group conversation.

I have to give the staff at Eargo a five star rating for customer service. Whenever I had a warranty issue or just question they were always very pleasant and addressed the issue with a can do attitude. I highly recommend Eargo hearing aids. My pair changed my hearing life.

Charles T.
Jacksonville, FL
September 17 2020 11:38PM

So far, I have only great things to say about EARGO, however, the jury is out on the functionality of the hearing devices. In fact, this experience review is quite premature because if the product does not measure up to my expectations, my response would/could be very different.

Jesse and Olivia were both exceptional at informing of everything I wanted to know about the Eargo devices.

Richard R.
Rome, PA
September 17 2020 8:54PM

Recently received my new hearing aids. Can not tell you how great it is to not have to asks people to repeat what said. Great price for the quality of hearing aids that these are. If anyone is looking for hearing aids here is where you need to stop and buy.

Bill S.
Oak Ridge, TN
September 11 2020 8:20PM

Once I was able to get use to the insertion process, it became much more enjoyable all the time. The hearing aids work great. Much better than any other I have tried.

Comfortable fitting, do not amplify background noise, makes incoming speech clearer-I have been using TV Ears, that amplify sounds very well, but when I add Eargos into the picture the sound gets “cleaned” and clarity is achieved!!

John W.
East Boothbay, ME
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