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March 12 2021 1:10AM

First, every federal service employee covered by FEP program should know that you will not find another hearing aid that provides a top shelf hearing aid, the latest technology, comfort and functionality of the Eargo product line.

Moreover, this hearing aid is completely in the ear canal such that no one will ever know that you are wearing a hearing aid unless you decide to tell them.

Especially in light of the pandemic health care warnings, it could not be safer, easier or more convenient to access hearing aid services right from the comfort of your own home.

I have owned the Eargo Max, the Eargo Neo and now the Neo Hi Fi, and for mild to moderate hearing loss and tinnitus, it's my observation that you will wonder how you lived without your Eargo's in the past.

These babies have been well thought out in every respect including a patented ear canal bud that makes hearing as natural as possible while providing a level of comfort you would not believe feasible.

In case you may be wondering, I do not work for or have any affiliation with Eargo, but I would not mind if I did. Neither am I a hearing service professional, but from experience alone, I know that I could sell them to any person suffering mild to moderate hearing loss.

Not only that, they are so simple to use, I suspect I could provide any customer care that might be required.

Between Eargo and the federal employment FEP insurance benefit, I could not be better served, and I highly recommend the Eargo hearing aids in any of the three iterations.

Eugene P.
Littleton, CO
March 11 2021 5:06AM

I had tried one hearing aid brand and I didn't like it because it was so small. I couldn't see the way you had to adjust the volume over something.

My Eargo one, because it could be charged without batteries, I thought it was a plus. The quality of it is very good. I've been very pleased. The Eargo reps are very professional and courteous.

Barbara J.
Toano, VA
March 08 2021 12:56AM

I got these and they are pretty good except for some echoing. My biggest problem is when I was at a bowling tournament this weekend, every time a ball hit the lane my volume would go up.

I had to take them out after practice because they were really loud. In a normal setting they are pretty good.

Harold S.
Kenosha, WI
March 05 2021 3:47AM

I ordered Eargo to replace my BelTone units and was initially very impressed; however, they quit working in a very short time. All the fix this instructions were followed with poor results. Customer service was good but had this happen consistently for the guaranteed year.

Total usable time, with several exchange units, was just over 4 1/2 months - not good. I have given up and replaced them with another company which offered much less expensive rechargeable units and they are working just fine.

Eargos are a cool product but they belong in a nice display case to be admired there because they won't work for a very long time.

Charles B.
Beaufort, SC
March 04 2021 6:53PM

I purchased the Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aids. With the first set, the right ear was shutting off 3 or more times per day. Sometimes holding it upside down would restore functionality but most of the time I had to insert the device into the charger for a few mins to do so.

The replacement set, the left ear has a high pitch pulsating tone if I select level 3 or 4. So in my experience their quality control is extremely poor.

Now, your review is full of false information. Eargo devices are not configurable for individual users needs. They have 4 presets and each preset allows the user to either increase or decrease the bass and/or treble by 6db.

That's right, only one adjustment up or down and 6db is a huge volume change. Understand that 3db equals a doubling in volume. Next the BBB does not give Eargo a 5 star rating. My last check they had a rating of 2 or less!

Michael B.
Emden, IL
February 27 2021 1:05AM

I have moderate high frequency hearing loss and severe tinnitus. I ordered the Eargo Neo HiFi as the first hearing aids I have ever had. At first I was very excited about the product and my right ear was a great fit but I had a hard time getting the left ear to adjust to any size flexi.

The problem started when the left ear piece quit working. Long story short, here I am 5 weeks later and waiting for my refund. The specifics. I called and was told they would immediately send out a replacement.

That would be the last personal conversation I would have with them because I could not contact anyone via phone. A week later and after the third try and on hold for twenty minutes, I was told I had to email them for service.

I did and a day later they emailed and stated they would instigate a claim for a replacement. (So much for sending one out immediately as I was told). Another week and I email them again since I could not get through on the phone.

Eargo emailed and said they would send a replacement as soon as one was available. After waiting for over two weeks more, I emailed and asked for a refund. They received my package two days after I sent it, but I had to email them to find out what was happening with my refund.

They texted me back and stated they were processing it. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope I get a refund. I will be buying a hearing aid from a local supplier.

I will say I was very disappointed because for the most part I liked the devices (no bluetooth though) but number one, an ear piece failed and number two the customer service was terrible!

Kevin O.
Green Bay, WI

Hi. Thank you for writing. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with Eargo. Fit issues with any hearing aid, including Eargo, will happen on occasion and I wish this hadn't been the case for you. I am very concerned about the customer service issue experienced as this is not representative of Eargo. While we do take great pride in the responsiveness to our clients, there will be times in which we can do better. I have forwarded your comments to our Client Care management team for them to review your account. It's important we learn and improve upon situations like yours. All the best to you as you try and improve your hearing.

February 27 2021 12:59AM

Just getting started and very pleased so far. Follow up and has been very good and instructions for operating was easy to read and view and so far so good. Had a few questions but were answered on one of the phone call follow ups.

Robert M.
Westminster, MD
February 16 2021 10:25PM

I first contacted Eargo at the beginning of January this year indicating I was interested in purchasing an Eargo and provided my Federal insurance information.

On February 11 I received a message from Maegan on 2/11 stating that my my Federal insurance was "either incomplete or incorrect". I responded on 2/12 questioning why there was a problem along with a copy of my insurance FEHBP Aetna Heal FHFUND 225 insurance card.

I received an e-mail from Maegan the same day stating "that does look like the number that Jolene had put into the system...I will try to send it through again".

I received an text from Maegan on 2/16 stating "I've been given permission to help get you into a pair of Eargos -but this week only". I called Maegan and she continued to state that the problem was on my side. I don't know what what the problem is??

If Eargo does not accept my Federal insurance they should have informed me sooner so that I could have tried a different option.. You might want to adjust your advertisements to indicate that ONLY SOME federal insurance can get the hearing aids at no cost.

Eargo's customer service is less than acceptable!! I have used this insurance card for several years and have not had any problems.

Gene R.
Las Vegas, NV
February 08 2021 7:43PM

Hello. Eargo is my first experience with hearing aids. When they work they are good, but they always quit working after a short while. When the first one quit working I called and talked to one of the Eargo people and he instructed me to brush it to get off the earwax or whatever.

I couldn't see any earwax or anything else on it but I did as he said and it didn't fix the thing. Then he said to pull out the little blue O-ring and replace it with a new one. I did that and it fixed the problem.

Maybe the O-ring was the problem, but according to the directions the blue rings should be replaced only every several months, and I'd used the Eargo for only one day (or maybe a couple of hours) at the time.

The Eargo worked for a couple of hours and then quit again and I put in another blue ring, and then one more blue ring, but this time it didn't fix it. I wiped the microphone and that fixed it that time.

The next time I used the Eargos they both worked for a couple of hours, but then I yawned and the right one quit working just as I yawned. Was it a coincidence? Hell, I don't know. I pulled it out and couldn't see any wax or anything, and wiping the microphone didn't fix it.

This is not a complete list of the problems I've had with the Eargos, but I hope you can get the picture.

Basically, I have no confidence they will work whenever I put them in, and I can sometimes get them to work for awhile by messing with them, but I don't know ever what is the root of the problem.

After the yawn incident I tried putting the broken one in my ear without the flexi thing and I could tell it was working by the feedback, but when I put the flexi back on it didn't work, so maybe the flexi is stopped up with wax or something, but I couldn't fix it by brushing or blowing air through it by mouth and I couldn't see anything wrong with the flexi.

The frustration is not so much they quit working. I understand all machines fail and need to be maintained; however, they should work for more than a day without problems. What bothers me most is the time wasted on useless activities to fix them that may or may not do any good.

Maybe both of my Eargos are defective. Other reviewers don't seem to have any problems whatsoever. How can I know what to do?

If I call the company most probably I'll be told to brush them or replace the blue O-rings again and then they'll work until I yawn or some unknown factor comes into play and they quit again.

Michael S.
Norman, OK
January 29 2021 8:06PM

I am the biggest complainer and malcontent on God's green earth! I’m never happy about anything. And I LOVE my Eargo Aids. The BEST product by far over the hearing aids on the market. Got suckered into buying Phonetak..$5,000!!

They were garbage: unreliable, battery always dying, lousy fit in ear,..a disaster!! The Eargo aids are COMFORTABLE, invisible, charge quickly, easy to clean, easy to replace wax trap. GREAT customer service.

I lost one aid and a quick call to CS and the aid was delivered in two days. $285 replacement fee...a great deal. I couldn’t be happier and the wife is even more happy than me....no more WHAT???? Thought she was going to kill me...:)

Denis M.
Napa, CA
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