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Eargo Hearing Aids

4.7 Stars (252 Reviews)
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Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Eargo is quickly becoming a leader in hearing aid innovation. The company is made up of ENT surgeons and hearing professionals who have developed comfortable and highly functional hearing aids. Eargo is highly rated overall, with many enthusiastic customers. Eargo offers safe remote hearing checks and phone consultations, plus online ordering - all done remotely and from the comfort of your home.

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Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.9 Stars
Warranty 4.5 Stars
Price 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4.8 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

Eargo is a technological leader in the hearing aid industry, cutting out the middleman to expedite the process. There are four Eargo models available: Eargo 6, Eargo 5, Eargo Neo Hifi, and Eargo Max.

252 Eargo Reviews

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5 Stars

May 23 2023 4:04AM

I liked what I read that's produced by Eargo. I sometimes use the Seniorly website and they seem to recommend it well. I've had a very erratic beginning, but that's not their fault.

I had ordered the hearing aids, knowing I was coming home from vacation and so glad that I would have them and get to start right away. I get home, and I developed Influenza A. So, there were two-plus weeks taken off right there. Then, I had two family deaths and I had to go to the hospital.

They've accommodated me. Originally, they said, "Well, hey, we'll just add on a couple of weeks at the end here so that you have the trial period for longer." Today, I had a phone appointment with them. It went very well and I said I'm going to set up a second one in two weeks.

That seems to be working well. They are a Tennessee company so the hours that they're available are fewer for those who are on the West Coast, but with the appointment system, that's working out well. You can get in touch with them by text and other ways, too. They've accommodated me very well.

As far as the hearing aids, I had gotten their samples back before the end of the year of '22 because I wanted to see how I would feel with something in my ear and that worked great. They were a free sample and I could see that I could stick them in my ear and feel okay with them.

They're great. I'm a woman, therefore, I am more appreciative than a man that they were not extremely obvious. Also, there are enough appointments in life that we have to go to to be able to use them and get accustomed to them at home, without having to go out for appointments. I really appreciated that aspect.

My hearing aids have a nice little case that I put them in overnight. I carry that little case with me all the time. However, if I feel that I might have to take them out for some reason, then I have something protective to put them into. I don't carry the charger unit with me, but it's also very small. So, that wouldn't be an inconvenience if you were spending the night somewhere. It's really handy.

When I do use the hearing aids, I'm hearing better than when they're not there. So, I'm going to keep working on this.

Just today, I was advised, "Let's try to go longer than the four to six hours. Wear them all day. Put them on in the morning so that your head gets used to hearing sounds you haven't heard for a long time, even though you're a widow and you won't be talking with people oftentimes throughout the day."

Ann C.
Carnation, WA
1 Star

May 11 2023 1:26PM

Bad experience purchasing Eargo 7 through a local Victra store. I purchased eargo 7’s on April 17, 2023 from Victra Verizon store. There was a problem that could not be resolved with the first set and eargo promptly exchanged for a new set.

There continued to be some problems so I decided to return them well within the 45 day return period. Victra refused to accept the return and eargo would not accept the return either. While eargo tried to work with the Victra store, the issue remains unresolved.

There was a $300 coupon sent by email to me from Eargo for reduced purchase price that Victra said would be honored. It was not, either by eargo or the Victra Verizon store.

Larry P.
Test T, Eargo
So sad to hear that you not happy with the Eargo hearing aids! Our team will reach out to you!
5 Stars

May 04 2023 4:22AM

I've been seeing the Eargo thing and they had this offer, "We'll send you some dummies and see how you like them in your ear. They won't work, but it cost nothing, and then you throw them out."

So, they sent them to me and they felt the same as the ones I've been using that have the little thing hanging behind the ear type. So, I said, "Let's get the real one." I got the real ones and I liked them. They don't show, and the sound is better than the behind-the-ear ones I've tried.

Another thing I like about the Eargo is they connect to the phone well. Their support has been superb. The only thing I don't like is they don't have Bluetooth. I go to the gym in the morning and I'd love to put in the Eargo and listen to podcasts, but I can't do that.

I've talked to them about that and they said they're too small to also have Bluetooth technology. I like them. My hearing's not terrible, but I have trouble in restaurants and meetings.

Louis L.
Portland, OR
Test T, Eargo
5 Stars

April 28 2023 10:36AM

I like the look of the Eargo hearing aids, and how they're hidden. Eargo's customer service team was good. They made sure everything was good with the Eargo and me and they were really attentive to any problems I had.

As far as the hearing aids, they're comfortable. I can't feel they're in there. They work well. I can hear a lot better.

Ricky S.
Broussard, LA
So glad that you are satisfied with the fit and performance of your hearing aids as well as the Eargo support that you've received!
5 Stars

April 26 2023 3:02AM

My Eargo is working great. I got the Eargo 7. I don't feel it at all once I get it in. I put them in usually in the mornings and take them out late in the evening right before I go to bed.

James H.
Elizabeth City, NC
Great! So happy that you are doing so well with your Eargo hearing aids!
5 Stars

April 23 2023 6:17AM

I've gotten some other hearing aids before and it was a horrible experience, but Eargo has all been fine. I appreciated them telling me what the long-term costs were going to be and I thought it was all good. My hearing aids are good. I'm very pleased that they work.

Robert F.
Paducah, KY
5 Stars

April 18 2023 4:53AM

The people from Eargo were really good to deal with. They called two weeks later and wondered how everything was going, and what they could do. They've been really good about it. Then, even after the 30 days were up, they still called and said, "Well, is there anything we can do for you?"

As far as the hearing aids, the quality is pretty good. I am still getting used to them. I don't wear them all the time because I work and I don't want to take a chance of damaging them. It works out well.

For over-the-counter hearing aids, they're a little bit more on the expensive side than the other ones. I bought a pair of the cheaper ones and you do get what you pay for. So, I felt like the inexpensive ones don't work out well. You couldn't really adjust them.

Where with these Eargo hearing aids, there are adjustments in them and different settings. When you push a different setting, you can just tap on the side of your ear to do that. That works quite well. Then, if you do need to go in to your app, you can change some things in your app, too.

The hearing aids do take a little while to get used to but then once I got used to them, I found myself in the shower with them in. A lot of times, people say, "Oh, yeah, you can take them six feet underwater."

Eargo said, "Yeah, if you do make a mistake, get in the shower, and have them in, just stop, take them out, set them on the counter, and then dry them off." So, that's what I did and they work just fine.

Steven H.
Junction City, OR
So glad that we've demonstrated the level of support and care that you deserve. Thank you for sharing your Eargo experience!
5 Stars

April 15 2023 10:46AM

I love Eargo. They're wonderful. The customer service reps were very helpful. I liked that my hearing aids were not the thing that goes behind my ear.

The last time I bought hearing aids was probably six years ago and they were the kind that went behind my ears and they were like $4,500. These Eargo hearing aids were like half the price and they went right in my ear rather than having that behind my ear. So, I liked them very much.

I've been telling people about Eargo. One of the other things that I really like is that it gave me the opportunity to keep dialing them in. I could do the soundcheck over and over until I got them right. I really appreciate that I could do that myself rather than having to go back in and have it done.

Nancy S.
Orting, WA
We love this Eargo review! Thank you for sharing.
4 Stars

April 15 2023 12:34AM

The microphone cap fell off. I found the cap on the floor. They seem to move around a lot in my ears. I have been trying different size petals to try and find the right fit.

I do hear better, and my tinnitus seems to have gone down a little. It's a little bit of work though. It takes a while to adjust to these new things to do in my daily routine.

Michael M.
Chandler, AZ
5 Stars

April 12 2023 12:40PM

My Eargo hearing aids worked very well. The issue that I had is that I have very sensitive ears. I get ear infections really bad, and I started to get ear infections whenever I put them in. They were great, but the ear infections got so bad that I couldn't use them.

When I was wearing the hearing aids, I didn't have an issue with my tinnitus. I was actually able to sleep for the first time wearing those things.

Eargo's customer service reps were very great. They were very informative when they called me up and helped me set them up. I was like, "Oh, my God, I can hear." I don't hear a constant buzzing ringing in my ears all the time. I just wish that they had Bluetooth capability.

Kyle B.
Hutchinson, MN
Thank you for your kind words regarding the support you received from Eargo!
2 Stars

April 06 2023 7:16AM

I liked that the Eargo hearing aids were almost invisible. I don't have them any longer though. They made my ears itch so badly. After about 5 or 10 minutes, I had to remove them. I'm allergic to latex. So for some reason, I think that was part of it because after I wore them for a while, I couldn't focus on hearing.

I just wanted to dig them out. Also, I didn't like that there was a lot of echo from my movements. If I were to make a different noise with my mouth, it was almost like there was a big echo in my ear. They didn't work for me.

Dana M.
Wallace, NC
5 Stars

April 04 2023 9:22PM

I am very happy with the entire experience. From the salesperson, Todd, to the welcoming call person, Amber and the product.

The product is very easy to use, once explained to me and all of the videos I have received are very informative. I would recommend this product to anyone who has the same hearing problem which I have.

David N.
Doral, FL
So happy to hear that you are doing well with your Eargo hearing aids! Thank you for the recommendation.
5 Stars

March 22 2023 2:23AM

Compared to my old hearing aid I like the small size of Eargo and I like that I can change programs from my iphone. The update was easy and fast. The periodic tips are helpful. It is something I would tell my friends and other relatives who use hearing aids. I am very happy that I switched to new technology.

Gordon S.
Honolulu, HI
Thank you for spreading the word about Eargo hearing aids! We certainly appreciate the recommendations.
5 Stars

March 15 2023 12:03PM

My Eargo hearing aids improve my hearing if I remember to put them in. The cost and the quality of the hearing aids are balanced.

Joyce A.
North Beach, MD
Thank you so much! Glad you are enjoying your Eargos!
4 Stars

March 12 2023 10:10AM

My Eargo hearing aids improved my hearing in most cases, but not in all. They could improve the range of adjustment. The overall customer support is very good.

William S.
Altadena, CA
5 Stars

March 08 2023 10:38AM

I sent my Eargo hearing aids back, but when I had them, you couldn't tell they were in the ears. They were wonderful. They're the best thing I've had so far as hearing.

It couldn't get any better until you got in a crowd. I play the bass guitar in church, and they have four settings and I had them usually on one, but when the people would get clapping and singing and all that, they go one, two, three, four. So, they did the opposite of what I needed. If it had stayed on one instead of changing themselves, I'd still have them.

Harold S.
Soddy Daisy, TN
We're so sorry to hear that you returned your hearing aids. Thank you for your kind words in regards to the fit and performance.
4 Stars

March 04 2023 4:33AM

Staff are kind and helpful, hearing devices are amazing and better than most I’ve tried. Still struggling with taking them out. I would suggest making the removal tabs a little longer. Still learning how to adjust them in different environments but still happy with them. Thanks Eargo.

Marc C.
Skowhegan, ME
5 Stars

March 01 2023 9:22PM

Still needs a little tweaking but I believe with working with my rep we can work through the small issues. So far the customer service and communications are better than expected. The (7) model is much better than the last pair of hearing aids I purchased a few years ago for $6,000.00.

Larry C.
Ocala, FL
5 Stars

February 24 2023 3:21AM

I needed something to pick up some noise I didn't hear. I went with the Eargo hearing aid which isn't the cheapest. It's performing great. I really like it a lot. It's easy to get it in and out of my ear. It's easy to change the levels on it.

The only thing I'm having problems with is the charger. I have to have it in a certain way for the lights go white instead of red. I just pull them out and put them back in until they stay white.

The hearing aids have made my life a lot better. I don't have to say, "Huh or What" all the time. I can hear the TV. Before, I had the TV almost in full blast. I don't have to do that. It's relieving my wife from that. When I go down the street, I can hear birds. It really enhanced my hearing a lot.

James F.
Lancaster, PA
Thank you for choosing Eargo hearing aids. We love hearing that we've helped make your life better!
5 Stars

February 22 2023 2:48AM

I had trouble hearing in a crowd. There was a lot of noise and I'm not really understanding when they were talking to me. I looked into Eargo and studied it and got to talk to their people, and everybody was really nice and supportive. I wanted to be sure I could have an app on my phone where I could turn it down or up.

My hearing aid has that phone app where you can go, and it also has a notice that the volume is too low. It also says when to clean it and just remind you to keep your maintenance up on your hearing aids. So, that's like they're still connected. They just didn't sell a product. They're still making sure everything's going well.

My hearing aid is really good and simple. It is very comfortable. It took a while to get used to it, but once I got used to it and just put it in there, I'm fine. It's helped me. I'm a pastor and I preach and teach, and I can hear responses. I can hear people commenting and talking. So, it's helping me positively with my ministry and day-to-day things.

John David L.
Caruthersville, MO
Thank you for sharing your Eargo experience. We're happy to hear that your are doing well and enjoying the support we provide our customers!
5 Stars

February 21 2023 3:31AM

Everything that I wanted was what Eargo has, and I love that about it. I didn't hear as much as I hear with the Eargo now. I love it. I hear every little sound. I have the Eargo 7. Even if it's in the lowest setting, I will still be able to hear. It feels like I have nothing in my ears, too. That's how smooth it is.

The Eargo 7 functions in everything perfectly the way I want it. I feel very lucky. I feel like living life to the fullest back again. Get Eargo. That's the best thing that ever came out. With all of them that I'd been shopping for hearing aids, the Eargo is the best.

Charina R.
Richmond Hill, NY
Wow! What a great Eargo review. So glad to hear that we are helping you hear life to the fullest again!
3 Stars

February 11 2023 9:09AM

I got the first Eargo set a couple of months ago and couldn't get them connected. So, they sent me another set. I sent the other one back. The comfort is really hard to get used to because I've never had anything on my ears before. I try to wear them, but it's hard to adjust them.

When I put them in, I can hear myself breathe. I can hear myself cough. It's like it's right in my head. When somebody talks, I can hear them talking really loud, plus other noises. If I walk down my hallway, I can hear every step I make.

I had one person that was keeping in touch with me and then all of a sudden never heard any more from her, and I haven't contacted her either. The last time I contacted her was to tell her that I got the new ones that they had sent me because she was trying to help me. They wouldn't connect.

They kept telling me, "You have two minutes, you have three minutes," and then all of a sudden, it says there was a problem. We kept doing that over and over again. So, she told me that she is putting in for a new set, which she did.

I emailed her and told her that I received them and just trying to get them adjusted. I got them programmed for TV and masks, but I have so much interference. It's almost like somebody is crunching in your ears.

I like that the hearing aids are small. When I first applied for them, no one ever told me that every month, I would have to buy the earpieces. I never knew anything about that.

I had asked the person helping me, "So cleaning them and it says to change them. I only have free sets. How do I change them? And as far as I know, they're different sizes." He said, "Oh, you have to order them." I said, "I didn't know that. I was never told I had to order more."

Betty D.
La Plata, MD
4 Stars

February 10 2023 5:01PM

Overall I like the devices, their size, and comfort. They are far better when it comes to talking on the phone with them vs. the other aids I had. No feedback, no complications in adjusting the sound in order to hear a call.

Only drawback is I'm still trying to get the tapping on the ear for changing programs. I've tried all the ways without success, which keeps me tired to the phone app.. other than that I like them.

Catherine S.
Whitehouse, OH
3 Stars

February 10 2023 10:18AM

I'm not using my Eargo hearing aids anymore. They were more trouble than it was worth by missing the words. They made loud squeaking noises. I just had them set right, then all of a sudden, I turned on a light switch and it would click so loud. They itched. It was constantly in my ear.

Returning them was pretty easy. They said it was a full refund. I haven't gotten the money back yet, but I sent them back about two weeks ago.

To some people, I would recommend Eargo if they had more of a hearing loss than even a minor that it's worth not hearing than all the trouble of the discomfort of wearing them.

Paul V.
Irvine, CA
5 Stars

February 08 2023 1:17AM

Eargo is good. I got the Eargo 6 and I like them. They're definitely helping with my hearing. It's just my hearing is still not as good as I'd like for it to be.

The Eargo sales and customer service team has been excellent. Any time I've got anything, they really answer the phone and they get back with me, or somebody else calls if they can't figure it out.

Larry W.
Marthasville, MO
We're glad that you chose the Eargo 6 hearing aids and you are happy with the the support that we offer. Thank for sharing!
4 Stars

February 05 2023 6:14PM

Impressive customer support experience; I haven’t had any issues. One small thing, my ears itch a bit after wearing the bobs for several hours. I used a trimmer and cleaned the ears with an alcohol solution before using the bobs. I have not tried the other blooms to see if that makes any difference.

Stephen F.
Queen Creek, AZ
4 Stars

February 03 2023 1:11PM

I really like Eargos. They are my third set of hearing aids, and second completely in ear. I love not buying and changing batteries for the first time!

Sound quality is very good. There are programs to choose from, in concert with a phone app, which help in different environments, like a restaurant or on the phone. The company has a lot of support to offer which is just a phone call or click away.

The whole process has been easy from testing online to ordering the same way. I will say, however, if this your first time addressing hearing loss, seeing an audiologist in person is a good idea. I highly recommend Eargos, especially if like me, you don't like over the ear aids. Terrific and affordable option!

Carla M.
Ocala, FL
5 Stars

January 28 2023 12:54AM

So far the Eargo hearing aids are amazing. I’ve spoken to my audiologist, Amber, 3 times and every time she patiently walks me through any minor or major questions I might have. I am certainly hearing 100 times better.

Mary Anne M.
Denver, CO
Amazing review! Thank you for sharing your Eargo experience. So happy that you are hearing better and enjoying the lifetime support we provide.
3 Stars

January 21 2023 4:57AM

I was looking for hearing aids that went up in the ears, and I thought Eargo would be good. The best thing about them is they were not hearing aids that go over your ears. The ones that went over my ears constantly got hung up in my glasses. So, I take my glasses off and I flip the hearing aid off.

It was always a pain. There was pressure behind my ear from the hearing aids and my glasses' temples. Eargo is the best thing. I didn't have to worry about them all the time. They were just stuck up in there and you don't notice them.

I sent the hearing aids back, though. If you try to eat with them on, all you hear is the crunching inside your head. It was terrible. I'm a vet, and the VA gave me hearing aids, which were over my ear. I didn't care for them as well, but they hear way better than the Eargo did.

Also, Eargo is very expensive, and the batteries only last a couple of years, and that bothered me. There is no battery replacement. You have to buy new ones.

Gary M.
Waterford, MI
4 Stars

January 15 2023 10:22AM

I had trouble with the right ear. It wasn't fitting right, the instrument wasn't. And so the company, I called up and had a very nice person that I talked to. And I told her what's wrong, and it was still under warranty. So bing bang, she sent me a box that I opened, took out the new one, put in the old one, sent it back, and now the new ones much, much better.

Earl A.
Albuquerqe, NM
5 Stars

November 29 2022 2:31PM

The Eargo product is very advanced and works as stated. Online support and availability of professional staff is excellent. I purchased Eargo based on my son's recommendation after trying several other aids. I am very glad I did!

Fishers, IN
We are very glad you decided to try Eargo and appreciate your wonderful feedback!
5 Stars

November 28 2022 4:45PM

Great product that made a difference in my hearing and every contact I spoke with was knowledgeable, helpful, and very polite. Unfortunately I have to return my Eargo 6 because the device does not allow features to be accessed on my brand of cell phone. Inquire before purchasing.

Gerald D.
Deland, FL
5 Stars

November 11 2022 10:15PM

What a difference. No more cupping my ears with my hands. The customer service is great too. I learned a lot about fitting them in my ears and choosing optimal programs that suit my needs. If you struggle in noisy environments like restaurants these work great in helping filter out the din. Love em!

Rick W.
Simpsonville, SC
So happy to hear that you love your Eargo hearing aids!
5 Stars

November 08 2022 6:42PM

This is my second pair of Eargos! I found that there have been some great improvements eg: able to make adjustments with my iPhone, size is smaller and they are easier to clean. Online videos explaining how to take care of my Eargos and helpful reminders as to when you need clean and service my Eargos.

Charles S.
Mission Viejo, CA
Thank you for staying with Eargo. We appreciate it! More great improvements are on the way!
5 Stars

November 08 2022 5:18PM

My new EARGO6 devices are going to be a great benefit to my hearing and lifestyle. The customer service I experienced with Bryan and Jalene was excellent. I look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with Eargo products and people. Thanks!

Dwayne F.
Durango, CO
We look forward to a long relationship with you and helping you hear life to the fullest!
5 Stars

November 01 2022 8:22PM

Eargo is exemplary in their customer service. The only thing as amazing as that was the product itself. The Eargo 6 product is comfortable, stable, programable, and adjusts to a variety of settings. With a little practice they become the contact lenses for your ears. Try them, you will not be sorry.

William T.
Dallas, TX
Amazing review! Love "contact lenses for your ears". Thank you!
5 Stars

October 25 2022 12:17PM

Overall, I'm very pleased with Eargo. I don't wear them as frequently as I probably should, but the design of them is what drew me there. I work in health care and I had a patient who said, "Do I need to take my hearing aids out?" I was standing right next to him and I said, "You don't have them in."

He said, "I do." I looked down again and I said, "No, I don't see them." He pulled them out. I said, "Wow, those things are small." So, that got me into their website and I researched them.

The gentleman I spoke to at Eargo was very knowledgeable, very professional, and truthfully was the reason why I made the decision right then. I asked a lot of questions, and he answered them. He wasn't pushy. So, I was very pleased.

I got the delivery. I've had some follow-ups. I was having some issues getting them tweaked. Their direct-to-consumer model works because they're really good at what they do. A lot of companies don't.

Every person that I had an interaction with at Eargo followed up with me. They always were very helpful. So, I'm very impressed.

As far as the cost, they're competitive. They do break it up for you. You can pay it over a period of time. They made it very easy to get their product. Then, once you got it, they were there if you had any questions. I have an app on my phone for it.

When I call, they get back to me, then they follow up and make sure that the adjustments we made were okay, and that they're still working.

Eargo is a good company. They're very much on top of it. I really do feel good. The last thing you want when you spend a couple of grand is buyer's remorse.

I'm happy I got the product. I should probably wear them more frequently than I do. They send little reminders, time to clean them, the battery, and time to replace the tips. It's a well-oiled machine.

The product works. I love the fact that I don't have a head of hair. So, the whole vanity thing about putting a hearing aid behind my ear was a real challenge for me. Then, when I saw these things, you can just bury them in the canal of your ear and nobody even knows you have them in.

At the end of the day, the product has to work. Small is good, but it still has to work. Then, you have to have a company that stands behind what they have. Eargo does. I don't give referrals to families and friends or neighbors and I've given that name out to a number of people.

Bill D.
Woodstock, NY
Thank you for sharing your Eargo experience. Happy to hear your enjoying the support, performance, price and fit Eargo offers. We appreciate the referrals very much!
3 Stars

October 22 2022 11:19PM

I was a Eargo cheerleader when I was using my Eargo Neo HiFi set. Being kind of a tech guy, when Eargo came out with the Eargo 5's I jumped in and purchased my second pair of the latest.

When Samsung came out the Galaxy 22's I also did the same thing as the Eargo and jumped in and purchased the latest.

However without any notice from Eargo that some phones do not work with their product, I quickly learned that the Samsung Galaxy 22 line of phones and presumably ALL Samsung phones after the 21's DO NOT work with Eargos.

Eargo is aware of this but does NOT state it in ANY advertising, nor do they publish a list phones that the Eargos DO WORK WITH or a list of the phones that Eargos DO NOT WORK WITH.

Actually this borders on consumer fraud. Or even worse since over 65 is a common age of the purchasers, elder fraud. However the Eargo product is the best on the market when it works with your cell phone.

Raymond W.
Northbrook, IL
5 Stars

October 13 2022 10:28AM

Great sales staff. They worked hard with me to make sure that I was able to qualify for my insurance coverage and veteran discount. They always responded quickly to my phone calls and always got the answers I needed.

Instead of the $4,300 hearing aid from the audiologist (including insurance coverage) I ended up spending exactly $0.

Howard U.
Annandale, VA
We are always happy to help and we're glad you are enjoying your Eargo hearing aids!
5 Stars

October 12 2022 9:18PM

Before I contacted anyone from Eargo, I did a lot of research about hearing aids. I was very impressed with what I found. When it was announced that the Eargo 6 was waterproof, my decision was pretty much made. When I talked with someone, I met Brent.

Brent was super during the month long period it took to collect all the information required, Brent was very helpful in instructing me on the process to submit the information.

I would have probably decided on Eargo anyway, but the interaction with Brent and all of his assistance made a long, a little confusing process a real pleasure. I look forward to improved hearing and a long relationship with Eargo.

Cheryl M.
Sealy, TX
Thank you for sharing your Eargo experience! We look forward to a long relationship with you and are so glad that you decided to choose us for your hearing needs.
1 Star

October 12 2022 4:38PM

I got my Eargos last week and was optimistic that they would bring me the help I needed. Somehow I lost the charging unit-it must have fallen out of my purse somewhere or my cats absconded with it.

When I went to order a new one, I discovered it costs $295 for the replacement. As I don't want to pay this outrageous fee now I have unusable hearing aids that I never would have purchased had I known how expensive replacement items would be.

Apparently the $295 is the bargain warranty price. Had I been out of warranty it's more like $600. I feel like this information is important for consumers to hear when they initially order the product.

I am hoping that the charger turns up or someone will sell one on Ebay someday as I can't even return the hearing aids without it. While it was my fault I lost it, I want other people to know what they are getting into before they spend their hard earned money with this company.

Liz G.
South Yarmouth, MA
5 Stars

October 11 2022 6:59PM

After the first few days using Eargo 6, I am very happy with this excellent product and great customer support. The dreaded noisy restaurants are now under control. I bring them with me everywhere I go in the handy compact charging pod. Just knowing the benefits of better hearing is readily available at any time is very comforting.

Paul S.
New York, NY
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Glad you are happy with your Eargos and always feel free to reach out if you need anything. We are happy to help!
5 Stars

October 02 2022 5:47PM

My Eargos are great, no issues.. still getting used to them and are so comfortable. I had returned a pair of behind the ear aids, and glad I did and removing glasses and the masks were a real pain with the Behind the Ear aids, not with EARGO.

William P.
Acworth, GA
Great Eargo review! Thank you for sharing!
5 Stars

September 30 2022 8:34AM

I had a great experience with Eargo. The only downside to it was that I could not use my hearing aids with my phone, and where I work, there's so much background noise.

I just quit wearing the hearing aids because it was so loud, and then I was walking around with earmuffs on all the time. So, when I retire, I'm going to do something again. It just wasn't working out in the job that I have now.

I thought the Eargo hearing aids were cost-effective compared to some of the others. I liked the whole moisture-resistant part of them. I really didn't want the ones that go behind my ears.

We do a lot of side-by-side riding and there's a lot of bouncing around and carrying on and I didn't want to have one of them come flicking off my ear, and then lose it, and then have to buy one. I figured the safer option was to have them in the ear.

I did wear my hearing aids at home. I'd go home and put them in and it wasn't too bad. There were certain shows I watch where I would get some feedback on them. There was certain music that would give me some feedback in my ears and I wasn't really fond of that.

The doctor who was at Eargo was texting me and always trying to figure out how to make things better. When one quit working or charging, they immediately had another one in the mail to me. Anytime I called a problem, somebody was right on it.

Lance H.
Kennewick, WA
Thank you so much for sharing the honest feedback in regards to your Eargo experience. We sincerely appreciate it!
1 Star

August 25 2022 8:44PM

Do not buy Eargo. They do not honor what the salespeople say. Sales person said the hearing aids were covered against loss for the first year. When I lost mind during thd first year they refused to honor what the salesperson said.

Ferdinand G.
Naples, FL
Hello Ferdinand. We deeply apologize for any miscommunication as well as for your disappointment regarding our policies. We encourage our clients to visit our website that provides information regarding our Loss & Damage policy: If you would like to communicate with us further or if they need any assistance with purchasing a new device from here, we can be contacted by calling (800)615-9000 or emailing [email protected].
5 Stars

August 13 2022 5:59AM

My Eargo hearing aids are amazingly comfortable to the fact that I had them in my ears, and I jumped into a pool and destroyed them. As far as the warranty, instead of $750 each, I could buy replacements for $300 each. That was the part that irritated me.

I wrote an email to them and said, "I've never had hearing aids before, and I'm 58. And so, I didn't know the standard procedures for hearing aids." I just assumed that you could wear them in the water. There is nowhere on the website that expressly said, "Don't go in the water."

I should have been smart enough, but they were so comfortable and so small that I forgot they were in. It was a little punitive. I screwed up, but there is nothing on the case that you recharge them that has a water symbol with a red line through it. There was no warning like that on it. Overall, I loved the product. It was a fantastic product.

Steve P.
Peoria, IL
4 Stars

August 12 2022 10:54AM

Eargo is taking good care of me. I like that the hearing aids go in the ear. I thought I'd try it and so far, the sound is perfect. The only problem I'm having is I've got a smaller channel and I need the size that fits in it. Otherwise, it works fine.

Eargo's rep is gonna send me the smallest hearing aid they have. He gave me some ideas on how to make the black one work. I hope that this new change that I'm gonna make is gonna allow me to use the product every day.

Joseph B.
Middletown, RI
5 Stars

August 09 2022 4:06AM

I went with Eargo's Neo HiFi hearing aid because of its reference to audio file and music. When I made the purchase, I was happy with the person I dealt with.

Then there was some follow-up. After about a week and a half, they had somebody contact me to see how I was doing and talk about the hearing aid and see if I had any problems.

I don't think Eargo could have done anything better. For the product and the service they're offering, they contacted me appropriately. I always have a number I can call if I have any problem and an extension I can get right to a person.

With the quality of the hearing aid and the functionality compared to the cost, I'm pleased with it. If cost isn't a factor, I wouldn't go with Eargo. If cost were a factor, then they're probably the only online product I would use from looking at reviews and listening to other professionals.

Keith Z.
Cheyenne, WY
5 Stars

August 08 2022 2:17AM

Eargo has great hearing aids and good follow-up. They've really thought the production of these through very well, but I have tinnitus. They said it might help a little bit. I ended up having my tinnitus become louder. So, it didn't help me that much.

I would recommend them to anybody, but they aren't for me. Everything was great about them. Eargo is a great company. Their support was great. Everybody was on the up and up.

Scott D.
Green Valley, AZ
We're sorry that the hearing aids didn't work out for you. We certainly appreciate your recommendation and all of the kind comments regarding your Eargo experience.
3 Stars

August 07 2022 7:48AM

My experience with Eargo, so far, has been okay. Their price was decent. The hearing aids work for me. I just have to learn how to wear and charge them, but I could hear out of them and I like them.

Mary B.
Macomb, IL