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July 20 2021 1:54PM

After years of not admitting to myself I had a hearing problem, I finally took the plunge and did lots of research and decided to give Eargo a try. I am so happy I did and can now hear things I haven’t heard in years. Thank you Eargo.

Bonnie A.
Levittown, NY

Hello Bonnie! Thank you so much for taking the time to post about your Eargo experience! We truly appreciate you giving us the opportunity to help improve your hearing. We're so happy that Eargo is working out for you and that you're happy with our product. Please keep spreading the good word about Eargo hearing aids!

July 19 2021 4:16PM

Eargo 5 hearing aids work well, and the service can't be beat. There's always someone happy to speak with to address any issues and/or provide helpful tips and reminders. Those of us with hearing loss will never regain what we once had, but Eargos very much help.

Ed M.
Mount Pleasant, SC

Hello! Thank you so much for sharing about your Eargo experience! We're so happy that you're happy with our product and support team. It's true that we're always happy to assist if needed, but until then, please keep enjoying your new hearing aids and spreading the good word about Eargo!

June 30 2021 9:17PM

About a week and a half after I got the Eargo Neo Hi Fi hearing aids, I started having trouble with the right one not wanting to change channels when I clapped my hand over my ear.

At first I had to do it multiple times, and then I started having to hit my head with such force that it hurt. I put up with this for about a week and then this morning, when I went to put the right one in, all I could hear was static.

It no longer provided a message at 10 seconds after removing from case--just static. Another less serious but annoying issue. I have a new smart phone and I don't have it overloaded with apps.

I tried repeatedly downloading it but it wouldn't install--even after letting it try for 2 hours. So I try to get some customer service--I go to chat which had a bot that ran me through a series of steps, none of which helped.

So I called the number, but not before I looked Eargo up on the Better Business Bureau website which showed only 2 stars out of 5 After waiting 23 minutes on hold, and reading how so many people had trouble getting a refund instead of trying a replacement I decided to play it safe and request a refund.

Of course I have to wait to hear back from their refund team, and then after they receive them back I should see a refund on my credit card and FSA after 5-15 business days. If I don't, you can bet I will be leaving another review with an update.

Nancy S.
Ellisville, MO

We are so sorry to hear that you're wanting to return for a refund because of the concerns you have with your devices. I want to make sure you are receiving the assistance that you need, so I will have someone reach out to you today. Also, I do apologize that you were not able to connect with someone, but we do have a call back feature if you are not able to connect to someone right away. You can always email us at Eargo.com as well for further assistance. We look forward to speaking with you!

June 13 2021 11:01PM

I just received them this Friday. When I put them in they worked fine on Saturday and they didn’t work the right air just kept squealing so I took them out and then a hour later I put them in again and it still did the same thing. A constant noise.

A type of squealing so I took them out and put them in on Sunday and I had the same results so they only work good for one day. I am looking to return them for a full refund.

Wayne S.
Pulaski, WI

Hello Wayne. We're sorry to hear about this occurrence of your Eargos not working properly, but we're happy to help resolve this for you or assist in initiating the return and refund process as requested from here. It appears that one of our hearing professionals tried reaching you earlier today to help you, but was unable to reach you. While this professional should be calling you again later on, you can also feel free to reach back out to our Client Care team by calling (800)615-9000, emailing [email protected], or by using the live chat function on our website.

May 28 2021 11:54PM

Very easy to work with, everyone I talked with was friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend to my friends. They work great. Service is fast. Updates and cleaning are easy to do. They also handled all insurance for you.

Richard H.

Hello Richard! Thank you so much for taking the time to post about your Eargo experience! We truly appreciate you giving us the opportunity to help improve your hearing. Please keep spreading the good word about Eargo to friends and family!

May 14 2021 10:01PM

First time wearing hearing aids and I adjusted to these quickly. I wanted in the ear devices and these were half the cost of what the local audiologist offered for a behind the ear brand that had terrible reviews. The EARGO videos are also great and easy to follow. Very pleased with my decision.

Flo M.
Moorpark, CA
May 06 2021 6:12PM

The service provider in the early stage of my considering the product was great and made me relaxed in considering hearing aids. The procedure is easy in terms of effort to the customer. Everything including insurance coverage is taken care of by EARGO.

Frank G.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
May 05 2021 5:33PM

Mr. ** was very informative about my new hearing device EARGO and share a few tip on removing and placing the Eargo in to my ear, for I have small ear canal, which I did not realize, the reason I was hearing an echo when the device was placed in my ear, how my brain had a need to be balanced which would take some time TO getting use to and various other ways to clean them which I like.

Thank him again for me, I'm on the road to hearing. Again thank to all of you guys.

Sandra K.
Los Angeles, CA
April 26 2021 2:39PM

From my initial welcome call with Karina to receiving my Eargos and having my first conversation with Audiologist Lois, I have had nothing but excellent customer service and product quality.

It is much easier to understand conversations when listening to the TV and when I am out and around. I can now hear the "tip-tap" of my Lhasa Apso's feet on the floor which I never even noticed before.

The Eargo hearing aid holder and charger provides excellent portability for charging without the need to always be attached to a household power outlet and the hearing aids themselves require no messing with expensive and tedious batteries.

If their customer service and product quality continues like this, Eargo will definitely be the product to beat when it comes to hearing aids!

Thomas G.
Oak Hill, WV
April 20 2021 11:14PM

The Eargos themselves are pretty cool. This is my first hearing aid experience and I’m so glad they are tiny, powerful, and digital. It took a bit to get started as I had to get a new hearing specialist to answer a few questions.

My first specialist never responded to my email requests after our first meeting. But I called in and a great customer service person helped pair me with a new specialist. And Chelsea has been fabulous!

Paula B.
Olathe, KS
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