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September 01 2020 6:17AM

I love Eargo. These hearing aids are good. I've had a couple pair.

Randy B.
Coleton, OR
August 28 2020 2:01AM

I completely enjoyed my experience with Eargo. I'm a retired federal employee, and they said that I would get a break on it. So, I called up the number that was available and got a hold of a very sharp agent. He knew what was going on.

Then I got my Eargo very fast. It went through my Government Employees Health Association and Medicare. There was nothing out of my pocket. It was very good.

I needed my Eargo for the television so that I don't have to turn it up so loud. My wife is very sensitive. So, it works. I'm using a program that gets me enough with the TV set down low. This is one of the very best, if ever the best, thing that came along in hearing aids.

I do have one thing that is not really good. The one in my right ear on Program 2, I get a terrific feedback. I have to pull it out sometimes. It's so damn loud. I don't know how to stop that feedback.

When I step it up to 3 in my right ear, it seems to lessen the tone of the feedback. Other than that, Eargo is a marvelous piece of gear.

Charles R.
Chiefland, FL
August 27 2020 4:53AM

I found Eargo online. Their product was interesting to me, and it seems to be what I needed. I have hearing aids that are from the Veterans Administration, but they're the behind-the-ear kind and they worked great.

If I could find an inside-the-ear substitute that was as good as those, I would probably use them. What I like about those is that they connect to my phone, so I can speak on my phone without everyone hearing it.

With the Eargo, I tend to speak with the speaker on my cell phone. The Eargos are good. My ears create a lot of wax so I'm constantly cleaning the Eargos. If I don't clean them once every two days, they start to be blocked. So, I can't hear anything coming out of them.

It gets to the point where I hear less than I would if I just took them out of my ear and put them in my pocket, which is what I do routinely.

Eargo's customer service was good. They've done what they need to do, they responded when I asked about the cleaning, and they walked me through that.

The videos are nice. They're not quite as comprehensive on the cleaning as I'd like them to be, but I've got a unique situation where my ears create a lot of wax.

I've recommended Eargo to three friends of mine. They were pretty straightforward and easy. I like the adjustability by tapping on the ear.

The only complaint I have about it is there's no certain way to tell what you need to clean. But I just kind of cleaned the whole thing with alcohol. I wish there were more in depth videos online to let people know what it is that typically causes the blockage.

Ernest L.
Mcalpin, FL
August 25 2020 11:38AM

I had worn Starkey for six years. I had a little experience so I knew what I was looking at. I researched online from A to Z, and after a thorough search and reading everything I possibly could, Eargo was who we decided to go with.

I've never looked back. It was a wonderful move. The customer service has been great. I've felt like they were right there with me and got me off of the ground. I couldn't have been more pleased.

My hearing experience is fantastic. In fact, I've always had a little tinnitus. I feel like that it's helped with that. Everything is going great.

The only negative thing which could be with any hearing aids, is I've had to learn how to hold the phone. But what that amounts to is that I'm getting more volume now than I had before with the previous hearing aids.

Now that I know how to direct the phone and hold it, I don't have any problem with it. It just took me a week or so before I figured that one out.

I have friends that have just ordered a pair within the past four days. They were seeing my enthusiasm for Eargo.

They had some behind-the-ear hearing aids, and with all this mask business, they're constantly ripping those off when they take the mask off, which I don't have any problem with. Everything's out of sight. To my knowledge, nobody has even noticed what's in my ears.

I highly recommend Eargo to anyone that has a hearing problem. It's great. This is revolutionary compared to what I had before.

Larry O.
Paducah, KY
August 24 2020 8:03AM

My husband said I can't hear. I saw Eargo's commercial and saw that it's possibly covered under federal insurance. I ordered them and they were covered. So it was great. They got a very easy process, too.

I've never used hearing aids before. It's an adjustment to get used to. But I like them. There's just a lot of echoing but I definitely can hear better with them. The customer service was excellent. My experience has been good with them.

Krissy P.
Montgomery, TX
August 23 2020 9:56PM

I bought Eargo after my wife badgered me of my inability to hear her well. I always thought it was selective but came across Eargo as a suggestion from a friend. The price is reasonable. It is well marketed, comes in a neat package and simple instructions.

After a few days I immediately upgraded to the Neo HiFi. The charger is clever and you are able to change by Bluetooth different preset channels and specialty channels which allows you to set these aids to a program that best fits you.

They make it no secret that wax is your enemy. Support is great especially during the first 45 days which is your free trial. Reminders come frequently about brushing these aides to your app. As I first used them a whole new world that I long since forgot returned.

My wife said I shuffled my feet (which I denied) but sheepishly affirmed. I could hear the beeping of my refrigerator when left open. Music awesome as I long ago could not hear high pitches.

Some weeks down the line one did stopped working. I felt I was doing air aid hygiene but I contacted my rep and she sent me a new one. She told me this is ear wax and I needed to scrub them with my little brush vigorously. They sent me a new one and I was back in business.

These are incredibly comfortable. You can walk into the shower with them on if you're not careful.

Kelly D.
August 05 2020 4:32PM

I was reading some of the other reviews from former police officers like myself. I too have hearing loss in both ears due to many years of shooting. At first I was very happy with having restored hearing levels.

Unfortunately Eargo does a great job of selling the product but not servicing the product. I too have had to replace the charger once. And then my left eargo went bad after the warranty was over and I was still paying $86 a month.

They refused to do anything about that and instead offered me replacement parts at extended costs which again was in addition to the money that I still owed them.

I also went to hearing places such as Beltone to see if they would repair them. Two of these type stores had never even heard of your Eargo. I rate this product as about as low as you can go. Very poor customer service and follow through. I feel like I've been suckered.

David V.
Oshkosh, WI

Hi David. I'm sorry you are having issues with your left hearing aid. Eargo has always had (and always will) a repair policy for both the charging system and hearing aids when the warranty expires. You do NOT have to purchase new equipment when the warranty expires. Our nominal warranty fee include a replacement of the hearing aid and a one year repair warranty on the replacement. I am going to have someone call you within 24 hours to get this resolved quickly. If you would like to call us before then our phone number is 800-615-9000. Also, I show that you contacted us in January 2020 to inquire about your payment plan. We gave you the contact information of our finance partner. Did you get that resolved? Please let our team member know when you speak with them. In regard to new technology from Eargo, we always tell our clients when we have new devices available and any promotional discount you receive for being a current Eargo client. Lastly, I'm not surprised Beltone was not able to repair Eargo hearing aids given that only Eargo is able to service Eargo hearing aids.

July 26 2020 7:58AM

I'm happy with Eargo, It's just that I can't get the things that go my ears big enough so that they don't slip out. I have to push them back in about a dozen times a day. They sent me more, but it still doesn't help. I still need bigger ones.

I liked that with Eargo, I didn't have to fool with in-person dealing with them. They got an upfront payment, and then they're taking the rest of it out of my account once a month. So, it allows me to have them.

If I had to pay for them on the phone, I wouldn't be able to. I like that option. I've only had my hearing aids for a month or so, and they seem to be great.

Genanne W.
Tallahassee, FL
July 26 2020 6:54AM

I looked at Eargo hearing aids a few years ago and they were way too expensive, so I didn't consider them. They weren't covered by insurance as well.

Then I had a friend call me and said, "Hey, they've got a new program where they're covering the hearing aids for federal employees. You might wanna look at it." I went back and looked at them again and sure enough, they had this program. I decided to get them.

Eargo's customer service is really great. They got a great website, too. The information's on there, and you're assigned an audiologist who calls you and talks to you about the hearing aids that's been delivered.

If there are any questions about any issues about taking care of them, using them, adjusting them, they walk me through it.

I was really happy that I was able to talk to someone that was knowledgeable and could help me, especially with adjusting them and learning how to adjust them.

The hearing aids have been really great. It's life changing. This is my fourth pair of hearing aids and each one of them had issues and they never quite work right.

My Eargo are the first ones I've ever had that fit totally inside the ear and don't have the feedback that you get when you wear hearing aids. The technology is really pristine. It's above the rest because they're so small.

The only drawback is that you can't sync them. They don't have Bluetooth capability. But the reason why they're so small is they don't have Bluetooth built in. So it's kind of a trade off. But Bluetooth doesn't work well anyway. Most of them don't sync very well.

I've had three other pairs and they were horrible. If you go by a microwave or any kind of waves, it can mess up the sync. With my Eargo, I can hear better than I've ever heard.

I had $8,000 hearing aids before from Phonak, and they suck so bad and I constantly had to take them out. My Eargo hearing aids are not taken out. I forget about them. I don't have that horrible feedback in them.

They're very accurate. I could hear my husband talking to me behind me and before, I couldn't hear him walking up on me. I'd be scared all the time because I could not hear people walking towards me or people talking to me when my back was turned. Now I hear all that.

In fact, I hear too much because there are some things I don't wanna hear. It's really a great product and I'm looking forward to seeing them expand and come up with new stuff and accessories.

I've been singing their praises. I called our federal employee IT person and told them they need to tell to their employees that they're offering this. I tell others, "Look, you can get these hearing aids practically free and there's a really great technology."

Dana G.
Sanger, TX
July 24 2020 8:54AM

Someone told me about Eargo and I kinda went with my gut. I wasn't so much interested in going through some series of audiology, meetings or appointments. It seemed like an easy solution. Eargo's customer service has been really nice and very good.

On my first time with my hearing aids, it's been awkward. It's just unusual to have something in your ear. I've had a few issues with ringing and with feedback, which was challenging for me. I kinda get the feeling it takes a little bit of time to get used to it.

I've been pleased with the product to a point. It's tough because there are four settings on it. What the settings don't do for me is that when it amplifies, it amplifies everything for me.

So not only do I hear the person I'm speaking with, but I hear the fan in the background, and I hear the background noise better.

It would be optimal if there is a product out there that could create a condition where you could hear specific things and kind of delete some of the others. But it's been a good experience to date.

Michael S.
Saint Davids, PA
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