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July 20 2020 4:20AM

Sometimes people would be asked to repeat something three times for me. I did a lot of research on the various types of hearing aids, the amplifiers, the outside of the ear and the inside of the ear.

You always wanna get a financial break someplace, but with these things, I decided with the customer reviews and the support group. I felt that Eargo was the way to go, and I haven't been disappointed.

When I called the line, and I was talking to the gentleman, he said that the best one would be beneficial for talking to larger groups. I went with the Neo and it turned out super. The cost was good. We paid about 2,500 for it, and they were on $400 decrease.

I've had my Neo for a couple of weeks and I can hear conversations in a room over just as clear as I can hear conversation sitting somebody next to me. The better you clean them, the better they work. I clean them every day.

Ed N.
Fort Myers, FL
July 20 2020 3:46AM

I use my Eargo hearing aids. It helps somewhat. It's as good as other hearing aids I've had. I'm overall satisfied.

Robert K.
Boca Raton, FL
July 19 2020 10:33AM

I've been needing hearing aids for a long time and I realized that I was a retired federal employee, which meant I could get up to $2,000 paid for. I checked Eargo out and I was really impressed with their service. I've been very happy with them.

I had taken my mother to the doctor's office. I would sit in the waiting room and was just on my phone and this thing popped up and I started answering questions. I was just checking into it. Within less than two minutes, my phone rang.

I answered it, which I don't normally do, but I did and it was the Eargo people. They had seen that I was interested, and they sent me an appointment to talk to someone that afternoon.

I like my hearing aids so well that my mom got a pair. But she's having some trouble with hers. Her left ear canal is smaller than the other one. She wants to keep them really badly, but we're working on some problems. They're supposed to call me back within a couple of days.

I've been really impressed with my hearing aids. Being around a few people and watching the television, they do really amplify things and the technology is wonderful. Eargo's services are excellent. They're very responsive.

Mary B.
Henderson, KY
July 15 2020 11:44AM

Eargo did great. I've had many hearing aids in the past and they're all the same. I had one good hearing aid but they put it in the ear and you can't take it out for three months. I used to get ear infections with them.

I like Eargo because it doesn't irritate your ears. It's like floating. I have very good hearing with them. The main thing with these is, you got to keep them clean. So, I clean them before I put them on every morning.

I really like my Eargo hearing aids. They're easy to put in. The only thing is sometimes I get a whistle once in a while, but that's only when I touch them. So, I don't touch them.

Edward K.
Oyster Bay, NY
July 15 2020 10:53AM

I have been extremely happy with everyone I've dealt with from Eargo. They've been helpful. My Eargo hearing aids are much better than the one I've had before. I have severe hearing loss and I keep having to slap my ears when different people are around.

One thing I truly love with my Eargo is the way it cuts down background noise. The refrigerator used to drive me crazy. It doesn't bother me anymore. So, there are pluses.

I still think they could be slightly elevated. But the cost is great. We have Blue Cross Blue Shield federal employee program. I have no out of pocket expense at all.

Hearing loss runs among my siblings and when my sister was recently visiting, she was very impressed with what I showed to her about the Eargo hearing aid. As a matter of fact, two of my sisters are planning on going that route.

Ronald G.
Shady Spring, WV
July 11 2020 3:32AM

I returned my Eargo hearing aids after having them for a couple of weeks. The sound quality was poor. They're probably a good product, but they just didn't work for me.

Eargo is a good company. The customer service was very good. I would recommend them because they did the right thing and their best to make it work.

John F.
Ft. Myers, FL
July 07 2020 2:04PM

I have used the Eargo Neo product for 15 months. I would Not recommend this product due to very poor reliability.

Most positive reviews are about "Fit, comfort, and being invisible". All being great, IF YOU HAVE A PRODUCT THAT IS RELIABLE. EARGO THUS FAR IS NOT RELIABLE.

I have returned, exchanged my Eargo devices 4 times in 12 months and now one has gone bad yet again. 5th time in 15 months. Issue now is Eargo will Not work with customers to replace after 1 yr warranty. So, keep in mind cost is basically $2600 every 12 months.

This units produce a great deal of 'ringing feedback' and are very difficult to use with, while being on telephone due to the amount of whistle feedback caused.

I would not recommend this product based on warranty issues and Eargo lacking customer service to assist with address issues after warranty period.

Bryan P.
Friendswood, TX
July 06 2020 10:10AM

When we started with the COVID-19 lockdown, my husband has been home all the time. He was in his office and I was in another room. He kept talking to me, and I couldn't hear him, and so I kept asking him to repeat.

We were having an argument because he had to keep repeating himself, so he said, "You need to get hearing aids." So, I got Eargo. I popped them in, and we haven't had any more arguments.

I did a lot of research and I found Eargo on the internet. I wear glasses, so I wanted a pair that didn't interfere with my glasses. I liked what Eargo had to say that I could do everything online. I didn't have to make appointments or keep going back to get things adjusted.

If I travel and I have a problem, I can just connect on the internet. I like that feature. I wasn't connected to one spot. We're thinking about moving, and I didn't wanna have to go through the hassles of trying to find another facility that would take care of my hearing aids.

Also, I liked that they were really simple and easy to use. I could change the tone any time I wanted to just by tapping my ear. I love them. They're perfect for me.

I had a little bit of difficulty since I have really small ears, and the first ones I got kept falling out. It was too big. So, I contacted the rep. He was very helpful. He immediately sent me out some other ones, and they fit perfectly. They're comfortable.

Eargo's service was great. I would highly recommend them to anybody who has a hearing problem.

Marie H.
Clearwater, FL
July 03 2020 5:00AM

I feel I'm a little younger than I should be for hearing aids, so I didn't want a full-out hearing aid, but the fact that the Eargo hearing aids were easily hidden and pretty hard to see was attractive.

Ordering was a smooth process and I did a military discount. I was able to prove that I am a veteran online. It took a little while to get it, but not more than I expected.

I like my Eargo hearing aids. It took a little bit to get used to. Sometimes, I would get some feedback. I really just had to get used to the wearing of it.

It took me a minute to understand the hitting in my ear, to raise and lower the volume, cycle through the numbers. But once I got it and really understood it, that worked out. The only piece that really took me longer was the little wires that you pull out of your ear.

The only thing that took me a little while to get used to was the fact that they kept popping out of my ear and they would stick out and look like little antennas. How I ended up solving that is that I would tuck it under the ear and put it in when I put it in, or tuck it under the device.

Then it was trapped and I had a really hard time getting it back out. I did that for a while when I used them. That kinda trained the shape of them to where they kinda sat there, even when I didn't tuck them under.

As I inserted the device into the ear canal, I had that under it facing the same direction as the hearing aid.

I like Eargo a lot. My wife does not have a hearing problem, and I have to keep the TV up a lot louder. She's very happy that I don't have to do that. I can adjust as I need.

Also, I didn't even think about those kind of side benefits that I could listen to something further away. That was really a surprise to me and helped my wife a lot. Other than that, they're pretty comfortable.

In the beginning, they were a little hard to get used to. I wasn't used to anything in my ear canal. So, I had issues in the very beginning where they even hurt a little.

They were uncomfortable. But once I got them angled right, that all kinda went away, and now, I really only wear them when I need them.

I do a lot of meetings in front of people and I talk. Sometimes I hear something they said but not the whole thing. Eargo really helped. That's where it's really benefited me the most.

I don't see any other product giving me anything any better. The price was okay in comparison to other hearing aids.

Years ago, I did try another brand, and they were around five grand. I didn't end up purchasing them. I had a trial period and I returned them simply because they were the outside around the ear and my own personal vanity, I just didn't want that.

With Eargo, because no one notices them, I am more apt to wear them and use them outside the house and around. The other hearing aids I tried before were traditional. I just couldn't do it. I ended up not using them, and therefore, it would've been a waste.

Chris W.
Grove City, OH
June 22 2020 1:21PM

Eargo hearing aids are easy to use, easy to adjust and very affordable. They also are difficult to see in the ear since they go in the ear canal. The company offers device care, use, and additional information through excellent videos on their website. The representatives I have spoken with have given me the best customer interaction experiences of my life. These folks care and it comes across that they do!

Tony C.
Midland, NC
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