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Quickly becoming a leader in hearing aid innovation, Eargo’s team of ENT surgeons and hearing professionals has developed comfortable and highly functional hearing aids. Eargo has a solid customer reputation, and after testing the devices ourselves for two weeks, we understand why. Eargo offers safe remote hearing checks, phone consultations, and online ordering — all done remotely and from the comfort of your home.

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Eargo is a technological leader in the hearing aid industry. Its devices are packed with tech advancements, and its slightly higher costs reflect that. Still, the OTC provider cuts out the middleman to keep costs low.

Eargo Hearing Aids Review

You can buy Eargo hearing aids without a prescription, but the company does not produce models for profound hearing loss. After testing Eargo devices for two weeks, we deemed Eargo hearing aids some of the best hearing aids and OTC hearing aids on the market because they are affordable for the number of features they come with. Its durable hearing aids are best suited for tech-savvy users with mild to moderate hearing loss.


  • Includes support from licensed hearing professionals
  • Payment plans as low as $70 per month
  • Pricing can be 50% less than traditional hearing aids
  • Completely rechargeable


  • No models for profound hearing loss
  • Batteries are rechargeable, but not replaceable

Our Experience Using Eargo Hearing Aids

To generate the most accurate hearing aid product reviews, the Retirement Living editorial team tests hearing aid devices for two weeks. Our tester, who has mild hearing loss, set up, programmed, and wore Eargo hearing aids continuously to score their effectiveness at combating hearing loss.

Hearing aids are evaluated based on prices, sound recordings, and models. We also scored it across 10 different metrics, which you can see below.

MetricEargo 7Eargo SEEargo LINK
Product Quality998
Ease of Use989
Sound Quality876
Sound Profiles866
Size and Discreteness10108
Tinnitus Management6N/AN/A
Overall Score8.27.66.8
OTC Eargo Hearing Aids Scorecard

Eargo 7

The Eargo 7 is one of the smallest over-the-counter hearing aids on the market. Our tester deemed it well-made and durable. Its battery life is a standout feature, with more than 60 hours of wearable time.

To learn more about our experience using the Eargo 7, watch in-depth our YouTube review.

Eargo SE

The main selling point of the Eargo SE is its battery life and size. While its 16-hour battery life is shorter than the Eargo 7, the Eargo SE’s charging case lasts five full charges — a big benefit for on-the-go wearers.

Our tester also appreciated its small and lightweight design. The device easily fits in a coin pocket when not in its case.

Eargo SE hearing aids and charging case
The Eargo SE is small enough to be virtually invisible.

Setting up and programming Eargo devices is done within the app. While this does require a bit of tech know-how, Eargo provides clear step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Quick setup aside, the Eargo SE sound profiles fall a bit short by comparison. Adjustments are limited to the four presets and the volume. There are no adjustments for frequency, microphone direction, speech, noise, wind, or tinnitus. To access these sound customizations, you’d need to buy the Eargo 7.

Debuted in early 2024, the Eargo LINK is one of the only OTC invisible hearing aids that integrates Bluetooth streaming capabilities. It’s also Eargo’s most budget-friendly option. Like the Eargo SE, the Eargo LINK has four preset sound profiles that our tester deemed average by comparison. In hearing mode, the device struggles to combat background noise. The sound quality in Bluetooth mode is excellent, thanks to its active noise cancellation option.

Eargo SE has an earbud-like design most comparable to Airpods or Sony Earbuds. We think this affordable product is ideal for activities such as watching TV and making phone calls. However, the Eargo SE and Eargo 7 offer a more customized sound experience (at a higher price point).

This model has a battery life of nine hours, and it takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. If you plan to wear them continuously throughout the day, you’ll need to keep the charging case handy. The charging case holds four full recharges.

Eargo Hearing Aids Features

Eargo hearing aids are designed to promote an active, comfortable, and social lifestyle with the latest in hearing aid technology. People are often embarrassed by the prospect of using hearing aids, but Eargo’s discreet design means they are barely visible. Price can also be a barrier to buying hearing aids, but Eargo hearing aids are often more affordable than prescription devices.

  • Eargo’s barely-there design fits comfortably into your ear canal and is nearly invisible, so no one knows you are wearing a hearing aid.
  • Eargo hearing aids offer four sound profiles to cover a range of mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss. We found that it takes a little bit of fine-tuning to get your hearing aid profile just right, but once you do, Eargo will remember your settings.
  • Using Eargo’s “Sound Match” feature unlocks two additional default presets for different situations: Normal, TV, restaurant, meeting, music, and phone. See in-app screenshots taken by our tester below.
  • Unlike behind-the-ear devices that amplify sounds coming from behind you, Eargo hearing aids amplify sounds in front of you.

How Eargo Hearing Aids Are Designed

Eargo manufactures in-the-ear hearing aids with soft silicone instead of rigid plastic, which provides a much more comfortable fit while being nearly invisible to others. The open-fit design blends the higher frequencies amplified by the hearing aid with ambient lower sound frequencies to provide a richer hearing experience.

The latest Eargo 7 (including Eargo 5 and 6) hearing aids use open and/or closed petals to help them stay in place while remaining breathable. The new Eargo SE uses trumpet tips (available in three sizes) to ensure you find a fit that is comfortable for your ear canal.

Eargo hearing aids have four sound profiles. To switch profiles, tap on the hearing aid twice. One model even allows you to fine-tune the hearing profile.

To charge Eargo hearing aids, place them in the included case, which also functions as the device’s charger. A fully-charged case can power your hearing aids for a week.

Eargo Hearing Aid Models

Eargo offers four hearing aid models. Depending on your level of hearing loss and budget, you can select from the LINK, the Eargo SE, the Eargo 6, or the new Eargo 7. All hearing aid models come with both left and right hearing aids, a charger case, a charging cord, replaceable mic caps (for the Eargo 7), and a cleaning brush. The hearing aids are labeled to quickly determine which device is for the left or right ear, but they are technically interchangeable.

Eargo hearing aids come with a one- or two-year warranty. Deep cleaning kits are also available for all current models and are compatible with the Eargo SE, LINK by Eargo, Eargo 7, Eargo 6, and Eargo 5.

ModelBest ForCustom Sound ProfilesPriceMonthly Cost
LINK by Eargo– Bluetooth
– Sweat and splash-resistant
– Up to 9 hours of listening time
– Low profile, in-the-ear
Eargo SE – Self-fitting virtually invisible CIC model
– Sweat and splash-resistant
– 4 preset listening programs
– Charging case: 5 full charges of 16 hours of sound
Eargo 6– Self-fitting, nearly invisible CIC model
– App personalization
– Water-resistant (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
– Up to 16 hours of listening time
– Up to 2 days of on-the-go charging
Eargo 7– Self-fitting, nearly invisible CIC model
– App personalization
– Noise reduction technology
– Water-resistant (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
– Up to 16 hours of listening time
– Up to 2 days of on-the-go charging
Eargo Hearing Aid Products

How to Buy Eargo Hearing Aids

You can buy hearing aids directly from the website and they ship free. Eargo can also send you a pair of hearing aids to test before you make a buying decision. While the trial hearing aids can’t correct hearing, they let customers know how Eargo models look and feel in the ear. If you have any problems ordering online or prefer to order over the phone, call the number on the website to speak to a representative.

Cost of Eargo Hearing Aids

Depending on the model, Eargo hearing aids cost from $799 to $2,950. You could easily pay that price for just one hearing aid from other manufacturers. Eargo offers a 20% discount to veterans and active military members.

Eargo accepts payments split between two credit or debit cards or from an HSA debit card. While Eargo does not submit claims to insurance, you can order over the phone if you have Care Credit. If you are having difficulty affording the cost of hearing aids, you can apply for financing on Eargo’s website without affecting your credit score. Financing terms are for 12 to 36 months.

Eargo Hearing Aids Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Eargo hearing aids an “A+” rating. ConsumersAdvocate rates the company 10 out of 10 stars and places Eargo at the number one position in their hearing aid review category. Eargo earned 4 out of 5 stars from HearingTracker, and PCMag notes the comfort and sound quality in their review.

While many people are delighted with Eargo hearing aids, some customers experience product failure soon after purchase or poor customer service when seeking support. Some consumers expressed frustration with irreplaceable batteries rendering the hearing aids useless when the cells would no longer charge.

Eargo Hearing Aids Q&A

Do I need a prescription to buy Eargo hearing aids?

The Food & Drug Administration recommends you get your hearing screened by a physician before purchasing hearing aids, but you can buy from Eargo without a prescription or hearing exam. Eargo professionals will work with you or your doctor to ensure you receive suitable hearing aids. You can check your hearing online with Eargo’s clinically validated hearing check, on their website.

Can I buy replacement Eargo accessories?

Yes, the Eargo website sells replacement chargers, Flexi Fibers, Flexi Palms, and wax guards.

How do I get help from Eargo?

You can get assistance with Eargo hearing aids over the phone or via chat on the website. Licensed hearing professionals assist prospective or current customers and are qualified to address any concerns or answer questions. Eargo also has an online help center with more than 80 articles explaining how to order, use, care for, troubleshoot, or get repairs for your Eargo hearing aids.

Can I sleep wearing Eargo hearing aids?

Do not sleep with your hearing aids inserted. Eargo recommends taking the hearing aids out and charging them while you’re asleep.

What if I get Eargo hearing aids wet?

Eargo hearing aids shouldn’t get wet, so don’t forget to take them out when you shower or swim to avoid damage. Otherwise, you might void the warranty.


Not being able to hear clearly can be frustrating, and it can feel lonely when you can’t participate in conversations. Don’t suffer from hearing loss without seeking help. Eargo hearing aids are a discreet, convenient, and affordable solution for hearing enhancement.

To learn more call (888) 595-3732 or visit the Eargo website.

267 Eargo Reviews

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4 Stars

August 24 2020 8:03AM

My husband said I can't hear. I saw Eargo's commercial and saw that it's possibly covered under federal insurance. I ordered them and they were covered. So it was great. They got a very easy process, too.

I've never used hearing aids before. It's an adjustment to get used to. But I like them. There's just a lot of echoing but I definitely can hear better with them. The customer service was excellent. My experience has been good with them.

Krissy P.
Montgomery, TX
5 Stars

August 23 2020 9:56PM

I bought Eargo after my wife badgered me of my inability to hear her well. I always thought it was selective but came across Eargo as a suggestion from a friend. The price is reasonable. It is well marketed, comes in a neat package and simple instructions.

After a few days I immediately upgraded to the Neo HiFi. The charger is clever and you are able to change by Bluetooth different preset channels and specialty channels which allows you to set these aids to a program that best fits you.

They make it no secret that wax is your enemy. Support is great especially during the first 45 days which is your free trial. Reminders come frequently about brushing these aides to your app. As I first used them a whole new world that I long since forgot returned.

My wife said I shuffled my feet (which I denied) but sheepishly affirmed. I could hear the beeping of my refrigerator when left open. Music awesome as I long ago could not hear high pitches.

Some weeks down the line one did stopped working. I felt I was doing air aid hygiene but I contacted my rep and she sent me a new one. She told me this is ear wax and I needed to scrub them with my little brush vigorously. They sent me a new one and I was back in business.

These are incredibly comfortable. You can walk into the shower with them on if you're not careful.

Kelly D.
1 Star

August 05 2020 4:32PM

I was reading some of the other reviews from former police officers like myself. I too have hearing loss in both ears due to many years of shooting. At first I was very happy with having restored hearing levels.

Unfortunately Eargo does a great job of selling the product but not servicing the product. I too have had to replace the charger once. And then my left eargo went bad after the warranty was over and I was still paying $86 a month.

They refused to do anything about that and instead offered me replacement parts at extended costs which again was in addition to the money that I still owed them.

I also went to hearing places such as Beltone to see if they would repair them. Two of these type stores had never even heard of your Eargo. I rate this product as about as low as you can go. Very poor customer service and follow through. I feel like I've been suckered.

David V.
Oshkosh, WI
Hi David. I'm sorry you are having issues with your left hearing aid. Eargo has always had (and always will) a repair policy for both the charging system and hearing aids when the warranty expires. You do NOT have to purchase new equipment when the warranty expires. Our nominal warranty fee include a replacement of the hearing aid and a one year repair warranty on the replacement. I am going to have someone call you within 24 hours to get this resolved quickly. If you would like to call us before then our phone number is 800-615-9000. Also, I show that you contacted us in January 2020 to inquire about your payment plan. We gave you the contact information of our finance partner. Did you get that resolved? Please let our team member know when you speak with them. In regard to new technology from Eargo, we always tell our clients when we have new devices available and any promotional discount you receive for being a current Eargo client. Lastly, I'm not surprised Beltone was not able to repair Eargo hearing aids given that only Eargo is able to service Eargo hearing aids.
4 Stars

July 26 2020 7:58AM

I'm happy with Eargo, It's just that I can't get the things that go my ears big enough so that they don't slip out. I have to push them back in about a dozen times a day. They sent me more, but it still doesn't help. I still need bigger ones.

I liked that with Eargo, I didn't have to fool with in-person dealing with them. They got an upfront payment, and then they're taking the rest of it out of my account once a month. So, it allows me to have them.

If I had to pay for them on the phone, I wouldn't be able to. I like that option. I've only had my hearing aids for a month or so, and they seem to be great.

Genanne W.
Tallahassee, FL
5 Stars

July 26 2020 6:54AM

I looked at Eargo hearing aids a few years ago and they were way too expensive, so I didn't consider them. They weren't covered by insurance as well.

Then I had a friend call me and said, "Hey, they've got a new program where they're covering the hearing aids for federal employees. You might wanna look at it." I went back and looked at them again and sure enough, they had this program. I decided to get them.

Eargo's customer service is really great. They got a great website, too. The information's on there, and you're assigned an audiologist who calls you and talks to you about the hearing aids that's been delivered.

If there are any questions about any issues about taking care of them, using them, adjusting them, they walk me through it.

I was really happy that I was able to talk to someone that was knowledgeable and could help me, especially with adjusting them and learning how to adjust them.

The hearing aids have been really great. It's life changing. This is my fourth pair of hearing aids and each one of them had issues and they never quite work right.

My Eargo are the first ones I've ever had that fit totally inside the ear and don't have the feedback that you get when you wear hearing aids. The technology is really pristine. It's above the rest because they're so small.

The only drawback is that you can't sync them. They don't have Bluetooth capability. But the reason why they're so small is they don't have Bluetooth built in. So it's kind of a trade off. But Bluetooth doesn't work well anyway. Most of them don't sync very well.

I've had three other pairs and they were horrible. If you go by a microwave or any kind of waves, it can mess up the sync. With my Eargo, I can hear better than I've ever heard.

I had $8,000 hearing aids before from Phonak, and they suck so bad and I constantly had to take them out. My Eargo hearing aids are not taken out. I forget about them. I don't have that horrible feedback in them.

They're very accurate. I could hear my husband talking to me behind me and before, I couldn't hear him walking up on me. I'd be scared all the time because I could not hear people walking towards me or people talking to me when my back was turned. Now I hear all that.

In fact, I hear too much because there are some things I don't wanna hear. It's really a great product and I'm looking forward to seeing them expand and come up with new stuff and accessories.

I've been singing their praises. I called our federal employee IT person and told them they need to tell to their employees that they're offering this. I tell others, "Look, you can get these hearing aids practically free and there's a really great technology."

Dana G.
Sanger, TX
5 Stars

July 24 2020 8:54AM

Someone told me about Eargo and I kinda went with my gut. I wasn't so much interested in going through some series of audiology, meetings or appointments. It seemed like an easy solution. Eargo's customer service has been really nice and very good.

On my first time with my hearing aids, it's been awkward. It's just unusual to have something in your ear. I've had a few issues with ringing and with feedback, which was challenging for me. I kinda get the feeling it takes a little bit of time to get used to it.

I've been pleased with the product to a point. It's tough because there are four settings on it. What the settings don't do for me is that when it amplifies, it amplifies everything for me.

So not only do I hear the person I'm speaking with, but I hear the fan in the background, and I hear the background noise better.

It would be optimal if there is a product out there that could create a condition where you could hear specific things and kind of delete some of the others. But it's been a good experience to date.

Michael S.
Saint Davids, PA
5 Stars

July 20 2020 4:20AM

Sometimes people would be asked to repeat something three times for me. I did a lot of research on the various types of hearing aids, the amplifiers, the outside of the ear and the inside of the ear.

You always wanna get a financial break someplace, but with these things, I decided with the customer reviews and the support group. I felt that Eargo was the way to go, and I haven't been disappointed.

When I called the line, and I was talking to the gentleman, he said that the best one would be beneficial for talking to larger groups. I went with the Neo and it turned out super. The cost was good. We paid about 2,500 for it, and they were on $400 decrease.

I've had my Neo for a couple of weeks and I can hear conversations in a room over just as clear as I can hear conversation sitting somebody next to me. The better you clean them, the better they work. I clean them every day.

Ed N.
Fort Myers, FL
5 Stars

July 20 2020 3:46AM

I use my Eargo hearing aids. It helps somewhat. It's as good as other hearing aids I've had. I'm overall satisfied.

Robert K.
Boca Raton, FL
5 Stars

July 19 2020 10:33AM

I've been needing hearing aids for a long time and I realized that I was a retired federal employee, which meant I could get up to $2,000 paid for. I checked Eargo out and I was really impressed with their service. I've been very happy with them.

I had taken my mother to the doctor's office. I would sit in the waiting room and was just on my phone and this thing popped up and I started answering questions. I was just checking into it. Within less than two minutes, my phone rang.

I answered it, which I don't normally do, but I did and it was the Eargo people. They had seen that I was interested, and they sent me an appointment to talk to someone that afternoon.

I like my hearing aids so well that my mom got a pair. But she's having some trouble with hers. Her left ear canal is smaller than the other one. She wants to keep them really badly, but we're working on some problems. They're supposed to call me back within a couple of days.

I've been really impressed with my hearing aids. Being around a few people and watching the television, they do really amplify things and the technology is wonderful. Eargo's services are excellent. They're very responsive.

Mary B.
Henderson, KY
5 Stars

July 15 2020 11:44AM

Eargo did great. I've had many hearing aids in the past and they're all the same. I had one good hearing aid but they put it in the ear and you can't take it out for three months. I used to get ear infections with them.

I like Eargo because it doesn't irritate your ears. It's like floating. I have very good hearing with them. The main thing with these is, you got to keep them clean. So, I clean them before I put them on every morning.

I really like my Eargo hearing aids. They're easy to put in. The only thing is sometimes I get a whistle once in a while, but that's only when I touch them. So, I don't touch them.

Edward K.
Oyster Bay, NY
5 Stars

July 15 2020 10:53AM

I have been extremely happy with everyone I've dealt with from Eargo. They've been helpful. My Eargo hearing aids are much better than the one I've had before. I have severe hearing loss and I keep having to slap my ears when different people are around.

One thing I truly love with my Eargo is the way it cuts down background noise. The refrigerator used to drive me crazy. It doesn't bother me anymore. So, there are pluses.

I still think they could be slightly elevated. But the cost is great. We have Blue Cross Blue Shield federal employee program. I have no out of pocket expense at all.

Hearing loss runs among my siblings and when my sister was recently visiting, she was very impressed with what I showed to her about the Eargo hearing aid. As a matter of fact, two of my sisters are planning on going that route.

Ronald G.
Shady Spring, WV
5 Stars

July 11 2020 3:32AM

I returned my Eargo hearing aids after having them for a couple of weeks. The sound quality was poor. They're probably a good product, but they just didn't work for me.

Eargo is a good company. The customer service was very good. I would recommend them because they did the right thing and their best to make it work.

John F.
Ft. Myers, FL
2 Stars

July 07 2020 2:04PM

I have used the Eargo Neo product for 15 months. I would Not recommend this product due to very poor reliability.

Most positive reviews are about "Fit, comfort, and being invisible". All being great, IF YOU HAVE A PRODUCT THAT IS RELIABLE. EARGO THUS FAR IS NOT RELIABLE.

I have returned, exchanged my Eargo devices 4 times in 12 months and now one has gone bad yet again. 5th time in 15 months. Issue now is Eargo will Not work with customers to replace after 1 yr warranty. So, keep in mind cost is basically $2600 every 12 months.

This units produce a great deal of 'ringing feedback' and are very difficult to use with, while being on telephone due to the amount of whistle feedback caused.

I would not recommend this product based on warranty issues and Eargo lacking customer service to assist with address issues after warranty period.

Bryan P.
Friendswood, TX
5 Stars

July 06 2020 10:10AM

When we started with the COVID-19 lockdown, my husband has been home all the time. He was in his office and I was in another room. He kept talking to me, and I couldn't hear him, and so I kept asking him to repeat.

We were having an argument because he had to keep repeating himself, so he said, "You need to get hearing aids." So, I got Eargo. I popped them in, and we haven't had any more arguments.

I did a lot of research and I found Eargo on the internet. I wear glasses, so I wanted a pair that didn't interfere with my glasses. I liked what Eargo had to say that I could do everything online. I didn't have to make appointments or keep going back to get things adjusted.

If I travel and I have a problem, I can just connect on the internet. I like that feature. I wasn't connected to one spot. We're thinking about moving, and I didn't wanna have to go through the hassles of trying to find another facility that would take care of my hearing aids.

Also, I liked that they were really simple and easy to use. I could change the tone any time I wanted to just by tapping my ear. I love them. They're perfect for me.

I had a little bit of difficulty since I have really small ears, and the first ones I got kept falling out. It was too big. So, I contacted the rep. He was very helpful. He immediately sent me out some other ones, and they fit perfectly. They're comfortable.

Eargo's service was great. I would highly recommend them to anybody who has a hearing problem.

Marie H.
Clearwater, FL
5 Stars

July 03 2020 5:00AM

I feel I'm a little younger than I should be for hearing aids, so I didn't want a full-out hearing aid, but the fact that the Eargo hearing aids were easily hidden and pretty hard to see was attractive.

Ordering was a smooth process and I did a military discount. I was able to prove that I am a veteran online. It took a little while to get it, but not more than I expected.

I like my Eargo hearing aids. It took a little bit to get used to. Sometimes, I would get some feedback. I really just had to get used to the wearing of it.

It took me a minute to understand the hitting in my ear, to raise and lower the volume, cycle through the numbers. But once I got it and really understood it, that worked out. The only piece that really took me longer was the little wires that you pull out of your ear.

The only thing that took me a little while to get used to was the fact that they kept popping out of my ear and they would stick out and look like little antennas. How I ended up solving that is that I would tuck it under the ear and put it in when I put it in, or tuck it under the device.

Then it was trapped and I had a really hard time getting it back out. I did that for a while when I used them. That kinda trained the shape of them to where they kinda sat there, even when I didn't tuck them under.

As I inserted the device into the ear canal, I had that under it facing the same direction as the hearing aid.

I like Eargo a lot. My wife does not have a hearing problem, and I have to keep the TV up a lot louder. She's very happy that I don't have to do that. I can adjust as I need.

Also, I didn't even think about those kind of side benefits that I could listen to something further away. That was really a surprise to me and helped my wife a lot. Other than that, they're pretty comfortable.

In the beginning, they were a little hard to get used to. I wasn't used to anything in my ear canal. So, I had issues in the very beginning where they even hurt a little.

They were uncomfortable. But once I got them angled right, that all kinda went away, and now, I really only wear them when I need them.

I do a lot of meetings in front of people and I talk. Sometimes I hear something they said but not the whole thing. Eargo really helped. That's where it's really benefited me the most.

I don't see any other product giving me anything any better. The price was okay in comparison to other hearing aids.

Years ago, I did try another brand, and they were around five grand. I didn't end up purchasing them. I had a trial period and I returned them simply because they were the outside around the ear and my own personal vanity, I just didn't want that.

With Eargo, because no one notices them, I am more apt to wear them and use them outside the house and around. The other hearing aids I tried before were traditional. I just couldn't do it. I ended up not using them, and therefore, it would've been a waste.

Chris W.
Grove City, OH
5 Stars

June 22 2020 1:21PM

Eargo hearing aids are easy to use, easy to adjust and very affordable. They also are difficult to see in the ear since they go in the ear canal. The company offers device care, use, and additional information through excellent videos on their website. The representatives I have spoken with have given me the best customer interaction experiences of my life. These folks care and it comes across that they do!

Tony C.
Midland, NC
3 Stars

June 14 2020 10:03AM

I'm a retired police officer and I did a lot of shooting during the 70s and 80s, and we didn't have the proper ear protection that they do today. I lost certain frequencies or tones. When I took an online hearing test recommended by my doctor said. Something was wrong with the hearing test because every time they put a certain tone on in my left ear, I couldn't hear it.

Eargo came up as a very competitive ear product for the price. I did not want the ones that went behind my ears They would be uncomfortable and a pain in the butt. And the more I read about them, the more it turned me off.

I love Eargo. The only thing I had to complain about was the service. The people I talked to were nice but you could never get through to a telephone number. I always had to call sales to get through to anybody.

Other than that, the hearing aids are fine. I've got a problem with those fuzzy things that fit around the end. And I can't get anybody to follow up to call back. I paid money for the hearing aids and they weren't cheap. I'm not complaining price-wise for the quality. I think they were well worth it. I'm happy.

One day I'm sitting here on the couch and I hear birds singing and frogs croaking in the back of the house. I cannot believe I'm hearing sounds that I didn't know existed.

C.J. S.
St. Augustine, FL
5 Stars

June 13 2020 11:28PM

From my first interview call with Tyler, who is extremely knowledgeable, very easy to talk to, and not at all pushy, my experience with Eargo has been terrific! They really want to make sure these aids suit your lifestyle and hearing needs and that your transition is comfortable!

Tammy J.
Dallas, TX
5 Stars

June 11 2020 6:10AM

I like the size of my Eargo. I had tried some of those that goes over your ear and I didn't really like those. And I had tried the Veterans, I tried one of those that they insert into the ear before and it just seems like it was muffled and Eargo seems a little bit more natural. They didn't muffle the sound in the ear canal. They have great support. And the cost is very reasonable.

Marlin E.
Waco, TX
1 Star

June 10 2020 1:35PM

Even though the staff at Eargo was always very kind and respectful, the product failed my 91 year old Mother in law twice. The hearing aids themselves worked amazing for the short time that they worked however the time frame was only within the one year warranty.

We got a complete refund the first time. Due to product issues the product (charging) the first time, Eargo gave us a substantial discount on the new and improved version the second time. My Mother-in-law loved them so much the first time that she wanted to give the new version another chance.

The battery in one of the aids no longer charges, and now the charger will not charge as well. These new Eargos are only three years old and I've had to send one back prior to the the one year warranty again.

I've called to see if they can help with problem shooting and again if I had to rate the Eargo team they would get 5 stars. But the product is very expensive and does not even hold up to a 91 year old. First time shame on them, second time shame on me. Thousands of dollars down the drain.

Lynette A.
Benton, PA
5 Stars

June 06 2020 2:48AM

I got Eargo. They worked beautifully. The only thing is that little plastic tab on there that pull them out. If I could've got a longer one to put on there I would've kept them. But they said that they didn't have such a thing as a longer one. And that went way inside my ear canal and you had to pull them out with tweezers. They're so tiny and my ear canals are so big they kinda disappeared in there, so I couldn't keep them.

Their staff did everything just like they should have. And when I told them about my problem, I used the largest hearing aid and it still wasn't big enough. They were really nice. They took the hearing aids back and gave me my money back. It took a few days.

John H.
Winfred, SD
4 Stars

June 05 2020 10:04AM

I was a law enforcement officer for years -- shooting and dealing with explosives so I have damage in my right ear. Our former director did a couple little advertisements for Eargo, and it brought to my attention and I checked them out.

I like my hearing aids. It is very easy to adjust. Just a couple of taps on the ear. There are four levels. They're concealed so people don't even know I have them.

However I have some issues with the treble level--clarity in some instances and certain things on TV. Everybody I talked to in Eargo was very accommodating. The guy answered all my questions. Happy describes how I feel about them. My wife says I don't say "huh" as much.

Mervyn S.
Huttonsville, WV
5 Stars

May 08 2020 6:22PM

These hearing aids are the real deal. Both of my parents suffered hearing loss, and put off hearing aids. Not being able to hear me and watching the TV very loudly were what I noticed. I am in my mid-60s and for the past few years, I noticed some diminution of my hearing. But I got the flu this winter and my hearing acuity dropped more. I thought it was an infection, so scheduled an exam by an MD.

Unfortunately it showed that there was near equal hearing loss (high range) in both ears. I purchased the Neo Hi-Fi by Eargo and, remarkably, they were just as advertised, maybe better. There are 4 pre-set programs. Number 2 made a big difference for me. They really work! I hear much better and they are comfortable. So far… great! And their customer service is super.

Jeremy M.
Fullerton, CA
1 Star

April 26 2020 5:50PM

Honestly I was thinking of buying two pair, one for the wife and one for me. However, since reading the reviews, I will pass. Got some samples coming, I'll try them out but that will be as far as it goes. Eargo needs to up their warranty, improve customer service and offer lower pricing it seems.

Lester C.
Belle Center, OH
5 Stars

April 23 2020 7:09PM

Unless there is a reliability problem the Eargo aids are great! So far they are performing above my expectations. The first 15 or so minutes that I wear them, they are uncomfortable. After that they are so comfortable that by bed time I have had to get up 3 different nights to take them out after forgetting and going to bed wearing them.

The only suggestion I would make is if at all possible incorporate a setting between 2 and 3. There are times 2 is not enough, and 3 is too much gain. I have already recommended them to 3 different friends, 1 of whom has bought a set, and two who are waiting to see how mine are working after the 45 day trial period.

I had forgotten that a tissue being pulled from box made a sound, and that a plastic bread sack creates a sound when opened, or that socks make a sound on carpet. Voices are so much clearer! I received my Eargos after the Covid-19 virus quarantine, so do not know if they will perform well in a crowd. That is the only unanswered question on my part right now. Even if they don't perform well there, they are such an improvement and they are worth the price.

Byron S.
Moberly, MO
2 Stars

April 17 2020 4:37PM

My first pair didn't make it a year but were replaced. Ok, that pair made it 16 months and stopped functioning! Not to mention the first charger didn't make it a year, but was replaced. $600. to replace after a year. Now after 6 months of not having any aids I reluctantly bought new ones at $600. since I am a returning customer. But after 4 days of use my charger has now malfunctioned So they work great but only for awhile. Very disappointed, beware!

Donald K.
Barrington, IL
1 Star

February 20 2020 5:35PM

My purchase started out just fine. My right ear was outside the tolerance levels so cargo explained the left ear would work just fine. I accepted this and purchased the two units. The left worked well for almost one year, then the charger stopped working and I began calling customer service for help.

That started almost 15 months ago and still to this day all I am getting from the customer service people is we cannot do anything for you as the units is over 1 year old. You need to purchase a new pair. Interesting since when I purchased I did so with the understanding that the one ear that I wanted to use this product in would last as long as 5 years since the units are interchangeable and I only plan on using them in my left ear. Well this was a blatant misrepresentation of their technology. So sad especially for retired fixed income seniors. Be aware folks.

Peter C.
Buckeye, AZ
1 Star

January 21 2020 2:26AM

The Eargo hearing aides did not work out for me and now I am trying to return them, and am within the 45 day trial period. I feel as if their customer support is trying to ignore me so that I go past the time period of return. I am a very dissatisfied customer.

Mike M.
Pasadena, MD
We're sorry to hear Eargo didn't work out for you, Mike. We've requested a member of our team reach out to help process your return, and we hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.
2 Stars

January 06 2020 9:19PM

Have no ideas how the wax guards are suppose to work and got no instructions in the kit on how to use them. Also am having problems now getting the sound gain increased by tapping my ear on the right one. Have also received NO reply from 6 or more calls to customer service. What a very poor way to service a seemingly excellent...and expensive product!!!

David R.
Madison, AL
3 Stars

January 06 2020 9:05PM

Have called several times and get NO reply. Need to replace my lost left one. Right one is not responding to go from step 1 to more volume with a tap also. Very disappointed in customer service on such a great product. What is the problem???! I was also told that Bc federal was very prompt in paying for these. Not the case as they sent invoice to California from where they were shipped. . Took a full 6 weeks to get payment I first put on my credit card.

David R.
Madison, AL
Hi David, thank you for your comment. We apologize for the difficulty getting in touch with our team, as our records indicate we've been playing phone tag trying to get in touch. It looks like our team emailed you our tips and tricks for cleaning and caring for your Eargos. We'd suggest reviewing those, and please reach out at [email protected] with any questions.
1 Star

December 31 2019 12:32PM

Don't order anything from Eargo, their customer support is terrible!! I ordered Eargo Neo for USD 2363 from Eargo.com on 17 Dec and the delivery date showing on their website was 20 Dec. Till now I didn't receive my order, the money has already been debited from my credit card. I've sent so many emails to their support team since 20 Dec, nobody is replying!! My order number is **.

Muhammad I.
Springfield Garddens, NY
Hello Muhammad, please note that Eargo reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. We appreciate your interest in Eargo and please know that any funds that have been collected for your order will be refunded immediately. Please contact our Client Care team with questions at [email protected]. We hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.
2 Stars

December 24 2019 11:35PM

I loved my Eargos as first time hearing aid user. Researched 2years to find something that worked but wouldn't show. My husband C cord missing and can't charge my Eargos. Tried several others in my possession which do not work? Is this usb just different enough that you can't just buy a new one? Customer service told me I'd have to buy entire charger unit for $325???? Huh, really????? You wont sell me just the USB cord? NO. So I'm not longer impressed with this company who would take advantage poo f customers in bad spot and effort with) $2300 useless ear buds..... Come on Eargo, you can do better than this. Oh and yes I'm out of warranty by few months too.

Kate M.
Chandler, AZ
Kate, we spoke with our team who let us know they would be happy to provide a replacement charger. If that doesn't solve the case, we can replace a charger with a new or refurbished charger, power cord and USB plug for out-of-warranty customers for $295, which includes warranty coverage for an additional year. Please get in touch with your hearing professional to learn more.
2 Stars

December 09 2019 6:45PM

A good device but very bad pricing policy. I paid full price for the neo. A few months later it is 25% off .... then 15%off. DEFINITELY DO NOT PAY REGULAR PRICE. I wonder why they need to play the sale game when they have a good product they can clearly sell at a lower price.

John G.
1 Star

December 02 2019 8:11PM

They worked fine for the first several months then I started having problems with them working, first the left one, they replaced under warranty then the right one replaced under warranty, now at 17 months 5 months after replacement of the left one is again not working at all and the right one has very low volume. They were very understanding but the warranty is over.

If I would like to purchase replacement they will sell them to me for $385.00 each. so my initial investment of $2,300.00 for the Eargo Max was wasted. Don't waste your money, the ear pieces seem to have a life expectancy of 6 months or less. there is no customer goodwill. What a shame good idea, bad product.

Ted S.
Grand Rapids, MI
Thank you for your comment, Ted. We're sorry to hear about your Eargo experience. Eargo hearing aids are technological devices that require daily and monthly cleaning and care to maintain. We are proud to offer out-of-warranty customers a $395 device replacement fee that includes an additional year's warranty. We would recommend getting in touch with your hearing professional with questions.
1 Star

November 22 2019 4:41AM

Scam. They don’t work and like the other reviews. They want 99 dollars for handling. They send you something that won’t work and then when you complain they send another set for more money. Get your hearing aid locally.

Lisandro H.
Edinburg, TX
We're sorry to hear about your Eargo experience, Lisandro. Thank you for trying our device, and we hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.
1 Star

November 07 2019 7:32PM

The Eargo max doesn’t last but only about 6-8 months. Then the company only wants to send a replacement the first time they stop working. When they send the replacement it only has a few months left on the refurbished ones then they go out. Then all the company wants to do is sell you another pair. Buy a new one every 6-8 months????? I can’t afford that!!!

Keith J.
Temple, GA
Thank you for your comment, Keith. We'd like to look into your Eargo experience to learn more about what's going on and how we can help. Could you please send our team an email at [email protected]? We'll take it from there!
5 Stars

October 11 2019 2:42PM

I experienced a rather abrupt sense of moderate hearing loss. I went in to the ENT and they were not able to provide a cause but prescribed hearing aids. I did a fair amount of research. I took advantage of the 45 day trial period to compare Eargo Neo to another top-of-the-line in-the-ear product (Silk Nx). Here are my Pros and Cons:

1) Pro - Neo fit perfectly. I generally don't remember that I have them in...so, I must mentally remind myself of this so that i don't accidentally scratch my ear with them in. When I wear them regularly, this becomes second nature.

2) Pro - the entire eco-system of the Neo design, from the carrying case/charger/bluetooth, the Flexi Palms, the Neos themselves, to the distribution and support model is far superior to anything else I have researched and/or trialed on the market.

3) Pro - no batteries. I very much dislike the whole battery management of hearing aids...it is just not conducive to a carefree busy lifestyle. This is, I would say, the most redeeming feature of Eargo. And of course, no replacement batteries, means Eargos can fit in the ear comfortably, and still leave room to pass natural sound around the device and into the ear channel.

The other side of this, is we all know that rechargeable batteries are only going to last maybe 2 years before they degrade. So, prepare to buy another pair of Neos in 2 years and make sure you buy the extended warranty covering year 2. Some see this as a negative.

However, compare that to the cost and hassle of replaceable batteries, the risk of hearing aid loss or damage and the technology advances year over year. In my analysis, I favor all the advantages of ITE and convenience of the portable charger pack; and I will likely take advantage of even better engineered units 2 years from now.

4) Pro - I do not want to be tethered to my iphone to change hearing programs. The Eargo app allows me to set up my Eargos to just Program 1 and 3. So, now a simple tap on my ear and I can select between these two programs that work for me, and not have to rotate through all 4 programs. This may seem insignificant.

But, in real life, I find myself changing programs a fair bit and nothing beats Eargo's ear tap technology for this purpose....really really nice.

5) Con - off all the many Pros, many which I did not list but other reviewers have; I do experience feedback that is rather irritating. I worked with the folks at Eargo and the best we could do is use larger Flexi Palms or change to Program 1.

When I blow my nose, I get feedback. When the TV hits just the right frequencies I get feedback. I experienced Zero, and I mean Zero feedback with competitive solutions. So, this is something that I can only hope that Eargo resolves with the Neo in the years to come.

Make sure you are comfortable with this feedback issue before your 45 day trial is up and you are going to commit to the purchase. For me, all the other redeeming features outweighed this only flaw I could find with the Neos. After my research and reviews, I shared with my brother.

I did not even know that he had trialed the Neos and returned them. He just wanted to see what else was available before committing. My choice influenced him and now he has made the purchase and is very satisfied. We both use our Neos regularly.

I can say, that it has made the difference for both of us, to stay employed and engaged in fast paced Information Technology leadership roles, where our ability to hear properly is the difference between early retirement and extended working years.

James V.
Monument, CO
Thank you for sharing your excellent Eargo experience, James. We're happy you're hearing every moment with Eargo Neo!
1 Star

October 03 2019 4:52PM

I bought my Eargo Plus 1/08/2018. I was so excited, they were comfortable, happy I could have normal conversations again. 14 months later I started having problems with the right one not charging in the case. I contacted the company & was told to try cleaning it with alcohol wipes. That hasn't worked. I contacted them today again with the same problem & was told I would have to pay $395.00 to purchase 1 hearing aid because I am past the 1 year warranty. My next step is to contact the BBB about this company. DON'T Buy EARGO hearing aids they're not a dependable product.

Donna Y.
Port Charlotte, FL
Eargos are a technological device that requires both daily and monthly maintenance and care. Our team proudly honors our warranty and will replace and repair devices as needed during that time, we even offer an additional year at the time of purchase. The $395 is our standard repair fee, but we will replace the device and provide a one year warranty for that charge. Please call your hearing professional or our Client Care team with questions.
5 Stars

October 02 2019 8:10PM

I have owned my Eargo for over two years. My left ear has 80% hearing loss. I knew hearing aids wouldn't bring my level back to normal, but I had one good ear. I keep the left ear at 4 and right at 1. I use Eargo 2-3 days a week and have had little problems. Yes, people they are not perfect, but I can hear enough in life to be able to listen around me.

The only problem is keeping the contacts clean enough to charge the Eargo in the black charger. I have to move the Eargo units several time in the cradle until the led change color and then they charge correctly (don't move after led changes or they will not charge and just run down. I keep the units clean with a used tooth brush when they have dried ear wax and just brush off. This is the only hearing aid I have ever used, but I take care of them and didn't want to pay $7000 for hearing doctor.

1 Star

October 02 2019 3:40PM

These hearing aids are not customized and no one's ears are the same size so it’s highly likely they won’t fit properly in both ears. Don’t buy them. And if you do make sure you know you have only 45 days to return them so you don’t waste your money like I did.

Beth G.
Katonah, NY
Eargo is a modern hearing aid with four Sound Programs designed for adults experiencing mild to moderately severe high-frequency hearing loss. Our device may not be appropriate for those experiencing more severe to profound loss. Eargo’s patented, soft-as-silk (well, medical-grade silicone) Flexi Fibers and Palms come in two sizes: Regular and Large. Our Regular size is going to be the right fit for about 90% of ears out there. Each purchase of an Eargo device comes with a 45-day easy return policy so you can return your device, no questions asked. Since you are about a year out of warranty, we cannot offer a refund.
1 Star

September 18 2019 11:17PM

Words of caution, if you have hearing loss, go to a Hearing Specialist and have a Hearing evaluation before purchasing Eargo or any online or over the counter aids. I purchased Eargo and had many problems with them not working. Returned them and was sent replacements with refurbished parts, they did not work properly. My hearing specialist told me that there is no fix for ALL.

She told me that hearing aids are suppose to be fitted and programmed for your specific type of hearing loss. Eargo aids were over amplifying and advised me to stop using them. Now, I have to purchased some to treat MY hearing loss while still paying for Eargo aids. Expensive lesson learned.

Carolyn B.
Clarksburg, MD
Thank you for trying Eargo, Carolyn. We hope you've found a hearing solution that meets your needs, and please reach out to our Client Care team if there's anything we can do to help.
2 Stars

September 12 2019 7:00PM

I was pleased with my hearing aids for a while I've only used maybe ten times... in 2 years... cleaned them every time... one month after pay off they wont charge... when I called they said out of warranty... NOT HAPPY.

Barry H.
Garfield, AR
We're sorry to hear that, Barry. It's important to note our rechargeable hearing aids do require daily and monthly maintenance. Our team would be glad to help troubleshoot with you, and you look at our guides that speak to maintaining our devices. Please reach out to our Client Care team at [email protected] for assistance.
4 Stars

September 07 2019 9:35PM

I purchased my Eargo Max devices in October 2018. As of September 2019, both original instruments have now been replaced under warranty. Both entirely stopped amplifying sound. When I called to return the second instrument, I asked if there were a known design flaw, as I could understand a single failure (these things happen), but two seemingly identical failures within a few months seem suspiciously like a design problem.

I was told that there were no known problems with the devices and that the customer service person was not aware of anyone else having these types of issues. For now, I'm giving them a (4) Good rating. When they work, they work very well.

Pete H.
Janesville, WI
Thank you for your comment, Pete. We'd suggest getting in touch with your hearing professional if any issues occur from here.
1 Star

September 04 2019 4:04PM

The sales and supporter are excellent. If there is a problem that is when true colors of the company show. Their product caused ear pain. I worked with their product person but in the end they had to be returned. It is now 5 days since this started and I still do not have a return authorization. No one above the phone person is available to talk they are all in meetings. Sad good product but the company not so much

Jim N.
Greenville, SC
Thank you for your comment, Jim. Is it possible your account is listed under another name than that which you used here? We're not seeing your name in our database as it's listed on Retirement Living. Could you kindly get in touch with us at [email protected] with the information used at your time of purchase? We're all ears to help yours get back to hearing life to the fullest!
1 Star

September 02 2019 4:45PM

We have finally figured out what the scam is with Eargo. They actually know that these hearing aids don’t work so they sell them with these fabulous promises and a full moneyback guarantee. When you get the hearing aids and realize they fall out of your ear and you try to send them back they start their scam.

It takes call after call after call to finally get them to send a return label. Once the label finally comes to us and we return the product immediately it takes two weeks to get your money back and then they withhold $99! They have our $2550 for a month and then they keep $99! They probably only have about 100 sets but the amount of money they are making on those hundred sets by sending them out having them returned and keeping $99 must be amazing!

We live in the San Francisco Bay area and we are definitely going to go on ABC News with Michael Finney and have him help us. Please, no one, ever order anything online when it comes to your health. We learned the lesson the hard way!

George P.
Discovery Bay, CA
Thank you for taking the time to comment, George. We're sorry that Eargo did not work for you and are glad to see you have received your refund promptly. Please call our Client Care team if there's anything we can do to help from here.
1 Star

August 15 2019 9:39AM

I called Eargo to discuss my hearing aid options. I sent a hearing aid test that was to be looked at by their audiologist. I was told that I would definitely benefit from the most expensive hearing aid Eargo has.

I proceeded to purchase the item through a sales rep named Susan **. I received the item on a Sunday and realized that they are not a great fit for my ears. I tried the customizable fiber plugs that they have and the aid just didn't fit. Also, the sound quality just was not up to par. I realized that I would need to send them back. Monday morning I received a phone call to see how the aids were working out. I told the sales rep that I would be sending them back because they did not work out for me. He told me that a representative would be calling me within 24 hours to speak with me about how to send the item back.

Thats when he told me that I would receive a refund minus the $99 handling fee. Ms. ** never disclosed that if the item doesn't work out that I would be charged a $99 handling fee. In fact, I was told that I would receive a full refund if the item had to be returned. I called Eargo to tell them that I was not given this information.

The Supervisor told me that I would not be issued a refund for the $99 and to look on their website under the hyperlink Terms of Conditions that is VERY SMALL and greyed out in fine print on the VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Who looks at the terms and conditions when the sales rep stated that a full refund would be issued.

I had their product all of 3 days before I returned it and they are charging a $99 handling fee. This company is unethical. They KNOW THAT clients are not being given this information and it is their way of still attempting to steal money from customers because they are a very small company and need to find ways to generate income even if customers do not purchase their item. I spoke with the “Supervisor” Jessica who informed me that they would pull the call for training purposes only but the $99 fee would not be waived because it is stated on their website, and on their invoice. I explained that if Its on the invoice, that would not have helped me. I would have never purchased this item and tried it out for 45 days knowing that there is a chance it wouldn’t work for me and I could be charged.

Please look into the business principles of this company. They are willingly deceiving people. II asked to be able to write the president of their company to inform them of the deceitful selling tactics being practiced and was told that the decision had already been made by the highest person that I could consult with which was the Director of Customer Service Latasha **.

Thank you for your comment, Richanda. We apologize for any miscommunication from our team, and were happy to hear you and Latasha were able to connect. Your handling fee will be waived, and you have Latasha's contact information should any questions or concerns arise. Or, we're happy to help at [email protected]. We hope you find a hearing solution that meets your needs.
1 Star

August 13 2019 2:10PM

I have tried to call and do research on how to apply for the ones they say they donate. But can't find an organization or form to apply for the "so called" hearing aids for those in need. Making me wonder if it's a sales tactic.

Dana F.
Eargo is proud to partner with Songs for Sound, a charity with a passionate mission that's music to our ears. When customers purchase an Eargo Neo for $200 off using the code SONGS, Eargo will donate a device to Songs for Sound to help someone else hear life to the fullest.
1 Star

August 08 2019 9:30PM

Why do you want these? 1) You don't want to pay $ 6,000 for a pair of hearing aids. 2) They are discreet and nobody knows you are wearing them .3) Very cool advertising and promotion for the product. Why you do not want these 1) Within 1 year one of the units stopped working properly. 2) They do everything in their power to convince you that it is your fault this is not working, not a defect in the product. 3) They replaced the defective unit and the replacement unit also failed within one year 3) they want you to pay for any fixes required. Bad .investment. Look for alternatives

Frederic G.
Westerly, RI
Thank you for your comment, and we're sorry to hear about your experience. We spoke with your hearing professional, who let us know we recently sent you a new set of hearing aids. Our hearing professionals work to educate clients about the daily and monthly maintenance Eargo requires.
1 Star

August 02 2019 8:08PM

I purchased Eargo Hearing Aids in July 2019. I spoke to a customer service person who felt I was a good candidate. As it turns out the hearing aids were too loud for me so I returned them. I was told they could be returned within 45 days, which is true. They do not tell you in advance, however, that they will not refund 99.00 of the purchase price as a service charge, so make sure they are a good fit for you prior to purchasing them. When I called about this I was told it was written on my invoice, but I received the invoice after I had purchased the hearing aids.

Susan G.
Milledgeville, GA
Thank you for trying Eargo, Susan. Each purchase of an Eargo device comes with a 45 day, easy return so you can return your device, no questions asked, if you are not satisfied. Our Terms of Service state that "As long as the Device is in its original condition (unopened, in the case of an accessory) and has not been damaged or modified (including repaired without our prior written consent) in any way, we will credit back the purchase price to the account used at the time of purchase, less any expedited shipping if any, and minus a $99 handling fee." Please contact our Client Care team with questions.
5 Stars

July 17 2019 3:21AM

I was a test person for the development time with Eargo. They were very good then and light years better now. I received my new ones today - ahead of schedule. Oh my- what a shock to put them in my ears and leave the quiet world behind. They are so clear, crisp, and a joy. I had given up joining social events altogether. They were charged and ready right out of the box. I can hear my family and join them. To all who worked to make these possible, I am grateful for your accomplishment! Thank you. Susan - may follow up after more time worn. Ps. The salesman was a great guide in the process of selection and follow up during purchase.

Susan D.
Palo Alto, CA
Thank you for sharing your excellent Eargo experience, Susan. We're happy you're hearing life to the fullest!
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