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March 16 2020 3:28AM

My screening went well with me and my wife likes to have it done too. She saw the results that I had.

Brad S.
Chicago, IL
Life Line Screening

Thanks, Brad! We're so glad you and your wife had a positive experience with the Life Life Screening team.

March 14 2020 9:25AM

I have been doing preventive screening for several years now. It’s a good thing and I take it to my doctor when I go for my check-up.

Life Line’s techs were all fine. They were very efficient and it just went right along with no hold-ups. I like the technology where you sign in, but that was the most stressful for me. But they have somebody to help. My doctor was with me so there was no problem. I noticed several older people that were having problems. As far as the tests, everything was great. There was a test or two that I needed, and so I followed through with my doctor.

Bobbye M.
Huntsville, AL
Life Line Screening

Hello, Bobbye - thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback on the sign-in technology. That helps us greatly when improving our processes. We're glad to hear you share your Life Line Screening results with your doctor so that he/she can guide you with next steps. We hope to see you again next year!

March 13 2020 5:21AM

We were doing preventative screening back when we lived in West Texas. We've done it off and on for a long time. And Life Line sent information through the mail. We read it and decide either for it or against it. Sometimes, we don't do it, but there have been quite a few times that we do.

Their staff were all very nice and they seem very knowledgeable of what they were doing with each of the machines or the procedures. We did almost everything--the carotid arteries, and the one where they check your legs, except we never did do the bloodwork. Overall I was satisfied with them.

Bobbie M.
Midland, TX
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Bobbie! We appreciate the time you've taken to provide us feedback. We're happy to hear you've had positive experiences and that Life Line Screening was a helpful part to your personal health assessment. We hope to see you again next year!

February 24 2020 4:45AM

I had heart disease and bone screening with Life Line and everything was great. I liked that it was punctual, and I felt it was accurate. The people there were professional and it seemed to be well-organized and set up. The report was easy to interpret. They sent an extra copy for my doctor. And it was fine, I'm happy with it. It's a good value for the money.

Andrea S.
St. Petersburg, FL
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, Andrea! We're so glad you had a great experience with Life Line Screening and got everything you needed, and we hope to remain your trusted preventative health partner!

February 22 2020 7:34AM

I've been doing Life Line Screening for years. I like it. It gives me the information I need to pass on to my physician.
Their techs are really good and helpful. Also, their results are on point. Good information.

Alfreda M.
Lafayette, LA
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Alfreda! We greatly appreciate the kind words and are happy to be your preventative health partner. Thank you very much for your trust and your business. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

February 22 2020 4:37AM

Everything went fine during my screening. I thought there would be some kind of change the second time I screened now that I'm 73, but nothing. My results came out so boring. I thought it would be a little more interesting.

The Life Line guys were great and the location was great both times that I had a screening. I also got a great deal. I remember giving the first result to my doctor and he went, "Oh, looks nice." Because they can't really order those things unless you really, really need it, which I didn't, but I thought it would be interesting. I'm healthy as a horse on a banana peel.

Alice M.
Yonkers, NY
Life Line Screening

Thanks for sharing your experience, Alice. In the case of preventative cardiovascular screenings, boring results are best! We appreciate your business and hope to see you again next year (and hopefully your results remain boring).

February 16 2020 11:41AM

My screening with Life Line went fine without a hitch. My physician recommended it. The cost was cheaper, much less expensive as maybe a clinical lab and I would recommend it to anyone.

William S.
Greensboro, NC
Life Line Screening

William -- Thanks for your review! We always love hearing from customers like you and are so glad you had a great experience with Life Line Screening. It's great to hear that your physician recommended us, and we're proud to offer our screenings at an affordable cost for everyone. Hope to see you again next year!

February 16 2020 4:25AM

Preventative screening is a good idea. And it's not something my doctor normally does. The first time I had it done, I found that I had osteoporosis, so I was really convinced that screening was a good thing.

Life Line is the only one that's been available in our area. Their staff are very efficient and they all seem to be knowledgeable. They explain things as we went along. However there were one or two that could be a little more cheerful. There were a couple that seemed like they weren’t having the best day.

Screening with Life Line is certainly worth it. Clients, though, need to not be in a huge hurry because depending on the number of screenings they have, it could take a few minutes.

Alice M.
Jackson, MS
Life Line Screening

Alice - Thank you so much for your review. It's never a good feeling to learn something like that, but we're glad we were able to help you identify it and are honored that you've trusted us as a partner in your preventative health regimen. We always aim to provide the best customer service possible, so it's great to know you were impressed by the efficiency and knowledge of our team members. We will definitely take your "cheerful" note into account and make sure the appropriate supervisors are aware. Thanks again and we hope to see you next year!

February 15 2020 2:16AM

There were about four Life Line technicians that I went to and they were all good. The results were good as well.

Brian D.
Troy, MI
Life Line Screening

Brian - Thanks for the review! We're glad you hear you had a good experience and hope to see you again next year!

February 14 2020 12:57PM

I went to Life Line Screening because I was interested to see what they were gonna do. They checked the heart and everything else, cholesterol. They do a thorough screening and their staff was all fine and professional. However they could have given me a CT scan and told me I had cancer.
Still I'd give them a 5 because they did everything thoroughly but they should provide other types of screening.

Willard E.
Scranton, PA
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the feedback, Willard! We're glad you had a positive experience with our cardiovascular screenings. You're right in that we don't currently offer CT scans, so it's always important to consult your doctor to make sure you're getting all of the proper screenings and services you might need.

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