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April 14 2020 7:06PM

Will keep deducting payments longer than expected. When I called they stopped mine but, not my husband's. They state they sent two letters telling me how to stop payments, I reminded them that they had the incorrect address as I just had them correct it. I would assume the letters were sent back to them if they were even sent.

I never did talk to anyone concerning my test even though I paid extra. Now because I tore up my card they will not even refund my husbands payment for an extra month. If all of this can happen, how in the world can I be positive that the test were conducted correctly? May I add, I believe that they are praying on the elderly.

Sheila B.
Tryon, NC
Life Line Screening

Hi Sheila, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We greatly apologize for the payment issues you and your husband experienced. We'd love to make it right. Please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to work with you to resolve this issue. Thanks again for reaching out.

April 03 2020 7:59PM

Life Line Screening did not tell me that if I cancelled the appointment, they would not refund the $154.00 paid in advance. The reason for cancelling the appointment was because they moved the screening site to a different site farther away with no time for me to arrange transportation.

They told me I would receive a “gift card” to be used at another time. This did not happen. A second customer rep said that if I was not told I would not receive a refund at the time of paying, Life Line would review the recorded conversation and refund the money. This did not happen.

When I asked how would I know when they might be in my area, she said they would notify me. Like I will hold my breath until that happens based on their previous actions. I learned a $154.00 lesson! Be VERY CAREFUL when dealing with Life Line Screening, ask very detailed questions and if possible record the conversation.

Doris B.
Raymore, MO
Life Line Screening

Hello, Doris – Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. We sincerely apologize for how this was handled. Your experience should not have gone this way and we'd like to make things right. Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to work with you to resolve this situation. Thank you for your patience & understanding.

March 25 2020 7:32AM

We were told by several doctors that Life Line Screening was a good deal. We were there before several years ago and we're pleased with the way it was done, so we just continued.

Their staff explained what they were going to do. Their attitude and what they were doing made us comfortable. One thing is that I think the location was confusing as to where it was and the initial waiting area was inadequate.

June C.
Virginia Beach, VA
Life Line Screening

June, thank you so much for your review! We're glad to hear you consulted your doctor on your Life Line Screening test and have had great experiences with the team. We appreciate the feedback regarding the location and waiting area; it helps us continually improve the process. We hope to see you again next year!

March 25 2020 6:35AM

When I saw that Life Line Screening was coming to town, I decided to make an appointment. Everybody was great. They seemed to know what they were doing, very knowledgeable and courteous. The check-in process was a little tedious but it wasn't really bad. I don't think they had enough iPads for everybody to check in. I don't know if the appointments were overlapping. But other than that, once we got going, everything was great.

Brad F.
Lafayette, LA
Life Line Screening

Thank you for the review, Brad! We appreciate it when customers like you take the time to share their feedback. It helps us continue to improve our processes. We're thrilled to hear about your great experience with Life Line Screening and we're glad we could help!

March 24 2020 10:22AM

Everybody was very polite and very competent at Life Line Screening. I've been doing it for years. They were very professional.

Bonita M.
Overland Park, KS
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Bonita! We appreciate the kind words. We greatly value your trust and the opportunity to be your preventative health partner. We look forward to seeing you again next time!

March 24 2020 7:21AM

The Life Line Screening reps were very informative as they went through the process. It was smooth and it didn't seem like rushed. They did the test and I was in and out pretty quickly.

Bob M.
Dallas, TX
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Bob! We appreciate you took the time to share your feedback! We’re happy to hear it was a smooth experience and that Life Line Screening was a helpful piece in your personal health assessment.

March 22 2020 2:54AM

I got the flyer from Life Line in the mail and I was uninsured at the time, and my dad hadn't been for a checkup in a while. We decided it to be a good idea.

We had the screenings recommended on the pink card along with the bloodwork. And then I had the prostate blood test. My dad found an underlying AFib. Everybody there was good as they could be. They were very thorough and very swift. I'll definitely go again. Overall it was a good experience. I'll recommend it to anybody.

Boyd K.
Augusta, GA
Life Line Screening

Boyd, thank you for taking the time to share you and your father's positive experience with us. We love hearing real-life stories of how Life Line Screening helps with early detection. We're thankful to be your preventative health partner!

March 21 2020 6:03AM

Screening with Life Line was great. I did blood works and general stuff. Everything was good. I'm maintaining what I was doing, eating right and exercise.

Bonnie W.
Oklahoma City, OK
Life Line Screening

Thanks, Bonnie! We’re happy to hear it was a positive experience and that Life Line Screening was a helpful piece in your personal health assessment. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

March 20 2020 3:45AM

I was trying to be on the safe side because of my age but I don't want to go through a doctor. I had the stroke and heart disease and osteoporosis tests. The tests went smoothly. I talked to other people and they seemed to be confident in Life Line. Their techs were courteous. They knew what they’re doing and they went fast.

Bobbie B.
Laredo, TX
Life Line Screening

Thank you for the review Bobbie! We appreciate the time it takes to share your feedback. We're happy to hear about your positive experience with Life Line Screening and that the cardiovascular, stroke and osteoporosis tests put you at ease. These preventative screenings are an important part of overall health and we're glad we could help!

March 17 2020 7:14AM

I've had preventive screening done several times and it will help prevent something because sometimes your doctor can’t send you to get it done until you’re having symptoms. Life Line Screening is always what I use. I felt very comfortable and their technicians were very knowledgeable.

I was pleased with the results. I’m really healthy and they came back just fine. I take it to my doctor whenever I have it done. My doctor thinks it’s a great idea because he can’t send me for these tests because my insurance will not pay for them unless you have a problem. He always encourages it. Life Line provides a great service.

Bonnie H.
Fort Worth, TX
Life Line Screening

Thank you Bonnie! It's great that you share your Life Line Screening results with your doctor so that he can guide you with next steps. We're happy to hear of your great health and experience with the team! We hope to see you again next year!

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