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December 12 2020 7:57AM

I've been going to Life Line every few years in a long time. It's easier to get more than one type of examination through them. You can sign up for whatever ones you want. The technicians are always very nice and professional.

I'm comfortable with the screening process. I've been going there for several years. So, they had the whole history. They usually recommend, from past experiences, what I should need at a particular time. I usually go along with whatever they suggest.

I get the results in less than two weeks, so that was nice. I've recommended Life Line to several people through the years.

Ardener F.
Pearland, TX
Life Line Screening

Ardener, thank you for sharing your experience! We're so grateful you trust us as your preventative health partner and that you're sharing about your experience with loved ones. We look forward to seeing you again in the future!

December 11 2020 7:39AM

I've been going to Life Line Screening for a long time. I used to go in Arizona when I went down there for the winter. Most recently, I got a notice in the mail that they were going to be in the area at that time, and I made an appointment.

They checked to see how my blood was flowing through my body, my bone density and I requested a cholesterol test this latest time.

I had an incident the latest time. They told me my blood pressure was 180. I told them they were crazy. I had one more test to do.

I took the other tests and came home. My blood pressure was normal. I told them if my blood pressure was that high, I would know. My body tells me that I haven't taken my medication for the day if my blood pressure goes crazy.

I figured their machine was screwed up. That was the only thing. Other than that, I'm quite happy. I wouldn't be going if they weren't.

I took the results to my doctor this last time, and she looked at them and asked them if she could keep them. They told her she could. I had another copy of my own anyway. Overall, Life Line Screening is convenient for me to get to.

Janet M.
Issaquah, WA
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Janet! We appreciate the kind words and are happy to be your preventative health partner. Thank you very much for your trust and your business. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

December 10 2020 5:25AM

I have got me a doctor now that looks after my veins in Athens, Georgia, and it's more convenient. I told the lady from Life Line Screening the last time that I won't be using Lifeline anymore. But my experience saved my life.

The first time I went, I had a blockage in my neck. It was a 98% blockage. I was right close to having seizures and we went to the doctor, and they sent me straight to the hospital and put a stent in.

Life Line saved my life. That was the first experience I had with them. We've used them for three years. Then, I went to this specialist in Athens. I really appreciate what Life Line did.

Danny A.
Danielsville, GA
Life Line Screening

Danny, Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience and personal story with others. We love hearing real-life experiences about how Life Line Screening makes a difference in people's lives. We are so glad to hear you're doing well now and have a doctor supporting your health needs. Thanks for sharing!

December 10 2020 1:46AM

I know most doctors will not go into deep study just as an ordinary thing. People have to have problems and complaining about whatever is hurting, they don't always check it out right away.

I have a life history of family problems with heart disease and diabetes. I just wanted to check on it. I heard about Life Line, and I went to them because I wanted to know if my heart was doing well.

Every time I've gone there, the techs have been very professional, very courteous and they do a good job in checking off for anything that you might have a problem with.

I found out through Life Line that I had a blocked carotid artery. I just had surgery on it. If I had waited longer, I possibly could have had a stroke. So, because of Life Line, I found that out.

Hopefully, I will be well the rest of my life. I've already shared Life Line with a few friends and family members.

Karen M.
Tinley Park, IL
Life Line Screening

Wow, Karen! Thank you for sharing that personal story. It means a lot to hear real-life experiences about how Life Line Screening makes a difference in people's lives. Thanks again for sharing!

December 08 2020 6:54AM

The Life Line techs were very good. It was very easy this year since the Coronavirus. I just kind of went right in. I was in and out. I didn't have to wait. So, it really worked out good.

I just got the results. They seem fine to me. It wasn't explained really well. They wanted you to talk to your doctor, but I don't really go to the doctors.

I've been doing the screening for a couple years. Life Line is pretty good for me. It's a reassurance that I am doing all right.

Life Line is convenient. It sets right into your schedule and doesn't take much time. And it really did work to my advantage this year.

Linda W.
Magnolia, NJ
December 08 2020 6:08AM

Several years ago, I just decided I'd try to get preventative screening done and stay ahead of blood flow issues and whatever else might happen in my life. I worked with Life Line because they were the one that was sending me letters of advertising and nobody else did.

Their techs told me what to do and I did it. They also told me what was gonna happen. I've got everything that I could get from Life Line. I've got metal knees, so there are some tests I couldn't do.

As far as the results, they say I'm okay. I had one thing that was little bit high but overall, everything was pretty good.

The results gave me some ideas of what's going on, whether or not I needed to make a lot of changes or not. I'd taken a couple of people to Life Line. They have it done.

Ralph F.
Carnesville, GA
December 07 2020 11:06AM

I had trouble finding the Life Line facility last time when I was being tested. The signs weren't set right. I went past three times before I found it. So, I'm not happy with that.

I know this is designed to make money too. But sometimes, I'm getting tested too frequently, tests overlap with each other, or I'm getting like a double test.

I don't really keep score on it that much. I pretty much follow up on their recommendations. But sometimes, I feel like there's too much money involved on their end and that I'm starting to get a little bit of distrust.

Now, I'm feeling that I need to keep score a lot closer. I entrusted their group to do that for me. But now, it seems like I've had to keep score of what I took, what's going to overlap, what's gonna be a thing I don't really need because I already had one so many months back.

As far as the people goes, most of them are pretty nice. I've been around a couple of middle-aged women that were pretty nasty at the door and not friendly at all. I didn't care for that either.

I'm 72 and I don't hear really well. They need to announce a little louder, in a level that older people can understand.

In a nutshell, I'm a decorated Vietnam vet and I do speak up. I'll also tell them when it's good too. Right now, I'm a little on the shaky side. But still, I do think it's worthwhile.

Lynn B.
Trenton, MI
December 07 2020 10:16AM

With our age, a preventative screening felt like the right thing to do. I work in a pharmacy and I've seen Life Line's advertisements before, so that was what I went with.

They did the cardiovascular screening. They did the aortic aneurysm screening. It was like a scan through your stomach. I also did the osteoporosis screening. It was like five tests altogether.

The technicians were friendly. They were very thorough. I was satisfied with the screening process. My results were all normal. There was a problem with one of my husband's results. He has not seen the doctor yet about it. I was glad to get that information, though.

Kristi S.
Carnesville, GA
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Kristi! We're proud to offer thorough, affordable, and convenient screening services for every customer. We're so glad you had a positive experience and that your husband is going to meet with a doctor to review his results.

December 07 2020 9:22AM

Life Line Screening did their job. Everything was great. I've been doing Life Line for about 20 years. When your doctor won't do the screening for you, you gotta find some other way.

They weren't arrogant about what they were doing. Sometimes, you get involved in outfits that the people that you deal with are superior than anybody. Life Line people don't do that.

The techs were there to do their job and they did it and got it done in a minimal amount of time. They didn't rush you around or make you feel like you were a burden to them, which a lot of places do. That's one of the reasons why I like Life Line.

Diana C.
Elsmere, KY
December 05 2020 9:14AM

I decided to get a screening done for the carotid artery just to make sure that that's free. My wife had problems that way and had some strokes because of it. I just wanted to make sure that I wanted to know what the condition was.

I decided to do it through Life Line Screening. It was in my hometown, and I could schedule it. It turns out I'm fine. There's a slight narrowing, but it's nothing to be concerned about.

My experience with Life Line was good. This latest time, I thought it was understaffed and we had to wait longer than I thought was reasonable. It was about 45 minutes to an hour before I could get in for my scheduled time.

Randall G.
Liberty Hill, TX
Life Line Screening

Thanks, Randall! We greatly appreciate the kind words and are happy to be your preventative health partner. It's always an excellent idea to be proactive when it comes to your cardiovascular wellness. Hope to see you again next year!

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