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March 19 2021 12:55PM

The Life Line screening techs were very polite. Most of them were nice. There was a couple of them who's kind of snippy though.

Marlena W.
Grove City, OH
March 18 2021 12:38PM

I didn't like that Life Line didn't mail my wife's results of the screening the last time. We both went together. I got mine and she didn't get anything from them. I paid the same for both of us. I should not have to call them to get what they're supposed to send.

I got my results about a week after. They send the results on a paper, and I'm sure they sent my doctor a copy of it. He would know what it is, but it's hard for us to just go through and see what that is.

I know most of it, but I don't understand some of it. They could make it a little more like people talk.

Other than that, they waited on us right away. We had a few minutes to wait, but it was not bad. The location was nice over there. The people were nice.

Thomas B.
Saint Peters, MO
March 17 2021 4:33AM

My mother died of a stroke and we got Life Line's ad. We've used it ever since. I had a blocked carotid artery and I got in touch with my doctor after the results from the Life Line Screening. He sent me to a specialist and he had me on medication for a year.

In 2016, I had a surgery to get the blocked artery. My husband and I were tested again in February of 2019, and my husband was fine, except they said he had high blood pressure, which was very unusual for him.

This was on a Thursday, and he had an appointment with our primary doctor on the following Tuesday. I said, "Well, that's good. You're going in for your physical because we've got to mention this high blood pressure."

Unfortunately, he had an AVM stroke the Sunday before but he survived it. He collapsed. We were out for lunch, and I mentioned that his blood pressure was quite high when he was tested at Life Line Screening on Thursday.

So, we got a blood pressure cuff and put it on him. His blood pressure was sky high. I got an ambulance and got him to the hospital and it saved his life. Life Line has worked beautifully for the two of us.

Eleanor P.
Wilmington, DE
March 17 2021 1:40AM

I got 13 screenings at Life Line. The screening tech was alright. I went to the doctor and showed him my screening. They took blood and everything, and found out that my blood count was low.

Curtis W.
Bristol, TN
March 16 2021 10:02AM

I don't think Life Line Screening is doing something right. They ran that scanner into my neck. It was painful and I think all they're doing is flattening out the artery.

The technicians in Fort Morgan were really nice, but I didn't like the attitude of the lady that takes in all the information over here in Burlington. They got two technicians and they were doing the carotid artery, and they were cramming that thing in my neck on the left side.

They were taking forever on it for some reason. Then one of them called the other one over and told him to look at it. He said, "Well, I don't see what you're seeing." How could he come up with a correct assessment?

I spent a lot of money with them, and they're charging me 400-something. I paid at Burlington and I had something else to do, so I had to cancel it and went to Fort Morgan. I ended up paying more money. I never got the bone scan that I put down for.

So, I've had a bad experience with them lately. Also, my brother's been trying to get ahold of them. He said he never can get ahold of them to get in.

Bernard S.
Stratton, CO
March 10 2021 7:21AM

I had a good experience with Life Line Screening. They were helpful but still, I've been there several times, and they never have found any problem. I am short of breath. I'm seeing my heart doctor today, and he's gonna do the stress test.

Francena G.
Abingdon, VA
March 07 2021 12:55PM

Life Line stuck some things on me, shot me with little magnetic things and then they came back with something that says I had a partial blockage in one of my arteries. All in all, things went well.

I've been going to Life Line for a few years. I couldn't tell you when the first one was. Everybody's friendly, happy and well-versed in what they're doing.

Frank H.
Secor, IL
December 31 2020 8:29AM

I thought preventative screening was a good idea and it was at a good price at Life Line. I got five screening for a certain price. The results seemed all right.

Mary G.
Royal Center, IN
December 27 2020 5:33AM

I've had a preventative screening done the last few years and I have poor circulation in my legs. I have a stent in my right artery last year. I had a total knee replacement. When I was working out on the gym, they found it.

I had to go take a stress test and they found a blockage in there. That was after I had went to Life Line Screening the third time.

I see my heart doctor every six months to check on things. What had happened, due to the coronavirus here, they canceled a couple of them.

Now, I'm going to make an appointment first of the year to do another stress test just to see if everything's okay inside me. It's the only way you can tell if there's blockages in your limbs.

I would have had it done before Christmas, but they canceled them. They didn't give me a reason. They just made another appointment after the holidays, which I will the next week.

When I get results from Life Line, it says, "Show the doctor this." I missed that last appointment with him. I didn't show it to him because I forgot about it. With so many things that's going on in my life and everybody else's life right now, I don't know how we can think sometimes.

I can't read the results. The doctor has to tell me, "Hey, it's a little better but it's still bad. And watch this and watch this and watch that."

I've been quite happy with Life Line. It helped me. I watch what I eat and I try to eat healthy. I cut down on sugars a lot because I always had a sweet tooth and that's not very good.

I'll recommend Life Line to my friends. I have already done that. It's amazing what they can do and what you can find, and bring up and show nice format on the picture. I like the colors.

Also, they kind of give you an idea what's going on with your body. You don't know this unless you have one of those first screenings.

Howard H.
Tampa, FL
December 17 2020 9:53AM

I already knew everything Life Line Screening told me already because of my doctor. So, to me, it was kind of a waste of my money. But, it is what it was. They did their job. I just thought it was something different, so it was my mistake. They were very professional.

Christine H.
Fernley, NV
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