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December 04 2020 12:36PM

Life Line Screening sent a letter, and I didn't have insurance at that time. That was why I went. Later, I have insurance and I have my doctor. So, always I follow his directions.

The Life Line Screening tech was so nice and very nice with his job too. Everything was very good. I did the screening for 300 something dollars. They sent the results to me. I refer Life Line to everyone.

Longina W.
Northampton, PA
December 04 2020 7:32AM

I started doing preventative screening several years ago before I even moved here to Boaz. I did for a long time. Then, I didn't go for several years, and then I got a thing in the mail one day. After I moved here, Life Line was gonna be here, close to me so I decided to go back.

I've never really had any health issues but you never know, especially when you don't go to doctors. So, I thought the Life Line screening was a lot easier.

The screening techs were all great. I don't like to go to doctors, and I did have breast cancer. This January will be 11 years ago. I've always gone for mammograms because I had three aunts pass away with breast cancer. I started going and doing that when I was about 25 years old.

Beatsie C.
Boaz, AL
Life Line Screening

Hi, Beatsie! We're glad you've taken charge of your preventative cardiovascular wellness and are honored to be your trusted partner. You can never be too careful with your health, and we always aim to provide the best and most seamless experience for each customer.

December 04 2020 2:52AM

I've gone to Life Line quite a few times to get a preventative screening done. I tried it he first time, and it worked out pretty good.

I was comfortable working with Life Line's technicians except one time, one of the them would not work on me. I missed that test. Apparently, she didn't want to do the test because I had already had surgery on that.

It was a test for my carotid arteries to test the blood flow. She said, "Well, you've had surgery on it, so I can't touch that. I won't touch that." So, she didn't do it. They did other tests that I went for.

When they called the next year for another test, I told them that. They said, "No way." They couldn't believe she did that. She should have still done the test. When they knew about it, they made up for it.

Life Line seems to do the screening kind of fast. Then, they will send you the results. They were okay. But I don't think they got into it enough.

Robert Z.
Manchester, NH
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Robert! We appreciate the time you spent to share your feedback. We’re happy to hear we were able to provide a positive experience and that Life Line Screening was a helpful piece in your personal health assessment.

December 04 2020 2:34AM

I just felt like I needed preventative screening performed. Life Line Screening has been more available. The person who did the screening was very good. She was a very nice person.

I like Life Line. I like the idea. I do it every year. Going to Life Line is a good idea. The only thing is about the insurance, but other than that, it's usually cheaper than going to a doctor.

Phyllis L.
Erlanger, KY
Life Line Screening

Thanks, Phyllis! We're happy to hear you had such a pleasant experience and are grateful to be your preventative health partner. It's always an excellent idea to be proactive when it comes to your cardiovascular wellness. Hope to see you again next year!

October 29 2020 7:27AM

I don't have any healthcare. I saw Life Line's special and I had used them in the past. I just thought it would be a good idea to use them to have some screening done.

The only thing that happened this time was the location changed. I wasn't sure where I was going to be, and I showed up at three different churches. Then I finally called, and no one was answering the number.

I called the number where they were selling services. At first, they didn't wanna help me. They said, "Well, you need to call them." I told them I did, but no one was picking up. I was already 15 minutes late, too.

The rep brought me right up on the computer and told me there had been a change and that they sent me an email. I didn't even think to check my email to see if anything was there.

I took the results to my doctor. Mine came back diabetic. My doctor said, "Don't get too excited. Wait till we do it again and it comes back again. Two results in a row." But I was happy with all the testing. My doctor seemed to think that was a reliable source to go through.

Zina S.
Scott Depot, WV
Life Line Screening

First of all Zina, thanks for your review! I'm sorry for the inconvenience you experienced finding the location. You did the right thing by sharing the results of your Life Line Screening with your doctor so that he/she can guide you with next steps. We hope that you'll think of us next year and schedule a screening.

October 28 2020 7:37AM

We had our life screening with Life Line. It's been three years since we had our last one done. And also since Life Line was close by, we did it through them again. We had five things done including the stroke and the heart disease. The quality of the results was okay.

Faye G.
Garner, IA
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Faye! We appreciate the time you spent to share your feedback. We’re happy to hear we were able to provide another positive experience and that Life Line Screening is a part of your personal health assessment.

October 27 2020 12:38PM

The Life Line Screening techs are very efficient. It's amazing how much that they can check out. They'll have two or three people working on you at one time for different things. They're very polite, but they don't mess around. They're friendly.

You don't have a long wait, too. You're scheduled for a certain time. Even with the virus this year, it was alright because there were just three of us there that were waiting.

We were all scattered over this funny building out here on West Odessa. It has always been someplace else. It's always been in a different building each year. They're good to notify you the results via mail. It's easy to read reports as well.

We were well-satisfied with Life Line. I'm 89 and my husband's 93. We go this route almost every year, and I'd be glad to try to encourage somebody because it was quite effective. It was quite a bit of information that we got as a result of going.

Norma P.
Odessa, TX
Life Line Screening

Thank you for the review, Norma! We appreciate it when customers like you take the time to share their feedback. We're thrilled to hear about your great experience with Life Line Screening and that the screenings provided insightful information. These preventative screenings are an important part of overall cardiovascular health and we're glad we could help! We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

October 24 2020 9:18AM

We don't do any other screenings, except with our family doctor. But with Life Line Screening, the package was enticing. We've been doing it for three years now. The service was wonderful.

The techs are sweet and professional. The only thing is I don't wanna be receiving emails. I continuously get emails from Life Line Screening.

Chattanooga, TN
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Farhad! We greatly appreciate the kind words and are happy to be your preventative health partner. We'll pass on the helpful feedback about email communications. Thank you very much for your trust and your business. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

October 19 2020 1:05AM

With everything going on right now, preventative screening is very convenient. There was a time that one of my mother's doctors recommended that she went in and had some of the testing done.

We had it scheduled through a cardiologist. They had cancelled that. To try and get it rescheduled through the doctors and that type of thing didn't seem to be an option. So when the Life Line Screening popped up, we decided we were gonna go with it.

My mother was happy. They were very respectful to her. The doctor looked at the results and seemed to be okay with the test results as well as how the test was done. I also feel like they certainly gave me enough notice when they were coming.

Malia B.
Rittman, OH
Life Line Screening

Hi Malia, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We're so glad to hear it went well for your mother. You did the right thing by sharing her Life Line Screening results with her doctor so that he/she can guide you all with next steps. We hope to see you again in the future!

May 23 2020 12:13AM

Results provided by Life Line Screening may place customers at risk, I had Life Line Screening in February 2020. The results of the carotid artery ultrasound screening showed identical readings for both left and right side. I have never seen identical readings for this test. The test also showed no blockage on either side.

One week prior to the life Line Screening, I had an ultrasound performed on my carotid arteries at the Cleveland Clinic that showed 20-39% stenosis on the left side and 60-79% stenosis on the right side. When I sent the Clinic results to the doctor who did the reading for Life Line, asking for how this could happen, I received no response. Life Line telling me all is OK could have had dangerous results had I not had the real data from the Cleveland Clinic.

Onald E.
North Olmsted, OH
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