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Safe Step Walk-In Tubs

4.65 Stars (207 Reviews)
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Updated: May 17, 2023
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Safe Step is the premier walk-in bathtub and shower provider in the United States. What we like about Safe Step is how they include bathroom modifications, plumbing and electrical work and installation in the cost of their walk-in tub quotes.

Safe Step Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Customer Service 4.9 Stars
Tub Features 5 Stars
Price 4.3 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.7 Stars

Bottom Line

If customization, safety and the perfect fit are your top concerns when purchasing a walk-in tub, Safe Step leads the industry with personalized shopping and installation experience.

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs Reviews

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs are equipped with standard features that are often considered optional upgrades when compared to other tubs of this type. That’s the reason we rated Safe Step the “Great for Arthritis and Joint Pain” winner in our walk-in tub buyers guide. Because every home is different, each Safe Step tub is customized to meet the size and design needed for the project. The company’s tubs are manufactured in the United States, come with a lifetime warranty, and according to company representatives are the #1 choice by sales volume for the product category.

Safe Step walk-in tubs are an investment in the comfort and safety of the homeowner. The company was reluctant to share prices with us, because like any construction project, costs will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. As a point of reference, most Safe Step models start at $10,000 for the walk-in tub, including shipping and installation. After deciding to purchase a Safe Step tub, the Safe Step team handles everything from delivery to installation and hauling away your old tub or shower. Safe Step makes all the arrangements for their customers, who do not need to hire additional plumbing or electrical laborers to complete the project. Up front fees may be required to start construction.


  • Full-service installation and removal
  • More features than other tubs
  • Installation usually takes a day


  • May charge up front deposit

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Features

While the size and shape of Safe Step walk-in tubs often vary, many of their tubs have the same standard features. Because Safe Step can customize their product to fit what customers need, homeowners rarely need to change the size or layout of their bathroom. Therapeutic devices are standard on all tubs, including the Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System and Chromotherapy System.

Safe Step products have an extensive list of features to provide a safe bathing experience for anyone with mobility issues. Users get into the tub using a side door, shut the sealed door, then fill their bath without having to worry about falling while getting in. The heated seat keeps users warmth while they wait for the tub to fill.

Safety and comfort are two of the most important features you should consider when choosing a walk-in tub or shower. These benefits are the reason why people buy Safe Step walk-in tubs:

Safe Step Features
Walk-in Tubs Walk-in Showers
Wide, safer doors Streamlined look
Quick-release drain Controls are easy to reach, quick on/off shower button
Easy to reach controls Extra-long safety bar
Anti-slip floor and seat Low-entry step
Built-in grab bar Low-entry step
Anti-slip floor and seat Commercial grade anti-slip flooring
Safe Water cleaning system Built-in folding chair
Mold resistant gel-coat Anit-scald faucet
Anti-scald faucet Pads support up to 350 lbs
10 massaging jets
17-inch high heated anti-slip seat
Handheld shower wand
Right or left door
Low-entry step

Safe Step Pricing

As noted earlier, Safe Step Walk-in Tub Co.’s products are an investment, with the cost of the tub or shower unit, modifications to the bathroom, electrical and plumbing, and installation included in the price. Safe Step avoids quoting general prices since nearly every project is unique. To help make the cost more manageable, the company offers a financing plan with approved credit. Before choosing a payment plan, be sure to check interest charges and compare with other credit based options.

The company also offers a “Helping Hands Rebate” of up to $1,500 to help offset the lack of Medicare coverage, and discounts for military veterans. Getting an exact quote for a Safe Step tub in your home is free, but you’ll need to request an estimate by completing a form on their website. For guidance on what to look for in the price of a walk-in tub, visit our walk in tub guide.

Safe Step Warranty

The Safe Step Walk-in Tub Co. covers their products with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor for the original purchaser as long as a company representative completed the job. According to the Safe Step, this warranty covers the tub (including manufacturing defects), door seal, faucets, water pumps, heaters, and blowers. Specific exclusions may apply, and coverage may not pay for all service or labor costs for every repair. There is a two-year warranty on caulking.

Safe Step Customer Service

Safe Step provides customer service via toll-free number at (800) 346-6616 or via chat on their website 24 hours a day. For those interested in buying a tub, a rep will return your call within an hour or two, or you can schedule a time to see one of the many showrooms in the U.S. Those who have already purchased a tub have access to the customer service line from the moment they pay their initial deposit until they are satisfied with the tub installation. This same number will connect them to a representative for any ongoing troubleshooting or warranty claims that may come up.

Safe Step home page

Source: Safe Step

Safe Step Complaints

Customers report being pleased with the responsiveness of the service team in resolving issues with leaks or answering questions that arise over time. Buyers describe Safe Step walk-in tubs as a luxury home bathing experience without sacrificing safety. The perks of owning the bathtub come up frequently from customers with mobility issues, with some reporting a significant relief of pain symptoms from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates this company with an A+, its highest rating. Safe Step has earned this mark by being responsive to customer questions and complaints in its nine years in business. Many of the reviews left by customers are specific to the experience they received at a particular Safe Step dealer and may not be a reflection of service at another location or the brank.

The most common complaint received by customers is that the tubs and showers can leak soon after install. It’s not uncommon for a newly installed walk-in tub to need adjusting after some use. Almost all of the verified Safe Step reviews have displayed promptness and professionalism in getting service providers back to the home to make these adjustments under the original lifetime warranty.

A few of the complaints by users were related to unclear pricing guidelines. Some customers felt pressured to buy when a representative visited their home to measure the bathroom for appropriate fitting, and some said that figuring the total cost of various models and options was confusing. Most of the verified reviewers that mention price, however, seem satisfied by their overall purchase and refer to the higher-end tubs as a worthwhile investment for their health and well-being. Most of the verified reviewers that mention price, however, seem satisfied by their overall purchase and refer to the higher-end tubs as a worthwhile investment in their health and well-being.

Finally, these walk-in tubs can use more water than a standard bathtub, often requiring an upgrade in the hot water system to accommodate the volume. For those reviewers who may not have known this up-front, the extra cost to install the heater was a surprise. Most were able to justify the inconvenience with the perks that a deeper tub can provide, including additional spa jets for a relaxing bathing experience. Customers compared the step-in tubs to having a private hot tub in their bathroom.

Safe Step Q&A

  • My home doesn’t have a standard-sized tub. Will my bathroom have to be remodeled to accommodate a walk-in tub?
    It’s possible that some remodeling will be necessary. Safe Step will determine which tub is best suited for your bathroom, including size, plumbing and electrical needs, fixture placements, and aesthetics. Their trained team members will recommend the appropriate tub or shower for your needs after an inspection of your tub area.

  • Will my existing tub or shower need to be removed first?
    Yes. The Safe Step team will handle this for you. Their professionals are trained in proper removal and clean up, which is included in the cost.

  • How much are the additional plumbing or electrical charges required for installation?
    All additional installation tasks that may include additions to your plumbing or electrical systems come bundled in the price and are included in your custom quote. The Safe Step team has membership in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), and professionals have received extensive training on how to ensure your systems are treated appropriately upon install.

  • Does Medicare or Medicaid cover the cost of a walk-in tub or shower?
    Currently, no. These programs will only cover the cost of durable medical equipment, which does not include walk-in tubs.

  • What kind of warranty comes with my product and installation?
    Safe Step guarantees its products and the quality of installation for a lifetime against manufacturer’s defects and performance of the tub, door seal, faucets, water pumps, blowers, and heaters.

  • What else should I know about Safe Step?
    Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. is based out of Nashville and has been providing walk-in tubs and showers since 2009. They have several showrooms across the United States and Canada, and their professional sales reps are trained to work with customers to find the right walk-in tub or shower with their existing bathroom floor plan. The company only sells to homeowners and has received the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation after having their products independently tested.

Conclusion on Safe Step

While you’ll need to schedule a home visit to get the exact details on which model of walk-in tub is right for you, this will lead to getting the right fit for your home. Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. developed a product line to fit almost all budgets. Customers who value American-made products will also love that each tub is made in Tennessee and representatives are available nationwide to assist in your purchase. Call or use the online chat feature on their website to schedule a visit or be directed to one of their many showrooms. If you’re interested in a walk-in tub from Safe Step, call 888-653-9934 or check out their website.

207 Safe Step Reviews

Write Review
3 Stars

May 19 2023 2:14PM

Installed walk-in shower about a year ago. Doors do not fit right. They leak water. Hook to hold shower head on wall fell off. Walls of shower don’t fit together & installers filled in the gap with some kind of filler. I really like the walk-in shower but doors & wall look really sloppy.

Judy J.
5 Stars

April 28 2023 7:06AM

The sales rep from Safe Step was very polite, nice, and thorough. He spent quite a bit of time discussing the tub. The people that installed it were good. I was a little bit disappointed that they didn't go more in-depth on how to use it.

When they left, I knew how to turn the water on and where the buttons were but I didn't know when I could use them. I didn't know if the tub had to be full of water before we used some of them. If I get any heavier, I'm not gonna be able to get in it. I'm just not having very good luck with it.

I'm having a hard time getting up to it. They added an extra step and I'm just too shaky on my feet and not being able to hold on to the outside of it. I haven't figured it all out yet, and I can never get it full enough to use the dip. I would eventually figure it out.

Dianne W.
Palestine, TX
1 Star

April 22 2023 12:33PM

I wish we'd never got the Safe Step walk-in tub. I can't get it completely filled up. If I try to help my husband take a bath, it's so deep. He likes his water hot, but I can't help him wash the bottom half of his body. If he tried to lay down, he'd drown.

There's just too much water in the bottom of it for me to help him to wash anything but the upper part of his body. That's the irritation for me. If you drop the soap, forget it. You can't find it until you drain it.

My husband never liked it from the first bath. I thought it'd be good for him, but it didn't turn out to be that way. The back shelf that they put on there is slanted. It's not flat.

I know the boys knew it because I heard one mention it to the other one. I don't know what the other one told him because they didn't cut it down to make it flat. They left it the way it was. I really don't like the tub. I wish I left the shower in there.

The guy who first came out did a good job. The installers got the installation done in a day as they said. Their work was okay.

When they came out before they put the tub in, they measured it and they said the 50-gallon hot water heater would be fine. There's a pipe going from the water heater outside and I've seen hot water coming out of it. So, I had a plumber come out. He said, "Did you turn your water up?"

I said, "Yeah, to get enough hot water for that tub, yes." He said, "Instead of your hot water tank blowing up, it lets off the hot water." I turned it back down because it scared the hell out of me. They told me I could turn it up if we didn't get enough hot water. So, I did.

I've been in this house for 13 years, and I've never seen the water come out of that. So, I turned it back down. I've seen hot water heaters blow and it'd kill you if you're walking down the hall when it did because it's inside.

Phyllis H.
Dallas, TX
5 Stars

April 19 2023 9:38AM

The sales representative from Safe Step was a great guy. He sold me one, so he's pretty good. I'm an old truck mechanic and I know all about sales. He's straight up told the truth and pulled no punches, and he's very knowledgeable. Two young fellas came out here for the installation, and they knew exactly what they were doing.

The tub works like a top. Everything they said it'd do, it does. We've told lots of people they ought to buy one. I like all of the features. I keep messing with all of them. It's a wonderful machine.

As far as the Safe Step team, I have not had one single bad experience with these guys. I called the guy up and said, "Hey, I hadn't heard from them." They immediately responded back to me.

They called me more than I needed. I just wanted to make sure everybody still knew I was here. Then within a few days, they called me and had the day they were coming.

We really like Safe Step. As we get older, we'll enjoy more of it. I did have to upgrade my hot water supply, but it would work.

James C.
Krum, TX
5 Stars

April 19 2023 2:51AM

I went through about four companies to come out and show us what they got and give estimates and see their products. We went with Safe Step because the price was good and the product was way better.

Their sales rep was very professional, answered all questions, and didn't lie to me about anything. So, the sales experience was fine. Both the installers were very professional and very helpful, and they cleaned up well after themselves.

My mother absolutely loves the new walk-in tub and the rest of the family has fallen in love with it now. She was able to get in there and take a bath, which she hadn't been able to do in quite a while. So, this has been very helpful for her. If my friends need to get a walk-in tub, I would recommend Safe Step.

David P.
Bremond, TX
5 Stars

April 12 2023 8:34AM

The installers from Safe Step were great. They came in, had the installation done in three-quarters of a day and they did it really well. We like the water pump portion of the walk-in tub. The air is a little too violent for us. The drain is very slow, too. Otherwise, we're very happy with the installation. We're very pleased and it looks beautiful the way it was installed.

Edward F.
Virginia Beach, VA
1 Star

January 16 2023 10:51PM

What a bunch of overpriced scammers. Three times as high and the reps are full of crap. BEWARE!!!! This company focuses on the elderly because they don't do the research that younger people do. Nothing worse than a company like this.

George F.
Floral City, FL
4 Stars

January 14 2023 4:27AM

I really like the Safe Step tub except it takes forever to fill. It takes 15 minutes to fill, and it takes 8 to 10 minutes to empty.

James C.
Martinsburg, WV
5 Stars

January 10 2023 6:57AM

I like everything about my Safe Step walk-in shower except for the skid. It's not as slip-free as you want it to be. My mother-in-law was in there the other day and she was getting out of the chair and her feet slipped and ended up having taken her to the hospital. So, we put a pad in the bottom of it now.

Michael W.
Indianapolis, IN
4 Stars

November 28 2022 2:09AM

Safe Step had the features that I wanted. The representative I worked with was pretty efficient, and the people that did the actual installation were extremely good at their job. They were very professional. I like the tub. We've been satisfied so far.

James E.
Mobile, AL