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October 23 2020 7:56AM

Safe Step has always been the number one option. Once we saw that, and saw it in somebody's home, we were down. We didn't look at anybody else.

We had a pretty pleasant experience the whole time. The young lady that came and sold it was very thorough with her presentation, and so we were sold. We liked the way it operates. I thoroughly enjoy the tub.

Johnnie B.
Louisville, KY
October 21 2020 4:19AM

The Safe Step rep was very nice. He explained everything. The installers were very good, too. They were very nice and very polite, and they knew what they were doing.

We haven't used the tub as much because we're still in the process of remodeling the bathroom and the utility room. My grandson took a bath in it the other night, and he loved it.

Once we get situated and we know we can just go in there and do what we want to do, I think we'll enjoy it a lot better.

Patricia D.
London, OH
October 19 2020 2:49AM

The Safe Step representative was very good. The installers were excellent. They did an excellent job. The only problem I had was when the lights in the tub wouldn't come on after they left. I had to call to get somebody to get it going for me. But eventually, we got it figured out.

I like all the features of the tub so far. I feel safer using it. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have one.

Joan N.
Madisonville, KY
October 17 2020 10:29AM

Our Safe Step takes getting used to. If I was a fat person, I wouldn't be able to get in it. It's small, and my husband's six feet. But we got it to be safe.

I was sort of in a hurry to get a walk-in tub because my husband had had a fall and a stroke. It was not safe for him to step into a tub like what we had.

The gentlemen that were here putting it in were perfect. They cleaned up after themselves and we were very satisfied with them. They were very kind, courteous and clean. If I asked a question, they answered it.

We pretty much left them alone so they could do the job, and it was very good. Once they're through with everything, they demonstrated all the aspects of the tub.

I was a little disappointed in the jets because they really don't do a whole lot. But whatever they do, they do. I realized you have to fill the tub all the way up for that micro thing to work. So, it needs a lot of water.

Overall, it's a good experience all the way around and we are well satisfied. I would recommend Safe Step to a friend, especially to an older person like we are.

I would recommend to them depending on their size. The size of space they have to work in probably has something to do with the size of the tub.

Louise G.
Smiths Grove, KY
October 14 2020 4:53AM

My wife has had a lot of health problems. She couldn't get up out of the bathtub. I called Safe Step and another place and Safe Step answered first and they came out and I was satisfied with what they offered, so I took it.

The salesman that came to our house pretty well explained everything to any questions I had. I was told the installation would take about eight hours and it took them about four. The installers did a great job, and they were very cordial. They cleaned up their mess.

When we first had the tub in, it leaked a little bit. But I called them and they came out and it was the door that needed adjusting. They fixed that and it's working perfectly now. I like the shower, the circulation and the jets.

I would suggest anybody that gets the walk-in tub should get the shower. If they don't get the shower, they should get the shower curtain. It keeps it from splashing out. But it's great all the way around. Safe Step surpassed my expectations.

Steven D.
Evansville, IN
October 13 2020 8:17AM

My Safe Step walk-in tub has been good so far. I like it. It's helped me. It's making a lot of noise, though. It's really loud. It only lasts for about a minute, then it simmers down, but it doesn't seem right.

Other than that, I use all of its features. I had them mostly figured out. There were just a couple of things I'm not sure of yet. I would recommend Safe Step but every time I mention the price, it scares everybody off.

Gene S.
Indianapolis, IN
October 12 2020 3:14AM

We have a lot of muscle pain so we thought that a Safe Step tub would help us. The Safe Step rep was good. The installation went good, too. The guys knew what they were doing. They did it all in one day and they did a very good job. I enjoy our tub. I like the rain shower part of it.

Kyle H.
Monterey, TN
October 11 2020 12:01PM

Safe Step was great. The only little problem that we have so far is one of the panels didn't come with the tub and they said they would send it to us and we haven't received it yet. Other than that, everything's fine. I like the jets. We're very satisfied.

Tom K.
Lafayette, IN
October 11 2020 3:06AM

I love using my Safe Step walk-in tub. It's wonderful. I don't have to worry about falling. I just walk on in.

Mae M.
Evansville, IN
September 23 2020 3:33PM

We are using our Safe Step almost every day, and the difference in our health is amazing. Casey has had neuropathy in his feet and some in his legs, the tub is improving the numbness in the short time we have had the tub.

This he has had for 20 years, getting worse as each year, he was at the point that he was not able to feel anything. For most people that would not be a problem, but Casey is blind and needs to feel his feet to walk, and also used for sense of direction.

This is the best money we ever spent, should had bought sooner. For myself I have RA, with arthritis this is so helpful if one of my joints hurt, or the weather changes every joint hurts, so my quality of life has improved and I am thankful.

Sharon and Casey D.
Wyoming, MI
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