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July 03 2020 1:00AM

I like the warranty on the Safe Step tub. Their salesperson was great. He's down-to-earth. The installation team did a great job. Three people came. I had also got the glass enclosure, and they didn't bring that. They forgot it.

They came back an hour and a half drive from where I live and got it and brought it back the same day to do it. Now that I have the Safe Step, I sit in the tub longer.

Michael B.
Niles, MI
June 16 2020 1:04AM

The Safe Step installation team was excellent. Installation took about four hours. My husband has Parkinson's and we are enjoying the bath. It is easier for my husband to take a bath or shower by himself. I don't have to worry about him falling because he can do that little steps. He just couldn't get into a big bath.

I would recommend it to a friend but it is hard for my husband to turn the knob so it will drain. A lever would be better but we'll put up with it.

Irene W.
Mount Morris, MI
June 15 2020 11:01AM

We called and a young lady came out and talked to us about Safe Step Walk-in Tubs, and we decided to get it. She was very good. Installation took about four hours. And it's working well. My wife used it one time and I used it one time. We really like it.

Lloyd F.
Addison, MI
June 12 2020 10:21AM

I just like the quality of the Safe Step Walk in Bath. The sales and installation teams were good. They got it installed in one day. My wife and I love it. I take more showers.

William B.
Muskegon, MI
June 06 2020 5:31AM

My husband and I are in our 80s. He has problems with balance. We had a regular tub and it was very hard to get in and out of it for him, so we decided to get a new walk-in shower, not a bath.

The installation of our Safe Step went fine. However I think I'd like to have it a little different but I don't know if they can do anything. The chair that was put in is on one end and the faucet is on the other end. And it's quite a distance to reach over for it if we're sitting on the chair. We were thinking, maybe there'd be some item that could be attached so it is easier to reach. We should have had the chair probably closer to where the grab bar is when you walk in, in the center of the back wall.

Roma M.
Kalkaska, MI
June 06 2020 4:28AM

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs is Beautiful. Everything about it is my favorite. I just come out of surgery. I have to treat my right arm. I couldn't get in and out of the tub so now I can sit down in the water. It's really nice. Everybody who saw it, they love it.

Sally S.
Detroit, MI
June 06 2020 2:04AM

I'm 85 years old and I couldn't get in a tub anymore, and my shower was in the basement and I have back problems, so it was getting very hard and dangerous for me to go up and down the steps. The Safe Step sales rep was very nice. The installation team was very efficient. Just a couple of hours and they were done. I love the tub.

Carol W.
Harrisville, MI
May 09 2020 4:26PM

What I got I could have done myself cheaper buying thru home depot. The shower does not drain properly. The back corner holds water. I was told to get squeegee and push the water to the drain.

When installed they added under the floor which I believe caused it to be unlevel. They put the soap shelf next to the shower head instead of next to chair so now my dad has to get up to get the soap. The point behind doing this was to make is safer for him as he has already has falls in the shower. What a big fail. I will not recommended this to anyone. Save your money. Buy the same shower at home depot. 800 dollars and get a handyman for 300 to install. Save thousands.

George F.
Owosso, MI
May 03 2020 5:11AM

We were looking for a way to change the configuration in my parents’ master bath. My mom saw Safe Step on TV so I reached out to them. They put me in contact with a local person and we had a in-home discussion with salesperson about it and we went from there. Everything that they said that they would do or that was gonna happen, actually happened which in this day and age is a little bit unusual. Everything was very smooth and very easy. Everyone has been great to talk to.

I've called the installer a couple of times on small things here and there that he warned me about when they first installed it and he's been great too. My parents want auxiliary pots for their hot water heater because they were not having enough hot water but they're making it work for now. Anything that we've had to deal with, we just call in and they are taken care of. My mom gets in there and let it run for 20 minutes, while she reads her book. My parents really have enjoyed it.

Cindy V.
Espanola, NM
May 02 2020 9:34AM

We liked Safe Step a lot better, and it suited us a whole lot better than the other ones that were demonstrated. The sales rep was excellent. He was funny and we liked him. The installation team arrived a little bit early, but they had called us and said they would come half an hour early. They did a Saturday, which was what we had needed for our work. We are able to get a bath without having to actually get down in the tub. We like the quality. It worked a whole lot better for us. We have recommended Safe Step to a couple of our friends already.

Ms. B.
Portland, IN
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