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July 21 2020 8:21AM

Safe Step's sales representative was really nice. He was very informed and very well-versed. He was really good.

The tub is installed, and I hope everything works out all right over a long time. I like all the features it has. It's very convenient, it's nice, it has more functions, and I figured out altogether. I have the wall surround where the bathtub is painted and fixed up really nice.

David H.
Hot Springs, AR
July 21 2020 1:19AM

I have fibromyalgia and have a lot of medical problems. I have rheumatoid arthritis and so does my husband. I'm a diabetic and he is too. So, we have a lot of pain and I thought a walk-in tub would be good. My daughter was wanting me to have one.

We got one from Safe Step. Their rep was great and the installers were really courteous. They couldn't have been any nicer.

I love our Safe Step. When I take a bath, I can step in it. I had a garden tub and I was having a lot of trouble getting in and out of it. It was to the point that I was gonna get hurt. So, after I've seen how I could step in my walk-in tub, it made it a lot easier.

Tonya W.
Vilonia, AR
July 17 2020 5:08AM

We liked everything we saw about Safe Step on TV, and it came with the shower, too. Their sales reps were really good, friendly and knowledgeable. The guys that put it in were the same.

What I got the tub for was my back. I like the jets in the back of it. They're the main thing. We had a hot tub, and it went bad after two years. So we decided we'd get one of these, and we have the jets and everything and be inside and do it too. It is helping me and my wife.

Max N.
Woodward, OK
July 16 2020 2:23AM

We got a walk-in bathtub for safety. I really liked Safe Step's package and I liked the guy who came and talked to us. He was very thorough. He was top of the line. Every time I had a question or a concern, he always returned the calls.

He went out of his way to do way beyond what was needed. He put in extra time, extra effort and extra whatever he could do. He's a great guy. It took me nine months to decide, but now that I got it, I enjoy all the bells and whistles.

The installation went great. It took 12 hours for it. When they had to pull some of the wood off our doorways, there was some wall damage, but they fixed it. If I had an issue, they would come back and look. I am very detail-oriented and a hard person to work with.

For the price, I wanted it just right and they followed through with everything. They were happy to fix everything. They cleaned up everything. It was the best ever.

Alexandra B.
Little Rock, AR
July 13 2020 2:13AM

Safe Step had a therapeutic thing for the skin. We have a disabled daughter and as of yet, I have not been able to get her into it, but I'm hoping that that breaks down pretty soon. My granddaughter, however, loves the hell out of it.

When I talked to Safe Step's representative, Jeff, he was very convincing. He made some points that I never even thought about and he helped me out a great deal, especially with the financing.

When the installer came in, he explained to me what he was gonna do and what he had to do. The tub was a little bit bigger than our doorways, but Jeff had already told me about that in our conversation.

Jeff was measuring things before we even got started. So I was well aware of that. I've got absolutely no complaints with the installer. He put the electric in and the tub was in. Everything was handy-dandy.

Douglas D.
Lawton, OK
July 12 2020 10:56AM

Safe Step need to stress the fact that a normal hot water heater won't fill the tub up. I told the rep I had a 50-gallon electric and he said, "Well, that oughta do it." It won't. It takes an On-Demand if you're gonna get it full hot.

I had to purchase a different hot water heater in order to make it work. When you're spending that much for something, you're expecting to just turn the valve and it'd work, and it won't. I took the way he talked that a 50-gallon ought to do it.

Mine was old, so I went and purchased a new 50-gallon electric hot water heater. It still wouldn't do it. They run out of hot water before you get 45 gallons. So, for me to get it full is to get an On-Demand. I ended up buying two hot water heaters in order to get it to work.

It's something Safe Step needs to let the people know ahead of time, so they won't get stuck that way.

I did a little research online and Safe Step got good reviews, and it seemed to be like a nice machine. The installer did a really good job. He was neat and got the job done nicely. We had to do a couple little adjustments on the drain and a couple of things.

I called the maintenance people and told them what the problem was, and if it'd be okay if I took care of it to save them a trip out because I can work on stuff.

There's no point having them come out and spend five minutes to do the little adjustment. They said, "Well, you look like you done figured out what to do, so that would be fine."

Overall, the tub's been fine. My wife used it the third time yesterday because we didn't have hot water. You sit there for 15 minutes to get it filled up halfway and then you have to wait for the hot water to heat up again in the heater and then fill up again. So, she just wouldn't use it.

But now, we got the other one in. The COVID virus slowed everything down on shipping, so we waited over a month getting it. But we're up and running now.

Harold S.
Dover, KY
July 12 2020 7:08AM

The Safe Step tub's fine. I'm enjoying it. I'm getting knee surgery tomorrow, and that's why I bought it to help me with that. I'm sure it'll work.

I liked the way it looked, too. But it isn't as roomy as I thought. The ad makes it look a lot roomier than what it is. But the only problem I have is getting in the door and shutting it behind me.

The door needs to be a little bit bigger for people like me who are short and can't get in. If that door was a little bit bigger, I wouldn't have a problem.

Sheree S.
Wyandotte, MI
July 11 2020 5:23AM

Julie has a broken back as well as some other health issues. I also have fibromyalgia and some other health issues. It was getting too difficult for both of us to be able to get in and out of our old shower and tub, especially the tub, as it was so small and set so low.

Once we managed to get down, it was hard to get back up. Julie came close to falling multiple times as her hips and legs give out on her. The tub was so small that it made it difficult to get the shower stools in, at least, comfortably.

So, we needed to look into one of the walk-in tubs to make it a little bit easier. When we had researched them, we liked the Safe Step a whole lot better.

The woman that came was very nice. She answered all our questions and explained everything quite well. She was very good.

The installation was wonderful. The two men that came out was so nice and they were funny. They joke around. We had to have a small chunk of part of the doorway cut out just to get the tub in, and they explained that before they did anything.

Then, they fixed it before leaving. They explained the tub very well. They explained everything step-by-step.

We have seven cats. We had them pinned up, but there was one that we couldn't pin up, and they were very careful like not to step on her or let her out the door. They were very good with that.

Now that we have our Safe Step tub, it's so much easier on both Julie and I because it sits up higher, so we ain't gotta worry about trying to get down and back up. It's so much safer getting in.

It's so nice to have the jets because we have the one that has that micro stuff if you have skin conditions. It is so nice because I also have diabetes, and she has skin conditions as well because she's on chronic steroids. That has came in handy for both of us.

It's definitely been a lot better because I take care of Julie with her health issues. My husband is the only one working, so he would be constantly worried if something was to happen while he was at work.

Even now, when Julie goes to get a shower, I make her have her phone near the tub just in case. We do all the precautions, but it's been so much easier now that we have this tub that I feel more comfortable with her being in there. You never know when something were to happen.

Amber W.
Ferdinand, IN
July 06 2020 2:28AM

With my wife's mother moving in with us, I went online and read up quite a bit on Safe Step. We got the tub, and we've all enjoyed it. I've used it, my wife's used it, but my mother-in-law is a primary user.

Jeff H.
Lansing, MI
July 03 2020 12:40PM

I paid $17,000.00 dollars for a tub with no follow up. I have been in customer service for forty five years and know how it's done.

I do have a few small complaints. The shower water builds up behind the shower and will leak onto the floor if not caught in time. Had to put up a shower guard to help eliminated this problem. My main concern is no customer service follow up. It seems once they got the money it's goodbye.

Emory D.
Stuart, FL
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