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August 19 2020 8:50PM

I have been waiting five weeks for a replacement oven that they could not repair. The replacement was supposedly approved but I have spent hours on the phone and cannot get delivery information. It is without a doubt, the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I am not a young man.

Anthony M.
Spring, TX
August 15 2020 1:02AM

I called them over the phone to their Customer service and when they offer this warranty it says that your appliances would be covered..but my Blender broke days ago and is not covered!. I Do not recommend dealing with this! It was a hassle to cancel my warranty... Bad experience overall.!!!

Eduardo M.
Highland, CA
August 12 2020 10:02PM

If I would’ve only checked all these reviews before I purchased my refrigerator. I will never ever buy another appliance from Sears! Customer service is the worst service I have ever experienced in my life.

Spent hours on the phone and then you get somebody that can hardly speak English and says they can only put you through to another extension that put you on hold again.

If you live outside their service area then you have no idea the training or the capability of who’s going to show up at your house. That’s crazy. I paid for an expected a Sears technician to service my refrigerator and there’s no possible way to get it. Buyer beware.

Nancy K.
Pendergrass, GA
August 12 2020 9:58PM

Very bad. Very very bad. Do NOT give these people a DIME. Avoid like the plague. My washing machine needed repair. I waited 3 weeks for the first appointment. Man comes, needs parts. That will be another 4 weeks.

4 more weeks pass. They cancel. Please call to reschedule. 3 more weeks. 3 more weeks pass. They cancel AGAIN. Next appointment, 2 more weeks. When the next appointment arrives, it will have been 3 months. 3 months.

Do you think they’ll show? Neither do I. And forget about reaching anyone. You will spend HOURS and get nowhere. You will get transferred then put on hold and disconnected and in the end, nothing. You will get nothing but extremely frustrated.

I’ve read through the reviews a bit. This smells like a class action situation. A lot of people paying for warranties that seem to be worthless. Avoid these junk “warranties” at ALL costs.

Pat H.
Fort Wright, KY
August 12 2020 8:19PM

This is the worst company that I've dealt with. My AC has been out for close to a month. All that has happened thus far is I've paid the service provider to come out and tell me what supposedly wrong.

When you call Sears they tell me the part has been ordered. I was on the phone for about 1 and 1/2 hours and was transferred 7 times basically in a loop with no answer as to the status of claim.. disgraceful...

Jerry N.
Garner, NC
August 07 2020 7:25PM

If I could give them 0 I would. I bought a dishwasher and refrigerator with them and added the warranty. Trying to contact them is impossible. You can stay on hold for 45 minutes and then the system says, call back again. I have been on the line for 4 hours.

Been transferred to over 10 departments. Been disconnected around 7 times. My refrigerator is beeping for over 4 months, and you need to keep the alarm on since the doors don't close without your undivided attention to them.

My dishwasher has not been working for over 6 months and the new one is still in backorder, their solution is to cancel the order. Every time I mention a refund I get disconnected. This has been a nightmare!!!!

Sharon H.
San Diego, CA
August 07 2020 12:51PM

We used the service one time in two years and it took over a month to do the repair following the two weeks it took for tech to arrive to perform diagnostic. We decided to discontinue plan having purchased new appliances with warranties.

Discontinuing of service has been extremely difficult! I've called 4 times, consuming well over two hours of my time, to cancel the plan. Each time I was told the plan is cancelled and account refunded. This happening once, maybe twice, not too suspicious.

5 months and multiple calls, this act is intentional and dishonest. I do NOT recommend Sears Warranty Service.

R S.
Yorktown, UT
August 06 2020 4:26PM

Called them out to fix a washer that didn't spin or drain. Technician removed a pen from the drain trap and said that was the only problem. One week later, we had a massive leak from underneath the washer.

Thousands of dollars of damage to my laundry room and kitchen, both rooms gutted to the sub floor now. Moved the washer to my other house so I could still do laundry, but they won't fix the washer because we moved it to a house that doesn't have a warranty on it.

Wrote a letter and explained the extenuating circumstances and why we moved it. "Charles" called and quoted me the company policy of "you moved it, it's your fault we are not fixing it". Horrible customer service and feel like they are scamming people. Don't use them!

Laurie A.
Vancovuer, WA
August 04 2020 12:34AM

Don’t waste your money. 30 days to replace a hot water heater. Now three weeks to repair a dishwasher. Called a Monday and had appointment the next Monday.

They didn’t show then rescheduled for two weeks out. Worst customer service in the business. All they do is read from a script.

Ronald R.
Johns Island, SC
July 31 2020 10:40PM

The worst experience we have had with company. We have two properties insured with this Company. First property had no A/C since May 2020 we have gone through a heat wave.

We called Sears and after 2 weeks of waiting a technician came and said they needed to order a part and once the part arrived they would come and fix it. Mid June we called to find out if the part had arrived only to be told there was no order made. The order was then made.

The part arrived. Some technicians came in July 24 and repaired the A/C. By July 26 the AC was off again. We called sears, several times. Then we were told a service provider (Supreme Energy) would come over on 30 July, which was yesterday.

The service provider called yesterday morning to tell us they had rescheduled to today 31st July. We called the service provider in the morning and we were told someone had cancelled the order.

For information it was the same guy who called us Yesterday to reschedule yesterday’s appointment. He then excused himself and said he was going to arrange for someone to come. At about 4:00 someone called to say they were coming in an hour.

It's now after 6:00, no one has come and when we reached out to the service provider they had closed for the weekend. 2nd property the A/C broke down beginning of July 2020, and we were given an appointment for July 29.

A sears technician came over on 29 July and he said we have a leakage and that he can’t repair it and that someone else would do it. We called home warranty today 31 July only to be told that the technician put in the system that the problem had been fixed, NOT TRUE.

The AC was not fixed. So we have had to make another appointment for a sears technician to come over. Sears appliance warranty is the worst. DO NOT go for Sears. Mind you each time someone comes we have to pay $100.00. We have gone through summer with NO AC.

Celia K.
Rutherford, NJ
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