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September 18 2020 9:15PM

Terrible. They do not do anything they say. We got this home warranty in July 2019. I called in December 2019 just to ask a question. 5 phone calls (hung up on 4X) and finally got a call back from a supervisor who did not have the answer.

In early January 2020 - filed a claim for my washer to be fixed. It took 4 visits spanning 6 weeks and 5 techs to finally complete the service.

The 2nd tech argued with me (the customer) on every thing about the service call - from what needed to be done right down to refusing to complete the job. He started this terrible service by berating his other employee who did not arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule like he did.

I had to call back and schedule again because he refused to put in one of the parts. He also took my card and swiped it on his phone allegedly to pay the service deductible of $100 - I later received a bill.

The payment had thankfully been reversed but we were late in payment because of this. We canceled our policy in July of 2020. Again we experienced a runaround on the phone. We got argument after argument and finally we were told they would cancel for a fee of $2.95.

That charge went through, then was reversed and a full charge for plan payment of $69.99 was put through. Immediately (minutes) after that reversal\payment we received 4 fraudulent charges on that card account and we shut it down.

We have attempted multiple times via e-mail, phone calls and mail to get them to return our money to us and cancel our contract.

Today's call I got told I was not authorized on the account that I was always authorized on and that the agent was present at the July cancelation call so he couldn't cancel the policy and my husband had to call him.

When I asked for a direct line to him he just kept repeating my husband had to call. He finally refused to give me a direct line to him claiming they do not have extensions at the call center.

I know this is fraudulent as I have had extensions given to me before. This is just one more runaround to avoid canceling the contract. Thankfully we blocked and stopped the account they were debiting out of or they would still be taking money.

Barbara O.
Clearwater, FL
September 18 2020 1:54AM

I don’t even know where to start after reading all these bad reviews, but here goes. I first called I think was in May 2020. Called for service on my fridge, they said it would be 10 days, the tech came out.

Said he had to order the part for me to call them when the part came in which, after I call them to set up an appt it’s another 10 days for the appt. Next appt they called and cancelled. The tech was ill. So I’ve been going on like this now for at least 5 months no refrigerator.

They have put in two new parts waiting 10, 10 10 more days still not working. Now they say if they can't find the part I would get a new unit, something comparable to what I have. Now I have new ph # s suppose to be top management, was put on hold for 2 hours.

I finally hung up. It’s exasperating. They told me sent an E mail to the warranty company to wait 3 to 5 days. I did nothing, so I called again.

They told me I had been approved for a new unit, no the next one I talked to said she didn’t see the approval, so she said she would e mail it in herself that I would have to wait another 3 to 5 days that's where I’m at now. I’m using a 30 year old fridge in my garage all this time.

Here are the ph #s I called to get to an advocate suppose to be the corporate offices, I still waited 2 hours on hold, hung up. They called me at 7:00 am the next morning. 1-800-827-6655. 1-877 878-3687. Good luck!!!

Phyllis B.
Kerman, CA
September 17 2020 5:14AM

My refrigerator has been out of service since July 20th, 2020. My appliances are covered by the Sears whole home warranty plan for $49 each month. I reported my fridge out of service on July 20th, 2020.

Sears set up a repair visit for July 27th. On this visit parts were ordered. A technician returned on August 11th, 4 hours to make repairs and replace parts. The refrigerator did not work after repairs and now with a new failure code: f5. Another repair was scheduled for August 27th.

After the technician left I now had a new error code: Er rf. I then had another repair scheduled for August 28th. I received a call from Sears repair on the 28th at 8:30 am to reschedule because the technician was out ill.

I explained that I had been without my fridge for 6 weeks already and they said they would pull a technician from another area to make the needed repairs that day. At 12:59 pm, I received automated text message that my repair had been canceled.

The technician closed the ticket out and signed my name to the service order when he never even showed up for the appointment. I then spent 4 hrs. 20 min on hold to reschedule with no success. I was not able to get through to reschedule.

I have been without my fridge now for 6 weeks and not able to get a successful Sears appliance repair. This is list of service orders associated with my original repair reported on July 20th, 2020. ** and **.

I spent 2 more hours on hold for now another appointment scheduled for September 11th.... 2 more weeks with no fridge. Update: Today is Sep.16th 2020. I still have not had my refrigerator repaired, nor have I been contacted by Sears.

My September 11th appointment was canceled without my knowledge. After a no show, I spent another day on the phone trying to schedule yet another appointment. After another 3 hours on hold and multiple transfers, I have a 5th appointment scheduled for September 28th.

There is no one available to escalate this matter. Sears has everything contacted to a 3rd party vendor.

No customer service is available. However, they manage to continue to collect my $50 autopay each month for this Appliance warranty agreement. I am at their mercy at this point. 2 months now with no refrigeration.

Heidi M.
Winlock, WA
September 12 2020 10:05AM

I purchased a Sears Home Warranty and 3 weeks ago I called to have my refrigerator repaired, the repair guy said it needed a compressor. And that was the last I heard from anyone. I’ve called and all I’ve been getting is the run around.

My refrigerator is still not fixed and no one have called me with any information on the repair. We’re now going into the 4th week since I called. I’m canceling the warranty. It’s a scheme.

Veronica B.
Chelmsford, MA
September 11 2020 10:11PM

Absolutely BEYOND horrible! They keep you on hold for hours! They service techs out only to do nothing. We have been waiting for a simple TV repair for months, and now a fridge repair only for them to do nothing.

If you are fortunate enough to speak to a rep after being on hold for 2 hours, you will have to explain your whole story from the beginning, there is no continuity or case management.

They send parts out but keep canceling the service technician visits even after you have alerted them that the parts have arrived. These people are scam artists of the highest order! Please avoid them at all costs!

What they are doing - taking folks’ hard earned money every month and not even delivering a fraction of the service they promise, should be criminal. I would given them negative stars if I could, it’s honestly that bad.

Edy I.
Placer, CA
September 11 2020 12:02AM

I placed a service call over a month ago, initially the tech came out and ordered parts and scheduled my appointment for repair 2 weeks ago. I missed work and waited all day without any response. I made several attempts and the answer was they were still coming.

Finally after 8 PM it was rescheduled today. Same thing happened today as 2 weeks ago, missed work and it was rescheduled for 3 different dates within a 2 minute time frame. Extremely poor customer service. Worst experience I’ve EVER had!!!

Tony W.
Milan, IN
September 10 2020 12:08AM

No service. I have had my money taken monthly for a warranty from what I believed to be an American institution whose name used to credibility. I am absolutely disgusted. Calls are sent to God only knows where. Nobody has tracking of the issue/problem.

They hand you back and forth to other departments and after wasting hours you are told they will call you back ASAP. They do not call back and 6 weeks later with a tech out here twice Sears has not done anything to help us. I will never deal with them again.

Every time you call back to find out the status you have to begin from the beginning as if it was your first time calling in. It is done intentionally so that you get so frustrated and desperate for a functioning appliance that you finally go away. They don’t care.

Teresa F.
Destin, FL
September 04 2020 8:16PM

This is a scam!!! I'm so done with this company. Negative stars if I could rate that way. They need to be shut down!!! My washer was supposed to be a easy fix so they say and this was back in May.

Fast forward to now September 4 and still without a washer. When you call customer service they will not answer or put you on hold for nearly a hour. Ha never again!!!

Dee K.
Ivanhoe, NC
September 04 2020 9:55AM

My refrigerator went out on June 5th and is in worse shape each time the come. They have been out 6 times and still not repaired. Just replace it HA! Just yesterday alone I was on hold for 3 hrs and 13 min before I gave up. Absolutely the worst experience ever! THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!

Dianr D.
Atoka, TN
September 02 2020 7:31PM

These Guys are a rip off. They they will tell you that they are the best in the business. They charge me 75.00 a month for their warranty and I have had them about 2 years.

So I finally needed to use their services for my tub and they telling me they are only going to pay for the faucet which is only about 150.00 and I had to pay a 100 deductible and the piping that's about $750.00 to be replaced.

Please stay away from these guys. If are already with them cancel their service quickly because they don't stand for that Sears name!

Durham, NC
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