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October 07 2020 7:20PM

Where to start? I had an appointment for dishwasher repair. The parts were to be shipped ahead of time. Apparently, they were on back order and 2 weeks later, when the technician did not show up, I reached out.

I was told the parts were on back order without any estimation of when they would be received. I spoke with 6 different individuals because their communication system is so poor I kept getting disconnected.

I could not get a straight answer regarding when the parts were expected and what options were available if the parts were not delivered within 3 weeks. They seem to be avoiding answering the question directly. Now shopping for dishwashers and will cancel my contract.

Pamela C.
Bradenton, FL
October 06 2020 4:47AM

Sears Home Services should be called Sears No Services. It took over two months to get the air conditioner fixed. We had to hire a local AC company that could get the part in one week. Sears had over eight weeks to find it.

Then we spent hours on the phone being shuffled from one person to another trying to get approved so my parents could be reimbursed for repairing the AC. Sears finally agreed, and it took two whole months for the reimbursement check to arrive.

Sears said the check would come in 14-21 days. Sadly I am not done with my complaints. Back in June, when the AC went out, my parent's dishwasher needed repair. A service person came out on July 6th.

My parents were told parts were ordered and to call when it was delivered. The parts never came. Sears sent an email instructing my parents to call a number.

Every time they got or I called, we would be on hold for hours, and when a customer service person answered, we would be transferred to another person, and then we would get disconnected every time.

I finally got through on a number I was given in an email when I sent a complaint. I was on hold for over three hours and then on the phone with a lovely lady.

She was able to help us get in contact with the people to start the ball rolling on getting the air conditioner reimbursement approved. She also stated that the dishwasher had been approved to be replaced and gave us a dollar amount.

I promptly chose a new dishwasher for my parents. The woman said that in 14 days, someone would be calling or contacting my parents about the delivery and installation of the dishwasher.

That phone call was August 7, 2020. It’s October 5, 2020, and we have heard nothing from Sears regarding the dishwasher. When my dad called to follow up, he was told there was no record that the dishwasher was approved to be replaced or that we had ordered a new one.

Sears home services are the worst. Terrible customer service, honorific business model, and lackadaisical follow through.

Cheryl H.
Roseburg, OR
September 24 2020 9:56PM

They are horrible. Their customer service is horrible. They tell you hours into your scheduled time that they can't make it and want to reschedule you for days later; after you have taken time off work and made other arrangements.

You're always on hold for hours.. Never any supervisors available, no customer satisfaction. And now they make you pay up front for the technician service that you haven't received. And it always takes at least 2 appointments to resolve your issues.

I won't renew my contract after this. Get your home warranty from someone more dependable.

Alesia F.
Chicago, IL
September 23 2020 10:04PM

Beware of Sears Home Warranty!!! You'd be better off saving the cost you pay for the warranty and using that for a repair or replacement.

I called for service on my Amana dryer and it could not be repaired, so I was guaranteed a replacement of similar quality within 10 to 21 days. The delay is supposedly due to Covid-19...normal delivery is 3 - 4 days. That guarantee was over a month ago!

In the month I've been waiting, I've called 6 different phone numbers in 3 separate departments, spoken with nearly a dozen people and not one of them was of any help. No one has sent me an email nor called and they have no clue when dryer will arrive.

Today I was told it hasn't even shipped, but no one knows why...nor do they know when it will ship. I was told they will escalate my claim to the Research Department, who will discover what's going on and then contact me.

This is the second escalation and there's never been any contact or action. I was offered a check in lieu of a replacement. The dryer I was promised is $899 GE, but the check is only $574! How is this acceptable??? It's nonsensical!

The explanation I was given was the check is the discount amount that the company pays GE for the dryer, however that discount is not offered to me if I make the purchase myself.

So basically I can wait indefinitely for my dryer to arrive or accept a check that doesn't cover the cost of a comparable replacement. This has been an awful experience. I expected much better from a warranty with the Sears name! I will definitely be cancelling my warranty.

Kimberly R.
Chicago, IL
September 23 2020 3:26PM

Sears is and has been the worst company to deal with.!. I have a push bagger mower that has been in the repair shop in Quincy Massachusetts every season for the same reason since I bought it. I have only been getting the run around on receiving a replacement for this piece of crap.

I'm being told I'm only allowed "X" amount for it when the the one I purchased was way more. The replacement/equivalent to what I had is more than $150 more than they are willing to give me towards a new mower.

I will love to see the day that sears has completely left the planet of being able to do business and steal our money with a lower than par product.

I implore anyone looking for anything from house hold goods to rubber bands to go elsewhere.!!. Die well and fast SEARS.

Richard H.
Pembroke, MA
September 22 2020 11:28AM

Brought a Kenmore branded Dunkirk Hot Water from Sears in 2005 and had minor issues which were repaired in a timely manner In June Aquastat pump would not shut off. Service person examined boiler and determined Aquastat control board was defective.

Ordered part, but got wrong part. Rescheduled repair eight times. Part only available as kit from manufacturer. It is now end of September and was promised replacement boiler, on telephone for hours, rescheduled again to October 6. They claim will replace unit but do not believe them.

Howard P.
September 20 2020 12:36AM

After reading other people experiences with Sears, I'm happy to say, "I have had great customer service. And the repair people were very knowledgeable and came as scheduled." I would recommend Sears Home Warranty to others. Thank you. Janet.

Janet R.
Peoria, IL
September 19 2020 4:52PM

I have been paying $50.00 a month for a Sears warranty. My dishwasher was fixed properly. I had a service man in 2 times for my refrigerator, neither time did he correct the problem. The refrigerator is freezing everything in the refrigerator.

The second time was 9/18 at which time I paid him an additional $75.00 since I thought the job was ok. The next morning when I checked, everything in the fridge was frozen. Now I am trying to contact them online, for a re-repair, and there is no option to do so.

September 18 2020 9:15PM

Terrible. They do not do anything they say. We got this home warranty in July 2019. I called in December 2019 just to ask a question. 5 phone calls (hung up on 4X) and finally got a call back from a supervisor who did not have the answer.

In early January 2020 - filed a claim for my washer to be fixed. It took 4 visits spanning 6 weeks and 5 techs to finally complete the service.

The 2nd tech argued with me (the customer) on every thing about the service call - from what needed to be done right down to refusing to complete the job. He started this terrible service by berating his other employee who did not arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule like he did.

I had to call back and schedule again because he refused to put in one of the parts. He also took my card and swiped it on his phone allegedly to pay the service deductible of $100 - I later received a bill.

The payment had thankfully been reversed but we were late in payment because of this. We canceled our policy in July of 2020. Again we experienced a runaround on the phone. We got argument after argument and finally we were told they would cancel for a fee of $2.95.

That charge went through, then was reversed and a full charge for plan payment of $69.99 was put through. Immediately (minutes) after that reversal\payment we received 4 fraudulent charges on that card account and we shut it down.

We have attempted multiple times via e-mail, phone calls and mail to get them to return our money to us and cancel our contract.

Today's call I got told I was not authorized on the account that I was always authorized on and that the agent was present at the July cancelation call so he couldn't cancel the policy and my husband had to call him.

When I asked for a direct line to him he just kept repeating my husband had to call. He finally refused to give me a direct line to him claiming they do not have extensions at the call center.

I know this is fraudulent as I have had extensions given to me before. This is just one more runaround to avoid canceling the contract. Thankfully we blocked and stopped the account they were debiting out of or they would still be taking money.

Barbara O.
Clearwater, FL
September 18 2020 1:54AM

I don’t even know where to start after reading all these bad reviews, but here goes. I first called I think was in May 2020. Called for service on my fridge, they said it would be 10 days, the tech came out.

Said he had to order the part for me to call them when the part came in which, after I call them to set up an appt it’s another 10 days for the appt. Next appt they called and cancelled. The tech was ill. So I’ve been going on like this now for at least 5 months no refrigerator.

They have put in two new parts waiting 10, 10 10 more days still not working. Now they say if they can't find the part I would get a new unit, something comparable to what I have. Now I have new ph # s suppose to be top management, was put on hold for 2 hours.

I finally hung up. It’s exasperating. They told me sent an E mail to the warranty company to wait 3 to 5 days. I did nothing, so I called again.

They told me I had been approved for a new unit, no the next one I talked to said she didn’t see the approval, so she said she would e mail it in herself that I would have to wait another 3 to 5 days that's where I’m at now. I’m using a 30 year old fridge in my garage all this time.

Here are the ph #s I called to get to an advocate suppose to be the corporate offices, I still waited 2 hours on hold, hung up. They called me at 7:00 am the next morning. 1-800-827-6655. 1-877 878-3687. Good luck!!!

Phyllis B.
Kerman, CA
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