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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (636 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

636 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

February 26 2019 1:53AM

I tried for approx 3 months to get my washer repaired properly. I finally gave up and bought my washer myself. This policy is worthless. I’ve never experienced incompetence at this level. First you deal with a cross Country who handles all claims. Forget getting anything from Sears it’s like they went Ghost. The warranty company makes appts that are not kept and then when you get a part it’s refurbished. I even took to Twitter in hopes of reaching Sears !! I did get a customer service representative who promised to help but did not. I’m demanding all moneys I’ve paid to them. The broke part should not count as a service... I am so disgusted I can’t even find words. They are not the Sears we use to know.

Cindy H.
Columbus, MS
1 Star

February 19 2019 4:54PM

Mid December 2018 my Samsung dishwasher quit running. We have Sears Home Warranty. No problem? Think again. After 4 repair attempts in mid January the warranty folks offered me a “buyout” for $400 less than I paid for the dishwasher or a replacement dishwasher (GE no color match). I took the buyout offer since their offer was “take it or hire an attorney”. That conversation occurred on 1/21/19 a I was told I would receive a check in about ten days. It is now 2/19/19 and no check. What a cruel joke on the consumer. And I still don’t have a working dishwasher.

Michael O.
Seminole, FL
1 Star

February 18 2019 1:30AM

I got depressed with this company. Poor technician and customer service attention. They just stole my money, my time and got me sick, I'm preparing to take they to court, doesnt matter of I lost more time but, this kind of companies have to be outside of market. I hotel my insurance with them and make me lost my time for 6 months living appointments that some time have been canceled without advice, then when technicians come around 6 yo 7 un 6 months they where different each time just come, Open my refrigerator, order a piece that never been used around 5 pieces, at least my insurance expired and they charge 2 more month without my permission, but they said to me can't show up no more in home because insurance expired. When they stole charging IT, just said "sorry" and nobody take any responsibility. So bad.

Bustamante A.
Reseda, CA
1 Star

February 12 2019 4:25PM

Having a Sears home warranty was in the past worth the money, but now it seems to only serve to take the customers money and not fulfill even the basics of its plan. I have been trying for a month now to get my electric dryer repaired. Repairmen have come to my house 4 times with 4 different reasons why my dryer will not work. Most often when I call to find out the status of my repair they put me on hold after listening to my complaint then in 4 or 5 minutes they hang up rather than speaking to me. It is very frustrating and I am cancelling the plan and going with some other warranty plan rather than keep using Sears.

John H.
Ambler, PA
1 Star

February 11 2019 11:30PM

I have had the sears plan for almost 2 years with good reports, but on Jan 30, 2019 I called for service, promptly came out ordered a part that came to our house the following Wed on Feb the 6th. Called a got a serviceman to come on Thursday the 7th. They repaired and said to wait 24 to 48 hours for fridge to start cooling. Called on Friday and started a run around. I have been hung up on, lied to and transferred so many times. Asked to talk to a supervisor and was put on hold for 35 minutes only to come back and tell me there was none available but she left a message for on to call me back. That was early this morning and it is now 630 in the evening. My husband has 4 months of insulin that needs to be in refrigerated. They keep saying we medical preference but no one has called. I am in my 15th day with no fridge. All I want at this time is a repairman. But please if you are considering a warranty plan DO NOT GO with Sears plan. The calls to them and their responses just today are so hideous and I cannot write them all down. We lost most of our food that was in the freezer and all that was in the fridge. One interesting experience on Saturday while I was on the phone with a lady, I received an email confirming an appt, 16 minutes later and email came thru cancelling it with no explanation. My husband have a heart condition as well as being a diabetic.

Erma K.
Tallmadge, OH
1 Star

February 11 2019 5:47PM

I was unable to get service to my refrigerator which was a simple part that needed to be replaced. I called for services for this part for months each time I got a run around and that someone would call me. I had been trying for 4 months to get service and finally cancelled my membership. I asked them to reimburse me back to when I first called to get service and they flat out refused. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE customer service and basically stole my money.

Ronda B.
1 Star

February 10 2019 8:06PM

Absolutely the WORST appliance warranty service ever. This company is a disgrace. We have a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator that cost almost $3000 barely 2 years old. First it was a bad ice maker. That repair was done ok. Then in November of 2018 the refrigerator was not cooling properly. It is February of 2019 and we still don't have a functioning refrigerator. 2 cancelled appointments (by Sears), one missed appointment (by Sears) 5 service calls with no results, wrong parts sent. Just about every part of the machinery in this refrigerator will have been replaced. It takes two to four weeks to get a service person out. We got so frustrated we purchased a new refrigerator. Sears Warranty people say sorry, nothing we can do about it. Read your contract. Too bad for you.

Robert I.
Myrtle Beach, SC
1 Star

February 10 2019 4:12PM

BUYER BEWARE!!! I purchased this warranty after a "service" was done on my dishwasher that was not draining. The first technician replaced a small plastic part and tested it, machine drained and called it day. Well a week later, it stopped working after 10-15 minutes into the cycle. Once again, had another technician come in and now he claims it's because when the other technician pushed the dishwasher back, a "line" got twisted. Fixed it, tested it and once again called it a day. Mind you everytime this happens, I had to take time off to work and the second time he was 2.5 hrs late when I was told he was about 25 mins away. So once again, the machine was not working after 2 uses. This time, nothing was available for at least 2 weeks and when I rebooked, it got booked as a new order, new year, which I promptly asked the customer service rep that it should still be under recall as it should have been under the 90 day warranty on the original service. Not my fault that they cannot send anybody earlier. Once again, I have to take time off due to the fact that when I informed the technician that my daughter will be in to let him in, he wanted to know if she can pay the $75 deductible.

I reminded him that this is not a new service but a recall on an previous one. He claims that nobody told him and that there is no record of it in the system. I rushed off after telling my boss I need to be home and there was this tech trying to tell my clueless daughter that it's because we do not have an airgap, which I promptly pointed out to him. Then he claimed, our sink was the problem and that we have a back up. I pointed out to him then if that is the case, then why are we able to wash our dishes in the sink. Then he called his office but he needed to talk to them outside because if the reception. I should have followed him to listen as when he came back it now became a drainage issue in my house. There is another sink in the kitchen, another dishwasher downstairs, 2 washing machines and all 3 bathrooms have not shown any "drainage" issue but now he refuses to continue unless I have the sink fixed. I refused to sign anything and called customer service who I asked to speak to a supervisor.

Of course she infuriated me by coming up with a delaying tactic of trying to help me. Mind you, this was after I got disconnected 4 times. I was finally promised that a supervisor will call me back the next day, Friday and she even gave me an option on time. Of course, no call. Someone tried to call on a Saturday and left a message that it is a drainage issue in my house per technician report so there nothing they can do until I fixed that. When I tried calling 5 minutes after the call, of course, their office is closed. I will pursue a refund on my money even though I know it will be a pain. IN MY OPINION, THIS IS A SCAM AS I AM DOUBTFUL OF THE 4 STAR RATING BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE AND THE FEEDBACK FROM OTHERS.

Lilian B.
1 Star

February 10 2019 12:39PM

This is a scam they are running. They do not simply honor the warranty. Total wastage of money. My water heater started leaking after the 40 days of service and they said it is an existing condition. When I complained to their customer service how can a leak be existing condition as it will result in a flood in more than 40 days of leaking. They told me to get a second opinion. I got a second HVAC company and gave in writing that the leak cannot be more than 2 to 3 days. But Sears refused anyway. The two months premium and two HVAC visits cost me $300.

A R.
1 Star

February 07 2019 4:59PM

It's basically a scam, not worth it at all! We were told they could fix multiple things in one visit-lie. We were told upon signing up we could cancel at any time, with only a $25 fee-lie. In the 4 months we had the warranty we only had our ice maker replaced (again because you could only do one service at a time) so we decided it was not worth it. Called to cancel & either have to pay that service in full or pay the entire year! Such a RIP off!

1 Star

February 05 2019 4:04PM

I'm amazed this site show 4 stars. I have been absolutely ripped off by Sears. Shame on anyone who would promote a Sears Home Warranty. It's Been a nightmare! I bought the Warranty for all my appliances, now they say it only covers my fridge. I'm stuck in this contract for 10 more months.

James N.
Nashville, TN
1 Star

February 04 2019 5:04PM

Really should be a ZERO. Absolutely horrible service. So sad that I did not read the above reviews prior to signing up. Washing machine broke Jan 3. Repairman showed Jan 8 Since then we are just sitting and waiting. According to the senior supervisors we spoke with, our repair info is in research. Whatever that means. Research. Still going on for practically one month. No end in sight. We are being held captive because we cannot get an answer or results. Time to call the news and tv stations. This is almost fraud.

Terry K.
Setauket, NY
1 Star

February 04 2019 4:39PM

Needed a heater repair in the evening and when I called was told there was no offices in my area within their network. So I gave them the vendor I use on a regular basis, to include a phone number within the same area code. Was told I would get a call back from dispatch... Meanwhile my house is cold and no call back from dispatch. Next morning I call and the status is the same, waiting on dispatch to find a vendor. I reminded them that I gave them vendor information. Waited another day (luckily a friend fixed my heater but what am I paying Sears for?) gave up, called Sears to speak with a supervisor, waited 4 days for a callback and never got one. Then I called and waited 20 minutes to get to membership to cancel my contract. The only professional response I got was from the guy in membership. And he is refunding me some money. Hey Sears management.... wait was I paying you for if I could not get anything done? Very poor service and I would never recommend Sears warranty to anyone.

Bradford P.
Sierra Vista, AZ
2 Stars

February 01 2019 10:23PM

Tried to get my furnace fixed and they sent 3 different repairmen out before they decided to just get me a new one. They replace my nice furnace with a real cheap one and they didn't install it correctly and when calling All Temperature Controls to come out and fix the furnace they put it for Sears, he told me off and said he would come and take the whole furnace out. I then told Sears I didn't want the same person since he threatened me and they didn't send anyone out so I hired the same repairman they had sent out before and paid him and then Sears would not pay me back. I would not have this warranty program again.

Catherine P.
2 Stars

February 01 2019 7:37PM

I have paid into this plan for 17 months and went to cancel and they charged me $95. I was told when I signed up I could cancel at any time. If you have more than one appliance that needs a repair, they will charge you for each appliance separately even though they are already there and it is a simple fix to work on the second appliance. Also, the contract reads that after 3 visits and the unit is not repaired, you may request a replacement. After 6 visits in which a fee was charged each time, we were still not allowed a replacement so we just went and bought one. For the $80 service fee and six visits, we could have just bought a new one in the first place. One time the repairman came out and looked at it and said nothing was wrong so my husband took our dishwasher apart and fixed it himself. Also, they will only give you an 8 hour window instead of a 4 hour window for a visit so I have to take the entire day off work. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! AND BEWARE if you want to cancel.

Cynthia P.
Champaign, IL
1 Star

January 31 2019 8:04PM

Wish I had read this reviews before signing up home appliances maintenance plan. My refrigerator is not working since Sep 2018 and they fixed it but same problem again in Dec 2018. It’s last day of January 2019 and I am still waiting for a part to arrive. No communication from Sears for ETA on part.

Sue T.
Naperville, IL
1 Star

January 30 2019 10:09PM

Sears has two ways of handling their warranty service. If you do not have a warranty (therefore will pay) they will put you in the front of the line. If you bought a warranty (they already have your money) you go to the back of the service line. If you don't believe me check for yourself: schedule an online appointment for a non-warrantied service. Record the date and then call the warranty line, ask for the same thing and see what date they give you. Warranty customers are totally shafted by Sears. It is a shameful practice and should be illegal.

Todd M.
Frisco, TX
1 Star

January 30 2019 6:22PM

This Sears Appliance repair contract is a big rip-off! Buyer beware!!! You are promised prompt expert repair when you sign up, but that is NOT WHAT YOU GET! So for the second time this year I called to see if I could get a technician to service my refrigerator since the ice maker wasn’t putting out ice. I did pull my manual out before I called and went through the troubleshooting the best I could. Because of a medical issue I am using a cane to walk and walking/standing is horribly painful. (Earlier this year it was a different refrigerator issue which I did end up resolving myself since it was going to be over a week before someone could get here) I told them today that I needed ice for my foot because of a medical issue. I also said to please make this an emergency or ASAP appointment. “I understand” First they asked if I had pulled out the ice maker to see if it was jammed.

What? I just told you I can barely walk! “Yes, I understand”. There is no way I could wrestle the darn ice maker out!!! “Sorry, Yes, I understand”. Then the guy asked if there was someone I knew who could do this for me! Again, what? I told him no one wants to work on someone else’s major appliance for fear that something could go wrong or break. I also did not want “someone” to break something, avoid my darn Service contract. “Yes, I understand.” Well, because mine was an ‘emergency situation’ they could send someone out in a week! Aren’t they kind? A whole week! As you can see, and like someone posted earlier, I got a lot of “I understand”, “Yes, sorry, I understand”. And at the end of the phone call he tried to sign me up for a free estimate for home improvements. No way I will Renege this contract or sign up for anything from these people again.

Pattie W.
Monterey, CA
1 Star

January 30 2019 3:48PM

I have a Sears “warranty”. My washer needed repairing. They agreed to the repair and have now cancelled four appointments (after I waited four hours for each appointment). Each time you have to go through a hellish process to reschedule the appointment which is two weeks from the original appointment. We have now been two months without a washing machine in our family (with three small children). It has been a nightmare and no one at the company cares. Would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation to simply go buy a new washing machine.

Jason K.
Greenville, SC
1 Star

January 25 2019 3:15AM

-100!! I think these people are in the business Of ripping us off!!! I've had the same difficulties as many of the other really BAD reviews. I don't understand how they are still rated a 3??? I waited four months over the Holidays for a washing machine repair. There is a bolt on the bottom of the tub that had "frozen up, and wouldn't allow washer to spin". The repairman who came at the beginning of the 4 month wait said if he Couldn't free up the bolt, it couldn't be fixed. After 4 months worth of making 5 appointments that were all "No Shows", The repair company said that they couldn't free the bolt, so I would just have to buy a new one, as they don't cover the tub in a washing machine!!! ARE YOU KIDDING??? THEY DONT COVER THE MAIN PART OF A WASHING MACHINE??? Same problems with our heat pump.

After several weeks of waiting, they send a letter saying they can't find a service provider in our area, so we can call our own. (I learned that all service companies in four nearby counties WON'T work with them because they dont get paid!!) Long story short, we followed their many "procedures"(stalling) & they authorized the replacement, but only paid me back $2000.00 out of $8000.00 of the repair they authorized!! I can't get anywhere with them. I'm going to have to call Jesse @King 5 news, who addresses consumer issues. I too want to be included in any future Class Action Suit.

Renae B.
Toledo, WA
1 Star

January 23 2019 4:01PM

I wish I would have read the reviews first. All of them are true. Our water heater went out 3 days ago. Our call was marked "emergency". The local plumber was out the next day to take the deductible, pictures and report back to the Cross County Warranty Co (which underwrites SEARS). He called us the next day to report Cross County would not pay the $58 difference for him to put in a water heater but they wanted to ship one to him... scheduled to arrive 4 days from now (being a weekend, probably won't have hot water for a week). THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE... but when you call in and even talk to a supervisor, "they understand" but can't do a thing about it or CARE to do a thing about it. WE will NEVER sign with this Home Warranty Co again. Other Home warranty companies have been exceptional to take care of our needs.

Marci C.
Show Low, AZ
1 Star

January 22 2019 12:54AM

Like most others I would give them 0 stars! The absolute worst experience I've ever had with any company in my life! Avoid them at all costs! Each call (if you dont get disconnected) is a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour. It has been 39 days since service tech ordered parts for my range and I've been told it's going to be replaced... now they have found one of the two parts needed so they will repair it instead of replacing it. DO NOT USE SEARS HOME WARRANTY.

Ken O.
Milton, FL
1 Star

January 16 2019 9:03PM

First a guy came out for a problem with my washer. It was a pump. He told me I could keep using the washer as long as it was draining. I used it one time & it blew out the control panel & some other parts. I have waited over a month for one part... it has come in & I can’t get an appointment after having them drop 3 phone calls. My washer has been ruined by an uneducated tech they sent out to do Service my machine. I have been without a washer since Nov 13 2018 & today is Jan 16 2019. Absolutely the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Contacting a human is a joke with this company & nobody seems to know who can help or seems to care. Every time I have to call I’m on the phone for at least an hour & I'm lucky if I ever reach a human. Sorry I went with Sears & now I understand why the company is doing so bad. A one star rating is highly overrated!

Michelle T.
1 Star

January 16 2019 7:35PM

Water heater broke. Patel Plumbing came out on Jan 8th. As of today, I am still waiting for the installation of this water heater. And during this time, I do not have hot water. THE WORST WARRANTY COMPANY EVER!!!

Olga C.
1 Star

January 16 2019 5:05PM

I would also give no stars, I would actually give a -100. Same experience, been trying for over a year to get furnace fixed, takes 3 weeks to get appts., have to call back because not fixed, then another 3 weeks, etc. I would be interested in class action lawsuit if there were one. Been paying for this plan for over 25 years, no claims until trying to get it fixed since January 2018, could have purchased a new furnace by now. No wonder Sears is going down. I agree that it is a scam, don't purchase one!!!!!

1 Star

January 12 2019 12:06AM

This company and their service reps are all joke. Signed up for the service due to the tech who came to our house, who by the way took a dump and clogged our toilet. I didn't know abt it until later... He was very pushy, so I signed up to get rid of him. Sounded like a decent plan, so why not. Tech never fixed the issue, had to have another person come the next week to fix the original issue with my washer. This tech told me the previous guy was not a good employee... pretty strange thing to say about your co-worker. We are not using the product, so I called to cancel... This is where all goes to hell. It took me 3 calls, each over an hour wait and multiple transfers to get to an actual person.... then that person can't help and need to transfer me... I'm still on hold while I write this review. All I want to do is cancel this stupid useless plan. No one seem to care after they sign you up for the monthly program to charge you automatically. Terrible service, don't get fooled people to sign up for this trap.

Yuki B.
1 Star

January 11 2019 10:59PM

I HOPE THE NEXT PERSON READING REVIEWS KEEPS READING UNTIL SHE/HE GETS TO MINE: You need to know 2 things if considering buying a Sears Protection Plan, or of you now have one (so sorry!) Here they are. (1) Sears has neatly built in a huge buffer between its customers and its customer service for Warranty Protection Plan repairs by outsourcing their repair scheduling a year ago to Philippines. So since then when you call to schedule a repair appointment, they can't immediately help, like the good old Sears did, until they look up available dates online & any inquiry you have they can't answer?

They are paid to just "thank you for being the best part of Sears" ( joke, who would not call you that for paying that company tons of $ in only hopes of getting service or "I apologize for your inconvenience". Please, someone pierce both my eardrums!) So they email your request to Repair Techs Division that's back in the States, wait for their answer & let you know but more likely, they list say that information is not available to them. They are masters at the apology and poor-to-none on the follow-through. (2) The Protection Agreement (by the way it exists to protect Sears & not you the customer because you have given them money to exercise any loophole they find within terms of their agreement to keep you from receiving any satisfaction from buying your appliance from Sears instead of from an appliance store, Lowes or Home Depot) states Sears will REPAIR OR REPLACE the appliance; however, the key to this is: There must COMPLETED REPAIR VISITS on the problem for the appliance to qualify for replacement. In my case, today is 1/11/19 and I have been waiting for either repair or replacement of my Whirlpool dishwasher since 9/2/18.

After a Sears repair tech visited, diagnosed, ordered parts that arrived mid-Sep Sears rescheduled my 10/18 appt to 11/26, then cancelled on 11/25 due them noticing all of the parts not available from Whirlpool & on that date they reordered the parts so Sears rescheduled my 11/26 appt to Dec 3 & said tech will bring parts from local Sears parts source; tech arrived Dec 3 appt & did not bring any parts so no repair was made & from my kitchen, he ordered parts again & he said I should demand a full appliance replacement. (Not making this up!) Then Sears gave me the Jan.11, 2019 repair date. Now, today, Jan 11, at 10 AM while I waited for the tech to arrive, Sears has sent me a text cancelling my repair appt & when I called they gave me appt for Feb 1. That will be 6 months waiting for a simple door switch repair covered under their Protection Plan. Last Nov. I went to Sears local parts store in Richmond, Va, near me & the parking lot had at least a dozen A&E Appliance Repair Van's sitting there. Sears controls both elements essential to completing their end of the repair: parts and repair/repair techs. Sears is obliged to provide these items as they go directly to the spirit of the contract. Customers who have paid for the Protection Plan have contractual rights.

Sears is aware even at the level where the repair techs and parts are that as long as they can inject a delay in the process either by not providing parts or the repair techs to the customers- area of need, they can effectively delay their obligation to deliver under the Protection Plan contract. This was proven to me in Nov when I called Warranty Protection division & asked for an appliance replacement & was told to qualify THERE NEEDS TO BE RECORDS OF COMPLETED SERVICE CALLS ON THE APPLIANCE FOR IT TO QUALIFY SO SINCE THEY HAVE NOT COMPLETED THEIR SERVICE CALLS ON MY DISHWASHER. I pointed out that the uncompleted apts have been due TO THEIR INABILITY TO PROVIDE PARTS AND REPAIR TECHS. The customer service rep said "I apologize for your inconvenience. There's nothing I can do." 2 weeks later Sears mailed me a $50 check. But no repair & no replacement dishwasher for me. I just paid $2k+ for my major appliances coverage for 3 yrs. on 6/17/2018. They sent me authorization for renting a dishwasher, however I will have to get a plumber to change my faucet to allow it to attach to the portable one's hose. Not going to happen, just like the repair. My complaint is but one of many like it. Is there no interest in a class action suit to stop them?

Nancy A.
1 Star

January 08 2019 1:38AM

Was supposed to fix my refrigerator on Thursday January 3 between 3-5. Never showed up. Call them at 5. They reschedule the appointment for January 9. Mind you l have no refrigerator. Only pressured into warranty because they stated they would be out next day. Called Thursday night, cancelled appointment and warranty. Oh they could not hear me. Transferred me to 4 different people, called Friday. Same run around. Finally got to talk to someone Monday January 7, stayed on hold for a hour, talked to someone. Said she will cancel it. Do not purchase this. It's a bunch of mess and messy people l thought Sears was a reliable. Wrong. Do not buy this. l also going on social media and spread the word. Not out of business yet but you sure need to be fraud and fraudulent. Messy. Ask for rating 0. You should add that after 1.

Phyllis M.
1 Star

January 07 2019 3:29PM

I've been paying for Sears Home Warranty for over a year now. The first time I called them for a plumbing leak, they sent someone over and he wouldn't fix it as he said he didn't have access to get behind the sink. I paid $100 and they didn't do anything about it. I called an independent service person who fixed it for $70. In July, I called for a broken garbage compressor. Since then, I have called them over 9 times, 7 emails and corresponded with their service provider. They used 3 different service providers to fix it. The last person told me that his recommendation was to replace the unit, but Sears didn't want to do that. They gave me the run around again and again and 6 months later, I still don't have it fixed. I cancelled my service plan and had to decide if it's worthwhile to take them to small claims court or not. I hate to waste my time in court. I got their service for the peace of mind and it's been nothing but disaster and simply put a scam. I recommend staying away from Sears Home Warranty based on my experience.

Armin E.
1 Star

January 06 2019 2:10PM

I have had 2 claims made within the past year. One was our AC unit. It stopped working. Technician came out and said it was working but the unit was too small for the house (it is a 3 year old unit). Paid for a second opinion and a diagnosis was made within 10 minutes. Rescheduled with Sears telling them what my independent technician found. They sent the same technician out who said that he couldn't do repairs based on someone else's findings and that our AC was fine (92 degrees in the house). Paid $500 to the other company to fix my AC and it worked fine for the rest of the summer. I have placed 6 claims on my refrigerator for the same problem. Each time the technicians come out and fix the problem, only to have the same issue pop up a few weeks later. I asked if they could please just compensate me by giving me a discount on a new fridge (mine is 20 years old, so I wasn't asking for a new fridge for free) and was told that as long as they can continue to fix the problem, they wont replace it. Meanwhile, I am out hundreds of dollars on a regular basis because my fridge keeps breaking.

Teresa H.
1 Star

January 04 2019 8:22PM

I have been charged for a sears home warranty plan that I never ordered. I have tried to contact customer service for hours. They put a robot computer on the phone, they put you on hold and you wait for hours. I have tried to stop payments through my bank, all they tell me is that Sears has to stop the automatic payments. I have tried to contact the home warranty department, they answer right away but then as soon as they realize you are calling to cancel, they switch you to the home warranty department, where you will sit "until the next call is taken in the order it was received." It is no wonder sears is going out of business.

MaryAnn L.
1 Star

January 03 2019 2:34AM

There are no words to describe the scam. The service is horrible. No one takes responsibility. I have been 2 months without a dishwasher. Still no solution in sight. Can’t understand the phone calls, don’t keep appointments, no one cares. Waste of money and time. Don’t buy into this. It’s awful. A waste.

Eugenia E.
1 Star

December 27 2018 10:16PM

I tried my best not to have to come to your page and speak about an ongoing experience. My mother is 78yrs old and has been without heat for over a week now. She has spoke with people, I have spoke with people. They have sent people to her house without calling after they said they would come in a certain time frame. They sent someone a second time and the person was unprofessional (he was jumping on her attic stairs to come out of the attic instead of walking down them the proper way, he was in the restroom on the phone, he didnt give her a card or any papers stating he came, he said he would come back 3 days later after he ordered a part (he didnt show) my mother called him and he said he was off on the day he was to come back. Another man came out, he did represent himself well, he said he would send the paperwork in to see if they wanted to replace the unit or the part and someone would call back, no one ever called, so we called back and there has been a runaround every since.

My mother has paid the copay and still NOTHING! No one seems to know nothing except someone will call you back and THEY NEVER DO!!! Now the line being used is someone will call you within 24 to 48 hours!! You didnt wait 24 to 48 hours to take her money did you?? An elderly lady should NEVER have to sit in cold for as long as my mother has, using space heaters, when she is doing EVERYTHING you have asked of her! I would really appreciate it if someone would contact her and give her some concrete information. This has gone on long enough... This will not be the last of me speaking about this! This is my mother I am speaking about and it hurts my heart to know that she is giving money and not getting the service she deserves!!!

Tonia D.
1 Star

December 27 2018 6:42PM

Today is December 27, 2018. I have been without my over the stove microwave and dishwasher since September. After four service calls on each appliance, they still are not working. Today I called to cancel the warranty and I am being charged $239.56 for some reason I am still not clear on. Now I have to look for a repair service for my microwave and dishwasher. After everything that has gone on, maybe I should just buy new. Do not, I repeat do not get involved with this warranty service.

Donna J.
1 Star

December 22 2018 9:03PM

A placed an appointment for a fridge. An independent contractor came by and said, “fridge was too dirty to work on" didn’t do anything and I ended up buying a new one. A couple of months later I called them about a non working range. Another contractor came by and said that “the igniters had been touched by someone else" and that they couldn’t do anything about it. Lies, lies and lies, no wonder they’re going bankrupt. It looks like a scam to me.

Rudy E.
2 Stars

December 19 2018 6:08PM

Looking for service for my fridge I called Sears repair. They convinced me that signing up for home repair warranty would result in savings on the service call (a one time $80 charge then $50/month for the plan). The repair person spent 10 minutes thawing a drain said it would have cost $340 but only cost me $80 because I joined. Five months later I went to cancel the plan and they are charging the balance of the $340 PLUS a termination fee. None of this was made clear in their documentation (which did not arrive until weeks after I signed up). DON'T use this plan!

Jon E.
1 Star

December 11 2018 2:09AM

I placed a service call in October for my combo wall oven and microwave. Today is December 10 and my oven is still broken. The Sears service tech recommended a new oven. When he called CCHS the independent contractor that Sears use to inform of his decision they wanted a second opinion before replacing my oven. The second contractor never came to complete an assessment although he had an appointment to come. I called him repeatedly and he never came. Each time I called Sears I was told that it was being investigated. When I called today I was told that they were awaiting a report from the second opinion contractor. There is no report because a second opinion contractor did not keep his appointment to come to my house. Of the several times I’ve called Sears the wait time was about 50 minutes. RIDICULOUS!! I have no resolution. I asked for a Supervisor but for some unknown reason didn’t get to speak with one.

Wanda J.
1 Star

December 08 2018 8:27AM

So where do I start... let me summarize. We have been without a washer for 7 weeks. 5 service calls,4 different parts, 200.00 in laundry mat trips, inconvenience, incompetence, terrible phone service, run around, frustrating, still no washer. The nightmare continues... no governing body to make decisions.... lost in the cesspool of Sears red tape. No wonder they are going out of business!!!

Charles S.
1 Star

December 06 2018 11:46AM

I have been calling Sears Home Warranty for 4 times. They first made me pay 4 more months even though I moved out from the rental house I was living and insured with them. Then they sent a letter saying they will automatically renew my agreement with them if I do not call. I called 3 times they made me wait for 45-50 minutes and never replied!!! They hung up on me every time I called and wait like a stupid at phone. And they keep charging me for a house that is empty!!! I will have to close my credit card account so they cannot charge me anymore. Can you believe this??

Dilsad M.
1 Star

December 05 2018 10:11PM

I wish you could give ZERO stars... I have multiple properties and use different home warranties. I said let me give Sears a try.. worse decision ever. Plumber came out, said no issues found when tenants had indicated water leaking from shower to lower level. Next day water still pouring (made a video). Called back to ask for a recall for the plumber to return to fix the original issue which I had paid the $100 deductible for. Months and months went by with multiple calls to customer service... still nothing just a lot of we will look into it and escalate it... nothing happened. I had to call my own plumber, pay full price out of pocket because my house was being damaged. They also will not let you cancel when you want, have to wait for the contract to end... have the date saved in my calendar. Bye bye Sears... I will let everyone know how bad the service is... go with any other company but Sears.

Houman R.
1 Star

November 29 2018 11:08PM

Worse warranty NEVER! It's all BS! Please look elsewhere, trust me you'll be throwing your good hard earning money down the drain. Repairs are subbed out to whoever has filled out the paperwork with the company Sears is working with. Lies, lies and more LIES... My HVAC unit went out and according to the contract they were to pay for replacement... I ended up paying for EVERYTHING.!!!! Please shop around and don't be fooled by this horrible customer service and so called home warranty!

1 Star

November 29 2018 6:25PM

I hate l got into this. Everything about The way they do business with you is Very rude & disrespectful. Nothing gets fixed but their Pockets with your Money!! I Hate It. We as Customers should be reimbursed & Paid for the frustrating experience!

Kathleen H.
1 Star

November 28 2018 6:24PM

I have a Sears Home Warranty for the past 6 months. I placed a called for my AC thermostat. Paid $100 deductible. The repairman told me that we had just paid to look at his face.... because, in his opinion, nothing was wrong. He checked thermostats and, apparently, everything was OK! Next Day, neither AC is working, upstairs and downstairs. Called back to make another appointment. No one showed up for the appointment. Spend all day long- YES- ALL DAY LONG on the phone, no one knew what happen. Next Day, after three different people, finally someone, rescheduled the appointment and told me someone will call me within 24 hours! No one called. I contacted them, again, for the THIRD day! I was told, sorry, they had NO providers to fix my AC. Just needed to wait until one was found! It could take days, weeks or months! I decided to cancel my contract. I was told, that to cancel the contract I had to pay $96. So, on top of paying $100 deductible for someone to damage my AC, not having a vendor to fix the problem, now, I also had to pay what they pay the guy who mess my AC! I paid, I cancelled and now I go online to tell everyone possible: BEWARE of Sears home warranty, they are a misleading JOKE!!!

Rosa C.
1 Star

November 21 2018 4:45PM

It will take over 30 days to fix a fridge. Our repairman was not sure what he was doing and kept apologizing. But here we are 4 months later and I have lost another full fridge of food to the exact same problem. I also get another 30 days before a repair for a problem they did not fix properly in the first place. Plus it will cost me again. Nice way to make money. $600.00 a year plus $75.00 a call=a rip off when things are not repaired properly.

Emily P.
3 Stars

November 19 2018 10:28PM

Gave me a work order # to get yearly check on furnace, and never heard from them until I called again a few weeks later. Answering system is annoying. When I called about something else they say they are working on my order even though it was done a month ago. I had to call the heating company myself who only answers during business hours. I am shopping around for a different company, although all of them seem to have hundreds of complaints. As Consumer Rep. states, one may be better off putting the money aside in the bank for any repairs. Very confusing.

Linda W.
1 Star

November 19 2018 8:51PM

I had prepaid a year's premiums for a Sear's home warranty insurance that I bought in April, 2018. In October, I called Sears because of a water heater problem. Sears contacted Mike Diamond Plumbing in Murrietta Springs. They came and looked at the water heater on October 24. I paid the plumber the $100 that is paid as part of the Sears contract. Their office called on Oct. 25 to let me know that I would need to pay them $780 more for them to replace the water heater. I couldn't do that because I'm a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income and I thought that the insurance was paying it. My brother in law came a week later and all the tank needed was to be drained and I didn't need a replacement. I called Sears to cancel my insurance because I didn't feel that their service was working for me and they said that I couldn't cancel my insurance because they had paid Mike Diamond $500 to replace my water heater. That wasn't done. They said that if I did want to cancel, I'd have to call in March to stop them from automatically renewing it. If I cancelled at that time, they would charge me $25 to cancel. They refuse to cancel now or refund future premium payments. My sister cancelled her service because of what happened to me and they refunded her premium payments. Mike Diamond Plumbing didn't do the service that they billed the insurance and that is fraud. Sears won't cancel my insurance because they paid a fraudulent bill. This is fraud all the way around and I'm out $1000.

Mary K.
1 Star

November 16 2018 4:53PM

Phone customer service the worst in the industry that I know of. I would be filling bankruptcy if I ran my business this poorly. Faucet needs to be replaced as valve is busted. First Plumber canceled appointment on us before coming. We called to confirm they were still coming and told they cancelled appointment for later that day and would have to reschedule several days later. Second plumber came out and charged $100 "deductible" to be told they would have to replace the faucet but had to call Sears to see what they would cover. Got a call back that they would only cover a credit towards a new faucet but no labor. After navigating their terrible phone system and having to be transferred to claims was told labor should be covered and it would be escalated to manager to return call in 24 hours. 48 hours later still no call. Just got off phone with foreign customer service rep for 40 min as he attempted to reach a manager with no success. Said he can't give me a time line just that a manager would call at some point soon not sure if 24 or 48 hours but some point. Original call was made over a week ago. There are legitimate home warranty companies. Go with them not Sears Home Warranty!!!

M W.
1 Star

November 14 2018 8:31PM

Customer service in Sears Home Warranty is the worst experience. They will make you hold more than 30 minutes, transfer you to more than 5 departments in one call and still not resolve your problem. They will lie. A supervisor is never available. They will tell you supervisor will call you within 24-48 business hours and that will never happen. It is not worth your money. They will give you a nightmare when trying to get something resolved. Do not buy Sears home warranty. I do not recommend at all.

D M.
1 Star

November 09 2018 6:30PM

I bought an extended warranty for my hot water heater. In the explanation it said that I could get a yearly checkup. Well that’s a lie. When I call them and ask about it,they tell me that there is not a service man in the area and will get back to me. After a year and 3 more calls, still no service man in the area. Let me get this straight, I can buy an appliance from you in the area, you can sell me an extended warranty for that same appliance in the area, but you have no one to service it in the area. Sears is bankrupt. Imagine that!

Tommy N.
1 Star

November 08 2018 5:23PM

I was given a vendor who came to do the work. He did not fix the problem so I left two voice mails but he did not call me back. I called Sears home service. They referred me to a second vendor. The second vendor said he would not come and work behind a guy who didn't get the job done right. So I called Sears again who referred me to a third vendor. When I called him he said he didn't do work for Sears anymore because they didn't pay him in a timely manner. I had tied to speak to a supervisor at Sears with no success. Whenever on these and previous calls I have settled 39 minutes pet call and most of the time I couldn't understand the person I was talking to because they could barely speak English. I decided to cancel my contract with them because it was not worth the trouble and headache to try to get service. I would not recommend Sears home services to anyone!

Jerry W.