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December 02 2020 11:11PM

Buyers beware. Not recommend waiting for a washing machine parts for 2 1/2 months. Customer service very lousy, very unprofessional. It’s a complete waste of money. Most of the customer service phone number listed a disconnect.

Humberto A.
Coral Gables, FL
December 02 2020 7:25PM

When they can repair it is OK. When they cannot, the runaround is disgusting. They promise they are working on it when they are not. They transfer you endlessly and hang up to avoid making good on their warranty promises.

I have been waiting over 60 days for a repair I called about 2.5 months ago. Don't be a sucker -- get coverage elsewhere!

Eileen M.
New York, NY
November 30 2020 6:06PM

Once you sign up with Sears Home Warranty, you can't cancel the membership. I attempted call several times but they put me hold 1.5 hours and hung up on me. I tried to call again, but they did it same things. I ended up closing my credit card to solve the problem.

Keum P.
Reynoldsburg, OH
November 26 2020 4:31PM

I have had their whole house warranty for years at $69.95 per month. Whenever there was a problem the Sears team was on it immediately, at most within three days. What happened? This was important for us.

As we are two elderly diabetics with special diets prescribed by our doctors (low carb, Whole 30, etc.) which help us control our blood sugar. So we need to cook everything at home. Right now it has been OVER SIX WEEKS since our refrigerator has worked.

They keep promising to call us and let us know what is going on, but days go by until I finally call them and get promises that are not kept. Then the waste line for the kitchen sink went out. So now that has been 9 days, and here it is Thanksgiving and no working kitchen sink.

Being elderly it has been necessary to have a working dishwasher to help sterilize the dishes and maintain a healthier household. No such luck with this company anymore.

Whoever, Sears sold this to is also charging a $100 deductible to, not good for people on a fixed income living in an older home. I hate them, I am leaving as soon as possible. This is a scam company.

Laura O.
San Leandro, CA
November 16 2020 7:43PM

Had air conditioning that went out and they would not cover the replacement. Had all kinds of excuses why they would not cover. Went back and forth including having the technician state that the unit needed to be replaced. They never contacted the tech.

They made up a story that the unit was not working months prior which was the opposite of what the tech saw when the unit was still functioning but not at where it should have been.

So you get insurance. Something breaks within a few months and they will deny your claim that your issue was prior to the insurance being established.

We ended up spending our own money for new system and tried to cancel the Sears Insurance and they told us we could not until a year goes by because we put in a claim. A claim that we never received a penny from.

Jerry C.
Valencia, CA
November 10 2020 3:12PM

I have paid $100 a month for whole house plus $75 per service, more than all other companies and the service is ridiculous. I had an air conditioner repair in August and it took almost 3 weeks just to get scheduled.

I have one of the Sears brand (Kenmore) microwaves and it started causing my fuse panel to flip. Called the warranty and they came Oct 9, immediately said, "Oh that has been a problem with those microwaves, we have to order parts."

Fast forward to today and 2 of the 4 parts are in.
One is claiming to be shipping on the 23 of Nov and the other is on backorder with no date in sight. I called and asked how long you have to wait on a repair before it is replaced and they had not answer.

WTH, listen just give me my money back and cancel my contract so I can get someone else to repair or replace my microwave. We are switching to Choice Home Warranty, sears is the absolute worse!

Charlene F.
Fayetteville, NC
November 09 2020 7:48AM

This is the worst plan ever! I have been trying to get my fridge fixed since June!! It is now NOVEMBER! Zero end in sight! No one will tell me why someone is not coming out to fix it. All I get when I call is "It's processing. Parts are ordered!!" Are you kidding me??

I have 5 children and have had NO fridge for going on 6 months now! My furnace went out, I call to file a claim (figuring I'll have to go the winter with no heat). They tell me I can't file a claim. My account was canceled.

Well they sure took their money from my account! If it's canceled I want that back! I was on hold or transferred to different ppl for over 2 hours just to get hung up on! I'm going to report them to BBB!!! They're horrible!

Kristi E.
Salem, OR
October 25 2020 7:51PM

Called about leaking water heater, told tech will repair in 3 days. Comes and says, "We don't repair. I'll submit for replacement to "company"." He takes pics and leaves, sends $165 bill from truck with 0 balance.

Two days later, lady calls and says take a payout and find a wh and get it installed. Check, after we sign papers coming in 3 days, will be mailed in 3 weeks. So about a month without hot water.

They don't care what it costs. You're getting $950. Live with it. My quote was $1100 for next day install. Sears Co. said too bad for difference, I paid to do it for family. Now we wait and maybe will see a check eventually! Sears is now dead to me.

E G.
Miami, FL
October 22 2020 2:29PM

My first service call for my microwave was early August after two reschedules. At that time, parts were ordered. The parts arrived and the second technician stated that they were the incorrect parts. The "correct" part was ordered on August 27th and has not arrived.

I was told that they are having difficulty finding the part. I identified the part and found that I can have it shipped in three days but was told that Sears can't install a part that I order.

They scheduled a technician for today to relook at the microwave but rescheduled the appointment for two weeks at 8:00 this morning. I have spent at least 10 hours on the phone being transferred from department to department.

They have cancelled or rescheduled my appointments 6 times so if you have a life beyond waiting for Sears....don't get this plan.

Joan M.
Mount Laurel, NJ
October 16 2020 1:08AM

Do not get "Sears Home Warranty." I have been with them for over 3 years, my a/c went out and they said I am "not" Covered, what! Been paying for 3 years, I was pissed, so I wanted them to cancel my account and then they said I will have to pay $299. To cancel!

Can you believe that, what a rip off! I told them that Home Shield charges the same price I have been paying sears and includes a/c and more! I am so gone! By rip off sears! No wonder they are going out of business!

Roland G.
New Braunfels, TX
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