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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (636 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

636 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

May 24 2019 12:29AM

Don’t waste your money on this warranty. They are horrible at resolving anything. I have been without a dryer for over 3 months. Scheduled repair visits 3 times, twice no tech showed up. Finally a repair man came by. Said he would be back in 1 week with the parts to my dryer. It’s been 2 months and I have not heard from him. I called both repairman and Sears and neither have called me back. When I tried canceling my warranty for no service they tried charging me a cancelation fee. Now I have to wait another 48-72 hrs to hear from a supervisor to try and resolve the issue and find out what is going on.

Alma R.
Salinas, CA
1 Star

May 23 2019 1:51AM

Stay away from this company. I cannot say enough bad things about it. Run from this company. Everything they do is wrong. They say one thing and do another. They have young kids working there and they treat their customers like their dirt under their feet. Stay away from them. They lied to you. They don’t do it they say. Do not go near them. Do not buy their warranty. I am not kidding.

Sarah D.
Chicago, IL
1 Star

May 22 2019 11:18PM

I called the Sears out here on the 6th to work on my air conditioning. It's now the 22nd of May the first man came out said my unit was dirty so he cleaned it which I paid for then he told me my unit was fixed. I had to go in the hospital. 45 minutes later when I get home the air was never fixed people my home were so hot it was not funny. Call Sears back, spent 3 hours on the phone with him them trying to set up appointments and giving me service contract numbers and all the people were too hooked up to come out so finally they find a man that did come out to look at it. He says the first man here had turn the valve on the freon and let it all leaked out which would be about $1,200 to fill it steers rejected it because they said it was the first man's responsibility to take care of it. I still don't have no air. The man did say he would come out tomorrow between 9 and 10 which will be on the 23rd of May so Sears hire these people and then if they make a mistake the contractor has to pay for it. I don't know how Sears gets away with all this I talked to the first man they're accusing of doing this and he said that didn't happen but he's still coming out or hopefully I hope he is I don't know how they haven't been sued and my son is talking about doing just that so you better stay away from these people. They I should be locked up.

Phyllis C.
Westerville, OH
1 Star

May 21 2019 8:56PM

If I could do a zero I would! DO NOT get this home warranty, you will regret it. They tell you what you want to hear but then when it’s time to make a claim, they give you the round around and won’t fix the problem. I never ever write reviews but this how unsatisfied I was. I wish I would have seen the reviews before I bought it. I love buying my appliances at Sears big after this, never again. Goodbye Sears!

Rosanna M.
Los Fresnos, TX
1 Star

May 15 2019 10:50PM

Stay away from these people! We've been without a refrigerator for close to a month. They came out 4 times, replaced 2 separate parts. The service provider has tried twice to recall the refrigerator as unfixable, however Sears Home Warranty has refused to replace. They are hard to get a hold of, especially once you have a claim in. They are rude and will actually argue with you on the phone trying to find a loophole to get out of repairing the item.

Philip L.
Menlo Park, CA
1 Star

May 15 2019 1:47AM

I have an awd self propelled mower. I have been trying for two weeks to get it tended too this has been the worst experience I have ever had with Sears they have sent me over 200 miles to places that are closed down or no longer take their warranty plan. The second time they put me on hold while sitting in the closed Sears parking lot. A man named Rowland told me rest assured he would get it tended to either by sending them to my home to fix it or picking it up repairing it in shop our replacing it and that I would hear from dispatch within 24 hrs. I never heard from them I called back on Wednesday and it was like no one had ever spoken to me just kept saying there will be a charge to come get it. And I am thinking should I charge them for sending me to all these closed sears to get it dropped off. Now today called again had to start all over again with the story just to keep telling me I have to pay to have it picked up and being passed around to so many people I could not keep up this has been exhausting and sickening. To think they are just blowing me off. Several people were supposed to call. Not one call yet every appliance in my house has a Sears warranty and I asked them when I renewed my warranty with them if they would be honored. I just want my mower fixed. Quit lying to me and get down or send a new one. Sears you have sincerely disappointed our family and we love Sears.

Evan R.
Friendsville, TN
1 Star

May 14 2019 9:13PM

I began a warranty contract in 10/18. I've been paying 8 months (69.99) without a claim. I recently required service on 4 plumbing issues. When the plumbers assessed the problems I was told they would have to call Sears to see if my issues were included under my contract. Then, they charged $100 service for nothing. I was told that I would hear from sears or their plumbing company. After 8 days of not hearing anything I called Sears to be told that I had been called on May 9 and was told all claims were denied. That never happened! I was lied to and spent $640 for absolutely nothing. Now, I must pay even more, $163.50 to cancel the contract. They are ripping off people!

1 Star

May 14 2019 6:14PM

We have had our Sears Home Warranty for several years, only used it once. Recently, we have had a very bad plumbing issue that was an emergency. Sewer water was coming up in our showers and our toilets were not flushing. Sears sent out a plumbing tech 2 days after I put in the service request. This gentleman who works for Patriot Plumbing said the problem was in our "vents" on the roof and he could not take the risk of climbing on our roof and needed to put in a request for a plumber that could do that. We paid him $100 to tell me this. This was a Friday afternoon. By Monday, our sinks and toilets were completely stopped up. I called Sears back, and after calling them back all day long, they finally put in a request to a Marks Plumbing, who never returned my call. I called Sears back. They tried to reach Health's Electric w/ no answer. The Sears representative then stated my service request would need to be passed to the next department so they can try to find someone to come out for us. Knowing we can't continue living like this, I called Daves Plumbing on my own and w/n 1 hour he was at my home and 30 min later my drains were clear. And guess what? It was not my Vents!!! Can you believe that!! lol. Anyway, Sears refused to refund the $100 I paid to Patriots Plumbing. Please DO NOT use Sears Home Warranty!!

Jennifer C.
Yorktown, WV
1 Star

May 08 2019 5:23PM

People don’t buy appliances in Sears, very bad customer service and technicians never show on time or they don’t want to fix your appliances, seat has scheduled me 3 times for repairs and they never showed on time and one of the technicians didn’t want fix anything because he was not the one that ordered the parts and on top of that he started talking bad about me on the phone not knowing that I did understand everything. Very disappointed with sears I will never buy anything from them. Good thing they are closing most stores.

Lina T.
Orlando, FL
1 Star

May 07 2019 4:49AM

My ice dispenser shutter stop working so I called to have it repaired. Technician came a week later. He pried open the face plate leaving cosmetic damage. He got to the problem and said the control switch moved and he put it back in position. Six months later same problem. Technician came out again. This time he popped a switch and out came the face plate. Told him what the other technician did and he told me that it comes with experience. He got to the problem and said it’s going to keep happening. Asked if he could put in a new part and he replied even with a new part it’s gonna keep happening. A month passed same problem. Called warranty department and told them it’s time for a replacement. They told me it has to happen 3 times. I told them this is the 3rd time. They said their records only show 1. Apparently the first tech. Did not turn in any service records due to what he did to my fridge. I then told them I still want my fridge serviced and to not send the first tech. I gave them his Id # and told them I want the tech. That came the 2nd time and gave them his Id #. When the tech. Came it was the one that I didn’t want to come. Called to make complaint and was told it was communication error. Then called Sears corporate office and left several messages. Got no reply. Fed up and never going to purchase anything from Sears.

Judy O.
Ewa Beach, HI
1 Star

May 06 2019 11:32PM

I have been waiting for a month for a follow up to my dishwasher replacement. When I realized how long it's been I called in myself. I was transferred to 3 different people and then hung up on before resolving anything. I called back and I have been on hold for 30 mins. I'm starting to feel like this warranty is a scam. Actually, I am almost certain it is.

Anna C.
Beverly Hills, CA
1 Star

May 06 2019 3:31PM

Sears Home Warranty is a total fraud. They do not honor their guarantee to replace the appliance if it cannot be repaired. I have been waiting for over six weeks to have my wall oven repaired or replaced. I was told the part was available. When it failed to come in, I was then told it was no longer available, and within 24-72 hours, I would receive a call informing me of my “options to replace the wall oven.” That was nearly two weeks ago, and I still have not heard from them, so it is obvious they lied to me. I have called daily, and will continue to do so until they have the common decency to call to let me know what they plan to do. They have no problem accepting my money each month for this useless service, but DO have a problem with honesty and integrity.

Linda B.
Jonesboro, AR
1 Star

May 04 2019 7:34PM

A couple of points, this site indicates the the Sears Home Warranty reviews is 3.85 out of 5. I don’t see how that is even possible.. I scanned through the last year of customer reviews and over 90% of the reviewers left one star reviews. The Sears Home Warranty, appears to be a joke, their technicians provide a 4 hour window and never show up. I have had 3 appointment windows with no shows and no one from Sears or the assigned Technician nothing to call me to let me know they are running late. Each time I’ve had to call the response center the person on the phone has been polite, they even seem to know that the technician is running late. BUT WHY THEY CANNOT CALL ME TO LET ME KNOW, is absolutely beyond me. Don’t sign up for this service, don’t waste your money, the level of service is not worth the paper that the contract is written on. Retirement living, please do us all a huge favor, update the overall rating for Sears Home Warranty there is no possible way they are 3.85 stars. Just look at your reviews for the last year.

Mark K.
Auburn, CA
1 Star

May 02 2019 11:49PM

Please don’t get any business with Sears. It is the worse. They promise me they will fix my washer I paid 5 months for the service, the sent diferente technicians over saying they will fix it. They made me purchase expensive parts to fix it, and they didn’t. But every month they charged me for the service that I didn’t get. After 5 months of wasting time with this company and wasting money, they said they will give me another washer if they can fix it, but obviously they didn’t. Don’t do any business with sears.

Gina P.
Greenville, SC
1 Star

May 02 2019 2:07PM

I have been a SHW customer for 3-4 years. I hesitate to share my experience publicly, as I have no need or desire to do them harm, but I find no other way to communicate my extreme dissatisfaction. No email address, no forum to go upline. I spent over 3 hours on 11 phone calls to get my HVAC system scheduled for repair. Their phone systems are unwieldy, and there is little ownership in your need as you are bounced around their various departments. I would welcome a conversation with someone in authority, but that seems impossible. Expressed my frustration in their Live Chat, was promised an escalation and a callback, and it never came. Our home is for sale. As quickly as we are in a new home, I’ll shop for a different provider. I love Sears appliances and their technicians are exceptional, but when your repair need requires an outside contractor, the effort to get service scheduled just isn’t worth it. I hate what has happened to Sears and wanted to be loyal to their warranty service, but it seems the same people who drove the company into the ground are now running the Warranty service.

John D.
Hot Springs, AR
1 Star

April 25 2019 5:08PM

Several months have passed since I Was forced to cancel my Sears home warranty book also serve real bad experiences in a row and the reason I am writing this review today is a result of 100% better service by a competitor home warranty service. I really wonder why or how are you were still in the business After the no hassle Service by your competitor. So your stores are closed All over America. This home warranty service you offer is absolutely no good so as they say caveat emptor. I wrote letters when I head to your telling you how terrible you were And the better taste about sugar lingers in my mind. Bye-bye for sure.

Chales G.
Fayetteville, NC
1 Star

April 24 2019 4:32AM

ONE STAR IS WAY TO MANY!!! I have the same issues with this "SO CALLED WARRANTY". IVE BEEN PAYING EVERY MONTH SINCE 2015. The 1st repair I needed was for a dishwasher which Sears said they could not fix so I would have to accept the one they offered. It was the cheapest dishwasher WITHOUT the functions of my present one, totally low level brand and mine was a Kitchen Aide which cost 3 times what they replaced it with. My choice was to accept it, accept the check for the amount of the dishwasher they were offering and I could buy the one I wanted by paying the additional cost myself or cancel my warranty but STILL pay the remainder of the present year. WTH??? Horrible choices for me, GREAT for them. I chose to take the check and I added $300 to it to buy the one that still had way less functions and a CHEAP brand name. In February my oven started to not heat at correct temp so the repairman said the same thing, cannot fix it. AGAIN, they offered a $410 GE replacement for my Jenn Aire multifunction, self cleaning wall oven. The cheapest self cleaning wall oven cost over $1,000 ON SALE and for a "like kind" replacement as their warranty calls it cost over $3,000. WHAT A SCAM!!!. I'm cancelling my agreement. SEARS IS NOT THE SEARS THEY BUILT THEIR NAME ON. I have bought only Sears brand appliances for over 50 years. Never again!!!! Shame on Sears.

Kristie J.
HIxson, TN
1 Star

April 19 2019 4:39PM

Worse home warranty plan ever!! Been waiting 3 weeks for a washing machine repair. Have had it scheduled, and then canceled 4 or 5 times. Always given some lame ** excuse! They don’t even care that I have lost 4 days work waiting on them, and they cancel the day of the scheduled repair. Poor, poor service!

Robert S.
Peoria, AZ
1 Star

April 18 2019 8:44PM

I been without a fridge for 3 weeks already. I am going to my 5th appointment and my fridge still not working. It is a rip-off. They won’t replace the fridge like the promise in the warranty. So tired of calling and no one since to care about my situation

Elizabeth S.
Pinellas Park, FL
1 Star

April 18 2019 5:03PM

This is a ripoff company. Don't ever signup for their coverage. They charged me 1200 dollars for a 100$ motherboard and had me signup for their 12 month useless contract. You will find better technicians for a cheaper rate with no contracts. THEY LIE.

Soumi K.
1 Star

April 18 2019 1:00PM

Read the reviews and DONT waste your time! I’m on the phone now hoping to cancel and get my money back. I don’t even have the energy to write all the mishaps with this service. I’ve made arrangements 4 times to have the washer repaired and have had to reschedule because of parts that didn’t arrive or the company not sending enough technicians, or telling you the wrong date! Insane!!!! Don’t do it!!

Sharleen M.
East Orange, NJ
1 Star

April 16 2019 10:05PM

Do not waste your money! I have the whole home warranty through Sears. They used to be such a good company, but not anymore. Called on the 2nd for a broken air conditioner. It took a week and a half to get a technician out to look at the air conditioner. When he finally showed up, he said they had a part available, but that the company would try to source a cheaper, used part and that they had to get "approval". It took four days to get "approval" to order the part, and now they are trying to schedule a technician for the 25th. 23 days from the initial call to the "target" date for actually fixing the air conditioner. There must be better companies out there. AND I have been lied to, put on hold, hung up on, and treated like a nuisance instead of a valued customer. Save your money.

Don P.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

April 16 2019 6:11PM

Why didn't I read the reviews???? I thought I made a good decision to purchase this warranty. I could not have been more wrong. I have been out of a clothes washer for three months after having 8 visits and it is still not working. I asked for a buyout and was laughed at. I feel totally ripped off. Don't be a fool and through your money away like I did. Sorrowful and angry in Frisco, Texas.

Dennis B.
Frisco, TX
1 Star

April 16 2019 5:30PM

I have the home warranty. I called Sears to have someone come out and look at our furnace because it wasn't working 100%. Someone came out and confirmed it was only working at 30% and said they would install another furnace. 2 weeks later we call and they have no record of it. Ok. So, 3 days later our furnace completely dies. Sears then sends another guy out to our house but, he doesn't even work for Sears and he says he can install a new furnace but, it will cost $3,800.00 and he only takes CASH. Excuse me? No, thank you! So, from my experience, Sears is a fraud and I'm paying $70/month for nothing and I still don't have a working furnace

Cynthia H.
Joliet, IL
1 Star

April 15 2019 5:31PM

To whom it concerns, 'This needs to remedied asap before I file a claim with Better business bureau. On Thursday, April 12th, I filed a claim with your customer service rep. The claim number is: **. The claim was to repair a broken cable that is attached from a garage door to the garage door motor. IT has nothing to do with the motor nor anything electric. On my call with your customer service rep, I could not have been any clearer on the problem. She then assigned the claim to Omega Electric, which I found extremely odd.

However, I explained again what needs to be repaired, and she said they would be able to repair it. I was then told I still needed to contact them to confirm the appt for today the 15th which I did by leaving two separate vm's with them, and yet, no callback. 20 minutes ago, they were here at our house to inform that they do not repair cables, but only electric motors. So, "based on my Sears home warranty agreement", which was their argument, they demanded their $100 deductible. Somebody owes me $100- its either Sears for not informing me that this repair service is not covered, or Omega electric for lying about what's in my sears home warranty and my obligation to pay them even though Sears is at fault. If you want right a wrong, I expect to be re-imbursed for the $100. Otherwise my counter will be to cancel my plan, and pursue other legal means. IN the meantime, we have been forced to stay home since Thursday due to the nature that the garage door cannot be locked in its' present state and therefore inconvenienced by cancelling business travel required this week. I expect a resolution asap since I have to figure out a remedy to this situation.

Gene E.
1 Star

April 12 2019 9:45PM

Our washing machine broke and we call Sears around March 22 and they came straight out that day and convinced us to sign up for the Sears home warranty. They showed up April 3rd and replaced the motherboard. It didn’t fix the problem, so we call and complain and they just order more parts. Once they came you have to call and schedule an appointment for them to fix it. They aren’t even coming until two more weeks and judging from last time it’s not guaranteed it will be fixed. So we are without a washer all this time and they don’t even know if the parts they ordered this time around are right either. It’s funny how they came straight out the first time to look at it and both times they have the part take weeks to come. Don’t waste your money and get sucked into this contract. Would have just rather bought another washing machine.

Derrick R.
Oakdale, LA
1 Star

April 11 2019 11:36PM

After waiting from October 2018 until the end of February 2019 to get my freezer fixed, I had the misfortune of having my Kenmore Elite refrigerator fail. I have a Master Protection Agreement but was told today, April 11, 2019 that a technician would not be available until the afternoon of April 25, 2019. According to Sears, this was not an emergency nor did my protection agreement include a rental nor an offer to have repairs done by an outside company. After speaking with four people at Sears and weighing four different opinions/options, I decided to get a repair service from a non-Sears company. Repair is scheduled for 9:00 to 11:00 tomorrow and may 700 to 900.00.

Peggy A.
Carson, CA
1 Star

April 11 2019 2:22PM

I have a hold home warranty and they want to give me an appointment 2 weeks after I call because they don't have any service techs in MI. They can't honor their warranty work. SO DO NOT purchase. I am on the phone with them again right now speaking to "corporate office". Same people they have transferred me to 5 different people that all tell me they can't help me. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. They have no managers or supervisors that will come to the phone. IF anyone from sears reads this call me!!!

Kimberely B.
Muskegon, MI
1 Star

April 10 2019 5:35PM

Similar experience to other reviews. Dishwasher has been broken for almost 3 months now. On the initial visit the provider recommended replacing the unit and was told that they would need to try and fix it. 3 months later and several visits, we continue to not have a dishwasher. For the cost of the plan, we would have been better off not paying for the Sears Home Warranty and buying a new dishwasher from a more reliable company.

Lindsay M.
Orange County, CA
1 Star

April 09 2019 12:14AM

What a scam. I called an made an appointment for two appliances, they sent out two different repair men. Ok not a big deal. The first guy came and told me what was wrong, he told me if I signed up for home warranty that I would get 50%off and 25% off on the other Appliance today. So I signed up for the contract. Second guy Shows up, tells me, "what’s wrong?" I said ok and told him I get 25% off the bill today for signing up. He told me NO. I made him call his manager so I could speak to him. He told the repair guy that I was right. So he ask me for a Coupon code which I didn’t have one. Well after a lot of yelling and throwing him outta my house I was told I had to pay 129ish for a service call. Told them I wasn’t paying anything since everyone in sear doesn’t know how to do their job. I was told that I had to wait 24 hours for the contract to be approved and I was never told that in the first place when I signed up, and then I had to wait 30 days for a new service call. I called a local repair service. It will cost me $75 for the service call and if I have it repaired that will wave the $ 75. Oh and I have to wait 24 hours to cancel my contact with sears.. this is the reason I NEVER buy anything for Sears anymore.

Dawn F.
Howard Beach, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

April 05 2019 11:13PM

Absolutely terrible do not get Sears Home Warranty!!! I have been trying to get my dryer fixed for 4 months, each time they come out they do not get it fixed. It takes two visits each time, once to look at it and order the parts, the next supposedly to fix it. However, they did not install the parts, then came out again and couldn't find the parts in his vehicle, so another time off work wasted. Still not fixed; I have taken several hours off work as they will not come in the evenings or on a Saturday. This is the WORST COMPANY EVER do not sign up with them. I have spent countless hours on the phone, and you just get transferred from person to person and then eventually disconnected. They also damaged my dryer and they have a separate company for these claims called Sedgwick, however they do not get back to you either. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Darla H.
Sioux Falls, SD
1 Star

April 04 2019 8:19PM

Don't ever buy Sears Home Warranty plan. Don't waste your time and money for the crappy services. We wasted 3 months and $300 but nothing have been fixed and done. They are nothing but just a crappy services company, no wonder they bankrupted.

Noel W.
Philadelphia, PA
1 Star

April 04 2019 2:30PM

Well, my goodness, we are not alone! Worst experience possible with this company. Over three months without a working refrigerator which is only 2 years old. Promises after promises by the "phone banks" in the Philippines, Ft. Worth, Delaware, Ft. Lauderdale, Winter Park, and Anderson, SC, resulting in multiple no shows (we even came back 800 miles from out of state to be here for a promised appointment which never showed).

Twice over the three months we did have a 2nd / 3rd? outsourced service technician to come and promised to return with parts or service but they never came back - no notification/no call. When we called (through multiple round robin scenarios from person to tape recorded messages to connecting phone numbers which resulted in being back with the same entity started with - sometimes back to the phone bank we start with - or hang ups - or more tape recorded messages) - we found out that the first technician (Audio Tech aka At Your Service) said his diagnosis was "denied" and the second one (A & E Factory Service) who actually ordered and installed parts that did not result in a repair of the problem, said he was not allowed by his company to come back--even though he felt he knew what he could do to provide an adjustment that would result in the repair.!!!

The two technicians who did come over the three month period but were not allowed to complete the job -- were professional and we have no fault lying with them. By the way - the phone number on one truck (A&E Factory Service) resulted in a connection with the same phone bank in the Philippines. Isn't that strange? I thought it would be a local service company , but unfortunately found it linked to the same horrible scenario. Other names encountered aside from service companies are: Sears Home Warranty, National Service Alliance, Cross Country Home Services, Owner Co, Kenmore Customer Care Hotline: -- all resulting in no promises met. No one is accountable. Do the owners of these companies know what is happening? And if they do -- how unfortunate for all. Phone numbers recommended to call but leading to the same place and/or resulting in promises not met--implicit in the problem (no accountability, no service, no power to affect change) include: 800-331-7421 /855-256-2467/ 304-616-8326/ 800-905-9505/ 800-469-4663/ 855-256-2467/ 800-432-1033/ 844-602-5613/ 302-691-7213/ 888-331-4573/ 954-835-1900/ 540-545-7126/ 1-800-349-5077/ 1-888-486-4201/ 540-317-1921--- give or take. My concern at first was for this company -- that had a hoped for strategy to have 2nd and 3rd party companies/technicians to provide nationwide repairs for Sears--sounds good and a worthy goal. But it simply wasn't working for the customer or for them. Imagine the people they were paying that resulted in nothing for the customer!

What a waste of time, effort, and money! I wanted and tried to let them know in a positive way for the betterment of the company. But I could not reach any one who needed to know - like the owner of the company/companies. This is a major default! My hope was to talk with a supervisor, owner of company to nicely let him/her know that this business plan was not fulfilling its promises. But as this process unwound over three plus months with no promises kept -- and realizing the network of phone banks, sites of offices, and no way to connect with supervisors, no accountable persons, personnel saying they didn't know who they worked for, etc. -- my concern grew and left me wondering is if this is a fictitious entity that is simply taking enrollment monies and not fulfilling service. Oh, goodness! Could this be an illegal entity with off shore implications? Could this be a sham company? Could this be global? Should we contact lawyers? FBI? Dept. of Commerce? Chambers of Commerce? Better Business Bureaus? I've never dealt with anything like this. The challenge is there.

K. G.
Winc., WV
1 Star

April 03 2019 2:36PM

Motor failed -- garbage disposal. Sears sent consultant. Consultant said disposal failed due to motor failure. Letter rec'd from Sears stating they had no plumber in area so we should hire plumber and they would reimburse us (I have proof of that!). We did that but when we made the claim for $350 (less $100 deductible) they would not honor the claim because they said the plumber was to call them while he was at our home to state reason for failure. We fought their contractor Cross Country Services over many phone calls & much paperwork going back & forth. They were very poor at returning phone calls. After 5 mos. I finally got a supervisor who said they would only give us our $100 deductible but we are out the $250. Disgusting. Plumber did call but they said it was too late (it had to be when he was in our home). What if this had been a large appliance?...... I don't even want to think about it. We quit it as of today. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. We had been paying $69.00 per month for a long time for this horrible service.

Teresa J.
1 Star

April 02 2019 2:32AM

Total and complete scam. I have had this warranty for several years and did not have any trouble til the last year. I understand that Cross Country has taken over and Sears is in bankruptcy so they are protected. I have submitted 2 claims in the past year. The first was a sump pump. The motor was bad. Claim denied. I figured I would let it go rather than fight about it. 2 weeks ago I submitted a claim for my furnace. It needs a part. They said it would take 2-3 weeks to get the part and tried to sell me a new furnace. Mind you, I am in VA and the temperatures have been freezing ( I asked if Sears was going to pay for it and the answer was no) so I had to wait for the part. I get a call back the next week and they say the claim was denied and they tried again to get me to buy a new furnace. I said no. Before I called customer service I called as a new customer to the Sears Home Warranty and recorded the conversation. Whole home warranty covers 100 percent of parts and labor on a furnace. After I got all the information I told the salesman that I was a current customer and my furnace was broken and he hung up on me. Does that sound like fraud? I see a lot of people online that have had the same issues. Shame on Sears and I am not going to let this go.

1 Star

March 27 2019 12:43AM

Overall very disappointing home warranty. In my kitchen they will not cover: microwave, ice maker, trash compactor, or fridge (I was told this after I purchased the warranty). They have attempted to fix the dishwasher 4 times, but ended up paying me for it instead (1/4 of the price that it will cost to replace the unit I have). I admit we have higher end appliances, but I asked many questions about the coverage on the phone before I purchased. I have attempted to cancel the warranty since they don't cover most of my appliances and they plan to charge me for the rest of the year! So far in the past 2 years I have paid in $1200 ($49 per month) and they have refused to fix 2 items and were unable to fix the other?? I do NOT recommend Sears as your home warranty company. Pick someone else!

Jen R.
New Port Richey, FL
5 Stars

March 25 2019 5:53AM

Great service on every call including replacing air conditioning unit, preventive maintenance visits, and PLUMBING repairs. Professional efficient and timelyhandling of claims and repair services with response and speedy repair service.

Fannie S.
Athens, GA
1 Star

March 22 2019 7:58PM

Absolutely terrible. My gas pack stopped working in late February. Almost a month later, after several visits by contractors (I had to pay two service fees, also, not just one like they say) they denied my claim. I've never been so jerked around by a commercial outfit in my life, and I've dealt with a few stinkers before over the years. Don't sign up for this, it's a rip off. I regret signing up for this warranty and can't wait to cancel it! I'll never do business with this company again, under any circumstances. These people are the worst. Making me wait a month in the middle of winter with no heat and a pregnant wife at home. If you're going to deny a claim, be quick about it so people with no heat can get somebody honest and trustworthy to fix it in a timely fashion. Bloodsuckers.

Dave S.
1 Star

March 21 2019 9:01PM

I have a warranty with Sears on my Whirlpool washer. We have been having problems with the washer since November. Everytime a Tech comes out, the washer is back broke within a week, banging loudly and leaking water. Everytime I call, I have to wait over a month before I can get an appointment. That means I have to spend $30 a week going to the washer because I have 5 people in my family. I called today and they tried to give me an appointment that was a month and a half out. I asked the customer service representative why do I have to wait so long, he started telling me that they have to have a service tech in that area. I said well why do they not say that when you buy the warranty. He said meanly, look, I am not gonna go back and forth with with you. I said how is that going back and forth when I asked you a question. He got mad and said good bye, have a nice day and hung up. I called back 6 times. He would pick the phone up and hang up in my face each time, til I finally hit a different number to cancel an appointment instead of make one and I got someone different. That is the worst customer service I have ever had.

1 Star

March 19 2019 6:31PM

Like others I have stories of terrible service from Sears Home Warranty. I am trying to get my refrigerator repaired for over a month, they can't get the part but won't honor their replacement clause. I can't even get through to a supervisor to talk about it. AWFUL.

William H.
Silver Spring, MD
1 Star

March 18 2019 1:56PM

I am very frustrated with this Home Warranty Service. I have waited eight weeks to resolve the issues with my washing machine. They do not send parts requested by their providers and lie about having done do. Their customer service never has updated information and when I request to speak to a Supervisor, no one is available. I never get a call back when I request for a Supervisor to do so. All and all the worst service I have ever received. My washing machine is still not repaired.

Wendy M.
Clemson, SC
2 Stars

March 14 2019 11:02AM

I am very frustrated with my Sears Home Warranty plan. The customer service center for home repair visits is in the Philippines! When a Sears repairman fails to show-up, which has happened to me several times in the last two months, there is absolutely no way to contact to local repair dispatcher or repairman for information. This week I waited for four hours for my repair person. When they didn’t show up, I called the Sears Customer Service Center. Being in the Philippines, they had absolutely no information from my local service provider as to why my repair man was a no show. They refused to call or to allow me to call the local dispatcher for information. Instead they sent a message to the serviceman to call before arrival, I was advised to wait at home for two and a half more hours after my scheduled repair window. In order to do so I had to leave my daughter stranded in town, because I couldn’t leave home to pick her up. Two a half hours pass and still no one showed up. I called the Philippines again and was told that the repairman stated “Not home” as the reason he didn’t show up. I was home for over 6.5 hours waiting for the repairman, who never tried to contact me by phone once during the day to tell me when he was going to arrive or that he was there. If Sears thinks that good customer service for local repairs can be conducted from a service center half way around the world with no real time contact with the local repair agency, then they are sadly mistaken.

Karla L.
New Lebanon, NY
2 Stars

March 13 2019 6:16PM

My seller was not bad but seemed he did not have all his info in front of him such as my account validity. He wasn't aware if we had a Sears credit card and seemed to be shifting towards not caring to check if I didn't want to hold. He did check but it just seems there is an independent company handling Sear warranty's with no access So everything went fine after that... until... I asked him to email and he did. When I printed this warranty exclusions which is normal and ( Including Arbitration Clause) which then meant I have no recourse to litigation. Probably not necessary Sears has always been Solid. I pressed print and low and behold I received a SIXTEEN PAGE DOCUMENT. Now my printer is low on ink. I am not happy.

Rosa L.
Eight Mile, AL
2 Stars

March 10 2019 1:19AM

SEARS HOME WARRANTY We have not been successful in obtaining satisfaction with services provided by a company called SEARS HOME WARRANTY. I called them on yesterday due to problems with our furnace. It was working when they arrived but, it would only run on high. I had called them the previous week because it had shut down during a really cold period. They told me at that time that they could not come until March 5th. Due to my husband's illness and the extreme cold, I called another company who came and got it running. I called Sears Home Warranty back as the other company cited several problems. However, the furnace was working albeit only on high. I called Sears letting them know that I was having problems. They gave me an appointment for March 8. They came out, I told them the furnace would only work on high. They said they checked the system and found no problems. However, I discovered when they left, the system would not come on. I called Sears today explained what happened. The lady stated she would waive service fee for someone else to come. I called the provider to discover fee not waived. Called Sears back and asked to speak to someone who can address the issue, customer services transferred me knowing that office was closed. This story will continue but this definitely not a good look for SEARS HOME WARRANTY SERVICES. I will keep you posted as when I see something, I will say something!

Jack H.
1 Star

March 09 2019 4:25PM

I have never experienced such pathetic lack of service from Sears. I called in on Thursday for a leaking hot water heater. I have spoken to at least eight people from Sears regarding this job. They sent the job to someone who doesn’t work on hot water heaters. I called back yesterday morning. They would ‘expedite ‘ the case. Saturday morning now. I called back, having hear nothing from them. Spoke to supervisor named Sharon. Nothing much to offer me except that she will have them expedite this case. It could take another FORTY EIGHT hours.

Hasmukhben A.
Winnetka, CA
1 Star

March 09 2019 3:30PM

I spent over $7000 at the Burlington, MA store for appliances in the summer of 2017. (The sales rep assured me Sears would not be closing its Burlington Store--it closed less than a year later.) Sears held the appliances until Dec. 17 until Dec. when the kitchen was completed and delivered them late Dec. 2017. Each appliance was Elite--top of the line. I have had problems first with the microwave after 8 mos of use was told the warranty had run out since I purchased the appliances in July 2017 even though I had used the microwave for only 9 mos. Worse, the dishwasher failed this January, 2019. Sears Service referred a repairman to check it--$100.00 for the visit... He said the console was gone and would cost $489 to repair--meanwhile trying to sell me a Sears Warranty for all of the appliances ($800+) (for appliances which will probably be ready for the junk heap soon as well.) He never mentioned that there was a warranty on the part--even though I told him the machine had lasted only one year. I declined the repair as I wanted to check on the warranty.

I immediately called Sears to check on the warranty as the Kenmore Dishwasher Appliance book states there is a two-year warranty on parts for my Elite Kenmore dishwasher. I was referred finally to the Warranty Department whose rep told me the only way to see if the warranty was valid was to have the repairman come back for another $100.00 dollars! --Even though I had just quoted from the Kenmore dishwasher manual and had supplied all model and serial numbers for the machine. Outrageous and illogical! I tried connecting with other Sears customer service reps (all in the Philippines--none local or even in the US) who were of no help whatsoever. What kind of a company is this!

Patricia C.
Winchester, MA
5 Stars

March 08 2019 9:26PM

I have had every single service completed on time and all for the deductibles $100 each for 2018. Water heater replaced. Garbage disposal replaced. Kitchen faucet replaced. Stove controls replaced. Refrigerator lights replaced. Shower/tub valve faucet replaced. Never a problem. Turner Plumbing. Sears Home Appliance repair teams. All were pros. Jacksonville Florida.

1 Star

March 08 2019 6:29PM

Washer repair It took a week to get an appointment. Then it took a week for the parts to come. No show on the repair person for the scheduled date to put parts in. Customer service is in the Philippines and after several calls I’m still sitting on 3 weeks of dirty laundry.

Sandi C.
Eatonton, GA
1 Star

March 08 2019 4:01PM

Worst thing I ever did. Horrible time setting up service, the tech guys were always good, But the company is terrible. I was told there was no charge to cancel the service plan, then when I tried there was an unreasonable fee. Just don't do it.

Earl C.
1 Star

February 28 2019 4:15PM

Ridiculous Warranty. They don't show up, don't call back and don't follow up all they do is send a bill! I don't know about any other warranty service but don't waste your time or money with Sears. They simply don't do as advertised at all.

Samuel K.
Merrill, MI