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July 30 2020 3:59PM

Worst experience ever! I am paying for the Whole House warranty. My clothes washer machine got broken on January. Every time the tech will come will have the excuse that he needed to order parts.

Month through month the washer kept doing the same thing and they kept coming and order parts. Every time the technician comes he wants to charge me the deductible stating that he is ordering a different part. Of course I didn't pay again, now I have a different technician.

This new one stated that deductibles are not good after 6 months. We are on July and now neither the parts or the technician has come. I had called to more than 10 different numbers and no one can solve me this situation and get me a replacement.

They told me whoever approved the replacement doesn't have a direct number. I find so unfair that I am paying $70 monthly for this "warranty" getting no service at all.

I am very disappointed and will probably end up with all that money wasted, buying a new clothes washer and cancelling the warranty.

I feel someone stole money from all the years I have been paying for the warranty, at least I am thankful it is the washer and nothing more serious. I will definitely be getting a different warranty provider.

Aixa C.
Orlando, FL
July 29 2020 5:44PM

HORRIBLE!!!! Do not buy!!!! These people are thieves. Trying to go through my bank for a chargeback. Been paying for over one year and never even used the service. Finally called for 1 service call for a range. They went out in May 2020.

Said they needed to order some parts and charged me $75!!!! It’s almost August and no one ever came back out to fix it. Called to follow up and was transferred over 6 times to people who barely speak English.

Was told they couldn’t find ticket, then couldn’t find my account. Pathetic!!!! Will cancel and report to the Better Business Bureau.

Annette G.
Titusville, FL
July 28 2020 8:06PM

Run from this company as fast as you can. We had our refrigerator declared "not repairable" in mid May.

I have been on the phone with them seven times since, and each time (after 1-3 hours) it is the same story: "someone will call you within 2 business days" and then nobody calls.

Now I am trying to cancel the service and it is increasingly appearing that the ONLY way I can cancel is to cancel the credit card and get a new card number - with all of the hassle THAT entails. It cannot be canceled on their website and I cannot get anyone on the phone.

They have completely taken advantage of us - taken our money - and delivered little/nothing in return.

Michel G.
Richmond, VT
July 25 2020 1:38AM

I have been trying to get my icemaker repaired since July 1st, I spent 1 hour and 40 minutes on hold because of high volume calls. Today I wish I could get my hands around someone's neck,,,, Stay away from Sears. You will not be happy. They are selling fantasies and dreams not service.

Douglas P.
July 24 2020 7:32PM

PLEASE SHUT THIS FRAUD COMPANY.... Sears they take monthly money and when it came to fix our well pump they send a bogus repairman who knew nothing and we were told they cannot fix it as it's not under warranty.

$100 co pay down the drains. We spent $4k to fix which they were suppose to fix. They don't fix anything only play games with you and send third party crappy people and they have no idea what they are doing.

We even got our AC FIXED ourself because they were sending another crappy company to charge $100 and do nothing... Thank God I saw their reviews online. It's a very big SCAM. Pls stay away.

Hajra P.
Sparta, NJ
July 24 2020 5:28PM

4 weeks without washer. Wrong part ordered. Terrible service. Terrible phone service. Terrible. Horrendous. A mess. I want a refund and a phone call to explain this whole mess. If there is another warranty company with better service and reviews I would like to know.

Hendersonville, NC
July 22 2020 5:54PM

We have had issues with our refrigerator for years now...This time around we have been without a refrigerator for over a month now and there have been several technicians that have been out and have only made temporary repairs.

Up to now, repair technicians have unplugged our refrigerator and said to leave it unplugged for the remainder of the day, plug it back in and it should be good...and it was, for a few weeks.

The next technician pressed some buttons on the front/ice & water dispenser area and said it would be good once it reset... and it was, again, for a few weeks.

Then this last time around, in early June our refrigerator fails to say cool...again. I called and scheduled a repair technician visit for 17 June 2020.

The tech came out on 17 June, noticed the ice that had formed on the back, exterior of the refrigerator, and the rust that it had caused and said that the refrigerator was defective and that he would submit a warranty to get it replaced and that we should hear something within the next week.

Well, we didn't...So my wife attempted to make contact and was given numerous numbers to call and in the end she was told that the technicians comments, stating that the failure was due to a lack of insulation, was not covered by warranty.

I didn't understand that explanation and couldn't accept that answer since I am not the engineer that designed the refrigerator, with insufficient insulation.

So, I called and was told that the only thing that could be done was to have another technician come out and re-evaluate...Another tech visit was made for 07 July 2020 and I had to take off of work to be present....

Just prior to our appointment, the repair technician called us and asked if there was a mistake, that he could read the prior techs comments and that he didn't see a need to actually come out.

He had seen this issue/defect before and told me that he would work with his supervisor and push it to warranty services again.

I have since called an additional 3 numbers, have even talked to supervisors who told me that they would look into it and get back to me on the following Monday....that was Monday, 13 July and I have yet to receive an update.

I attempted to find out the status of and finally resolve this issue this week starting on 21 July via their online chat function where I was given an email address and a glimmer of hope.

But, that glimmer what quickly dashed when I promptly received this automatic reply from [email protected] ([email protected]) "The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly."

Stacy H.
San Diego, CA
July 20 2020 7:33PM

We have been trying to get our a/c serviced since March 2020. First reason no service techs in our area. Then COVID excuse. Now it is July and despite several calls and attempts to get service nothing has happened.

Filed complaint with Office of Attorney General in AZ. Sears needs to go out of businesses. Consumer concern and service is a disgrace. Telling everyone about our lousy service.

Ann Marie G.
July 20 2020 6:44AM

My wife and I purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator from Sears two years ago under a master protection warranty and after 3 weeks of it not cooling and having two technicians replace the condenser and compressor it’s STILL NOT WORKING.

Now ANOTHER technician is suppose to come out for a THIRD TIME which now makes it a WHOLE MONTH we’ve been without a refrigerator (meanwhile keep in mind we have 4 children to support who need to eat).

We have been trying to get in touch with warranty about replacement and $500 worth of food loss because we are tired of being on hold for two hours at a time and no email response from a supervisor.

NEVER AGAIN will we purchase anything from Sears or anything related to Kenmore because not only does the product SUCK so does their customer service!

The online chat with technicians can’t escalate anything on their end because as we were told they are just a scheduling system. They claim due to COVID-19 wait times are longer.

Didn’t know that phone lines are busy at the crack of dawn when calling first thing in the morning as soon as they open and still being on hold for 2 HOURS! But of course when it comes to warranty they don’t want to replace their products that suck!

Kenmore must suck that bad that we have to WAIT A WHOLE MONTH for them to have 3 techs come out before even saying it can be replaced?! #SEARSCUSTOMERSERVICEWARRANTY ANDMAINTENANCESUCK!!! #ZERO STARS!!

Richard R.
Jacksonville, FL
July 19 2020 1:27AM

My oven stopped working in June 2020. I called my home warranty (Sears Home Warranty). They sent a serviceman from sears out to fix it. The man came out and it sounded like he was handling my oven extremely aggressively. All I heard was banging.

My oven worked for two weeks and went back out. I called my home warranty back. I had to wait for someone to come out on on July 2, 2020. The guy ordered 2 parts for my oven. The stickers came. The other part was supposed to take 3 days.

I called multiple times and was told that my part is expected to arrive on July 29, 2020. I called customer service to ask if there were other options because I really need my oven to cook.

I shouldn't have to go without an oven for over a month when I pay a home warranty and I paid a $100 deductible and my oven wasn't fixed. Every time I call, I'm being on hold or hung up on.

I ask for a supervisor and am being told that they'll call me back because they're busy with other customers. This is not fair and should not be allowed. I would like to know how I can be refunded. This has happened to me on several occasions.

I've even had to pay a plumber in December after paying a $100 deductible when the company sears home warranty sent out didn't fix the leak in my tub.

They refused to fix the problem and tried to tell me that something else caused the tub to leak. I hired a plumber and he fixed it within 15 minutes.

District Heights, MD
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