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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (633 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

633 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

November 01 2018 2:14PM

Reading Violet ** review about the warranty, cancellation and terms and condition, I had the same experience with Sears. I signed up for the plan on 8/22/18, I do not have a name but, his technician id is: **. He signed me up with Sears Appliance Warranty Plan. He stated that at anytime I no longer wanted the plan, all I had to do was call and cancel it. At the time in question, there was nothing said about there being a penalty if the plan were to get canceled. In addition, it is now November 1, 2018 and I have still yet to receive a packet about Sears' services, or its terms and conditions. I am being told I owe $132.31 for cancelling my warranty service. Either the Technician did not have knowledge of how the plan works or he just lied about it.

Steven F.
1 Star

October 24 2018 4:38PM

The worst service imaginable stay away at all costs. Had a part on back order forever, wanted to charge me for the service visit without providing service. Customer service is a nightmare try to get someone who speaks without a heavy accent and a phone that sounds like it was made at Toys R Us.

Dennis W.
1 Star

October 23 2018 3:42PM

I purchased all of my appliances (Kenmore Elite) from Sears - stove, convection microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator... All purchased 5 years ago. My ice maker was having issues I could "live with" (stopped making ice and would occasionally leak), but I called Sears out once my dishwasher stopped working in May. Once the repair man fixed my dishwasher I asked him about my freezer/ice maker, and he encouraged me to sign up for the Sears Home Warranty plan. It was sold as $75 per additional repair (not visit, but repair), and if Sears couldn't fix the problem, they'd replace the appliance. Too good to be true, right?! Well it was. It is now almost November, and after 4-5 visits from a 3rd party vendor AND Sears most recently, I was told I have a "lemon," but since the door needs to be replaced, they don't cover that! And they will not replace the appliance (door is $800 and replacement around $1400), so here I am, having paid for their warranty program, been sold/told a lie, almost 7 months later, and still a broken freezer. Atrocious, unacceptable service. The people who answered the phone were decently nice, but the supervisors could not have been less understanding, less empathetic, and came to me with ZERO solutions other than "tough break, sorry." Sears should be ashamed of themselves. I am tempted to go to Best Buy and buy all new Samsung appliances just to get anything that reminds me of Sears out of my life... too bad I can't afford it, partially because I got conned into buying a false warranty plan.

Dana L.
1 Star

October 16 2018 3:05PM

I initially signed up for the appliance plan because I had an issue with my refrigerator. They had to come out 3 times after replacing multiple parts. The last guy welded a wire and fixed it! I upgraded to the whole house plan because my water heater was having issues. I was told I had to wait 30 days to file a claim. I called again the next day and asked if they could back date the plan so I could make a claim. They said no but I was allowed 1 claim in the 1st 30 days. After being transferred they said, "no thats not the case." I already used that 1st claim with the refrigerator. I was transferred again to confirm since I was getting mixed information. No can not make a claim. Wait 30 days. Told them I didnt think it would last 30 days... but we waited scheduled a call had the tech come out paid 100.00 deductible and then this morning at 7am! I get a call saying it was a pre existing condition and not covered. Dont you think one of those 5 people I talked to would have told me that! I was told I should have read the contract!!! Who reads all that especially after I talked to 5 people who never said it would be a pre existing condition. I can not get my 100.00 back and if I cancel I will be charged the 400.00 for the refrigerator repair. Everyone was rude. When I called corporate there are apparently only 2 people answering calls and all calls get transferred to customer service. SEARS NO WONDER YOU ARE GOING BANKRUPT!!! I WILL NEVER USE YOU AGAIN AND I WILL BLAST YOU ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA... SCAMMERS.

Donna D.
1 Star

October 13 2018 1:12AM

SEARS HOME WARRANTY IS A SCAM! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY! They failed 5 times to show up at my house to repair my refrigerator. The one time they did show up the guy was rude. He said he ordered a part. I waited 2 weeks for it come in. Finally I called and I was told it was never ordered, wtf? THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A SCAM! I don’t think they ever had any intention of showing up at my house until I called 18 times! Nor did they have any intention to repair it! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. ITS A SCAM!

Nolan R.
1 Star

October 12 2018 6:50PM

8/29/2018: Spoke to a guy named "Stuart," who signed me up with Sears Whole House Warranty Plan. Stuart stated that at anytime I no longer wanted the plan, all I had to do was call and cancel it. At the time in question, there was nothing said about there being a penalty if the plan were to get canceled. In addition, it is now October 12, 2018 and I have still yet to receive a packet about Sears' services, or its terms and conditions. In addition, it was verbally stated as well as currently in the computer, that one whole month is FREE. 8/29/2018: Given a flat rate by above "Stuart," for Tech to fix dryer.

Was not eligible for Sears Whole House Warranty Plan until my dryer was first fixed. 8/30/2018: Tech came to home. Ordered wrong part for dryer. Unbeknown to me at the time, Tech did not annotate that I had paid the $129 flat fee which caused multiple problems later. Wrong part to my dryer came to home by mail, as told would happen. 9/11/2018: Tremendous difficulty in communicating with Sears. No one knows anything. Too many foreign speaking agents who do nothing but incessantly rattle robotic gibberish. No Supervisors available. Told to phone one department after the other, all to no avail, all this time? NO DRYER. 9/11/2018: Finally established communication with Sears. Tech was supposed to come to home this date and re-analyze the dryer problem.

Tech never came. No phone calls nor any form of communication was heard from the Tech that day or thereafter. No follow-up by anyone. Customer left stranded, day wasted. NO DRYER. 9/19/2018: Appointment date was set for Tech to come to home. Tech showed-up and over-bearingly asked for $129. Showed Tech Credit Union bank statement where amount in question had been paid and cleared within bank 8/31/2018. Tech stated a new motor was needed. 9/21/2018: Observed part that belonged to dryer lying aimlessly and flush against kitchen woodwork. Tech had failed to install this piece that went to dryer. Got ahold of Sears and was challenged as to what kind of part it was; had it been shipped; was I sure it belonged to the dryer, etcetera. This courtroom drama continued even after stopping to take, give, and convey height and width measurements to Customer Service clerk. Exasperated, I finally told the clerk, "Why don't you just tell the guy to get his butt back here and put the part where it belongs? 'If I knew what the part was and where it belonged, I wouldn't be calling Sears in the first place!" 9/30/2018: $69.99 was taken out of Account, that amount of money covering payment by the month for Sears Whole House Warranty Plan. 10/5/2018: Appointment was made for Tech to come to home and put dryer part where it belonged. Tech never showed-up. No phone call beforehand or thereafter. No follow-up. Was told a variety of story telling by Customer Service Reps as to why Serviceman did not show-up. Was even told that regardless of whether or not I had been given the house of 12:00 p. m. until 4:00 p. m. for the Serviceman to come, it was just an ESTIMATE, that the Serviceman was on-his-way and that the Service Call would be complied with by 6:00 p. m. that same day. This was a HOAX, all the way around. Customer left stranded. NO DRYER.

How long had it been now without customer having had a dryer? 10/11/2018: An unkempt and unshaven Recall Tech who appeared as though he had slept in his clothes, came to home and re-installed part to dryer. Asked me where screws to part was? 10/11/2018: By 11:10 this date, went to Credit Union whom phoned Sears Warranty. Spoke to Stephanie who canceled my policy (by my adamant request), and was told that by doing so, I would get a bill from Sears for $277.78. Question: Where was my first free month of service? What happened to that? How come no penalty phase was ever mentioned to me at time of initiation by Stuart? How come I am yet to know anything about Sears terms and conditions without yet ever having received my initial customer packet at time of plan initiation or anytime thereafter to current time? The bottom line? The Sears communication system is deplorable. It is also unheard of and despicable that Management does not show accountability for derelict employees whom leaves customer stranded and their days wasted because of No-Show. No one enforces this. Whom would have ever thought Sears was like this? It is a different world now, a different world, indeed, that we live in. Sears is no longer that Sears that it used to be. While it sounds so very simple: Call Sears, reschedule appointment, try to find out what is going on, initiate a request of any kind, robbing Fort Knox would be a lot more simpler. Sears, undoubtedly, is the worst Home Warranty Plan that I've come across.

The entire situation, as a whole, is utterly absurd, ridiculous, and says very little and speaks very poorly about our culture and American way-of-life. Do not get involved with Sears on any basis. I give the company, nor their services, any respect whatsoever. It is my intention to fight the money that I am supposed to owe Sears. There is a lof of fraudulent misrepresentation by Sears' employees. Sears Management and their CEO are the only ones to blame. You can never get ahold of any of them to voice an executive complaint. If you send them an E-mail, it will come back "Undeliverable," even though their web-site address is the very same as the one that is advertised within the computer. STAY AWAY! BAD AND FLAGRANT BUSINESS PRACTICES!!!

1 Star

October 10 2018 5:28PM

It took me 1.5 hours to get an appointment for my broken washer. Twice I was put on hold for over 30 minutes only to have both calls just dropped after waiting. Then , once I finally scheduled it, the technician did not show up .I took off work and waited all morning. My window was 8-12:00 am. at 12:15, I called and was told the guy couldn't get in the gate. I had given them: 1. the gate code, 2. He could've called my from the call box at the gate- he did not., 3. He could've called me on my cell phone or house phone. I gave them both and he did not even try to call me. He simply didn't want to come. Probably wanted to head to lunch. I have three toddlers and elderly parents living here and this has ben a nightmare. Ive spent 69.99 every month for this service and when I needed it, it didn't work!

Gail F.
1 Star

October 10 2018 5:28PM

It took me 1.5 hours to get an appointment for my broken washer. Twice I was put on hold for over 30 minutes only to have both calls just dropped after waiting. Then, once I finally scheduled it, the technician did not show up. I took off work and waited all morning. My window was 8-12:00 am. at 12:15, I called and was told the guy couldn't get in the gate. I had given them: 1. the gate code, 2. He could've called me from the call box at the gate- he did not, 3. He could've called me on my cell phone or house phone. I gave them both and he did not even try to call me. He simply didn't want to come. Probably wanted to head to lunch. I have three toddlers and elderly parents living here and this has been a nightmare. I've spent 69.99 every month for this service and when I needed it, it didn't work!

Gail F.
1 Star

October 10 2018 4:36PM

This was by far the worst experience I’ve had in my life, The Sears worker broke my dishwasher and made fixing it and extra $1000 more expensive.My washer was worth $3800, they replaced it with a $500 Discontinued brand washer. They lie to you, they dragged my claim for months. When I wanted to cancel my membership they wanted to fully charge me for all the repairs. Just simply find someone else.

Ahmad O.
1 Star

October 09 2018 6:18PM

This has been the worse customer service experience I have ever been through, if I could rate it a negative 10 I would have. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE. After filing many claims to fix my washer - technician went to fix it 2 maybe even 3 times and supposedly my washer was fixed only to have the same issue within a couple of weeks again, twice they did not show up when I did have an appointment and missed work to be there. On top of all the hours I spend on the phone with them and more time on hold to get to the next level of supervisors when I finally did speak to a Customer Service "SUPERVISOR" she was rude, yelled at me and would talk over me in a very loud voice. When I asked her if the calls really were being recorded and asked her for her name... SHE HUNG UP ON ME. A true CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERVISOR... if the call had gotten lost by mistake would have called me back... SHE DID NOT. I hope that someone from Sears Home Warranty with TRUE Customer Service skills would have the decency to call me. I also hope that the calls I have made ARE being recorded because I want to request a copy.

Anna M.
2 Stars

October 08 2018 11:15PM

I switched to their plan. Their once a year maintenance is NOT a maintenance check. They don't even clean the flame sensor (which is a safety feature on your unit). They basically are looking for a reason to charge you the call out fee if they can find anything wrong... if they notice the sensor is dirty during the maintenance check they will tell you that you need to make an appt and get it checked... and then they will come and clean it for the $100 call out fee. I got screwed by this company. They are NOT really Sears... They contract with Sears and are called Cross Country. They went up to over $1200 a year for my contract this year. I am now looking at AFC or Americas Preferred HW. Do not buy the whole house warranty with Sears. Their warranties that come separate for appliances are excellent... Sears does all of the maintenance. Those separate appliance warranties cover everything. I had that and they talked me into getting the whole house and dropping those other warranties. BIG MISTAKE. Don't do it!

S M.
1 Star

October 04 2018 11:21PM

I'm very upset with Sears Home warranty. I made the first appointment to have the "maintenance" to my heater but is just a revision, the technical cancel my appointment because I didn't pick up the call at certain moment, even if I call him back and let him a message because my wife was at home and she doesn't speak English. The appointment they give to the customers is from 8 AM to 5 PM. Can you believe this? You had to lose the whole day at work just for a basic revision. That was last Saturday. I call them yesterday to setup a appointment and they give me the appointment for today from 8 to 5. Nobody shows up and somebody cancel the appointment and it wasn't me. Now I want to cancel so horrible service and I have more that one hour waiting to somebody pick the call up. I'm so sorry to trust in Sears Home warranty. Was a terrible mistake.

Kelvn L.
1 Star

October 03 2018 9:24PM

Do not get talked into their warranty. I called Sears to get my LG refrigerator fixed. I said I think it is the water line because it is leaking. That’s all I wanted. I did not have a warranty and did not call to get a warranty. The customer service rep told me if I signed up for the warranty the only out of pocket expense would be the $80 service fee and this would be better because the repairs could be costly otherwise. In addition I could get my other appliances fixed throughout the year as often as necessary.

I believe they said a total of 5 or 6 appliances. The price quoted was about $600 but I could pay $50 a month. No mention of what would or would not be covered, just said this is a better deal for you because it could be something big that needs fixed. Sounds good right? Wrong. They sent the tech out. He arrived on time, great. Then I was hit with “ The water line isn’t covered under the warranty, so we can’t fix it but you still owe me $80 because I came out”. Say what?! I called customer service line (which I think is outsourced out of the country) and was told, "sorry it’s not covered," uh but my refrigerator isn’t fixed and you said the warranty would be a better deal and I’m out $130 ($80 service fee and $50 contract installment). Who was it a better deal for when I still have a broken refrigerator and sears made $80?! Needless to say I canceled the service agreement and will never buy anything from Sears, ever. Do not get scammed.

Vera H.
1 Star

September 27 2018 7:30PM

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! They dont cover anything! We had a horrible experience with them, we had "Whole house plan" and have been told that this plan will cover everything but when we filed a claim for leaking faucets in our 4 bathrooms plus shower, they said that shower not covered (though its same problem as with faucets worn out valve), apparently in the contract there is description of specific items (in small font) that covered and not covered, ( even "Whole house plan") and list of items that not covered 3-4 bigger than list of covered items. Hours with customer service on the phone didnt help, just wasted my time and nerves. We cancelled everything and never will buy anything from Sears again!!!

Dawne G.
1 Star

September 22 2018 5:19PM

DO NOT TRUST THIS HOME WARRANTY COMPANY!! Home air conditioning system repair was refused because freon had been added to the unit during the summer prev maintenance check. Claimed that the problem was a preexisting condition even though the unit was working fine when the warranty was purchased which was six months before the problem manifested itself. The technician told us he had to order the parts for the needed repair and would call within 24 hours to schedule the return visit. Immediately after departing he submitted his report stating that the warranty should not cover the repairs because freon had been added during preventive maintenance. When we cancelled the insurance we inquired about getting a refund for the visit charge and were told that this was not possible because the fee was paid to a subcontractor when in fact the recipient was Sears.

Ricardo S.
1 Star

September 19 2018 8:28PM

I have had multiple terrible experiences with this service. Their customer service and appeals claim is a joke. I have had 4 phone representatives tell me a supervisor would call me back (as they always claim none is available) and waited weeks with no one calling me back. The technicians they have sent me the last two times have been unprofessional and ineffective and actually broke more than they fixed. I ended up paying out of pocket to have issues resolved. Recently, I called to schedule their advertised "bi-yearly maintenance" and no one on the phone even knew what I was talking about even though it is advertised on their website and in my contract. Find a different warranty.

Tabitha J.
1 Star

September 19 2018 6:09PM

I have the 10 appliance protection agreement. My a/c broke 2 months ago. The made appts to repair but do not show up. A/c still not fix. I am a military vet over 80 years old. Been without a/c in 98 degree weather. I think that they are like robots trained to say, "I'm sorry I'll transfer you to some who will help." They hope I believe. that you will eventually stop trying. Save your money- approx. $630 per year and sanity. Not worth it. They claim that my A/C. is out of warranty. I sent pictures that it is in warranty. I have 14 Sears employees (names documented) that I have spent over 16 hours on the phone with. They sent emails to me saying that I am covered. I have much damage caused a leaking a/c in my attic. They sent me $300 claiming responsibility. Verrrry weird.

Stanley K.
1 Star

September 19 2018 5:34PM

Sears does not deserve 1 star. They canceled 5 appts. the same day for 2 months. They say that I am correct and I have been on the phone for over 15 hours. for the 10 appliance plan. Save your money and sanity.

Sanley K.
1 Star

September 19 2018 4:33PM

I have been with Sears for over 20 years as a loyal member of the home master protection agreement. I have been for fifteen days without AC because the company has no idea what is happening around, no one can give answers. It took 6 days to get a technician to my house, he checked everything and said somebody else was coming to check the problem because that was a TWO MEN JOB. Three days later a man showed up in my house - without any previous information or phone call from Sears, big safety issue right there - to take pictures of the units. Didn’t received any phone call, email, text from Sears.

I called, after been transferred from department to another department no one could give me any info. Today has been almost 15 days without AC, I’m in Florida, 90 something degrees outside and no able to open the windows because of the terrible red tide affecting the area. They told me if I buy fans or portable AC I would be reimbursed up to $250 now that information was ALSO wrong and it was only IF I would have bought it in Sears or Kmart., which it’s ridiculous since all the stores around here are closed. People think this is a ridiculous joke and many of them who have gotten master protection agreement because of me, they decided not to renew their agreements. With all the money I have paid in 20 years for this master protection, I should have two new AC units in my house and even maybe three! This has been a terrible bad experience!

Erika M.
1 Star

September 18 2018 1:48PM

Dealing with Sears and the repair company, M&M in San Antonio, has been a nightmare. Stay away from these guys and Sears. The repair team they send over didn't have the part to fix the problem. Then I found out that Sears wanted to provide the part because they felt they could buy it for a better price. This took a couple of weeks. During this time we have no A/C for half our house. Now I find out the part was sent to the repair guy 3 weeks ago and he fail to contact me. When I call him (if he picks up) I get promised a call back once de researches the work order. I have yet to get a call back. When I complain to Sears, I'm told they will send M&M a email. Sears cannot get them to pick up either. When I ask Sears to send over another repair team, they tell me they'll see what they can do. Every time I call Sears I get a different person, who does nothing to resolve the situation. Today is 9/18/18, initially I called Sears about this the last week of July. I still have no A/C.

Jackie K.
1 Star

September 17 2018 8:44PM

After paying them for over a year, I needed a plumber and called the service number where I had to listen to two pitches to sell me something else. Then their automated service hooks me up with a plumber half way across the state who had the worst customer review ratings I have ever seen. Forget it. My next chore will be to cancel this outfit.

Jim S.
1 Star

September 12 2018 11:13PM

First claim was for a dryer that did not get fixed or diagnosed well. Had to call another company to fix the dryer. Second claim was for my fridge and I am here, tired of talking with these people on the phone and getting nowhere. Worthless plan ever!!! I gave one star because they did not have an option for 0.

Monica A.
2 Stars

September 11 2018 8:37PM

I was given an appointment time of 10-2. At 8 am the technician called and said he couldn’t get to me until 4 pm. When I told him my hours he said well I can come to you first in about an hour, but that will make everyone else’s appointment time late. Thanks for putting that on my shoulders. I told him just come at 4. At 4:33 I was still waiting so I decided to write this review. If I could get out of this warranty without penalty I would. I’d rather pay a higher deductible for better service. I don’t blame the technicians they do their best.

Sylvia P.
1 Star

September 11 2018 3:27PM

Disgusting service... Refrigerator service could not get appointment for repair without 21 day wait. Customer service center was off shores and the operator was rude and could barely speak English. In my opinion you should AVOID SEARS HOME WARRANTY PLAN COMPLETELY...They should be prosecuted for selling a service that is no service... It is a complete scam and should be avoided at all cost. You have been warned!

Harold D.
1 Star

September 07 2018 6:51PM

After I bought the home warranty, I called for repair on Samsung refrigerator's ice maker. A guy came out and said it was on a recall, and that it needed to be sealed. No charge. Well, it didn't fix the problem. Called a month later, and was told it was never on recall and that I had to pay the rate for a service call. The fact that it was never fixed in the first place meant nothing. Still had to pay to have them come out again, when they didn't fix it the first time. Also beware, if you buy the service and use it and then cancel it before a year is up, you have to pay for the full cost of the service call(s) you had.

Mary B.
1 Star

September 07 2018 12:36AM

We own two homes and have had home warranties for YEARS. We swapped to Sears just under two years ago and never had to file a claim. My washing machine was clunking pretty loudly so I filed a claim. I had to wait a week for a technician to come who cancelled the day of service halfway through the day and rescheduled for another week out. He finally shows up after two weeks of my initial claim, diagnoses the problem and says that since the washer is so old they need to try to hunt down one of the parts. The second part was mailed to our house and he scheduled a repair for two more weeks out. I’m now at a month with no washer and he NO SHOWS on the day he’s supposed to do the repair. I call Sears, talk to someone in a different country who can’t even contact the Sears repair company and says that our claim has been closed out as completed. I blew up and said it absolutely is NOT fixed so they file another claim for me and schedule another technician for me which I have to wait another week for. They come out to do the repair, but they don’t have the second part that the first technician never ordered. They make some calls, say that it’s not possible to get the part and that Sears home warranty will contact me about replacing my washer for me. 5 minutes after they left, a very rude customer service rep called and said that they will not replace my washer because it’s not covered under the fine print in our warranty package. I said if it’s not covered, why did you all bother even ordering parts, you’re really not going to replace my washer? His response: “NOPE” and that was the end of the call. So we had to shell out $800 for a new washer and another $800 for a dryer because they’re stacked plus we paid $79.99 a month for almost 2 years with no claims, the $100 deductible AND $250 at the laundromat to wash clothes while our washer wasn’t working. They only kind person at Sears Home Warranty is the lady I spoke to when I cancelled the warranty with them. This company is CRAP and wish I would have read these reviews before we signed up with them. They’re dishonest, terrible, lazy and have awful customer service!!! Such a waste of money. I could have saved it to buy my washer when it first broke.

Sarah G.
1 Star

September 05 2018 11:35PM

My KitchenAid microwave was broken and could not be fixed. Sears chose a replacement microwave that did not fit in the built in area. So they charged me A RESTOCKING FEE. Now they are offering $200 for a $1000. Mind you pay $49.00 a month for the contract, and a $75.00 deductible! This is an insult!!!

Gaidi F.
1 Star

August 31 2018 7:36PM

I bought a refrigerator from Sears and an extended warranty. Two months before the warranty ran out the Ice maker stop working. I called the Sears Warranty Dept... They send someone out immediately. They said he would come out on a Saturday between 12 pm and 8 pm. At 10* 30 pm that night he got to my home and did nothing, fixed nothing, said that all we could do was pray for the refrigerator to work. The next guy came out and said that the entire refrigerator was not cooling and he had to wait to order parts.

The next guy said that he had to order a fan a some control card, when the other guy got here today he said he had to order a condenser, compressor and dryer for the refrigerator and that I could not store food in it and I had to wait for another month. He also said that now it was over 1746 dollars in parts and he had to order them again. I asked what about all the parts that are still sitting here on the counter that the other technician ordered he said that they were not needed or necessary, meanwhile it has been three months and I am still waiting for repairs, just like all the other people.

I wished I had read the reviews prior to getting this ** up warranty. If I try to cancel they said they will charge me a cancellation penalty. THIS warranty is a SCAM. Do not buy it. I am talking to Bank of America in trying to get them to stop the automatic withdrawal since this is a scam. They send technicians that don't know anything about the appliance that they are trying to repair, Charge you a deductible of $100.00 and monthly payment of 70.00 to have the plan. They make 828.00 off the bat plus deductible of 100.00 dollars and have someone in a foreign country answer your phone call. UNFORTUNATELY YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT READ THIS REVIEW UNTIL YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN RIPPED OFF.

Minerva D.
1 Star

August 29 2018 2:06PM

Our washing machine wasn't working quit right, to get the water out we had to turn the dial to spin / rinse but at least that worked. It has been a month now and after 5 times the repair man was in our house it now doesn't work at all but they keep telling me just one more part. We have now been told that 4 times and the part is always 3 to 5 days getting in. I spent about 6 hrs on the phone (between being put on hold) and trying to talk to them, and good luck trying to understand them because their people are in the Philippine Islands. I got a little pissed off asking the guy to repeat himself so I asked him to stand up at his desk and look around for someone with round eyes that spoke english. He took that as an insult and hung up on me, just as well the conversation was going nowhere. Anyway the long and the short of this story is DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS!!!

Dave M.
1 Star

August 29 2018 6:16AM

My experience echoes all the other reviews. In short, I have been without a properly working washer and a working dishwasher for over 6 weeks. I have wasted countless hours on the phone with Sears customer service and 5 days waiting for repairmen who either don't show up or are not able to fix the problem. At this point they are supposed to replace my dishwasher but are giving me the run around. They assure me that the next visit (4th for the washer) will fix my washer. I'm not holding my breath. Save yourself the trouble and expense and stay away from this SCAM!!!!

Aili G.
5 Stars

August 27 2018 4:39PM

I have had a very bad experience with the first plumbing company that was sent to my home. The person was a moron did not know what he was doing. Drain Conquers arrived and in a very professional manner fixed all the bad plumbing. They well mannered and did not complain about anything. They soft spoken and total gentlemen. They not only great at what they do they are total pros. I would recommend them very highly. Thank you for sending them to my home.

Josephine C.
1 Star

August 23 2018 2:26AM

Where do I start? So, my oven failed on Aug 9, I’ve paid $69,99 for 18 months and this was my first claim. A technician came out on aug. 14 and told me that the part I needed was no longer available and I needed a new oven. Ok? I later get a call from Sears stating that the part the tech ordered is in. At this point, I’m somewhat frustrated and confused but bottom line, I’m ok because I’m thinking either way the end result is I’m getting my oven repaired... wrong... the first tech that was scheduled to come fix it canceled. He claimed he was overbooked. The second tech is now scheduled to arrive between 2-6. He calls at 5, after I’ve taken 2 days off of work and he cancels... Overbooked.

I immediately call the customer service dept. and I’m on the phone for 4 hours... that’s correct 4 hours, I’m transferred to every dept available and I’m told the next tech can come on aug 28. The representatives are rude, ignorant, and could care less that you are being scammed. I’m filing a report with the better business bureau in hopes that somebody shuts this company down.

Karen F.
1 Star

August 22 2018 7:59PM

I was mislead from the initial phone conversation, regarding the contract, pricing, and terms of the agreement. They are very aggressive to get your money, but very reluctant to provide you with all the "fine print"! They basically wanted to charge me over $300 to repair a 6 year-old Kenmore stove!!! I never gave them authorization to take money from my account, but they did anyways!!! I will definitely contact Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. What a freakin' nightmare!!!

Bradford B.
1 Star

August 22 2018 4:27PM

Working with Sears was the worst experience ever dealing with a company. My refrigerator needed to be fixed and I had been paying dutifully for a year on the warranty. This began in March, when my refrigerator stopped being cold. It didn't take a genius to figure out that it was the compressor, but I called and at first they scheduled an appointment a month and a half out. I (as I saw it) respectfully asked if they can send someone out sooner as being without a refrigerator for a month and a half was insane.

They sent someone out in a week, who looked at it and said the compressor was busted. He went on to say that he was not going to fix it, that he would send that information to Sears and they would get back to me as to when the repair would be done. After two weeks of waiting, I called Sears and they said they were still considering what to do. A month later (yes, I know I'm too nice) I called again and they said they were still considering what to do, to which I demanded to speak to someone higher. That person stated that they would make decision within the week.

Two weeks later, I called again and was told that I had cancelled the work order (I have NO clue what I said to make them think that). After explaining that I did no such thing, they scheduled me a month out (yes, A MONTH). The day came and went with no one coming to fix my refrigerator or even calling. So I called Sears once more and threatened to cancel my warranty at which point they said they could get someone out the following week. They told me the name of the company that would be out to fix my fridge (by the way, they subcontract everything). I called them and it turned out they only did these type of work on Saturdays. I couldn't be home the first Saturday, so I scheduled them two weeks out.

Additionally, they said they needed a $100 deductible BEFORE they even came out. At this point, I was like a beaten dog who was great full for anything, so I gave them the $100 through my credit card. I had even spoken to someone from that company the Friday before they were coming out, but that Saturday came and went and no one showed up. After a week of calling them and getting no response, I finally called Sears again. Sears told me their records showed that that company stated they came out but no one was home. Not only did I not leave the house that Saturday, but the night before they called me on my cell phone, so they knew my cell number. After, again, threatening to cut my service (it is now August), they said they could get someone out the following day and my deductible was, obviously waived. They stated Carolina Services would fix the refrigerator. I then received a call from Carolina Services (who, from my perspective, was reputable).

They stated they could not come out the following day but could come out that weekend and that I would need to submit a $100 deductible. After I explained that Sears said they waived my deductible, he stated he would not come out unless I submitted the $100 deductible, which I felt I was forced to do. Carolina Services did come out and first tried to service the refrigerator, hoping that's all that was needed (they did say it may or may not work). It wasn't and when I called them back, they stated I had to buy the compressor ($200). Then, Finally, when they were going to come out to finally fix my refrigerator, I got a text from Carolina Services stating that Sears decided that fixing the refrigerator was not cost efficient and they would just replace it.

After a week waiting for a call from Sears, I finally called them and asked what was going on. They explained that Veteran's Home Warranty was in control of the replacement and they would call me soon. They also gave me a number, I could reach them. When I called them, their message asked me to choose between Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia or West Virginia. I live in South Carolina, so I figured Georgia was closest but it then asked me to choose from one of two different programs. I had no idea which was my program so I left a message on each voice mail (surprise, I couldn't get a human). After a day of waiting, I called Sears again who stated that Veterans would call me within two hours.

Five hours later, I called Sears again and, after being on hold for an hour they stated that they would transfer me to Veterans to "... see what is causing a delay on someone calling me back." At this point, I was done. I spent 5 months and $400, not to mention the $50 monthly fees that they still charged me every month and I'm nowhere closer having my refrigerator fixed.

Gerardo G.
1 Star

August 22 2018 4:17PM

Sears warranty program is the worst I have ever experienced. They charge me service fees for nothing and I tried resolve the issue and all I get is transferred from one non English speaking operator to another. I spent way over 4 hrs. on the phone over a 2 day period and accomplished nothing. Sears Warranty SUCKS, be AWARE.

Gary G.
2 Stars

August 21 2018 10:36AM

Although we live in a large city, it took Sears a full week to find a contractor who would fix our air conditioner. Then after the initial attempt to fix, we had to call Sears again about 45 days later requesting follow up service (for the same repair). We were told by Sears that because the follow up service call was well within their 180 day guarantee, we would not be charged a 2nd deductible... however Sears ending up refusing to waive that 2nd deductible even though it was for the same initial problem.

We've been paying for this worthless warranty for well over a year, only to get really poor service and follow up. When we called to complain, Sears started giving us another run around... so we canceled our warranty. We are so happy to be done with Sears. We had to make several calls to get them to honor their warranty. We also found out that the full cost of ALL service calls and repairs paid by Sears was under $300, while we paid Sears over $1400 in fees and deductibles during that same period. In our opinion, a Sears Warranty is worthless. "Let the buyer beware".

Leslie T.
1 Star

August 20 2018 9:23PM

I purchased a Sears home warranty two years ago. At the time of purchase all appliances were working properly. I had the Sears Warranty technician service our AC unit shortly after purchase and everything checked out fine. Last month I began experiencing problems with the AC unit cooling fan. It would stop periodically while the compressor continued to run. I called Sears and they sent out a technician, but when he arrived the fan was running so he could not fix the problem.

However, he checked out the unit and said everything appeared in good shape. I paid him a service call fee, and he promised to return if the problem occurred again. When the problem reoccurred last week, I videotaped the problem and called Sears again. They sent out the tech again, but after he removed the fan motor, he reported that the wrong motor had been installed in the unit. I told him and Sears that the motor was installed by a certified AC repairman 3 years ago and they had inspected it twice during my two years of warranty service.

Also, the fan had functioned perfectly for the past 3 years without a problem. I asked them what assurance I had that they won’t find similar issues with other appliances under warranty? I am not a technician and I don’t know what parts have been installed. Despite my protest, they refused my claim and left me with a $400 repair bill. I cancelled my warranty with this company and strongly suggest you think carefully before signing a contract with this company unless you are certain that no repairs have been performed on your appliances prior to signing the warranty contract.

Richard T.
1 Star

August 20 2018 12:03PM

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. The employees are very rude, unprofessional and can only read from a piece of paper ~a written script. Cannot answer any questions, only repeat what’s written down for them. My 90 year old mother has been waiting for a replacement hot water heater for 6 weeks now. The warranty is about as useful as Scott Toilet Tissue. The employees are absolutely clueless and RUDE!!!

Ron C.
1 Star

August 20 2018 11:44AM

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE REVIEWS BELOW. Sears USED TO BE Wonderful. Now they are terrible!!! We went through the same situation for a water heater and just as everyone stated below. DON'T CALL, DON'T WAIT, DON'T USE THEM. YOU'LL BE SORRY! I should have checked reviews.

S T.
1 Star

August 17 2018 1:53PM

I wanted to give 0 star. They make an appointment with technicians and they dont show up. Its been couple of times. when I call them and ask will this repeat again they are like it may be. They are like they dont have any solution for technicians not show any number of times. This is a ** program. I want to move out of it but I'm under contract. DONT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM.

Shivpal P.
1 Star

August 17 2018 7:46AM

Horrible service terrible scheduling lack of technicians: My elderly mother signed up for a one year contract to service various appliances in her home. A technician came out to fix a leaky refrigerator charge the $80 service fee in the refrigerator still leaks one day later. Not only would they not come out the same week the best they could do was two weeks from the initial visit where they failed to fix anything. Water on the floor can lead to further damage and they made no effort to make us a priority even though we had already paid for services not fixed. They are responsible for supplying enough technicians to service this area and fixing problems related to appliances under the warranty. Strongly considering canceling membership and will never use them again. Customer service cannot even give better than a four hour window for their next available appointment in 11 days. Save your time, money and aggravation...

E S.
1 Star

August 16 2018 6:24PM

I had a bad experience with sears for one whole year. They set up an automatic payment system so that they took money every month. There’s an early cancellation penalty. They use various contractors and most of them did not know how to fix your problems. They make sure to have a reason not to fix your problems. This is a company that has lost all reputation a long time ago. They are not honorable and it’s a shame.

Joyce B.
1 Star

August 16 2018 3:54PM

This year has been one of the hottest summer that I could remember. My AC broke down and I have call for Sears Home Warranty service. However it has not been repaired and I am living without AC for last 3 weeks and counting. I spent 3-4 hours over the phone just to talk to a real person. And when I told them my frustration, they hung up on me. Please ask for their name and department before you talk to one of them so that you can file a complaint if this happens to you. But then again, this company is going out of business so you may be better off just staying away.

In S.
1 Star

August 15 2018 4:04PM

Worst experience ever!!! They don’t cover what they say. They don’t call you back when they say they make you wait for five hours at a time At three different occasions just to find out they won’t cover the problem because they say it’s a manufacture defect. They say I have to pay to cancel. Beware this is the biggest scam ever

Jerry F.
1 Star

August 15 2018 1:24PM

I had a Refrigerator that the ice maker and water did Not work. This is a house I rent. I went to Maryland to get the service to come. They send Chesapeake appliance. They went once to report it and 2 times to fix it. Did not fixed it and would not come back. I had to pay again the service cal.l Aimson appliance came 1 to inspect it and twice after That. Could not fix it. And left it worst. I have called everyday to see when are they going to replace it. They wanted to send another company. My tenants have been without a refrigerator for a month. I plan to get an attorney to solve the problem. And probably will have to pay me For 2 years rent if my tenant leaves... I am on hold for a supervisor for 40 minutes. So If you are thinking of getting this insurance think twice.

Gisela G.
1 Star

August 14 2018 7:57PM

I purchased a home warranty with Sears in February 2018. I previously had a contract with them for my first home, dating back to approximately 2016. Initially, it appeared that they were reliable and worthy of my monthly payment. My first claim was for my washing machine. The technician came out, made an attempt to fix it and then told me that I would be given a $500 voucher towards a new washing machine because my machine could not be fixed. I thought that was great!

Went to Sears and purchased my new washing machine. All was well with the world. Fast forward to the issues with my dishwasher. This is the one appliance that Sears DO NOT specialize in repairing. At my previous home, my dishwasher wasn’t working like it should. Contacted Sears and had a technician come out. The day of the scheduled appointment, the technician arrives at my door, rings the bell, and enters into my home and did not say a word. No good morning. No good afternoon. NOTHING. He walks into the kitchen and I tell him what the problem is.

Bottom line, before the technician came to repair my dishwasher, the lights worked and I was able to run it briefly. By the time the technician left, I had NO power running to my dishwasher. He cut the wires to my dishwasher and then told me that I need to call an electrician to have them come and fix it because he does not do electrical work!! I was so upset. My husband contacted Sears three different times before we were able to have someone come out to fix the problem that their technician created. And Sears tried to make us pay another deductible.

In my new home, once again, my dishwasher is acting up (totally different dishwasher). The technician comes out, we pay a $100 deductible, only to have the technician NOT FIX IT!!! Three different technicians with three different responses all of which did not fix my dishwasher. Absolutely horrible!! So from February 2018 to August 14, 2018, I had a contract with Sears.

When I called to cancel my contract, I was informed that there is a $145 cancellation fee, which is a service fee for the claim I submitted on my dishwasher. They are out of their minds if they think I am going to pay them anymore money after they did not fix my dishwasher. Their customer service is horrible. When contacting their service center, I was placed on hold for long periods of time, had to deal with an automated service and then transferred multiple times to multiple people who were not able to help me. I DO NOT recommend Sears Home Warranty to anyone anymore. They lack professionalism, expert technicians and most of all, INTEGRITY. Stay far away from them.

A P.
1 Star

August 11 2018 11:15AM

I have mixed feelings about this company and the warranty that they offer. Initially when our washing machine broke, they told us that if we sign up for their plan the cost to repair it would be cut in half, which was great... We of course signed up as we were in the process of buying a new home... So we actually were very satisfied with the service when our fridge broke and then the dishwasher.

They fixed the fridge and replaced the dishwasher... However in the last month we have been having a HUGE problem with our upstairs AC unit. They came few times to diagnose the problem but each time they just supposedly did something but it still did not work the day after they left. The last time they finally figured out that there was a leak in the coil and all the Freon was leaking out. So now we have been waiting over a week for Sears to actually approve replacing this coil... and every day we talk to the company there is always some kind of an excuse as to when this will be approved and fixed.

In the meantime, we are without AC for over a week now and its been the worst possible heatwave this summer. So I am extremely annoyed and feel like they are not doing their job... SEARS, I wish you would suffer with this heat the way that you are making us suffer. This is not okay for someone who bought your most expensive plan that you offer specifically in order to avoid having these issues... NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER HERE.

Bella Z.
1 Star

August 10 2018 2:13PM

A total joke literally- How do you service a noise central A/C? Put two bricks on top of it and call me back when it completely breaks down! For that I was charged $100 deductible! The absolute rip off! I tried to get it corrected but to no avail so I am going to take a picture of it and put it on social media for the world to see! Also going to send it to the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office.

Terrence H.
1 Star

August 07 2018 10:37AM

Made claim on ice maker in fridge. Same claim as Jan 18 this year. Tech came out. Could not fix yet wanted $75 fee. I refused to pay until fixed. Tech did not have part. Part has to be approved. Part has to be ordered. Called claims. They were rude, arbitrary and capricious. Stay away from Sears. Not the company they were and never will be. Cost of monthly fee and their scam "diagnostic" fee not less than just having repaired by reputable service provider.

James B.
1 Star

August 07 2018 6:50AM

DO NOT PURCHASE A SEARS HOME WARRANTY!!! I called to get my washing machine repaired and was talked into purchasing a home warranty. First of all they can never fix anything the first time they come. You wait weeks (took me 3 months to get my washing machine fixed - I finally gave up on Sears and called someone else to come fix it). Then I called about my dishwasher which had a small leak at the door - Not only did the technician not fix it -- he broke the dishwasher so it would not work at all. Technicians do not appear to know what they are doing. You get no satisfaction at all when you call - it is a joke.

Catherine H.