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Transamerica Long-Term Care Insurance

4.5 Stars (55 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
Content Manager
Jonathan is a former product and content manager for Retirement Living. His background spans sales/marketing, finance, and telecommunications. Jonathan’s expertise in consumer wellness and research-backed data stories helped educate seniors on financial planning, retirement, and community resources. Jonathan graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Environmental Sociology.
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Edited by: Lauren Hamer
Lauren Hamer
Lauren is the editor for Retirement Living focused on discussing current senior-related issues, including retirement planning, consumer protection, and health and wellness. With six years of finance and career journalism experience, Lauren has edited personal finance content for Credible, Angi, Slickdeals, Jobs for the Future, and more.

Since 1987, Transamerica Long-term Care has helped build more secure futures for more than 571,000 individuals paying in excess of $5.7 billion in claims as of December 2018.

Editorial Breakdown

Product Options 4.8 Stars
Availability 4.5 Stars
Policy Features 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

Transamerica offers multiple long-term care insurance policies to help you cover expenses like nursing home care, hospital bills, in-home care and more. It has paid nearly $2.5 billion in claims to date.

55 Transamerica Reviews

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1 Star

December 03 2021 6:20PM

This company is horrible. Run away and never use them. In addition to the horrible application process that took nearly nine months with poor/confusing infrequent status updates. When I finally got coverage they screwed up the data entry on my bank routing number.

I received multiple USPS mailed notifications about this. I could never get through on their support phone line. After replaying via USPS mail including a voided check I still got another notification. Given there was no web presence to check on this, I had to go through their phone support.

Don't believe their 4-5min wait estimate. It was consistently more than 25minutes. In this go around it took 9 calls to finally get through.

The first 8 after around 20-30 minute waits resulted in their agent actively picking up the phone to immediately hang it up (I could hear them doing this)...presumably to fake their call metrics.

When I finally got through the agent was useless. She could tell me that they received my account information, but not confirm if the actual account numbers were correct, not why it hadn't processed a payment(over 30 days since receipt), not when it would process a payment, or help try to process the payment with me on the phone...just hope that some day it may go through.

Zach J.
Lynnwood, WA
1 Star

November 01 2021 2:37PM

I began a claim process for my father at the end of August 2021. He could no longer transfer himself and had to have 24/7 care. He’s in a wonderful facility that gives him that 24/7 care but it’s not on TransAmerica’s approved list.

Although we could have been told that at the initiation of our claim they waited until my father was in the facility for almost 3 months before they let us know that the facility would not be approved.

Only then did they “kindly” inform us that they could send us a list of approved facilities so that we could move him and restart the claim process. I see it as a Machiavellian delay tactic. I would never personally buy a product from this company.

Frank A.
Fort Worth, TX
1 Star

October 19 2021 10:24PM

Really bad experience. Applied in May 2021, it is October now and I haven't heard back. The deadline for having a policy in WA state is Nov 1st, and still they don't send any update.

Their customer support is terrible - they just tell you to send them an email (which I did and never heard back). I would definitely go for a different insurance.

Andreea S.
Kirkland, WA
1 Star

October 03 2021 6:49AM

I put an application in Feb. of 2021. They had me fill out questionnaires and take some tests. I have not heard back from them since. It is now Oct. 2021. I feel I have a right to know whether or not they are going to give me coverage. Their customer service is very poor.

Ted K.
New Albany, IN
1 Star

September 13 2021 8:43PM

My Mom and Dad had Transamerica long term care insurance, which they paid on for many years. My Dad passed away in 2000 and my Mom is now 94 years old.

My Mom had a stroke in January of this year (2021) and by April we decided that she needed more care than we could give her at home. So in April we put her in a Nursing Home and filed a claim with Transamerica.

It is now September and haven't received a dime on her claim. Hope springs eternal, so we will see what happens ??

1 Star

September 04 2021 3:46AM

I’m POA of my mom's estate and I called TA to talk about setting up care for my mom who has dementia. We had to move her out of her home and she no longer can drive. I’ve been taking care of her but called to see about getting help a couple days a week!

I got so many different answers from several people that I said screw it! I have been doing research on TA and there have been several class action lawsuits against them as recent as this year!

I’m going to try again with them and if they give me the runaround, I will file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division with the Attorney Generals office in Washington State! I don’t put up with crap like this! Especially since she’s been paying for over 30 years!

Tammy T.
Gig Harbor, WA
1 Star

August 27 2021 10:01PM

My husband paid to that insurance for 20 years. Now he has severe dementia but we cannot make this insurance to pay back even one penny. First, it is very difficult now to get in touch with them. Very long wait on a phone.

Now they work from home, and nobody is able to answer, I guess everybody is very busy with their own house work.

If you agree that they will call you when it is your turn, they will connect you not to a live person but to answering machine, so better stay on a phone even if it takes several attempts and more than an hour.

Second, every time you call they tell that they are still "reviewing". Nothing ever is ready to process the claim. They say that RN will call in 3 business days to make evaluation, but she will never call.

If you call again, they again will invent something, like they should submit now request for that and it will be reviewed now in 5 business days.

Not the nurse visit, but just reviewing request for 5 business days, even if it was promised before that she would make a call. If they said earlier that they will send a paperwork, it's a lie. You will not get anything.

You have to call again only to hear that there is no record of that promise. They will say again that they will send paperwork, but it would be with the same result - nothing.

They are "reviewing" our case from March, and now is the end of August, still absolutely nothing is done.

They are still obtaining documents from home care agency, regardless of the fact that they received invoices from them since March, which they are still reviewing. And so on, and so on.

They just want to drag the time as much as possible, hoping that the later they will start a claim, then the sooner after that their client may die and they will keep his/her money.

It's a shame! As somebody mentioned here, people should start some class action lawsuit against them.

Nadia C.
New Hope, MN
2 Stars

July 15 2021 2:05PM

First, let me say the customer service people are nice. Not helpful but nice. Getting the benefits took awhile. She is currently in a facility. Keeping benefits is ridiculous. They harass my mom and me every 3 months with a "reevaluation".

Just recently was told she no longer is eligible for benefits like dementia gets better (eyeroll). This is so hard when you are trying to keep your head above water with this disease and have to be harassed constantly. Not knowing when they will yank the rug out from under you.

I have been threatened 3 times. They will tell me the facility didn't give them the paperwork. They only do mail and fax no email. Even when you have proof of fax they deny. Put you on hold. Give you the runaround.

So ridiculous the lengths they go to to keep from paying. I do not know why there is not a class-action lawsuit against them.

Nancy S.
Freeport, FL
2 Stars

July 11 2021 8:26PM

We have never received our refund on our long term care policy which we canceled.. It was over two months ago that we completed the documents for our refund and nothing yet. It would be nice for we can use the money now.

Rolland K.
Waite Park, MN
1 Star

June 23 2021 8:02PM

My mother has this long term care insurance. This company’s strategy is to put you off add things you need to get claim approved every time you call.

Every time you call it’s 45-60 minute event. On hold multiple times during each call and most give you the wrong information. They have no email address and you cannot get a specific person's number. Everything is sent via regular mail.

After seven months of waiting, calling, etc they denied the claim. I would NEVER buy this! Most dysfunctional company ever.

Jennifer J.
Walpole, MA