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Best Home Warranty Illinois

We choose the best home warranty companies in Illinois based on coverage options, costs and customer reviews.

Latest update: March 10, 2022

Best Home Warranty Companies in Illinois

American Home Shield

Since 1971, American Home Shield has offered consumers comprehensive home warranties. All plans come with high aggregate term limits and allow you to choose your service fee amount.

First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty offers monthly and annual payment plans with lots of add-ons. Its Premier plan has high appliance repair caps.

Complete Care Home Warranty

Complete Care Home Warranty covers appliances of all ages. The home warranties offer coverage on up to 20 systems and appliances without a home inspection.

Guard Home Warranty

Guard Home Warranty offers several plans to provide the most economical solution to customers, and it maintains high integrity and professionalism by being honest about the work that needs to be done.

TMI Home Warranty

TMI Home Warranty provides emergency services around the clock. Not only does it provide affordable service, but it is highly reliable.

Strong Home Warranty

Strong Home Warranty makes coverage simple by offering only one package, which covers the entire house at one specific price. Customers can file a claim anytime online.

Pivotal Home Solutions

With Pivotal Home Solutions, you can cover specific items or choose complete home coverage, which protects 17 major systems and appliances. Customers do not have to worry about a deductible or trip charges.

Home Warranty Costs in Illinois

The main factors that affect home warranty cost are the size of your home, what you choose to cover and the state that you live in. The average yearly cost of a home warranty in Illinois is between $300 and $600. It ranges from $25 to $50 per month, depending on whether you choose a basic or comprehensive package.

Those figures are based on the average home size, which is a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms, consisting of 1,850 square feet. The average home price in Illinois is $203,700. You can expect to pay from $75 to $125 for a technician’s service fee each time you make a claim.

Illinois’ variable weather has an impact on your home systems and appliances. Having a warranty on those items will save you significant repair costs when they break down from normal use.

Home Warranty for Homebuyers, Sellers and Realtors in Illinois

Illinois’ home sales were up 34.9% in 2020 from the previous year. There were around 175,700 homes sold in Illinois for the year, according to Illinois Realtors. For a homeowner, it is important that they are prepared in case a home appliance or system malfunctions. A home warranty covers repairs and replacements of these items when they break down from wear and tear.

Real estate agents and home sellers also purchase home warranties to incentivize potential buyers to choose their home over a home without coverage.

Guard Home Warranty

Guard Home Warranty

Guard Home Warranty provides three different packages to prevent families from incurring unexpected repair or replacement costs for appliances and systems. It provides an appliances package, a systems package and a VIP package, which offers the most comprehensive coverage.

Guard Home Warranty shows the costs customers pay if their items break down and aren’t under warranty; having a plan provides significant savings when you need repairs. Customers say that its staff is professional and honest about the repairs required.

Guard Home Warranty
Address Services all of Illinois
Phone Number (888) 531-5403

TMI Home Warranty

TMI Home Warranty

TMI offers 24-hour emergency service and provides coverage to buyers and sellers, ensuring that sellers do not incur any costs until closing. Its warranty program is designed to eliminate worry for those buying or selling a home.

TMI’s residential warranty covers heating and air conditioning systems and appliances, and it provides electrical and plumbing technical support. Customers love that it provided timely service and that services are affordable.

TMI Home Warranty
Address Services all of Illinois
Phone Number (309) 799-8018

Strong Home Warranty

Strong Home Warranty

One of the things that makes Strong Home Warranty different from most home warranty providers is that it offers just one comprehensive package. It is a 103-point full-home warranty that covers items such as air conditioning, a dishwasher and garage door openers.

Strong Home Warranty offers an app and lets you file a claim online anytime. Customers say it provides great service at an affordable rate.

Strong Home Warranty
Address 329 W. 18th St., Ste. 614, Chicago, IL 60616
Phone Number (312) 282-4042

Pivotal home Solutions

Pivotal home Solutions

Pivotal Home Solutions provides different coverage plans for heating and cooling, utility line repair, and appliances and electronics. Otherwise, you can opt for the Complete Home bundle, covering your entire home. It covers 17 major home systems, utilities and appliances.

Customers can reach the company by phone 24/7. There are no deductibles or trip charges. Customers are appreciative of Pivotal Home Solutions’ expertise and reliability.

Pivotal home Solutions
Address 1751 W. Diehl Road, Ste. 200, Naperville, IL 60563
Phone Number (855) 890-8792

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