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February 02 2020 5:27AM

I didn't think my physical exam by my regular nurse practitioner was sufficient. I was persuaded by Life Screening they did a better job, so I decided to go with them to test my heart and my arteries, and basic stuff.

I've always been healthy but they found my cholesterol level a little higher than it should be. That's kinda consistent with what I had before. So, everything was pretty much in keeping with my medical history.

I'd recommend Life Line Screening. In fact, I've gotten some email since then and it's kinda reminded me that I probably should be thinking about doing it this year. However they need to be more clear about where it is they're meeting in a building. I was going to the front door and they were in the back door.

Brian H.
Tulsa, OK
Life Line Screening

Thanks for your feedback, Brian! We're happy to hear that you've been pleased with our preventative screening services in the past and that Life Line Screening was able to pinpoint and highlight your cholesterol level. Screenings like these are a great step in preventative health, and they are definitely helpful to get each year so you always know the status of your cardiovascular health -- so we hope to see you this year! And thanks for mentioning the slight location confusion, we'll make sure to note that to the appropriate managers.

January 26 2020 9:38AM

Life Line sent me a promotio in the mail and the price was very affordable.The staff was phenomenal. I had a couple of questions and they answered them. The price that they charged was very reasonable. If I went to my normal doctor and had all those tests done, I would have paid three times as much.

The only complaint I have is the tablet you use to first register is such a pain to use. You touch the screen in the wrong way, it would delete everything. You had to start over. I did that three times, and finally, I just took it out front and said, "I can't do this." So, someone asked the questions and filled it out for me but everything was great.

Brenda D.
Cheyenne, WY
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Brenda! We're proud to offer thorough, affordable, and convenient screening services for every customer, and we're so glad you had a positive experience. And that's great feedback about the tablet -- we'll make sure to let the appropriate managers know so that the issue isn't repeated in the future. We hope to see you again next year!

January 26 2020 8:42AM

I had a whole bunch of tests with Life Line. I just wanted a check-up and wanted to do something. They cover a lot of different things with the blood and everything else. I'd recommend them. The tests worked for me. I'm satisfied and I would do it again.

Brian B.
Warren, MI
Life Line Screening

Thank you, Brian! We appreciate your feedback and are glad Life Line Screening fulfilled your preventative screening needs. Looking forward to seeing you again!

January 25 2020 2:53AM

Life Line’s advertisement caught my eye. They kept sending me stuff in the mail. I'm getting older, I make sure my health is intact. Instead of you just going through the regular doctor and different stuff, let me go to someone that's gonna actually do the certain kind of screening that the doctor does not do. That what caught my interest. I decided to go ahead and give it a try and to do it.

When I first went in, the tech was set up. There were people in there waiting. They had different tables in different areas to walk off and privately secure. The tech was sitting there and called me over and sat down and went over the package that I purchased and explained to me exactly what was going on.

Everyone that I went to that I've seen that day made me feel really comfortable. It made me feel that they was knowledgeable about what they were doing. The screening was of good quality. They said that it was a little plaque build up, nothing serious. And they explained to me everything else was good besides the little plaque build up. That's something that's preventable.

I believe the result is something that I can share with my doctor, let him know that do exists. This is like me getting a second opinion. Going with Life Line was worth it. It's not just a company trying to just make money off people. It seems like they're actually concerned with health and people's health and help them live a healthier life.

I talked to my wife. I told her my experience and she said she's gonna do it too in the future. It is something that we're planning on keeping on doing maybe once or twice a year or every a couple of years. We will continue to use it.

Brian D.
Concord, CA
Life Line Screening

Brian - This is such great feedback and truly appreciated! We're glad you had such a positive experience with Life Line Screening and have found our screenings to be so valuable. We aim to provide the best experience possible for every customer and are pleased to know you were treated well by the entire team. Cardiovascular wellness is so important, and we're thankful that you've chosen us as a trusted preventative health partner. See you again next year!

January 24 2020 2:15AM

I’m a preventive kind of guy. It’s how I take care of my cars, my house, my life. I believe in preventive maintenance. An ounce of prevention takes care of a pound of cure.

Life Line Screening is doing some things that my medical provider doesn’t normally do unless it’s something that has to be done due to a problem that is just discovered.

And a long time ago, before Life Line Screening was invented, I went to the heart hospital and they checked my arteries when I was very young. Back then, they just charged $99 or $100 to do it. With Life Line they checked everything. They checked bone density, they did the heart, artery, aorta measure. They did the aorta check, checking all your veins and stuff, checking all the major stuff. EKG, checking your heart.

People at Life Line did a good job. These guys were nice, professional, very thorough, so I have no complaints. I was impressed overall. I like the explanations of the results. They give you paperwork and it’s pretty thorough. It goes through a lot of pictures. For what you pay I think it’s a heck of a deal. But then again, you can’t put price on health.

The only thing they can improve on would be to the time you get there to your appointment and the time they pull you in.

William S.
Austin, TX
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, William! We're honored that you've chosen Life Line Screening as your preventative health partner and are proud to offer our wide range of thorough screenings. Your ounce of prevention comment is never want to take chances with your cardiovascular health. We're glad you had such a great experience and look forward to serving you for years to come!

January 23 2020 11:28AM

Life Line offers a fixed cost and everybody was nice. They were all professional. The biggest complaint I had was the wait time. I still recommend it. It’s a good value.

William G.
Troy, MI
Life Line Screening

Thanks, William! We're happy to provide effective and affordable screening services for customers like you. We apologize for the wait time when you screened - we do as much as possible to make the whole process as efficient as it can be and regret that you waited longer than usual on that particular day. We appreciate your business and hope to see you again!

January 23 2020 8:51AM

I got screened to compare it with what I already know from my doctor, to see how their equipment equals to what I get done with my doctor.

The process was very comfortable. Everything was done like I expected it to be. I got the tests they had available. They put things on my wrists and my ankles and they did the blood test. The results make me stay on track to improve.

William B.
Austin, TX
Life Line Screening

Thanks for the review, William! We pride ourselves on the range of tests we offer and the accuracy of the results, and we're so glad you've benefitted from these preventative screenings. Thanks for trusting Life Line Screening as a partner in your preventative health!

January 19 2020 7:07AM

A friend recommended Life Line Screening.
I had some screening for the heart, arteries. The staff explained the test and made me feel comfortable.

William A.
Spokane, WA
Life Line Screening

Thanks, William! These cardiovascular screenings are an important step in your preventative health, so we're glad you were able to take advantage and had a great experience with the Life Line Screening staff! We hope to see you again next year.

January 18 2020 9:06AM

I've always had a good experience with Life Line. I screened for heart disease and the results seem to be okay. I share them with my doctor. I've changed doctors and I sent the results to the new doctor so she’d get acquainted with me.

Wanda C.
San Antonio, TX
Life Line Screening

Wanda - Thanks for your review! We're glad to hear your cardiovascular screening results were good, and we hope to remain your trusted health partner in the years to come. And yes, it's absolutely always a good to share your results with your primary doctor.

January 18 2020 8:21AM

Life Line’s price was reasonable and the tests were things that I haven’t done before. Both my wife and I have had it done twice and I think the tests were things we hadn't had done before, either during an annual physical or anything like that. The report was nice and my personal doctor likes that report.

The first time we did it was at a recreation center. The second time was at a conference room at a golf course clubhouse. I had the aorta screening and ultra sound. My wife had the bone density screening.

I’ve recommended Life Line to both of my sons. I do recommend it to people, whether they want to hear about it or not.

Willard F.
Fort Worth, TX
Life Line Screening

Willard - Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experiences! We appreciate you trusting Life Line Screening as your preventative health partner and are truly honored that you've recommended us to your friends and family. We are proud of the range of screenings we offer and are glad you've had the chance to benefit from them. Preventative screenings are an important part of overall cardiovascular wellness, and you were exactly right to share your results with your doctor. We hope to serve you for years to come!

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