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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (636 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

636 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

July 11 2019 4:44PM

First time I called the plumber Miss diagnosed the problem had had me call the town water company as an emergency. When the town came and pointed out the problem, (which had nothing to do with them) I called plumber back and they wouldn’t come back. I spent 45 minutes on hold before I could talk to someone in a different country for sears home warranty. Second time I called for AC, technician came, told me a coil needed to be replaced, I waited a week. Called sears, and they told me my claim was denied bec AC unit was not. maintained. This warranty is a scam. It’s has been nothing but aggravation.

Sheila O.
Blauvelt, NY
1 Star

July 10 2019 10:19PM

I cannot stress enough how horrible the experience I have had trying to get service through this home warranty has been. I’ve paid 50.00 a month for over a year and never needed service until today when my 3 year old Kenmore fridge went out. That’s not entirely true, I needed a part for a broken shelf a couple months ago, and the warranty didn’t cover that. Additionally, they sent the wrong part and I had to reorder. There is almost no way to talk to a live person. The dates they offered to repair by automated response were over a week away. This wasn’t acceptable in 90 degree heat with no refrigerator. After 2 hours, 14 transfers (everyone said their department didn’t change dates), and two disconnects, necessitating I start over, one person finally agreed they could turn it over to a local repair shop that had an opening tomorrow. I just needed to call and arrange a time. I called the shop, and they said they hate dealing with Sears because they are such a pain, and I needed Sears to send them an authorization by email with job number on it. Sears had given me the job number, but no, that wAs not enough. After another series of transfers and super frustrating dead end automated responses, I finally got through to another person who insisted it was authorized. I asked her to call the local company while I was on hold. She suggested I stick with Sears original date and get a cooler with ice in it for the entire contents of my fridge. In the end, we were able to set up a date with the local company, exactly short of the Sears date of a week, by one day. The local company said they had no openings tomorrow, so the Sears guy just flat out lied. They don’t even come to my area except on Mondays, and their service tech is out on Monday. Their automated responses were impossible to understand, they were so badly muffled, and the live people in some call center out of the country, presumably, were worse. Over 3hours invested in the process, and I’m still almost a week away from a service call. Heaven help me if they need to order parts and I encounter a further delay. I’m going to get this service done, get the routine maintenance done, and cancel ASAP. Nothing is worth this frustration! Sears is going under, and I now see why.

Sherene J.
Mt. Pleasant, MI
1 Star

July 10 2019 1:54PM

Three days now without AC and they haven't assigned a service provider. Still looking for one. Won't connect me with a manager. Says they won't pay the claim if I get my own service provider and send them the bill. Elderly people in my home and temperatures over 90. Three days. Do Not Buy This Warranty!

Shawn B.
1 Star

July 08 2019 7:46PM

We purchased a home warranty for a home we were selling. We have been very dissatisfied with the level of service. There seems to be very poor communication systems within the company and each claim has resulted in multiple phone calls. We have ended up paying for covered repairs ourselves as the wait to get a repair done is extremely inconvenient for the homeowner.

Tanya H.
Coeur D\'Alene, ID
1 Star

July 08 2019 7:22PM

I am hoping that Monica La Liberte is going to help all of us consumers that have been ripped off by Sears Home Warranty!! I placed my first call to them to repair our refrigerator the end of March and their first repair visit to our home was on April 4th.

The part came in and Preston came back on the 11th to change the compressor and computer board. By April 11th, the next service person, Russell, came because the refrigerator had stopped working again. He left without the fridge working because he said he did not have 20 minutes to spare and wait for the power to kick on. April 17th, Preston came back because the fridge NEVER did kick on and he resets it and leaves. April 25th, Preston comes back, fixes something and again had to call Sears on April 29th.

Russell comes on May 1st and then Preston comes on May 13th. Basically says he thinks the fridge is not worth fixing and they were going to let Cross Country (The insurance carrier) know to just replace it. Cross Country calls me to inform me that a second repair company called Appliance Services was sending Ricardo on May 20th. He comes and says the compressor is bad (which had been replaced by Preston) and the fan was not working and he was going to go ahead and also replace the computer board AGAIN.

Ricardo comes back on June 3rd bringing the parts with him. Sears Warranty sent him the replacement parts this time. He changes it all and it still not working. He said he would make the recommendation to replace the refrigerator. Cross Country decides to transfer the responsibility back to Sears Home Warranty and now comes in Brandt who checks everything to be sure it was installed properly and no air in the compressor. Finds it still won't work because the button on top electronic board showed red and needed to be changed. Promised me he would be back that week since they had that part available in the shop and here it is, July 8th, after calling all the numbers given me for help they keep telling me that once the part comes it will be fixed!

I finally sent an email to Monica at WRAL Channel 5 with my dilemma with the hopes of getting some help. I finally found this website and see that a lot of us have been suckered by Sears Home Warranty. Let us unite and fight this. Please write Monica LaLiberte at WRAL with your story so they can help all of us.

Marty Jo K.
Durham, NC
1 Star

July 08 2019 6:42PM

We had to call them because our water softener quit working. We called the number on the card statement. First we were told we should go to their website, then they said they would put in a claim number. They stated that someone would call us the next to set up a time to come out. My husband took the call several days later and was told that we would have to find someone to fix it. They would be emailing paperwork for the claim. I have not received anything and I check everyday. We don't understand why we have to find someone and who is going to pay the bill. I am mad a hell because they did not mind taking our payment out but when we have a claim they don't want to do anything. We will be finding a new company. We are done with Sears.

Vickie Z.
Pawnee City, NE
1 Star

July 07 2019 8:43PM

Been paying for this service for a year. Went to use it for the first time and the company only had two plumbers to choose from. One didn’t answer phone and the other refused to allow us to only pay the deductible that this Sears promises is all you will owe. Very disappointed. Don’t waste your money. Thought they had Sears technicians to dispatch but that is incorrect.

Kim B.
Lakelanf, FL
1 Star

July 06 2019 1:49PM

We purchased the Samsung French door bottom freezer March of 2017 13 months later we were getting water in the crisper drawers and under the drawers we called Sears service to have someone come out because Lowe's said they could not do nothing about it that it was out of warranty.

We called Sears home service and repairman came out and said there was some modules that were defective in the motherboard he said if we took out the home warranty that the price would be $500 cheaper for the repair on the spot so we did so.

One month later same problem water in the crisper drawers they sent another technician out and he replaced a different part this time. 2 months later same problem another technician came out replaced another part. Two and a half months later same problem another technician came out and replaced another part.

To get to the point they've been been here now 6 times for the same problem. It's now been 4 days since their last visit for the same problem and now I'm calling them again today to inform them that the problem is still not been repaired or fixed. Needless to say I'm very pissed off.

I would not recommend their services. When you call in you talk to a person you can't even understand over the phone nor does anybody seem to know how to handle the problem so when the repairman comes he has no clue what to do anymore. At this point when he calls in to his supervisor basically they just say put a bandaid on it. I would not use Sears service home warranty nor would I buy a Samsung refrigerator again.

Michael P.
Cincinnati, OH
2 Stars

July 05 2019 5:32PM

What a rip off!!! They don’t show up when they say until you call and complain and it’s been 2 months waiting. They keep saying, "oh sorry ordered wrong parts," again after 3 different service men come. Still no solution for washer and they said we have no record of last service man even being here!

Christine H.
Manassas, WV
1 Star

July 03 2019 8:31PM

Crooked from the start. Ok so in 2017 I became a Sears Home Warranty member, paid the top dollar service option and 1 month later my unit went out so naturally, I called Sears. Long story short the compressor went out. It took about 3 weeks to repair my Ac, in the middle of summer, in Arizona.

Fast forward to Feb-1- 2019, I called to schedule my yearly preventative maintenance in which I was told they only schedule for that until the end of January so I was a day too late. Ok months go by and my unit goes out and summer is starting so I call sears, they send the first of 9 guys out to fix the unit. The guy an Official Sears tech says "ehh the units to old, I can get you a good deal on a new one".

He then gets in his van and drives off, no paperwork, no phone call no goodbye, nothing. So I call sears. A week goes by and the second tech comes out and says Sears won't cover the parts needed so he leaves. I'm back on the phone, it takes me 2 hours but I finally talk to a supervisor who tells me he doesn't know why its not cleared and ok's the repair or so I thought. A week later the 3rd tech is supposed to show up. No show, no call, I'm back on the phone.

Its now over 3 weeks, no Ac and I have a 1yr old and a 83yr old grandfather on oxygen in the house. So another tech comes out and says I need maintenance done first. Ok so I call Sears and they say its too late to schedule it and I was a month too late. Ok lets go back in my story, I had called in Feb to have maintenance done and they said it was over Jan 31st so that means the person I talked to gave me wrong info. I explained that to a supervisor who said "I'm very sorry for all this and since our agent gave you bad info I'll set up your maintenance and the following day the repairs will be made. Finally I thought, shame on me.

So maintenance tech (4) shows up on a Thursday and says "oh I see your unit isn't running, well I can't maintenance a unit thats not running" and leaves. The next day tech (5) comes by and says "I cant fix a unit that hasnt been maintenanced first" and leaves. I'm back on the phone again, this time a manager approves the maintenance and the repair which I learned is a bad compressor, so another few days go by and who I thought was tech (6) comes by and its a sears rep wanting to give me an estimate on a new unit at a discount price of course, so he leaves, i'm back on the phone, now now after all that I'm upset. Now I'm on the phone with a district manager saying "ok since we seem to not be able to fix the unit we will replace it". Thank you Father God Ithought but again, I was dead wrong. Tech (7) shows up and says" we need to order the parts but sears wont cover it and it was gonna be another 150$ on top of my deductible, so he leaves.

I'm back on the phone, its been a month and a half, Ac still broken and yesterday my 1yr got sick from heat exhaustion. I called and with one last ditched effort pleaded, begged then brought up BBB, local news stations and a lawsuit for my families health, I got a "dont let the door hit ya on the ** on the way out". So I cancelled my account with them and got a measly 92$ dollars back for all my troubles. Sears is one of the most corrupt heartless companies who only care about their pockets. Its July 3rd 2019 and my family has been without Ac for a month and a half. Sears here's one last chance to prove to me and all your other customers that you truly care about them and not just their bank accounts **.

Gustavo B.
1 Star

July 03 2019 5:35PM

I purchased Sears home appliance warranty it is a disaster. They only let you speak to a human when you are buying the insurance plan. It has been over two weeks to get my appliances repaired and they outsource the repair tho AF Services in Canoga Park. This repair company sends your calls into an automated music listening device after 20 mins you get disconnected. My refrigerator was not cooling and after the repair it has been freezing all my food. I cannot get Sears to call them because Sears Home warranty keeps shoving my calls to different departments and after 3 hours spent on the phone this morning I am still at square one. The representative at Sears in the customer care hung up on me.

Nicolina C.
Chatsworth, CA
1 Star

July 03 2019 4:30PM

Had an appliance warranty with Sears. Samsung Refrigerator keep freezing up and water would leak on the floor. Sears came out 4 or 5 times changing parts but could not stop the freezing and leaking problem. They said hey would not replace the fridge nor could not fix the. Problem.

Dan L.
Birmingham, AL
1 Star

July 01 2019 9:16PM

The worst service I ever received. I had an appointment on 6/18 and it was coded incorrectly so while the technician showed up, he could not do any work. I re-scheduled for 6/21 and that was coded as a cash job and not warranty but I caught that on 6/20 and they changed it. The part was ordered and I had another appointment on 6/27 which was a no show. I called one last time to re-schedule an appointment for 7/1 and another no show. I received an e-mail confirmation for the 7/1 appointment too. I spent 20 hours at home waiting for these four appointments and so many hours on the phone. I cancelled my warranty and will never work with them again. I feel bad for the technicians because I am sure they just want to show up and do their work.

Carla G.
Newark, DE
1 Star

June 26 2019 10:06PM

I called about my wall oven not a range. They came out. I paid the 75.00. They said they could not get the parts so they sent me a new wall oven. The problem they can not find me a company to put it in its gas. They have been they 4 company that it's for a repair and its not. I have had this oven sitting in the middle of my living room for three weeks now. I am a senior citizen who have lupus so I have to get treatment. I have change my appointment twice and I still don't have a oven installed yet I really feel like I have been taken advantage of at this point. I call they hung up on me this start June 4 and it's now June 26. What should I do?

Nellie C.
Campsprings, MD
1 Star

June 26 2019 9:16PM

My issue is with the plan. I was lied to on how long the plan was for. Once you give them your credit card number they will keep charging the card. They did a bait and switch. If you get a contract which you should. Read it closely. Don’t go buy anything verbal. They will tell you anything you want to hear and not tell you after they leave that they will probably charge you a longer time on the contract. Good luck.

Ken V.
Addison, IL
1 Star

June 26 2019 2:56PM

It appears to be a scam from the start. Called and requested service on a Whirlpool washing machine. First available service is a week and a half later. Time of service between 8-5pm. Tried calling and requested an am service time. The only speakable English the four different women I spoke with was “between 8-5!” Very limited ability of phone personnel to converse with customers. Still waiting to hear from technician. Apparently it’s not Sears Service but rather a sub contractor. A real embarrassment for Sears.

Michael S.
Bellaire, MI
1 Star

June 26 2019 11:03AM

The Sears Home Warranty service plan has not been a good purchase for us. This may not be true for all market areas but in our metro area Sears subcontracts with small outfits that haven’t been quick responders nor super experienced repairmen for some appliances. While waiting for responses from the subcontracted company I did research and that company had a BBB rating of D- And once a claim is assigned they are not keen to reassign to another company. And after complaining you have no confidence the company they might send will be any better equipped to repair your appliance. In our case we didn’t want to risk further damage to our microwave/stove wall unit since it is old. Read the fine print, you cannot cancel the plan, and must pay for the whole year or pay the greater exorbitant parts/service fees of what repairmen attempted to accomplish. Not worth it. The reality is the days are gone of a trained/tenured repairman showing up in the company vehicle with basic parts already on the truck.

Piper M.
Matthews, NC
5 Stars

June 26 2019 4:09AM

We had a power outage of 18 hours here in Texas. When the power returned, our air conditioner didn't come on. I called Sears and was told to use the online scheduling tool and found the first available appointment was more than 2 weeks out. I called and after a lot of hassle got to talk to a live person.

Initially they said they couldn't help but when I insisted, they put me on hold and a super nice gentleman by the name of Christopher referred me to a fairly local (about a 45 minute drive) a/c repair company. When I called them, they could not have been nicer - even though it was six o'clock in the evening, they sent a couple of repairmen out and had us up and running by 7:30 that same evening.

Their name is Cool Effects by Larry out of Cooper, Texas and I could not have asked for more from them. And the reason we bought the warranty in the first place was because our ice maker stopped making ice several months ago and we were advised that we could save half the amount of repair and parts if we had the warranty. Super friendly, knowledgeable repair man as was the gentleman who came out and did our free spring a/c maintenance. I know there are a lot of negative reviews but my review is all positive.

Audri M.
Cumby, TX
1 Star

June 26 2019 12:04AM

FRAUD. My $1500 Miele dishwasher needs a new pump. Sears refused to repair, offered $330 junky GE “replacement” which is 1/2 inch wider — will not fit in cabinet. I have to take $330 pay $900 repair. Phoney warranty.

Paul K.
5 Stars

June 25 2019 10:37PM

I have been paying for 2 to 3 years 4999 price. 39 it went up to 4999 and they came out to fix my refrigerator. They didn’t have the common sense to come back to fix it. They said I’m a get them to send in the mail. They rejected it but I have a Mick. I have someone here now fixing it. He said he don’t see no water bugs so they just lost a good customer and good luck

Dora H.
Los Angeles, CA
1 Star

June 24 2019 10:33PM

Had a faucet leaking, filed claim in Oct 2018, first plumber who attended had to send report to Sears for approval, went back and forth between plumbing company who claimed they sent the report and Sears kept denying receiving it, finally one good rep agreed to send another plumber. This plumber decided to open the faucet so he could repair but failed to ope. On first visit, he left to come back with get special tool. On second visit he managed to open top part but could not remove the part he intended to replace, again he suggest he would get special tool for that, on third visit also he could not open and suggested I file a new claim I guess so he could claim extra money from me and Sears. When contacted Sears today on June 24th, June 2019 after almost 9 months they claim there is calcium deposit inside faucet hence claim is denied. Imagine if I had major break down of any other appliance. I just canceled the warranty after paying them for over 2 years.

Tony K.
Closter, NJ
2 Stars

June 24 2019 4:19PM

After spending most of a day on the phone trying to get a satisfactory date/time for a refrigerator repairman to check out our warm refrigerator we were stuck with a "prompt" appointment three weeks away. Ridiculous. Will be terminating the contract ASAP. Strongly do not recommend.

Roland H.
Charleston, WV
5 Stars

June 24 2019 4:08PM

Tech called the morning of the appointment! He was on time had my oven fixed within an hour. Excellent service. Wonderful and will use them again if needed. He even had the part I needed on his truck so it didn’t need to be ordered.

Carolyn W.
Cave City, AR
1 Star

June 24 2019 3:40PM

Sears Home Warranty is a complete joke. I would not recommend anyone to use this incompetent service. From the start every time we had to use this service there were problems. They would send incompetent workers who don't know what they're doing to not even having a service in our area so we had to use an outside hire. One of the workers they sent us diagnosed a problem with a leak in our roof but that wasn't even close to the problem. My family and I sat in our house with no heat in the middle of January in the Northeast because of there incompetent workers. We had another problem with them and after using an outside hire because they didn't have someone in our area, which now they said they do after we got a quote, they would not give us an authorization code to make sure it was covered. We had to pay everything out of pocket. I would stay far away from Sears home warranty because they will do everything they can to make things more difficult and just screw you in the end.

Jimmy P.
Newton, NJ
1 Star

June 23 2019 8:05PM

6 years ago we bought an entire house of appliances. Top of the line Refrigerator freezer, microwave, dishwasher, garbage compactor, gas range, washer and dryer. Also the extended "best" warranty. Things started breaking down. Within 6 months. It took 6 more months to get warranty service to come out. Supposed to get maintenance every 6 months. Average 10 phone calls every time something broke and 3 to 6 months for repairs to take place. Worst warranty service for anything we ever have purchased. I can't say anything good about it. Maybe in the city. But we live in rural Oregon. We were promised fast friendly service. They lied.

Dan C.
Hines, OR
1 Star

June 20 2019 2:48AM

Went to cancel coverage we have had for two years because we sold house. Underlined coverage given to me by Sears said cancel anytime for any reason. The representative told me there would be a cancellation fee for early cancellation. I quoted from the pamphlet I’d received and she told me I needed to read terms and conditions booklet. She went on to inform me I had not exercised “due diligence” by reading the terms and conditions which was the responsible thing to do. I told her I wouldn’t pay it. She told me I had two choices-pay or collection agency. I will never step on another Sears Store.

Pat Y.
Isanti, MN
1 Star

June 17 2019 5:27PM

Sears Warranty, Sears Techs, Customer Service are very dishonest. Give you the run around. The tech had no clue what was wrong with my dryer. I had to explain over and over and tell him what needed to be done. Then gets me to talk to someone about a home warranty. Very convincing. For the price of the part and labor I could buy a new one. I ended up buying a new one because the back piece on the dryer was dinged as well. That could not be replaced. Call and cancelled. Part shipped anyways. Called to return 4 times and got different ways of how to return and NOT ONE WORKED.... Now I called to cancel home warranty and I have to pay for the part before I can cancel. The other half that I saved. I have payed 2 months of service about 10 phone calls later a trip to Sear Parts. No wonder they are going out of business. I am very disappointed that Sears has acted this way. No customer satisfaction.....

Sheryl D.
Houston, TX
1 Star

June 17 2019 5:02PM

I regret we went with the Sears Home Warranty. After 6 months and 8 repair visits to my home my Kenmore lemon washer is not repaired. Finally 2 weeks ago, Sears agreed to replace my washer, however they changed their mind and again ordered another part. If I had it to do over, I would go with another company - Sears is not a good one.

Elaine M.
Rancho Cordova, CA
1 Star

June 16 2019 10:30PM

We have been given the run around for 4weeks now. Our air conditioning unit parts have been on the way for 3 weeks. They can't track it. We would not recommend this warranty company to anyone.

B H.
Fort Mill, SC
1 Star

June 14 2019 7:38PM

They are money suckers, money vampires, hungry for your money. They never fix the problem. Instead, they collect the premium regularly. Their contractors never pick the phone. They are not available to fix your problem. They say, it will take over 4 weeks to fix the problem. They make sure you get frustrated and fix your problem on your own by calling local contractors. They never reimburse the money for fixing the problem on your own. They will not let you cancel the contract. You have to cancel your credit card to stop them charging you over and over again. All they need is your money. They will never give you service. This is what I faced, not once but multiple times. So, when I called them to cancel, they don't do it. If you want to be cheated and get looted, go with Sears Home Warranty.

Shivraj V.
San Jose, CA
1 Star

June 13 2019 9:10PM

These people are dishonest and act in complete bad faith. We made minor claims over 4 years and had an A/C failure. Without A/C for 8 days awaiting a decision by SHW. Finally sent wrong part and our option was wait another 5-7 days or hire their contractor to repair it with a stock part. Under their warranty, they offered less than 1/2 of our cost as reimbursement, and it’s been 30 days and we’ve seen nothing. “Under review” is our status. You waste your time and money with these people. We spent 7-8 hours and 20+ phone calls attempting service. This company is totally corrupt.

John D.
Hot Springs, AR
1 Star

June 13 2019 4:20PM

This company is a crook, literally a crook. Before signing up, they told me everything in my house, everything indoor is covered. We have 2 ac units which they fixed one of them last October but the people who they sent were not professionals so we had to call them again to fix the problem. Now after a year, the other unit needs to be fixed and they say oh just one unit of AC is covered. I need to pay 115 more to add the other unit and I need to pay something again when they fix it of course, besides they said my other unit can be added on July 25th and after. I said our upstairs unit is blowing warm air and the weather is really hot and we can’t sleep like this and I should wait till July 25th? This company is crook. I called and canceled mine.

Navideh A.
Calabasas, CA
1 Star

June 11 2019 6:27PM

Horrible experience. Took out warranty as a way to decrease the cost of a new transmission for my washing machine. Order part which takes over a week to arrive. Technician then comes to install it and can't get it installed. He says they'll try to drill through the other transmission and breaks a bearing and a washer on the machine. He then tells me they can't fix it and that they would need to order a new washer tub attached to the transmission which is really expensive and said it'd be best to just buy a new machine. I'm now sitting here with a non-working washer that Sears broke. I called to tell the warranty people this and asked for the same washer. Sears no longer carries is. So I asked that the warranty be refunded. They now want $250 for labor. I told her I'm unwilling to pay it since the labor was never actually performed. This is insane! They're charging me for them breaking my machine! What a crappy service!

Robert S.
San Jose, CA
1 Star

June 09 2019 4:40PM

Terrible terrible been without air 2 weeks and it’s 98 today in Calif. 4 service calls and they All say different things wrong. Great and they Now say June 20 for repair. More waiting For parts when 2 people said they were going To replace it.

Smith M.
Long Beach, CA
1 Star

June 09 2019 3:38PM

Before signing up, I thoroughly asked very specific questions about my pump house, well, and coverage for any water/well/pump related issues. I explained in detail the location of my well, pump, and water tanks. I was told “absolutely it is covered. Not outdoor irrigation issues, but anything related to water supplies to your house”. Surprise, surprise when my water pressure was very low, Sears Home Warranty tells me, “you should have read the contract”. “We don’t cover anything that is not in the foundation of your home.” They DID finally agree to pay $105 of the labor for the service, but the actual cost was significantly more. This was AFTER they initially ‘set up’ a service with a company that is located over 2 and a half hours away, who of course could not service me. They finally told me that I had to find a service provider myself, and they would reimburse me later. In addition, when I initially signed up, I was surprised when they told me I would receive a $100 visa gift card for enrolling. That has been 6 months ago. I have called 4 times, because now, darn it, after being lied to about what would be covered, I want that gift card that THEY told me I would be receiving. Still nothing. Called again yesterday, and I was told to call back on Monday morning. I will be stopping this useless “warranty” rip-off as soon as I can, and will never ever recommend this to anyone. The service providers that I contacted told me the Sears Home Warranty can’t find local providers because the company is horrible to work with, and trying to get paid is a nightmare.

Lauren R.
Yakima, WA
1 Star

June 07 2019 2:17PM

This warranty is a total rip off. It’s throwing money away. I would rather have a root canal. After I finish my current disastrous relationship on the last two service calls I will be canceling. The first was for a three-year-old split air conditioner system that cost $8000 I was asking for their maintenance service. They couldn’t find anybody in my area I finally had to find somebody by myself and then when the bill came in they said they wanted to buy out the service on that unit for $ 150. Reluctantly agreed three weeks ago and still haven’t gotten the check. A pittance of the $8000 invested in it and this was the only reason I chose Sears. I was going to cancel it after I got the check but of course I still haven’t and now Now my dishwasher went on the fritz. Six days to get a repairman here. He estimates it will be over $400 in parts alone plus another service call. I can’t believe they are just going to buy it out for a 13-year-old dishwasher that may not cost as much as it’s going to repair but I can’t get an answer as to whether they’re going to repair it or just buy this one out to as it stands now we been a week without the damn thing and I can’t get an answer.

Laurent And June H.
Saco, ME
1 Star

June 06 2019 4:44PM

NEVER, NEVER get talked into buying this warranty or purchasing the warranty online. It's nothing but a scam to say the least. I purchased the warranty through a Sears repairman telling me that if I buy the warranty I will get 50% off on my repair bill and in thinking that would be great to get percent off plus have my whole house under warranty so I purchased the warranty for $47.00 a month which in turn came out to $72.00 a month. I asked him if I should be aware of anything else about the warranty? He said, "no it’s a great warranty." Now here is the kicker. It takes one month to have the warranty to go into effect from the date of purchase, then Sears will send you a letter and pamphlet thanking you for joining and a list of all your coverage. In the pamphlet it states that you will receive a free HVAC maintenance check just for joining and to call the number listed... I called 8 different times getting a stupid recording and the recordings has nothing to do with maintenance checks only claims. I sent 4 different emails from “Sears Web site” asking about the free HVAC maintenance check with NO REPLY from Sears.

I Googled Sears Home Warranty numerous times and found a phone number that I hadn’t called yet and to my surprise I got a someone that identified herself as a Sears Representative, I asked about the Free HVAC check since I’m a home warranty owner and she stated, “I hadn’t signed up for the additional maintenance program” I told her it’s in my Sears pamphlet that I received in the mail that I get a free HVAC maintenance check just for signing up, she said no I would have to pay the additional maintenance cost. After several days/weeks in trying to get some kind of help I called Sears HVAC department, the guy told me they have nothing to do with the warranty program and to call another number which he gave me. I called that number and explained to a Sears’s representative that could hardly speak English what I wanted and he stated that the free HVAC check is over now ended in May. I told that guy that I have been trying to get someone to talk or email me so I could get that free HVAC check…..he was very blunt and told me I was out of luck. I asked to speak with his manager, the “Customer Service” individual which couldn’t speak very good English either told me the same thing, I tried to convince him of what I had been going through since I purchased the warranty he still wouldn’t work with me (Very poor customer service) so at that time I told him I want to cancel my Warranty RIGHT NOW! He told me “

If I canceled my warranty I will have to pay the full amount of the repair bill which was $400 some odd dollars but If I wait until February 23 the year will be up and then I can cancel my warranty. They got me! (Lesson well learned-ask questions when purchasing and by all means trust but verify what company employees tell you) From my stand point, Sears was able to hold off to where the free HVAC check time period had elapsed.

Stan M.
Gerrardstown, WV
1 Star

June 05 2019 6:05PM

My replacement gas wall oven was delivered on May 28th 2019. It has been sitting in my living room for one week 20 phone calls back to Sears warranty to try and get someone to install it. I am still waiting two places they had referred my work order. National Service Alliance does not install. Sears themselves do not install. They cannot seem to get the work order correct for installation not repair. I am still waiting.

Betty D.
1 Star

June 04 2019 9:08PM

Be aware. Terrible. First time I had to use it, they charged me $100 deductible and didn't fix anything. I will have to cancel the plan. They make it seems you need a new unit when you don't, but then say they won't cover it.

Joana M.
Coconut Creek, FL
1 Star

June 04 2019 9:08PM

Be aware. Terrible. First time I had to use it, they charged me $100 deductible and didn't fix anything. I will have to cancel the plan. They make it seems you need a new unit when you don't, but then say they won't cover it.

Joana M.
Coconut Creek, FL
1 Star

June 03 2019 6:48AM

I have been a Sears home warranty customer for about 15 years and I have never been treated as poorly as I have been in the last 5 weeks. My well cared for Maytag washing machine would not spin or agitate. I called Sears Home Service, and they told me that they would send a repairman out in 4 days. I explained the problem and told them that the same problem happened last year. Serviceman comes out discovers the transmission has stripped the agitator plate and he will have to order it in and I will have to wait a week to receive the parts. He failed to order the agitator, so I have to wait another week for it to arrive. Another serviceman arrives and installs the parts, but cannot get it to work. He has to order a new control board, and that will take another 10 days. At this point I'm extremely frustrated as it's been three weeks without a Washer. I have no other option than wait, or just buy another washer. Another washer is going to cost me $5-$600. So I wait. Control panel gets here in a week, but they won't have anyone available for another 4 days. So I wait. Serviceman comes out and installs the panel and it doesn't solve the problem. The first transmission was wrong or faulty, and I will have to wait a week for another and another 5 days for a serviceman. At this point they are in the old machine $700+. And now the new transmission is going to cost another $250. The repairman suggests that Sears invest in a new washer instead of spending more money on the old one, but they won't. Now I have to wait another 10 days for another repairman (never had the same one twice) and I still don't know if it will work.

I know I am not having to pay for any parts and only $75.00 for labor, but they are ridiculous. With the costs and labor they will be over $1500.00, and I will have waited 6 weeks (if it's not something else. Had I known that it was going to be this long, I would have purchased a new machine. I wouldn't have liked it, but the cost and inconvenience of taking our clothes to the laundromat for six weeks, not to mention the pressure from my wife to get the thing working, is overwhelming. Terrible customer service, and I can't be satisfied. No stars would be my choice.

Richard B.
Salt Lake City, UT
1 Star

June 01 2019 6:37PM

It is very bad home warranty in USA. No try to have it! The customer service it very bad the service take 2 month come to repair for you something and when they cancel the appointment is not going to let you know. They leave you to wait all day at home and when you call him they told you the technician is sick.

Aziz S.
1 Star

May 31 2019 4:34PM

After telling me I would receive 4 free oil changes to convince me to sign up (and said it included synthetic), I find it's only a $20 discount, not free. The rep lied to make the sale and commission. Tried to cancel and found out early cancellation would cost more than keeping it for the rest of the term! Won't renew, and hoping my appliances all need replacement.

George S.
North Palm Beach, FL
1 Star

May 30 2019 6:32PM

Never buy this warranty. It is nothing but a scam. They will deny your claim. They will will give you the run around. This is a bogus warranty. The first request I made after the 30 day waiting period for my AC unit was denied. I spent over 2 and a half hours on the phone most of which was on hold. They would not let me speak to a supervisor. I was given two email addresses to file a complaint and told I would receive a phone call. This is why Sears is a failing company. I will not buy another thing at Sears. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SEARS ESPECIALLY A WARRANTY!!!

Dorothy D.
Glen Mills, PA
1 Star

May 30 2019 4:25PM

We had an issue with our exhaust fan, first service tech came in and looked at it and left, saying they needed to call someone else since he only serviced certain brands and not ours. A week later, a new company service tech arrived, briefly looked at it, said that it may be due to grease but never did take anything apart to look at it. He said that Sears usually settles and will most likely just pay us for a new exhaust hood. We never hear back in a week and then called them to find out that our claim was denied due to lack of maintenance. The technician took his $75 check but for what? He did not take anything apart to even try to see what the problem was. We ended up taking it apart and there was no grease at all that could be seen and it looks like it was a control board which we are getting replaced on our own. We cancelled our service. We have had several home warranty services in the past but we thought we would give Sears a chance but obviously we made a wrong decision. We asked for a refund so lets see what happens.

Michelle M.
Madeira Beach, FL
1 Star

May 30 2019 2:55PM

Do not, I repeat do not use Sears Warranty plan. Tried scheduling service and the contracted companies didn’t answer phone or didn’t want to do the work. Trying to get the policy cancelled took a long time by phone with an argumentative representative. I repeat stay away from this Sears warranty. They sell you a bill of goods and don’t deliver.

Lisa W.
1 Star

May 26 2019 9:24PM

Sears Home Warranty program is a scam. I agreed to a 12 month warranty to test if the program was worth investing in. My first service call, on my A/C unit, was a disaster. Their vendor rescheduled the appointment 3 times before showing up to service said A/C. I was then told that I would have to pay two deductibles ($200.00) instead of 1 because only one of my outside A/C was covered! Who just covers one outside unit instead of both? Why would any homeowner just cover one unit if they were told of such by the saleman? When I called to complain, I received three or four versions of why I had to pay two deductibles. Simply put, the salesmen tell you anything to get you to sign up and then Sears under performs from that day forward. Additionally, their is an auto renewal clause on the warranty when I was told there was absolutely no auto renewal clause from the salesman. The telephone employees for Sears are argumentative and must be trained to continue the scam. RUN FROM THIS HOME WARRANTY!

Travis F.
1 Star

May 26 2019 12:03PM

Do NOT get caught in this scam. Like others, I wish I had read these reviews first. Refrigerator has just gone out for the 7th time. Each time, it takes several days to get someone out. Pause and think of the cost of spoiled food in addition to the inconvenience! After the third time we have been trying to get it replaced under the warranty but keep getting the run around or no call back. How is this even possible from a supposedly trusted name like Sears. Feels more like “Joe’s warranty and Pawn Shop". I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed. I don’t see anything on here but one stars. How can they have an almost four star rating?

Dawn K.
Marietta, GA
1 Star

May 25 2019 1:52AM

This is the third bad experience I had with this home warranty plan. Not only do the unprofessional technicians not show up, they lie and say no one answered the door when they never came. They don't call either. After waiting all day and after. 5 or more calls to a company based in a call center in the Philippines while not being able to understand the accent, you finally get a number in the US. After a couple of different stories and on hold for a half hour, someone's tells you that you have to reschedule for a week later. Who can do without a refrigerator for a week!!! I think I am going to look into another home warranty program. Sears name used to mean something but not anymore.

Janice W.
Mckeesport, PA
1 Star

May 24 2019 4:47PM

It's has been a month now since my dryer was broken. The technician that was scheduled to come and look at it the first time was late. My appointment was between 1 pm and 5 pm and at 5:30 pm now one was here and no one called. A few minutes after 5:30 someone showed up stating that the technician that was schedule to come was running late and so he was just filling in for him. He looked at the dryer and stated that it needed a new motor and blower which he ordered and the following Monday another technician came and installed the blower and motor, but my dryer was still doing the same thing.

I called and reported this and the technician came back a few days later and claimed that it was my timer. He ordered a new timer and came and installed it. The dryer was still doing the same thing. I called again on the same day when the timer was installed and reported that the dryer was still doing the same thing. The representative on the phone informed me that I may have to pay another deductible. They schedule another technician to come out on Monday May 20. The technician came out and he said he needed to order a motor on a rush delivery and he made another appointment for someone to come out on Tuesday the 28th to install the motor. Today is Friday the 24th the motor that was on rush order still hasn't shown up as yet. It has been a month since I am able to use my appliance. I am paying a monthly fee for this service and I can't get the use of my appliance. I have tried calling the 855 256 2467 number several times, asking to speak with a manager. There is never a manager available and no one ever bother to call me. All I am asking for is to be provided with the service I am paying for. If I was to go for a month without paying they would cancel my account. What do I have to do to get my appliance working?

Waldorf, MD