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February 08 2021 5:44PM

Worst experience and would never recommend. I canceled my original purchase warranty to have the home warranty thru Sears. I’ve had a dryer worked on 5 times by two companies during the pandemic from October 2020 - today 1/08/21.

I spoke to probably every customer service representative and told different solutions. I was told someone would email me for compensation or replacement and never received a call or email.

I finally spoke to a manager who again advised I would get a call and email in 24 hrs to discuss replacement. I’ve spent $65.00 on three different trips to the laundromat and still paid my monthly dues. I could have bought a new washer and dryer.

I can’t cancel my contract so I’m locked in. This is a gimmick and burn of services. If I had money to take legal action for false advertisement I would.

In addition most of my call appear to not have been documented. Never again! Thanks Sears for stressing me out weekly since October 2020!!!!

Andrea G.
Albuquerque, NM
February 06 2021 12:48AM

I have had Sears for ten years and I have to say these are the worst people in the world for home warranties now.

We have tried three times to get service in the last month and first time they never showed for a pipe stoppage, then when we finally spoke to them they said they don’t cover clogged pipes outside the house very convenient.

Then we called last week for a shower valve that was leaking. Nothing happens. Call back. They state they never got our first call even though we called then went “online” as well and was given a fake confirmation number... but it gets worse...

We called back got another confirmation number finally a plumber shows up a week later for the leaking valve and yay Sears says they don’t cover the valve because the technician said it was due to calcium build up and we were to pay out of pocket 725 dollars....

That’s right 725.00 dollars for a valve that cost new 45.00 dollars at Home Depot... in my frustration I removed the valve. Found that a rubber washer had ripped. I went to Home Depot and for .48 cents... yes 48 CENTS! I was able to fix the valve....

We canceled the warranty and now they want money to cancel the warranty. They have stolen two 100 dollar deposits that they “said” would be refunded due to them never showing up for the repairs. RUN! DO NOT BUY A SEARS HOME WARRANTY!!!! It is not the same company.

They are HORRIBLE deceitful people. A complete rip off! They have under a 3 star rating for a reason! I will be filing with the BBB and my credit card company for fraudulent practices.

Lisa P.
February 04 2021 6:30AM

Please do not purchase appliances from Sears nor purchase warranty services! All that stuff is not guaranteed and it's all false advertisement. Services are very unprofessional and customer services SUCKS!

I've filed a claim back in June of 2020, so far nothing has been followed through for the 2 claims I've made a claim for my fridge and range oven. I still call them every month, but too many excuses, I've been told every time it's my fault for not returning calls.

So I've wanted to cancel my warranty coverage but was told that a cancellation would void everything and it would just be a lost. Through the many calls I've made, the dropped calls, a representative never made an attempt to call me back.

So do not waste your time and money, please go elsewhere! Home Depot replaced my washer and dryer within 2 weeks and that's who I would highly recommend.

Andrea W.
Holbrook, AZ
January 30 2021 1:22AM

Horrible Cust service. Never able to speak to someone. They never return calls. I was told to get my own service outfit to fix my refrigerator. I wouldn’t recommend.

I first contacted Sears two weeks ago and yet to see someone in my home to fix my refrigerator. If I could give less than 1 star, I would.

Penny W.
Denton, NC
January 29 2021 4:07PM

DO NOT BUY A SEARS WARRANTY! I have called for two repairs. The first was for a ceiling fan. They sent an electrician and when he arrived he said we just check the connection, we don't actually fix fans. They still charged me $100 for the visit.

The next was for an oven. They farm the repair out to another company called Keepe. I made an appointment and they failed to show THREE TIMES! I do not think they ever actually had someone assigned. I wasted three days waiting for no one! This is a complete scam.

Darren S.
Galveston, TX
January 29 2021 2:59PM

SO TRUE!!! This company takes your money, when you need service you can never reach anyone. They hide behind emails and text messaging. I just cancelled my contract.

If you have a contract I suggest you think long and hard about keeping it in place, you are spending money on something that when you need it will not be there.

Dennis H.
Mission Viejo, CA
January 29 2021 12:14PM

After more than 6 years, thousands of dollars for uselessness warranties, several days of being cold or hot and maintenance visits, I purchased a new air and heating system. They patched and pasted my useless systems instead of d-xing it.

I had one service worker tell me my house was cold because my system wasn't big enough! Per other service companies, it wasn't. I also had several problems with my washer. Service came in one year and screwed up the water mechanism.

He had hot water coming out all of a sudden when I turned on cold water! He lied and said this is how it suppose to work. I use to love Sears for their products and integrity.

All of my appliances are Sears but I plan to remove them from my home and give to the Salvation Army as a donation.

I feel they owe me something for my suffering and the purchase of a new air and heating system. I spent several hours on the phone with manipulating customer service. Lies.

Amanda M.
Accokeek, MD
January 29 2021 2:38AM

Been trying to get service since June 2020. It’s January 2021. Three appliances. Latest Appointment made by “Sears” for 1/21/21. No show. Reschedule app for 1/28/21. No show. Call yet AGAIN and rescheduled for a third time for 2/11/21. We have to be here from 8am-5pm.

Could’ve replaced appliances at this point for the rip-off price charged monthly. This is for only TWO of THREE appliances. Third appliance they pawn off to CINCH - CINCH service providers SUCK. They hung up on us. More than once.

When the appliances were under warranty, the SEARS store sent people out to fix them. When the “plan” took over, all of a sudden “we can’t locate a service provider, you have to do that and pay for it and submit your expenses for reimbursement”. REALLY??? That’s your job!

Sears uses Sears A&E. I try repeatedly to provide that information to NO AVAIL. “You have to find a provider.” No, I say, here is who our local Sears uses. This is YOUR job! The run around, time and money wasted and no service to date over a year and a half later are ridiculous.

Don’t waste your money on this rip-off service. They might as well go on vacation with our money and we are on a fixed income. BUYER BEWARE, THIS SERVICE SUCKS!!!!

Raven B.
Witts Springs, AR
January 27 2021 6:00PM

There isn't a rating low enough to express my feeling toward these people. I originally purchased all my appliances from Sears when we remodeled our kitchen. Fast forward, Sears closes, our extended expires one oven of my double oven won't heat properly.

I find this home warranty plan online. Not bad, $49.99 per month with reasonable per call service fees. First trip to repair oven $75 service call, $129 heating element, no change. Repairman say will order another part for additional $136.

Part comes, serviceman returns, discovers hole in housing. Did not install new part, refers problem to research. This begins a very long saga of frustration dealing with a group of individuals laughingly called "customer service".

Bear in mind this fiasco started in early September 2020, as I write this on January 27, 2021 my oven is in exactly the same condition as it was when the story began. I am now $440 down and have only received $285 in refunds.

I must also have put in a good 8 to 10 hours on the phone being transferred from one dept to another. None of them made any real attempt to help. Don't fall into the trap I did, I ran up additional monthly charges just trying to cancel my membership.

William I.
Indiana, PA
January 26 2021 10:10PM

We have had the full-service plan since 1999. We have only had to use the service twice in the past -- one time went well; the second time not so well. I am writing today because I had a very frustrating time yesterday trying to place a repair claim on our dishwasher.

First, I attempted to place my repair order online as they asked me to do. At least a help hour later, it concluded the questions and referred me to a telephone number. I called, this is a very Byzantine system that runs you all over, then finally send you to a human voice.

This voice did issue a "job number" and refer me to another phone number which I called and was told that they are 60 miles from my home and out of our state!

So I attempted to call the company back -- each time I was close to contacting someone, the phone to a recording that connected me to the repair service that rejected me!

So, in order to get to a human again I lied to the "robo thing" and told it that I was calling for a new claim, this time for a washing machine. It gave me to human who I then told I needed a different referral. They then gave me a number for another repair service company.

I called and was given a repair time --- BETWEEN ONE AND FOUR ON FEBRUARY 15TH! That is 22 DAYS AWAY! I am shopping for a new home warranty service.

This company is losing a good customer -- our bill has been paid two claims and just over $18,000 in payments made to them by us! Wow maybe I don't need a home warranty at all -- just a separate account to put about $80 per month in!

Louise F.
Vancouver, WA
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