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December 15 2020 10:04PM

I was excited when I originally joined this program. I believed I would not have to worry any longer about repairs. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Leak in my sink water Going under floor boards. I called on a Thursday or Friday. They offered to send someone the following Tuesday.

Had to call someone to come in a fix the Leak which took 20 minutes but would have caused thousands in damage. They didn’t care. AND if I wasn’t careful would have been on the hook for the 100. Charge if I didn’t do the canceling.

My expensive bedroom fan stopped working. As with every other visit They come, they look, they can’t fix it because they must wait for approval which may take days. They don’t tell you they won’t replace items with comparable item.

The $400 fan would have been replaced by Sears with a $64 “builders grade product”. Then charge 100 bucks for even walking in door. They don’t tell you your home appliances will be cheaply replaced with builders grade items!

Final straw was this summer in 100 degree daily temperatures my A/C broke down and needed motor. The company they assigned was awesome getting to me and contacting Sears. Sears didn’t return calls, refused to give a date of repair because parts were difficult with covid.

A week later still no a/c and the vendor went Out of their way to search and find the part. Sears refused to let them order the part they couldn’t get.

Waited and waited and after many calls from myself and the repair company they wouldn’t let them fix unit with parts they could get and couldn’t give an idea when they might purchase one to use.

Nobody knew who I should speak to or how to find a supervisor to address the Problem. 10 days later of no A/C in extreme heat. I finally just asked the vendor to get part and fix A/c. I paid out of pocket and finally had air.

Bottom line, plan is rip off, parts are cheapest they can get, customer service non existent. You will get a person but they can’t answer any question and pass you around with no solution. Timely repairs are only if it happens to work out.

I will say the vendors they used were actually quite good. They had to deal with the company same as me. I have some new repair people who went Out of their way to help me.

When I tried to cancel they charged me for a past repair within last year but couldn’t tell me what it was!!! I was so desperate I just paid and got out. Biggest mistake and waste of money I ever had.

Terribly disappointing to the point this is first time I ever took the time to write a review when I was unsatisfied With service or customer care.

Annamarie B.
Casselberry, FL
December 12 2020 3:16PM

Needed repair on oven, call to set up appointment set a date.... a few days later got a cell call stating that repair wasn't possible because of zip code! Trying to find out what was happening was impossible, telephone numbers that were impossible to connect.

Promised call backs that never happened. I am assuming it was due to Covid... customer service SUCKS!!!! I am replacing oven and absolutely not with Sears! Such a shame what happened to that company!! Paid for warranty that doesn't work to my advantage! Waste of money!

Camille W.
New Rochelle, NY
December 04 2020 3:14PM

I was accepted for repair service for my dishwasher on 11/10/2020. They had a serviceman from LG come out fairly quickly, but they needed to order a part. Still waiting for the part to get replaced.

Since this warranty contracts out for service, I don't think they much care about the slow response time. I might upgrade my review if this mess gets fixed. You are better off price-wise just paying out of pocket for repair.

My $69 a month over 2+ years has really added up and I've only made this one claim. Not worth it. My dilemma is that I've spent all this money and have not been pleased with my one and only claim so far.

Cheryl T.
Cartersville, GA
December 03 2020 12:42PM

Don't waste your time or money. The initial service appointments are fine. But the parts are never available. It is going to be 2 months before my microwave is possibly fixed. There are no guarantees that they will even have the part in a month to even fix my microwave.

My microwave is 2 years and we have had 3 service calls. Their attitude is basically oh well, too bad for you and duck.

Debbie K.
Liverpool, NY
December 03 2020 6:11AM

This statement is primarily a complaint with Sears Home Warranty, however I have a few complaints with RNS Appliance I will be sharing. Nov 12, 2020: Our refrigerator goes out and I immediately call Sears to complain.

The sears associate offer’s me an appointment time between 08:00 and 12:00 or from 12:00 to 5:00. I select the time slot between 08:00 and 12:00 for Nov 17, 2020.

I get a call from RNS stating they cannot make the 8:00 to 12:00 appointment and I will have to take the 12:00 to 5:00. At 6:45 pm RNS appliance shows up and to diagnose I need a new compressor.

When I complained that Sears gave me the 08:00 to 12:00, RNS states Sears doesn’t schedule the call, they do. (But why doesn’t Sears know this?) Nov 17, 2020 Prior to RNS appliance showing up and Because RNS was running late I called Sears to complain.

Sears gave me a complaint number which proved to be out of service. Nov 23rd 2020. Both my wife and I frustrated we both attempt to call Sears on separate phones. Here are the results.

At 1:30 I call Sears home services and get a female that identified herself as Vivian. She proved to be no help so she transfers me to Vic at 1:40 pm. Vic is unable to help so he transfers me to what he calls “the warranty provider” close to 1:45.

At approximately 2:30 pm still on hold, I can no longer remain on hold and hang up because I have to get ready for work.

At about 2:00pm my wife speaks to “Anjo” at the Sears home services line and after explaining the problem to Anjo he transfers her to what he calls “The Sears protection Benefits admin line” and he gives her the number Just in case.

After remaining on hold for an hour she hangs up and attempts to call the number Anjo provided her with. That number proved to be not in service. Nov 24th 2020. By this time we have received two parts for this repair and still waiting on the compressor.

We speak to the technician and we now find out the compressor is on back order until Dec 24th. On this date my wife spoke to RNS appliance and they stated they put us in for a new fridge with Sears.

Dec 2 2020, Having heard from no one we called Sears and after waiting on hold approximately 2 hours 20 minutes we finally speak to a Veronica who advised us that what the tech told us was true, he did put in a claim for us to receive a new fridge, however a new fridge was denied because parts are on order.

Apparently Veronica and sears feels you should have no problem going a month and a half with no working fridge.

They also advised us to make a claim for food spoilage which contradicted RNS appliance statement that we would have to wait for the repair before filing a claim.

I called RNS appliance previously in November and asked what other options there were for parts and service and April of RNS, stated there was a possibility that their sub contractor could help out but could make no promises.

I asked her to try and let us know either way and I never got a call back from RNS. - I had asked RNS what means do they use to communicate to Sears concerning repair work they do and April led me to believe they have to call the same number the general public uses and wait on hold for hours like everyone else.

I find that hard and difficult to believe. -On Dec 2, 2020 I pressed her again for their specific contact information for sears and she now tells me they communicate via e mail. But when I asked for that e mail she completely avoids and back tracks and avoids answering that question.

-She now changes her story to “we communicate via work order. “ -RNS led us to believe that there was only one technician that provides warranty work for sears in my area, which he serves multiple cities and counties.

I find that hard to believe. Which means they only come to your area on certain days. If you miss that day they make it clear you are SOL.

If you google sears home warranty for southern California I come up with Bakersfield, Banning, Blyth, Burbank, Apple Valley, Anaheim, city of industry just to name a few. When I asked April of RNS which specific facility she they deal with she avoids the question, and won't answer.

I find it difficult to believe she doesn’t know, or cannot find out. But she completely avoids the question. -Sears- made no attempt to communicate concerning this warranty repair nor they make no attempt to notify us the claim for a new fridge was denied.

You only find out after being on hold for close to two and a half hours which is horrible customer service.

Donald R.
Calif City, CA
December 02 2020 11:11PM

Buyers beware. Not recommend waiting for a washing machine parts for 2 1/2 months. Customer service very lousy, very unprofessional. It’s a complete waste of money. Most of the customer service phone number listed a disconnect.

Humberto A.
Coral Gables, FL
December 02 2020 7:25PM

When they can repair it is OK. When they cannot, the runaround is disgusting. They promise they are working on it when they are not. They transfer you endlessly and hang up to avoid making good on their warranty promises.

I have been waiting over 60 days for a repair I called about 2.5 months ago. Don't be a sucker -- get coverage elsewhere!

Eileen M.
New York, NY
November 30 2020 6:06PM

Once you sign up with Sears Home Warranty, you can't cancel the membership. I attempted call several times but they put me hold 1.5 hours and hung up on me. I tried to call again, but they did it same things. I ended up closing my credit card to solve the problem.

Keum P.
Reynoldsburg, OH
November 26 2020 4:31PM

I have had their whole house warranty for years at $69.95 per month. Whenever there was a problem the Sears team was on it immediately, at most within three days. What happened? This was important for us.

As we are two elderly diabetics with special diets prescribed by our doctors (low carb, Whole 30, etc.) which help us control our blood sugar. So we need to cook everything at home. Right now it has been OVER SIX WEEKS since our refrigerator has worked.

They keep promising to call us and let us know what is going on, but days go by until I finally call them and get promises that are not kept. Then the waste line for the kitchen sink went out. So now that has been 9 days, and here it is Thanksgiving and no working kitchen sink.

Being elderly it has been necessary to have a working dishwasher to help sterilize the dishes and maintain a healthier household. No such luck with this company anymore.

Whoever, Sears sold this to is also charging a $100 deductible to, not good for people on a fixed income living in an older home. I hate them, I am leaving as soon as possible. This is a scam company.

Laura O.
San Leandro, CA
November 16 2020 7:43PM

Had air conditioning that went out and they would not cover the replacement. Had all kinds of excuses why they would not cover. Went back and forth including having the technician state that the unit needed to be replaced. They never contacted the tech.

They made up a story that the unit was not working months prior which was the opposite of what the tech saw when the unit was still functioning but not at where it should have been.

So you get insurance. Something breaks within a few months and they will deny your claim that your issue was prior to the insurance being established.

We ended up spending our own money for new system and tried to cancel the Sears Insurance and they told us we could not until a year goes by because we put in a claim. A claim that we never received a penny from.

Jerry C.
Valencia, CA
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