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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (633 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

633 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

May 19 2022 3:02PM

First of all you're not Sears. You're Cinch and you own shady business like Carvana, We buy any car and Drivetime..You use start up businesses with one employee..

They are not reliable, they are not with the Better Business Bureau and the people are not Americans.. Your call center appears to be ran by 2 people...I'm surprise if they have insurance or license..Do not use this service.

Washington, DC
1 Star

May 16 2022 8:10PM

Telephone service is absolutely horrific--on the phone trying to get them to answer for over 3 hours. Got text confirmation that they were coming to repair washer between 1 and 5. They never showed!

When purchasing warranty they said we would get updated texts throughout the day to update us on when they would show up! What a joke...never received any communication.


Jean T.
Colts Neck, NJ
1 Star

April 04 2022 6:33PM

Purchased the warranty in January 2022. Called in March to schedule an appoint to fix my Kenmore fridge and Kenmore dryer.

Let's start with the fridge: 1. Had to wait three weeks. 2. Technician didn't show up - no phone call, no text, no email. 3. Took me 1 1/2 hours on the phone to finally reach a "person". 4. Rescheduled in another week 5. Again, no show, no call, no text, no email.

6. Called again, phone person said they would find another provider - that was on a Saturday so they are supposed to call Monday or Tuesday - we'll see.

Dryer 1. Had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. 2. Technician was late, ordered parts. 3. Technician didn't show up for appointment, but someone did call and reappointed. 4. Sears called today to reschedule dryer appointment, have to wait another two weeks for appointment.

I had this "warranty " service years ago and it worked. Now I wish I had never bought it. I will be seeking a refund for at least a month of premiums (fat chance that will happened) and perhaps register a complaint with our state attorney general. DO NOT BUY THIS!

Linda E.
Monroe, WA
1 Star

March 03 2022 8:00PM

If there was zero rating I would give O! Horrible repair service! Sears has been to my house 3 times for the same issue with my washer. Still not repaired.

The customer representatives that schedule appointments don't speak or understand English well and will tell you are scheduled for appointment and will not schedule you.

After you are scheduled you should get confirmation e-mail which you don't get because the customer service representative is either not well trained, do not care, or don't understand English. DO NOT RECOMMEND SEARS HOME WARRANTY! Go somewhere else!

Vicky S.
Manvel, TX
1 Star

December 04 2021 6:01PM

After signing up and paying for 2 months of coverage, I filed a claim when my microwave stopped working. I provided my account number, address, etc., and was told I didn’t exist in their system. Evidently Sears’ records showed my old address.

When I tried to update my address, I was told it was impossible to update an address on their system. (How is that possible?) The salesman offered to sign me up again, under the correct address, and I agreed to that, with the assumption that Sears would waive the 30-day waiting period (since I had already paid for two months of coverage).

No, the salesman explained, I would have to start all over, and pay another $100+ and wait 30 days for coverage to start.

I waited on Hold interminably and spoke to a long list of customer service people, none of whom could solve the problem or explain how their computer system cannot allow updated addresses. It’s a HOME WARRANTY policy, but they can’t manage home addresses???

I finally cancelled the policy, unable to get a refund for the $100+ I’d foolishly spent on this home warranty program. In hindsight, I regret being talked into the warranty in the first place. Perhaps you can learn from my mistake.

Lisa C.
Kokomo, IN
1 Star

November 23 2021 10:37PM

Been trying to get an appliance repaired since 2019. Total of 8 different techs have come out to my home...claimed the appliance is unrepairable and needs to be replaced...

Been trying since June to get replacement...transferred to different people...all say escalating to team lead. Total ** and scam...Been calling in weekly since July to resolve.

R H.
Birmingham, AL
1 Star

November 17 2021 9:23PM

BEWARE DO NOT USE. I've had a claim on my Kenmore Elite Microwave since May 2021 as of 11-16-2021 still not fixed. I have had 3 different technicians come out to try and fix.

They recommend replacement but the last technician took a part of my microwave on my table and did not put it all back together, he ordered the part And when it came in he came back to fix told us it was done.

As he left my wife opened the door to the microwave pieces pieces fell on her. Cannot get anybody to come back out. Total rip off of the company.

Robert K.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

November 15 2021 4:51PM

The technician came on October 1, 2021 at our request to fix the ignitor on our gas oven. He said if we'd purchase the home warranty, we'd get a discount on this visit & coverage on our other appliances so we fell for his hard sale & purchased it before he looked at the oven.

He had an ignitor in his vehicle & replaced ours with that. There was immediately a loud popping noise & flash of light. Upon examination, when he put the new ignitor on, it blew up the control panel & now they say they don't have that part anymore.

They are supposed to be refunding us for the service call but we now have an unfixable oven. The warranty people say now there is a 30 day waiting period & they won't replace our oven.

Virtually everyone we've spoken to has agreed that we are being treated unfairly but they have to transfer us to another department & we have to go through the whole scenario again with the same result.

If we don't get this resolved immediately, we will be going to file a claim against both Sears Home warranty & Sears. The model number of the oven is 91130169791 & our policy # is **.

Jerry M.
Paragould, AR
1 Star

November 12 2021 1:08AM

Beware! This will be the worst service you will ever experience. My refrigerator was still warm the very same afternoon the repairman left. When I called to have him come back out to finish the job I was told he'll be back out in 10 days, even though I had paid him $500 dollars.

Talking to their customer service is a big run around and you will need perseverance to deal with these people. They told me that I would be able to cancel but when I tried, they told me I would have to pay $150. Just a warning, this will be THE WORST customer service you will ever encounter.

Muriel K.
Kihei, HI
1 Star

November 01 2021 9:43PM

Beware. We have had the Sears Home Warranty for a few years now. At every step of the way it has been a complete waste. Sears claims that you can cancel anytime, however, that has not been the case.

We have on multiple occasions across multiple months attempted to cancel, but these requests have not gone through and they don't even have a record of the request. Moreover, our warranty has been automatically each year without any advance or post-facto notice.

It's outrageous and feels like a scam. I would not not recommend this service at all. We will continue to try to cancel our warranty.

Anna B.
Freeport, ME
1 Star

October 20 2021 10:17PM

Everything bad you have read about Sears Home Warranty is true but can be worse! We have a Sears refrigerator that we purchased as a replacement for one they couldn't repair. It has had to be repaired at least six times for the compressor, the ice-maker, and the motor within the last 9 months.

Now, the refrigerator shut down again on Oct. 18th and they tell us that they can't schedule a repairman to come until Nov. 22nd. This is outrageous but typical of the type of response you can expect from them. Suggest that you stay away from Sears.

Harry M.
Philadelphia, PA
1 Star

September 25 2021 3:39PM

I have a Home Warranty with them. Generally, in the past, I used to have good experiences with their claim services. Not anymore! Now, they are like a totally different business entity in an extremely bad way.

Under the name Sears, 3-4 different sublet-companies handle a claim, passing the buck to each other, showing a total lack of any honesty/integrity - no kidding. You have to experience it to believe it! I am looking for a better company. Hopefully, I could find one.

Jeremiah R.
Chicago, IL
1 Star

September 24 2021 8:42PM

Too computerized letting customers know they don't matter. Too hair splitting. They would not repair or replace my oven. The problem changed as I talked with different reps, and sometimes even within one conversation.

It's either mechanical or not mechanical but structural. When I asked what structural meant the rep explained that if a refrigerator motor went out, that was covered, but if the door was faulty, that was structural and not covered because the door was not integral to the operation of the refrigerator.

They leave you on hold too long. The rep above called me to discuss the dispute email I made. The call is ongoing as I type. I've been on hold for half an hour total call time 55 minutes and counting.

Too random. They send whoever, whatever company, is next on their list in your area. Too inconsistent. One time they didn't show up at all. I had to call to reschedule. One time they showed up 5 hours early.

Too impersonal. They send out text messages asking if the job was done to your satisfaction before the job is done. Or they want to know if the tech showed up.

They should check that on their end and not use that tech if they don't trust them that much. It's been a hour and 2 minutes now. I'm hanging up.

Me L.
Riverside, CA
2 Stars

August 28 2021 1:22AM

I have just finished reading so much negative reports from Sears Home Warranty and Cinch Home service, makes me feel that it is not even worth writing another review because apparently the Sears services is still deteriorating.

July 2016 bought top of the line Kenmore Elite refrigerator. First repair: November 2019 Refrigerator Compressor, refrigerator filter drier, evaporator and condenser coil were all replaced on Manufacturer warranty. It took three weeks to get the refrigerator fix.

I had the Master protection plan so it cost me nothing, I was reimbursed for food spoilage, and renting a refrigerator. (This part was good but much inconvenience because it was Thanksgiving week).

July 2020, again the condenser and compressor went bad, It was covered on the manufacturer warranty, it took three weeks to get this fix, however, I had to purchase a small refrigerator that (I know use in the garage) while I waited for repair.

I had to pay co-pay of $75 and $574 for the labor. From August 2020 through January 2021, I open several work orders because the fridge was not cooling, and accumulating lots of ice under the deli tray that was clogging the cooling circulatory system.

I use a hand hair drier to melt the ice and cleaning up the melted water every weekend because the evaporating system was not working as designed. When ever the tech came to fix it, he will remove the inner back panel and remove large blocks of ice.

He stated the the defrost was not working. Moving forward, with several technicians, one was smart enough to replace the mother board and sensor.

On April 2021, again I open work order for reoccurring problem, and another technician after realizing that all the components has been replaced, there was nothing else that could be done and decided that the refrigerator was unrepairable and he will call it in for replacement.

The tech advised not to purchase another Kenmore or any brand Sears was selling because they have had lots of complains from customers.

Since April to today August 27, I have been having so much problem getting anyone from customer service to give me a direct answer or make me understand why this is taking so long to resolve, they will not allow me to talk to a supervisor.

Each time I call for the past 4 months, I will get someone different on the phone. The clerks are trained to be polite on the phone. I got to realize in May that the information from the techs was not been entered into the computer.

In July after several calls and threatening to involve my lawyer, I was told that the information was finally entered and a decision to replace the refrigerator or cash value will be determined, by case management.

I will request a supervisor name and number for follow-up, some of the clerks will not provide that info, and others will provide a phone number and extension but the extension always never work.

I ask why have I not been contacted concerning progress with my case... all customer service will say, is "I feel your frustration but we cannot give you an answer on that issue."

I informed customer services that I have been waiting since April 19,2021 for a replacement, and all I have been getting is excuses to date. I decided to spend my money and purchase a new refrigerator to replace the Kenmore Elite with a General Electric better quality.

Know we are at the end of August, and I have not gotten any satisfaction. Sears is not holding up to their side of the contract. Sears Home Warranty and Cinch Home Service emphasizes Trust and Dependability, "if it cannot be fix, it will be replace"...

The only thing is that they left out how long it will take, or honor customer satisfaction. The protection plan states: "Worry -free coverage, Replacement guarantee-if we can't fix it, we'll deliver and install a new one, Service promise- we'll fix it on our first service visit".

I strongly feel that their service are deceptive practices, because people will give up. It is now time for my lawyer to look into what I feel is deceptive practice. My wife name is on the contract, however, I take care of all our home financial concerns.

Jaime H.
Rowlett, TX
1 Star

August 20 2021 4:34PM

Do not pay for this warranty!! WARNING!! It takes over a month to get a tech to come out to fix something.

They send several text messages confirming the appt then the day of the actual appt they call from a 1-800# and if you don’t pick up the message says to call back and reschedule.

30 minutes after that you get a text message stating the tech is on their way only to not show up so you have to call and make ANOTHER appt yet another month out. I questioned if this is even a legit company. The customer service agent assured my they were.

I would NEVER pay the $600 for this service or lack of service had I known it would be this difficult. When you call, you’re on hold forever but the customer service people on the phone are very nice which is good.

Julie L.
Shawnee, KS
3 Stars

July 20 2021 7:13PM

Sears Home Warranty has lately been taking long periods of time to complete repairs on our appliances. The first three service calls we arranged were handled fairly quickly, but a remedial fix for our range, which required a kit-type connecting wire to the electric burner, took over a month.

I might add that Sears now collects the deductible fee ($100.00) prior to a technician being dispatched, so they've got your money, and they should honor their agreement. There's also a problem contacting Sears Home Warranty.

Their phone banks are choked with calls, apparently, and you're going to listen to literally hours of elevator music before an agent answers your call, and there's no guarantee you'll be successful.

I tried emailing them, and even that form of contact has significant delays: The automatic response to email inquiries tells you they're jammed with customer communications.

Now we're waiting for a repair of our clothes washer, and it appears more weeks will pass before that issue is resolved. We're on our third load of dirty clothes being carted to a local laundromat. That's not what I expected from a company like Sears.

David B.
Sacramento, CA
1 Star

June 23 2021 8:26PM

I purchased a Sears Master Protection Plan when I purchased Sears top of the line Refrigerator. I called for repair and the repairman declared that my refrigerator had an unrepairable manufacture defect.

A second repairman came out to recheck the problem and agreed it was unrepairable. In March 2021, I submitted several claims for a replacement refrigerator. As of today, June 23, 2021 Sears has not honored my Master Service Plan Agreement.

Several representatives have promised a replacement my refrigerator within 5 days. They have refused to give me the contact information for their Manager.

They refuse to send any written communication and now they are claiming their computers are down. I plan to alert the media if they do not satisfy my service agreement.

Sandra P.
Atlanta, GA
1 Star

June 22 2021 11:27PM

We called Sears to look at our dishwasher. Came out and said it can't be fixed. He said. "They will contact you in 48 hrs." That was 2 weeks ago. Called every day and told us the computer system was down. Lying to me every day. So I went and bought another one! I will never use sears again!!!

Margaret J.
Jackson, TN
1 Star

June 21 2021 7:55PM

In Florida, the Sears Warranty issues are handled by Cinch. Cinch is the next best thing to a scam. I waited over a week to get my A/C fixed...and that's with a medical emergency. I wound up calling a local company to fix the issue because Cinch is a joke.

All they want is your monthly fee. When the time comes to request service, good luck! Buyer beware! Do NOT do business with Cinch.

Another con is that if you ever have an issue at night or weekends, forget it. They don't work 25/7/365. This is a most horrible company. Get your family a reputable, professional company.

Tere F.
1 Star

June 17 2021 8:33PM

My air condition went out so I called an air condition technician and then I called Sears. The first Technician told me I needed a new air conditioner because my air condition was at least 14 years old.

Sears decided to replace a part and charge me 1,425 for thing not cover on the warranty. I just couldn't understand why would you put a new part into an old air condition.

The part take 21 days to be delivered my house is also flooded because of the air condition water had back up. It’s 90 degrees outside too. Their Customer Service get an F. Hard to get in touch with them.

Rose E.
Lithonia, GA
2 Stars

June 11 2021 3:55PM

Have had entire home plan for years. Been paying $70.00 per month plus $50.00 deductible, The deductible went up real fast to $100 per claim!!! Very upset with customer service, every time I call it’s a battle to make them understand the issue at hand.

Poor in assisting customers to resolve issues and they provide wrong information. Had appliance replaced with a brand new unit, having issues with it and it’s less than a year old. They want another hundred dollar deductible to come out and take a look at it.

Very upset with the company, shame on you Sears Warranty department! I thought the Craftsman name was golden!

John A.
Fort Lauderdake, FL
3 Stars

May 29 2021 7:11PM

I don't have the Sears Home Warranty Plan, but I've had the Master Protection Agreement (MPA) for years.

There is no service fee per visit (Good), but the plan is VERY expensive (Bad), and sometimes when I call for service on an item that was shown as covered when I renewed the coverage I'll be told it's no longer covered (Bad).

Also, several times they've shown items on my list that I do not own, due to entry errors on their end (Bad), and every time I've EVER asked for service on heating problems it's taken me 3-6 months to get the issue resolved because Sears has ALWAYS tried to find specious excuses not to do the work (VERY Bad).

The repair specialists are generally very good and professional if what's involved is a normal kitchen appliance or washer/dryer (Good), but it does sometimes take a week or more to get a service call (Moderately Bad) -- and then only after an on-line or phone agent insists I do what can sometimes be exhaustive trouble-shooting myself (Just Annoying).

This time around with my renewal due again in a couple of weeks, I was told that only half as many appliances would be covered as before, and when I said that was unacceptable they tried to pressure me into one of these warranty plans instead.

But frankly, I got the MPA originally because there really weren't any other home warranty plans available at the time, and if I've had problems with Sears before I figured it was time to go in a different direction.

P H.
Covington, GA
1 Star

May 27 2021 10:59PM

We have had five appointments and no show to repair our refrigerator. We have been without for 7 weeks. Today on schedule and another no show. Keep wanting to reschedule again. Can never speak to a supervisor. Supervisors never call back.

This is the worst experience of my life with a company. We have made two monthly warranty payments while waiting. DO Not purchase from Sears!!

Billy B.
Meridian, MS
1 Star

May 14 2021 10:28PM

Do not get this home warranty. Many major components are not covered by the plan and you will end up paying the co-pay of $100 but they won't replace items. So, you will end up paying hundreds more to replace the items.

Also, there is an annual contract where if you cancel before this annual time, they will charge you with the cost of the claim. I have been with this warranty for two years and I placed one claim and cancelled the plan and they are charging me with the cost of this claim.

Matthew K.
1 Star

May 07 2021 7:42PM

We waited a week to have our ice maker fixed. Tech shows up, talks a lot about what to check, didn't check anything. I made a comment on what I've been doing to try and fix it and said that's the piece that needs to be replaced without checking anything.

He replaced it and left. Hours later, still no ice. I tried calling and they told me I have to wait to reschedule when we've already been struggling for a month and a half without it working.

I asked for a manager and apparently they don't have managers only supervisors but they were all conveniently unavailable.

Very frustrating that there doesn't seem to be any customer service or willing to help or understand that the appointment I had today was not a real appointment. The tech didn't do anything.

Brittany B.
Landenberg, PA
1 Star

May 06 2021 9:01PM

Save your money. They came and did the yearly maintenance on my AC and found a capacitor was below normal. They couldn't replace it (even though I had the part), I had to call in a service request.

In the mean time my AC would come on even though the thermostat is set to Heat or Off. So I put in a service request, paid the $100, they came out and looked at it, couldn't do anything, sub-contracted it out. The sub-contractor came out and discovered it was the Zone Board.

After about 3 weeks, Sears said "oh sorry, it's not covered." So, the big ticket items have a lot of "exclusions." How convenient for them.

Richard H.
Benbrook, TX
1 Star

May 01 2021 4:26AM

What can I say? Just look at the rest of the reviews. Same problem with Samsung refrigerator from February of 2020 to now, almost May of 2021. I call, they send somebody out. I take a day off work. They order parts. I take another day off and they come and “fix” it.

30 days later, we do it all again. This is the very definition of insanity! Company was fine at first, last year it’s been a total scam. Customer service is worse than awful. Please stay away from this company!!

Ellen P.
Geneva, IL
1 Star

April 30 2021 1:15PM

I have had 2 bad experiences with Sears Whole House Warranty. First problem was a freezer that broke and lost about $2000.00 worth of food. They sent a service man out and he said that the thermostat had to have a internal screw adjusted, that they get stretched over time.

He adjusted the screw and then set the thermostat to freeze. He said it was good now. We put water containers in it and they froze. After a week we started putting food in it again.

We checked on it a week later and the freezer had stopped working again and the food was warm, so it had gone bad too. That was about $200.00 worth of food that was bad, so the total cost of the freezer breaking was $2,200.00 worth of food that went bad.

They were supposed to have a food replacement value but they would not give it to us. The repair man came back out and said it was not worth fixing, that it needed to be replaced.

Sears said that they would not replace it but offered a few hundred dollars and told us to use it to buy another freezer and that we would have to supply the rest of the money to get an other freezer. We had to spend our our own pockets $700.00 more to get a replacement.

So, they did not hold up to the warranty. I recommend that no one use them for they are fraudulent in their business practices.

George K.
Kennesaw, GA
1 Star

April 25 2021 5:28PM

I signed up with Sears home warranty in December 2020. Jan 18, 21 I scheduled an appointment for my dishwasher and refrigerator. Paid my $75. Service call fee. Sears scheduled appointments February 1st. No call, no text, no show.

Again scheduled February 4th. Again no show, call or text. Again scheduled appt. Same thing. Now I had missed THREE days of work for these appointments. Finally they came in March. The technician was exceptional. Fixed my dishwasher.

My refrigerator still has not been even looked at. I made numerous calls to this company. Spoke with many different departments. Kept being sent to different departments. Finally I wrote a detailed precise letter to main company.

So far on April 13 Laura, April 15 Greg April 16, 2021 all left voice messages to me. I made many attempts to contact them and get this resolved. I have canceled my warranty. I refuse to pay another penny to this warranty scam.

Now they say that I owe a cancellation fee. No way. This company is a joke. I recommend not to sign up with this company. LouEllen **.

LouEllen G.
Gerber, CA
1 Star

April 23 2021 3:48PM

I had Sears Home Warranty before chance took over. Sears Home Warranty used to be a good home warranty package. They were efficient, they were friendly and they did what they said they would do but here recently in 2021 their quality of service has really dropped down.

I have now been out of a wall oven for going on 3 months due to the kind. Several times have been placed on hold for over 40 minutes. Have talked to every country except for the country that I live in.

They sent me up replacement oven assignment. They stated that they did not have anyone to install it in my area so they sent a check for $100 for installment which they didn't even tell me that's what it was sent for of oven that Sears Home Warranty sent me as a replacement.

I have called several several times and placed on hold for more than 40 minutes. Talk to people in different countries who could understand me and I can understand them.

When I finally was able to talk to someone in the United States they were rude. You can go back and listen to the conversations since they were supposed to be recorded.

I found someone in my area All Appliance to install my oven. Come to find out that all the parts for installing the oven was not sent with the oven so he's going to charge me $350 to install it.

Then he's going to charge me $69 to get the part that was to hook up the oven to my gas. He said that the Summit oven is a European made oven and it is hard to get the parts. The oven that I had was a GE oven so I don't understand why you didn't replace it with a GE oven.

Janice B.
Longview, TX
2 Stars

April 18 2021 12:44AM

This company will take forever to Replace an appliance or cut a check for a new one. They are very difficult to speak to and do not get back to you when they say they will. There is no sense of urgency to help you get another appliance if yours cannot be fixed.

Barbara M.
Monrgomery, NY
1 Star

April 16 2021 2:33AM

Don’t waste your money with Sears warranty service. When it comes to the claim, they will give you the run around with NO resolutions.

We’ve been without a refrigerator for two weeks, they’ve sent out 2 different contractors to look at it and both contractors have declined to repair it, recommending a replacement and yet they want to send out a 3rd contractor.

I have a family, it’s not like it’s a dish washer, washer and dryer, it’s a refrigerator, the most needed necessity of home appliances for my family.

This is unacceptable and there’s NO way to escalate this claim to someone who can make a human like decision as if it was their own family in need. I’ve paid my monthly premium for this service for over 5 years in return for this kind of ** service in return.

You can’t find customer service in this Company. Every time I call in, even with a claim number given I’d have to explain my situation all over again, do they not have notes they leave when we call?

Totally unprofessional way of running a business. Finding a way to get my years of premium refunded.

Mark H.
Saint Paul, MN
1 Star

April 14 2021 2:38PM

I have been paying for this warranty for two years. In March my Tankless Water Heater broke. They were unable to find a company to service it.

After two weeks of phone calls and being passed from supervisor to supervisor, I was informed that I could contact my own provider and they would reimburse me for the cost. They withdrew the deductible amount from my account upon the first contact.

It was recommended that I replace it. I was informed they would reimburse me for the cost if I submitted the receipts to the supervisor who I was working with. I submitted all required information on March 15, 2021.

They have not responded to any attempts at communication regarding this reimbursement. It is now April 14 and no check has been received. I attempted to cancel the warranty and was told I could not without paying a cancellation fee.

They have not returned the deductible for services they failed to render. They have breached the warranty contract in my opinion and have no intent to correct this failure to comply. Please do not recommend this to anyone. They deserve better!

Mary C.
Belleview, FL
1 Star

April 08 2021 7:45PM

I have been dealing with this for 4 months, to get my microwave/oven repaired. On hold for an hour at the time calling once a week and they say, "Ok we will email you confirmation" and I have yet to get an email or the microwave fixed.

They keep offering a buyout for half the price of my microwave and they want to email me but like I said 4 months later NOTHING. Disgusting service.

Like clockwork every month they have charged for the Warranty and they have the Deductible for the repair. Now I want it repaired or replaced, then I am cancelling the Fraud Company.

Eva L.
Cleveland, TX
5 Stars

April 01 2021 9:45AM

I had great service with Sears Home Warranty, they came out fixed a lot of electrical issues with licensed electrician contractors. They spotted a potential fire hazard and fixed it.

I've had 3 home warranties in the past 8 years where the other one I had was ok and the third one I had did nothing.

I was sold to the idea on a Sears Home Warranty when I called Sears for TV repair, they fixed the TV for free and told me about the warranty, so I signed up and turned out to be worth it.

I am a big Sears customer so everything Sears I'm sold because Sears has good warranties on mostly all their products and Sears treats me right 100% of the time.

If you want to avoid expensive service people to come to your home until something breaks or you can get a Sears Home Warranty, you've covered because all their service people are fully licensed.

You add the cost of these service people they range from $90 to $135 an hour but with a Sears Home Warranty, you pay one flat rate. Worth every penny folks, do business with Sears. You're in the right place if you have their products and warranties.

Scott M.
San Luis Obispo, CA
1 Star

March 31 2021 5:45PM

They do not deserve even 1 star. Waiting 1 year for replacement for my refrigerator for a seal leak issue on my then 4 year old GE profile refrigerator. The seal leak is covered and approved for replacement but no one emails or calls after numerous calls on my part.

They promise to take care of it soon. Problems started in March 2020. Five repair visits and over 10 parts ordered , the refrigerator was finally approved for replacement. No word from Sears yet- year later. Complaint filed with BBB.

Joan J.
Rocky Hill, CT
1 Star

March 27 2021 10:18PM

I got mistreat by Sears; Sears denied my dishwasher repair claim due to no mistake of my own. My dishwasher never got repaired or replaced.

Sears tech came to place last year tried to fix it, and in the end, pull the dishwasher out of its location and told me that it is not repairable. After that, Sears send two more techs, they all refuse to work on the dishwasher.

After suffering for more than year, the last tech informed Sears that the Dishwasher is not connected and Sears blamed me for it. It was Sears tech that took the Dishwasher out, not me.

I am not a Handyman or technician, very unprofessional Sears service when I needed it the most.

My family suffered because of Sears. We lived without a dishwasher for more than a year. I want to share my experience with others. Wasted more than 20 hours on the phone with Sears representative.

Rizwan A.
Redmond, WA
1 Star

March 27 2021 12:48PM

I like the coverage options. The price is competitive. Here’s the the major problem. It takes 1-2 weeks to come out to diagnose. It takes another 2 weeks to return to replace parts if needed. Then another 2 weeks if needs additional work.

2 1/2 months for HVAC repair and 16 weeks for a fridge repair. Sears is a joke of a warranty company/repair. The joke is on us. I hate this review but these are the facts.

Frank F.
Charleston, SC
3 Stars

March 23 2021 12:12PM

Microwave it took 3 visits 300$ to only have them finally replace it. And what they replaced it with was about the cost of my 300$. They replaced it with no instructions on how to use it.

The filter keeps coming out and it did it while they were installing. 3 times he reassured me it was fixed. I will not renew because CINCH/SEARS don’t care.

Della K.
Douglasville, GA
1 Star

March 22 2021 10:26PM

Sears Whole House Warranty is a ripoff. An 8 year old inexpensive Kenmore washer which had a 5 year Sears extended warranty followed by 2.5 years of the Sears Whole House Warranty cannot be repaired, because, as the technician said, it is old and inexpensive and now the cost of the repairs are greater than the value.

Sears refused to authorize even one dime toward replacement cost. I've paid automatically every month $73 for 2.5 years. I have not had any appliance repairs, only the maintenance on the ac and furnace.

What's the point if when Sears cannot repair they do not replace as they pretend they will do? Or even pay for part of a replacement. I'm done with Sears, there are other home warranty plans out there and they cost HALF what Sears charges.

Robin A.
Los Angeles, CA
1 Star

March 21 2021 11:43PM

I had called for two issues, they charged me two deductible, one claim was an emergency, I had to contact the contractors. One didn't respond for three days.

The first contractor came to my house and couldn't fix the problem so he passed it on to another contractor I had to contact. I had to fix the issue myself. The other issue was my dishwasher, the contractor had to order parts.

Two weeks went by Sears told me he would be at my house the next day, no one showed up. I called sears warranty to cancel their service and get my deductible refunded, they charged me.

Paul W.
Upper Marlboro, MD
1 Star

March 20 2021 3:17AM

Sears Home Warranty is awful! You can never reach anyone by phone. When you call you will wait on an interminable hold, only to be disconnected after what feels like an eternity and you're ready to pull all your hair out.

They are extremely slow in responding to any online requests as well. Having had a hot water tank leak, they expect you to simply live without any hot water with no rush on their end. Trying to cancel this home warranty contract is almost impossible.

Getting through to them, as I stated before, can take literally all day. I'm not exaggerating. I don't know how anyone has time for this, and how they can still be in business. They should be sued, stopped, or run out of business. Do not waste your money!!!

Erin M.
1 Star

March 18 2021 10:20PM

I have been trying to get a refrigerator repaired for the last week. No in the area will touch it, is a Kenmore Elite made by LG.

As they could not find anyone in their network I found a company about 35 miles away, they came, did the diagnostic work on it, gave me an estimate $1500.00. Requested that I have this company do the work and reimburse me for the cost.

They said he would have to contact them which he did over a two day span. They told him they would have to have one of their providers come out to do the diagnosis. Of course three of them had already been contacted and wouldn't touch it.

I'm finished with them, but can't get out of the contract without paying them $125.00. So I live in CA. I will fill a formal complaint with the consumer fraud department.

Ralph H.
Lompoc, CA
1 Star

March 18 2021 8:42AM

It would be NO STAR, but I had to select one to submit! Service SUCKS! Argued with Customer Service about getting oven repaired. After numerous back-and-forth- oven still doesn’t work.

Two months later, the tech measures for a new oven. They deliver and can’t install because it’s the wrong size. Sears wanted ME to pay the restocking FEE when THEY ordered it!!!

Only after posting on their FB page and sending tweets did I get a new oven, and no restocking fee. Scheduled dishwasher repair 12/3/2020. 6 tech visits later, and 3 parts installed- dishwasher finally works 3/4/2021. Horrible service and the initial tech had an attitude.

When I told him the dishes were still wet after pump installation, his reply was, ”I don’t know what to tell you.” (I have his text message as proof.) Spent two hours on the phone trying to schedule another tech. Got bounced to FIVE different people!

Save your money and hire your own local service people for repairs. Average appliance service fee is about $125, plus parts or labor. At $50/month = $600 a year! If you have one appliance issue a year, the cost to service will be less than $600.

Joan S.
Bethlehem, PA
1 Star

March 16 2021 10:09PM

I have Sears Home Warranty for 4 years. I used it twice and both of my experience have been very bad. The recent was so bad the kitchen faucet is broken and the water is leaking.

Despite two plumbers coming and looking at it it's very clear there is mechanical issues and it has to be replaced. Both the plumbers gave the same description and spoke to sears but they denied my claim. I was so disappointed with their behavior.

They never called me or help me out with why my claim got denied. Very bad customer service. I've asked them not to renew my contract and recommending others to cancel with Sears as well.

Muhammad M.
Gaithersburg, MD
1 Star

March 16 2021 3:28PM

As soon as my contract is up May 5th 2021 going to cancel on the phone to get appointment for over 20 minutes. Guy came in May 2020 to fix washer. Replaced clutch. Still don't drain like it should.

Clothes are still wet and had someone come about refrigerator making noise. Didn't do anything. Didn't pull out and clean coils or check anything. Just open doors and looked inside so please don't do this warranty.

Flo C.
Romeoville, IL
1 Star

March 12 2021 11:44PM

We have been waiting for a refrigerator repair for 3 weeks. After 5 visits to our home we still don't have a working refrigerator. As I read the other reviews I realize that many others have similar experiences if not worse! How are they allowed to continue to offer these services? Doesn't anyone care?

The answer is NO! Trust me I've called and spoken to anyone who would listen. I can't believe they are allowed to continue with these egregious actions!

A G.
District Heights, MD
1 Star

March 12 2021 11:19PM

Call for repair service in December for my washer. They asked me to buy the home warranty. It would lower my payment. I never did get my warranty contact but they took money out of my bank account for two months.

I stopped the bank draft for March, (49.99) per month. It was going to cost $600.00 to fix my washer so I lost $200.00 for no service the name of Sears so call warranty is Cross country Sears home warranty.

I call the phone number. It's out of business. They are a scam. I am still trying to get my money back. Please don't mess with Sears.

Annye D.
Talladega, AL
1 Star

March 12 2021 11:08AM

We have been without a working refrigerator for 3.5 weeks. After Sears sent a repair person to my house 5 times they have refused to replace the unit. Now we have to wait another week for a part to arrive which probably still won't work. Awful service!!

Sherry P.
District Heights, MD
1 Star

March 10 2021 8:57PM

In November 2020 I called for service on my washing machine. I was told that it could not be repaired and a check would be sent for settlement. It's March 2021 no check. I've called 5 times.

Every time I call I'm told that no one is there that can authorize sending a check and I am told to call back. This time I asked for a supervisor.

The customer service person told me my call was not a reason to talk to a supervisor. This is a scam. We are going to have AMEX cancel payments since November of last year.

Paul C.
Washington, DC