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May 20 2022 4:43AM

Called them to look at my refrigerator on Wednesday. Said the part would arrive in 5 days. It actually came in 2 days. Been a week. Can't get in touch with anyone to come out and Install the part. 3 phone numbers don't work and 1 number just has me on hold.

Cleola G.
Detroit, MI
May 19 2022 3:02PM

First of all you're not Sears. You're Cinch and you own shady business like Carvana, We buy any car and Drivetime..You use start up businesses with one employee..

They are not reliable, they are not with the Better Business Bureau and the people are not Americans.. Your call center appears to be ran by 2 people...I'm surprise if they have insurance or license..Do not use this service.

Washington, DC
May 16 2022 8:10PM

Telephone service is absolutely horrific--on the phone trying to get them to answer for over 3 hours. Got text confirmation that they were coming to repair washer between 1 and 5. They never showed!

When purchasing warranty they said we would get updated texts throughout the day to update us on when they would show up! What a joke...never received any communication.


Jean T.
Colts Neck, NJ
April 04 2022 6:33PM

Purchased the warranty in January 2022. Called in March to schedule an appoint to fix my Kenmore fridge and Kenmore dryer.

Let's start with the fridge: 1. Had to wait three weeks. 2. Technician didn't show up - no phone call, no text, no email. 3. Took me 1 1/2 hours on the phone to finally reach a "person". 4. Rescheduled in another week 5. Again, no show, no call, no text, no email.

6. Called again, phone person said they would find another provider - that was on a Saturday so they are supposed to call Monday or Tuesday - we'll see.

Dryer 1. Had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. 2. Technician was late, ordered parts. 3. Technician didn't show up for appointment, but someone did call and reappointed. 4. Sears called today to reschedule dryer appointment, have to wait another two weeks for appointment.

I had this "warranty " service years ago and it worked. Now I wish I had never bought it. I will be seeking a refund for at least a month of premiums (fat chance that will happened) and perhaps register a complaint with our state attorney general. DO NOT BUY THIS!

Linda E.
Monroe, WA
March 03 2022 8:00PM

If there was zero rating I would give O! Horrible repair service! Sears has been to my house 3 times for the same issue with my washer. Still not repaired.

The customer representatives that schedule appointments don't speak or understand English well and will tell you are scheduled for appointment and will not schedule you.

After you are scheduled you should get confirmation e-mail which you don't get because the customer service representative is either not well trained, do not care, or don't understand English. DO NOT RECOMMEND SEARS HOME WARRANTY! Go somewhere else!

Vicky S.
Manvel, TX
December 04 2021 6:01PM

After signing up and paying for 2 months of coverage, I filed a claim when my microwave stopped working. I provided my account number, address, etc., and was told I didn’t exist in their system. Evidently Sears’ records showed my old address.

When I tried to update my address, I was told it was impossible to update an address on their system. (How is that possible?) The salesman offered to sign me up again, under the correct address, and I agreed to that, with the assumption that Sears would waive the 30-day waiting period (since I had already paid for two months of coverage).

No, the salesman explained, I would have to start all over, and pay another $100+ and wait 30 days for coverage to start.

I waited on Hold interminably and spoke to a long list of customer service people, none of whom could solve the problem or explain how their computer system cannot allow updated addresses. It’s a HOME WARRANTY policy, but they can’t manage home addresses???

I finally cancelled the policy, unable to get a refund for the $100+ I’d foolishly spent on this home warranty program. In hindsight, I regret being talked into the warranty in the first place. Perhaps you can learn from my mistake.

Lisa C.
Kokomo, IN
November 23 2021 10:37PM

Been trying to get an appliance repaired since 2019. Total of 8 different techs have come out to my home...claimed the appliance is unrepairable and needs to be replaced...

Been trying since June to get replacement...transferred to different people...all say escalating to team lead. Total ** and scam...Been calling in weekly since July to resolve.

R H.
Birmingham, AL
November 17 2021 9:23PM

BEWARE DO NOT USE. I've had a claim on my Kenmore Elite Microwave since May 2021 as of 11-16-2021 still not fixed. I have had 3 different technicians come out to try and fix.

They recommend replacement but the last technician took a part of my microwave on my table and did not put it all back together, he ordered the part And when it came in he came back to fix told us it was done.

As he left my wife opened the door to the microwave pieces pieces fell on her. Cannot get anybody to come back out. Total rip off of the company.

Robert K.
Phoenix, AZ
November 15 2021 4:51PM

The technician came on October 1, 2021 at our request to fix the ignitor on our gas oven. He said if we'd purchase the home warranty, we'd get a discount on this visit & coverage on our other appliances so we fell for his hard sale & purchased it before he looked at the oven.

He had an ignitor in his vehicle & replaced ours with that. There was immediately a loud popping noise & flash of light. Upon examination, when he put the new ignitor on, it blew up the control panel & now they say they don't have that part anymore.

They are supposed to be refunding us for the service call but we now have an unfixable oven. The warranty people say now there is a 30 day waiting period & they won't replace our oven.

Virtually everyone we've spoken to has agreed that we are being treated unfairly but they have to transfer us to another department & we have to go through the whole scenario again with the same result.

If we don't get this resolved immediately, we will be going to file a claim against both Sears Home warranty & Sears. The model number of the oven is 91130169791 & our policy # is **.

Jerry M.
Paragould, AR
November 12 2021 1:08AM

Beware! This will be the worst service you will ever experience. My refrigerator was still warm the very same afternoon the repairman left. When I called to have him come back out to finish the job I was told he'll be back out in 10 days, even though I had paid him $500 dollars.

Talking to their customer service is a big run around and you will need perseverance to deal with these people. They told me that I would be able to cancel but when I tried, they told me I would have to pay $150. Just a warning, this will be THE WORST customer service you will ever encounter.

Muriel K.
Kihei, HI
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