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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (637 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

637 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

December 03 2020 6:11AM

This statement is primarily a complaint with Sears Home Warranty, however I have a few complaints with RNS Appliance I will be sharing. Nov 12, 2020: Our refrigerator goes out and I immediately call Sears to complain.

The sears associate offer’s me an appointment time between 08:00 and 12:00 or from 12:00 to 5:00. I select the time slot between 08:00 and 12:00 for Nov 17, 2020.

I get a call from RNS stating they cannot make the 8:00 to 12:00 appointment and I will have to take the 12:00 to 5:00. At 6:45 pm RNS appliance shows up and to diagnose I need a new compressor.

When I complained that Sears gave me the 08:00 to 12:00, RNS states Sears doesn’t schedule the call, they do. (But why doesn’t Sears know this?) Nov 17, 2020 Prior to RNS appliance showing up and Because RNS was running late I called Sears to complain.

Sears gave me a complaint number which proved to be out of service. Nov 23rd 2020. Both my wife and I frustrated we both attempt to call Sears on separate phones. Here are the results.

At 1:30 I call Sears home services and get a female that identified herself as Vivian. She proved to be no help so she transfers me to Vic at 1:40 pm. Vic is unable to help so he transfers me to what he calls “the warranty provider” close to 1:45.

At approximately 2:30 pm still on hold, I can no longer remain on hold and hang up because I have to get ready for work.

At about 2:00pm my wife speaks to “Anjo” at the Sears home services line and after explaining the problem to Anjo he transfers her to what he calls “The Sears protection Benefits admin line” and he gives her the number Just in case.

After remaining on hold for an hour she hangs up and attempts to call the number Anjo provided her with. That number proved to be not in service. Nov 24th 2020. By this time we have received two parts for this repair and still waiting on the compressor.

We speak to the technician and we now find out the compressor is on back order until Dec 24th. On this date my wife spoke to RNS appliance and they stated they put us in for a new fridge with Sears.

Dec 2 2020, Having heard from no one we called Sears and after waiting on hold approximately 2 hours 20 minutes we finally speak to a Veronica who advised us that what the tech told us was true, he did put in a claim for us to receive a new fridge, however a new fridge was denied because parts are on order.

Apparently Veronica and sears feels you should have no problem going a month and a half with no working fridge.

They also advised us to make a claim for food spoilage which contradicted RNS appliance statement that we would have to wait for the repair before filing a claim.

I called RNS appliance previously in November and asked what other options there were for parts and service and April of RNS, stated there was a possibility that their sub contractor could help out but could make no promises.

I asked her to try and let us know either way and I never got a call back from RNS. - I had asked RNS what means do they use to communicate to Sears concerning repair work they do and April led me to believe they have to call the same number the general public uses and wait on hold for hours like everyone else.

I find that hard and difficult to believe. -On Dec 2, 2020 I pressed her again for their specific contact information for sears and she now tells me they communicate via e mail. But when I asked for that e mail she completely avoids and back tracks and avoids answering that question.

-She now changes her story to “we communicate via work order. “ -RNS led us to believe that there was only one technician that provides warranty work for sears in my area, which he serves multiple cities and counties.

I find that hard to believe. Which means they only come to your area on certain days. If you miss that day they make it clear you are SOL.

If you google sears home warranty for southern California I come up with Bakersfield, Banning, Blyth, Burbank, Apple Valley, Anaheim, city of industry just to name a few. When I asked April of RNS which specific facility she they deal with she avoids the question, and won't answer.

I find it difficult to believe she doesn’t know, or cannot find out. But she completely avoids the question. -Sears- made no attempt to communicate concerning this warranty repair nor they make no attempt to notify us the claim for a new fridge was denied.

You only find out after being on hold for close to two and a half hours which is horrible customer service.

Donald R.
Calif City, CA
2 Stars

December 02 2020 11:11PM

Buyers beware. Not recommend waiting for a washing machine parts for 2 1/2 months. Customer service very lousy, very unprofessional. It’s a complete waste of money. Most of the customer service phone number listed a disconnect.

Humberto A.
Coral Gables, FL
1 Star

December 02 2020 7:25PM

When they can repair it is OK. When they cannot, the runaround is disgusting. They promise they are working on it when they are not. They transfer you endlessly and hang up to avoid making good on their warranty promises.

I have been waiting over 60 days for a repair I called about 2.5 months ago. Don't be a sucker -- get coverage elsewhere!

Eileen M.
New York, NY
1 Star

November 30 2020 6:06PM

Once you sign up with Sears Home Warranty, you can't cancel the membership. I attempted call several times but they put me hold 1.5 hours and hung up on me. I tried to call again, but they did it same things. I ended up closing my credit card to solve the problem.

Keum P.
Reynoldsburg, OH
1 Star

November 26 2020 4:31PM

I have had their whole house warranty for years at $69.95 per month. Whenever there was a problem the Sears team was on it immediately, at most within three days. What happened? This was important for us.

As we are two elderly diabetics with special diets prescribed by our doctors (low carb, Whole 30, etc.) which help us control our blood sugar. So we need to cook everything at home. Right now it has been OVER SIX WEEKS since our refrigerator has worked.

They keep promising to call us and let us know what is going on, but days go by until I finally call them and get promises that are not kept. Then the waste line for the kitchen sink went out. So now that has been 9 days, and here it is Thanksgiving and no working kitchen sink.

Being elderly it has been necessary to have a working dishwasher to help sterilize the dishes and maintain a healthier household. No such luck with this company anymore.

Whoever, Sears sold this to is also charging a $100 deductible to, not good for people on a fixed income living in an older home. I hate them, I am leaving as soon as possible. This is a scam company.

Laura O.
San Leandro, CA
1 Star

November 16 2020 7:43PM

Had air conditioning that went out and they would not cover the replacement. Had all kinds of excuses why they would not cover. Went back and forth including having the technician state that the unit needed to be replaced. They never contacted the tech.

They made up a story that the unit was not working months prior which was the opposite of what the tech saw when the unit was still functioning but not at where it should have been.

So you get insurance. Something breaks within a few months and they will deny your claim that your issue was prior to the insurance being established.

We ended up spending our own money for new system and tried to cancel the Sears Insurance and they told us we could not until a year goes by because we put in a claim. A claim that we never received a penny from.

Jerry C.
Valencia, CA
1 Star

November 10 2020 3:12PM

I have paid $100 a month for whole house plus $75 per service, more than all other companies and the service is ridiculous. I had an air conditioner repair in August and it took almost 3 weeks just to get scheduled.

I have one of the Sears brand (Kenmore) microwaves and it started causing my fuse panel to flip. Called the warranty and they came Oct 9, immediately said, "Oh that has been a problem with those microwaves, we have to order parts."

Fast forward to today and 2 of the 4 parts are in.
One is claiming to be shipping on the 23 of Nov and the other is on backorder with no date in sight. I called and asked how long you have to wait on a repair before it is replaced and they had not answer.

WTH, listen just give me my money back and cancel my contract so I can get someone else to repair or replace my microwave. We are switching to Choice Home Warranty, sears is the absolute worse!

Charlene F.
Fayetteville, NC
1 Star

November 09 2020 7:48AM

This is the worst plan ever! I have been trying to get my fridge fixed since June!! It is now NOVEMBER! Zero end in sight! No one will tell me why someone is not coming out to fix it. All I get when I call is "It's processing. Parts are ordered!!" Are you kidding me??

I have 5 children and have had NO fridge for going on 6 months now! My furnace went out, I call to file a claim (figuring I'll have to go the winter with no heat). They tell me I can't file a claim. My account was canceled.

Well they sure took their money from my account! If it's canceled I want that back! I was on hold or transferred to different ppl for over 2 hours just to get hung up on! I'm going to report them to BBB!!! They're horrible!

Kristi E.
Salem, OR
1 Star

October 25 2020 7:51PM

Called about leaking water heater, told tech will repair in 3 days. Comes and says, "We don't repair. I'll submit for replacement to "company"." He takes pics and leaves, sends $165 bill from truck with 0 balance.

Two days later, lady calls and says take a payout and find a wh and get it installed. Check, after we sign papers coming in 3 days, will be mailed in 3 weeks. So about a month without hot water.

They don't care what it costs. You're getting $950. Live with it. My quote was $1100 for next day install. Sears Co. said too bad for difference, I paid to do it for family. Now we wait and maybe will see a check eventually! Sears is now dead to me.

E G.
Miami, FL
1 Star

October 22 2020 2:29PM

My first service call for my microwave was early August after two reschedules. At that time, parts were ordered. The parts arrived and the second technician stated that they were the incorrect parts. The "correct" part was ordered on August 27th and has not arrived.

I was told that they are having difficulty finding the part. I identified the part and found that I can have it shipped in three days but was told that Sears can't install a part that I order.

They scheduled a technician for today to relook at the microwave but rescheduled the appointment for two weeks at 8:00 this morning. I have spent at least 10 hours on the phone being transferred from department to department.

They have cancelled or rescheduled my appointments 6 times so if you have a life beyond waiting for Sears....don't get this plan.

Joan M.
Mount Laurel, NJ
1 Star

October 16 2020 1:08AM

Do not get "Sears Home Warranty." I have been with them for over 3 years, my a/c went out and they said I am "not" Covered, what! Been paying for 3 years, I was pissed, so I wanted them to cancel my account and then they said I will have to pay $299. To cancel!

Can you believe that, what a rip off! I told them that Home Shield charges the same price I have been paying sears and includes a/c and more! I am so gone! By rip off sears! No wonder they are going out of business!

Roland G.
New Braunfels, TX
1 Star

October 15 2020 5:07PM

Horrrrrrible customer service. As I read other reviews. It looks like that how they do business. Just ripping people off. Nice scam. They don't do nothing for months so the customer can get frustrated and just give up. Meaning you paid for a service you're just never going to get.

I'm going on 4 months and same issue with them not taking care of the issue. They give me fake email addresses so I can't complain to corporate. I went on their website. Also no way to contact them or call.

Just robbing people of their money. If someone has a contact number to get a hold of corporate please submit it please.

Edwin O.
1 Star

October 10 2020 8:58AM

Purchased warranty when we moved to new house in May. In sept had issue with Sears pro French door refrigerator (not cooling). Called. Gave us an appt for 30 days out (no joke).

On day of appt they called to say serviceman called in sick - they would reschedule! They didn’t call back. They didn’t return service fee! I did call local repair person. Would not recommend. Make a complaint to BBB.

Kay H.
Charleston, WV
1 Star

October 07 2020 7:20PM

Where to start? I had an appointment for dishwasher repair. The parts were to be shipped ahead of time. Apparently, they were on back order and 2 weeks later, when the technician did not show up, I reached out.

I was told the parts were on back order without any estimation of when they would be received. I spoke with 6 different individuals because their communication system is so poor I kept getting disconnected.

I could not get a straight answer regarding when the parts were expected and what options were available if the parts were not delivered within 3 weeks. They seem to be avoiding answering the question directly. Now shopping for dishwashers and will cancel my contract.

Pamela C.
Bradenton, FL
1 Star

October 06 2020 4:47AM

Sears Home Services should be called Sears No Services. It took over two months to get the air conditioner fixed. We had to hire a local AC company that could get the part in one week. Sears had over eight weeks to find it.

Then we spent hours on the phone being shuffled from one person to another trying to get approved so my parents could be reimbursed for repairing the AC. Sears finally agreed, and it took two whole months for the reimbursement check to arrive.

Sears said the check would come in 14-21 days. Sadly I am not done with my complaints. Back in June, when the AC went out, my parent's dishwasher needed repair. A service person came out on July 6th.

My parents were told parts were ordered and to call when it was delivered. The parts never came. Sears sent an email instructing my parents to call a number.

Every time they got or I called, we would be on hold for hours, and when a customer service person answered, we would be transferred to another person, and then we would get disconnected every time.

I finally got through on a number I was given in an email when I sent a complaint. I was on hold for over three hours and then on the phone with a lovely lady.

She was able to help us get in contact with the people to start the ball rolling on getting the air conditioner reimbursement approved. She also stated that the dishwasher had been approved to be replaced and gave us a dollar amount.

I promptly chose a new dishwasher for my parents. The woman said that in 14 days, someone would be calling or contacting my parents about the delivery and installation of the dishwasher.

That phone call was August 7, 2020. It’s October 5, 2020, and we have heard nothing from Sears regarding the dishwasher. When my dad called to follow up, he was told there was no record that the dishwasher was approved to be replaced or that we had ordered a new one.

Sears home services are the worst. Terrible customer service, honorific business model, and lackadaisical follow through.

Cheryl H.
Roseburg, OR
1 Star

September 24 2020 9:56PM

They are horrible. Their customer service is horrible. They tell you hours into your scheduled time that they can't make it and want to reschedule you for days later; after you have taken time off work and made other arrangements.

You're always on hold for hours.. Never any supervisors available, no customer satisfaction. And now they make you pay up front for the technician service that you haven't received. And it always takes at least 2 appointments to resolve your issues.

I won't renew my contract after this. Get your home warranty from someone more dependable.

Alesia F.
Chicago, IL
1 Star

September 23 2020 10:04PM

Beware of Sears Home Warranty!!! You'd be better off saving the cost you pay for the warranty and using that for a repair or replacement.

I called for service on my Amana dryer and it could not be repaired, so I was guaranteed a replacement of similar quality within 10 to 21 days. The delay is supposedly due to Covid-19...normal delivery is 3 - 4 days. That guarantee was over a month ago!

In the month I've been waiting, I've called 6 different phone numbers in 3 separate departments, spoken with nearly a dozen people and not one of them was of any help. No one has sent me an email nor called and they have no clue when dryer will arrive.

Today I was told it hasn't even shipped, but no one knows why...nor do they know when it will ship. I was told they will escalate my claim to the Research Department, who will discover what's going on and then contact me.

This is the second escalation and there's never been any contact or action. I was offered a check in lieu of a replacement. The dryer I was promised is $899 GE, but the check is only $574! How is this acceptable??? It's nonsensical!

The explanation I was given was the check is the discount amount that the company pays GE for the dryer, however that discount is not offered to me if I make the purchase myself.

So basically I can wait indefinitely for my dryer to arrive or accept a check that doesn't cover the cost of a comparable replacement. This has been an awful experience. I expected much better from a warranty with the Sears name! I will definitely be cancelling my warranty.

Kimberly R.
Chicago, IL
1 Star

September 23 2020 3:26PM

Sears is and has been the worst company to deal with.!. I have a push bagger mower that has been in the repair shop in Quincy Massachusetts every season for the same reason since I bought it. I have only been getting the run around on receiving a replacement for this piece of crap.

I'm being told I'm only allowed "X" amount for it when the the one I purchased was way more. The replacement/equivalent to what I had is more than $150 more than they are willing to give me towards a new mower.

I will love to see the day that sears has completely left the planet of being able to do business and steal our money with a lower than par product.

I implore anyone looking for anything from house hold goods to rubber bands to go elsewhere.!!. Die well and fast SEARS.

Richard H.
Pembroke, MA
1 Star

September 22 2020 11:28AM

Brought a Kenmore branded Dunkirk Hot Water from Sears in 2005 and had minor issues which were repaired in a timely manner In June Aquastat pump would not shut off. Service person examined boiler and determined Aquastat control board was defective.

Ordered part, but got wrong part. Rescheduled repair eight times. Part only available as kit from manufacturer. It is now end of September and was promised replacement boiler, on telephone for hours, rescheduled again to October 6. They claim will replace unit but do not believe them.

Howard P.
5 Stars

September 20 2020 12:36AM

After reading other people experiences with Sears, I'm happy to say, "I have had great customer service. And the repair people were very knowledgeable and came as scheduled." I would recommend Sears Home Warranty to others. Thank you. Janet.

Janet R.
Peoria, IL
2 Stars

September 19 2020 4:52PM

I have been paying $50.00 a month for a Sears warranty. My dishwasher was fixed properly. I had a service man in 2 times for my refrigerator, neither time did he correct the problem. The refrigerator is freezing everything in the refrigerator.

The second time was 9/18 at which time I paid him an additional $75.00 since I thought the job was ok. The next morning when I checked, everything in the fridge was frozen. Now I am trying to contact them online, for a re-repair, and there is no option to do so.

1 Star

September 18 2020 9:15PM

Terrible. They do not do anything they say. We got this home warranty in July 2019. I called in December 2019 just to ask a question. 5 phone calls (hung up on 4X) and finally got a call back from a supervisor who did not have the answer.

In early January 2020 - filed a claim for my washer to be fixed. It took 4 visits spanning 6 weeks and 5 techs to finally complete the service.

The 2nd tech argued with me (the customer) on every thing about the service call - from what needed to be done right down to refusing to complete the job. He started this terrible service by berating his other employee who did not arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule like he did.

I had to call back and schedule again because he refused to put in one of the parts. He also took my card and swiped it on his phone allegedly to pay the service deductible of $100 - I later received a bill.

The payment had thankfully been reversed but we were late in payment because of this. We canceled our policy in July of 2020. Again we experienced a runaround on the phone. We got argument after argument and finally we were told they would cancel for a fee of $2.95.

That charge went through, then was reversed and a full charge for plan payment of $69.99 was put through. Immediately (minutes) after that reversal\payment we received 4 fraudulent charges on that card account and we shut it down.

We have attempted multiple times via e-mail, phone calls and mail to get them to return our money to us and cancel our contract.

Today's call I got told I was not authorized on the account that I was always authorized on and that the agent was present at the July cancelation call so he couldn't cancel the policy and my husband had to call him.

When I asked for a direct line to him he just kept repeating my husband had to call. He finally refused to give me a direct line to him claiming they do not have extensions at the call center.

I know this is fraudulent as I have had extensions given to me before. This is just one more runaround to avoid canceling the contract. Thankfully we blocked and stopped the account they were debiting out of or they would still be taking money.

Barbara O.
Clearwater, FL
1 Star

September 18 2020 1:54AM

I don’t even know where to start after reading all these bad reviews, but here goes. I first called I think was in May 2020. Called for service on my fridge, they said it would be 10 days, the tech came out.

Said he had to order the part for me to call them when the part came in which, after I call them to set up an appt it’s another 10 days for the appt. Next appt they called and cancelled. The tech was ill. So I’ve been going on like this now for at least 5 months no refrigerator.

They have put in two new parts waiting 10, 10 10 more days still not working. Now they say if they can't find the part I would get a new unit, something comparable to what I have. Now I have new ph # s suppose to be top management, was put on hold for 2 hours.

I finally hung up. It’s exasperating. They told me sent an E mail to the warranty company to wait 3 to 5 days. I did nothing, so I called again.

They told me I had been approved for a new unit, no the next one I talked to said she didn’t see the approval, so she said she would e mail it in herself that I would have to wait another 3 to 5 days that's where I’m at now. I’m using a 30 year old fridge in my garage all this time.

Here are the ph #s I called to get to an advocate suppose to be the corporate offices, I still waited 2 hours on hold, hung up. They called me at 7:00 am the next morning. 1-800-827-6655. 1-877 878-3687. Good luck!!!

Phyllis B.
Kerman, CA
1 Star

September 17 2020 5:14AM

My refrigerator has been out of service since July 20th, 2020. My appliances are covered by the Sears whole home warranty plan for $49 each month. I reported my fridge out of service on July 20th, 2020.

Sears set up a repair visit for July 27th. On this visit parts were ordered. A technician returned on August 11th, 4 hours to make repairs and replace parts. The refrigerator did not work after repairs and now with a new failure code: f5. Another repair was scheduled for August 27th.

After the technician left I now had a new error code: Er rf. I then had another repair scheduled for August 28th. I received a call from Sears repair on the 28th at 8:30 am to reschedule because the technician was out ill.

I explained that I had been without my fridge for 6 weeks already and they said they would pull a technician from another area to make the needed repairs that day. At 12:59 pm, I received automated text message that my repair had been canceled.

The technician closed the ticket out and signed my name to the service order when he never even showed up for the appointment. I then spent 4 hrs. 20 min on hold to reschedule with no success. I was not able to get through to reschedule.

I have been without my fridge now for 6 weeks and not able to get a successful Sears appliance repair. This is list of service orders associated with my original repair reported on July 20th, 2020. ** and **.

I spent 2 more hours on hold for now another appointment scheduled for September 11th.... 2 more weeks with no fridge. Update: Today is Sep.16th 2020. I still have not had my refrigerator repaired, nor have I been contacted by Sears.

My September 11th appointment was canceled without my knowledge. After a no show, I spent another day on the phone trying to schedule yet another appointment. After another 3 hours on hold and multiple transfers, I have a 5th appointment scheduled for September 28th.

There is no one available to escalate this matter. Sears has everything contacted to a 3rd party vendor.

No customer service is available. However, they manage to continue to collect my $50 autopay each month for this Appliance warranty agreement. I am at their mercy at this point. 2 months now with no refrigeration.

Heidi M.
Winlock, WA
1 Star

September 12 2020 10:05AM

I purchased a Sears Home Warranty and 3 weeks ago I called to have my refrigerator repaired, the repair guy said it needed a compressor. And that was the last I heard from anyone. I’ve called and all I’ve been getting is the run around.

My refrigerator is still not fixed and no one have called me with any information on the repair. We’re now going into the 4th week since I called. I’m canceling the warranty. It’s a scheme.

Veronica B.
Chelmsford, MA
1 Star

September 11 2020 10:11PM

Absolutely BEYOND horrible! They keep you on hold for hours! They service techs out only to do nothing. We have been waiting for a simple TV repair for months, and now a fridge repair only for them to do nothing.

If you are fortunate enough to speak to a rep after being on hold for 2 hours, you will have to explain your whole story from the beginning, there is no continuity or case management.

They send parts out but keep canceling the service technician visits even after you have alerted them that the parts have arrived. These people are scam artists of the highest order! Please avoid them at all costs!

What they are doing - taking folks’ hard earned money every month and not even delivering a fraction of the service they promise, should be criminal. I would given them negative stars if I could, it’s honestly that bad.

Edy I.
Placer, CA
1 Star

September 11 2020 12:02AM

I placed a service call over a month ago, initially the tech came out and ordered parts and scheduled my appointment for repair 2 weeks ago. I missed work and waited all day without any response. I made several attempts and the answer was they were still coming.

Finally after 8 PM it was rescheduled today. Same thing happened today as 2 weeks ago, missed work and it was rescheduled for 3 different dates within a 2 minute time frame. Extremely poor customer service. Worst experience I’ve EVER had!!!

Tony W.
Milan, IN
1 Star

September 10 2020 12:08AM

No service. I have had my money taken monthly for a warranty from what I believed to be an American institution whose name used to credibility. I am absolutely disgusted. Calls are sent to God only knows where. Nobody has tracking of the issue/problem.

They hand you back and forth to other departments and after wasting hours you are told they will call you back ASAP. They do not call back and 6 weeks later with a tech out here twice Sears has not done anything to help us. I will never deal with them again.

Every time you call back to find out the status you have to begin from the beginning as if it was your first time calling in. It is done intentionally so that you get so frustrated and desperate for a functioning appliance that you finally go away. They don’t care.

Teresa F.
Destin, FL
1 Star

September 04 2020 8:16PM

This is a scam!!! I'm so done with this company. Negative stars if I could rate that way. They need to be shut down!!! My washer was supposed to be a easy fix so they say and this was back in May.

Fast forward to now September 4 and still without a washer. When you call customer service they will not answer or put you on hold for nearly a hour. Ha never again!!!

Dee K.
Ivanhoe, NC
1 Star

September 04 2020 9:55AM

My refrigerator went out on June 5th and is in worse shape each time the come. They have been out 6 times and still not repaired. Just replace it HA! Just yesterday alone I was on hold for 3 hrs and 13 min before I gave up. Absolutely the worst experience ever! THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!

Dianr D.
Atoka, TN
1 Star

September 02 2020 7:31PM

These Guys are a rip off. They they will tell you that they are the best in the business. They charge me 75.00 a month for their warranty and I have had them about 2 years.

So I finally needed to use their services for my tub and they telling me they are only going to pay for the faucet which is only about 150.00 and I had to pay a 100 deductible and the piping that's about $750.00 to be replaced.

Please stay away from these guys. If are already with them cancel their service quickly because they don't stand for that Sears name!

Durham, NC
1 Star

September 02 2020 12:17PM

I bought a Kenmore Elite in 2017, because I believe in the Sears product thinking Kenmore Elite was the best..WRONG! On July 3, 2020 my Kenmore Elite stop getting cold.

I before hand bought a Sear Warranty for 49.99 a month so I knew it was covered by the warranty I was paying per month. Here again I was wrong. Sears called another Company to come into my home to diagnose the problem.

The company told me it was the compressor and it was under warranty by LG, but I have to call LG to get the part. What a JOKE. Here we are in September and my refrigerator is still not fixed.

I have gotten the run around since July 3, 2020. I paid the $75.00 for a Contractor of Sears who told me to order the part. Now I am told by Sears if they, (Sears) would've came in the home the part would have been order by Sears and it would not have taken this long.

The Company that Sears contracted with told me they were not going to order the part because it was under warranty and Sears has more money than they.

I am caught in the middle and my refrigerator is still not fixed. Bottom line is Sears said on September 2, 2020, I will have to pay another $75.00 for them to come out and re diagnose the problem and pay for the labor to have my refrigerator fixed. What a problem.

I will NO LONGER PURCHASE ANY SEARS PRODUCT AND as for the WARRANTY with Sears....I will get rid of a burden which is the warranty with Sears. The customer service there with SEARS is a NIGHTMARE waiting to happen.

Take the money you are spending with Sears for the warranty and park it in account and spend it on a quality appliance, NOT KENMORE ELITE, Sears product are CRAP!

Kay D.
Snellville, GA
1 Star

September 01 2020 4:58PM

Super bad experience, have a stove under their warranty, has been checked 7 time and they aren’t able to figure out the problem and they don’t want to replace, I don’t know what to do. If I knew this will happen will never used their services. Very disappointed. Not recommend to anyone...

Oscar Q.
Manchester, CT
1 Star

September 01 2020 2:48PM

A very bad business operation. I now understand why they went into bankruptcy. We signed up for their "warranty" plan in March at $50 a month. Our first repair call was on a Sunday in August to repair our dishwasher.

They couldn't set up an appointment for ten days, but we scheduled one anyway. They immediately took the $75 deductible out of our bank account.

The next day I found another repair place that would charge us half the price for a service call and could come out three days sooner. So I scheduled with them and called Sears to cancel the appointment.

I was informed that our deductible would not be refunded to us for three or four days. A week passed and still no refund, so I called them again.

They said their refund policy is seven to ten business days. I pressed the issue and they told me that we would have the refund within 48 hours. That was five days ago.

The repair person who sold us the contract didn't mention that we would be charged a deductible, and the written agreement does mention a deductible but doesn't disclose how much it costs. I've cancelled the contract.

Terry E.
Pataskala, OH
1 Star

August 27 2020 5:22AM

This has been the worst experience EVER! My wife called Sears repair due to our Kenmore Elite refrigerator which we had purchased a little more than 1 year. We noticed the refrigerator had stopped getting cold.

When the repairman arrived, he said we had no warranty for the refrigerator. My wife spoke to Sears customer service prior and was told to purchase a warranty which she did, only to find out she paid for a Sears membership instead.

I purchased a warranty however the repairman left before servicing saying we had to reschedule the appointment due to not having the warranty at the time of the appointment.

When I called Sears back, they rescheduled service a week later, needless to say, food spoiled and had to be thrown out. In the meantime, we had to wait. We were told when the repairman arrived the second time that our compressor had gone out.

He also added to our disappointment by letting us know that the Kenmore Elite refrigerators (the style we'd purchased), was a bad choice and that he had serviced others for the same or other issues.

We are cancelling our membership and warranty with Sears and go with another company we found. Very poor service!!

Curtis D.
Colton, CA
1 Star

August 24 2020 3:52PM

These people lied to us. They told us if they had to come out for the same appliance within 6 months there would not be another $75.00 fee. We have had multiple issues with our dishwasher.

The last time we asked to have our silverware basket replaced while they were out doing another service on the dishwasher because the end piece of the basket keeps coming undone and won't stay attached.

Because the tech couldn't recreate it at our house in a couple of minutes they refused to replace it. Now we are having a problem with water draining and an orange mold growing in our dishwasher.

As soon as our year is up we will be canceling this service. DO NOT get this package. It is a rip-off and we should never have bought it, to begin with.

We've wasted money we could have saved by just paying the service call on the couple of times we have had them out it would have been cheaper. I would have given zero stars if I could have.

Melissa G.
Junction City, KS
1 Star

August 19 2020 8:50PM

I have been waiting five weeks for a replacement oven that they could not repair. The replacement was supposedly approved but I have spent hours on the phone and cannot get delivery information. It is without a doubt, the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I am not a young man.

Anthony M.
Spring, TX
1 Star

August 15 2020 1:02AM

I called them over the phone to their Customer service and when they offer this warranty it says that your appliances would be covered..but my Blender broke days ago and is not covered!. I Do not recommend dealing with this! It was a hassle to cancel my warranty... Bad experience overall.!!!

Eduardo M.
Highland, CA
1 Star

August 12 2020 10:02PM

If I would’ve only checked all these reviews before I purchased my refrigerator. I will never ever buy another appliance from Sears! Customer service is the worst service I have ever experienced in my life.

Spent hours on the phone and then you get somebody that can hardly speak English and says they can only put you through to another extension that put you on hold again.

If you live outside their service area then you have no idea the training or the capability of who’s going to show up at your house. That’s crazy. I paid for an expected a Sears technician to service my refrigerator and there’s no possible way to get it. Buyer beware.

Nancy K.
Pendergrass, GA
1 Star

August 12 2020 9:58PM

Very bad. Very very bad. Do NOT give these people a DIME. Avoid like the plague. My washing machine needed repair. I waited 3 weeks for the first appointment. Man comes, needs parts. That will be another 4 weeks.

4 more weeks pass. They cancel. Please call to reschedule. 3 more weeks. 3 more weeks pass. They cancel AGAIN. Next appointment, 2 more weeks. When the next appointment arrives, it will have been 3 months. 3 months.

Do you think they’ll show? Neither do I. And forget about reaching anyone. You will spend HOURS and get nowhere. You will get transferred then put on hold and disconnected and in the end, nothing. You will get nothing but extremely frustrated.

I’ve read through the reviews a bit. This smells like a class action situation. A lot of people paying for warranties that seem to be worthless. Avoid these junk “warranties” at ALL costs.

Pat H.
Fort Wright, KY
1 Star

August 12 2020 8:19PM

This is the worst company that I've dealt with. My AC has been out for close to a month. All that has happened thus far is I've paid the service provider to come out and tell me what supposedly wrong.

When you call Sears they tell me the part has been ordered. I was on the phone for about 1 and 1/2 hours and was transferred 7 times basically in a loop with no answer as to the status of claim.. disgraceful...

Jerry N.
Garner, NC
1 Star

August 07 2020 7:25PM

If I could give them 0 I would. I bought a dishwasher and refrigerator with them and added the warranty. Trying to contact them is impossible. You can stay on hold for 45 minutes and then the system says, call back again. I have been on the line for 4 hours.

Been transferred to over 10 departments. Been disconnected around 7 times. My refrigerator is beeping for over 4 months, and you need to keep the alarm on since the doors don't close without your undivided attention to them.

My dishwasher has not been working for over 6 months and the new one is still in backorder, their solution is to cancel the order. Every time I mention a refund I get disconnected. This has been a nightmare!!!!

Sharon H.
San Diego, CA
1 Star

August 07 2020 12:51PM

We used the service one time in two years and it took over a month to do the repair following the two weeks it took for tech to arrive to perform diagnostic. We decided to discontinue plan having purchased new appliances with warranties.

Discontinuing of service has been extremely difficult! I've called 4 times, consuming well over two hours of my time, to cancel the plan. Each time I was told the plan is cancelled and account refunded. This happening once, maybe twice, not too suspicious.

5 months and multiple calls, this act is intentional and dishonest. I do NOT recommend Sears Warranty Service.

R S.
Yorktown, UT
1 Star

August 06 2020 4:26PM

Called them out to fix a washer that didn't spin or drain. Technician removed a pen from the drain trap and said that was the only problem. One week later, we had a massive leak from underneath the washer.

Thousands of dollars of damage to my laundry room and kitchen, both rooms gutted to the sub floor now. Moved the washer to my other house so I could still do laundry, but they won't fix the washer because we moved it to a house that doesn't have a warranty on it.

Wrote a letter and explained the extenuating circumstances and why we moved it. "Charles" called and quoted me the company policy of "you moved it, it's your fault we are not fixing it". Horrible customer service and feel like they are scamming people. Don't use them!

Laurie A.
Vancovuer, WA
1 Star

August 04 2020 12:34AM

Don’t waste your money. 30 days to replace a hot water heater. Now three weeks to repair a dishwasher. Called a Monday and had appointment the next Monday.

They didn’t show then rescheduled for two weeks out. Worst customer service in the business. All they do is read from a script.

Ronald R.
Johns Island, SC
1 Star

July 31 2020 10:40PM

The worst experience we have had with company. We have two properties insured with this Company. First property had no A/C since May 2020 we have gone through a heat wave.

We called Sears and after 2 weeks of waiting a technician came and said they needed to order a part and once the part arrived they would come and fix it. Mid June we called to find out if the part had arrived only to be told there was no order made. The order was then made.

The part arrived. Some technicians came in July 24 and repaired the A/C. By July 26 the AC was off again. We called sears, several times. Then we were told a service provider (Supreme Energy) would come over on 30 July, which was yesterday.

The service provider called yesterday morning to tell us they had rescheduled to today 31st July. We called the service provider in the morning and we were told someone had cancelled the order.

For information it was the same guy who called us Yesterday to reschedule yesterday’s appointment. He then excused himself and said he was going to arrange for someone to come. At about 4:00 someone called to say they were coming in an hour.

It's now after 6:00, no one has come and when we reached out to the service provider they had closed for the weekend. 2nd property the A/C broke down beginning of July 2020, and we were given an appointment for July 29.

A sears technician came over on 29 July and he said we have a leakage and that he can’t repair it and that someone else would do it. We called home warranty today 31 July only to be told that the technician put in the system that the problem had been fixed, NOT TRUE.

The AC was not fixed. So we have had to make another appointment for a sears technician to come over. Sears appliance warranty is the worst. DO NOT go for Sears. Mind you each time someone comes we have to pay $100.00. We have gone through summer with NO AC.

Celia K.
Rutherford, NJ
1 Star

July 30 2020 3:59PM

Worst experience ever! I am paying for the Whole House warranty. My clothes washer machine got broken on January. Every time the tech will come will have the excuse that he needed to order parts.

Month through month the washer kept doing the same thing and they kept coming and order parts. Every time the technician comes he wants to charge me the deductible stating that he is ordering a different part. Of course I didn't pay again, now I have a different technician.

This new one stated that deductibles are not good after 6 months. We are on July and now neither the parts or the technician has come. I had called to more than 10 different numbers and no one can solve me this situation and get me a replacement.

They told me whoever approved the replacement doesn't have a direct number. I find so unfair that I am paying $70 monthly for this "warranty" getting no service at all.

I am very disappointed and will probably end up with all that money wasted, buying a new clothes washer and cancelling the warranty.

I feel someone stole money from all the years I have been paying for the warranty, at least I am thankful it is the washer and nothing more serious. I will definitely be getting a different warranty provider.

Aixa C.
Orlando, FL
1 Star

July 29 2020 5:44PM

HORRIBLE!!!! Do not buy!!!! These people are thieves. Trying to go through my bank for a chargeback. Been paying for over one year and never even used the service. Finally called for 1 service call for a range. They went out in May 2020.

Said they needed to order some parts and charged me $75!!!! It’s almost August and no one ever came back out to fix it. Called to follow up and was transferred over 6 times to people who barely speak English.

Was told they couldn’t find ticket, then couldn’t find my account. Pathetic!!!! Will cancel and report to the Better Business Bureau.

Annette G.
Titusville, FL
1 Star

July 28 2020 8:06PM

Run from this company as fast as you can. We had our refrigerator declared "not repairable" in mid May.

I have been on the phone with them seven times since, and each time (after 1-3 hours) it is the same story: "someone will call you within 2 business days" and then nobody calls.

Now I am trying to cancel the service and it is increasingly appearing that the ONLY way I can cancel is to cancel the credit card and get a new card number - with all of the hassle THAT entails. It cannot be canceled on their website and I cannot get anyone on the phone.

They have completely taken advantage of us - taken our money - and delivered little/nothing in return.

Michel G.
Richmond, VT
1 Star

July 25 2020 1:38AM

I have been trying to get my icemaker repaired since July 1st, I spent 1 hour and 40 minutes on hold because of high volume calls. Today I wish I could get my hands around someone's neck,,,, Stay away from Sears. You will not be happy. They are selling fantasies and dreams not service.

Douglas P.