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April 23 2021 3:48PM

I had Sears Home Warranty before chance took over. Sears Home Warranty used to be a good home warranty package. They were efficient, they were friendly and they did what they said they would do but here recently in 2021 their quality of service has really dropped down.

I have now been out of a wall oven for going on 3 months due to the kind. Several times have been placed on hold for over 40 minutes. Have talked to every country except for the country that I live in.

They sent me up replacement oven assignment. They stated that they did not have anyone to install it in my area so they sent a check for $100 for installment which they didn't even tell me that's what it was sent for of oven that Sears Home Warranty sent me as a replacement.

I have called several several times and placed on hold for more than 40 minutes. Talk to people in different countries who could understand me and I can understand them.

When I finally was able to talk to someone in the United States they were rude. You can go back and listen to the conversations since they were supposed to be recorded.

I found someone in my area All Appliance to install my oven. Come to find out that all the parts for installing the oven was not sent with the oven so he's going to charge me $350 to install it.

Then he's going to charge me $69 to get the part that was to hook up the oven to my gas. He said that the Summit oven is a European made oven and it is hard to get the parts. The oven that I had was a GE oven so I don't understand why you didn't replace it with a GE oven.

Janice B.
Longview, TX
April 18 2021 12:44AM

This company will take forever to Replace an appliance or cut a check for a new one. They are very difficult to speak to and do not get back to you when they say they will. There is no sense of urgency to help you get another appliance if yours cannot be fixed.

Barbara M.
Monrgomery, NY
April 16 2021 2:33AM

Don’t waste your money with Sears warranty service. When it comes to the claim, they will give you the run around with NO resolutions.

We’ve been without a refrigerator for two weeks, they’ve sent out 2 different contractors to look at it and both contractors have declined to repair it, recommending a replacement and yet they want to send out a 3rd contractor.

I have a family, it’s not like it’s a dish washer, washer and dryer, it’s a refrigerator, the most needed necessity of home appliances for my family.

This is unacceptable and there’s NO way to escalate this claim to someone who can make a human like decision as if it was their own family in need. I’ve paid my monthly premium for this service for over 5 years in return for this kind of ** service in return.

You can’t find customer service in this Company. Every time I call in, even with a claim number given I’d have to explain my situation all over again, do they not have notes they leave when we call?

Totally unprofessional way of running a business. Finding a way to get my years of premium refunded.

Mark H.
Saint Paul, MN
April 14 2021 2:38PM

I have been paying for this warranty for two years. In March my Tankless Water Heater broke. They were unable to find a company to service it.

After two weeks of phone calls and being passed from supervisor to supervisor, I was informed that I could contact my own provider and they would reimburse me for the cost. They withdrew the deductible amount from my account upon the first contact.

It was recommended that I replace it. I was informed they would reimburse me for the cost if I submitted the receipts to the supervisor who I was working with. I submitted all required information on March 15, 2021.

They have not responded to any attempts at communication regarding this reimbursement. It is now April 14 and no check has been received. I attempted to cancel the warranty and was told I could not without paying a cancellation fee.

They have not returned the deductible for services they failed to render. They have breached the warranty contract in my opinion and have no intent to correct this failure to comply. Please do not recommend this to anyone. They deserve better!

Mary C.
Belleview, FL
April 08 2021 7:45PM

I have been dealing with this for 4 months, to get my microwave/oven repaired. On hold for an hour at the time calling once a week and they say, "Ok we will email you confirmation" and I have yet to get an email or the microwave fixed.

They keep offering a buyout for half the price of my microwave and they want to email me but like I said 4 months later NOTHING. Disgusting service.

Like clockwork every month they have charged for the Warranty and they have the Deductible for the repair. Now I want it repaired or replaced, then I am cancelling the Fraud Company.

Eva L.
Cleveland, TX
April 01 2021 9:45AM

I had great service with Sears Home Warranty, they came out fixed a lot of electrical issues with licensed electrician contractors. They spotted a potential fire hazard and fixed it.

I've had 3 home warranties in the past 8 years where the other one I had was ok and the third one I had did nothing.

I was sold to the idea on a Sears Home Warranty when I called Sears for TV repair, they fixed the TV for free and told me about the warranty, so I signed up and turned out to be worth it.

I am a big Sears customer so everything Sears I'm sold because Sears has good warranties on mostly all their products and Sears treats me right 100% of the time.

If you want to avoid expensive service people to come to your home until something breaks or you can get a Sears Home Warranty, you've covered because all their service people are fully licensed.

You add the cost of these service people they range from $90 to $135 an hour but with a Sears Home Warranty, you pay one flat rate. Worth every penny folks, do business with Sears. You're in the right place if you have their products and warranties.

Scott M.
San Luis Obispo, CA
March 31 2021 5:45PM

They do not deserve even 1 star. Waiting 1 year for replacement for my refrigerator for a seal leak issue on my then 4 year old GE profile refrigerator. The seal leak is covered and approved for replacement but no one emails or calls after numerous calls on my part.

They promise to take care of it soon. Problems started in March 2020. Five repair visits and over 10 parts ordered , the refrigerator was finally approved for replacement. No word from Sears yet- year later. Complaint filed with BBB.

Joan J.
Rocky Hill, CT
March 27 2021 10:18PM

I got mistreat by Sears; Sears denied my dishwasher repair claim due to no mistake of my own. My dishwasher never got repaired or replaced.

Sears tech came to place last year tried to fix it, and in the end, pull the dishwasher out of its location and told me that it is not repairable. After that, Sears send two more techs, they all refuse to work on the dishwasher.

After suffering for more than year, the last tech informed Sears that the Dishwasher is not connected and Sears blamed me for it. It was Sears tech that took the Dishwasher out, not me.

I am not a Handyman or technician, very unprofessional Sears service when I needed it the most.

My family suffered because of Sears. We lived without a dishwasher for more than a year. I want to share my experience with others. Wasted more than 20 hours on the phone with Sears representative.

Rizwan A.
Redmond, WA
March 27 2021 12:48PM

I like the coverage options. The price is competitive. Here’s the the major problem. It takes 1-2 weeks to come out to diagnose. It takes another 2 weeks to return to replace parts if needed. Then another 2 weeks if needs additional work.

2 1/2 months for HVAC repair and 16 weeks for a fridge repair. Sears is a joke of a warranty company/repair. The joke is on us. I hate this review but these are the facts.

Frank F.
Charleston, SC
March 23 2021 12:12PM

Microwave it took 3 visits 300$ to only have them finally replace it. And what they replaced it with was about the cost of my 300$. They replaced it with no instructions on how to use it.

The filter keeps coming out and it did it while they were installing. 3 times he reassured me it was fixed. I will not renew because CINCH/SEARS don’t care.

Della K.
Douglasville, GA
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