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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (636 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

636 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

July 24 2020 5:28PM

4 weeks without washer. Wrong part ordered. Terrible service. Terrible phone service. Terrible. Horrendous. A mess. I want a refund and a phone call to explain this whole mess. If there is another warranty company with better service and reviews I would like to know.

Hendersonville, NC
1 Star

July 22 2020 5:54PM

We have had issues with our refrigerator for years now...This time around we have been without a refrigerator for over a month now and there have been several technicians that have been out and have only made temporary repairs.

Up to now, repair technicians have unplugged our refrigerator and said to leave it unplugged for the remainder of the day, plug it back in and it should be good...and it was, for a few weeks.

The next technician pressed some buttons on the front/ice & water dispenser area and said it would be good once it reset... and it was, again, for a few weeks.

Then this last time around, in early June our refrigerator fails to say cool...again. I called and scheduled a repair technician visit for 17 June 2020.

The tech came out on 17 June, noticed the ice that had formed on the back, exterior of the refrigerator, and the rust that it had caused and said that the refrigerator was defective and that he would submit a warranty to get it replaced and that we should hear something within the next week.

Well, we didn't...So my wife attempted to make contact and was given numerous numbers to call and in the end she was told that the technicians comments, stating that the failure was due to a lack of insulation, was not covered by warranty.

I didn't understand that explanation and couldn't accept that answer since I am not the engineer that designed the refrigerator, with insufficient insulation.

So, I called and was told that the only thing that could be done was to have another technician come out and re-evaluate...Another tech visit was made for 07 July 2020 and I had to take off of work to be present....

Just prior to our appointment, the repair technician called us and asked if there was a mistake, that he could read the prior techs comments and that he didn't see a need to actually come out.

He had seen this issue/defect before and told me that he would work with his supervisor and push it to warranty services again.

I have since called an additional 3 numbers, have even talked to supervisors who told me that they would look into it and get back to me on the following Monday....that was Monday, 13 July and I have yet to receive an update.

I attempted to find out the status of and finally resolve this issue this week starting on 21 July via their online chat function where I was given an email address and a glimmer of hope.

But, that glimmer what quickly dashed when I promptly received this automatic reply from [email protected] ([email protected]) "The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly."

Stacy H.
San Diego, CA
1 Star

July 20 2020 7:33PM

We have been trying to get our a/c serviced since March 2020. First reason no service techs in our area. Then COVID excuse. Now it is July and despite several calls and attempts to get service nothing has happened.

Filed complaint with Office of Attorney General in AZ. Sears needs to go out of businesses. Consumer concern and service is a disgrace. Telling everyone about our lousy service.

Ann Marie G.
1 Star

July 20 2020 6:44AM

My wife and I purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator from Sears two years ago under a master protection warranty and after 3 weeks of it not cooling and having two technicians replace the condenser and compressor it’s STILL NOT WORKING.

Now ANOTHER technician is suppose to come out for a THIRD TIME which now makes it a WHOLE MONTH we’ve been without a refrigerator (meanwhile keep in mind we have 4 children to support who need to eat).

We have been trying to get in touch with warranty about replacement and $500 worth of food loss because we are tired of being on hold for two hours at a time and no email response from a supervisor.

NEVER AGAIN will we purchase anything from Sears or anything related to Kenmore because not only does the product SUCK so does their customer service!

The online chat with technicians can’t escalate anything on their end because as we were told they are just a scheduling system. They claim due to COVID-19 wait times are longer.

Didn’t know that phone lines are busy at the crack of dawn when calling first thing in the morning as soon as they open and still being on hold for 2 HOURS! But of course when it comes to warranty they don’t want to replace their products that suck!

Kenmore must suck that bad that we have to WAIT A WHOLE MONTH for them to have 3 techs come out before even saying it can be replaced?! #SEARSCUSTOMERSERVICEWARRANTY ANDMAINTENANCESUCK!!! #ZERO STARS!!

Richard R.
Jacksonville, FL
1 Star

July 19 2020 1:27AM

My oven stopped working in June 2020. I called my home warranty (Sears Home Warranty). They sent a serviceman from sears out to fix it. The man came out and it sounded like he was handling my oven extremely aggressively. All I heard was banging.

My oven worked for two weeks and went back out. I called my home warranty back. I had to wait for someone to come out on on July 2, 2020. The guy ordered 2 parts for my oven. The stickers came. The other part was supposed to take 3 days.

I called multiple times and was told that my part is expected to arrive on July 29, 2020. I called customer service to ask if there were other options because I really need my oven to cook.

I shouldn't have to go without an oven for over a month when I pay a home warranty and I paid a $100 deductible and my oven wasn't fixed. Every time I call, I'm being on hold or hung up on.

I ask for a supervisor and am being told that they'll call me back because they're busy with other customers. This is not fair and should not be allowed. I would like to know how I can be refunded. This has happened to me on several occasions.

I've even had to pay a plumber in December after paying a $100 deductible when the company sears home warranty sent out didn't fix the leak in my tub.

They refused to fix the problem and tried to tell me that something else caused the tub to leak. I hired a plumber and he fixed it within 15 minutes.

District Heights, MD
1 Star

July 17 2020 12:19AM

Made a claim to repair an existing issue with a Kenmore dishwasher and an over-the-hood microwave (GE brand that is still being sold) the first week of May 2020. First Sears guy showed up and claimed he was there for the dishwasher and left.

I called and finally got customer service to send another non-Sears repair company. The repair company scheduled an appointment and determined what part was needed. The repair company notified Sears Home Warranty (Cinch My Account) and the part was ordered.

Several weeks later, I have not heard from anyone, so I called the repair company and was told the part arrived several weeks ago, but was damaged. They notified Sears and told them to send another part.

I called Sears and was told the repair had been completed and closed the claim. I argued with the supervisor, who was adamant it had been repaired.

So, they sent the repair company back and it was then determined it was more expensive to make the repair than replace the parts. Several weeks go by and we hear nothing.

I call Sears again and was informed they needed to send a second repair company to verify it was not repairable. So, we schedule another appointment for first week of July 2020. On July 16, I called the repair company and Sears Home Warranty.

Sears advised me that on July 7, the second repair company contacted Sears and determined it would cost more to repair the microwave than replace it.

So then Sears customer service rep then tells me it will be 24-48 hours before another Sears division would contact. What??? I reminded him it had been 8 days since Sears was notified by the second repair company to make a replacement rather than repair.

I ask to speak with a supervisor and was informed one would contact me within 24hrs. 22 hours later, I call Sears Home Warranty and informed by customer service, "it has not been 24 hours since your call and a supervisor will be calling", and then disconnected the line.

I called back after the 24 hour time had elapsed and was put on hold for nearly 28mins before asking the customer service rep to have the supervisor call me when available.

Three hours later, no return call, so I called and was informed that the supervisor was unable to verify all items and the second repair company need to file missing items. He then further attempted to pass the buck by telling me that due to Covid-19....blah blah blah.

Amazing how the repairmen arrived and determined the microwave was not repairable and to make a replacement, but Sears Home Warranty are now blaming Covid-19 for their failure to relay information to me, avoid returning my calls, and now attempting to replace the microwave.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (and I was a huge Kenmore person)!!! Find another home warranty company. I make online reports or complaints, but I am tired of paying $80 plus a month for nearly three months to get the run around.

I could have purchased a brand new microwave for the amount I have lost to Sears Home Warranty. I repeat DO NOT use this company!!!

D J.
Odenton, MD
1 Star

July 16 2020 8:27PM

Got a master protection plan on my ac unit. Went out and they said no Available dates All I am hearing. They already overcharged me for the unit and now they won’t send no one out. Telling me to pay out of pocket. Not my job to do so.

Just letting you know don’t get this warranty or deal with Sears in this aspect! They are crooks and will not honor their warranty. Only way I see is to seek a counsel to try to get it resolved! Again please stay away from them about any warranty or anything!!

D R.
Blytheville, AR
1 Star

July 14 2020 12:35AM

Sears Home Warranty is the biggest farce! I've been with Sears for 22 years. I got a Sears home warranty for $864. I had to pay $100 deductible to have a plumber come to my home for a clogged drain. It's been two weeks and I've never had such a run around in my life.

You cannot talk to a living person to straighten out and get an appointment with a service technician! Worst service ever! Had to pay $395 to A different plumber to fix the problem. Don't get this warranty!!

Susan H.
Sacramento, CA
1 Star

July 10 2020 5:57PM

I've been with this program for approximately 3 -4 months. I have the whole home warranty service and pay $76 dollars a month plus $100 deductible.

Problem number 1 I had two items that needed to be fixed at the same time and you can only put an order in for one online so then you have to such for a number to call so someone can combine the order. Not bad that worked and at first I was happy with the service.

My refrigerator needed to be fixed twice. A provider came out the 2nd time and said nothing was wrong. A few weeks later the refrigerator broke down completely. The same service provider came out again and stated it needed parts sears sent an email with 3 options.

Replace for $899, repair with no guarantees if it breaks again or get a replacement check. I chose the replacement option. Mind you the $899 quote is not comparable to anything that you can actually order.

I place the order and then realize there was no way to choose the color that I needed. So basically Sears can replace your stainless steel appliance with whatever color they chose even though it doesn't match your other appliances.

There was no option to pay a fee for the color you want basically you have no choice, mind you the other colors are the same price. That was an argument I chose not to fight and accepted my fate.

After that, I get an email stating that my order was placed and it would take 5- 7 business days. Not a problem. I wait for the 5-7 business days and decide to call to see when it will be delivered. I got the biggest run-around and no clear answer.

It took two days to get a delivery date and was told it was going to take now 21 days for me to get a refrigerator because someone had to resubmit my order 7 days after I made my original order.

A day before this conversation was had I was told that my refrigerator was going to be delivered in a day or two but no one contacted me so were they going to just show up. I told them I did not want to wait another 21 days for their mistake and cancel and give me my check.

Now the representative had the audacity to tell me they are going to charge me a 35% restocking fee. I didn't do my research on this company as a friend told me about the program and it worked for them and since Sears has or had a great reputation I joined the plan.

It simply isn't worth the hassle. I could have called a local place and had a refrigerator delivered in less time with less hassle.

Celeste B.
1 Star

July 10 2020 2:23PM

This is the second time I have had Sears Home Warranty and the last. They are consistently horrible. There is absolutely no way to call them and get any information or help to fix a situation with a claim. As of this note, my wife has been on line with them for well over an hour.

She has been transferred 7 times. You either get a person you can’t understand or a recording that is garbled. It is no wonder they are going out of business. Use someone else! Do not risk your money on them. They are garbage!

James D.
Denver, NC
1 Star

July 09 2020 6:06PM

Is the worst insurance warranty I ever used. When you make a claim they find a lot of excuses to don’t fix the problem. And very bad customer service.

They never send you to the right person to talk about your problems and you don’t have the right to fight for your claim. Don’t recommend it. Go to American Shield warranty.!!! Don’t waste your money!!!

Rui D.
Manassas, WA
1 Star

July 07 2020 10:15PM

Sears Home Warranty is not what it used to be. We have been sears customer for over 15 years but would never again deal with them.

We paid fully using sears card for 5 year protection plan when we bought appliances form them on 10/12/50. We have given them full proof of transactions, sears card charges and payments.

Someone messed up their records so they are saying we were not charged for the warranty after 15+ days of over 12 hrs of phone calls and over 20 emails But have failed to provide any proof to the contrary. They don't even deserve 1 star but there is no lower rating so this is it.

Pushpa A.
Carmel, NY
1 Star

July 07 2020 12:58AM

If I could choose 0 stars I would. This is the worst I've seen with Sears. I paid for warranty for my hot water heater and it's been leaking now for over 1 week and keeps flooding the basement even though I have a hose connected to drain the water.

It took 5 days for a tech to come out to confirm the unit needs to be replaced but can't get an answer on replacement. If I add the hours I've been on hold all day waiting to get an answer on when the unit will be replaced it's over 7 hrs.

I'm on hold now for 2hrs 30 mins with recording saying "we appreciate your patience". Each time I get transferred to someone they transfer me to a different depts like a game or passing the ball. People have more precious things to do with time than to be waiting on hold to get answers.

Don't waste your time and money. I could have saved the money I spent over the years and gotten a replacement already. It's a very frustrating and painful experience especially during this covid season.

Emma W.
Brooklyn, NY
1 Star

July 06 2020 5:44PM

We have had 5 service calls in a year on our Samsung refrigerator. We just keep trying different parts and nothing fixes it! I have pitched food three times. It completely stopped working again.

They changed their policy. Will not replace the unit like our original policy said. Now there are conditions in place to prevent this option. Do not purchase from this warranty company.

Karen K.
Independence, KY
1 Star

July 02 2020 6:11PM

This is the worst service I have ever encountered. Have a Kenmore (Sears Brand) refrigerator that has broken down the same way five times. Every time it gets "fixed" we lose a substantial amount of food and are without a fridge on average over a month. I have had multiple service appointments cancelled day of or not show, causing a reschedule between 2 and 3 weeks later.

If you try to call, you will be on hold at least 30 minutes to speak with someone and if you have any problem they will forward you to someone else that can "help" you all to wait another 30 minutes per forward. The different departments also blame each other for difficulties and state the other group has the authority to make decisions, ultimately having no one capable of making one. DON'T SIGN UP!!!

Eric M.
Carlsbad, CA
1 Star

July 02 2020 6:09PM

This is a very bad warranty. It took 5 visits over the course of 2 months to fix my dryer. When my fridge broke they used contradictory terms in the contract to not cover the repair. For example, they fix wiring but dont fix door cables. If they cannot fix your appliance they most certainly will not replace it. Find a different company!

Bonney Lake, WA
1 Star

July 01 2020 11:29PM

I have dealt with them for almost 2 months trying to get my dryer fixed... Now they send a "tech" again to look at it and he shorts out a circuit board and now it doesn't work at all... Also, I had them send A&E for my microwave... The tech messed up the door and put in for a replacement... Sears does not cover doors... Wait... WTF? You broke it... Days trying to get through to the claims agent and nothing... No call backs... Finally got a letter in the mail saying that they have been trying to call and can't get through... My head almost exploded!

Dave Q.
New Castle, PA
1 Star

July 01 2020 6:22PM

My Kenmore refrigerator stopped working after three years. This is a $1500 refrigerator with a water and ice maker. The icemaker froze up and stopped working. And after several months and several frustrating phone calls and visits by technicians who canceled and rescheduled and canceled and rescheduled over and over again, I was finally told that the water and icemaker was not repairable.

I expected to have a replacement as I stated in the warranty. However after another few months My Kenmore refrigerator stopped working after three years. This is a $1500 refrigerator with a water and icemaker. The icemaker froze up and stopped working. And after several months and several frustrating phone calls and visits by technicians who canceled and rescheduled and canceled and rescheduled over and over again, I was finally told that the water and icemaker was not repairable.

I expected to have a replacement as it stated in the warranty. However after another few months In several more phone calls, I was told that the warranty does not cover the icemaker because it was a “manufactures defect“… I reported this to corporate to no avail… I made numerous telephone calls to various departments within Sears.

I kept getting the runaround and was told in a rude fashion that they were not going to cover a replacement because of the manufactures defect. This is total bull crap! I finally gave up… Which is what they plan on having happen anyway. They want to wear you out so that you don’t pursue any further…

I reported this to a local news station and they were going to do a story on it but then change their mind because sears filed bankruptcy. They said they had already done numerous stories on Sears warranty dissatisfaction… How can anyone write an article like the one I just read in good conscience… They are shysters and dishonorable and unreputable. The warranty packet that I received when I got the initial coverage, sounds so wonderful!

However, when you finally file a claim, it becomes a disastrous and frustrating chase! Someone needs to do something about the way they rip people off… I would never purchase anything from Sears ever again…

Lois S.
Methuen, MA
1 Star

July 01 2020 5:53PM

Cook stove went out in March. Finally got a tech out April 16. Determined it was not working. Demanded $100 deductible. Have had 3 appointments for 1-5. First was 50 minutes late, second was no show. Third was 2 1/2 hours late! Stove still not fixed. Supposedly replaced parts but have had another tech out who checked and old parts were not replaced.

After over 50 hours trying to make customer service understand the first tech was told to come back out but was demanding another $100. I filed a complaint with my states Attorney General’s office. They are pursuing the complaint for me. The AG office also told me that because I am a senior citizen the penalties will be stiffer! I suggest everyone file with their state’s AG.

Jan R.
Pangburn, AR
1 Star

June 30 2020 8:12PM

This has been a total nightmare. I called to get a washer fixed that I purchased from sears 8 years ago.. As of now I am without a washer for over a month. It took a while to get the first appointment.. They came and said it needed a whole new computer... Ordered. It took almost two weeks to come. Only to say the part we need, just like we tried to tell the first guy was a lock switch which of course was never ordered/ call after call after call with no one knowing what is going on.

Today they said their was no part on order??? I was told monday it would take one to two days... Well now I am waiting for yet another person to call me back to tell me where the part is and can you just fix the washer!!!! BUYER BEWARE! SO SORRY I CALLED THEM!

Teresa R.
Harrisburg, PA
1 Star

June 30 2020 4:40PM

We have had someone come out SIX times to try and repair our fridge, Friday will be the SEVENTH time. Each time it takes 1-2 weeks to get someone out here, we have waited 3 weeks before. I can never get someone higher up to talk to, nobody local to talk to. We have lost hundreds of dollars in food, every time they come out they say it's fixed then it gets warm again.

I tried to get someone out within a couple of days (you would think if I had someone coming out for the SEVENTH time they would get someone out here), they couldn't do it. I asked to speak to a manager, the person I talked to said one would call me within the hour.... Well it's been 28 hours now.... no call. So frustrated with this company.

Emily A.
Lexington, KY
1 Star

June 30 2020 4:31PM

Absolute trash! Please don’t get this home warranty anyone who really needs it or does not have money to throw down the drain! I wasted my money with the monthly payment and the $129 it cost to “fix” my 70 year old mothers washer. They absolutely made fun of her and me.

They didn’t do a good job the first time they sent the repairman, they made us waste two more weeks prior to the one where the repairman actually came and finally they outright laughed it off. The second time no repair man showed up the appointment was from 10-12. We got a text at 4 saying the repair man was at our home and we missed him!?

We had been waiting all day long! No one showed up!! I called multiple time trying to see why he was not at our home between the appointment time! I called at one then at three later at four and still nothing! The terrible representative was telling me that the repair man was on his way and was just caught up with another cometer.
Over and over again.

I called five times, the last one being at five. Finally a woman who I assume got tired of the joke told me in a very rude “I’m tired of you” tone it’s five he’s not coming. When I tried to tell her my situation and what was going on she told me I would have to speak to someone else. She immediately transferred me to someone else, three minutes into the call and then they hung up.

This was done every time after I called back. No one would talk to me anymore and when again, a woman who I assume who got tired finally decided to talk to me. All she said was I would have to reschedule. To me they are thief’s and liars taking advantage of their customers just to have a nice laugh. I canceled my subscription immediately neither my mother nor I will be using this home warranty again!~ I couldn’t be happier and she gets a new washer and dryer, plus a better home warranty. My only regret is that I didn’t see all the one star reviews earlier.

Maria D.
Louisville, KY
1 Star

June 29 2020 4:03PM

Got transferred 5 count em “5” times, (on hold as we speak) to check on the status of a reimbursement check that was supposed to be given to me after I had set up an appointment for a tech to come check out my washer at my house. As it goes the tech came out on the 23rd of June, told me that the washer would not be able to be fixed and still charged me $100! A complete dumpster fire! The customer service techs always seem to have POOR PHONE CONNECTION!!! Reason for the high rating is because there are no options for a negative star! Avoid these guys like COVID-19 at all costs!!!!!!!

Robert D.
San Antonio, TX
1 Star

June 26 2020 6:24PM

My first claim for a broken dishwasher was 3 months ago. The first technician came out 4 times over almost two months and never fixed the dishwasher. Then I had to schedule another appointment and it opened a second claim with a new technician. He was great but it took 4 more visits to finally get the dishwasher fixed.

Every time I spoke to the warranty service on the phone, I would be transferred to multiple different individuals/departments because all said that wasn't their area. So I would be on the phone for a minimum of 1 hour each time (7 times). This is definitely the WORST service I have had!!!!

It costs almost $40 a month for this service and then a $75 deductible for each claim. I have definitely paid way more money to then than I have received and you would have thought that after the first 4 technician visits and it still not have been fixed, they would have just issued a replacement. But no! They make us go through 8 appointments over a 3 month span with hours on the phone scheduling appointments and staying home for 4 hours at a time when the technician was to be here.

So 8x4=32 hours without work to be here for the technician and 7 hours on the phone is a total of 39 hours of pay they should owe me and a new dishwasher. This company is the WORST with service, reliability, high cost, and customer service. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!

Jon P.
Cleburne, TX
1 Star

June 26 2020 12:52AM

We purchased the extended warranty when we bought our microwave. Our microwave went out 3 weeks ago. The service was scheduled then canceled then re-scheduled and canceled finally got a tech out to check the microwave, but had to order the parts and now Sears is not letting the repair center know if the part are or are not available.

I called the home service back. Got someone who couldn't speak understandable English. She supposedly transferred me to customer service but I was cut off 2 more times and same thing called again and was transferred to a number that said the office was closed. I am going to file a claim with the better business.

Mae R.
1 Star

June 25 2020 10:26AM

I have no words to describe the nightmare and frustration these past 10 WEEKS. I am afraid that this insurance must be a scam. The repair person came to my house and told me that he was going to order a part for my stove/oven, and there was going to take 2 weeks. I honestly do not have the mental energy to tell about the hours and hours I have spent on the phone, with over 23 agents.

My last phone call was talking to a supervisor asking for a replacement. I had been paying $49.99 for 2 YEARS and this was my FIRST claim. I was told to read my Warranty closely, because it said that only after a repair person tried to fix an appliance with no success, I would be eligible for a replacement. This is after 10 WEEKS of not having my stove fixed! I was told that they had ordered the part which had been on back order.

They told me that there was no information on when it would come in.... $14 hundred dollars, $75 dollars co pay at the time the service person came to my house, many calls later, I finally cancelled my warranty. WHAT took 10 WEEKS for me to do so???? I don't even know. However, I learned a lesson. I will never buy anything, or program until I read the reviews first. The last phone call I made before the one to cancel the warranty, I cried after I hang up the phone. Horrible experience. Not only that, but it was very wrong to do that to a person. I just want to forget about this ordeal.

Ana M.
Stoughton, MA
1 Star

June 18 2020 10:04PM

We have a broken wash machine. It could not be fixed. We are waiting for a replacement over 4 weeks. We are calling sears home improvement we do not get any answers. They are witching our phone calls off. It is impossible to call. We will have to cancel our contract. This is the worst investment. Paying every month $50 is a lot of money.

Pia K.
1 Star

June 18 2020 7:36PM

The worst service ever!!! Do not fall prey to this horrible home warranty!!! They fix nothing!!#! You will wait online for an hour and get no help. The people are rude and hard to understand. I have waited 4 to 6 weeks, No Service!!!!

Cynthia A.
Vega, TX
1 Star

June 15 2020 4:07PM

My very old electric stove took its final plunge on May 5th. I phoned Sears Home Warranty to set up a repair. The technician took one look and told me they couldn't get parts so they would replace it. It took 3 weeks and 2 techs to give the warranty people the measurements.

I phoned again on June 13th to follow up. They said that the stove was approved and when it came in, they would contact me for delivery and set up. Today, June 15th, they showed up at my door. Delivery guy came in, took measurement then told me that the stove would not fit. It was too big. I phoned the warranty service right away and the informed me that they didn't have one that fits and I would be sent a buyout check.

When I mentioned that Sears had many stoves that would fit, she told me that the contract says that they can decide what they offer and I would have to take a check. I'm beyond pissed. Not only will I cancel this policy as soon as my check arrives but I will never buy a Sears product again.

Brian S.
San Pablo, CA
1 Star

June 12 2020 4:36PM

I DO NOT recommend this at all!!! I’ve been without a washer for a month and no answers yet! They told they have to wait 3 weeks for parts to come in if after 4 weeks they don’t come in then they will replace it, I called and they said I had to wait 72 hours to replace it.

Today make the 72 hours and no has called so I called! Now they are telling me to wait another 72 hours! I am furious! Do they not understand what a month with no washer is! So disappointed! Buy your appliances somewhere else like Best Buy or Lowes! I would of never imagined their service was so trashy!

Veronica E.
Houston, TX
1 Star

June 12 2020 3:01AM

Do not waste your money on this home warranty. 8 calls in to get our refrigerator repaired and still nothing scheduled. Its been over 2 weeks - the last call, we were told that they will call us in 24 to 48 hours to schedule an appt. They have no customer service and do not appear to want to try to resolve anything.

Customer N.
1 Star

June 10 2020 5:00PM

Worst company to depend on. Hours on many days on the phone only to be disconnected repeatedly. They hand you over from one department to another and disconnect you after one hour of waiting on the phone. Do not waste your time & money.

Dean D.
St. Charles, IL
1 Star

June 10 2020 2:20PM

I am having issues with my AC Unit (Dallas, hot summer). I have called so many times to try and get someone to help but to no avail. All I can hear at the other end is someone either eating or placing me on hold forever.

I have been juggling between these two numbers. 888.698.1681 who send me to 877.880.1634. I have had no luck so far and I am a paying customer who has an account with Sears. It's shameful to get $70 per month and provide appalling service.

Usman S.
Dallas, TX
1 Star

June 09 2020 1:38PM

Air conditioner compressor went bad after 17 years. They told us initially that they would replace the unit because the replacement compressor was as expensive as the unit. Unfortunately they decided to find a cheap off brand compressor and installed it after 2 weeks without a/c. The compressor worked, but is so noisy that neighbors hear it. They said the contract says they can replace parts with the cheapest they can find. They are good on small appliances, but not on a/c systems. They said they will do nothing about the loud compressor. DO NOT BUY THEIR WHOLE HOUSE WARRANTY.

David S.
Delray Beach, FL
1 Star

June 08 2020 10:49PM

I called Sears home warranty on May 21 and 10 phone calls later it is June 8th and still no repairman to fix my air conditioner. They turned my account over to Cinch Home Services. They have no one in my area to repair my system.

They called me the first time this morning to tell me that the one company they have in this area was 2 hours away and they will not service that far, so it is up to me to find a repairman. I am to find someone to come out, I pay them the $100 deductible and the repair company is to call Cinch and get an approval on the repairs if they are covered. Ok, after 12 calls and no one willing to come out because they have all been stiffed by the warranty company. I carry a home warranty because I don't always have the extra funds. So I am back to square one in a very hot house.

Karen D.
Stella, MO
1 Star

June 08 2020 8:02PM

Buyer Beware - This warranty policy will not live up to its promises. 9 months and 5 technician visits later and they still think the refrigerator is repairable. Not to mention it takes between 4-6 weeks to get a technician to come for a visit and normally 2 more weeks before they show up for the repair. Do yourself a favor and find someone else to steal your money. There is a reason why Sears is out of business. Wish I had read the reviews before I bought into this SCAM.

Mike H.
Johnston, IA
1 Star

June 05 2020 1:16PM

On June 4, 2020 a pipe burst under our kitchen sink. We immediately turned the main water valve off. I immediately called Sears Whole Home Warranty. First of all you cannot speak to a real person and when I finally got through it was a woman with very bad English who I could not understand!

After asking to talk to someone I could understand another woman with a language barrier comes on. At this point I am in a panic! After going back and forth with her I finally got my point across. She said a plumber would call us in an hour. In the meantime my husband and I tried to take care of the situation ourselves. And I would add that my husband is 84 and I am in my late 70’s!

After two hours I tried to get in touch with them again only to be told that a plumber was not coming! Therefore we had to find a plumber ourselves and a remediation company to come in and help us. The water went down into our family room and office damaging the kitchen floor,the ceiling down stairs has to be replaced. There is also damage to many irreplaceable family photos. Our tv, vcr, surround sound system,stereo and speakers and many other valuables have been ruined! As of now (9:15 Friday the fifth) we are still waiting for a plumber to come in and fix the problem.

Audrey U.
Nashua, NH
1 Star

June 04 2020 11:32PM

This is the ABSOLUTE WORST home warranty service I've ever dealt with. Sears Home Warranty has only been good at deducting my monthly fee to use their services. I previously used their services for two real estate properties for over a year and never had any serious issues in either home where I needed to use their service.

I used them for a plumbing and refrigerator issue at one property and a garage door issue at the other property. It was always an issue placing a claim as most of the customer service representatives do not speak English - resulting in prolonged calls to make sure the issue was notated properly.

The final straw was an AC/Heating combo unit that needed either a repair or replacement. The issue was first diagnosed by their so-called preventative maintenance service on April 24, 2020 and as of today, as I'm writing this review, it still has not been resolved.

They've sent vendor after vendor to diagnose, repair and finally gave authorization to have the unit replaced - only to find out that none of the vendors they use can work on the type of unit currently installed.

I finally cancelled both contracts because I can't seem to get them to do the work. I pay the on time every month, but can't get my AC/Heating unit serviced. My claim was escalated to a case manager, I called and several messages to speak with a supervisor and NEVER received a return call. I DO NOT recommend anyone to use this company as the level of service they provide is TERRIBLE. BEWARE - this company carries the Sears Brand, but they are not reliable in the least.

Chandra C.
Pickerington, OH
1 Star

June 04 2020 6:55PM

I have had Sears Homes for over 5 years. At one time the service was great but over the past year it has been TERRIBLE !!! I have had 2 no shows and three appointments canceled and one of the there didnt even notify me another they notified me the day before they were to show up. I have take 3 days off of work and waited on them two no shows and one I didn't read the email from the evening before that the 3rd party service provided had canceled.

The reason the email had not been read was because the return address was "ROBOT". My dish washer has been Down for 2 months and I still cant get an appointment... the worst service I have ever had!!!! don't waste your time and money!!!!

Timothy H.
Buckhannon, WV
1 Star

June 04 2020 6:10PM

Stay away from this company. I have been with the, since 2017. In March 2020 my refrigerator stopped cooling. The first technician came and said the compressor needed to be replaced. He ordered one and came back on 4/01,2020 to replace. It cooled less than 24 hours. I called for another claim and had to wait for a week for someone to come. The 2nd technician said there was oil in the lines and It would not hold Freon. He said it could not be fixed and someone would be in touch with me. Of course, I did not receive a call. I started calling different numbers on my warranty. I was hung up on, given other numbers to call and given the run around.

Finally I spoke to someone who told me the first technician had ruined the refrigerator when he installed the compressor. She gave me a number to call and said the liability company on the technician was responsible. I called and she told me she would research and get back with me. She has not.

I called my charge card company and told them to stop further payments. I have no intentions in paying them another month. My contract states if they cannot repair they will replace. Here it is June 4th and I have heard nothing from anyone. This is not Sears as we have known. This is a dishonest company and you need to read all of their reviews, I wish I had. Sears is bankrupt and no longer the owner of Sears Home Warranty. My refrigerator cost over $2,000.00 to replace so it was a nice one for them to destroy and then walk away. I got the feeling I was dealing with three different companies. The warranty company, the technicians and the liability.

Carolyn W.
Cumming, GA
1 Star

June 02 2020 9:42PM

Warning, beware of this awful plan. I purchased the Sears Home Warranty Plan for $49.99 a month. I submitted a claim and they charge you an additional $75.00 for every claim that is undisclosed when you sign up. Then I filed a claim to get my washer fixed and sears plus the service tech called and texted to confirm I was home.

I called back the repair tech and left a message as instructed and a text message to sears and the tech that I was home all day. I took the day off from work for the appointment and the tech didn’t want to come to the appointment and cancels. I was very upset and called sears back. They gave me the name and number of another third party and they didn’t answer the phone or call me back or text back. I’m stuck paying for a warranty and can’t get my washer fixed. Worst service I have ever experienced in my life. Don’t purchase this plan. It’s a scam.

Laurie P.
Enfield, CT
1 Star

June 01 2020 9:33PM

Well this just sucks, I would give a lower score (on this call) if available likely 1/2 star. I did have 1 good experience with them. NOT THE ONE I AM DESCRIBING BELOW...

Lets start on this long story which I will make as brief as I can as the topic irritates me greatly. About a year ago our Kenmore front loading washer had a problem (it had given up the ghost) Sears had done a resonable job up to the time it was condemend. Techs were polite and clean but past that useless as it applies to the balance of this story. After a couple of weeks of "trying to fix it" it was condemned and we were told we would be getting a new washer, After about 1.5 weeks we still had not heard about our new washer.

I was told it was with the "selection people" and it was their job to find one with the same features and functions as the one we had. I specifically stated we did not need all of the bells and whistles.

Another week goes by, another call to them "oh your should have recieved an email on which one we selected for you to approve. I told them I did not recieve any such email. A couple of days later the email showed up. They selected a GE washer with far more features than we needed or really wanted. I approved it, it took a couple of weeks but they delivered and installed it.

Things were fine for about a year, about 6 weeks ago it had an issue, not yet recoved from the last experience, I read the manual and tried all of the suggestions in the troubleshooting guide consulted the WEB and finally had to call Sears.

They showed up, condemned the control board, ordered the parts to be delivered to our home and set the return visit for 3 weeks in the future but said "if the part arrives early, call and we wiill move the service date up. Parts arrived in 5 business days. We called, they had a tech scheduled to arrive 5 days later (counting weekend days).

Tech arrives, parts are damaged, need to reorder, same approximate timeing experianced with the previous odered parts. Parts arrive, new tech comes out and discovers that the first tech diagnosed the issue incorrectly, it is not the control board, have to order more parts. This time no comment on the parts, had to call (today 6 days later) to ask what was happening, "oh your parts were ordered on 5/27".

My wife had called the "Automated help line" to inquire about the new schedule. "We will call you when the parts arrive." I called, waited about 40 min to talk to a human, explained the story and he said the parts should arrive this week, call when they do or followup with him if they don't. So my wife left for the laundromat, during COVID, very upset. We understand the need to order parts but this run around is an perfect example of very poor customer service.

Mathew G.
Tracy, CA
1 Star

May 26 2020 6:19PM

After being on hold for 135 minutes, a recording gave me an appointment for eight days out. With water leaking from the refrigerator I could not wait that long. I cancelled the repair call. Then tried to cancel our policy and felt like I was being harassed. Terrible customer service.

Pamela E.
Whites Creek, TN
1 Star

May 21 2020 11:05PM

I purchased a whole house plan at $69.95/mo. So far paid them for over a 14 months $980.00. First claim for 4 year old fridge that is leaking. Their technician cant fix it and recommended placement in front of me (an act BTW). Their brochures state if they cannot fix it, they will replace. Ah, read the fine print as they can deem the issue structural and then walk away. 2 Technician visits and a half witted tape job is all I got. Oh, and in the process of assessing the issue the second time, their technician put a hole in the back of the unit with a screwdriver and then charged me $100 more for the call.

In all I have spent $1,180 and received nothing. Could have purchased a new unit with a few hundred bucks more. Bottom line, Sears Home Warranty misrepresents their coverage, fails in their service and leaves you with nothing but a mess. They are a basically dishonest unethical company that you should avoid. This company is part of the morally and eventually bankrupt TransformCo, LLC (headed by Eddie Lampert) a hedge fund guy / Warren Buffet "never be" who took the Sears Brand, dismantled and destroyed it.

John H.
Columbus, OH
2 Stars

May 20 2020 7:35PM

Caveat emptor. "buyer beware". Sears Warranty in my state i(TX) is insured by HomeSure of America (Fr. Lauderdale) so my experience may vary depending on your state. My high-end Kenmore Elite combo Microwave-Convection Oven-range hood could not be repaired.

After 10 days I finally accepted a replacement that was not really satisfactory because I just got tired fighting on the phone with the various groups (customer service, "research" and warranty replacement) in a run around, some calls taking over 55 minutes (not counting being dropped on a prior call after 22 min). They offered me different options every time after I explained that the replacements did not provide the "same primary function" as my existing broken device. (The offers lacked a convection oven.)

Each offer was an improvement over the prior offer, but still lacked a convection oven. The option was a cash settlement and I could go get whatever I wanted. The cash offer (under $400), however, did not provide installation under warranty so I would have to pay that. (Installation can cost from $130 - 200 in my area).

The cash option was unsatisfactory. So, having a high-end microwave was a challenge to them and they did not perform satisfactorily, nor to the terms of the warranty contract since they did not provide a microwave combo that had the same primary function.

Another irritating issue was that on several of the calls, the phone lines had static and echoes and often was difficult to communicate - this happened to several of the people I was transferred to and I was using a land line, so the problem was on their end. I estimate that I spoke to 15 or so people over the course many calls during the 10 day period.

On the other hand, the folks in customer service were courteous and were willing to help, but if you need replacement, they can only read what the "research group:" or the "warranty for replacement" group enters into their system. In all the folks I spoke to, I think I was only able to speak to someone in the research group once and he told me to write an email about why the first offer was not satisfactory.

I wrote that email and got a response 5 days later saying they would review and get back to me, which they did not do. Finally, a kitchen without a microwave had three adults mad at me for not getting the thing fixed or replaced. To preserve domestic tranquility I accepted their offer, just to move things along.

Bill N.
Dickinson, TX
1 Star

May 20 2020 1:39AM

This is a follow up to my earlier 1 star review, well after 7 weeks of talking to various people on the phone and having 3 techs visit my home, I am still no closer to getting my appliance replaced. I'm continuing to escalate the situation with no end in sight. The reps on the phone are all very nice and apologetic but still nothing happens. I'm still waiting for a manager to call back after two days of waiting.

Trust me when I say that they will give you the biggest round-around to get out of doing what they promise. The only promise that they do keep is timely billing of their monthly fee. They have zero concern when it comes to customer service. They promote their plan as peace of mind, they want you to believe that if a covered appliance can't be repaired, it will be replaced. Let me tell you, I found out the hard way, that is not the case.

Look, I would prefer to be doing other things than spending my time submitting reviews regarding the poor service from this company but if I can keep at least one person from falling into the same trap that I did, my time would have been well worth it. Please, save yourself time, money and a lot of frustration, stay away from Sears, otherwise you will regret it. I will continue to spread the message, I am not letting these people off the hook that easy.

Tomas G.
San Antonio, TX
1 Star

May 16 2020 4:38PM

Fourth time our freezer went out in five years. The technicians always says it the new Freon that is the problem. We have a 1950s freezer that keeps on working with the old Freon that works. What a waste this environmental garbage is. It’s bad enough we have to deal with garbage gas that ruins lawn Mower/car engines and causes more pollution but really Freon.

These environmentalists should be sent to another planet because they are ruining this one. Sears has no customer service on weekends to report a problem and you can’t report a problem on line, The system is very poor. I have to wait till Monday to report our problem. I need to tell our refrigerator it only can break down only M-F 9 AM to 9 PM.

Jon A.
1 Star

May 13 2020 4:18PM

Sears Home Warranty is one of the worst company anyone could deal with. They are very unprofessional I have been waiting patiently for them to repair my microwave since March 5 2020 and as of today it has not been resolved, I spoke to the regional manager, and several others still no result.

March 10 someone came out and said we needed parts. He order the parts. It came to our home. I call to inform them, they send another company. The guy said we need a new microwave and he call and report the issue to sears. They send another person on March 16 still can’t fix it, again I called spoke to supervisor etc they send someone on March 19 still can’t fix it.

They are trying not to replace the microwave they want to fix it. Today May 13 the guy came back still can’t fix it. No one need to pay this company for service they are a dumpster. DO NOT USE THEM. 2 months and 8 days I have been waiting.

Ellen B.
Collegeville, PA
1 Star

May 06 2020 3:09PM

My father died. He had a Sears Whole Home Warranty plan, which we've been wanting to cancel. I have spent too many hour too many different times the last three months, explaining what happened. I was told to send the Death Certificate, and given an email address with a case number. Never got a response.

Called back, spent too much time talking because there was no record of the case number, and then got another email address to contact. Ten days later I have still not received a response. Don't reliable businesses notify you with a robo-email that they've received our email and response will take a few days? I am loath to waste my time again with this. It is so unhelpful in a situation that is hard enough. And of course no, upon seeing how the service works, there's no way that it is anything I want to pay $70 a month for.

Emily R.
Decatur, GA
1 Star

May 05 2020 6:18PM

Should have read reviews before buying. Had tech come on April 27 for oven. Was told it would be 530.00 to fix but hey we have a warranty plan which discounts repair. Signed up. Got parts on april 30. Was told first available to install is may 15. Whattttt? How am I supposed to feed my family with no oven during a pandemic? Sears could care less.

Jill C.