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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (636 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

636 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

March 12 2021 11:19PM

Call for repair service in December for my washer. They asked me to buy the home warranty. It would lower my payment. I never did get my warranty contact but they took money out of my bank account for two months.

I stopped the bank draft for March, (49.99) per month. It was going to cost $600.00 to fix my washer so I lost $200.00 for no service the name of Sears so call warranty is Cross country Sears home warranty.

I call the phone number. It's out of business. They are a scam. I am still trying to get my money back. Please don't mess with Sears.

Annye D.
Talladega, AL
1 Star

March 12 2021 11:08AM

We have been without a working refrigerator for 3.5 weeks. After Sears sent a repair person to my house 5 times they have refused to replace the unit. Now we have to wait another week for a part to arrive which probably still won't work. Awful service!!

Sherry P.
District Heights, MD
1 Star

March 10 2021 8:57PM

In November 2020 I called for service on my washing machine. I was told that it could not be repaired and a check would be sent for settlement. It's March 2021 no check. I've called 5 times.

Every time I call I'm told that no one is there that can authorize sending a check and I am told to call back. This time I asked for a supervisor.

The customer service person told me my call was not a reason to talk to a supervisor. This is a scam. We are going to have AMEX cancel payments since November of last year.

Paul C.
Washington, DC
1 Star

March 10 2021 6:10PM

I agree with all the negative reviews shown above. What you're paying for is not what you get! Ice Maker on Refrigerator quit working, Condensate line to heated chamber is blocked. Sears says that neither is covered under the warranty plan. Do not waste your money or time.

Steve J.
1 Star

March 09 2021 9:56PM

Called a week ago, was told their system was down, that she was writing up a repair for my washer. It's been a week, no call to schedule the repair. I call to find out what's going on, to find out there's no repair work order in the system.

Warranty rep puts me on hold and comes back to tell me he's scheduled an appt for tomorrow afternoon, March 10th but I need to call to confirm.

I call the repair company, she has nothing in their system, and tells me no one is available till March 19 to service anyways, 5 minutes later she gets the email with my info. They took the deductible without there ever being any work order in place.

Yorkville, IL
1 Star

March 06 2021 8:18PM

Customer service is terrible. Then you get someone in New Delhi or elsewhere that you cannot understand. Then you're told that Covid has delayed everything on their recording (??). What? Do appliances break down more during a pandemic? Avoid this mess at all costs.

Barry D.
Monroe, NC
1 Star

March 06 2021 5:16PM

I had appointment with Sears on September 26, 2020. The technician needed to order a part. He called me October between the ninth and the 11th and told me he was on his way one morning at 8:00am. He never showed up. He never called.

l kept calling Sears and they wanted me to do the work that they should have been doing for my $449.999. They never did cancel it and send me someone else. All Sears did was kept giving me the run around. This has been going on for six months.

I had an appointment January 28 2021. I had appointment February 4 2021. Nobody came. Nobody called.

The company name was Perry. The next time they tried to give me a appointment I refuse to let them send me out that same company so now they tell me I have to cancel the appointment in which it was after the date.

Now I have another appointment on March 20 but they don’t have no problem in asking you about buying that warranty. Once you sign on the dotted line they give you horrible service.

Then after talking to them and making phone calls like I work for the Sears they tried to sell me another warranty which you are not honoring the first one.

Give me a break and I purchase your master plan. I purchased refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher at one time. Sears used to be the best but they are at the bottom of the totem pole now.

Hazel M.
Indianapolis, IN
1 Star

March 05 2021 4:46PM

Takes months to get help. Never have parts. Have to wait months to get part. Then have to wait month to get appointment. They ordered wrong part. Had to wait month for part then month to get repair person out. Still does my work right.

Bettie T.
Wilmington, NC
1 Star

March 05 2021 11:36AM

A repairman came to service my dryer on Dec. 1st. He said that the dryer needed 3 parts and would take about 2 weeks. I called after that time and they said due to Covid19 the parts were backlogged.

I called at least 15 times. Every time I called, they lied to me. It took over 2 months to get my dryer fixed. Each time I called, I spent a hour with customer service. They kept switching me back and forth between departments.

Kenneth B.
Virginia Beach, WY
1 Star

March 04 2021 1:53AM

My family has been without a refrigerator for 2 weeks. Sears is insisting on a second opinion before replacing the unit. The first contractor came to our home 4 different times and could not repair it. Now they are sending someone else! I will NOT be renewing this service contract!

S G.
District Heights, MD
1 Star

March 03 2021 1:26PM

Something has changed since purchasing my warranty. Paid $75 for the deductible 3 weeks ago and no one has contacted me about coming to repairing my services; washing machine. I'm done... Seem like scammers have taken over... All they can do is send me my $75 refund...

Liana M.
1 Star

February 27 2021 2:07PM

Horrible service! It takes forever just to speak to a representative to make a claim. They've tried too hard to automate their system but it's so flawed. When I try to make a claim online it tells me no techs are available and to call their hotline.

When I try to call the hotline it asks me to make the request online! And IF I finally get a rep they hardly help. They keep saying they'll pass my claim along for scheduling but no one ever does! Their dispatching system is garbage!

Matt H.
Riley, KS
1 Star

February 26 2021 3:24AM

I agree with all the 1 star reviews, my experience was very similar. Waited for refrigerator repair for over two months, three tech visits later,-- finally it was obvious that it's not fixable, the warranty didn't cover replacement costs.

I am still waiting for partial refund for the repair expenses. Don't waste your money. You will be stuck with a broken refrigerator waiting for weeks for a tech to show up.

L W.
Everett, WA
1 Star

February 25 2021 9:51AM

Very poor service almost a month to get my cloth washer repaired and not yet done. Schedule multiple service providers 2 of them diagnosed the same problem but they cannot repair the washer because it’s too much work.

And case manager rep is telling me they will keep sending me more providers until one of them will be capable to do the repair. It’s a jock. I have been paying them for years and when I need them they’re not there.

I wish there is less than one star to rate them at least -100. It’s a big fraud from Sears Home Warranty. I cannot wait till I see them and their employees are bankrupt. Don’t buy their policy. It’s a big scam.

Romil S.
Centrville, TN
1 Star

February 24 2021 5:41PM

Took a month to receive parts (due to pandemic) for faulty washer. They canceled and rescheduled three follow up appointments that were scheduled weeks ahead for the repair, which is covered for the full repair Labor/materials on my policy.

The fourth appointment is today, which is now two months from initial repair call that found the issue. No Show in appointment window.

Called multiple times, no help, no communication back, and no way for rep to reach dispatch although they say they will try. Will not renew. They have completely failed.

Anita W.
1 Star

February 23 2021 4:11PM

Dishwasher broke June 30. February 23 (8 months later) disabled since June. They said that it needs to have another replacement as well as the part we have been waiting for to be replaced.

I asked how can another part break if it hasn’t been able to turn on for eight months? I asked if I could install a temporary dishwasher while waiting at my expense and they said no.

Patti H.
Sturgeon Bay, WI
1 Star

February 20 2021 12:55AM

Going to make this short and sweet, STAY AWAY! Customer service is very unhelpful. The sub-contractors they use are unreliable and unknowledgeable. Many would not even show, and I had to keep calling back to request a new company.

Once you sign, there is no turning back! When I tried to cancel the contract, they wanted over $500 as a fee, and my monthly plan is $69.99.

Frank M.
Las Vegas, NV
1 Star

February 19 2021 8:14PM

Called for service on washer and dryer Jan 3.. they came out Jan 10..fixed the dryer. Had to order parts for washer.. Came out Weeks later put in the new barrel..but.. didn’t finish.. washer would not work.. Called every day for 8 days...on hold....

Finally got someone to answer and made appointment to have the work completed.. He came to the house drunk or high... started cursing on the porch..told us he was cancelling and left.. It is now Feb 19...

Still trying to get someone to talk..over 4 hours on hold.. or if they answer they hang up..WORST SERVICE ever! Disrespectful employees! What happened to Sears?? It used to be reliable! I’m 78..

Caroline R.
St Louis, MI
1 Star

February 19 2021 5:51PM

All the below reviews are true. Hundreds of them. Horrible service and a total waste of money. Scam level. Interesting that the overall review hasn't been updated since October of last year.

It's not SEARS any longer folks. It's CINCH using the SEARS name. The company hides behind a firewall of "customer service" reps that are only there to give you the run around or just hang up on you.

If you are offered this or are researching home/appliance warranties DO NOT USE SEARS/CINCH.

Mike A.
Warrenton, WV
1 Star

February 16 2021 6:09PM

I only gave SHS a 1 rating because negative numbers were not available. SHS used to provide dependable service but have seen them go way down hill.

Don't return calls and waited over 60 days and still no resolution to my broken washer. Bye, bye Sears. Ignore your Customers and they will go away, then you go away.

Tom B.
Hampton, NJ
1 Star

February 15 2021 5:07PM

I must join every other customer here in expressing my displeasure and outrage at trying to utilize this policy. My husband scheduled a repair in December and they came out and said they needed a part.

He has talked to them at least three times about the part and their inability to get it due to shipping delays related to the pandemic. Today, because he again called, they say the repair is not covered.

I was hesitant about this policy and that we might run into just this problem if we tried to use it, but I thought SEARS would be reliable.

The policy is now managed by CINCH and they have denied the current repair and suggested that if I schedule another repair (to remove detergent from the improper receptacle that he would label a "cleaning" to exclude it), it would not be covered. In other words, we are paying for nothing.

Doris W.
Linthicum, MD
1 Star

February 11 2021 9:47PM

I would give them a zero if I could. The worst company since they changed. We had Sears home warranty for 7 years then we had a lapse in coverage which then we had to change to the new program.

Well their coverage sucks. You have to wait 30 days to make a claim which isn’t the problem. It was that they wouldn’t cover our problem saying that we had a pre existing problem. Which we didn’t. The problem started 8 days before I could make a claim.

On Feb 1 I made my claim. To be told now it was a pre existing since it was before February 1. Wow. How you guys have changed for the worst. Would never recommend you to anyone.

Deanna F.
Nixa, MO
1 Star

February 08 2021 5:44PM

Worst experience and would never recommend. I canceled my original purchase warranty to have the home warranty thru Sears. I’ve had a dryer worked on 5 times by two companies during the pandemic from October 2020 - today 1/08/21.

I spoke to probably every customer service representative and told different solutions. I was told someone would email me for compensation or replacement and never received a call or email.

I finally spoke to a manager who again advised I would get a call and email in 24 hrs to discuss replacement. I’ve spent $65.00 on three different trips to the laundromat and still paid my monthly dues. I could have bought a new washer and dryer.

I can’t cancel my contract so I’m locked in. This is a gimmick and burn of services. If I had money to take legal action for false advertisement I would.

In addition most of my call appear to not have been documented. Never again! Thanks Sears for stressing me out weekly since October 2020!!!!

Andrea G.
Albuquerque, NM
1 Star

February 06 2021 12:48AM

I have had Sears for ten years and I have to say these are the worst people in the world for home warranties now.

We have tried three times to get service in the last month and first time they never showed for a pipe stoppage, then when we finally spoke to them they said they don’t cover clogged pipes outside the house very convenient.

Then we called last week for a shower valve that was leaking. Nothing happens. Call back. They state they never got our first call even though we called then went “online” as well and was given a fake confirmation number... but it gets worse...

We called back got another confirmation number finally a plumber shows up a week later for the leaking valve and yay Sears says they don’t cover the valve because the technician said it was due to calcium build up and we were to pay out of pocket 725 dollars....

That’s right 725.00 dollars for a valve that cost new 45.00 dollars at Home Depot... in my frustration I removed the valve. Found that a rubber washer had ripped. I went to Home Depot and for .48 cents... yes 48 CENTS! I was able to fix the valve....

We canceled the warranty and now they want money to cancel the warranty. They have stolen two 100 dollar deposits that they “said” would be refunded due to them never showing up for the repairs. RUN! DO NOT BUY A SEARS HOME WARRANTY!!!! It is not the same company.

They are HORRIBLE deceitful people. A complete rip off! They have under a 3 star rating for a reason! I will be filing with the BBB and my credit card company for fraudulent practices.

Lisa P.
1 Star

February 04 2021 6:30AM

Please do not purchase appliances from Sears nor purchase warranty services! All that stuff is not guaranteed and it's all false advertisement. Services are very unprofessional and customer services SUCKS!

I've filed a claim back in June of 2020, so far nothing has been followed through for the 2 claims I've made a claim for my fridge and range oven. I still call them every month, but too many excuses, I've been told every time it's my fault for not returning calls.

So I've wanted to cancel my warranty coverage but was told that a cancellation would void everything and it would just be a lost. Through the many calls I've made, the dropped calls, a representative never made an attempt to call me back.

So do not waste your time and money, please go elsewhere! Home Depot replaced my washer and dryer within 2 weeks and that's who I would highly recommend.

Andrea W.
Holbrook, AZ
1 Star

January 30 2021 1:22AM

Horrible Cust service. Never able to speak to someone. They never return calls. I was told to get my own service outfit to fix my refrigerator. I wouldn’t recommend.

I first contacted Sears two weeks ago and yet to see someone in my home to fix my refrigerator. If I could give less than 1 star, I would.

Penny W.
Denton, NC
1 Star

January 29 2021 4:07PM

DO NOT BUY A SEARS WARRANTY! I have called for two repairs. The first was for a ceiling fan. They sent an electrician and when he arrived he said we just check the connection, we don't actually fix fans. They still charged me $100 for the visit.

The next was for an oven. They farm the repair out to another company called Keepe. I made an appointment and they failed to show THREE TIMES! I do not think they ever actually had someone assigned. I wasted three days waiting for no one! This is a complete scam.

Darren S.
Galveston, TX
1 Star

January 29 2021 2:59PM

SO TRUE!!! This company takes your money, when you need service you can never reach anyone. They hide behind emails and text messaging. I just cancelled my contract.

If you have a contract I suggest you think long and hard about keeping it in place, you are spending money on something that when you need it will not be there.

Dennis H.
Mission Viejo, CA
1 Star

January 29 2021 12:14PM

After more than 6 years, thousands of dollars for uselessness warranties, several days of being cold or hot and maintenance visits, I purchased a new air and heating system. They patched and pasted my useless systems instead of d-xing it.

I had one service worker tell me my house was cold because my system wasn't big enough! Per other service companies, it wasn't. I also had several problems with my washer. Service came in one year and screwed up the water mechanism.

He had hot water coming out all of a sudden when I turned on cold water! He lied and said this is how it suppose to work. I use to love Sears for their products and integrity.

All of my appliances are Sears but I plan to remove them from my home and give to the Salvation Army as a donation.

I feel they owe me something for my suffering and the purchase of a new air and heating system. I spent several hours on the phone with manipulating customer service. Lies.

Amanda M.
Accokeek, MD
1 Star

January 29 2021 2:38AM

Been trying to get service since June 2020. It’s January 2021. Three appliances. Latest Appointment made by “Sears” for 1/21/21. No show. Reschedule app for 1/28/21. No show. Call yet AGAIN and rescheduled for a third time for 2/11/21. We have to be here from 8am-5pm.

Could’ve replaced appliances at this point for the rip-off price charged monthly. This is for only TWO of THREE appliances. Third appliance they pawn off to CINCH - CINCH service providers SUCK. They hung up on us. More than once.

When the appliances were under warranty, the SEARS store sent people out to fix them. When the “plan” took over, all of a sudden “we can’t locate a service provider, you have to do that and pay for it and submit your expenses for reimbursement”. REALLY??? That’s your job!

Sears uses Sears A&E. I try repeatedly to provide that information to NO AVAIL. “You have to find a provider.” No, I say, here is who our local Sears uses. This is YOUR job! The run around, time and money wasted and no service to date over a year and a half later are ridiculous.

Don’t waste your money on this rip-off service. They might as well go on vacation with our money and we are on a fixed income. BUYER BEWARE, THIS SERVICE SUCKS!!!!

Raven B.
Witts Springs, AR
1 Star

January 27 2021 6:00PM

There isn't a rating low enough to express my feeling toward these people. I originally purchased all my appliances from Sears when we remodeled our kitchen. Fast forward, Sears closes, our extended expires one oven of my double oven won't heat properly.

I find this home warranty plan online. Not bad, $49.99 per month with reasonable per call service fees. First trip to repair oven $75 service call, $129 heating element, no change. Repairman say will order another part for additional $136.

Part comes, serviceman returns, discovers hole in housing. Did not install new part, refers problem to research. This begins a very long saga of frustration dealing with a group of individuals laughingly called "customer service".

Bear in mind this fiasco started in early September 2020, as I write this on January 27, 2021 my oven is in exactly the same condition as it was when the story began. I am now $440 down and have only received $285 in refunds.

I must also have put in a good 8 to 10 hours on the phone being transferred from one dept to another. None of them made any real attempt to help. Don't fall into the trap I did, I ran up additional monthly charges just trying to cancel my membership.

William I.
Indiana, PA
2 Stars

January 26 2021 10:10PM

We have had the full-service plan since 1999. We have only had to use the service twice in the past -- one time went well; the second time not so well. I am writing today because I had a very frustrating time yesterday trying to place a repair claim on our dishwasher.

First, I attempted to place my repair order online as they asked me to do. At least a help hour later, it concluded the questions and referred me to a telephone number. I called, this is a very Byzantine system that runs you all over, then finally send you to a human voice.

This voice did issue a "job number" and refer me to another phone number which I called and was told that they are 60 miles from my home and out of our state!

So I attempted to call the company back -- each time I was close to contacting someone, the phone to a recording that connected me to the repair service that rejected me!

So, in order to get to a human again I lied to the "robo thing" and told it that I was calling for a new claim, this time for a washing machine. It gave me to human who I then told I needed a different referral. They then gave me a number for another repair service company.

I called and was given a repair time --- BETWEEN ONE AND FOUR ON FEBRUARY 15TH! That is 22 DAYS AWAY! I am shopping for a new home warranty service.

This company is losing a good customer -- our bill has been paid two claims and just over $18,000 in payments made to them by us! Wow maybe I don't need a home warranty at all -- just a separate account to put about $80 per month in!

Louise F.
Vancouver, WA
1 Star

January 26 2021 4:04PM

I really hated to give them a 1 and would prefer to give them a 0. Our fridge has been out since mid-November and worked on 4 times, which took a total of 7 service calls.

Now we are waiting on them to see if they are going to replace it, I am not going to hold my breath. Don’t waste your money on this one.

Tom B.
Wayne City, IL
2 Stars

January 26 2021 5:23AM

I've called for a wash machine, they gave a third party company that called right way to tell me that they couldn't come on dates that Sears set. I reschedule they didn't show up, they didn't called...very disappointed.

To log in to check the appointment it is a nothing but headache. Thinking about to move to another company. They were good on first year.

Jorge A.
Goodyear, AZ
1 Star

January 25 2021 9:25PM

Dec 29 called for service on broken washer. Tech determined that motor was fried. Ordered part. One has followed up but I keep calling them. Now I am told the we have to wait till the 29 of Jan for resolution. Still no one calls. I initiated all communication.

Then maybe they can take action on replacement. Worse company ever. They are not customer serviced based but rather how can they avoid fixing something. I am told the washer is leaking at the wall.

There is no evidence of leaking at the wall but lots of evidence of the machine internals leaking. They refuse to admit reality.

1 Star

January 22 2021 3:34PM

Don't ever buy Sears Home warranty! Worst decision ever to get Sears Home Warranty! I wish I asked and searched before joining. Worst experience around the year in three different repairs. I ended up getting a local guy and paid out of pocket.

When they advertise the home warranty they till you "It is for peace of mind for quick repairs"! Well!! Our dishwasher has been waiting for their service for 2 months now and there is no hope for repair yet as the piece they claimed they ordered is saying "backordered". So it might take another month, or year who knows!

I spoke with their customer service multiple times, they always apologize and seem very sincere and they promise someone will call me within 24-48 hours to take care of the issue then nothing happens. No respect, no professionalism at all. If I got a local technician it should have been fixed long time ago.

At the end we are paying the monthly fee for the warranty and then pay out of pocket for repairs. I am waiting for this contract to end. Before that My washer machine broke down and the appointment they gave me was in a month from my call!!! Who can sit around without washer machine for a month?! Very bad home warranty! Looks other places

Hesham N.
Gainesville, FL
1 Star

January 13 2021 9:10PM

Customer service is absolutely horrible. On hold for over 30 minutes many, many times only to be forwarded to other departments. Nobody gives you the same answer. They did replace my clothes washer after spending 3 times the cost of the machine on repairs.

They rebuilt the drum twice. Makes no sense whatsoever. Had so many techs come out and lost so much time having a washer.

Now my ice maker has been replaced twice in 3 months and in November 2020 the tech said it was unrepairable and he was submitting a request to replace fridge.

Called Sears and they had no information on that. Set up another tech service call, different tech came out and supposedly put an order in for new fridge. The broken ice maker spewing water all day long also ruined my kitchen floor and sears said they won’t do anything about it.

I had to call a plumber in to shut off the water to ice maker. Here it is Jan 12, 2021 and still no new fridge. I am using my back deck to keep food cold. Sears Home Warranty can’t SUCK enough!

Christine M.
Bourne, MA
1 Star

January 10 2021 7:22PM

My mom has been having issues with her wash machine for years, and they can never fix it. Last Thursday I was on the phone for a considerable amount of time. First I couldn’t understand the associate when she asked me questions. She transferred me to tech support.

She gave me a phone number to call in case we got disconnected. When tech support answered, I couldn’t understand him either! He hung up on me because I told him I couldn’t understand him. I called the number the first associate gave me, and it’s no longer in service!!!!

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!! I called back and I had to listen to a barrage of questions if I wanted to sign up for different service contracts. REALLY???? They can’t even fix a washing machine and I should trust them with my mom's entire house???

I FINALLY got a time when the technician can come- over two weeks!! Horrible service, horrible customer service!!

Nancy N.
Appleton, WI
1 Star

January 07 2021 3:59PM

Please take my advice and never sign up with SEARS home warranty in collaboration with Cross country. They are fraudulently taking your money trust me.

For three straight months we had no heat in our house but we had SEARS warranty.. they never came through for us. As I write this am still searching for a good lawyer..

Bright I.
Queens, NY
1 Star

January 04 2021 9:25PM

Do not waste your money on this warranty!!!! I’ve been waiting since Nov. 10 to have a dishwasher repaired and to even get information about the claim is like pulling teeth.

Calling the service company is a waste of time, the people they hire have a hard time with the English language and are difficult to understand. They transfer you back and forth through departments and no one ever gives you a straight answer.

Even when you're told your claim is being escalated don’t believe them because they will tell you anything to get you off the phone!

Was told I was being approved for a replacement because they couldn’t find one of the parts, waited 2 weeks and when not hearing anything called back, after the call being escalated two levels find out that it was never put in for a replacement.

Was told by “Matthew” that he was taking care of all the problems and to wait for the email telling me that part was shipped and make an appointment.

Guess what, never got that email, called today and spent hours on the phone with 3 different people and am told that the part is in process.

Called the complainant department, spoke to William and he said he was calling the right department to get it taken care of, he would call me right back, haven’t heard from him since.

Stay away, put the money you’d spend on the warranty away each month and save your sanity!!!!

Eileen C.
Cape May Court House, NJ
1 Star

January 03 2021 9:49PM

Sears Outlet is the worse experience I’ve ever had! It’s been 6 months that my oven hasn’t worked, the company said they can’t fix it. I have a warranty, someone closed my case without my refund.

Now they are giving me the run around saying they don’t know what’s going on. Even corporate said they can’t help. Lawsuit on the way!

Kerry M.
Pittsburgh, PA
1 Star

December 29 2020 11:49AM

Don’t get a Sears Appliance Warranty....I had 2 service techs...Both techs said I need a circuit board which is disc for my refrigerator. I spent 5 hours attempting to get customer service and never got through. I tried contacting them at 8 and spent 3 hours and never got through...

I put in a request for food loss and was denied and again I can’t get anyone to help me. I’ve always had a Sears Warranty. This is not the same sears we know. I don’t know what company took over using the Sears name or how the change came about.

If you doubt my experience with Sears. Prior to taking out a warranty with Sears attempt to call warranty de.

J D.
Lake Mary, FL
1 Star

December 28 2020 6:57PM

I guess it is my own fault for not listening to others who have used Sears Home Warranty or for heeding what I read in online reviews. But, I decided to give them a try, after all, they couldn't be that bad.

If you live in southern Maryland and need an appliance diagnosed, can't say for sure all of Sears' contractors are bad but two of the three they sent to my house for my washer were terrible!

The tech from Appliance-Appliance was there for maybe 15 minutes, ran shortened wash cycles and did not take the machine apart, subsequently he did not find the problem. Like I said, he acted like he was in a rush and was rather rude when I asked him questions.

I called Sears back about a week later when my wife saw water under the machine again. This time a young man from Rapid Repair came out. He took the machine apart and showed me a pressure hose that was dirty and clogged. He did not want to replace it but did try to clean it.

Another week goes by and there is water on the floor again. Yep, a glutton for punishment...I called Sears again to tell them the problem still was not fixed. Asked them to send the guy from Rapid Repair back but he wasn't available, so they routed me to Keepe.

They assume the number you contact them from is a cell, so they send automatic text messages to that number. In my case, the number I called from was a landline.

I called back and got their cell number and sent them a text, letting them know my main contact number is a landline. They sent me several texts and emails, since you never get to talk to a person.

In any case, they made an appointment for that upcoming Monday (my first contact with them was the previous Friday). Monday comes and nobody shows up nor do they call. I called Sears back to let them know the people from Keepe never showed up nor did they call.

Ken O.
Charles County, MD
1 Star

December 19 2020 5:18PM

I'm being generous by giving Sears Home warranty 1 star. I couldn't give them 0 star. I called for my microwave 3 month ago and still it is not fixed.

Finally I got a call from Same Day Appliances telling me that my microwave won't be repaired because Sears won't cover the repairs and if I wanted to have it fixed, I had to pay $149.27 more. This after my $69.00 monthly fee, and $100 Deductible that I paid to have it look at it.

Then I called for my stove, again paid $100. Deductible and a service man from Same day appliances came to see it and told me they will order the parts. A month later they called me to tell me that the stove was not cover either.

I tried to cancel this insurance and apparently I'm on the hook for a year. Needless to say that 4 month later I don't have my microwave or stove fixed.

Caly T.
Sacramento, CA
1 Star

December 16 2020 6:21PM

Awful. Called three times to repair washer but ended up having to replace the washer anyway. We tried to cancel the service and spent two days trying to get through. Finally, I just said "representative" in the automated prompts and selected "billing".

Rep spent 20 minutes of trying to get me to keep the warranty. I kept interrupting until she finally shut up. I told her I just wanted to cancel, period. She then said that my payments had to continue until my "year" was up.

When this was sold to us, the guy said I could cancel at any time since I was on a monthly billing plan. She said that was not true. My coverage had to continue until the year was up which was March 2021. She said she would reduce it from $49.99/mth to $39.99/mth.

Okay - I just wanted to get off the phone. Then she said that since she lowered it to $39.99/mth, I would no longer have preventative maintenance. "SO, you are saying that you aren't giving me a credit of $10/mth, you are actually taking away service. Fine."

She then said that my coverage would end in May 2021. Excuse me? Yep, she said that Sears is "giving" me two free months. What the heck? Now I will need to closely monitor the auto payments and make sure they end in March.

Oh, did I mention, that they won't give you a confirmation number that this was cancelled? Nope - just her name and the date. No follow up email, text, or confirmation. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

James C.
Dillsburg, PA
1 Star

December 15 2020 10:04PM

I was excited when I originally joined this program. I believed I would not have to worry any longer about repairs. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Leak in my sink water Going under floor boards. I called on a Thursday or Friday. They offered to send someone the following Tuesday.

Had to call someone to come in a fix the Leak which took 20 minutes but would have caused thousands in damage. They didn’t care. AND if I wasn’t careful would have been on the hook for the 100. Charge if I didn’t do the canceling.

My expensive bedroom fan stopped working. As with every other visit They come, they look, they can’t fix it because they must wait for approval which may take days. They don’t tell you they won’t replace items with comparable item.

The $400 fan would have been replaced by Sears with a $64 “builders grade product”. Then charge 100 bucks for even walking in door. They don’t tell you your home appliances will be cheaply replaced with builders grade items!

Final straw was this summer in 100 degree daily temperatures my A/C broke down and needed motor. The company they assigned was awesome getting to me and contacting Sears. Sears didn’t return calls, refused to give a date of repair because parts were difficult with covid.

A week later still no a/c and the vendor went Out of their way to search and find the part. Sears refused to let them order the part they couldn’t get.

Waited and waited and after many calls from myself and the repair company they wouldn’t let them fix unit with parts they could get and couldn’t give an idea when they might purchase one to use.

Nobody knew who I should speak to or how to find a supervisor to address the Problem. 10 days later of no A/C in extreme heat. I finally just asked the vendor to get part and fix A/c. I paid out of pocket and finally had air.

Bottom line, plan is rip off, parts are cheapest they can get, customer service non existent. You will get a person but they can’t answer any question and pass you around with no solution. Timely repairs are only if it happens to work out.

I will say the vendors they used were actually quite good. They had to deal with the company same as me. I have some new repair people who went Out of their way to help me.

When I tried to cancel they charged me for a past repair within last year but couldn’t tell me what it was!!! I was so desperate I just paid and got out. Biggest mistake and waste of money I ever had.

Terribly disappointing to the point this is first time I ever took the time to write a review when I was unsatisfied With service or customer care.

Annamarie B.
Casselberry, FL
1 Star

December 12 2020 3:16PM

Needed repair on oven, call to set up appointment set a date.... a few days later got a cell call stating that repair wasn't possible because of zip code! Trying to find out what was happening was impossible, telephone numbers that were impossible to connect.

Promised call backs that never happened. I am assuming it was due to Covid... customer service SUCKS!!!! I am replacing oven and absolutely not with Sears! Such a shame what happened to that company!! Paid for warranty that doesn't work to my advantage! Waste of money!

Camille W.
New Rochelle, NY
1 Star

December 04 2020 3:14PM

I was accepted for repair service for my dishwasher on 11/10/2020. They had a serviceman from LG come out fairly quickly, but they needed to order a part. Still waiting for the part to get replaced.

Since this warranty contracts out for service, I don't think they much care about the slow response time. I might upgrade my review if this mess gets fixed. You are better off price-wise just paying out of pocket for repair.

My $69 a month over 2+ years has really added up and I've only made this one claim. Not worth it. My dilemma is that I've spent all this money and have not been pleased with my one and only claim so far.

Cheryl T.
Cartersville, GA
1 Star

December 03 2020 12:42PM

Don't waste your time or money. The initial service appointments are fine. But the parts are never available. It is going to be 2 months before my microwave is possibly fixed. There are no guarantees that they will even have the part in a month to even fix my microwave.

My microwave is 2 years and we have had 3 service calls. Their attitude is basically oh well, too bad for you and duck.

Debbie K.
Liverpool, NY
1 Star

December 03 2020 6:11AM

This statement is primarily a complaint with Sears Home Warranty, however I have a few complaints with RNS Appliance I will be sharing. Nov 12, 2020: Our refrigerator goes out and I immediately call Sears to complain.

The sears associate offer’s me an appointment time between 08:00 and 12:00 or from 12:00 to 5:00. I select the time slot between 08:00 and 12:00 for Nov 17, 2020.

I get a call from RNS stating they cannot make the 8:00 to 12:00 appointment and I will have to take the 12:00 to 5:00. At 6:45 pm RNS appliance shows up and to diagnose I need a new compressor.

When I complained that Sears gave me the 08:00 to 12:00, RNS states Sears doesn’t schedule the call, they do. (But why doesn’t Sears know this?) Nov 17, 2020 Prior to RNS appliance showing up and Because RNS was running late I called Sears to complain.

Sears gave me a complaint number which proved to be out of service. Nov 23rd 2020. Both my wife and I frustrated we both attempt to call Sears on separate phones. Here are the results.

At 1:30 I call Sears home services and get a female that identified herself as Vivian. She proved to be no help so she transfers me to Vic at 1:40 pm. Vic is unable to help so he transfers me to what he calls “the warranty provider” close to 1:45.

At approximately 2:30 pm still on hold, I can no longer remain on hold and hang up because I have to get ready for work.

At about 2:00pm my wife speaks to “Anjo” at the Sears home services line and after explaining the problem to Anjo he transfers her to what he calls “The Sears protection Benefits admin line” and he gives her the number Just in case.

After remaining on hold for an hour she hangs up and attempts to call the number Anjo provided her with. That number proved to be not in service. Nov 24th 2020. By this time we have received two parts for this repair and still waiting on the compressor.

We speak to the technician and we now find out the compressor is on back order until Dec 24th. On this date my wife spoke to RNS appliance and they stated they put us in for a new fridge with Sears.

Dec 2 2020, Having heard from no one we called Sears and after waiting on hold approximately 2 hours 20 minutes we finally speak to a Veronica who advised us that what the tech told us was true, he did put in a claim for us to receive a new fridge, however a new fridge was denied because parts are on order.

Apparently Veronica and sears feels you should have no problem going a month and a half with no working fridge.

They also advised us to make a claim for food spoilage which contradicted RNS appliance statement that we would have to wait for the repair before filing a claim.

I called RNS appliance previously in November and asked what other options there were for parts and service and April of RNS, stated there was a possibility that their sub contractor could help out but could make no promises.

I asked her to try and let us know either way and I never got a call back from RNS. - I had asked RNS what means do they use to communicate to Sears concerning repair work they do and April led me to believe they have to call the same number the general public uses and wait on hold for hours like everyone else.

I find that hard and difficult to believe. -On Dec 2, 2020 I pressed her again for their specific contact information for sears and she now tells me they communicate via e mail. But when I asked for that e mail she completely avoids and back tracks and avoids answering that question.

-She now changes her story to “we communicate via work order. “ -RNS led us to believe that there was only one technician that provides warranty work for sears in my area, which he serves multiple cities and counties.

I find that hard to believe. Which means they only come to your area on certain days. If you miss that day they make it clear you are SOL.

If you google sears home warranty for southern California I come up with Bakersfield, Banning, Blyth, Burbank, Apple Valley, Anaheim, city of industry just to name a few. When I asked April of RNS which specific facility she they deal with she avoids the question, and won't answer.

I find it difficult to believe she doesn’t know, or cannot find out. But she completely avoids the question. -Sears- made no attempt to communicate concerning this warranty repair nor they make no attempt to notify us the claim for a new fridge was denied.

You only find out after being on hold for close to two and a half hours which is horrible customer service.

Donald R.
Calif City, CA