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May 19 2019 4:16AM

What a horrible experience. It’s 93 degrees in my area, my AC unit went down since April of 2019. I have a newborn in the house, her skin is very irritated with the heat causing it to have heat bumps all over her body. First time the company send a contractor from North Georgia heat and air company to replace my thermostat, he did a lousy job. Suddenly, my ac unit keeps pushing hot air on top of the 90 degrees instead of cold air. Called the warranty company back, they kept doing the run around with me, still can’t send a contractor to fix the problem. When they would finally call a contractor, who would reach out, that guy called once and said he was coming never showed up. When I called the company back they told me the contractor showed up, no one was home, when my wife have been home since February on maternity leave. Now it is almost end of May, no one ever return to fix the problem, and still continue to wait on the warranty. This company and their lousy contractors need to shut down. I will definitely report them to BBB.

David F.
Ringgold, GA
May 10 2019 6:59PM

If I could give zero stars, I would. Had 3 people come out to look at our unit to bandaid it then when it finally went out, contractor walked away and said he wouldn’t mess with it because last time they didn’t pay him for it. Sat for 4 days without air to be told this. Cannot get ahold of a person who can do something about it. NOT HAPPY. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere for a home warranty.

Amberlee K.
Knoxville, TN
May 07 2019 8:58PM

Worst warranty company I’ve ever had to deal with. From customer service to contractor choice, they should receive 0 stars!!! Their contractor messed up my plumbing, said it was something entirely different, and now this “warranty company” is denying a new claim on the damage. I’ll be filing with the BBB and making sure no one I know falls for their money trap again.

Kelli C.
Garland, TX
May 04 2019 1:51AM

If I could give 0 stars, I definitely would. Horrible customer service all together. Our AC unit went out within two months of buying our home. They said they denied the claim because it was a pre existing issue when there was no issue there before. When we had our home inspection done, there was absolutely no problems with it. They keep going back and forth with us and we’ve been without answers for three days!! I honestly don’t know how they stay in business. They’re a waste of time and money! We are taking legal action. This is ridiculous.

Megan H.
Rossville, GA
May 02 2019 4:05PM

Worst insurance company ever, I paid the premium insurance $600 for 4 years and I just need then yesterday, a had a problem with the heater and they gave me the option either paid $1300 to fixed or I fixed myself and they will send me a check for $150, unbelievable, I just canceled the insurance. I wish I can give then a 0 star.

Gregoris F.
Houston, TX
May 01 2019 11:49PM

This company belongs on American Greed. DO NOT USE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. We always have paid for our home warranty just in case something breaks. Well finally our water heater broke to our dismay and First American Warranty is trying to charge us even though it’s supposed to be covered. What a waste of money.

Eri E.
San Diego, CA
April 30 2019 1:06AM

If I can give 0 stars or angry face emoji faces, I totally would. If you want to waste money, FA is the place. Our AC unit isnt working and they sent out a contractor from Magic Construction, Chris ** just to tell me, my AC isnt working. No shit sherlock. And then he wanted me to sign forms that it was complete. I said, “No. You didn’t do anything to resolve the issue.” When I called FA, customer service rep said that they would have to wait for the report to see what is wrong but that states on their end that the job was complete. FA stated that I would have to call them back for the report because they don’t do outbound calls to see what they will be doing if there is any work that needs to be done. AC still not working and apparently FA is happy to say that they completed their job. Such ** service from FA and Magic Construction.

Pa X.
Clovis, CA
April 23 2019 5:12PM

I hope people read the reviews here cuz they don't align with the overall rating this web site gives First American. This company contracts with low-quality contractors and gives them an exclusive deal. So when poor quality work is done on your claim they simply refuse to send someone else. FA won't tell you this is how they operate and will instead repeatedly tell you the lousy contractor needs to be given 'another chance'. When the contractor for a garage door repair never returned to finish the job I spent 6 weeks calling FA going in circles. No one at FA ever took control of the situation and followed through to get my claim resolved. I gave up, cancelled my contract and called a handyman to install a $15 part I bought online.

San Antonio, TX
April 18 2019 3:27PM

I wish I could give the a BIG ZERO, this is the worst insurance company I have ever had. They charge 75 dollars as soon as the technician comes even though he does not do anything at all. They don't help you with anything when you call, their RUDE, ARROGANT AND UNPROFESSIONAL SUPERVISORS SAY "I CAN'T HELP YOU????" They send the technician from very bad companies who don't do very horrible job So why do they charge money for? This company should be shut down ASAP.

Tis W.
Irvine, CA
April 13 2019 1:20AM

Not happy with service took a week to get contractor to my house. It’s over 3 weeks now and contractor texted me they ordered wrong part. First American Is very bad on the people. They have to do home repairs.

Michael F.
Tehachapi, CA
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