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First American Home Warranty

4.3 Stars (269 Reviews)
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Updated: April 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Founded in 1984, First American Home Warranty offers three home warranty service plans to homeowners and real estate professionals and three flat service fee options. Home warranties are available in 35 states nationwide.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.3 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

You can tailor a First American Home Warranty using add-on coverage to fit more specific appliances you may have in your home.

269 First American Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

November 21 2020 3:01PM

Use substandard techs!!!. Leak in 2 tubs. Told 1st leak normal ''water clearing line.'' 2nd leak -now knob TOO tight to turn. Told not strong enough and due to new seal and will loosen up with time.

But Delta states he just tightened adjustable ring too tight and can cause damage to other parts requiring future plumbing problems. 2nd opinion tech under disciplinary action by CSLB for 8 charges. Refused this plumber.

Now scheduled appt with another plumber that has an ''f'' BBB rating and NOT accredited. CSLB shows this plumber exempt from work. comp. because sole proprietor yet secty. states many companies in no. Calif. and plumber coming from San Jose (FEARFUL OF RESULTS SINCE SAW MANY BAD REVIEWS).

Earlier prob. with stove and tech told me that I looked handy and could rewire stove myself! ''YOULL NEED A LOT OF WIRE.'' Also other mistakes causing grief. DONT USE 1ST AMER UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP PAYING FOR REPAIRS YOURSELF!!!

Anne M.
San Mateo, CA
1 Star

October 31 2020 2:35PM

I wish I could give zero or negative stars to them.. Really frustrated with them.. Water heater issue for last 2 months and I am calling them every day with same answers that plumber will come or give report etc, etc with no follow up or intention from them to fix it..

Atul K.
Dublin, CA
1 Star

October 18 2020 4:21PM

We had the warranty going on 2 years. Our air conditioning went out, living in Florida it is not pleasant without a\c. It took 7 weeks to get it repaired.

The contractor came in 6 times replaced 7 different parts. Each time that didn't fix the problem and would have to get authority to order another part, before getting the complete unit replaced.

Over the 7 weeks I had made about 100 calls to First American and the contractor assigned, not 1 person returned my phone call. I even called the CEO 3 times leaving messages with no return call, Jeff doesn't want to hear a customer problem.

Take into consideration they have 24 - 48 hours to contact a repair company. The repair company looks at it and has 24-48 hours to report what the problem is. First American has 24 -48 hours to make a decision then order the part needed.

Contractor has 24 -48 hours to try again. Then take into consideration every time the part is not available and will be a few weeks, if you are lucky.

Calling local a\c companies and every time the parts are readily available, but they can't buy from them. To be polite the customer service sucks.

Herb W.
Port Orange, FL
1 Star

October 16 2020 11:21PM

Definitely disappointed. Called for a repair for my microwave, I pay extra for first class service, it states the microwave oven door glass is covered.

The bottom of the microwave had a piece of tape to hold the glass in, claim gets declined because "it still works with the tape on it", ummm okay but if I remove the tape there no then it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Gentleman told me to read my contract clearly (with an attitude). When I tell him the website gives me an error when trying to pull it up he says, "Well it's there on the contract." Such unnecessary rudeness.

Crystal R.
Canyon Country, CA
1 Star

October 02 2020 4:54AM

We had this policy as an incentive from the seller of our home. It is not worth even having for free. No customer service, they lie about appointments, parts ordered, in the end you end up frustrated and without anything being fixed.

I have never dealt with a company as horrible as this. Don't waste your money and time, look elsewhere. Customer reviews say everything and none are good. They need to go out of business so people stop being ripped off. Disgusting.

Alina D.
Simi Valley, CA
1 Star

September 27 2020 3:06PM

I called on my A/C and had already had one call. The repair people told me I needed an Evaporator Coil. After waiting to hear from someone, I called FAHW and they told me the part was on backorder and would be a number of weeks before shipping.

After explaining that several weeks was too long to go without A/C in Houston they said they would try and find a source that could handle it.

That was when they told me I would be paying $1200:Of the total $2000 cost of “modifications” and pointed out obscure wording pages after A/C section of the Warranty Agreement.

I replaced my entire Unit through a reputable local company for only $5300 with a 10 year Warranty. I will not be renewing.

Henry P.
Montgomery, TX
2 Stars

September 17 2020 7:04PM

I requested 2 different appliances for repair. They charged me for both. It's the same contractor should be one charge.

After 3 days of trying to call thru repair line (there is no number for customer service) I was refunded the double fee but they cancelled dishwasher service. My contract up next month. Looking elsewhere.

Diane B.
Ripley, TN
1 Star

September 16 2020 4:49PM

My AC stop working during very hot humid month during on-going California fires. Called for AC service dozen times trying to get AC tech to service my home asap. I explained to customer service I'm 65 and have difficulty breathing because air quality is bad.

Customer service communication was very bad and could not get tech to my home for couple weeks. I even had them elevate the claim as emergency and tried to get them to authorize for tech not on their list to service me asap.

They did not approve authorization and said I had to wait. I had the Premier Plan and had 2 service calls for the year. I'm very disappointed they did not care about my situation. I would not recommend them due to very poor customer service.

Roberta A.
Norwalk, CA
1 Star

September 13 2020 3:06PM

I called about a broken washer/dryer at the end of July. The contractor came out and was able to fix the dryer, but suggested replacing the washer. FAHW said I should be contacted between 5-10 business days.

It is now September 13th and I still have not heard from the supplier after several 45+ minute phone calls with FAHW. I have been having to go to a laundromat (during a pandemic) for the last 2 MONTHS when they said it should be fixed within 2 weeks.

FAHW is a fraud, not helpful, and extremely difficult to get ahold of much less understand any of the workers. I will NEVER recommend this company to a homeowner.

Cory P.
Kingsport, TN
1 Star

September 10 2020 7:43AM

One month no AC, over 110 degrees, wife being treated for dehydration and heat stroke, 33 hours on hold with no answer, 20 plus emails with no answer, used service four times in the last six years each time a disaster. Company is a SCAM and I'm an idiot for staying with them.

George K.
North Las Vegas, NV
1 Star

September 06 2020 12:06AM

Our a/c went out on August 8th. It took a week to get them to send one of their contractors out. He was on the roof 10 minutes and left and said he had to send a report to FAHW. It took a few days to do that.

FAHW has automated systems so trying to talk to a live person is impossible. 2 weeks into no a/c and still 100 plus degrees, I'm in CA, I finally got a live person in EL SALVADOR. Really!!!!

So it turns out they said we had to pay the non-covered fees, 2260.00, which we never were told about. So long story short

Gloria E.
Modesto, CA
2 Stars

August 26 2020 12:45AM

A/C went out. Filed claim. 4 days later contractor showed up. Says needs a compressor. 3 days later warranty company says parts ordered. Now 9 days later and temps in the high 90's still no parts and no A/C. Worst service I've ever received.

Rodney L.
Amarillo, TX
1 Star

August 22 2020 12:37AM

This company is one of the worst companies ever. I acquired this warranty for free through a purchase of a new home and in the last three months I’ve been waiting over 45 days for a washer.

The first 31 days the service company was never contacted and never showed up on three different occasions. I will never ever recommend this company to anyone. It’s got to be the worst company I’ve had to deal with in my 20 years of dealing with public companies.

I am still waiting 17 days for someone named Franklin ** to call me back. Go on their website and I’ve posted 17 messages.

Shrewsbury, PA
1 Star

August 18 2020 5:19AM

Where do start, after just signing up with them my freezer stops dispensing water and ice, so I call. They sent out a very unprofessional company, the contractor was rude and did not wear mask, gloves or booties (this is during Covid times).

He then tells us he needs to order a part and leaves. (He never opened or took apart anything. Just took pictures and wrote down serial numbers). I called his company to address my concerns about the ppe for the contractor.

Next day First American calls me and tells me it is not covered due to rust in the lines, what lines? He NEVER OPENED ANYTHING! Then they tell me they don't cover dispensers, what's the point of warranty!

I called First American and canceled my contract and they only refunded me half of my 350 payment. THE ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY EVER!

Vincent R.
Corona, CA
1 Star

August 10 2020 9:27PM

Have had this company for almost a year now. After filing my first claim for a busted water heater, they failed to dispatch anyone. I was able to get it fixed and now they won’t cover the cost or call me back. This company is a joke.

I’ve reported them to the BBB and all local real estate offices so that no one has to go thru what I have.

DeAnna P.
Independence, KY
2 Stars

July 18 2020 6:36PM

I am having home warranty almost close to a year now, but I am very disappointed so far with service and warranty provided by the FAHW. All my services are either incomplete or I had problems reoccurring again.

The service providers FAH is associated are ok and depends on your luck to get a good one. Technicians are not able to troubleshoot problems and just prefer to replace parts on trial and error mode without understanding root cause of the problem.

No follow-up by FAH after service on the quality of the fix. Perhaps they know about it. Still I have a broken dishwasher and 3 technician changed and still it is not resolved and I don't see FAH even cares to follow up.

Saravanan S.
Pleasanton, CA
1 Star

July 18 2020 12:11AM

I've been with this company the last 12 and 1/2 years. This is the second time I make a claim. My water heater broke and they told me they will fix it in 24 hours. It has been 4 weeks. I haven't heard anything from them.

I called 10 times. Get the same result. I purchase the water heater at Home Depot have them installed it on my own expense. American Home Warranty they promised to send me a check of $375.

If I know I wouldn't be with this company. This is a joke. I would not recommend it for anybody. I don't want anybody to go through what I go through.

Michael G.
Las Vegas, NV
1 Star

July 13 2020 10:15PM

I had the company for one year before I ever needed to make a claim. My first claim was for a fan motor for my AC!

I was told they would order the parts and that it would take up to 3 days to come in and that the contractor would be able to pick them up and schedule me another appointment I’m five days shy of a whole month later!

I can’t get any response to this issue! Literally no one will call me back or respond to any emails!! Nothing! I want to scream to tell everyone this company should be sued! They have very illegal business practices. Avoid them at all cost!

Tasha T.
Killeen, TX
1 Star

July 12 2020 6:33PM

We have been with them for 4 yrs. Never made a claim. Recently there was some electrical issues where half the house was without power. No AC, stove to cook etc. This was an emergency problem because I have health issues with respiratory dz.

It was End of June/early July. So so we had to call an electrician. They came out and said the outside box was fried. He showed me the box with a melted piece of whatever. He first showed me that the box was sparking. He said we were lucky the box didn’t catch the house on fire.

He looked at the inside box and said half of the box had a massive surge. Then noted that the box should have separate fuses to prevent overloading.

So we needed to have the city come out to replace whatever they had to do and inspected the damage and replaced something. Then they gave permission to get a permit for the work.

They told me it was lucky because they also looked at the box. So we had no choice for safety and health issues. This company took care of everything, calling the city, getting the permit and two inspections to be sure all was safe and up to code.

We had to get a window unit until everything was finished. It took 3 days. Very professional. They even put in a whole house surge protector and had to replace a basic in ground rods and wire (lighting rod)? Once all was done the city re-inspected and said all was great.

Of course we were so non-pulsed with the whole situation. I called after everything was completed.

Meanwhile I had called and got the auto system. It couldn’t grasp the situation. While at it I went ahead and set up a claim for the dryer to be repaired and have a ceiling fan looked at. The website said they’re get in touch within 24-48 hours.

After a week I called. My note regarding the electrical situation was gone and the other two requests were ‘in process’. I called again and waited for a human.

Finally I spoke to Vernon. I explained everything. He said he saw nothing on the electrical and that a company was just assigned to fix the dryer. Then I asked about the ceiling fan. Now going on second week. He said he would process immediately.

Then I brought up the electrical note. He said he saw nothing and since a claim wasn’t made they wouldn’t cover anything for this. I explained that we didn’t have time to make a formal claim. I asked, "Why?"

I explained the urgency of the situation and that we were lucky about the possibility of a fire and my health. He kept referring to page 6. Online doesn’t have a page 6. He told me to refer to the booklet. Said we didn’t have a booklet.

I asked what standards were set for emergency contingency. None. Refer to page 6. We went around in circles. Have the guy for the dryer coming tomorrow and according to website the guy for the Ceiling Fan was scheduled for the same day and time.

They haven’t called me to confirm after me calling and sending a message to confirm. Went back to website now say this was processing?

I’m not at all pleased. I’ve tried to find another number to no avail. I’m going to have to send a letter and probably go through mediation. Ridiculous.

David H.
Atlanta, GA
1 Star

July 08 2020 10:46PM

They try their best to dig into the contractor's report, and find the very word that turn against you. And they refuse to share the exact information from the report, keep that totally confidential to them.

These representatives don't know anything about the systems in the warranty. It's such a horrible experience.

Since they have everything on their side, so the only thing you can do would be wasting the 75 dollars requesting services again and again. What a great business! AVOID IT. DON'T RENEW IT!

Bing B.
Cathedral City, CA
5 Stars

June 05 2020 11:32PM

Boiler issues? I’ve lived through them. Having a broken boiler in the middle of winter isn’t an awesome experience. Good thing my house came with a warranty from First American. They sent someone over to fix my boiler within a few days of my call.

Lilybeth G.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

May 29 2020 6:41PM

We had a saga with our fridge for the last couple of months. We opened a claim with First American that send a technician that barley opened the fridge, said "it is a known issue with LG - you should call them", took his $75 and left.

We called LG and they said that if we have home warranty, the home warranty company should send one of their licensed technician and we could get a new fridge! But this was after our contract was expired and First American said they can send another technician for free - if we renew of course.

Our fridge is ding for the last couple of months, food was thrown many times. We brought another technician that said it is hopeless. So we now had to spent $1,600 + tax (after memorial day discounts) because First American DO NOT look after their customers it seems so.

Nisan B.
San Diego, CA
5 Stars

May 21 2020 10:18PM

When it’s the middle of the winter and your boiler is broken, you need someone who can get there right away. I had a few bad experiences with previous warranty providers but was pleasantly surprised with First American. I called them on Sunday and had my boiler fixed on Tuesday morning.

Julia E.
Mesa, AZ
1 Star

May 21 2020 5:35AM

This is a company that can't communicate. I have been trying to resolve an issue and their assigned Representative does not respond. All we want is a resolution to our problem, but to no avail. They hire people that know nothing about Customer Service or Satisfaction. The contractor's that they authorize fall into either the cheapest and/or technically limited. I would rate them terrible a (0) but that's not available.

Steve S.
Las Vegas, NV
1 Star

May 19 2020 2:07AM

They chose the lowest level and cheapest contractors to service your needs. They are extremely difficult to contact and communicate with. They then assign a Representative to handle your issues. The person we were assigned is also next to impossible to communicate with and has no knowledge of your problem.

They offer a minimal buy out and you can never get a competent person to follow-up. We had just suffered a deplorable air conditioning situation when the temperature was 100 degrees and I have a medical condition that requires Air Conditioning. Whether you have been a long time customer or not their efforts to assist you are a zero.

Steve S.
Las Vegas, NV
5 Stars

May 15 2020 3:22PM

I'd like to say thank you to all American home warranty service, customer service, claims.. this is by far the best warranty company I've been with. I will continue to stay with this company as long as the doors are open. First American Home Warranty you guys rock!!

Jason A.
Cove City, NC
1 Star

May 08 2020 6:15AM

This company offers deplorable customer service. My AC was out a full week before I broke down and paid out of pocket for another company. First American outsources its customer service to a foreign country and contracts with low grade service providers. As a realtor I would never recommend them to any clients. Canceling my service next month.

Cynthia B.
Chandler, AZ
5 Stars

May 06 2020 11:22PM

Don’t be put off by the marginally higher monthly charge. Many home warranty providers promise you low fees, but you should always read the fine print before signing anything. First American lists everything you have to pay and you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges.

Krizza E.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

May 01 2020 6:10PM

I have been a customer for more than 2 years and I have had horrible experiences for at least three claims. 4 policies are coming up for renewal on 5/3/20 and 5/4/20. I renewed them on 4/27/20. Because a bad experience 2 days ago I decided to cancel the 4 policies and a new one effective 5/27/20.

They refused to do the cancellations by phone. I tried to cancel on line but there is a charge of $37 dollars that I am not willing to pay. The renewal dates are May 3 and May 4. Can you please tell me how I can cancel these 5 policies before renewal? Why do you make things so difficult for clients?

The reason I am canceling all the policies is because I ended paying for repairs on my own. I replace a 40 gallon water heater and you gave me $647 for the water heater, tax and labor. It is very ridiculous. Now you will not help me with the cancellation. I had to block my card until I can get help with the cancellation.

Alberto G.
San Jose, CA
1 Star

April 27 2020 4:53PM

I can only assume the reviews on this website are left by homeowners who never had to use First American. They're the worst company I have ever dealt with. We scheduled a plumber visit for a leaked toilet. The technician failed to arrive, and when they contacted us it was hours later when we were not home, and they told us to call FirstAm to reschedule. We of course didn't want to given the poor experience.

FirstAm insisted that we pay $75 for the visit that has never happened. I spent hours on the phone trying to resolve this. Their phone customer support are reading from scripted answers and do whatever they can not to resolve the issue nor to transfer to a supervisor. All in all, by far the worst experience I had with a company. If you're considering taking a home insurance policy with them - do not. If you're an owner with an existing home insurance policy, avoid using them as you'll be wasting your money and time. Shocking. I would have given 0 stars if given the option.

Oded R.
Manahttan Beach, CA
1 Star

April 27 2020 12:50AM

My toilet was First American replace my 17 in toilet with a 15in toilet. I am disabled and the replacement toilet has called me great difficulty with getting on and off the toilet. I have contacted them on numerous occasions and either they do not reply to my request or by phone call Hang up and do not call back. They even lied On the plumbing technician. I am now filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the ADA. Service has been AWFUL!!! Run don't walk from first American. Z (((

Sharon N.
Tampa, FL
5 Stars

March 05 2020 8:01PM

I received a home warranty from my parents when I moved out, and I was so thankful I have the plan. My water heater and electrical system both gave out at the same time, and First American Home Warranty came to my rescue.

Madison E.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

February 27 2020 9:06PM

The conduit in our low voltage system was not working and the company said it was covered and sent out an electrician. The electrician said he did not know how to fix it. We called another electrician outside of the warranty company who came out and in less than an hour had the problem fixed. We then received a bill for 75.00 from First American Home Warranty for the electrician they sent that did nothing. We called, were put on hold for over half an hour and then they hung up on their end. They never called back. We will never refer them to others and never renew with them.

John W.
Half Moon Bay, CA
5 Stars

February 26 2020 4:58PM

As a First American client for more than a decade now, I’ve had my share of service calls – broken water heaters, frozen pipes, clogged drains. You name it, my house has had it. Thank goodness First American has been there for us all those years. They’ve made home maintenance and repair a lot less complicated.

James L.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

February 21 2020 9:16PM

Probably one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. Started a service request November 11th, 2019 for upstairs heat pump not working. February 21st, 2020, still not repaired and not working. Can't ever speak to a supervisor or management. Was told by the first contractor that they replaced the compressor in the outside unit. Found out it was NEVER touched, asked for a second opinion, but the new contractor was too high in pricing for their liking.

Now being told that I have to let the first vendor(who fraudulently filed a claim for a repair and lied to me and FAHW) return to complete a repair, or do a buyout for only $738.15. Someone from FAHW should have called me to apologize and make things right, not me having to call First American! Bottom line is, will not renew my contract, and would NEVER recommend this company to anyone ever!

James L.
1 Star

February 21 2020 2:58PM

My AC was not fixed. My AC wasn’t cooling and first American warranty is saying is not covered under warranty since it has zoning for upstairs and downstairs. When I paid $610 on Nov 2019 they were eager to take the money and assured me AC and heating system was covered.

Now that I need them they come up with excuses for not covering it. They said it cost over $5000 to be fix. What waste of $610 this company took from me. I think people should forget about warranty companies. They will not fix any high dollars items. Please do not use this company.

Jaleh D.
Conroe, TX
5 Stars

February 20 2020 10:25PM

One of the biggest differences between First American and other home warranty companies is that the online claiming tool. It’s tough enough to look for people who would do a good job at home repair and the ability to file a warranty claim online just makes everything a lot more convenient.

Kate A.
Phoenix, AZ
5 Stars

February 11 2020 10:33PM

Before getting a home warranty, I had a hard time getting contractors to fix anything. Now that we have First American, we just make a call and let them do the rest, from scheduling the house visit to reimbursing the contractor. It just doesn’t save time; it also saves money.

Dina R.
Phoenix, AZ
5 Stars

February 05 2020 9:31PM

Filing claims for home warranties is a very tedious task. I need to get my documents together and talk to different people. But it’s less of a pain with First American Home Warranty. They have someone who will guide you through the process and make sure that you do everything the right way.

Raymond E.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

February 01 2020 6:12PM

I would never buy from these crooks. They don’t want to fix covered items because they claim they are too expensive. What’s the point of the warranty then? I called in and got a middle eastern rep and asked for a supervisor and she said she doesn’t know who that is or what any of the supervisors names are. I don’t know if she didn’t understand English or she was just stupid.

I wrote a bad review on another site and they said they need more info, which I gave them. I provided that and never heard back from them. They are the worst company and contract with shoddy companies that don’t want to do the work. Find a company that cares about customer service, because this company sure doesn’t.

Pamela T.
Camarillo, CA
1 Star

January 26 2020 9:26PM

I have been trying to get my dishwasher fixed for almost 3 months. First American assigned me a contractor that never answers the phone or shows up. First American refused to give me a new contractor. They are supposed to be replacing my dishwasher soon. I put in my first service call on 11/2/19 and it's now 1/26/2020. I will never purchase First American again.

Shauna K.
Tampa, FL
1 Star

January 22 2020 12:09AM

Contractors First American (FA) use typically have bad reviews on Yelp, Angies List and Home Advisor. You have no say in the contractor selection. Dialogue is through FA private message system and not user friendly. Customer Service is horrific and escalation is problematic at best. I wasted weeks trying to get my heater fixed! I got this warranty through my home purchase, I will not renew when due!

Kirk N.
Long Beach, CA
5 Stars

January 20 2020 9:15PM

I had an issue with scheduling a repair call with First American, mostly because I travel for work a lot and the repair people they send don’t work on weekends. But when we were able to agree to a time, their people showed up and did what they had to do.

Hilda C.
Phoenix, AZ
5 Stars

January 13 2020 9:43PM

I realized my appliances needed protection last year when my fridge’s warranty ran out. The repair costs were so high that I decided to buy a new fridge instead. When the warranty on my new refrigerator runs out, I’m getting First American because of their excellent reviews.

Gina M.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

January 01 2020 4:01PM

I have been a customer for a while. In the very beginning, I was very pleased with First American and with the contractors, they would send out. Their customer service, reputation and service contractors have declined over the years. Now it is just completely unbearable and ridiculous.

Recently the day after Christmas our water just abruptly stopped, I did a claim and setup an appointment for the next day with the contractor. After waiting from 12-4, the contractor did not show up. I called them and they said we would find out what’s going on and call up back. 30 mins later after no I call back I called the contractor again and no answer.

I called First American who was no help for days claiming they could not find another company. Our family went without water for 3 days during a holiday break until finally on Sunday they let me get my own contractor. I was able to get a contractor in 5 mins through HomeAdvisor. Now I have to wait for however long to be reimbursed after going through a million hoops for them to approve an amount over $125.

Fast forward to Monday over main house pipe is backed up, did a claim got assigned a contractor, made a appt for new year’s eve between 1 to 4. Contractor never showed up and did not answer call. Again, First American can provide no other companies or options. My husband is going to rent a snake his self and unclog the drain.

I am currently researching other options for warranty companies; I will not be staying with First American. They have horrible customer service and limited contractors that are unprofessional, reliable or even care. I took 2 days off work without pay to wait for nonexistence contractors.

Alvinia J.
Virginia Beach, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

January 01 2020 4:12AM

Both times I needed work done on my garage door. First service guy, Mike screwed up my garage door and I informed First American they did not back up my complaints. Second time my garage door broke they send out a different guy but used the same company Ace garage and worker named Ali.

Duana M.
Visalia, CA
2 Stars

December 26 2019 11:24AM

I've had the policy for too long. I used it a few times. I often wonder why can't they deposit replacement costs in the account they debit for payment and service fees. It took 7 weeks for the check to replace my refrigerator. Not to mention, I had to call several times so a Rep could tell me they'll send a new one. The money was wasn't being tracked so no one could tell me if it had even been sent.

When the AC compressor broke, I called and told them the brand but they still sent a guy out that couldn't work on the unit. It was 110 degrees that week. I pay extra to cover small appliances and when they came to replace the above range microwave they tried to install something less comparable. The Rep said they only had to replace it with the correct size. I had to read the contract to him. I have been looking to replace my warranty with someone else but warranty companies are shady AF.

Sam B.
Va Beach, WV
3 Stars

December 20 2019 4:45PM

I am only changing my previous bad review because of Maria in customer service who was so nice and professional unlike the other Customer representative I spoke too who was so rude and refused to let me speak to a manager. Maria was so helpful and she offered me options for my mother’s situation. She allowed me to vent and offered alternatives.

Please find Maria and give her a well deserved recognition. I am still not happy about the company and service but, not everyone are rude, uncaring, and ignorant. There are still some good people that work for the company and for that I can’t completely give a poor review. Thank for Maria for caring about your customer. Sadly the girl I spoke to was black, so much unnecessary attitude.

Emem W.
Jacksonville, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

December 16 2019 4:33PM

We had our furnace go out in a home we purchased 2 months prior and called them the day it happened and was told a contractor will be contacting me in a few minutes to a few hours. Two days later I received notification from contractor who told me he would be out 5 days later!!!

When I had asked the contractor why it took 5 days he explained they didn't notify him for 2 days after I made the service request! Would have been able to make it out due to cancelation the day after I made the claim! Then I am told it will take 7-10 days for the part we need! (Could have got it two offline) They would not reimburse me if I purchased it! This company is nothing but a sham and a pain to deal with!

Thankfully I didn't pay for this warranty because it came with the purchase of the home! I would NEVER EVER recommend this company to my worst enemies!

David B.
Lambertville, MI
2 Stars

December 06 2019 3:37PM

I've been a customer for a while. In the very beginning, I was very pleased with First American and with the contractors they would send out. Their customer service was excellent and their contractors seemed to be vetted and did a great job. Now, I just don't know what's going on. Customer service is subpar, and the contractors that I've dealt with are even worse.

Gladys C.
Riverside, CA