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February 21 2020 2:58PM

My AC was not fixed. My AC wasn’t cooling and first American warranty is saying is not covered under warranty since it has zoning for upstairs and downstairs. When I paid $610 on Nov 2019 they were eager to take the money and assured me AC and heating system was covered.

Now that I need them they come up with excuses for not covering it. They said it cost over $5000 to be fix. What waste of $610 this company took from me. I think people should forget about warranty companies. They will not fix any high dollars items. Please do not use this company.

Jaleh D.
Conroe, TX
February 20 2020 10:25PM

One of the biggest differences between First American and other home warranty companies is that the online claiming tool. It’s tough enough to look for people who would do a good job at home repair and the ability to file a warranty claim online just makes everything a lot more convenient.

Kate A.
Phoenix, AZ
February 11 2020 10:33PM

Before getting a home warranty, I had a hard time getting contractors to fix anything. Now that we have First American, we just make a call and let them do the rest, from scheduling the house visit to reimbursing the contractor. It just doesn’t save time; it also saves money.

Dina R.
Phoenix, AZ
February 05 2020 9:31PM

Filing claims for home warranties is a very tedious task. I need to get my documents together and talk to different people. But it’s less of a pain with First American Home Warranty. They have someone who will guide you through the process and make sure that you do everything the right way.

Raymond E.
Phoenix, AZ
February 01 2020 6:12PM

I would never buy from these crooks. They don’t want to fix covered items because they claim they are too expensive. What’s the point of the warranty then? I called in and got a middle eastern rep and asked for a supervisor and she said she doesn’t know who that is or what any of the supervisors names are. I don’t know if she didn’t understand English or she was just stupid.

I wrote a bad review on another site and they said they need more info, which I gave them. I provided that and never heard back from them. They are the worst company and contract with shoddy companies that don’t want to do the work. Find a company that cares about customer service, because this company sure doesn’t.

Pamela T.
Camarillo, CA
January 26 2020 9:26PM

I have been trying to get my dishwasher fixed for almost 3 months. First American assigned me a contractor that never answers the phone or shows up. First American refused to give me a new contractor. They are supposed to be replacing my dishwasher soon. I put in my first service call on 11/2/19 and it's now 1/26/2020. I will never purchase First American again.

Shauna K.
Tampa, FL
January 22 2020 12:09AM

Contractors First American (FA) use typically have bad reviews on Yelp, Angies List and Home Advisor. You have no say in the contractor selection. Dialogue is through FA private message system and not user friendly. Customer Service is horrific and escalation is problematic at best. I wasted weeks trying to get my heater fixed! I got this warranty through my home purchase, I will not renew when due!

Kirk N.
Long Beach, CA
January 20 2020 9:15PM

I had an issue with scheduling a repair call with First American, mostly because I travel for work a lot and the repair people they send don’t work on weekends. But when we were able to agree to a time, their people showed up and did what they had to do.

Hilda C.
Phoenix, AZ
January 13 2020 9:43PM

I realized my appliances needed protection last year when my fridge’s warranty ran out. The repair costs were so high that I decided to buy a new fridge instead. When the warranty on my new refrigerator runs out, I’m getting First American because of their excellent reviews.

Gina M.
Phoenix, AZ
January 01 2020 4:01PM

I have been a customer for a while. In the very beginning, I was very pleased with First American and with the contractors, they would send out. Their customer service, reputation and service contractors have declined over the years. Now it is just completely unbearable and ridiculous.

Recently the day after Christmas our water just abruptly stopped, I did a claim and setup an appointment for the next day with the contractor. After waiting from 12-4, the contractor did not show up. I called them and they said we would find out what’s going on and call up back. 30 mins later after no I call back I called the contractor again and no answer.

I called First American who was no help for days claiming they could not find another company. Our family went without water for 3 days during a holiday break until finally on Sunday they let me get my own contractor. I was able to get a contractor in 5 mins through HomeAdvisor. Now I have to wait for however long to be reimbursed after going through a million hoops for them to approve an amount over $125.

Fast forward to Monday over main house pipe is backed up, did a claim got assigned a contractor, made a appt for new year’s eve between 1 to 4. Contractor never showed up and did not answer call. Again, First American can provide no other companies or options. My husband is going to rent a snake his self and unclog the drain.

I am currently researching other options for warranty companies; I will not be staying with First American. They have horrible customer service and limited contractors that are unprofessional, reliable or even care. I took 2 days off work without pay to wait for nonexistence contractors.

Alvinia J.
Virginia Beach, SELECT A STATE
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