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First American Home Warranty

4.3 Stars (288 Reviews)
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Updated: April 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Founded in 1984, First American Home Warranty offers three home warranty service plans to homeowners and real estate professionals and three flat service fee options. Home warranties are available in 35 states nationwide.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.3 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

You can tailor a First American Home Warranty using add-on coverage to fit more specific appliances you may have in your home.

288 First American Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

August 27 2019 12:38AM

Never buy from first American because you will be last, the took my money sent 3 plumbers out and nobody did anything, one company didn't have the right license, my house was leaking water over 10 day and it will still be leaking waiting on first American.

Customer service is bad, they take your money and never fix anything even if it's on your contract they will find a way to not fix anything, I demand my money back and I will be contacting the Someone higher to report you guys. Fyi they still have not fixed my plumbing problems it's been 3 weeks. Wow.

Xavier W.
Las Vegas, NV
1 Star

August 24 2019 7:46PM

I've been told by other new home buyers that a home warranty is a joke. Now that I've experienced First American Warranty, I have to agree. They will come up with a lot of excused not to cover a legitimate claim. And doesn't seem to be any recourse, other than to submit more proof and have the claim consistently denied each time.

My advice is if your seller is required to provide a home warranty, get the cash instead. Especially if it's from First American Home Warranty. At least you'll have a little bit of cash to go towards fixing something yourself that should have been covered by the home warranty. First American Home Warranty is worthless.

Mike B.
Laguna Niguel, CA
1 Star

August 16 2019 11:00AM

It's been over 2 weeks without AC. This company quotes you non-existent guidelines constantly to refuse to do crap. They give days on days to allow for their refusal to do anything. Then they refuse to pay for the items you need replaced. All in all COMCAST HAS BETTER CUSTOMER SERERVICE THAN THIS. Unprofessional company stay far away.

Mike D.
No, GA
1 Star

August 14 2019 6:32PM

Worse home warranty that could be out there. I purchased a house and added home warranty they were soo good to collect the money, however I reported that my A/C was not working at all. They sent a technician and he stated that the compressor was bad and that the whole unit needed to be replaced. It took them more than a week after calling them soo many times for them to tell me that the claim was denied, their reason was because the unit was too old and it had pre existing problems. My question is why would they even offer coverage for what they call. Old equipment if they wont even repair or replace... They shouldnt... SCAMMMMM.

Andres M.
Houston, TX
1 Star

August 14 2019 12:52AM

This company is horrible and they treat customer like ** and on top of all that they will screw you big time. And too rude to let you know what is going on till you are aggravate ** and do it all on your own. I have paid them good money each month for years and when I need them they screw us. I will never pay another penny to them every again. Way to take my money each month and never do anything for it **.

P R.
Bakersfield, CA
1 Star

August 09 2019 8:56PM

First Year was good. I had just purchased a house and it come with First American Home Warranty. I add extra coverage, few months in my washer went out. Call problem. Was fit with in 48 hours, Second year I renew few months later ac wasn’t blowing cold. Called, send a scammer out. All his reviews, all bad 3 pages. First American Home Warranty denied coverage base on the scammer. Sent me pictures of the reason coverage was denied. WOW this wasn’t my unit. Told them, sent pictures with my name and contract number in pictures to show this is mine. Ask for a new company to come check and take new picture to show what my unit look like, they said no. I call HQ. No luck. I just cancel and make a point to tell every one don’t do business with First American Home Warranty.

Moses S.
Lancaster, CA
1 Star

August 08 2019 11:26PM

With home warranty companies it comes down to claim service and contractor quality. FAHW failed me on both counts. When I filed an air conditioning claim I first waited two days for a callback and then they wanted me to wait 10 days for their contractor to come out.

I insisted on getting a local contractor of my choice who was willing to come out the same day, and they agreed I could do so. My contractor quickly diagnosed and solved the problem, a simple addition of refrigerant was all that was needed, at a total cost of $119.00.

I forwarded the email receipt to the claims people along with the contact information for the HVAC contractor. FAHW claims reps would not accept the receipt, first claiming they couldn't open it, and then that it was incomplete, and finally implying I was being dishonest in some vague way. I suggested that if they didn't like the receipt they could contact the contractor, but they refused. What a waste of my time over a minor repair! What would they be like with a major break down? I'm not wasting any more money finding out.

My premium money is going into a personal rainy day account and I'll save myself a lot of grief from this company.

Michael L.
1 Star

August 08 2019 7:59PM

Poor service from start to finish.

1. Calling to make a new claim. Place on hold waiting (15 mins) to speak with customer service. The call center is located in some South American country. Once you get past the language barrior they submit your claim.

2. The contracted agent normally FAHW works with one or two for entire DFW area, so you know the service is going to be delated. Last time contractor cancelled 5 times.

3. The contractor will text or call an give you a 4-5 hour window when they can come out. So your waiting, then they call to cancel or reschedule another day. Just a big waste for my time.

4. When they do show up they look for reasons not to fix the unit. Like the last time my ice maker wasn't working.. they check the water flow into the refrig. and said it didn't have enough pressure to test the ice maker. So instead of hooking up to a water nearby faucet they wanted the line replaced.

He couldn't replace the line himself because he is not a plumber. Really so sad they techs are held back for getting the job done even on simple repairs. After having the home warranty insurance for 20 years and have spent nearly $12,000.00 in premiums and the cost of total repairs you received might be $1,000.00 it not worth the hoops you have to jump through for First American to do their job.

Most definitely not worth it. They have driven their operating cost down so low. By going out of the country to handle claim calls, by finding contactors willing to work for so little. That is the reason they have so few contractor for the DFW area. The customer suffers the most. The only ones getting the best service are the owner, management etc.. certainly not the customers.

1 Star

August 08 2019 3:40PM

TWO Months without A/C with no end in sight. They do not live up to the hype and do not care about their customers (let alone caring about their customer’s situations as if they were their own- which is a survey question repeatedly asked).

They refuse to tell you what’s going on with your repair/replacement and continually schedule incredibly sub-par contractors to come out to work on *your* property. If we don’t get a say in what happens, we at least have the right to know *what* is going on on our property.

Their claims resolution “specialists” are a joke. I’ve had only *one* decent one and I’ve spoken with over nine. Do not use this company!! Update: FAHW reached out and put a new specialist, Mariela (x3660) on our claim after I wrote this review. Mariela called and spoke with us then sent an email with her contact information, which we thought was a step in the right direction. Then she promptly stopped updating us or letting us know what’s going on with our claim and it will be two weeks tomorrow since her first (and last) communication with us.

We still have no idea when our unit will be replaced and we’ve just endured the two hottest months on record... in the history of temperature recordings, without full A/C upstairs. Now our other A/C unit is starting to show signs of overstress due to having to compensate for no upstairs unit for two months. Update2: Just called again to get someone else to find out what’s going on and George with Claims Resolution (**) said he would do nothing but send me back to Mariela... who is the one not responding!

I told him I needed to talk to someone about moving the claim forward and she’s not answering any calls, emails or messages, and he said (in a nutshell) too bad- I am not going to help you or transfer you anywhere else. So then I call again and get Julie (**), who at least was able to send me to Mariela’s supervisor (via voicemail of course) to see if maybe the supervisor could do anything.

Again, we’ve been without A/C for *TWO MONTHS*.

Ashley E.
Suffolk, WV
1 Star

August 06 2019 6:44PM

This warranty company is a complete scam. We have owned our home and paid for this warranty for over 5 years in the hope that if something happens, we will be taken care of.

Our A/C has been going out and they will only approve the bare minimum to get it running again, if at all, only for the A/C to quit again in a few months. This has happened repeatedly. Now we are in the dead heat of an Arkansas summer with small children in the home and they are refusing to send someone out in a timely manner.

I have contacted all 4 of the only contracted A/C repair companies they have in this state and all have stated that if I were a cash paying customer they would come out today to diagnose the ongoing issue with our A/C unit but because I am a "First American Home Warranty Customer" it will be several days before they can even schedule us in, even when classified as an "emergency claim" FAHM.

I have called the warranty company multiple times, either get hung up on (2x now), or told "we don't have supervisors here" or "my phone doesn't allow for transfers to other people" and even spoke with what I was told was a supervisor. This man offered absolutely no resolution, nor did he seem interested in helping me as a paying customer to the company he is paid to work for.

Customer service and satisfaction is not a goal of this company. Taking your un-godly amounts of money each year with the false hope that they will be there to help when something goes wrong is what they specialize in. I don't see how anyone can give this company anything other than a 1 star review.

I would give it 0 stars if it allowed. Stay far far away from this company unless you truly enjoy throwing money down the drain each year and dealing with a bunch ** condescending representatives.

Nicole P.
Sherwood, AR
2 Stars

August 05 2019 10:46PM

First American let me down. Have an emergency problem since Sunday morning 30 hours ago. Had to call them because nobody came even though they already took the service fee from my account. Twenty minutes ago I received a call from the plumber who stated he just got the e-mail. Very poor service.

Anita M.
Colorado Springs, CO
1 Star

August 02 2019 9:12PM

Had 1st American Home Warranty from Dec. 2016 to June 28, 2019. Cancelled due to selling insured home. Since cancelling on June 28, 2019, no refund of remainder of paid premium... 5 weeks, no money. These crooks owe me about $219. Communication is made nearly impossible, despite a conversation with Jemma ** in June 28th. No excuse!!!!

Rob R.
Eugenr, OR
1 Star

August 01 2019 9:16PM

My AC has been down 3, going on 4 months. I called for help immediately. The first tech came 3 days later and stated we had a burned out engine. Seemed simple. The we heard nothing from them for a week. I called and they said the motor was on order.

Another week, the motor arrives. Another week, a tech shows up. But instead of walking in with a motor, he inspects the air handler and declares it is all bad and needs to be replaced. Then it takes a long time for the air handler. Then they tell me there will be an $1100 surcharge. I was livid.

I stewed for a week, and then agreed to the charge, realizing that I'd pay double if I went on my own. The warranty company said they approved the extra charge by the vendor. It's has been 3 weeks now since I agreed to the EXTRA charge, and I am still waiting to be scheduled for work.

Worst service experience ever. I really think the 2nd tech, fat, could hardly get up the ladder, simply did not want to work replacing the motor for an hour in my attic, so he declared the whole thing bad. Meanwhile we suffer in the Texas heat and humidity.

Marty R.
San Antonio, TX
1 Star

July 30 2019 11:34PM

Called in a claim on a Friday for my ac not working (ac is essential living in AZ especially in July). They assigned a contractor to me but they weren’t able to see me till that next Wednesday so First American found another contractor. I called them and they told me they were too busy and to call First American back. So after calling First American back, they said to try the second contractor again because they should have time. I have been getting the run around since Friday and it’s now Tuesday and my ac hasn’t been looked at. I have been on hold for over 30 minutes waiting to speak with someone about my problem. Very disappointed with First American and would never recommend them to anyone, I will go out of my way to tell people not to go with this company. Terrible service.

Samantha E.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

July 28 2019 3:30AM

This company seems to be a scam. Our oven has been out for weeks. The repair guy was here a week ago at 6 on a Friday after it had been dead one week. We didn't hear from him again until today on Saturday a week later at 7pm. He left a voicemail. I could have been here if he had bothered to call ahead. I guess he only works repairs part time evenings and weekends and doesn't know about the internet where you can get a part for most anything in 3 days.. I emailed the company and got a call last Wednesday. I finally hung up on the nice lady that was trying to convince me their crappy service was to be expected.

Francis L.
Hurricane, WV
1 Star

July 28 2019 1:29AM

This company is the absolute worst!!! Besides the facts that I never get an American or English speaking person they are incompetent!!! A week without AC and they’ve sent 2 different companies (who by the way are incompetent themselves) and when I call to find out status it’s just one excuse after another. They just do not care about their customers or the situation, it’s all about how they can spend the least amount of money fixing your problem. One manager told me, “you’re not the only one without air conditioning, and that companies are working overtime to fix all the problems” BUT you got 2 companies to come out and diagnose my issue after you didn’t like the 1st companies diagnosis. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I’m reporting them to the BBB.

Matthew P.
Bensalem, PA
1 Star

July 25 2019 7:18PM

Working with this company has been the worst experience I’ve ever had. All the previous complaints are exactly what I have gone through as well; non-communication, sending inexperienced technicians, poor customer service and delaying of jobs. I work in real estate and so I tell everyone I know to avoid FAHW.

Paul M.
Medford, OR
1 Star

July 24 2019 8:30PM

Terrible service and I've been paying $75 pm. My fridge went down on a Tuesday morning they got one contractor who said they could come the next Monday. Not acceptable so I call 5 more times they change to someone who can come Saturday. Still not acceptable. Called Again. They said I could request another change. All my food is rotting. They don't care but charged $75 pm for years. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE.

Louise B.
San Diego, CA
1 Star

July 24 2019 4:12PM

Terrible company. What a colossal waste of my money. I had a contract on a rental property. The AC went out so I placed a claim. It took forever to get someone out there. The contractor said the unit needed to be replaced but the warranty company would only pay to have it repaired. They have been out four times replacing different parts. It just keeps going out. It’s July in Arkansas so it has been sweltering. This has been going on for 6-7 weeks. I have cancelled the policy and will pay for a new unit out of my pocket. Save your money! Dealing with those people is more stressful than just shelling out the money for whatever is needed.

Sharon C.
Conway, AR
1 Star

July 23 2019 5:39AM

Very bad company, will come up with excuses why they cant cover you and they will still charge you a service fee, and the contractors they send to you work for them they get paid to come up with reasons for the insurance company not to cover you.

Jose P.
Yuma, AZ
1 Star

July 19 2019 10:33PM

Worst company ever. The plumbers that were sent complained that they don't get paid good for warranty work. One plumber said he was still a little drunk from the night before. So the plumbers stated that they had top basically tear up 2 walls knowing that the company would not cover it. We told them where they needed to go to fix the problem. 2 plumbers came out stated the same thing. My husband said forget it and with a $9.99 snake from Walmart fixed the backup problem. The insurance company WOULD NOT reimburse our $75 deductible. Don't use them. You will be scammed by the plumbers they send out

Brian W.
Lompoc, CA
1 Star

July 19 2019 2:29PM

Customer service was kind, but this is a waste of money. You can only use their contractors, many of whom are too busy to get back to you or to complete work. Call after call resulted in nothing. Even when parts are ordered, you cannot get them and use your own installer/contractor. You have to reorder or cash out which can take days. Would never recommend - make sure you read the fine print. Parts may be covered but you're still out hundreds with labor and other costs.

Ellen N.
Fremont, OH
1 Star

July 18 2019 4:49AM

Do yourself a favor and stay away from First American Home Warranty! As a first time home buyer I'm incredibly disappointed with the services from this company. We called them to fix a leak in the bathroom. First they canceled the original appointment because they claimed that they had the wrong address. The appointment was reschedule to a few days later.

When the day came, they called a few hours before schedule and tried to cancel it again saying that they were running behind. I mentioned that I had left work to open the house for their visit, and that I'd want them to come. Long story short, an "employee" named GERA showed up 3 hours later, he did not come in a work related vehicle and did not bring any tools with him. I met him outside the house and walked him inside to where the issue was (a continuous leak in our shower).

Gera took a few photos (on his cell phone)of the shower and handed me a receipt stating that I owe $75.00 (cash only). I kindly told him that I do not mind paying but he did not service anything and that I wanted a work order made or service done before I pay. Gera did not state anything about what he or the company will do or let me know of any service that would be needed. He simply said that was okay and walked out of the house. I did not hear back from the company again.

I, as a woman, thought that this was the most unusual service situation and was completely uncomfortable with his late hour, not work related car, no tools, and him asking for cash. I had to go outside the company and get the leak fixed by another outside company and paid my own money. Later I received a call from First American stating that I had an outstanding balance for work the bathroom work that they claimed to have done themselves. After explaining the situation they demanded proof that I had gotten the service done by another company.

After providing them with the information they requested, I was surprised to receive a letter from a collections agency requesting the payment. I also noticed that my case has moved from closed to re-opened without my knowledge. This situation is ridiculous, I had to spend more money to get the bathroom serviced, and also my personal time on phone calls and sending emails to this company and they are still trying to charge me like they completed work at my house. I would NEVER recommend this company to any friends/relatives, and it has dramatically shaken my belief in the "home insurance" market. One star is more than they deserve.

Get it together First American!!!

Kristina S.
Mission Viejo, CA
1 Star

July 15 2019 6:29PM

Do not open an account with First American Home Warranty. AC stopped blowing cold air May 18 so I called an opened a claim. With 100 + Texas heat today is July 15 and my AC is still broken and not being serviced. I have the Premier Plan with Central AC and first class upgrade. Every time I call First America, I receive a new / different representative who is clueless, makes excuses, victim blames, reads off inaccurate notes created by previous employees, and asks for more money.

John S.
1 Star

July 12 2019 5:10PM

I just purchased my home and bought the top of the line coverage- Eagle Plan for $600 a year. Recently moved into my house and had a plumbing/leak issue in both bathtubs so I called to use my plan's coverage today. But, when the technician called his First American to find out about my coverage... they told him my issues were not going to be covered due to my only living in my house a week. They called it a pre-existing condition and had I waited another month, then my plumbing would have been covered. WOW!!!!! So, I paid the tech the $75 service fee only to find this out. VERY, VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS.

Deborah D.
Humble, TX
1 Star

July 10 2019 4:35PM

Day 10! Only service from First American Home Warranty was to dispatch a company, (not from our area). The technician spent 10 minutes, rushed so fast to next call, he forgot his tool in the yard. Next day when questioning the procedures for making repairs/vs replacement of our ac unit, the tech stated, "they (FAHW) won't listen to me!

More discussion, tech became agitated, threw work order at me, 70 year old, woman, cursed....Started to bolt from the house. My husband tried talking to him, received more Curse words! Felt physical fearful by his lack of composure. Since then, we have called 2 times a day, everyday! Asked to send an independent estimate for replacement of indoor, outdoor unit. We complied. Constantly given different names & extensions to call. Left messages everyday! (begging for answers & call backs). DAY TEN, part not ordered, service call not scheduled.

THIS WAS CALLED IN AS AN EMERGENCY CALL, DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES & OVER 100 DEGREES HEAT FACTOR. *****I wouldn't spend a nickel for this verbal, physical intimidation, manipulation, and NO SERVICE***** SHAME ON ANY EMPLOYEE WHO HAS DEALT WITH US! We are escaping heat in public buildings, SENIOR CITIZENS, OVER 70 years old. NIGHTMARE WITH FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY CONTINUES!

L P.
Pflugerville, TX
1 Star

July 09 2019 6:09PM

Communication is horrible - they don't return calls or emails - When I first got the warranty things went well - but now that I need my AC coil replaced the company they sent out wants to charge me an extra $720 for work that is not covered and not necessary (I had a second opinion done). I have been waiting since June 28th for Bestway Mechanical to call me to explain why they think the charges are needed today is July 9. I have made 3 phone calls to the warranty company asking about the charges and they told me that if I refused to pay Bestway Mechanical to do the non-covered work they would not pay to have my coil replaced. Then I was told there was a cash out option - they gave me an amount but REFUSE to give me the break down - part - labor - freon. I asked to speak to Marie supervisor and she hung up on me and when I called back the next person I talked to told me that the cash out option had been deleted.

Chris L.
Simpsonville, SC
1 Star

July 09 2019 3:17PM

First American is a total scam. They work with only the cheapest and worst contractors. I bought a new home that had an old AC unit and tried for three years to replace it, but First American would only cover adding in more freon, at $600- $900 cost to me.

Finally when freon was outlawed they agreed to replace it, but would only cover the cheapest unit. The contractor they sent did not show up twice, and then installed a new AC without replacing the old hardware! The new unit overflowed, stopped working, flooded my apartment and my downstairs neighbor's apartment. They charged me $600 on top of the installation for a crane, but didn't even use a crane and never refunded me. I had to pay $5200 for the unit, having a professional HVAC company come to repair the damages they caused, to repair my floor and my neighbor's ceiling.

The HVAC company suggested suing them, their installation work was so bad. It's now been 2 months of endless emails, phone calls, etc. trying to get this resolved. I did not have any AC in the DC heat for over one month. First American refuses to cover any of the expenses and says that the “Company is not responsible for consequential, incidental, emotional distress, pain or suffering, tort or exemplary damages, secondary damage, loss resulting from the malfunction of any Item, or a Contractor’s delay or neglect in providing, or failing to provide, repair or replacement of an Item.”


Joya B.
Washington, DC
1 Star

July 09 2019 12:09AM

Don't, just don't use this company. Four months without a refrigerator and now got to the point where I just ordered and paid for a replacement myself. They refused to repair it after a couple of service calls, then low balled on a replacement with a budget brand that wouldn't match with the rest of my kitchen appliances ("same features" as my KitchenAid apparently), then they offered less than half of the cash value to buy a new one. Totally insulting after spending so much and waiting so long. Zero point in a warranty, zero point in buying their upgrades, zero point in this company actually existing.

Andrew S.
Los Angeles, CA
1 Star

July 08 2019 11:06PM

FAHW sends contractor out today after my ac had been out since last Thursday. I told their dispatcher what was wrong with my ac, due to this being an ongoing issue for the last 3 years. It has a leak and when the freon gets low it freezes up. Each summer FAHW sends a contractor out and tells them just to fill up the freon before they even look at the ac unit. I was told that this was the only thing this company would do to fix the issue. Last summer the contractor told me the next step would be to have the unit replaced. This contractor was very upfront when he arrived and also stated that this company had stopped using him for months because he would recommend parts be replaced, and the company just wanted him to do as little as possible to fix the issue without costing them much money. I was very pleased with the contractor sent out, due to him being upfront and honest. I am very displeased with FAHW and their crooked business. I bought their warranty for a piece of mind, but will now be dropping them because their service is horrible and crooked. STAY AWAY FROM FAHW!!!!!

William S.
Corryton, TN
1 Star

July 08 2019 6:07PM

I would strongly advise against purchasing a home warranty through this company. Had nothing but problems with them and it was a huge waste of money. Called them to check the attic for mice as we were hearing noises. The first vendor came out (I missed work to meet him) and said he was too busy with his regular customers and did not have a ladder to access the attic. They sent out a second vendor and he said their company is not allowed to go on the roof (I missed work again). They still insisted on their $75.00 service call. So, please be aware that they can just send vendors to your home that do nothing and they'll still want their $75.00.

M H.
Orange, CA
5 Stars

July 08 2019 4:20PM

FAHW is a great co and you get what you pay for folks. Hm warranty co’s Do not pay for everything but they are a great source when a major system or appliance goes out. Yes, I may have to pay for some code updates or home modifications or other based on which plan I have but for the most part, FAHW has saved me TONS of money for what I paid to have it, about $450. So I say, read any contract you sign, know what is and is not covered and know the warranty co’s Are not an emergency service or a 100% pay all gig. But you will save thousands of dollars when a big ticket item goes out as opposed to paying all 100% if you didn't have the home warranty so THANKS FIRST AMERICAN. You’ve done a great job for me =-)

Beverley F.
Dallas, TX
1 Star

July 05 2019 10:42PM

Do not use this company. What a joke and a scam. They are trying to tell me that a lizard is my pet and they don’t cover repairs that are caused by my pet! Cancelling my service with this lousy company.

Dana M.
Houston, TX
1 Star

July 05 2019 7:13PM

The worst home warranty ever. Stay away. I don't know where they got their high rating. I have been without air conditioning since Sunday, and today is Friday. They sent the compressor to the distributor the specialist assigned to my claim refused to pick up "because he does not go to Phoenix." He claims First American has been changing the distributor for no reason. I am seventy years old and have a heart problem.

Ewa B.
Tempe, AZ
1 Star

July 03 2019 8:51PM

This company is a ripoff! I don't know how their ratings come up so high, because the service is terrible. They find a reason to deny coverage for even the smallest claim (AC drip pan causing leakage.) Read the fine print carefully because you will find that very little is actually covered once you submit a claim. I'm glad our coverage year is almost complete so we can go with a different warranty company. Stay away from First American.

Nancy N.
Mesa, AZ
1 Star

July 03 2019 1:15AM

Bought a home and received FAHW from seller. Hired local contractor to do routine maintenance on my heat pump system. He took cover off of gas furnace and found leak in draft diffuser that was leaking carbon monoxide into my crawl space. Guess what. Not covered. It could only kill me. Here’s the scam. Take sellers money. Then deny coverage whenever buyer files a claim. Don’t waste your time with these thieves!

Greg E.
Lexington, KY
1 Star

June 29 2019 6:18PM

Very frustrating experience I had with the First American Home Warranty! My dishwasher’s control board is not working. For the last 3 weeks, I kept calling the warranty company and hearing different stories from the warranty team than the technicians from the appliance and plumbing companies. Yes plumbing too.. even though the technician from the appliance company didn’t tell me about a need for a plumber, the warranty team insisted on that. The plumber came and said everything is fine and even asked me why he was scheduled to come. Then the appliance technician came again and confirmed that the issue was with the control board ie. buttons are not working. I even recorded what the technician said and sent it to the warranty. Guess what they reported back- there is an issue with the plumbing/ air gap and it is not covered. Unbelievable, back and forth 10+ calls, 10+ hours.. such a waste of time and resources and money for sure...

Ifakat N.
Encinitas, CA
1 Star

June 25 2019 2:23AM

We contacted the company around 7pm as the a/c in our home was not cooling, much less even coming on. I spoke with an employee who first told me they could not send 1 of the 9 24/hour a/c companies due to high call volumes regarding a/c. Upon me mentioning the number of companies in the area, he then revised and stated that it was actually due to my call being “normal” priority. I stated several times that I had two infants, one with breathing problems, myself being pregnant, and my husband being asthmatic. I eventually spoke with a supervisor whom I relayed all this information and he stated that even with our situation that the house would first need to reach 100 degrees in order to receive an updated priority. Our house was at 85 degrees and climbing. I told the supervisor, Nelson, to email me a documented refusal with all information included and have yet to receive this information. Absolutely the worst home warranty company we could have chosen.

Antaya J.
Pensacola, FL
1 Star

June 24 2019 1:54PM

I had to post one star just to review them and warn everyone about the scam between First American and their contractor Master Tech. We have been a First American customer for more than nine years and our A/C failed in May. We live in Texas and the heat is oppressive this time of year.

First American sent Master Tech Heating and Air to repair system. They finally showed up five days later and told us our system components which had worked great for nine years were incompatible and had to be replaced and were not covered in First American’s contract. We requested a second opinion from First American and their second contractor, Crows A/C said the nothing was incompatible and a minor part needed to be replaced.

Four weeks later, First American continues to lie and delay. Several former customers of First American have posted reviews implying a complicit scam between First American and Master Tech to cheat customers into spending thousands of dollars needlessly. Please read the YELP reviews as well and beware.

Ted A.
McKinney, TX
1 Star

June 20 2019 2:23PM

Poor customer service/no service, I've had no ac for 3 weeks and first American shifted blame on the contractor... that they picked. Turns out they never authorized the part. 3 weeks into this fight they tell me this part is still under a warranty with the manufacturer and that I need to call them. This is the worst experience. If you complain about anything they just ignore it and proceed to there will send an email or make a call. What a joke. They just take your money and do there very best to try and get out of spending anything to make a repair 3 weeks with no ac in 98 degree weather and it's just a blower motor. Image if it was the whole unit ...

Wes W.
Milton, FL
1 Star

June 19 2019 7:57PM

Very disappointed in the company when it comes to resolving problems. Constant arguing to get things done. They refused to repair a pump for our pool spillway. Called it decorative fountain. Really is a significant part of our filtering system. They really disappointed us for a $350 repair. I’m sure I will hear from them now!!!

Leslie W.
La Quinta, CA
1 Star

June 19 2019 4:02AM

This company is a joke. I first purchased this company as a package with my closing escrow. Months later my refrigerator broke down so I called them to make a claim, they send a horrible company that hasn’t been able to fix my refrigerator almost two months later. This afternoon I called to request them to send another company to fix my refrigerator so they told me that there’s nothing they can do because I am still under the first company warranty. I was so mad because this issue it has cost me a lot of money already besides the deductible I had already throw all the food of my refrigerator three times, that’s not counting that my husband go food poisoning once because of the refrigerator temperature, they offer to rent a refrigerator or to buy an used one, I agree with them, when I asked to find a rental company to deliver the refrigerator they told me that they can’t because that’s not included on the warranty. So they want me to pay $300 for the rental plus delivery! That’s just not right. So my advice for those who are looking for a home warranty is do not waste your money in companies like this.

Doricela V.
San Diego, CA
1 Star

June 18 2019 3:41AM

My garage door spring broke and I called First American Home Warranty to have a tech to come out and when the two guys came out and they said we would have to pay $95.00 for coming out and we need all these things replaced and it would cost close to $400.00 or more. FAHW said they can give me a buy out, but I would have to pay to change the garage back to the original form and they would give me only $200.00. So today my garage door clasped and now we have no choice, but to pay this other company $600.00 tonight...

Felecia A.
Camp Springs, MD
1 Star

June 17 2019 11:59PM

These people are the rudest customer service I have ever dealt with. I will be cancelling my contract even thought they have been my provider for 6 years now. Every single time it is a fight just to have a service company return my call.

First they left me without a bathroom to use for more than 3 days and now it is my kitchen sink which I am unable to use for at least 4 days. That means eating each meal outside my home for myself and my family. I do not have that money to waste. This is a very expensive policy to have. I pay on time and I pay and tip the service people.

However, 1st American is IMPOSSIBLE to deal with. They are UNRELIABLE AND RUDE BEYOND REASON, JUST ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! It will be very easy for me to Google another home warranty company and make the change. They refuse to reassign my claim even though I am not happy with their service provider.

They insist on sending a provider that is not even in my COUNTY when they have a service provider who is right in my area and has serviced me before. And, to top off the whole mess, their billing department sends numerous statements starting 2 months prior to the plan expiration date demanding payment! As a senior, I feel very uncomfortable with the service providers they use and feel the RUDENESS I experience is far from necessary!

I suggest you all run like the wind from this horrible mess of a company!! I would stare into a million blazing suns before calling them again for anything!!!

Marney C.
Camarillo, CA
1 Star

June 17 2019 10:44PM

If I could give minus stars I could. Worst experience ever!!!! Have been without Air Conditioning since May 20. Contractor Total Air Care supposed to finally be here June 19th. Tech came out May 29 said it was evaporator coil. Waiting on part. Two weeks, part can’t be found, ( another company found one for $1100.00) Somehow without my approval, it was decided to install a new heat pump/ac. At a cost of $800.00 to me. Supervisor gave me incorrect extension to follow up with. Customer resolution person was totally useless. I had to darn near do all coordinating with contractor. Offered $100 towards A/C our windows would not accommodate. We have plenty of fans. Temps upwards of 84 in our home. We are senior citizens and this has been detrimental to our health. We have two parrots, a cat and dog so couldn’t even go to hotel. Food ruined, doors warped. Wrote letter to President of company will see what happens. Electrical contractors were very good though and we have used them several times. Stay away from this company. They hold you hostage. Glad it came with the home purchase and we didn’t pay for it!!!!

Sonni J.
Landrum, SC
1 Star

June 10 2019 4:22AM

The best thing that I can say about this company is to avoid them like the plague. Customer service is so bad. The company was called because I had an AC problem. The company used out of the area (like 450 miles away from my location) to do a service call. The vendor that came out to my house was not knowledgable about the problem. I ended up telling the warranty company is just forget it and that I would get someone local to take care of the problem. Even though it took a few extra days to get the part in for my AC it was well worth the wait. I will not be using this home warranty company again.

Pam T.
Odessa, TX
1 Star

June 07 2019 3:36PM

Worst experience!! Our tenants oven went out, we sent our own inspector in and he advised that oven needed to be replaced, or wait at least 30 days for part replacement. First American finally sent someone in inspection, they said they couldn't make a determination because they weren't familiar with the oven. First American wanted us to wait for another inspector. Tenant in the mean time was refusing to pay rent. We replaced oven and were willing to accept a lower partial payment of what would have been the cost to repair the old oven. instead received extremely rude customer service.. basically said, too bad you didn't follow their policy.

Joseph C.
Newark, CA
1 Star

June 03 2019 10:48PM

My experience with First American Home Warranty is horrible. They send people out to your place have fix stuff and you have to call them back out to fix your same issue over and over and over again.

Alycia S.
Gardena, CA
1 Star

June 03 2019 10:06PM

FIRST AMERICAN IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I CAN ONLY ECHO THE OTHER REVIEWS ON THIS SITE AND WISH I HAD READ THEM EARLIER. My family has been without AC for over a week and FAHW has done nothing but give us the run around about how to find a solution. I just want them to do what they said they would do when we paid for the warranty. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE A PLAGUE.

Savannah M.
Magnolia, TX
1 Star

June 01 2019 5:14PM

The service is horrible. I made a claim on June the 13th I believe 2019. For my garage door. On the 17th of June 2019 the technician from Sears showed up. After testing he said the garage door opener needs to be replaced. I paid him my deductible which is 75 and he wrote his report. I called the insurance 3 days later to check on the status of my order, they told me, "Sears dont install garage doors so we have to find you someone else to come to diagnostics the garage door." I was like "why can't you send me someone to install my garage door since you already have the report from Sears." They were like "we need the 2nd opinion." The second opinion came from the Dayton garage door. The guy as soon as he got there he was like "it's the light bulbs issue." I looked at him and I said, "you need to get the hell out of my home." And he left. Long story short today is the 2nd of June 2019. Just got off the phone with them. They are saying they couldn't get hold or the contractor is not responding. I called 20 times at least no answer. They are liars, they will RIP you off and they are the worst in buisness. Stay away from them and save yourself money and headaches.

Kevin E.
Fairfield, OH