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First American Home Warranty

4.3 Stars (288 Reviews)
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Updated: April 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Founded in 1984, First American Home Warranty offers three home warranty service plans to homeowners and real estate professionals and three flat service fee options. Home warranties are available in 35 states nationwide.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.3 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

You can tailor a First American Home Warranty using add-on coverage to fit more specific appliances you may have in your home.

288 First American Home Warranty Reviews

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5 Stars

March 05 2020 8:01PM

I received a home warranty from my parents when I moved out, and I was so thankful I have the plan. My water heater and electrical system both gave out at the same time, and First American Home Warranty came to my rescue.

Madison E.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

February 27 2020 9:06PM

The conduit in our low voltage system was not working and the company said it was covered and sent out an electrician. The electrician said he did not know how to fix it. We called another electrician outside of the warranty company who came out and in less than an hour had the problem fixed. We then received a bill for 75.00 from First American Home Warranty for the electrician they sent that did nothing. We called, were put on hold for over half an hour and then they hung up on their end. They never called back. We will never refer them to others and never renew with them.

John W.
Half Moon Bay, CA
5 Stars

February 26 2020 4:58PM

As a First American client for more than a decade now, I’ve had my share of service calls – broken water heaters, frozen pipes, clogged drains. You name it, my house has had it. Thank goodness First American has been there for us all those years. They’ve made home maintenance and repair a lot less complicated.

James L.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

February 21 2020 9:16PM

Probably one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. Started a service request November 11th, 2019 for upstairs heat pump not working. February 21st, 2020, still not repaired and not working. Can't ever speak to a supervisor or management. Was told by the first contractor that they replaced the compressor in the outside unit. Found out it was NEVER touched, asked for a second opinion, but the new contractor was too high in pricing for their liking.

Now being told that I have to let the first vendor(who fraudulently filed a claim for a repair and lied to me and FAHW) return to complete a repair, or do a buyout for only $738.15. Someone from FAHW should have called me to apologize and make things right, not me having to call First American! Bottom line is, will not renew my contract, and would NEVER recommend this company to anyone ever!

James L.
1 Star

February 21 2020 2:58PM

My AC was not fixed. My AC wasn’t cooling and first American warranty is saying is not covered under warranty since it has zoning for upstairs and downstairs. When I paid $610 on Nov 2019 they were eager to take the money and assured me AC and heating system was covered.

Now that I need them they come up with excuses for not covering it. They said it cost over $5000 to be fix. What waste of $610 this company took from me. I think people should forget about warranty companies. They will not fix any high dollars items. Please do not use this company.

Jaleh D.
Conroe, TX
5 Stars

February 20 2020 10:25PM

One of the biggest differences between First American and other home warranty companies is that the online claiming tool. It’s tough enough to look for people who would do a good job at home repair and the ability to file a warranty claim online just makes everything a lot more convenient.

Kate A.
Phoenix, AZ
5 Stars

February 11 2020 10:33PM

Before getting a home warranty, I had a hard time getting contractors to fix anything. Now that we have First American, we just make a call and let them do the rest, from scheduling the house visit to reimbursing the contractor. It just doesn’t save time; it also saves money.

Dina R.
Phoenix, AZ
5 Stars

February 05 2020 9:31PM

Filing claims for home warranties is a very tedious task. I need to get my documents together and talk to different people. But it’s less of a pain with First American Home Warranty. They have someone who will guide you through the process and make sure that you do everything the right way.

Raymond E.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

February 01 2020 6:12PM

I would never buy from these crooks. They don’t want to fix covered items because they claim they are too expensive. What’s the point of the warranty then? I called in and got a middle eastern rep and asked for a supervisor and she said she doesn’t know who that is or what any of the supervisors names are. I don’t know if she didn’t understand English or she was just stupid.

I wrote a bad review on another site and they said they need more info, which I gave them. I provided that and never heard back from them. They are the worst company and contract with shoddy companies that don’t want to do the work. Find a company that cares about customer service, because this company sure doesn’t.

Pamela T.
Camarillo, CA
1 Star

January 26 2020 9:26PM

I have been trying to get my dishwasher fixed for almost 3 months. First American assigned me a contractor that never answers the phone or shows up. First American refused to give me a new contractor. They are supposed to be replacing my dishwasher soon. I put in my first service call on 11/2/19 and it's now 1/26/2020. I will never purchase First American again.

Shauna K.
Tampa, FL
1 Star

January 22 2020 12:09AM

Contractors First American (FA) use typically have bad reviews on Yelp, Angies List and Home Advisor. You have no say in the contractor selection. Dialogue is through FA private message system and not user friendly. Customer Service is horrific and escalation is problematic at best. I wasted weeks trying to get my heater fixed! I got this warranty through my home purchase, I will not renew when due!

Kirk N.
Long Beach, CA
5 Stars

January 20 2020 9:15PM

I had an issue with scheduling a repair call with First American, mostly because I travel for work a lot and the repair people they send don’t work on weekends. But when we were able to agree to a time, their people showed up and did what they had to do.

Hilda C.
Phoenix, AZ
5 Stars

January 13 2020 9:43PM

I realized my appliances needed protection last year when my fridge’s warranty ran out. The repair costs were so high that I decided to buy a new fridge instead. When the warranty on my new refrigerator runs out, I’m getting First American because of their excellent reviews.

Gina M.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

January 01 2020 4:01PM

I have been a customer for a while. In the very beginning, I was very pleased with First American and with the contractors, they would send out. Their customer service, reputation and service contractors have declined over the years. Now it is just completely unbearable and ridiculous.

Recently the day after Christmas our water just abruptly stopped, I did a claim and setup an appointment for the next day with the contractor. After waiting from 12-4, the contractor did not show up. I called them and they said we would find out what’s going on and call up back. 30 mins later after no I call back I called the contractor again and no answer.

I called First American who was no help for days claiming they could not find another company. Our family went without water for 3 days during a holiday break until finally on Sunday they let me get my own contractor. I was able to get a contractor in 5 mins through HomeAdvisor. Now I have to wait for however long to be reimbursed after going through a million hoops for them to approve an amount over $125.

Fast forward to Monday over main house pipe is backed up, did a claim got assigned a contractor, made a appt for new year’s eve between 1 to 4. Contractor never showed up and did not answer call. Again, First American can provide no other companies or options. My husband is going to rent a snake his self and unclog the drain.

I am currently researching other options for warranty companies; I will not be staying with First American. They have horrible customer service and limited contractors that are unprofessional, reliable or even care. I took 2 days off work without pay to wait for nonexistence contractors.

Alvinia J.
Virginia Beach, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

January 01 2020 4:12AM

Both times I needed work done on my garage door. First service guy, Mike screwed up my garage door and I informed First American they did not back up my complaints. Second time my garage door broke they send out a different guy but used the same company Ace garage and worker named Ali.

Duana M.
Visalia, CA
2 Stars

December 26 2019 11:24AM

I've had the policy for too long. I used it a few times. I often wonder why can't they deposit replacement costs in the account they debit for payment and service fees. It took 7 weeks for the check to replace my refrigerator. Not to mention, I had to call several times so a Rep could tell me they'll send a new one. The money was wasn't being tracked so no one could tell me if it had even been sent.

When the AC compressor broke, I called and told them the brand but they still sent a guy out that couldn't work on the unit. It was 110 degrees that week. I pay extra to cover small appliances and when they came to replace the above range microwave they tried to install something less comparable. The Rep said they only had to replace it with the correct size. I had to read the contract to him. I have been looking to replace my warranty with someone else but warranty companies are shady AF.

Sam B.
Va Beach, WV
3 Stars

December 20 2019 4:45PM

I am only changing my previous bad review because of Maria in customer service who was so nice and professional unlike the other Customer representative I spoke too who was so rude and refused to let me speak to a manager. Maria was so helpful and she offered me options for my mother’s situation. She allowed me to vent and offered alternatives.

Please find Maria and give her a well deserved recognition. I am still not happy about the company and service but, not everyone are rude, uncaring, and ignorant. There are still some good people that work for the company and for that I can’t completely give a poor review. Thank for Maria for caring about your customer. Sadly the girl I spoke to was black, so much unnecessary attitude.

Emem W.
Jacksonville, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

December 16 2019 4:33PM

We had our furnace go out in a home we purchased 2 months prior and called them the day it happened and was told a contractor will be contacting me in a few minutes to a few hours. Two days later I received notification from contractor who told me he would be out 5 days later!!!

When I had asked the contractor why it took 5 days he explained they didn't notify him for 2 days after I made the service request! Would have been able to make it out due to cancelation the day after I made the claim! Then I am told it will take 7-10 days for the part we need! (Could have got it two offline) They would not reimburse me if I purchased it! This company is nothing but a sham and a pain to deal with!

Thankfully I didn't pay for this warranty because it came with the purchase of the home! I would NEVER EVER recommend this company to my worst enemies!

David B.
Lambertville, MI
2 Stars

December 06 2019 3:37PM

I've been a customer for a while. In the very beginning, I was very pleased with First American and with the contractors they would send out. Their customer service was excellent and their contractors seemed to be vetted and did a great job. Now, I just don't know what's going on. Customer service is subpar, and the contractors that I've dealt with are even worse.

Gladys C.
Riverside, CA
2 Stars

December 06 2019 3:37PM

I've been a customer for a while. In the very beginning, I was very pleased with First American and with the contractors they would send out. Their customer service was excellent and their contractors seemed to be vetted and did a great job. Now, I just don't know what's going on. Customer service is subpar, and the contractors that I've dealt with are even worse.

Gladys C.
Riverside, CA
5 Stars

December 05 2019 9:48PM

So many things could go wrong if you’re a homeowner. One day it’s the heating system, the next day it’s the plumbing. Having a partner like First American Home Warranty puts me at ease, knowing that if something goes wrong (and something always does!), they’ll get it fixed right away.

Queenie C.
Phoenix, AR
1 Star

November 26 2019 9:04PM

This is a scam warranty services. Fraud warranty service. They just want your money in a technical way that you wouldn't realize. Very good at deception. I called for two services, one tech came to see the plumbing problem but he became so rude upon requesting look thoroughly, I even can't even express. Didn't fix the issues and reported completed.

The same thing happened in the electrical service, the tech didn't find the problem why my kitchen line was tripping and didn't fix anything. he told me that one fan going to replaced but never came back. They need $600 year and on the top your free $75.00 on each call. Very scum people. I would say think before you waste your money. if you don't believe me then you are welcome to give away your free money. All the best.

5 Stars

November 26 2019 7:50PM

As I travel a lot for work, I don’t have much time or energy to do repairs around the house. My water pipes burst for some reason last year, and my first thought was to call First American Home Warranty since I have a warranty plan with them. They came by and fixed everything. Haven’t had any leaks since.

Cindy S.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

November 25 2019 9:25PM

Have had a home warranty on our house with 1st American home warranty for 2 years & up until today they have been good to work with. The faucet on my shower won’t shut completely off so we called them to contact a plumber to get it repaired. Was told by Andrea ** to find our own plumber & they would reimburse us up to $125.00, if more we would have to call in & see if it would be approved... needless to say we won’t be contracting with them next year.

James B.
Piedmont, OK
1 Star

November 23 2019 12:40AM

Bad service, I've have used this co 2 years. The people they sent out are nasty. They act like their doing me a um free job. I have spent over 1200,00 and got nothing for my money, this co needs to stop and shut their doors. I'm not using the co any more. Cancel my account. Nov 2019. If you take any money from my account after Nov 2019 I will take action. Mrs Wayne **

Florence B.
Tucson, AZ
1 Star

November 22 2019 4:16PM

I requested service twice from them. Once for a locksmith and the second for my exhaust fan. Both times they made it difficult to accommodate my schedule. They give a 4 hr. window and the contractor has to order parts only when they are on-site, which means there will be two service calls at least, so need to sacrifice 8 hr. for a simple job. And the contractor’s workmanship is only good for 30 days.

My exhaust stopped working after 2 weeks from repair and I delayed in contacting them, and by the time I called it was past 30 days. Now I had to again pay $75 service fee to get the work initiated and again spend 8hr. just for the contractor to re-diagnose the problem. There are a lot of little thing they do to create annoyance so you don't use their service. I hope I had never signed-up for their service. Bait-and-switch sales practice. They talk of good service but make it difficult to use their service.

Raj V.
San Ramon, CA
1 Star

November 22 2019 2:40AM

I recently had warranty company send out a plumber because of low water pressure. We needed our pressure release valve replaced. The plumber that came could not locate it and said he wasn’t going to dig around for it. I was told if I located it to call back. Having a disabled husband and being his caregiver doesn’t afford me time to dig up a water line! I had to have another plumbing company come and locate valve and replace it. $1400 ok after I am trying to get warranty company to reimburse cost of work the plumber very easily and quickly did.

Sheila G.
Salem, OR
5 Stars

November 20 2019 9:18PM

I was having a Mother’s Day party when one of my pipes burst. I called them immediately, very frantic, and they sent someone right away. They saved my party and myself from humiliation. Worth every penny if you want to have peace of mind.

Cara L.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

November 20 2019 8:58PM

Stay away from this company. Better throw your money directly to the trash. After two weeks calling daily with no one calling back I get an appointment with a plumber from the insurance. He said that our shower broke because we misused it, so we have to pay the insurance+ the visit of his plumber+ our plumber and loose hours calling this company. Of course, the plumber we hired said that they did not see anything out of the ordinary in our shower, only normal wear and tear.

2 Stars

November 05 2019 5:41PM

After my hvac combo pack and as condemned they say they cover install of new unit, but then all cost was passed to me. The cash out option for installation was $250. So they are admitting that all cost is passed on to customer. Very disappointed. I would not recommend them.

Aimee A.
Taylors, SC
1 Star

November 05 2019 1:14PM

Horrible experience. Due to whatever way they choose their contractors. First one didn't call me with what they decided. They stole my fan to my air conditioner and would not return even though they didn't get the job. Said they could fix system but couldn't begin work till end of November. 7 weeks away. (I live in an area it was 90 to 100 every day.) Second contractor decided totally different fix. What a mess. I will be canceling my contact end of month.

Gayle A.
Mission, TX
5 Stars

November 01 2019 12:09AM

I’ve dealt with this company several times already, and I am always glad that I invested in them in the first place. They have saved me thousands of dollars for home repairs, and I have peace of mind that if things break, I can easily have them fixed.

Sanya K S.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

October 30 2019 12:22AM

DO NOT go with First American Home Warranty!!! I have had coverage on my home for 2 years and the first time I used them, the service was horrible! My HVAC (heating system) was not working. It took 2 weeks, numerous calls, and conflicting information only to find out I am going to end up paying the majority of the cost for replacing the part! In response, I called a reputable company (a personal friend) to come to my house to diagnose and give me an estimate. He stated my unit was 20 yrs old and should be replaced.

However, he stated, if repaired, it should not need a "so-called" modification which First American Home Warranty is charging me $195.00 for. Replacing the part is only putting a bandaid on a much larger issue. I have never, never, never, been this frustrated with any home service in the past! Additionally, in speaking with their NUMEROUS representatives, it is obvious they source this out to another Country or Company. I cannot understand their accent and they do not know the contracts. They contradict one another! Not to mention, I was hung-up on several times. YOU WILL REGRET USING THEM!

Ronda L.
Nashville, TN
5 Stars

October 28 2019 9:25PM

As a real estate professional (Broker in Nevada, agent in CA) since 2003, I would be honestly say, First American Home Warranty is the BEST. I have dealt with so many different companies in the past many years. But when things go bad, this is the only company would step up and do or correct things for you. It may takes some time to have things to be corrected in your way, but the result was good. My clients were very pleased with this company, so am I. I will not recommend any other companies, because it will just waste of your time and money. First American Home Warranty is your only destination. Call them today.

Betty M.
San Luis Obispo, CA
1 Star

October 22 2019 11:58PM

Avoid this company! I purchased a home recently that included Premier Warranty Plan from First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation. After moving in to our new home, we noted problems with the pool equipment, microwave, and fridge. The First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation sent out technicians that all blamed either the age of the equipment and appliances, or technical issues with installations as cause of the failures, and therefore denied warranty coverage.

I believe the technicians were trying to take advantage of me and sell me additional services and replacement devices at exaggerated prices. Interacting with them cost me time and money. Shortly after this disappointing experience, I cancelled the policy and hired appropriate services to conduct the repairs without problems. I strongly believe this company is a scam, and the technicians are told avoid warranty coverage and sell additional services. I highly recommend that you avoid this company when you buy a warranty to cover your home.

Zachariah M.
Simi Valley, CA
1 Star

October 22 2019 1:55PM

I have had this company for 20 years. They have been patching my AC which is 30 years old every since I've had the policy. The final straw is when they served me up to a company who is going to charge me almost $1,900 just for the repairs and unnecessary parts.

I was given a choice where they would pay me $386 and I could find my own person to fix the AC or I could pay their contractor the almost $1,900 and let them fix it. Keep in mind this is a 30 year old AC unit and really needs to be replaced. They sold me an extra policy supposedly the cover modifications of any type so I wouldn't be out of pocket. That was a waste of money.

As far as I'm concerned the whole policy was a waste of money. I plan on reporting them to the Texas real estate commission and the Better Business Bureau along with the AC company did they worked with. My advice to you would be just to keep your money and save it for repairs.

Denise A.
Tomball, TX
1 Star

October 20 2019 5:30PM

In California... This company should be banned to deal with humans who are in the illusion of getting a service for their monthly sevice fee of 52$. As long you pay and your appliances are working all good. When your appliances breaks down, the naive customers are sent on wild goose chase or made feel like the broken appliance are their fault. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS SCAM ARTIST!!!

Tunde V.
Mission Viejo, CA
1 Star

October 18 2019 2:13AM

This company should be banned to deal with humans who are in the illusion of getting a service for they monthly sevice fee of 52$. As long you pay and your appliances are working all good. When your appliances breaks down, the naive customers are sent on wild goose chase or made feel like the broken appliance are they fault. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS SCAM ARTIST!!!

Patricia D.
Mission Viejo, CA
5 Stars

October 16 2019 9:52PM

I thought I needed a new dryer since my old one kept breaking down. Called First American and had a technician come to look at it. Turns out I was right and did need a new one. They processed it very quickly with no hassles! Very easy and convenient.

Neil D.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

October 14 2019 6:00PM

Terrible rip off company never got my ice machine fixed after 28 days waiting and waiting made many many calls to First American and the lousy subcontracting companies they hire on then after being so frustrated and almost 2 months later I decide to cancel policy I ask for my refund of the &1020.00 I paid they reply only refunding $438.73 what a joke!!! There customer service reps very rude unprofessional just like there subcontractors barely speak English and very rude!!! Beware don’t buy their policy you’ll regret it!!!!!!

Celia M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
1 Star

October 14 2019 7:20AM

First I wish I can get my money back as I don't want their services anymore. It's ridiculous. I paid for 2 years ahead of time. I pretty much got the mac that covers everything pretty much including appliances. So my refrigerator stop working. I called them, they sent someone out. He couldn't fix it, he don't work on my type of refrigerator so they sent someone else out and they don't work on any compressor. So they sent someone else out and they didn't also work on compressor as they believe that was the issue.

At this point I'm very upset as I have 4 kids and we had no refrigerator, no food. We ate fast food 3 times a day for 2 whole weeks which is very unhealthy. I explained that to them. They didn't care. They basically said it was nothing they can do but sent someone out again so here we are a month later no refrigerator fixed and about 4 people came to look and now I haven't heard anything.

Of course I bought another refrigerator as I'm not going to keep waiting and spend 100+ a day on food so I'm paying them but I won't be getting my money back and I wasted a service fee because nothing got fixed. I would think that a refrigerator should be high demand as that's how people eat but it's not. I would HATE to have to do a higher claim on my house and they pull this. No way. I'm going someone else

Stephanie F.
5 Stars

October 09 2019 3:22AM

I don’t know what the previous reviews are talking about. I have had FAHW since 2012. My realtor suggested it. I am sooo glad he did. Being a single working parent. There’s not a whole lot of spare change. Keep in mind the repair men they send out are on a list they work from. If the repairman didn’t fix the issue they can send someone else out no addition charge as long as the issue reoccurred within 30 days.

They also tell you online or when you call who they have assigned you to immediately. You even get their phone number. It didn’t wait for the appointment notification I called the repairman right away and scheduled the repair. If the are unable to fix the item or the repairs would cost more than replacing, they will replace it. I just got a new washing machine a week ago. Now looking to put a warranty on a house I inherited. I have have a great experience with them.

Patricia H.
Oklahoma City, OK
1 Star

October 08 2019 10:43PM

Be aware, these people are crooks! We got an issue with the HVAC, the gas valve is defective. We called First American with who we have a contract and they sent a contractor. The dedicated contractor did not want to check the problem and left. First American Home warranty sent us another contractor who confirmed us that our heater did not work correctly, due maybe to a low pressure of gas and advised us to call Gas company. Then, we called Gas company, they dispatched a tech who told us that the pressure was perfectly correct.

However, as I told him that I was suspecting a gas leak in the kitchen because it was smelling a natural gas odor in the kitchen, the tech checked with appropriate gas leak detectors and found a gas leak. We called immediately First American to open a new claim. They sent us a plumber. The plumber did not do anything because according to him, the leak was coming from the oven.

We called back First American who send us a technician in appliances.The tech tried to locate a leak with soap and water…and did not find any leak…The guy was very rude and totally unprofessional. First American decided top deny the claim… We called back Gas company who told us, by using electronic appropriate devices, that there is definitely a leak to the oven. The Gas company tech, even if he was very nice and professional, was a little bit upset face to the ineptitude of the insurance company and the successive dispatched called contractors, and decided to shut down the gas to avoid any disaster….

We called back First American to keep them posted and they sent us a voicemail to request from us to take the double oven out of our cabinets. They requested us to hire a specialist to take the appliances out of the cabinets to allow another “HVAC specialist” to check the leak…I thought it was a joke but not at all!!

In fact, they requested us to disconnect the oven from the gas line to be able to check the leak between the oven and the gas line... I think their IQ is far above mine because unfortunately, I cannot compete…First American then decided to deny this claim as well…

Conclusion, Our HVAC gas valve is defective and we still have a leak in the oven, two issues which supposed to be covered in our contract with First American and for what they do not want to take care of. This company First American Home warranty takes your money but does not want to pay when you have a problem... How do we call a guy with a such behavior: A crook, right? Sign with them and that is what you gonna get... Now we have no choice but to escalate the matter...

Philippe M.
Encino, CA
3 Stars

September 26 2019 11:16PM

We’ve been a member since 2011 and have most things repaired quickly. The past two years have not been as good. A/C repair took more than six weeks (in 95+ temperatures). Just had a plumbing issue (no water in upstairs faucet or shower). They fixed the shower but needed to replace the faucet. They wanted to replace the Moen faucet with a cheap builder grade (plastic handles and all). We bought our own comparable faucet and First American refused to install it! When I asked about a buy out they said I would get $3 for the new faucet and installation!! Read ALL fine print they rip you off!

Karyn H.
Hockley, TX
2 Stars

September 24 2019 12:53AM

SWITCHING FROM 1St American to American Home Shield Warning to anyone considering becoming a member of First American Home Warranty Corporation. They reward new clients BUT PUNISH LOYALTY. I’ve been a member since 2013 and the first year or so was great. But now that I’ve been a member for six years I’m being taken for granted and taken advantage of. The service has DEFINITELY DIMINISHED since 2013. I filed a claim for failures in my electric stove and oven two weeks ago and have yet to receive service. Their response time is lousy.

I was billed $200 for a repair that took First American 2 years to resolve!! And yet I stayed loyal to them. I’ve recommended First American to many people including my daughter and her husband and they signed up. But now I’ve had enough. I’m going to switch to American Home Shield to try them out. They may be as bad BUT THEY CAN NOT BE ANY WORST!! It’s worth a try. I’m going to every site I can find to warn as many people as I can. I’ve had good and bad experiences with them but now the bad outweighs the good.

Robert H.
Durham, NC
1 Star

September 23 2019 10:01PM

Before you sign an agreement with FAHW be aware of the following: In the event you have a problem with an appliance they will send a technician that knows very little about repairing an appliance.

On May 1 2019 My ice maker built into my Whirlpool refrigerator ceased to work so I called FAHW and filed a claim and they sent a technician (Fair Price Appliance Service Corp) to attend to the problem.

He came to my home and opened up the ice maker to inspect it and then told me I have to order to parts. Three weeks later FAHW sent me a text setting up a time for the technician to replace the parts. He replaced a motor and some other part and told me that it is fixed and we will see ice in 12 hours. No ice cubes was visible after 12 housing I called FAHW and told them the problem was not fixed so they rescheduled for the tech to come to my home in two weeks.

He showed up and worked on the ice maker once more then promised me that he fixed it, twelve hours later still no production of ice. I called FAHW and filed my complaint and once more they sent this same technician and once more he wasted my time.

After I kept on calling them to report the problem they sent another technician after 2 weeks and that person knew nothing about fixing the ice maker. He left my home telling me he had no idea about how to fix it. I complained again only to be told that the original technician will stop bye and work on it. I refused to waste my time with that technician so I called a professional company and they sent a technician that pin pointed the problem and fixed it.

After a 3 month span FAHW sends me a text stating that a technician is scheduled to come to my home to fix the ice maker so I called customer service to tell them that I called another technician and got it fixed right away so I requested a reimbursement for the repair but the rude and discourteous person in customer service had the audacity to tell me that I will not get any reimbursement. I will not do business with this group.

Mukesh C.
Windermere, FL
1 Star

September 17 2019 11:06PM

We had a problem with our plumbing and the contractor assigned by First American Home Warranty to resolve the plumbing issue cut a hole in the wall from our master bedroom to the master bath to repair the plumbing. We had a hole in our wall for several weeks and we still have an unmatched large paint spot on our walls in both rooms and we will have to repaint both walls.

We had a problem with our air conditioning unit and again the contractor assigned by First American Home Warranty did a poor job. The contractor assigned to repair our a.c., gave a quote of $1800 in repairs that would not be covered by the warranty. Since, we would have to be $1800 out of pocket we had another company look at our unit and it turns out none of the issues the vendor stated were really broken. Only a damper was closed our a.c unit is working fine and it only cost us $130 to have the unit checked out. The contractors chosen by this company are horrible.

P. H.
North Las Vegas, NV
1 Star

September 10 2019 5:07PM

I must remain nameless because my work order is still outstanding. There has been problems not being able to find anyone to do handle the work order by the best possible tech. because First American Home does not pay the contractors in a timely fashion. FAH said I could pay the bill and then they would reimburse me. If I had that kind of money I would not NEED FAH!! I'm afraid they would pay me like they do their contractor

John Q P.
Tucson, AZ
1 Star

September 05 2019 4:23PM

The contractor sent did not have the proper equipment to diagnose the problem. He poured water into the outside cleanout and then said we have two options to repair the backup.

Option 1 is to remove the toilet and attempt to clear the blockage from inside the house and run the risk sewage backup into the house and ruining our wood floors, he said didn’t want to be responsible for that.

Option 2 was to dig up my yard to install a 2-way cleanout that will cost me $2200.00 out of pocket because this type of repair is not covered.

I asked him how could he determine how severe the back up is without snaking it out and then using a plumber’s camera. He stated the cameras are too big to go down the toilet (WHAT) and never responded to the snaking. Needless to say, I wanted a second opinion because this didn’t seem right to me.

Called First American Home Warranty again they told me the claim was denied but would send someone out for a second opinion. They sent a second company out, these guys had camera equipment but claimed the backup was being caused by a belly in the line and it would be $3500 to repair. They charged me $350 to run a camera down the sewer line to make this determination. Not satisfied my son, called one of his plumbing contacts they came out the next day and fixed the problem for $250.

They also ran a camera down the sewer and determined that was not the problem because the belly was so shallow it could not cause a system-wide backup. The problem was a broken door on the sewer line that was not opening and causing the back up.

I’m not sure what kind of contractors this company hires but what good is a warranty if the repair people they send out misdiagnose the problem in an attempt to make more money and rip off unsuspecting homeowners. If you have a warranty with this company don’t take their contractors word get an independent third part opinion it will save you money in the long run.

Keith K.
Loganville, GA
1 Star

August 29 2019 2:39PM

I had a very bad plumbing problem, water coming from from every toilet, bathtub and shower, flooding the floors. I called at 7:30 at night when I discovered it. The said the got me a plumber and I called the emergency number but the mailbox was full.

I called first American back several times, never getting anyone that spoke very good English. Finally I got a manager that promised me that if in 4 hours if the plumber didn’t call me back I was free to call around and use one if I could get one, but he was very rude also.

He said they had up to 24 hours to call. I asked him what I was supposed to do with bathroom situation for 24 hours and he told me, a woman to just go out side. I called back in the morning, 12 hours later and they weren’t open, another lie, only to new claims, and there are no managers, so I guess I just spoke to someone pretending to be one.

I asked where I was calling since everyone had accents, and they told me El Salvador. No wonder he said go outside to the bathroom!! I am furious. I cancelled the claim and had someone out and the plumbing (clean out) fixed in 30 minutes.

Delaine D.
Mesquite, TX