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First American Home Warranty

4.3 Stars (288 Reviews)
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Updated: April 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Founded in 1984, First American Home Warranty offers three home warranty service plans to homeowners and real estate professionals and three flat service fee options. Home warranties are available in 35 states nationwide.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.3 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

You can tailor a First American Home Warranty using add-on coverage to fit more specific appliances you may have in your home.

288 First American Home Warranty Reviews

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3 Stars

February 06 2024 3:27AM

The service with First American varies. I just had a recent claim, which is being processed and it's gonna get done, but they have a problem with communicating within themselves internally. You talk to one person, and then they give you this other line and it should be on the notes and it's not in the notes, and then somebody else calls you back. It's not like they assign one person to your claim so they can follow it through and that's an internal thing, which makes it difficult at times. Over the years, some contractors are good and some are bad.

I like the way First American is. It's like any type of insurance. Some years you don't use it at all and then, the times you do, you have it. I think they're a little bit too structured on this and that, "It's got to be up to code." Sometimes it gets a little complicated. It depends on your coverage. They do get the service done. In fact, I just got a call this morning, they're making sure contractors got to me, and that they're going to install it this week. So, they do follow up but there are times when it's like their internal communication breaks down.

I stick with First American but what I don't like about it is that, when you file a claim online, it's a computer-generated that sends out whoever they assign you to. You send them in a claim and within two minutes, you get an email back saying, "Oh, your claim is now being assigned to so and so." You know you haven't talked to anybody. So, it's a computer-generated random selection. I've had plumbing issues, and I want the same company who did me a good job. I want them to come back out and it's difficult to get them because of the way they do their assignments.

David A.
San Bernardino, CA
5 Stars

February 02 2024 3:00AM

I'm satisfied with First American. They're a good company. They want people to be satisfied. They've been receptive when I had a problem.

Steve P.
Jacksonville, FL
5 Stars

January 31 2024 12:31PM

When I call First American, I usually get a person. If I don't, I get an email and they usually call me back within 30 minutes and help me set up the order for whatever needs to be repaired. And then, they keep me alerted to who's going to be coming. They send me an email and tell me who I should expect and when I should expect them. The technicians have been great. They usually have been able to fix things the first time. And if they need a part they can get locally, they'll go get it and come back and fix it. In a couple of cases, I had an electrical issue that was kind of complicated and they had to come back a couple of times to be sure that they had the right wiring in place and that it wasn't going to burn down the house.

Florence H.
Ashland, OR
5 Stars

January 29 2024 9:59AM

Everything with First American has been fine. I've had a couple of claims and they've been as timely as anybody. The unfortunate situation is a guy comes sometimes in three days or a week, and then it's another week or sometimes longer before the parts come. But that's been fine. They've had good technicians, and good companies have come. They've all been good and educational. So, I'm happy with them.

One of my claims was on an oven and it wasn't heating properly. The guy showed me a terrific workaround, which was to use another part of the oven. That was the solution and it was great. The other claim was a refrigerator. It was just a small part. That one was strange because they ordered the part and it was like three weeks. I bought the part and fixed it myself and that was fine. It was a $12 part. So, I fixed it myself. It was easy enough to fix. I called the company and let them know that I did that and that their guy didn't have to come out. I also had a claim for my dryer and they changed something on it and it works. First American is a decent company.

Gerald F.
Imperial Beach, CA
5 Stars

January 26 2024 3:15AM

I had First American years ago and I stopped, and then I started again. I just don't like the time frame that it takes for them to come and look at an issue, but they do call me right away. I've never had trouble with people. The representatives are all good. They don't give me trouble.

Socorro M.
Corpus Christi, TX
3 Stars

January 23 2024 1:36AM

First American has been okay. With the last call, though, nobody ever got back with me to let me know that the technician would not be available and that he was at the hospital. I was calling all day and also had my husband waiting all day. Finally, when I called back the last time, they said, "Oh, he's not gonna be able to make it. We'll have to reschedule." But I had the situation taken care of. I had them cancel that particular service call. I also had a request prior to the one that I had to cancel. I was having an issue with the kitchen sink. They sent me a picture of a faucet, and then I found out that the faucet was not covered under my warranty. I was only told to read my contract. It did state that it was not covered but with them handling it, they should have stressed that point.

I don't know if the contractor got back with them to say, "Hey, listen, this is what needs to be done. Make sure you emphasize that because the client or whatever." I was hit with a picture of a faucet, the faucet was delivered, and they were gonna come out and install it. Then that was when I found out that it wasn't covered. I was very upset behind that. I wanted to cancel my contract at that time with First American for that reason. It's a warranty program, and money is taken out of my checking account every month for services. And a lot of times, services aren't even being used.

I've had plumbers to come out under this program before. One guy just went in the bathroom with a pair of pliers and just tighten up the knob and left. The problem was still persistent. He had it so tight that we couldn't even get the water on. I ended up having to call another plumber. The thing, too, is it's like a double payment that ends up coming out. They deduct the money out of my account every month for the service, and then that $85 service charge that you have to pay. Then they didn't get it right, so I have to call somebody else. You got to wait until they schedule you and in the meantime, water was dripping and I' was losing money.

Dee W.
Hallandale Beach, FL
5 Stars

January 22 2024 1:20AM

Submitting a service request to First American has been good. My most recent claim was for a mini split air conditioner in my garage. The heat wasn't working on it, but the air conditioning was working. So, someone came out and assessed it and they said that I needed a new one and that it would cost more than what that one was worth to fix. So, that was what we ended up doing. We put a new unit in there. I had to come out of pocket with some of it. The new system is really good.

Robert M.
Humble, TX
5 Stars

December 05 2023 7:03AM

So far, I really like First American Home Warranty better than the other ones I've had. Filing a claim is very easy. I prefer using the phone so I don't get vendors that I don't want. As far as the work that has been performed in my home, there were a couple of things I've had to pay out of pocket along with the warranty. Other than that, it's been quick and easy. All the vendors except for one have been great. They've been quick, especially these last two. I have great customer service from First American. The only problem I have with them is when it was time for my annual renewal, they didn't notify me that the price went up. It was only $2 and something-cents, but I should have known that the price went up.

Shirley J.
Sacramento, CA
5 Stars

December 05 2023 1:57AM

Submitting a claim to First American Home Warranty is usually very quick. Using the website is easy and typically, there's a fast response time. For the most part, I've had a really good experience with the contractors. Over the last 10 years, I had one bad contractor, and then the rest have been good. I did call First American and asked for them not to come back. After that, that contractor was never assigned to me. Overall, I do feel having First American has been a value to me. When I've needed coverage on expensive items in my house, it's worked for me for the most part. I have good things to say about First American. I've heard some other stories about home warranties from family members and friends that don't reflect my experience with First American. I've had a positive experience.

Matthew M.
Hattiesburg, MS
5 Stars

December 01 2023 3:17AM

I decided to get First American Home Warranty for my lake house. I've had to submit a claim and the process was very good. I usually call in. Usually, while I'm on the phone, I'm given a phone number, and then I get an email immediately. I usually call the contractor. So far this time, the contractor have been good. I have a claim on my range now. They're very efficient and ordered the part and they keep in touch by email and on the appointment and I can change it if the part hasn't arrived yet.

Dolores J.
Huntsville, TX
5 Stars

November 13 2023 12:31PM

First American does a tremendous job. If they've got an Achilles heel, it's their contractors. Some of them are good, some of them aren't. I got a bad one just recently. They really caused some problems, but they worked it out. Everything came out all right. The compressor on my air conditioner went out. First American said they'd replace it. Then, the contractor called up and said, "I need an extra $1,100 for some 'betterment work.'" I said, "What is that?" They said, "Piping and electric." I've replaced enough compressors to know that's not necessary.

I went back to First American. You have a right to ask for a second opinion when you can't agree on something. I did and they sent Sears out. Sears called them and said, "All we're going to do is put a compressor in." So then, they approved it and now I'm just waiting for the compressor. It would have been here last Thursday, but we had a minor rainstorm here.

First American never turned me down on anything. As far as their customer service, it's always tough because they don't let you get above the person that you're talking to. So, the only way you can really get somebody above that is to send them a letter, and then they respond then, then I get somebody that is above the people that they have on their phone system.

I have the warranty at two places. As far as the cost, we're close to break even through the years. They've replaced a lot of things like dishwashers, garage door openers, motors and stuff like that. I know what that stuff all costs. They have a better deal with their contractors and with their equipment suppliers. But that's okay. That's just part of the game.

My microwave broke yesterday. So, I went on to get a service call and the guy will be here on Wednesday. First American gives their contractors 24 hours to contact you. Now, you can contact them immediately, which, generally, I do, because the schedule when the appointment is gonna be goes quicker that way. With Sears, you don't have to because you would just get an 800 number somewhere in heaven and you just sit back and they tell you when they're coming and they come.

Arthur B.
Daytona Beach, FL
5 Stars

November 02 2023 12:33PM

First American Home Warranty is great to me. Every time I submitted a claim, it was fulfilled. Our latest claims were for a garbage disposal and the bathroom. They were able to take care of both of those at the same time. I didn't have to worry about two separate visits and two separate people. It was just one person that did the whole thing. I love First American. They are very professional, and they have good customer service.

Comma B.
Ripley, TN
1 Star

October 16 2023 5:17AM

First American is 40% okay. I've only had an experience where I had one of the service technicians come out. He was here for five minutes, and he opened up my washing machine. I had walked away for a moment and by the time I came back, he was already gone. I was only gone for like five minutes. No paper or notes were left. So, I didn't know what had happened. I called First American and it took them almost a week before, supposedly, they got the report.

According to the service technician, an object was stuck in the washing machine. That was why my washing machine wasn't working. I fought with the home warranty and I told them I wanted a second opinion. They sent me somebody and the person that came asked me what my problem was. So, I told them my cold water wasn't going through. It can only use my hot water. I couldn't use any other temperature. So, he moved the washing machine and checked the back, and there were two parts that were burned in the back. That was why my washing machine wasn't working. He said, "I don't see anything that's stuck or anything. Your problem was the parts that was in the back of the washing machine." He fixed it. He was here for maybe 30 minutes, and my washing machine has been working ever since with no problems.

So, I was very upset about the whole situation because they were taking the report from the first technician and weren't listening to what I was saying until after a little over a week. That was when I called back raving and threatening them that I was going to put out bad reviews on them. That was when they told me that they had received the report. All of a sudden, they had just received the report. So, I wasn't too happy with that. They say that if your appliance does not work, they will replace it. I never got offered a replacement. I'm still with them, but I am trying to look for another company because of the situation.

Corina A.
Riverside, CA
5 Stars

October 10 2023 8:52AM

So far, First American has been great. I put a claim in on the dishwasher. I just went online and selected the item and what was wrong with it, and then they sent it to a local person who then they got ahold of me within 24 hours. The tech came out very quickly, and he looked at the dishwasher. He knew exactly what was wrong with it. He couldn't find the part to fix it. So, they had to send it back to the warranty company, and then they found a part to fix it and sent it to me. First American covered the claim. Having the warranty is a great benefit.

Kimberly G.
Moselle, MS
5 Stars

September 15 2023 9:07AM

A friend that had really good luck with First American Home Warranty recommended them and he was absolutely right. It's been an excellent service. They've been phenomenal. I like the peace of mind. If I've had an issue, they've taken care of it. I go online to submit a claim, I set up the appointment, and then they get it taken care of.

As far as the contractors, I know exactly who they are and they call and confirm the appointment and then they call when they're on their way. I've been very happy. They've been very good quality.

I had a refrigerator and a stove that needed some repairs. The tech was able to fix the refrigerator right there on the spot by just getting the door tweaked back into place, and then he ordered the part for the stove, came back out a couple of days later and fixed the stove.

Stephen B.
Belton, SC
5 Stars

September 14 2023 7:10AM

First American was positive and prompt. Our garage door opener stopped working. So, we submitted a claim online. They followed up within a couple of days, made an appointment for a garage door company to come out, and the garage door company replaced it.

The person who came out was very friendly and helpful. He was here for about three hours. They told us it would be a couple of hours. So, it was within the timeframe that they expected. The motor on the garage door had stopped working, and he decided it was too old. So, they replaced the entire device.

Aaron H.
Gresham, OR
5 Stars

September 11 2023 6:09AM

We have been protected with First American for 20 years, and the house that we moved into ended up having a lot of plumbing problems. We knew there might be problems at the very beginning. We've kept it because of the plumbing issues that have come up. There's rarely been anything we've called before that wasn't plumbing related.

Submitting a claim is so easy. They're so good about getting people out here really fast. They're so good about feedback when it's been a bad experience. We've had a couple of bad experiences with some companies. In the end, after a couple of years, these companies have gone out of business because they were so bad.

First American really listens to the feedback. Part of the reason why these companies ended up going under was because of the bad reviews that people gave them, and also through First American not wanting to work with them anymore. They do really look out for their customers.

Recently, we had the pressure regulator go out for the second time in 20 years. They got out here super fast. It was kind of difficult because they came out earlier than I expected, but First American was right on it.

I put an online claim for it at 9:00 at night and before 10 o'clock, I had heard back from the plumbing company that they had contacted, and I would be setting up an appointment the next morning. It was very comforting that there was somebody there that would take care of it that fast.

The guy who came out was so wonderful. He was young, but he knew what he was talking about. He checked everything and all of the actual procedures. He took care of the problem right away. I love the company.

I've had such good experiences with First American. The new app has made it so easy to make a claim and find out when things are going. I tell them, "You got to get this. You got to get this."

Susan G.
Layton, UT
5 Stars

September 08 2023 3:00AM

We switched to First American from American Home Shield this past year because they raised our premium to over $200. My husband was looking at First American and they seem to be doing everything that American Home Shield did and it was about the same price. Also, Choice and another one we went with didn't have all the benefits that First American did.

I call First American to submit my claims. It's easy to get through to a rep. You may have to wait on line just a minute to get to the next available operator, but it's not that hard. They give us the name of whoever is coming out.

We just had some people come out for the sink and the toilet. The guy didn't fix the toilet right because it kept running. You'd flush the toilet and it would just keep running. I called First American and told them that it was not fixed. They got in touch with those people that came out here to fix it. They sent somebody out and he fixed it yesterday.

Overall, I like being able to only have to pay $75 to get somebody to come out here. Somebody came out and on my kitchen sink, they had to replace the whole assembly like the faucet and the hot and cold water taps. All it cost me was $75.

Because it was plumbing, they fixed the toilet. There was something wrong with where you mash the handle on the toilet, and they replaced that. And for the bathroom and the kitchen sink, it cost me $75. And if I had to get a plumber out here to fix the sink and the toilet, it would have cost me a fortune.

First American is easy to get in touch with, they seem to be reliable, is easy to use, and it saves you a lot of money having a home warranty.

Brenda M.
Auburn, GA
2 Stars

July 05 2023 1:30PM

I contacted First American Home Warranty on June 28, and requested service to my AC unit and exhaust fan in the attic. They assigned me a person for the AC unit, and the fan.

The person supposedly to fix my fan called me and complained about the heated weather. He said he was the only person the company had to fix exhaust fans, and that he would try to get to it the following week. As of this date, no one has come out to fix my fan and AC.

John M.
Clinton, MS
5 Stars

April 06 2023 7:39AM

I recently had a claim to First American for a dishwasher replacement. The process was very easy. They were prompt, and everything was good. The tech was very nice. First American covered the entire replacement. I would recommend the company. My daughter has got it, too, and she's very pleased.

Betty Z.
Oxford, MS
4 Stars

March 31 2023 2:56AM

Sometimes, it can be problematic to get things done efficiently with First American, but overall, it's not too bad. I currently am dealing with having to have my dishwasher repaired a second time.

I don't think they properly assessed the first issue correctly. They may have, but there may be multiple issues. So, they're in the process of getting me through that.

It's kind of annoying that they make you go through so many hoops because I really believe the dishwasher can't be repaired properly and that it should just be replaced, but I know they're going to take me through a lot of expensive possible multiple copays to get to any resolution.

As far as the customer service, in the beginning, it was fine because the calls were handled within the United States. I'm pretty sure all of it is overseas now and as a customer, that's extremely dissatisfying to me.

I don't have problems with jobs being shipped overseas, but it becomes problematic because while they may speak English, there are subtle cultural things, idioms, and things that are specific to a country, and so trying to deal with somebody in a different country who has a very thick accent has become very problematic. I don't even know if they have reps in the United States anymore.

Alfreda R.
Buckeye, AZ
5 Stars

March 19 2023 3:50AM

The water heater didn't work and I paid the $85 and someone came out and checked it out. It was supposed to cost me $500, which I didn't know you had to get extra benefits.

Then, the lady explained to me from the other company that the first company that put it in was supposed to be responsible for it. So, I got mad and went down to the guy's office because it was done through the county, but it was a big mess, and then they had to get it inspected.

So, I went down to the office and I told them and he said he'd put it in for nothing. I told First American this whole thing. They did a cash-out to me up for the water heater, and then I had them put a water heater back in, I sent the paperwork, and it's all done.

First American's claim process wasn't bad. I've been with them for three years. I've done a refrigerator. I've had a washing machine and water heater fixed. I'll stay with them until anything ever happens to me. I have a mobile home and it's perfect.

It takes a while to talk sometimes and it takes a while to get them out here. They exchanged my stove because PG&E locked it down for carbon monoxide.

I had already paid the call to come out for 85, and then they replaced that. They had to come put a new cap thing. I've been through a lot with them, but everything's been fine. I wouldn't go to any different place.

Patti S.
Stockton, CA
5 Stars

March 10 2023 7:10AM

The heating element had gone out on our dryer. The claim process with First American was a little bit longer than normal. I was a little unhappy with that one. I put in a claim on January 16th and it didn't get resolved until February 24th. So, that was a long time to be without a dryer.

They had come out and figured out what was wrong with it, and then they had ordered parts. Some of the parts were on backorder, but they never really let me know what that looked like with it being on backorder.

Finally, all the parts came in. When I called to get it scheduled, they told me that it couldn't be for two and a half weeks to get somebody here. When the technician came, he was great. He's the same guy that came with our other claim and he did a great job.

I like the benefit of having First American. If we put in a claim, it covers some big expense types of things. The estimate on our washer was $400 to fix it and it cost us the service fee. I recommend First American to people often.

Tiffany M.
Hillsboro, OH
5 Stars

March 01 2023 11:17AM

The water heater wasn't working and I filed the claim to First American on the phone. They sent a repairman and he had to order some parts, and now, it's fixed. So, everything went well.

It's nice to be able to have things covered for repairs so that I don't have to try and figure out contractors myself. There's been a few contractors that have not been good, but most of them are pretty good. First American is a good program.

Christine W.
Monterey, CA
5 Stars

February 24 2023 9:23AM

We had First American for about 17 years, but we sold the house in Arizona and I switched the policy over to the new owner. We thought we needed it on the house, and First American was always responsive to everything and they fixed everything that they said they would.

We were 70 miles from Tucson and getting contractors down in our area was hard sometimes. They'd have to come from Tucson. That was the only worst thing, but they would give me so much money and I could get my own contractor, and then I'd get them out to the house and they would come up with what was wrong.

We'd call First American and they would go ahead and authorize things to be fixed. Most of the contractors were pretty good. They all came through. There was one guy out of Tucson repairing a hot tub. He was the only person we ever had problems with, and eventually, they stopped using them.

Charles S.
Sierra Vista, AZ
4 Stars

February 22 2023 7:59AM

I've had a dishwasher that broke down and it was fixed the first time very promptly. The same thing happened to it within 60 days, and then I had to get it fixed again and it was a little bit more of a nightmare the second time because it took almost three weeks to get it fixed.

If I didn't call the company back, I'm sure they wouldn't call me, and tell me the parts have come in. I think the parts were sitting there for probably a few days and they didn't even call me to tell me that they were in, but they did a good job on the repair. So, that was the good news. They got it done and they didn't charge me, which is good.

Overall, First American's process is working. I will continue to support the service and I'll continue to renew the service because Lord knows I'm having to use it. The only thing they could do is if you're in the middle of a claim, they could check in with you to see if everything is going all right with your claim.

Susan G.
Atascadero, CA
5 Stars

February 12 2023 8:15AM

We're very happy with the work First American has always done. They always come through. To submit a claim, buyers call their Realtor, which is me. I call First American and I file the claim for the buyer.

They give me a claim number, and they give me the name of a technician and the phone number of the technician. Then that appointment is made through me. I let the homeowner know the time of the appointment. I try to be there also for the appointment.

I've had excellent interactions. They got very helpful, reliable and professional people. We had one particular plumber that did such an excellent job. Because of their professionalism, we don't have any problems. It's nothing but good rapport.

Angie C.
Albuquerque, NM
5 Stars

February 11 2023 8:17AM

I have different houses that are covered by First American Home Warranty. We have a representative that comes to our meetings, and he has been our representative now for the last three years. Submitting a claim is so far, so good. I've referred a lot of my owners to First American.

The only problem I had with them is it takes a while to get online to do a claim. Sometimes, I wait as much as 20 minutes to get through. They should have a direct line for claims other than getting on the computer and doing it.

When you call their main number and you're on hold for 20 minutes, that is kind of frustrating. Other than that, everything else seems to be okay and if I have a problem, I call the representative at First American, and then he gets things going a little bit faster.

Fred P.
Chula Vista, CA
4 Stars

January 31 2023 6:56AM

First American's customer support is good. I had them for a couple of years and then I went with some other company, and then I came back to First American because I wasn't satisfied with the other company.

Luigi R.
Scottsdale, AZ
4 Stars

January 30 2023 8:12AM

The First American representatives were great. I had a very good experience. When I first signed up, they were very willing to discount things but when it came time to renew, the renewal price was pretty non-negotiable.

I've submitted many claims to them. The process is good. There is some sort of clauses that limit their liability, and it can be a little bit frustrating at times but they're not in the business of giving out $10,000 checks when you're giving them $500 a year.

The people on the phone are pretty knowledgeable and very empathetic to whatever you're going through. As far as the technicians that come out, the levels of competency have definitely varied.

My most recent claim experience was not fantastic, but they resolved the problem. It was the Sears repair company, and the person arrived, and he was like, "Oh, I need a person to help me remove this item so I can work on it. They should have scheduled a person with me."

I said, "All right. I'm happy to help you." He said, "No. For liability, you can't help me." I said, "Whatever you say. Do what you need to do." He said, "I want to try to repair this thing without removing it. And I'll see what I can do."

He did repair it. However, he didn't reassemble it properly. So, he created a new problem. It's kind of frustrating because when I called First American, they were like, "Oh, if we come back and see it's a different problem, we're gonna charge you another fee." It was a different problem, but the guy created it.

Fortunately, I was able to see what the issue was and adjusted it myself. We didn't have to have someone else come out. What was frustrating is there was no way to contact the repair company and say, "Hey, your guy just left and the appliance is worse than when he arrived."

I can't call them. I can't email them. There's nothing I can do. I can just sit and wait. So, I had to go back to First American Home Warranty when the issue I was having was with the technician and the repair company.

First American Home Warranty said, "We're going to set up another follow-up ticket for the same repair order. If they come out and see it's a different issue and not the same issue, then we're going to charge you another fee." That was not a really good solution because it was a different issue.

Aziz A.
Rockville, MD
5 Stars

January 17 2023 9:06AM

We're happy with First American. I've already given out referrals or told friends to go with them.

Heidi V.
Bakersfield, CA
5 Stars

January 14 2023 11:53AM

With First American, I don't have to worry about the service person I contact because they're guaranteed by the home warranty. I've had claims for two water heaters, an air conditioner, and a dishwasher.

They fixed my refrigerator many times, they bought me a new washer, and they fixed my dryer. It's been a godsend. When I have a problem, I just send them an email or register it online, and usually later that day, I get a call and they come and fix it.

I've probably had 20 claims with them, and they've only denied one claim of mine. They don't cover secondary damage. I had to buy a new dishwasher. I probably should have reported it before because it was messing up and I just waited until it quit. A glass got broken and went down in the thing.

Overall, I'm happy with the service. Sometimes, you have to do some modifications to the house that they don't cover and it costs you a little extra money but my air conditioner cost me 500 bucks rather than 2,000. I really appreciate them.

Bradley R.
Fresno, CA
2 Stars

January 10 2023 7:58AM

Overall, our experience with First American has been good, but we had one bad experience which left me with a very poor image of them. We had a backup, so we couldn't use our toilets. This was the weekend before January 1, and everything was closed. I couldn't get ahold of them.

We had to get emergency service just because it was four days since we had this backup and First American said they will not take care of anything that's not pre-authorized.

Other than that, we've had other services by them that have been okay. The technicians have been nice, competent, and knowledgeable.

William .
Redding, CA
4 Stars

January 09 2023 3:48AM

Submitting a claim to First American is great. It's easy.

Misdy J.
Covington, GA
5 Stars

November 30 2022 6:33AM

We have utilized First American once, and we're very happy. It was for the old refrigerator that we have here, and the icemaker wasn't working. The water wasn't working, too. The gentleman that worked on it was great. He cleaned everything out.

There was a bunch of mold in there in the back, and he said that the reason the water wasn't working was it has been not used. The person that lived here before hadn't used it, and so the line is frozen.

He said, ''The only way to really fix that is to turn it off for 24 hours.'' I know that's not an option, but it was nice to know that. He fixed the icemaker and it's working great.

Betty F.
San Marcos, CA
First American Home Warranty
Betty, We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us!
5 Stars

November 28 2022 10:55AM

We had a backup of the one bathroom sink and then a bathtub and a toilet. So, I scheduled something with First American online. They called me, and somebody was out within two days. It wasn't really an emergency, so I let it wait that long, but they came, did what they need to do, and it has been good since.

Overall, First American is easy to get to and get your appointments made. It makes it more convenient for me.

Jacqueline H.
Maumee, OH
First American Home Warranty
Jacqueline, We appreciate you taking the time to share your review with us. It is fantastic to know that you had a five star experience!
5 Stars

November 26 2022 11:07AM

We've used First American quite a bit. They had our air conditioner, oven, washer, and water heater replaced. Also, we've had a garbage disposal and garage door opener replaced.

Initially, the rep that I worked with, Jason, was really nice. The claim submission process is pretty easy. I called about my washer, and then they just said, ''Oh, we're gonna replace it.''

I did have to fight a little bit on the oven. We had a GE Profile Oven. They replaced it with a Whirlpool. Then they told me I could take the cash and get paid the difference, but it was about $1,000, so I didn't wanna do that.

I don't think a Whirlpool is as good as a GE Profile, but that was what they gave me. I had the option to take the money, but I just took the Whirlpool and it's been fine.

Michele R.
Ponte Vedra, FL
First American Home Warranty
Michele, Thank you for putting your trust in us. It is great to know that we were able to replace your washer for you. We look forward to being there for you, should you ever need us again!
5 Stars

October 29 2022 5:11AM

I've got a washing machine that needs a timer and apparently, the company that First American contracted to replace the timer has had trouble locating it. They said it's been on backorder, but it's been on backorder now for over two months. Other than that, I don't have problems with First American. I just need the contractor to get that part.

Edward B.
Memphis, TN
First American Home Warranty
Hi Mr. Burkhart, We do apologize for any inconveniences experienced with the handling of your claim. At this time, we will be proceeding with the replacement of your clothes washer due to the timer remaining on a back order since August with no estimated time of arrival. Once a comparable replacement is located we will provide you with the offer via email. Thank you.
5 Stars

October 28 2022 5:44AM

My first year with First American was awful as far as submitting a claim, but after that, it's a lot easier. I called claims in or I can go on the website, but it's easier if I just call it in and explain everything to them.

The contractors contact me themselves. So, if I have any questions, I can ask them at that time. The one that I just had was amazing. He fixed everything. He asked questions about the issue.

I took pictures of everything that he had asked me to because it was with my range and he ordered the part before even coming down. So, there was no waste of time. Overall, everything's fine. First American upped their game.

Denise L.
Pine Grove, CA
First American Home Warranty
Denise, We appreciate you taking the time to share your review with us. It is fantastic to know that you had a five star experience!
4 Stars

October 25 2022 10:59AM

First American's service has always been pretty easy and simple. It's been very convenient for us. When I enter a claim, I usually get a call within 24 to 48 hours from the contractor. Then, they're usually out within a few days. So, that makes it nice.

Most recently, I got a whole issue with the dishwasher. That's probably the longest that I had to wait but everything is just taking longer right now anyways. Prior to that, I've never had an issue with the turnaround time of having somebody out here and getting it fixed.

I always tell people or my family who's purchased a house that First American is definitely something I would look into because I haven't had like any pushback when I've had an issue. Things get fixed without back and forth.

Karen G.
Louisville, KY
First American Home Warranty
Karen, We appreciate you taking a moment to share your experience with us. It is wonderful to know that we were able to resolve your issue for you!
5 Stars

October 25 2022 4:40AM

I had to file a claim to First American and it went better than I thought. On some cases, it took a little longer than I thought it would be. Other than that, everything went okay.

Glenn N.
Salem, OR
First American Home Warranty
Glenn, Thank you for taking a moment to share your review with us!
5 Stars

October 21 2022 8:00AM

We've had really good success with First American. Just last month, my garbage disposal conked out and we called the warranty and, within three days, they had a technician out and he knew exactly what he was doing.

He was very professional and he replaced the garbage disposal and I haven't had any problems since. People should get this warranty. We are so happy with this warranty.

Catherine L.
Mesa, AZ
First American Home Warranty
Catherine, Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with us!
4 Stars

October 21 2022 7:22AM

First American has been great and what we expected. My microwave broke and they gave me enough money to buy another one and have it installed. So, there was no out of pocket other than the service call. Also, the technicians that have come out are good. I'd recommend First American.

Timothy K.
Bullhead City, AZ
First American Home Warranty
Timothy, We appreciate you taking a moment to share your review with us. It is fantastic to know that we were able to provide you a cash out so you could replace your microwave. We look forward to being there for you, should you ever need us again!
4 Stars

September 25 2022 6:29AM

I really enjoy First American's service. They're super responsive. Then, when we call and put in a claim, it's usually the very same day that we get a call back to schedule something to be done. So, as far as I'm concerned, my experiences have been good with First American.

The only thing is there were a couple of times when I had somebody come out and they couldn't complete the job.

So, First American had to contact another company, and then that company contacted First American. It would be good if I could be more in the loop of how that communication works out next time.

Anthony V.
San Diego, CA
First American Home Warranty
Anthony, We appreciate you taking a moment to share your experience with us! It is great to know that you have been promptly contacted to set up your service. You can also manage and keep up with claims online through the Homeowner Center, for your convenience. We appreciate your continued trust in us.
5 Stars

September 22 2022 5:00AM

I have issues with First American's customer service because they outsource it to foreign countries, and sometimes it's hard to get ahold of them. I have a hard time hearing anyway, and with the language difference, I have difficulty. I would rather speak to somebody in the United States.

Other than that, the technicians they sent out were very professional. We've had a pleasant experience and we're glad. We take the policy out each year.

We've been here since 2019 and we've renewed it each year because the home was built in '86, and we've had issues with a lot of stuff. Having First American ends up paying for the renewal cost.

David S.
Clarksville, TN
First American Home Warranty
David, Thank you for letting us know what a professional job the contractors do while servicing your claim! If you find it more convenient, you can manage your claims online through the Homeowner Center. We look forward to providing you great service in the future.
5 Stars

September 21 2022 2:45AM

First American has been a really great service. It's nice because then I don't have to try to fix stuff myself. I've only had to do one call so far, but I had a really good experience. It was for the garbage disposal.

Everyone was really great. When I called to file the claim, both the rep and the technician they sent out were super helpful and answered questions I had. So, I really appreciated that.

Lauren S.
Arlington, TX
First American Home Warranty
Lauren, We appreciate you taking the time to share your review with us. It is fantastic to know that you had a five star experience!
5 Stars

September 19 2022 10:52AM

I've only had a couple of things happen and that was up until today. Up until today, everything's been awesome with First American. I called to put in a claim the day before yesterday on our air conditioning that was running really rough to the point where the floor was shaking.

I was like, "What is going on? The thing sounds like an airplane taking off. Something's not normal. Got to call." So, I called First American, and the very next day, they said, "We'll have someone out there tomorrow between 12:00 and 2:00."

That was supposed to be yesterday. So, I waited and waited and it was like, "Well, nobody's calling me, I'm gonna call." They told me it was Elite Air Conditioning Service. I've never heard of them but I haven't had any air conditioning issues.

I called and the guy said, "We're in a holding pattern. I'll get back to you when I know something more." This morning, still nothing was happening. I called and I said, "Can you tell me what's going on?"

The lady said, "Well, we're waiting to hear from First American Home Warranty about your claim." I said, "Well, what do you need to know? I don't know what is going on. All I know is I called the claim in, you called Elite Air Conditioning, and now they were waiting to hear something back from you."

I got on the phone and I waited and I talked to the gal and I said, "I don't know what they're waiting for. It's hot. Our 90-year-old mother lives with us. I need somebody to help me."

The gal said, "We're getting in with our contract servicing. We'll get it taken care of. Within the hour, you'll hear from Elite Air Conditioning." Last night, the AC completely died. I said, "Okay, I'm good with that as long as I know somebody's coming, something's happening."

Therese S.
Las Vegas, NV
First American Home Warranty
Therese, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are glad that we were able to assist in getting this taken care of for you. We know how many choices you have when deciding on a home warranty company, and we are glad you chose us.
4 Stars

September 17 2022 7:56AM

Most of the time, First American is very good. Recently, I had a microwave issue and they had Sears come out. What a waste of time that was. Then, they got another company to come out who fixed the issue.

Sears said that they couldn't fix the part because they couldn't figure out what the serial number was. The next company didn't even care about the serial number.

They looked at the motor, got the serial number off the motor, and was done and they ordered another one. Sears wouldn't even look at it because they couldn't find the serial number of the microwave.

After Sears came out, the other company called me right away. They came out, found the serial number, and said it would take three days to get the part. They got it in two days, and then they came out and installed it. It's been perfect ever since.

The only issue that I've had with First American is getting my Whirlpool tub fixed. They can't seem to find anybody to fix it in my area. The only solution they said is for me to find somebody and I haven't found anybody either. Other than that, they're pretty good.

Daniel S.
Cottonwood, AZ
First American Home Warranty
Daniel, We appreciate you taking the time to share your review with us. We are disappointed that we had to contact another contractor for you but are glad that we were ultimately able to have this resolved for you. We look forward to being there for you, should you ever need us again!
4 Stars

September 16 2022 10:46AM

I have First American on my house I owned a long time ago and it came in very handy. Submitting a claim is kind of tedious. It's not as smooth as you would think it would be.

With the homeowner company I had before this one, which was 15 years ago, you got to talk to a person. It was not difficult. They've taken good care of me.

The latest contractor I had was phenomenal. I love Nana Technologies. They were great on my range. I was not happy at all with the one I had on my air conditioner.

They came out and fixed my a-coil. Instead of taking the whole one out, they took just the guts out and put the guts to the new one into the old unit and charged me $400. They said, "Well, this is what's not covered by First American."

I thought, "Why are they charging me that much money?" I even called the warranty and asked them, but I got no answer. First American could ensure that the company that they send out are honorable and not side-billing people.

Other than that, when my policy is up in May, I will renew it. Everything I got now is new, but I still want that warranty on there.

Ralph S.
Oklahoma City, OK
First American Home Warranty
Ralph, We appreciate you taking a moment to share your review with us! It is great to know that we have been able to be there for you when you most needed it. We are glad to know that you will be renewing. We know how many choices you have when deciding on a home warranty company, and we are glad you chose us.
5 Stars

September 16 2022 3:46AM

I liked First American's reviews, and they had the coverage options I needed. As far as submitting a claim, you go on the app and put in the request.

There are drop-down menus for what service you need. You put the request and it goes off into space, and someone magically contacts you to set up your appointment. It's so easy.

Then, you receive the company name, address, and phone number, and sometimes if it's like a smaller business, you'll get the contractor name as well.

I have had a wonderful experience with First American. I recommend them to everybody. It's so worth the peace of mind.

Leigh H.
Fredericksburg, VA
First American Home Warranty
Leigh, Thank you for taking a moment to share your review. It is wonderful to know that you find it easy to use our online service through the Homeowner Center. We know how many choices you have when deciding on a home warranty company, and we are glad you chose us!