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February 07 2021 9:17AM

After paying monthly premium for years and not using the service about Christmas time my kitchen drain clogged and started leaking water to the kitchen. After that I’ve called American home warranty to request for service.

Each time you call First American Home Warranty you need to wait in average 30-45 minutes. Long story short after contacting them more than ten times and they sent two different contractors my issue still not resolved and they shows my claim is closed. Very bad experience.

Ali R.
Santa Clarita, CA
February 07 2021 12:36AM

The contractors they use are sub par. I have 4 policies with them and am not impressed with the contractors although I am happy with First American overall.

It is important to do a google search on the contractor and if you don't like what you see, let them know before the contractor comes out.

Dave W.
Costa Mesa, CA
January 30 2021 5:03PM

I have been a paying for a over $600 for policy for 5 years now. The electric at my home went out a few days before Christmas due to a problem in my service panel.

The contractor who was assigned never even came to my home to inspect the problem & we were forced to leave my home for several days. After 10 days desperate to be back in my home I had to make the repair myself by replacing the main circuit breaker.

This was a covered issue but American Home Warranty will not pay me back the $273 I laid out for the part needed & refuses to refund the $75 service fee that never happened!

Thomas N.
Cottonwood, AZ
December 09 2020 1:49PM

They had 2 different contractors come to my rental property 4 times for the same problem. After the fifth time they tell me it's due to spiders and rodents clogging the hose. But they told me after the 2nd visit it was the hole and they replaced it.

Now they come with this bull. I asked for proof, and haven't gotten proof yet. I went to the property and there was none. I will be canceling this contract. There is nothing in the contract about rodents.

Customer service has a bad attitude. They talk to you like they are the the irate pissed off customer. I have several properties covered by them. I will be canceling them all!!!

Shivella D.
Memphis, TN
November 30 2020 6:07AM

We have been trying to get our dishwasher fixed for over a month now and been getting the run around. This is our second claim and the first time was just as hard. We have talked to several people in management and have gotten nowhere.

Obviously customer service is not their first priority however they have no problem taking our monthly payment.

Esther A.
Temecula, CA
November 25 2020 5:19PM

I am a USArmy veteran. My bathroom had some plumbing problems. I filed a claim. An emergency claim. This was on Nov. 20, 2020. They set me up with a Tech. They said Dec. 2nd so I called the company back.

They started giving my the run around saying they would call back. Never did. I called them back again. When I reached them I asked for a supervisor. They kept me on hold for 30mins. The supervisor told me I would have to call a plumber myself and pay for it.

I didn't have any money to pay for the repairs. I asked why I had to call for a plumber myself and pay for it. This is why I pay my insurance every month on time, Then the supervisor hung up on me.

I would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!! Still not fixed. Don't know when it will be. This is all unacceptable!! Run don't walk away!!

Cassandra B.
Lompoc, CA
November 21 2020 3:05PM

-1000 stars! They deserve to be shut down!!! Their customer service representative are in El Salvador! Weeks of frustration trying to get a heater fixed for my rental home. My tenants are freezing and calls for emergency safety help go unanswered...still no help.

Had to call a repair person ourselves. They lie to you and tell you they are going to find a solution and never call you back... Outrageous....Don't, I repeat- Don't use this company!!!!

Catherine G.
Greer, SC
November 21 2020 3:01PM

Use substandard techs!!!. Leak in 2 tubs. Told 1st leak normal ''water clearing line.'' 2nd leak -now knob TOO tight to turn. Told not strong enough and due to new seal and will loosen up with time.

But Delta states he just tightened adjustable ring too tight and can cause damage to other parts requiring future plumbing problems. 2nd opinion tech under disciplinary action by CSLB for 8 charges. Refused this plumber.

Now scheduled appt with another plumber that has an ''f'' BBB rating and NOT accredited. CSLB shows this plumber exempt from work. comp. because sole proprietor yet secty. states many companies in no. Calif. and plumber coming from San Jose (FEARFUL OF RESULTS SINCE SAW MANY BAD REVIEWS).

Earlier prob. with stove and tech told me that I looked handy and could rewire stove myself! ''YOULL NEED A LOT OF WIRE.'' Also other mistakes causing grief. DONT USE 1ST AMER UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP PAYING FOR REPAIRS YOURSELF!!!

Anne M.
San Mateo, CA
October 31 2020 2:35PM

I wish I could give zero or negative stars to them.. Really frustrated with them.. Water heater issue for last 2 months and I am calling them every day with same answers that plumber will come or give report etc, etc with no follow up or intention from them to fix it..

Atul K.
Dublin, CA
October 18 2020 4:21PM

We had the warranty going on 2 years. Our air conditioning went out, living in Florida it is not pleasant without a\c. It took 7 weeks to get it repaired.

The contractor came in 6 times replaced 7 different parts. Each time that didn't fix the problem and would have to get authority to order another part, before getting the complete unit replaced.

Over the 7 weeks I had made about 100 calls to First American and the contractor assigned, not 1 person returned my phone call. I even called the CEO 3 times leaving messages with no return call, Jeff doesn't want to hear a customer problem.

Take into consideration they have 24 - 48 hours to contact a repair company. The repair company looks at it and has 24-48 hours to report what the problem is. First American has 24 -48 hours to make a decision then order the part needed.

Contractor has 24 -48 hours to try again. Then take into consideration every time the part is not available and will be a few weeks, if you are lucky.

Calling local a\c companies and every time the parts are readily available, but they can't buy from them. To be polite the customer service sucks.

Herb W.
Port Orange, FL
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