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First American Home Warranty

4.3 Stars (248 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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First American Home Warranty is a home warranty company founded in 1984 and is part of the First American family of companies. They offer home warranty service plans to homeowners and real estate professionals ranging in price from $288-$468 per year with service-call fees costing $75-$95.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.3 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

A First American Home Warranty can be tailored using add-on coverage to fit more specific appliances you may have in your home.

248 First American Home Warranty Reviews

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4 Stars

January 16 2022 3:48AM

I've had mixed experiences with First American but recently, it has been a lot of improvement. Normally, they respond fast and positively. If there's something that they don't cover, they're clear. So, especially in the past year and a half, it has been a better experience.

I had some plumbing work, and the original contractor that they sent was awful. He was not professional. His behavior, the way he talked and his follow up were awful.

I called First American back and I mentioned that to them, and I asked them to change the contractor for the follow up. The contractor that they chose was great. One good thing about First American was that when they received the feedback for me to change the contractor.

Overall, my experience with First American has been good. I have been happy. It gives peace of mind. As far as claims, just in a phone call, I can submit a claim. That's easy.

Masoud O.
Great Falls, VA
First American Home Warranty
Masoud, We appreciate you taking the time to share your review with us. It is great to hear that we were able to get a contractor out to you that was able to provide excellent service. We will continue to be here for you should you need us in the future.
5 Stars

January 12 2022 3:22AM

First American has been pretty responsive whenever I have a problem with those items that they covered. I normally get a reply within 24 hours. My garage door spring got broken, and while it took them three days to dispatch somebody, they replaced it.

Gerardo O.
Sacramento, CA
First American Home Warranty
Gerardo, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We are so glad to hear that your garage door was able to be repaired.
3 Stars

January 10 2022 9:40AM

The oven gas pipe inside the burners had broken. It took about two weeks because of the holidays, but First American replaced it.

We also had a problem with the dishwasher before. That took a long time, and nobody told us what was going on. Then one day, they just turned up to repair it. So, we didn't know they were coming. Thankfully, somebody was home. Other than that, they're generally pretty good.

Aamina M.
Plano, TX
First American Home Warranty
Aamina, Thank you for taking the time to share your review. We do apologize that this took longer than anticipated. We have a process when evaluating and determining an outcome for our customers, and do our best to keep this process moving forward until resolved. We hope the next time you may need us, you will give us another chance to meet your needs.
4 Stars

January 08 2022 7:57AM

I go to the First American website when submitting claims, and there are dropdowns and I open them. It takes a couple of minutes. The contractors are pretty knowledgeable.

The turnaround time can always get shorter. If we could be in a matter of hours if the AC is out or there's an issue with plumbing, that would be perfect. Right now, it runs into a couple of days or more.

Sameer V.
Coppell, TX
First American Home Warranty
Sameer, Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are pleased to hear your concerns have been resolved and appreciate your patience with the contractor as they worked through their appointments. Should you need us in the future, we will be here for you.
5 Stars

January 01 2022 5:08AM

Submitting a claim to First American is super easy. That's the best part about them. I usually do it online and it takes within an hour if they assign a person to come and take care of the problem. They usually assign the same person to me.

There are just some things that they don't cover that I end up paying for, but I like having good relationships with them because it's the same company that comes over.

So, sometimes that plumber will say, "This is not covered, but we'll give you a discount as you're a good customer." Then, I call in for other stuff if I have something that is not covered.

Maria R.
San Antonio, TX
First American Home Warranty
Maria, We appreciate you taking the time to share your review with us. It is fantastic to know that you have been provided five star service!
5 Stars

December 29 2021 2:13AM

We've used First American more than a couple of times. So, it's going well. I call my claim in, and then we get in contact with the service provider. It's been great. They fix everything that we've had trouble with.

The most recent claim was the dryer. The service guy replaced some plug that burnt out. I also had a garbage disposal claim and that was fine. Another one was the air. They said with that air, we may have to get some more work done on it, but it seems to be working fine ever since they came in.

Terrence F.
Cordova, TN
First American Home Warranty
Terrence, Thank you for putting your trust in us! We are pleased to hear your claim has been resolved.
4 Stars

December 25 2021 4:10AM

Our First American experiences have varied a little bit but on the most recent occasion, we had an issue with our Jacuzzi heater and we made a call. They outsourced it to a pool company.

The correspondence was pretty weak. They were already coming out to do the work and check things out and we didn't know what was happening. Everything was done perfectly and quickly, but the communication was less than good.

Alex P.
San Diego, CA
First American Home Warranty
Alex, Thank you for taking the time to share your review and for being a valued customer. It is our goal to provide our customers with a great experience and it seems we fell short on communicating to you where we were at in your claim process. We will share your comments with our team to ensure our quality of service meets our customers’ expectations.
4 Stars

December 15 2021 10:13AM

I had an appliance guy out for my dishwasher. He got it all fixed up really quick. The claims process with First American went really smooth.

Kellie L.
Coarsegold, CA
First American Home Warranty
Kellie, Thank you for taking the time to share your review with us! We are thrilled to know that your claim has been resolved. We will continue to be here for you should you need us in the future.
5 Stars

December 07 2021 8:30AM

I usually go online and submit my claim to First American. It's very simple. It's pretty easy how they have it set up and usually within 24 hours, we will receive a call or a text where we've been given to and what company will be reaching out to us. I have nothing but positive comments to say about the contractors. They're awesome.

From my own personal experiences from having First American for the last two years, any kind of questions or situations that occur, it's usually a pretty rapid response.

The workers usually go out of their way to make sure that they can either fix the problem and if they need a part, they're trying to go out and find the part as quickly as possible.

They constantly keep me informed of every step they're taking. If the steps requires further processing, then I'm always aware of every step that's being made.

Kaylyn R.
Las Vegas, NV
First American Home Warranty
Kaylyn, Thank you for sharing your great feedback with us regarding your recent service! It is awesome to hear that it is easy to open a claim with us. We look forward to being there for you, should you ever need us again.
4 Stars

December 03 2021 1:02AM

We had been under Fidelity for quite some time and switching over to First American Home Warranty, the team that helped us made it really easy. So, that was nice. Since then, we've submitted two claims. With the first one, I was pretty disappointed. It got denied.

Both of our claims have been related to our pool pump. The pool pump got extremely noisy to the point where we couldn't have it on and be outside in our backyard and talk. It was that loud. But we were told that that didn't require any kind of repair.

Several months passed and we called again. It got even louder. They sent somebody out and it was still working. But after the guy looked at it, it broke later that day and stopped working completely.

We weren't here when the guy came out the second time. It started working reasonably quietly. But despite my attempts, I haven't heard from anyone what exactly was done.

So, the problem seems to be resolved but nobody's told me anything about that. I kinda got the feeling that the contractor felt like they fixed it and didn't need to tell me anything more.

What I like about First American is that when I signed up, the team that signed me up was really helpful. I feel like in them signing me up, I got an actual contact with a person that I can email.

Both times, I've emailed the person who helped me sign up. She helps me in getting my service request processed and getting somebody out. Having a personal contact at First American has been helpful and kind of puts my mind at ease that somebody at First American cares about my account and is gonna help me get things resolved.

Kevin C.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
First American Home Warranty
Kevin, Thank you for sharing your recent experience! We know how many choices you have when deciding on a home warranty company, and we are glad you chose us. Our goal is to provide our customers with a successful resolution and it seems that we did not follow up with you on that. We we will share your comments with our team to ensure our quality of service meets our customers’ expectations. We hope the next time you may need us, you will give us another chance to meet your needs.