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November 26 2019 7:50PM

As I travel a lot for work, I don’t have much time or energy to do repairs around the house. My water pipes burst for some reason last year, and my first thought was to call First American Home Warranty since I have a warranty plan with them. They came by and fixed everything. Haven’t had any leaks since.

Cindy S.
Phoenix, AZ
November 25 2019 9:25PM

Have had a home warranty on our house with 1st American home warranty for 2 years & up until today they have been good to work with. The faucet on my shower won’t shut completely off so we called them to contact a plumber to get it repaired. Was told by Andrea ** to find our own plumber & they would reimburse us up to $125.00, if more we would have to call in & see if it would be approved... needless to say we won’t be contracting with them next year.

James B.
Piedmont, OK
November 23 2019 12:40AM

Bad service, I've have used this co 2 years. The people they sent out are nasty. They act like their doing me a um free job. I have spent over 1200,00 and got nothing for my money, this co needs to stop and shut their doors. I'm not using the co any more. Cancel my account. Nov 2019. If you take any money from my account after Nov 2019 I will take action. Mrs Wayne **

Florence B.
Tucson, AZ
November 22 2019 4:16PM

I requested service twice from them. Once for a locksmith and the second for my exhaust fan. Both times they made it difficult to accommodate my schedule. They give a 4 hr. window and the contractor has to order parts only when they are on-site, which means there will be two service calls at least, so need to sacrifice 8 hr. for a simple job. And the contractor’s workmanship is only good for 30 days.

My exhaust stopped working after 2 weeks from repair and I delayed in contacting them, and by the time I called it was past 30 days. Now I had to again pay $75 service fee to get the work initiated and again spend 8hr. just for the contractor to re-diagnose the problem. There are a lot of little thing they do to create annoyance so you don't use their service. I hope I had never signed-up for their service. Bait-and-switch sales practice. They talk of good service but make it difficult to use their service.

Raj V.
San Ramon, CA
November 22 2019 2:40AM

I recently had warranty company send out a plumber because of low water pressure. We needed our pressure release valve replaced. The plumber that came could not locate it and said he wasn’t going to dig around for it. I was told if I located it to call back. Having a disabled husband and being his caregiver doesn’t afford me time to dig up a water line! I had to have another plumbing company come and locate valve and replace it. $1400 ok after I am trying to get warranty company to reimburse cost of work the plumber very easily and quickly did.

Sheila G.
Salem, OR
November 20 2019 9:18PM

I was having a Mother’s Day party when one of my pipes burst. I called them immediately, very frantic, and they sent someone right away. They saved my party and myself from humiliation. Worth every penny if you want to have peace of mind.

Cara L.
Phoenix, AZ
November 20 2019 8:58PM

Stay away from this company. Better throw your money directly to the trash. After two weeks calling daily with no one calling back I get an appointment with a plumber from the insurance. He said that our shower broke because we misused it, so we have to pay the insurance+ the visit of his plumber+ our plumber and loose hours calling this company. Of course, the plumber we hired said that they did not see anything out of the ordinary in our shower, only normal wear and tear.

November 05 2019 5:41PM

After my hvac combo pack and as condemned they say they cover install of new unit, but then all cost was passed to me. The cash out option for installation was $250. So they are admitting that all cost is passed on to customer. Very disappointed. I would not recommend them.

Aimee A.
Taylors, SC
November 05 2019 1:14PM

Horrible experience. Due to whatever way they choose their contractors. First one didn't call me with what they decided. They stole my fan to my air conditioner and would not return even though they didn't get the job. Said they could fix system but couldn't begin work till end of November. 7 weeks away. (I live in an area it was 90 to 100 every day.) Second contractor decided totally different fix. What a mess. I will be canceling my contact end of month.

Gayle A.
Mission, TX
November 01 2019 12:09AM

I’ve dealt with this company several times already, and I am always glad that I invested in them in the first place. They have saved me thousands of dollars for home repairs, and I have peace of mind that if things break, I can easily have them fixed.

Sanya K S.
Phoenix, AZ
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