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First American Home Warranty

4.3 Stars (248 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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First American Home Warranty is a home warranty company founded in 1984 and is part of the First American family of companies. They offer home warranty service plans to homeowners and real estate professionals ranging in price from $288-$468 per year with service-call fees costing $75-$95.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.3 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

A First American Home Warranty can be tailored using add-on coverage to fit more specific appliances you may have in your home.

248 First American Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

July 19 2019 10:33PM

Worst company ever. The plumbers that were sent complained that they don't get paid good for warranty work. One plumber said he was still a little drunk from the night before. So the plumbers stated that they had top basically tear up 2 walls knowing that the company would not cover it. We told them where they needed to go to fix the problem. 2 plumbers came out stated the same thing. My husband said forget it and with a $9.99 snake from Walmart fixed the backup problem. The insurance company WOULD NOT reimburse our $75 deductible. Don't use them. You will be scammed by the plumbers they send out

Brian W.
Lompoc, CA
1 Star

July 19 2019 2:29PM

Customer service was kind, but this is a waste of money. You can only use their contractors, many of whom are too busy to get back to you or to complete work. Call after call resulted in nothing. Even when parts are ordered, you cannot get them and use your own installer/contractor. You have to reorder or cash out which can take days. Would never recommend - make sure you read the fine print. Parts may be covered but you're still out hundreds with labor and other costs.

Ellen N.
Fremont, OH
1 Star

July 18 2019 4:49AM

Do yourself a favor and stay away from First American Home Warranty! As a first time home buyer I'm incredibly disappointed with the services from this company. We called them to fix a leak in the bathroom. First they canceled the original appointment because they claimed that they had the wrong address. The appointment was reschedule to a few days later.

When the day came, they called a few hours before schedule and tried to cancel it again saying that they were running behind. I mentioned that I had left work to open the house for their visit, and that I'd want them to come. Long story short, an "employee" named GERA showed up 3 hours later, he did not come in a work related vehicle and did not bring any tools with him. I met him outside the house and walked him inside to where the issue was (a continuous leak in our shower).

Gera took a few photos (on his cell phone)of the shower and handed me a receipt stating that I owe $75.00 (cash only). I kindly told him that I do not mind paying but he did not service anything and that I wanted a work order made or service done before I pay. Gera did not state anything about what he or the company will do or let me know of any service that would be needed. He simply said that was okay and walked out of the house. I did not hear back from the company again.

I, as a woman, thought that this was the most unusual service situation and was completely uncomfortable with his late hour, not work related car, no tools, and him asking for cash. I had to go outside the company and get the leak fixed by another outside company and paid my own money. Later I received a call from First American stating that I had an outstanding balance for work the bathroom work that they claimed to have done themselves. After explaining the situation they demanded proof that I had gotten the service done by another company.

After providing them with the information they requested, I was surprised to receive a letter from a collections agency requesting the payment. I also noticed that my case has moved from closed to re-opened without my knowledge. This situation is ridiculous, I had to spend more money to get the bathroom serviced, and also my personal time on phone calls and sending emails to this company and they are still trying to charge me like they completed work at my house. I would NEVER recommend this company to any friends/relatives, and it has dramatically shaken my belief in the "home insurance" market. One star is more than they deserve.

Get it together First American!!!

Kristina S.
Mission Viejo, CA
1 Star

July 15 2019 6:29PM

Do not open an account with First American Home Warranty. AC stopped blowing cold air May 18 so I called an opened a claim. With 100 + Texas heat today is July 15 and my AC is still broken and not being serviced. I have the Premier Plan with Central AC and first class upgrade. Every time I call First America, I receive a new / different representative who is clueless, makes excuses, victim blames, reads off inaccurate notes created by previous employees, and asks for more money.

John S.
1 Star

July 12 2019 5:10PM

I just purchased my home and bought the top of the line coverage- Eagle Plan for $600 a year. Recently moved into my house and had a plumbing/leak issue in both bathtubs so I called to use my plan's coverage today. But, when the technician called his First American to find out about my coverage... they told him my issues were not going to be covered due to my only living in my house a week. They called it a pre-existing condition and had I waited another month, then my plumbing would have been covered. WOW!!!!! So, I paid the tech the $75 service fee only to find this out. VERY, VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS.

Deborah D.
Humble, TX
1 Star

July 10 2019 4:35PM

Day 10! Only service from First American Home Warranty was to dispatch a company, (not from our area). The technician spent 10 minutes, rushed so fast to next call, he forgot his tool in the yard. Next day when questioning the procedures for making repairs/vs replacement of our ac unit, the tech stated, "they (FAHW) won't listen to me!

More discussion, tech became agitated, threw work order at me, 70 year old, woman, cursed....Started to bolt from the house. My husband tried talking to him, received more Curse words! Felt physical fearful by his lack of composure. Since then, we have called 2 times a day, everyday! Asked to send an independent estimate for replacement of indoor, outdoor unit. We complied. Constantly given different names & extensions to call. Left messages everyday! (begging for answers & call backs). DAY TEN, part not ordered, service call not scheduled.

THIS WAS CALLED IN AS AN EMERGENCY CALL, DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES & OVER 100 DEGREES HEAT FACTOR. *****I wouldn't spend a nickel for this verbal, physical intimidation, manipulation, and NO SERVICE***** SHAME ON ANY EMPLOYEE WHO HAS DEALT WITH US! We are escaping heat in public buildings, SENIOR CITIZENS, OVER 70 years old. NIGHTMARE WITH FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY CONTINUES!

L P.
Pflugerville, TX
1 Star

July 09 2019 6:09PM

Communication is horrible - they don't return calls or emails - When I first got the warranty things went well - but now that I need my AC coil replaced the company they sent out wants to charge me an extra $720 for work that is not covered and not necessary (I had a second opinion done). I have been waiting since June 28th for Bestway Mechanical to call me to explain why they think the charges are needed today is July 9. I have made 3 phone calls to the warranty company asking about the charges and they told me that if I refused to pay Bestway Mechanical to do the non-covered work they would not pay to have my coil replaced. Then I was told there was a cash out option - they gave me an amount but REFUSE to give me the break down - part - labor - freon. I asked to speak to Marie supervisor and she hung up on me and when I called back the next person I talked to told me that the cash out option had been deleted.

Chris L.
Simpsonville, SC
1 Star

July 09 2019 3:17PM

First American is a total scam. They work with only the cheapest and worst contractors. I bought a new home that had an old AC unit and tried for three years to replace it, but First American would only cover adding in more freon, at $600- $900 cost to me.

Finally when freon was outlawed they agreed to replace it, but would only cover the cheapest unit. The contractor they sent did not show up twice, and then installed a new AC without replacing the old hardware! The new unit overflowed, stopped working, flooded my apartment and my downstairs neighbor's apartment. They charged me $600 on top of the installation for a crane, but didn't even use a crane and never refunded me. I had to pay $5200 for the unit, having a professional HVAC company come to repair the damages they caused, to repair my floor and my neighbor's ceiling.

The HVAC company suggested suing them, their installation work was so bad. It's now been 2 months of endless emails, phone calls, etc. trying to get this resolved. I did not have any AC in the DC heat for over one month. First American refuses to cover any of the expenses and says that the “Company is not responsible for consequential, incidental, emotional distress, pain or suffering, tort or exemplary damages, secondary damage, loss resulting from the malfunction of any Item, or a Contractor’s delay or neglect in providing, or failing to provide, repair or replacement of an Item.”


Joya B.
Washington, DC
1 Star

July 09 2019 12:09AM

Don't, just don't use this company. Four months without a refrigerator and now got to the point where I just ordered and paid for a replacement myself. They refused to repair it after a couple of service calls, then low balled on a replacement with a budget brand that wouldn't match with the rest of my kitchen appliances ("same features" as my KitchenAid apparently), then they offered less than half of the cash value to buy a new one. Totally insulting after spending so much and waiting so long. Zero point in a warranty, zero point in buying their upgrades, zero point in this company actually existing.

Andrew S.
Los Angeles, CA
1 Star

July 08 2019 11:06PM

FAHW sends contractor out today after my ac had been out since last Thursday. I told their dispatcher what was wrong with my ac, due to this being an ongoing issue for the last 3 years. It has a leak and when the freon gets low it freezes up. Each summer FAHW sends a contractor out and tells them just to fill up the freon before they even look at the ac unit. I was told that this was the only thing this company would do to fix the issue. Last summer the contractor told me the next step would be to have the unit replaced. This contractor was very upfront when he arrived and also stated that this company had stopped using him for months because he would recommend parts be replaced, and the company just wanted him to do as little as possible to fix the issue without costing them much money. I was very pleased with the contractor sent out, due to him being upfront and honest. I am very displeased with FAHW and their crooked business. I bought their warranty for a piece of mind, but will now be dropping them because their service is horrible and crooked. STAY AWAY FROM FAHW!!!!!

William S.
Corryton, TN