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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (633 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

633 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

September 10 2019 7:53PM

I have the Sears Home Warranty and its a one year contract. Please note: As soon as the chosen company arrives at your door you AUTOMATICALLY owes them $100.00 . When I called and spoke to the SEARS staff - for my cooling system, garage door opener, and a plumbing repair, the staff will say, "Oh yes we can do that".

You have to explain to the staff really what you want to be repaired, or else they just send any company to your home, who arrives at your home, they look around the problem, they then state they have to call into their office to see if Sears will cover the job. You are not there in the vehicle during this conversation, so you do not know what is being said.

The first time was with my A/C system. The first person came, he flashed around the unit, he did not notice anything wrong, he went to his car, came back and stated he has sent to sears his findings (Nothing), and that I have to pay $100.00. The A/C went out again, I called SEARS and another person came. This time I took photos of what the A/C dash board stated as the problem, I showed this staff the evidence, who stated he had to speak to his boss, and promised he will be back later.

Later that evening he did return and fixed my AC system, but I had to pay another $100.00. My garage door spring broke June 2019 and locked my car inside. I called Sears, and I also went on line to put in the request, and all of SEARS contact sources replied-" No service agent is in your neighborhood for the next 3 months". I did not believe, so I made many more calls to see if there was a change, and all of Sears staff in about 6 different states told me, "According to the computer there is no service agent in my neighborhood for three months".

I had to call a private company who came that same day and with the New required materials, the removal of the old spring- charges me $20.00 more than Sears. Still under contract, Last week I called SEARS regarding a leak of my bathroom sink and a leaky garden pipe head.

I was told, "Oh yes they are simple work order, so it is under the warranty. Besides, if the company finds out it is not under the warranty they will let you know. You only have to pay $100.00" The young man came, there was water leaking from the sink, but he has to report it to his boss office. He went to the outside garden pipe with a ringed, he removed the cloth I had on the faucet head, and his equipment damage the faucet head. I asked him if the pipe was fixed and he then told me of the damage. Now he has to send it in to his boss office.

Later he returned and stated the work was not covered under SEARS warranty, BUT I had to pay $100.00 for assessment of the job. So what about the now broken, possible injury to my hand, faucet head? "Sorry, but you have to pay the $100.00. (with a soft tone)."

Now I was told, if I purchase my own sink, and have it replaced privately, the cost of that total job replacement cost is $150.00. No worry. Damaged repaired anew. I called and asked to speak with a SEARS supervisor, and was told by the staff- the Supervisor Daniella will call me back within 24 hours, after waiting on the phone for 8 mins. SEARS is this a Hidden SCAM?

Shirlund S.
Winter Par, FL
1 Star

September 10 2019 4:31PM

It has been over 3 months with a broken refrigerator door. I have called countless times to try to get an answer as to why. All I get is the run around from people sounding like they are talking in a barrel. I cannot understand a word they are saying. There is not even a supervisor to speak to, just an answering service basically. I have had countless appointments confirmed and then rescheduled with no explanation. The first 2 initial appointments just to have someone come and look at it, the guy didn't even show up. I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy. Look for a different warranty program!

Nancy K.
Seattle, WA
1 Star

September 09 2019 10:33PM

My fridge is on the blink. iIt freezes everything you put in it. Sears home warranty has been out twice and ordered parts twice. This has been going on two months now. And it still don't work. They **. My wife says Find someone else to get a warranty with you can trust.

Raymond R.
Gulf Breeze, GA
1 Star

September 09 2019 6:40PM

I do not recommend this home warranty service to anyone. They find a reason to say your air conditioner or whatever you need fixed is not covered. Then today they said my air conditioner had been fixed too many times, and they won't cover it. It was fixed once this year!!!

In the past I had good service, but for the past year, service is horrible, DO NOT PURCHASE IT! Save your monthly amount and put it in a fix it savings. You will come out ahead.

Diane M.
Clarksville, TN
1 Star

September 09 2019 2:44AM

Called on Monday Sept. 2 to report refrigerator was not working. They sent a repairman out the next day to evaluate the problem. He told my husband that there were 2 parts that needed to be ordered and that it would take about 2 week. Once the parts came in they would come back.

Well my on Friday of the same week the parts were delivered to my home. I called them that evening to let them know that the parts were in and they said that I was scheduled for repair on Sept. 18th. I said that was not acceptable. I had already lost some of my food from the freezer but that did not phase them one bit. The representative started repeating her standard message that is either written out for them and would not answer any of my questions concerning the possibility of changing the date from the 18th of Sept. to something earlier.

I got so frustrated I wanted to jump through the phone. The other problem is you can't understand the representative. The end result was the representative hung up the phone on me. Believe me I will be making a change. All they are doing is taking your money and providing you minimal or no service.

Sharon W.
Fort Washington, MD
1 Star

September 08 2019 2:40AM

Air conditioner stopped working in Texas on a hot summer Friday. Called and very happy to get a service agent to come the next morning. He was here as scheduled and every impression was he fixed the problem. He told us to give it a couple of hours for the house to cool off but everything looked good. 12 hours later and our house is at 90 and we’re told that we cannot get help for at least 2 days....not acceptable... Don’t waste your money on a service that refuses to do it right after doing it wrong. Very uncomfortable in Texas.

John B.
Frisco, TX
1 Star

September 07 2019 6:05PM

Worst service I have ever had. I bought all my appliances Kenmore from Sears. They sold me this service after the first washer machine got a failure. They have been 7 (seven) times to my house to change the compressor for the 1-year-old refrigerator. Now they cancel the cancel my service, just when the appliance was supposed to be replaced.

Claudia M.
SW Ranches, FL
1 Star

September 06 2019 11:27PM

The service is complete **. I've gone practically the ENTIRE summer without AC. All you do is speak with foreigners who constantly transfers you. They NEVER have a supervisor. They set appointments and never show then shoot you some ** as excuse about why no one showed up. I am forwarding this to the Better Business Bureau! This company should be shut down for taking people's hard earned money!

Rosalind T.
St Matthews, SC
4 Stars

September 06 2019 9:43PM

Have had Sears Whole House Warranty for 3 years. As long as you play by the rules we have had minimal problems. AC went out, ( 90 + degrees ) Sears rep, George, said two weeks before anyone could come out, told him not good enough and I think by me not being a pushie **, put me on hold for 20 min and found a supplier that came out the next day. Tech found the problem, but, had to go through the process of getting repair blessed by whoever.

We bought a window unit and survived very nicely until unit fixed. Our expenses $ 100.00 deductible, $ 209.00 window unit, waited 2 weeks, AC repaired. Without warranty repair cost $ 1900.00. Now we have a window unit when power goes out ( yes. We have a generator ). Again, play by their rules.

Roger G.
Shelby, NC
1 Star

August 29 2019 5:59PM

Agree with the other reviews; this service might have been good in the past, but it is horrible now. I was sold this product during a repair visit from Sears and told it would cover my main appliances, fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher etc.

The first time I had an issue, I got put through the gauntlet by having to wait a month for someone to come out, and then a month for the parts to be ordered and arrive, and then was told it's not covered because they have a clause in the disclaimers that doesn't allow for non-new appliances to be covered.

After two months of back and forth with very low English speaking representatives I was left where I started with a broken appliance and 3 months of warranty payments that cover nothing. Really, the worst part is having to deal with their overseas customer service though; they often put you on hold for no reason for 15-30 minutes and I had calls get disconnected many times and had to start all over.

Dennis F.
Aurora, CO
1 Star

August 28 2019 9:14PM

Don't waste your money on a Sears warranty. It used to be good but not anymore. Call 1st of July for a lawn mower repair. 1st appointment was 1st Of August. Repair man came couldn't fix it. Had to order parts. Next appointment 10th of September. Pretty much the whole summer Without Lawn tractor. The tractor is 4 years old, has had extensive rebuilding and repair by Sears. Bought extended warranty for $350 For one year. Mowing season will be over before it's fixed. I believe their Customer care service is overseas now I am put on hold for up to an hour never an English-speaking person to speak to.

Mansfield, OH
1 Star

August 27 2019 1:40PM

Worst service ever. It’s been numerous visits and still not able to fix refrigerator. Every appointment is a different repair person. Appointments cancelled after I defrosted the refrigerator. Now repair person here and we see that it’s a two man job but only one person available so now we need to reschedule again! This has got to be a service warranty scam.

D C.
Northport, NY
1 Star

August 26 2019 4:48PM

Be wary of contract! I’ve never dealt with a company that tries to pass the buck to other employees as much as this company (countless hours on telephone). We had a AC system fail and it took them 2 months to repair while living in south Texas with over 100 degree heat. Tried everything to not replace it. Called in for our other unit that failed and said that it wasn’t covered, they had previously covered it. I really don’t understand how Sears home warranty gets any good reviews. This company is a scam that hides behind their contracts that are a scam to the public. Save your money and don’t get a home warranty.

Thomas W.
Kerrville, TX
1 Star

August 23 2019 5:39PM

Upstairs HVAC system failed. Warranty purchased in May. Phone call from Cross Country Home Services. Said no HVAC company within 100 miles of Coralville. Found a local company willing to do assessment. First trip=$100. CC Home said need a leak test. Tech returned: $150 for freon leak test. Reported to CCHS.

Phone call that repair not covered, that holes obviously occurred before warranty was purchased. Were they connecting refrigerant lines? One needs a PhD in every system of the house to understand his whole house warranty.

I phoned again to clarify the refusal. What a rip-off! Wonder how I will get my "one heating and one cooling system preventative maintenance check each year" if no one in this area works with Sears. This contract will not be renewed next year. Hoping covered appliances will break down.

Barbara S.
Coralville, IA
1 Star

August 22 2019 5:03PM

Do not ever purchase a warranty from Sears. I have been trying for 6 weeks to get someone to come out and fix my air conditioner (compressor). They told me it would take 3 weeks after 3 weeks they said it was never ordered. After numerous phone calls they sent someone out and they were there to do an inspection to see what the problem was. So I called again and they promised someone would be out the next week. That week came and left. So I called again and found out no one had even ordered the compresssor and they had to order one and it would take another week.

This is ridiculous. This warranty department is so incompetent and unreliable that they should not even be in business. My warranty will soon expire and I will NOT renew it.

Kristine H.
Los Angeles, CA
1 Star

August 21 2019 9:17PM

Had them for a year, I truly do not want to go into details because it ticks me off so much, just take my advice and choose a different company, if you are looking for a home warranty, for me I could not be less impressed than Sears.

Mike B.
Houston, TX
1 Star

August 21 2019 5:37PM

DON’T!! I REPEAT, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! YOU’LL BE SO SORRY, IF YOU DO!!! DON’T!!! The policy covers practically NOTHING!! The repairman, after taking my $100 check , told me he had to order this TINY PART to fix my dishwasher rack. After two, non retuned, calls to the service company, I called SEARS to find out the status. They told me this TINY PART wasn’t covered. And, it appeared that they could care less, that I wasn’t happy. IN MY OPINION, IT’S A RIPOFF!!! DON’T OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!!!

Harvey W.
Chula Vista, CA
1 Star

August 17 2019 7:52PM

OMG, I should've read theses Reviews before I wasted my hard-earned money on Sears Home Warranty!!! Bought the Whole House Plan, had a FREE Preventative Maintenance schedule done on my A/C, it hasn't worked properly ever since a Technician from Done Right A/C company touched it. I've gotten nothing but the run-around on the phones. This is pathetic on Sears part!

Dorothy C.
1 Star

August 15 2019 9:12PM

We were going into our second year with Sears warranty program, and our AC quit. I called them on a Thursday. They said they'd send someone.

The next day I got a call, and they said they couldn't find anyone, and that I was to call a provider and have them take care of the problem. I did, and they came and found the problem. They had the part on their truck to fix it. We had to call Sears to have this ok'd.

Sears rejected the company's price to fix it, so the technician gave them the information to order one, and then they were going to have it shipped to this company to have it fixed. We waited ONE WEEK in between 100-110 degree weather! I called finally to see what was going on, and found out that the part wasn't even ordered yet.

They said that they hadn't received enough information from my provider to order the part, which was a bald faced lie. I was right next to the tech. when he talked to a Sears representative. I was SO upset, I was shaking!! I immediately cancelled my maintenance coverage with Sears and called the company to come and fix our AC, which they did within the hour.

I will NEVER deal with Sears again!!!

Mike B.
Kingman, AZ
1 Star

August 15 2019 4:24PM

I don’t know how when you look up this warranty company that it gets such a good rating. If you read the reviews that come after its horrible. I’ve had the same problem with repairs that are supposed to be covered but if you read the terms and conditions you will stay away from these companies!

Customer service (if you can understand them) is horrible. I had to spend hours on the phone with them and that was if they didn’t cut me off. I was so dissatisfied with the way they handled both of my claims (furnace when it was minus 4 degrees wanted me to wait 4 days, and AC that was down for 3 weeks during 90 degree heat), that I called to cancel my service with them and they informed me(yes, its in terms and conditions that I didn’t read completely) that since I’d had a claim I would have to pay over $300 or continue paying my monthly fee for 7 more months. They get you coming and going.

I ended up still having to pay $700 on top of the $100 deductible fee for “uncovered” items. How do you plan for that. It’s just ridiculous how they represent themselves to get you to sign up with them then send you the Terms and Conditions in the mail that pretty much says the opposite!

I am contacting the BBB to report this company and will warn everyone I can to get more facts before signing anything with this company!!

Mary R.
Plain City, OH
1 Star

August 13 2019 9:40PM

One of the worst company to deal with. Had no hot water. The plumber assigned to the job was obnoxious, rude and didn't know what to do. He was cursing profanity in front of my family just because he couldn't deal with the stress. He walked into the house without any tool and every time he needed something, he ran to his truck. Took a week and a half to get one part (thermostat). ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS. WISH I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS.

Dan S.
1 Star

August 13 2019 7:52PM

Canceling your warranty agreement is a nightmare. They shame and belittle you on the phone. Never received the renewal letter they said I’d receive. They continued to bill me monthly after I had canceled my plan twice, a month in advance. Calling customer service for the warranty was a terrible experience. They tried to say I’d missed a payment three months prior. Not true, and my monthly statements confirm that. They won’t give out a direct line to billing, nor let you speak to a supervisor. Deplorable!

Susan M.
Conroe, TX
1 Star

August 10 2019 1:34PM

My 80-year-old in-laws have a Kenmore refrigerator and a Sears home appliance warranty that they have faithfully paid every month for a year and a half. The paperwork clearly states that if you have a problem and a Sears technician comes to your house four times for the same problem and cannot fix it, IT WILL BE REPLACED. We have followed all of the rules and now that it’s time for Sears to do their part, we have gotten the runaround for over two months! There is a leak that has been determined it cannot be fixed and every time we have called customer service we are transferred and come back to the same person. We have been put on hold for countless hours. We have been to the local Sears store and they say it’s a different department. Then we are given a number for an outside technician to call and it is only to find out about getting a job. This is crazy, we are very upset and have done everything we are supposed to do and Sears has dropped the ball! PLEASE HELP!

Aleene M.
Georgetown, SC
1 Star

August 08 2019 5:26PM

I had my first repair service on July 3, 2019 and they had to order the parts. The following week another repair tech came out to my home but notice that there was still one part missing so he ordered the part and the cycled began.

The following week another tech came out but I still had not received the part. A tech was out at my house ever week in the month of July and on Aug 2 another tech came out still no part. I finally received the part on Aug 5, 2019. The tech that was there on Aug 1, 2019 stated he will schedule and appointment for Aug 5, 2019.

I received a call from customer service stating that they are call to schedule and appoint I informed them that I was informed that a tech would be back on Aug 9, 2019.. Gina from a call center in the Philippines stated that she do not see and appoint and there is nothing that she can do ever though this have been going on for over a month. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she refuse to transfer me.

If I was not under a contract I would cancel the warranty and would inform anyone who is thinking about purchasing a warranty to beware!!!!

Suhaylah M.
Newark, NJ
1 Star

August 08 2019 4:30AM

Let's get started by letting everyone know this is not my first rodeo with Sears. Two years my refrigerator broke down more times than I can remember. We were without a refrigerator for a 45 days in one year. We were given (a new refrigerator) in 2016 at least I thought it was new. Now it 2019 and that new refrigerator is broken and has been sitting unplugged in my kitchen for 17 days. I'm beginning to wonder was it a new refrigerator or a refurbished refrigerator. I've spent 2 to 3 hours a day on hold listening to a recording ( due to high volume of calls please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it has been received) I have not gotten through to anyone. Its been 5 days (the communication between Sears customers and their customer service seems to be inevitable. Will not renew my plan again. Well deserved 0 rating.

Judy T.
San Diego, CA
1 Star

August 05 2019 8:09PM

This service is horrible. I got transferred around for a complaint. Then disconnected. The customer service person was rude when I asked for a manager. Im done with this crappy service!!!! Do not use Sears. They are awful.

Maria R.
Modesto, CA
1 Star

August 03 2019 1:23AM

My dishwasher broke. Called Sears. They scheduled for 2 weeks out. Came and ordered part and rescheduled to come back. Then called and cancelled. Then rescheduled again for 2 weeks. The repairman came and the first one had ordered the wrong part. Rescheduled again. Cancelled and said there were no servicemen to reschedule with and they would call us. Finally rescheduled after dishwasher had been broken for 2 months. Called the day they were suppose to come and the wrong address was on the account. How? They had been here 2 times and mailed parts twice. Since address was wrong they cancelled the appointment. Said I would have to call and get it changed, that they couldn’t change it. I was on the phone with 5 different people, who all had the correct address. I finally cancelled my account and asked for my money back. I got half of it back. Not the original $100 I paid when I signed up. Then they charged me $109 for the part. If you want to be on the phone for hours and still not have you appliances repaired then this is the company for you!

Karla M.
Corsicana, TX
1 Star

August 02 2019 6:04PM

Paying for Sears Home Warranty for several years. Response time is in excess of 4 days. No live support. All they do for the service is provide the name and number of another provider who you have to contact yourself to confirm and schedule a repair. The provider they give never answers the phone or returns phone calls. Endless cycle of vm and email text that lead to nowhere. They have sent out a repairman to fix a dishwasher 3x and it has never been repaired although on top of the monthly fee - I also had to pay a $75 service call. I could have called a repairman on my own and paid a $75 service call on my own. The $50/month fee has provided zero benefit.

Lisa W.
Dallas, TX
1 Star

August 02 2019 11:59AM

(8-2-19). I have been waiting on parts in order to have my "smart" refrigerator repaired. I was never told there would be 4 of 4 boxes. Repair technicians (Gus **, T.l **, Gabriel **.) have visited my home, and still no positive results. I have been without a refrigerator for a month now, after spending over $3500.00 on the refrigerator; not to mention I have spent over $10,000.00 on Sears Home products. Service Gabriel **. was late over 2 hours, T. ** was late over 1 an hour, Gus **, came in and left within 2 minutes of arrival. I called UPS, tracking # **-delivered; tracking #**-delivered; tracking #**-IN TRANSIT. Still waiting on box 4 of 4 for the last tracking number package. In addition, telephone customer services representatives are of NO HELP.

Hector V.
Houston, TX
1 Star

August 01 2019 1:36PM

Have a service contract on LG Refrigerator. Refrigerator stopped freezing in the freezer section and have lost all the frozen food. Schedule repair but it was two and 1/2 weeks out on a broken 2 year old refrigerator. Based on the fact that we were going to be without a refrigerator for so long we have purchased a new unit. Have tried to cancel the remainder of service contract and was told that $297.00 needed to be put back to the Sears credit card which was cancelled several years ago. To make a long story short they claim they can not reimburse me any other way. They rip off customers and do not properly honor their contract commitments. Since Sears is essentially Bankrupt I sure I will never see any money owed. I will continue to argue with them however.

DeWayne E.
Bryan, OH
1 Star

July 31 2019 12:45PM

Very poor!! They change words in coverage to benefit them and not cover items. I have made two claims and both denied. Why have a home warranty if you dont cover anything. Look up Sears Home warranty claims on youtube. Really bad reviews but somehow they are not showing up here, weird????

Sean H.
Lakeland, FL
1 Star

July 31 2019 1:01AM

Mother-in laws microwave stopped working in 2 years. She had a 2 year extended warranty. First repair failed after 4 months. Second repair failed after 1 day. Sears says that it must be repaired 4 times before replacement. Called to schedule 3rd repair and spent 4 hours being transferred from one person to another. Sears said that 2nd repairman had not closed the service call and they can not schedule a 3rd call. I called the service tech and he swore he closed it out and I need to call Sears. This whole thing is **(Google that term). Sears, by far, is the worst company in the U.S.

1 Star

July 26 2019 9:46PM

Elderly family members called their refrigerator went out. It’s been 3 months and elderly couple living out of ice chests. Husband disabled vet needs meds refrigerated. Wife disabled.

After 3 months and 7 useless service calls the family pitched in and bought them a new refrigerator until sears determined unrepairable - which they just did. Service tech said we should get about $1500 for replacement - which we were going to pay family back. Now Sears Home Services is saying we need to go to SEARS and they will give $900 Credit towards a “like model”. If we replaced the bad fridge they will not reimburse anything.

I feel the contract was breached by them by taking 3 months and still not repaired. The service technicianS said from the beginning they would NEVER be able to repair. Now they have a burned kitchen floor from compressor burning up after one of their attempts to fix. Bad fridge is in garage. New fridge is being used. And SEARS WALKS AWAY WITH NO $$$ out of their pocket. NOT FAIR.

These seniors have had a Sears service contract for 20 years and have paid Sears THOUSANDS of dollars - all we were asking was what they thought was fair. The issues store refrigerator credit for $900; when we actually replaced it for $2460. Don’t have anything to do with this company.


Kathy N.
1 Star

July 26 2019 7:32PM

My first problem was with my water heater. Contractor tech came out and looked at it and recommended replacement. Service company wanted additional $600. After many phone calls they finally agreed to replace it for whatever Sears pays them. Cheap replacement with 1 year warranty. Now I have an air conditioning unit that is out. Sears tech came out next day and was very courteous. Said he would call in a work order and I would probably have an option of repair or replacement. Day three in south Texas heat without AC and after numerous phone call to Sears no one has an answer when I will get a call. I have to repeat the story with each phone call because you never get the same person. Serval times I have been cut off and have to repeat the whole process. Yep I was a sucker and signed up for a one year worthless home warranty. Do yourself a favor and don’t get a Sears Home Warranty.

Joe E.
Hempstead, TX
1 Star

July 25 2019 6:40PM

Yesterday, I had an appointment from 10-2pm. I chatted Sears at 12:50pm to make sure that there was a 2nd repairman coming, since when Sears delivered my Washer and Dryer they installed the dryer on top of the washer. I was told there would be 2 people. I then asked the ETA of the repairmen. I was chatted from you that the repairman was delayed and would not be there until 2-3pm.

I went out to work in my backyard. I checked my phone at 1:12 and saw that the repairman had called me at 1:06 (by the way One Minute Notice!) and had rung my Nest doorbell at 1:07. I immediately called the repairmans number 4 or 5 times in quick succession and left messages for him to come back. He had turned his PHONE OFF!

I started chatting Sears and calling to try to get him to come back. I talked to Sears on the phone and they told me he would be coming back between 2:30 and 3:30. I continued to wait. At 3:50, I started Chatting again when was the ETA. I was told then The repairman was not responding and that I would have to reschedule. I grudging said yes, but was told it was getting kicked up the ladder and the “Caring” would be reaching out to me. Didn’t happen.

Shocked? I got lied to twice and screwed once.

James W.
Burbank, CA
1 Star

July 25 2019 5:23PM

Worst customer service ever... Placed a claim in 2018 of refrigerator, took over a month to repair. Placed a claim on washing machine June 25, 2019. I've missed four days of work, had to wash clothes at laundry mat over a month now. When I add up gas for trips to laundry mat, cost to wash, and loss of wages I'm out $1,129.99. I could have purchased two brand new washing machines for that amount; instead, I'm given ANOTHER appt. to miss one more day of work to be told what I already know... THE MACHINE IS NOT REPAIRABLE... Don't waste your time or money on SEARS Home Warranty Services.

Kathy T.
Panama City, FL
5 Stars

July 25 2019 4:38PM

My LG refrigerator stop cooling and We called Sears and made a appoint for them come out to check it. They came on time, check the refrigerator and told Us that Our parts were under warranty and also ordered the parts and they were delivered to Our house. When We got the parts We called Sears to make a appt for them to come out to do the repairs. They came on time repaired My refrigerator for $85. I am so satisfied because I was with Choice warranty and they sent a tech out and they approved for My refrigerator to be repaired but then the tech made a mistake on the order and told Choice warranty that wasn't going to repair it because I had a surge problem. So I canceled My home warranty with Choice Warranty and now have Sears home warranty. All I can say is I will give them 5 stars because of the professionalism and the promptness.

Diaungelia B.
Mesquite, TX
1 Star

July 24 2019 9:54PM

My dishwasher went out before Thanksgiving 2018--finally got fixed Feb 2019. Clothes washer went out before Christmas 2019. They beat around the bush until after March 2019. We have 7 children-spouses 16 grands and 4 greats. Thanksgiving and Christmas with no Dishwasher!!! Imagine the cost of a laundromat for the 2 of us for about 5 months---and the aggravation. They sent repair men. Needed parts took a month to get parts. One was broken when it arrived. Waited and waited for the part--called --they said case was closed as fixed. Informed that the washer was not fixed and they had not installed the missing part. Waited and waited. Called. They said it was fixed and wanted to charge another service call---and I did what they wanted. I got it fixed. Of course I discontinued the warranty service. But incurred the cost of the repair myself. If I could give a minus -I would.

Gwen F.
Brookhaven, MS
1 Star

July 23 2019 3:19PM

The worst service ever. I have been a paying customer for 4years or more. I have never missed a payment. I have been waiting 2 weeks for my water heater to be repaired and a month for my a/c. There is a lot of finger pointing going on between the service company and the warranty company. All the time you're being told you need a part that has to be ordered and then told that there are charges that's not covered under the warranty. Once I get my appliances fixed, I will be switching warranty companies. If you are looking for a great warranty company, keep looking, because Sears is not where it's at.

Tamika H.
Chicago, IL
1 Star

July 21 2019 11:44PM

If you are thinking about getting a warranty with Sears Home Warranty DO NOT. I called on May 10 three technicians and visits later my dishwasher is still not working. It’s July 21!!!! How can they keep doing this? What can we do as paying customers? Look on Facebook for reviews. Not a single good one.

Carmen B.
Greenwood, MS
1 Star

July 19 2019 11:18PM

I purchased a warranty for a LG refrigerator which lost its cooling capacity on July 18, 2019. Sears sent a technician 2 days later. The tech could not repair it and was told to wait 2 hours and call Sears. I have been on hold now for 2 hours and 28 minutes waiting to talk to a benefits advisor who will arrange for me to rent a refrigerator until 2 Aug 2019 when they can send someone who knows how to repair it and compensate me for lost food. Still on hold...

Irvin P.
Los Angeles, CA
1 Star

July 17 2019 11:18PM

Dont throw your money away with Sears Home Warranty. They've stood my mom up the past 3 appointments. She called to cancel and asked for a full refund and they offered her $41 dollars. Meanwhile she hasn't received any of the services they promises or all the money she's thrown down the drain. I'm shocked they're still in business with this kind of service. We couldn't even speak to a manager. We been promised a call back in 48 business hours. We won't be holding our breath on that.

Jacob T.
Gaithersburg, MD
1 Star

July 17 2019 10:34PM

My Kenmore elite built by LG the compressor broke. I called several times to make an appointment. They had to re-cancel over and over again. They came today the guy wanted me to pay them $450 when I was told it was only $129 and he wanted me to pay it before it was even fixed I had to call the police because your technician was getting very forceful. I was also told that the part was on the truck this morning but somebody else took it off I explain to them that I had somebody else come out here Contra Costa repair and they looked at it and told me it was the compressor. I am expecting a phone call from corporate with the next few days number **. Your customer service has a lot to be Desired it’s like nobody cares.

Randi A.
Oakley, CA
1 Star

July 16 2019 9:48PM

We have been paying for this service 4 - 5 years. We haven't used it a whole lot, but until now, we have had good service from them as well as the technicians and companies they sent. We have been waiting for a replacement water heater for TWO WEEKS!!! We were told it was approved two weeks ago and still no water heater. The warranty company is saying one thing and the technician is saying another. Not sure who to believe, but we have paid in the neighborhood of $4200 to Sears Home Warranty. The last call my husband just got came from a company called Cross Country Home Services. I'm so confused. I just want my water heater replaced.

Heather N.
Eagle Mountain, UT
1 Star

July 16 2019 4:55PM

The last two repair requests have been horrible. The first was in winter and my HVAC needed repair and it took 3 weeks for the repair to get completed. The repair request this time is ongoing. It is summer and the heat in Texas is unbearable and I have been without AC for 20 days so far. I have a breathing problem so was put on an expediting list. The part needed was first sent to the wrong city then they forgot to reorder. Now it has been 5 days and still no word. I asked to talk to a supervisor and have not received a callback. Customer service has been horrible. I am canceling this service after this repair has been completed because I have already paid for this deductable. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!

Susan W.
1 Star

July 15 2019 5:13PM

Please avoid this company!!!! I’ve already reported them to FTC and The experience has been the worst. Short version, I got the “Home Service Warranty” over a month ago to cover a refrigerator I got from sears 4yrs ago, they sent a tech ( who ordered the wrong parts) and I have no fridge, they took my money and are now playing ping pong with me when I call. It’s a scam!!!

Elena D.
Kunkletown, PA
1 Star

July 15 2019 2:39PM

Been trying to get ice maker fix since April 12. Have had 5 tech out. Today is the 15 of July have had ice maker replacement, had wires replace each time. 4 to be exact with no help in site & no replacement. Sears has lost they mind. Now I have been with them for 20+years. Now I'm back on the phone. Now waiting. Every time I call it takes 4 to 5 hours on whole then maybe you will speak to someone or maybe now you will just give up. Can anyone help us? This is too much. What the hell happened to Sears??? A house hole name.

Debra/Robert H.
Houston, TX
1 Star

July 11 2019 4:44PM

First time I called the plumber Miss diagnosed the problem had had me call the town water company as an emergency. When the town came and pointed out the problem, (which had nothing to do with them) I called plumber back and they wouldn’t come back. I spent 45 minutes on hold before I could talk to someone in a different country for sears home warranty. Second time I called for AC, technician came, told me a coil needed to be replaced, I waited a week. Called sears, and they told me my claim was denied bec AC unit was not. maintained. This warranty is a scam. It’s has been nothing but aggravation.

Sheila O.
Blauvelt, NY
1 Star

July 10 2019 10:19PM

I cannot stress enough how horrible the experience I have had trying to get service through this home warranty has been. I’ve paid 50.00 a month for over a year and never needed service until today when my 3 year old Kenmore fridge went out. That’s not entirely true, I needed a part for a broken shelf a couple months ago, and the warranty didn’t cover that. Additionally, they sent the wrong part and I had to reorder. There is almost no way to talk to a live person. The dates they offered to repair by automated response were over a week away. This wasn’t acceptable in 90 degree heat with no refrigerator. After 2 hours, 14 transfers (everyone said their department didn’t change dates), and two disconnects, necessitating I start over, one person finally agreed they could turn it over to a local repair shop that had an opening tomorrow. I just needed to call and arrange a time. I called the shop, and they said they hate dealing with Sears because they are such a pain, and I needed Sears to send them an authorization by email with job number on it. Sears had given me the job number, but no, that wAs not enough. After another series of transfers and super frustrating dead end automated responses, I finally got through to another person who insisted it was authorized. I asked her to call the local company while I was on hold. She suggested I stick with Sears original date and get a cooler with ice in it for the entire contents of my fridge. In the end, we were able to set up a date with the local company, exactly short of the Sears date of a week, by one day. The local company said they had no openings tomorrow, so the Sears guy just flat out lied. They don’t even come to my area except on Mondays, and their service tech is out on Monday. Their automated responses were impossible to understand, they were so badly muffled, and the live people in some call center out of the country, presumably, were worse. Over 3hours invested in the process, and I’m still almost a week away from a service call. Heaven help me if they need to order parts and I encounter a further delay. I’m going to get this service done, get the routine maintenance done, and cancel ASAP. Nothing is worth this frustration! Sears is going under, and I now see why.

Sherene J.
Mt. Pleasant, MI
1 Star

July 10 2019 1:54PM

Three days now without AC and they haven't assigned a service provider. Still looking for one. Won't connect me with a manager. Says they won't pay the claim if I get my own service provider and send them the bill. Elderly people in my home and temperatures over 90. Three days. Do Not Buy This Warranty!

Shawn B.