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Sears Home Warranty

2.75 Stars (637 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Update: According to the Sears Home Warranty website, customers with a Sears home warranty will still have their appliances and systems covered despite Sears filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sears home warranties are underwritten, administered and serviced by Cross Country Home Services.

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 3.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 1.5 Stars

Overall Rating 2.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Home warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer major appliance and systems protection to more than 20 appliances. To see reviews and features of our top home warranty companies, click below to read our guide.

637 Sears Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

May 05 2020 6:18PM

Should have read reviews before buying. Had tech come on April 27 for oven. Was told it would be 530.00 to fix but hey we have a warranty plan which discounts repair. Signed up. Got parts on april 30. Was told first available to install is may 15. Whattttt? How am I supposed to feed my family with no oven during a pandemic? Sears could care less.

Jill C.
1 Star

May 03 2020 7:11PM

My refrigerator went out 3/10/2020. The first repairman came out and said the compressor was gone. Ordered a compressor and had to wait until 4/01 for him to return and replace. He said it was fixed and left. The refrigerator never really got cold and less than 24 hours it had a burning smell and was not even cool inside.

Called and the second serviceman came out a week later and he’d said oil was in the lines and it would not hold Freon and it could not be fixed. He said someone would call me, which they never did. I have been chasing different departments, been hung up on by several people and finally one lady told me the first repairman had ruined the refrigerator when he put the compressor in. She gave me a number to call and said it would have to be their third party liability to handle the claim.

Finally a lady called and said to give her a few days and she would call me after she got all of the facts. Well, I have given her over two weeks and have not heard from her. My contract states that they replace the item if it cannot be fixed. I did not realize you are dealing with three separate companies here. I put a hold on my contract payment through my bank. I feel they have not lived up to their contract, therefore, I am not paying another payment on my contract. I have been with this company since 10/2017. My advise is to run from this company. They are not honest!

Carolyn W.
Cumming, GA
1 Star

April 30 2020 7:02PM

Sears Home Warranty is the worst. l placed two claims with them one they denied the other claim it took them 2 months to reimburse me. Both times l had to find my own service provider for simple common issues (Garage door and a Furnace). The run around l received from their customer service people as well as their supervisors were the worst. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake. Avoid Sears Home Warranty like the plague.

Tony V.
Albany, NY
1 Star

April 28 2020 6:31PM

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT sign up for Sears warranty policy. Their customer service is terrible, the sale reps lie to sell you the policy which does not cover most items on your appliances. They scheduled my repair appointment, and rescheduled my appointment week after week but the techs never showed up or called to give you updates me about the appointment.

After hours of being placed on hold and contacting multiple departments, they finally rescheduled my repair with a different service tech. He came and looked at my appliances, charged me $100 deductible and left without fixing any of my appliances??? He said he has to check with Sears to find out which items is covered before ordering parts. My appliances still have not been repaired for over a month and I am now out of an additional $100. PLEASE SEND HELP.

Kim N.
1 Star

April 27 2020 8:45PM

They are very bad about providing service. They hire a third party company to do the repairs and they don't have have any records of the repairs I'd has been done previously. When you call they send you to a different company-- again a third party. And they are worst. 4 technicians came to fix the items and nobody are able to fix the issues. Very bad.

Jose L.
Dacula, GA
1 Star

April 27 2020 4:29PM

Customer service is a joke. Even if they could speak English, wouldn’t be able to understand or hear them due to terrible phone quality. I’ve had this warranty for 2 years and have had problems every single time. Tech came out this morning to fix washer. Said he was getting voltage where there shouldn’t be voltage. Replaced door latch and said if this didn’t fix it, it’s the control panel. He left and washer still doesn’t work. Not the techs fault, did what he could with parts that he had.

Have been on the phone for over 2 hours trying to get make appointment, order part, anything to fix this problem. Have gotten nothing but frustrated. Transferred several times, disconnected, told they would call me right back with a clearer connection, you name it. $49 a month, $75 today, washer that still doesn’t work and impossible to get the matter resolved. Sears home warranty service is horrible! Would not recommend to anyone. Ever.

Heidi O.
Cadillac, MI
1 Star

April 17 2020 4:17PM

Plain and simple,... these people are horrible to do business with! DO NOT buy a Sears Warranty plan, you will regret it. I have had my plan for almost a year and finally had to use it for the first time. I have gotten the biggest runaround from everyone in their service center and home warranty department.

Even the mgr that I spoke to regarding my problem refused to give me her call back number. My range exhaust unit broke and the tech who came out said it couldn't be fixed and that I would need a replacement, that was almost a month ago. I spoke to a mgr who told me that they needed a second opinion, really! A second opinion!

This is not heart surgery. She asked me to call another company in town to get this second opinion and when I did, they told me that their technician who would be coming to the house would not be available until next week since he was still in quarantine for the Corona Virus.

Well, I'm sure the man is a nice guy and I certainly hope that he is not ill, but with all of the uncertainly regarding the virus would anyone at this point want someone coming into their home who's been in quarantine?

I am now waiting again to hear back from another mgr and was told I should get a call back by next Tuesday. It's amazing to me how a company can continue to do business this way and treat their customers as they do. By my experience, I'm not surprised by the many negative reviews that have been posted by other customers.

Tomas G.
San Antonio, TX
1 Star

April 14 2020 4:34AM

BEWARE OF SEARS' TACTICS TO SELL SERVICES!!! I've had a service agreement for about 14 years for 6 of my appliances, during one service call, the technician said there were going to be no renewals for that kind of maintenance, the next best thing was a home warranty, for appliances was 49.99 and in addition to that plumbing, heating and some other items for 59.99 and I signed up.

After over a year of paying, I call for service to my washer to find out ALL of the appliances were not covered! the coverage was for all those other items that were "in addition to" except the appliances... Not long ago, we received a renewal form for the original service we've had.... I have gotten phone numbers, called, left messages, no one, anywhere will even talk to us, because HE TOTALLY MISREPRESENTED THE SERVICES WE REQUESTED, JUST PLAIN LIED and left us hanging when we needed the work.

Logically, there is no reason why we would get a warranty that covered none of the appliances that we had service for, for the past 15 years. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WHEN THEY SAY ANYTHING, CALL THE OFFICE AND CORROBORATE WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL AND THE REASON WHY!!!!

Ethel R.
Huntington Beach, CA
1 Star

April 10 2020 10:52PM

I was a customer of Sears Home Warranty for more than 8 years. Last year, I placed a claim for an error message on a wall oven. Sears sent a technician... I paid $75, and the technician proceeded to tell me he doesn't work on this type of oven.

Called Sears again, they sent another company who looked at the oven and said they aren't an authorized on this oven and couldn't get parts. Called Sears AGAIN, this time they said they had a company who could fix it. I called the company and turned out they were located 2 hours away and didn't serve out area.

Called Sears AGAIN... issue was elevated. I got a call back a couple days later instructing me to have the oven fixed by a local repair service of my choice, get a receipt and submit it to Sears who would reimburse me for the repair. I paid $750 to a local company (the biggest electronics dealer in the Midwest, so very reputable) and got the oven fixed.

I contacted Sears and in short, I was told they had no record to me being told to get the oven fixed. Since they record all the calls, I asked if we could pull the transcripts and was told there was nothing they could do. I immediately canceled my service and I don't ever want them to scam another person. I would strongly suggest you avoid this company.

Jennifer C.
Libertyville, IL
1 Star

April 07 2020 6:18PM

If I could give this company 0 stars I would! I have a family of 6 and have not had a dryer to use for almost 1.5 months! What makes it harder is that due to COVID-19 I don't feel comfortable taking out clothing to public places to get dried. Technicians have been out three times already.

Last Tuesday (3/31/20) I had an appointment scheduled and no one showed up. When I called they told me I did not have all of the parts yet. On Friday I received an email to schedule an appointment yet I had not received any additional parts. When I called they said I had all the parts the entire time. They said the earliest appointment would be for today (4/7/20) between 8-12.

As you could imagine I was extremely frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told that the supervisors were busy and they would call me back. I never received a phone call. Today I got a call to reschedule my appointment. I called to find out what is going on and they said the appointment was not confirmed. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me that supervisors do not call back which tells me the representative lied to me.

I asked why my appointment was not confirmed today when I was told that I had an appointment scheduled and the supervisor could not tell me why. She only said that a technician was not assigned to the job. Now, the soonest they can come out is Wednesday (4/9/20). This company is a sham. Waiting over 1.5 months to get an appliance fixed is unacceptable. Also, they forward you out of the country to speak to representatives so it's difficult to understand them at times and difficult for them to understand us. This company SUCKS!

I also dealt with them with our refrigerator last year. We had to take so many days off of work to meet technicians at the house and they kept repairing the same thing. Then then started replacing other parts of the refrigerator. It took approximately nine months, four of the SEARS service technicians, another outside technician who came out three times and couldn't fix it, and then another outside company who came out twice and then he deemed that the refrigerator was not fixable. We were then able to get money to put towards a new refrigerator. This is an unacceptable time frame to properly fix appliances. Don't use Sears Home Warranty!

Stephanie G.
Upland, CA
1 Star

April 07 2020 4:27PM

A nightmare. Poorest customer service ever. Leave you on hold and never return. Sales people misrepresent the benefits of this protection policy. I have never had this type of service before. Have not had a washer for over a month If appliances can’t be repaired and has to be replaced it will be replaced with a low quality type of appliance. Nowhere near your presently owned appliances. Don’t waste your time and money.

Deborah B.
Washington, LA
1 Star

March 31 2020 4:58PM

Long wait for repair, 3 weeks without heat, 2 subcontract did not repair the unit, the 3rd contractor did the repair. Several call to the told free 800 number to be put on hold. sometime they would not come back to the phone.

Julia B.
Rock Hill, SC
1 Star

March 25 2020 9:51PM

It's been horrible. They have been out 6 times to fix ice maker. As of right now the ice maker still doesn't work. They have replaced motherboard as well as every component and part on ice maker. Customer service is very bad. I don't know what country these people are in but it's not here. I have been trying to get repair man to tell them its unrepairable but no luck yet.

The last 2 times, one said it just needed some caulk, yes caulk on ice maker but naturally that didn't fix it. The last repairman said the plug in back of ice maker wasn't plugged in all the way. That wasn't the problem either. If I'm lucky enough to get a new refrigerator I'll be canceling this mess.

Gary F.
Amarillo, TX
1 Star

March 23 2020 4:24PM

One of the worst customer service people and worst professional! They never answer calls nor give proper service on time. Not worth a penny. We had an emergency situation at home and called them, tried to chat with them but there was no answer for 2 days. At last I called we had to call a local service provider. I would not recommend anyone! There professionals are not considerate to our complains too.

Subhasish M.
Sharon, MA
1 Star

March 20 2020 7:00PM

My washing machine is not working! Technician came out on February 19th and had to order two parts. One part is here. I was told that the manufacturer has to send me part directly. After one month and calling every week, I am still told to wait for the part that's supposively back ordered!

No one knows if the company still makes part or not! I have not been able to do my laundry. I have asked for loaner machine if the part is going to take long time to arrive. Every time I called, I am told that my case is escalated and I will hear from Sears in FIVE working days. No one ever calls me! I am an unhappy customer. I will have to think about referring Sears to my friends and family! By the way I have not seen any review saying that they are very happy with this service.

1 Star

March 19 2020 3:40PM

I have Sears Home Warranty. I pay 49.99 every month, I called for service and automated system made appointment only for range, I was made to pay $75 to the technician who said for washer and dryer you will have to call again and the $75 is only one time it will last for 90 days, the next day came the technician for washer dryer but he refused to check the dryer as he said the service is only for washer.

I said the automated appointment maker on the phone has no option for multiple appliance service, he made me pay another $75 and said call Sears home warranty for your refund, I called Sears there was Jeffery on phone he said, "We cant help you as you have already paid the technician and as you made appointment on phone...."

All crap excuses, they are a fraud company that tell you something and when I asked for his supervisor as Jefferry said, "We will have to pay another $75 again for the dryer service, bunch of corporate crooks, the supervisor never came on line after Jeffery made us wait for 35 minutes, he told us, "My supervisor will call you." Horrible experience after taking our money every month and giving fake excuse for charging us $75 every time they come though in a week though they lie that the $75 is good for 90 days.

Rashid V.
Davie, FL
1 Star

March 17 2020 5:08PM

Do not rely upon Sears extended warranty service. This was supposed to be the top quality Kitchen Aid. Others may have decent products and extended warranty programs that are of quality- please use them, not Sears. We have had multiple serious issues with a dishwasher.

Rather than replace they continue to try and fix it. Each time it breaks we have to call India. They ask if it’s plugged in. Once we get past that nonsense they send a repairman which takes time. He says it’s broke and orders a part which is shipped as slow as possible. Last year, with breakdowns we were without the dishwasher for about two months. It’s broke now- draining water onto the floor. Do not use Sears.

Robert B.
St Augustine, FL
1 Star

March 12 2020 1:33AM

Where do u want me to start!!! I had Sears out to my house on 7, yes you read 7 times to repair my fridge that stopped cooling. Same problem ea time. They [sears] then told me that they would replace the fridge then they told me "THEY DON'T DO THAT"!! SEARS WAS A COMPLETE SCAM FOR ME!!! IF THEY WERE IN CHARGE OF IRRADICATING DISEASE WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD, DEAD!

1 Star

March 09 2020 11:45PM

My hot water heater went out. I called and filed a claim on a Thursday and someone was supposed to come out Friday no call no show Saturday the same thing. On the following Monday someone finally show up and determine the hot water heater needs to be replaced. So after I hadn’t heard from the repair company nor Sears I called back to check the status and was told it’s under review after two weeks. A total rip off I wouldn’t recommend Sears home warranty to anyone they just want your monthly payment no care or concern for anyone.

Debra A.
Baton Rouge, LA
1 Star

March 09 2020 11:45PM

My hot water heater went out. I called and filed a claim on a Thursday and someone was supposed to come out Friday no call no show Saturday the same thing. On the following Monday someone finally show up and determine the hot water heater needs to be replaced. So after I hadn’t heard from the repair company nor Sears I called back to check the status and was told it’s under review after two weeks. A total rip off I wouldn’t recommend Sears home warranty to anyone they just want your monthly payment no care or concern for anyone.

Debra A.
Baton Rouge, LA
1 Star

March 06 2020 11:18PM

So far we've had two experiences with Sears Home Warranty. One required a replacement part for our garage door opener and was handled adequately. The technician had no experience with garage door openers, but he could read instructions and eventually got the job done.

The other one was handled in a completely unsatisfactory way. It was a plumbing issue, but since it apparently involved some work on one of the pipes, that was not considered a mechanical failure so they did not cover it.

On top of that, they charged us the $100 deductible for the plumbing call twice: First Sears Home Warranty charged us a day before the appointment, and then the plumbers charged again when they came out. The plumbers refuse to refund their charge even though it was a duplicate charge (and they didn't do anything). I'm still waiting, after a week, to hear back from Sears whether they'll refund the $100 they charged in advance.

Whenever you read about Sears Home Warranty for Systems (we have Whole House, which includes Systems), the writer says they cover plumbing. Well, no, they don't. At least not for our situation. So this is not the peace of mind they promised. Not recommended.

Lindsay R.
Gaithersburg, MD
1 Star

March 06 2020 5:03PM

Waste of money. Technicians couldn’t fix my dishwasher after 5 tries, 3 of which were no call no shows. Wouldn’t pay to replace the appliance because technicians would not agree that it couldn’t be fixed. Had to pay an additional 112 for the privilege of cancelling. Would not recommend under any circumstance.

David F.
Glen Mills, PA
1 Star

February 27 2020 5:13PM

It tried to cancel my warranty after 10 months for financial reasons. The contract states that you may "cancel after 30 days of coverage effective date if a claim has been made or at any time thereafter at which time you may be due a refund" now after 10 months if paying 69.00 a month I'm told I can Not cancel until June which is 4 months from now, because I haven't paid the remainder of the claim.

So in June of last year I was charged $626.11 to put a rubber gasket on the door and a plastic part on the motor. I paid $313.11 for repairs and got the warranty. After paying $828.00 in monthly cost to a total of. $1141.11 to repair a washer, that I could have replaced for less and now I can't cancel immediately. I think you have gotten enough of my money. I will make sure to tell everyone this service sucks. Thanks a lot, for nothing.

Virginia M.
Richmond, SD
2 Stars

February 20 2020 4:55PM

Ice maker broke on a Kenmore elite after 1 year. Advised to sign up for service because they would replace fridge if it still has problems. Ice maker was replaced but still works intermittently. You will pay $75 each time they come out And pay month.

Good luck trying to get a replacement on a product. I am moving with 5 months left in my contract and they make you pay the remainder of the contract. In a nutshell I spent around a thousand dollars for a new ice maker. I am also paying on a warranty that I will not be using because I’m moving and these things are being sold with the house. Super frustrating. Will never do one of these warranties again.

Lacey B.
Puyallup, WA
1 Star

February 13 2020 9:52PM

They deserve to go bankrupt! Called over two weeks ago for my washer which had the same issue for a third time. Made appointment for a week and a half later. I took off work and waited till noon, no email no call and I called and part was ordered two days ago, their mistake! No I leave for vacation and have to wait 10 days more and have to sit home on my birthday and come home from vacation to dirty laundry! They are horrible! Lied and said parts were back ordered.

I looked up the part number and they are available all over the internet. Don’t tell me it takes a week to get parts. So then they said they will have part tomorrow, Friday but no one can fix it for a week! I am so beyond pissed that they would do this to a 30 year credit card holder and warranty customer! Never again sears, hello Lowe’s Home Depot or Costco. I’m so done! So 3 1/2 weeks with kids and a broken washer! They just want me to cave and buy a new one!

Carla P.
Antelope, CA
1 Star

February 10 2020 8:38PM

They suck. My father in law has one for his heat pump. 6 weeks later, still nothing. I've traveled to Florida twice now so I could help him with it. Twice lied to about the delivery. How do we get this 89yr old man's money back so I can buy a unit from a reputable company, rather than having my wife go through approximately 20-25 people at Sears, all capable of lying about the status.

Larry A.
1 Star

February 07 2020 3:27PM

Had a water leak and it took 7 days to get a plumber to come out. I decided to cancel my contract 2 months later and was told it is a yearly contract. I have already paid $350.00 towards the contract. I was told that I would have to pay for the plumbers full bill of $375.00 even after paying the $100.00 deductible. I was also told there was a $250.00 cancellation fee. They would only change my whole house plan to an appliance only plan. And at the expiration of the contract will not renew it. I will be stuck paying $40.00 a month for the next 7 months.

To me this is consumer fraud as their paperwork said no cancellation fee. What they dont tell you is that is only if you have not used it. Do not waste your money, find local professionals and work with them. Sears should be ashamed to have their name associated with such a fly by night operation! While this is only my opinion I am expressing it under my 1st amendment right to free speech.

Michael R.
Cookstown, NJ
1 Star

January 31 2020 5:41PM

Sears Home Warranty is the WORST! do not sign up. Total rip off... the couple of times I have called and really needed their help the issue was not covered. Really? If the door is broken and falling to the ground, and Sears says dishwashers are covered?? How can that repair be covered. I tried cancel and they are still making me pay for the worst service for the next 5 months. Don't sign up! you are wasting your money!!!

Melissa M.
Houston, TX
1 Star

January 31 2020 5:29PM

First of all, we got duped into this damn warranty by a Sears rep when I called to come look at our cooktop. She said get this warranty and the damage would be covered. It was not, because the damage was considered surface damage and not anything having to do with electrical or wiring. So we basically got the warranty for nothing. Time goes by and our oven goes out so we call Sears home warranty. They come, say order this part, part gets ordered. Oven doesn't work.

Repair guy comes back. Says order another part, still doesn't work. Guy comes back. Says the part doesn't exist that we need so they say good news, you get a new oven. Sears sends over an email with the wrong oven. We need a microwave and oven unit, the email says double wall oven, meaning two ovens. We tell them over the phone, we don't think it's right. The guy on the phone says yes, it's a microwave and oven. We confirm to have the oven ordered.

As the oven is going to be delivered, my gut tells me it's wrong. Come to find out, it really was the wrong oven even though the Sears customer service guy said it was right. Now in this saga, which took over a month to figure out, I did talk to a great Supervisor named Frieda. She was amazing. Thank god for her because all the other customer service representatives, who barely speak English by the way, are horrendously awful. Just stupid people. Do not know anything about anything. So thankfully to Frieda, our saga ended well because she got us the correct microwave and oven combo. I would tell people, stay far far away from sears home warranty. They are awful and cheap and plain awful.

Jessica Z.
Poquoson, WV
1 Star

January 24 2020 6:19PM

Sears Home Warranty - all appliances Freezer stopped freezing very well ...leak in Freon hose, needed Freon - NOT COVERED HAD TO PAY Oven stopped heating, broiler element does not work....NOT COVERED!!!!! dont bother coming out. I am going to CANCEL!!! ... not so fast :( They said the Freon was $488. and I paid $265 (discount from warranty) 6 months later when I found out the broiler is not covered so I wanted to cancel being I was not going to use the warranty service any longer after paying $54.30 a month.

They cover mechanical parts only, a hinge, knob etc...not operating and heating! To cancel I have to pay them the difference between what I paid for the Freon back in July 2019. in the amount due is $223 for the full amount of $488 for Freon!!!! and I'm out all the monthly payment!!!! DONT USE SEARS HOME WARRANTY - ALL APPLIANCES.

Nancy B.
Huntington, NY
1 Star

January 19 2020 1:11AM

Very, very bad!!! Very bad communication problem. Total rip off!!! I requested a repair on my bathroom sink. They sent GO Green Plumbing and Rooters. The technician did not do a correct job. I complained to Sears. I requested another company. Second company wanted to charge another $100 deductible. Sears did not stick up for me!!! Very bad. I regret taking out a contract with Sears.

Leslie P.
North Holls, CA
1 Star

January 19 2020 1:10AM

Very, very bad!!! Very bad communication problem. Total rip off!!! I requested a repair on my bathroom sink. They sent GO Green Plumbing and Rooters. The technician did not do a correct job. I complained to Sears. I requested another company. Second company wanted to ch as the another $100 deductible. Sears did not stick up for me!!! Very bad. I regret taking out a contract with Sears.

Leslie P.
North Holls, CA
1 Star

January 18 2020 12:10AM

We have a dishwasher that the heating element went out. The first person that came kept making excuses as to why he couldn’t repair it. After 4 visits with same problem, we finally got a different repair person. He ordered the part. It was to be put in today between 10:00 and 2:00. It is after 4:00. Still no show.

When I called Sears Home Repair to ask where was the repairman, I got a robot that informed me I did not have a repair scheduled. I said rude things to robot and was transferred to representative who said “Your appointment is between 10:00 and 2:00." A person will arrive at 3:00. It is now 4:15.

Sandy B.
Walla Walla, WA
1 Star

January 17 2020 4:17PM

Echoing previous review comment - DO NOT BUY A SEARS HOME WARRANTY. It is helpless when you need to repair i.e. if any issues, you'll be told to wait and nothing that they can do. Placed a claim to repair Air/Heat blower on 1/7/2020 and after 10 days now - 1/17/2020, still not repaired. Called their customer service and was told delays was due to part request not valid, then part was shipped to wrong address.

Since multiple issues has happened, I simply asked them to pro-actively follow up with their appropriate departments to ensure everything moving along properly, their answer is and I quote exactly 'Mr. ..., we have sent email to appropriate parties and there is nothing we can do right now.'

I then asked if they could directly call their appropriate parties or at the very least confirm that they have received follow up requests, and the answer again is 'Mr..., we have sent email to appropriate parties and there is nothing we can do right' Asked to speak to Manager or any other department that could possible help, the answer would be the same '...NOTHING WE CAN DO'

So, you paid for a service and when you need it, they'd tell you to wait and nothing else they could do. It is just absolutely unacceptable for any level of service let alone for a service that you pay higher premium for.

Dylan N.
Sanford, FL
1 Star

January 14 2020 10:29PM

DO NOT BY A HOME WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY IT IS A TOTAL FRAUD AND RIP OFF! I filed a claim on a blown out water heater 5 weeks ago and I still do not have a replacement water heater installed. it took them 10 days to inform me that I needed to find my own contractor as they didn't have any in my area.

I have made numerous calls and emails to no avail. When I do get through their computerized merry go round, I get an incompetent service rep who barely speaks English and can't get answers or help. The plan is supposed to cover everything but your $100 deductible, not true! I received a claim explanation letter telling me that I would be responsible for $1,951.00. I'm sitting here in 36 degree weather with no hot water, and no returned call explaining why.

1 Star

January 14 2020 12:14AM

I've spent hours on the phone trying to get warranty claim service arranged. When I do, they cancel appointments with zero notice. When appointments are scheduled they do it blindly without asking for availability. Then they are surprised when nobody is home waiting for 8 hours. Ridiculous does not even begin to describe my experience. STAY AWAY!!!

Jeffrey D.
Waterloo, IA
1 Star

January 09 2020 5:46AM

Scam! First, this is not Sears. They sell the warranty as a Sears warranty, but it is actually Cinch Home Warranty. When you file a claim they send out a technician who describes the problem to some e over the phone, who decides that your appliance wont be covered due to "manufacturers defect" or other code words like "structural issue" etc.

I'm calling the Attorney general in the morning. I know a scam when I see one. If you have been victimized, I recommend you do the same.

Denise G.
St Louis, MO
2 Stars

January 06 2020 4:22PM

BEWARE.... We had appliance coverage for several years and had no real complaints.... until now. We are moving and no longer need their service. I called to cancel the account. I was told there would be a cancellation fee of $105.00. WHAT!!!! They said that I was canceling before the contract expiration date. Who knew that I had a contract with them? Be sure that you know if there is a contract with Sears before cancelling. I feel it's a crappy way to treat someone who has been a customer for years.

Mel N.
Nine Mile Falls, WA
5 Stars

January 04 2020 10:39AM

Sears home warranty is the best company for my home. I don’t understand why such bad reviews. I have sears for sears, never a bad experience. They fix my dishwasher, my wall oven twice, at the end they replaced it, fix my stove , my microwave. I just don’t get it.

Guidel P.
North Miami Beach, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

January 01 2020 9:15PM

I purchased the whole home warranty. It was suppose to cover appliances, air conditioner, hot water heaters etc, They said if the couldn’t repair it they would replace it. My hot water heater was leaking and I called Sears to get it repaired.

After a few days the man came He was from some company, dirty and unkempted. But friendly. He checked the heater. I paid him the $100.00 deductible he requested. He Said I had to pay no more. And assured me it would be taken care, of but the heater etc had to be ordered. I had to pay nothing. The next morning Sears call and informed me I had to to $945+. I had the plan canceled after much to do about nothing. So I am looking for a plumber. I wasted money paying them $69.99 a month. My lost. Beware of home warranties.

Carrie M.
1 Star

January 01 2020 8:48PM

DO NOT USE SEARS!!! Worst company I have ever dealt with. I had a dryer not heating up. Call my warranty company and they set up for Sears to come out. They missed their first app THEY set up and just didn’t show up. They rescheduled for the next day (because everyone can just take everyday off work to wait on them).

Tech shows up next day says he fixed the dryer I pay him and he leaves. Go to use the dryer and it smells like burning electrical and had we not been there to pull it apart and check it our this could have easily started a fire in our home. He didn’t hook the heating element up correctly, he had left 3 screws sitting out which should be a pretty clear indication you didn’t do something right. Their customer service is awful they just keep transferring you to someone new every time you call. Complete garbage company. DO NOT use them for anything.

R G.
Fort Wayne, IN
1 Star

December 24 2019 5:16PM

It 2 weeks to get a refrigerator part in on a 3 year old 4000.00 dollar refrigerator made by Sears put the part in still got the same error code as when they started. The warranty company sent a third party tech that was located 75 miles from my home and could not speak English so he could answer no questions. It takes at least 3 phone calls to get a Sears customer service representative on the phone after at least 30 minutes on hold. You decide.

Ulysses J.
Killen, AL
1 Star

December 23 2019 7:48PM

Technician came out and supposedly fixed my AC unit. Charged me $100. AC went out eleven days later. Tech came out eleven days later and charged me another $100 claiming it was something else. Unit went out again. Another tech came out and put FREON in. Didn’t charge me a penny. He came out after hours also.

Deborah J.
Sherwood, AR
1 Star

December 21 2019 11:21PM

The worst experience in home warranty, they never have companies to provide the services, never give a refund if you find a contractor, so regretted to have this company, buy the home warranty with them is waste your money and time, very rude customer service.

Belem M.
Midland, TX
1 Star

December 21 2019 5:42AM

I had no problem getting my water heater replaced promptly. Unfortunately, Sears never paid the contractor. I called Sears three times and was told the contractor had not submitted paperwork correctly. Sears said it was not my problem. They would work it out with the contractor. I sold my house 18 months ago. Today, the contractor called and said he never received payment from Sears and is turning me over to a collection agency!!

Sandra J.
Madison, WI
1 Star

December 19 2019 10:34PM

Had two home warranties with the folks. My furnace went and I have had to heat my house with electric heaters for almost a month. I continue to call them and they tell me they are still researching the options. These guys are garbage.

Julio I.
Voorhees, NJ
1 Star

December 19 2019 6:19PM

Do not do services with this **!! They will take all your money and do nothing. I recommend you yo find another company, because this one gives you the run around and take every penny from you. I've been dealing with them for going on 2 years messed up my fridge and after paying them 200 in deductibles for them not to fix one thing!! Please be aware. Dont even fall in their lies!

Nataly L.
Fort Worth, TX
1 Star

December 17 2019 5:34PM

This company is a fraud. You will completely waste your money. They do not take any responsibility for the contractors that they used to serve the clients. It is really sad to see how the government or any agency do not supervise this companies that really are getting your money.

Peter H.
Silver Spring, MD
1 Star

December 17 2019 5:26PM

After paying a monthly fee of 70 dollar for many years, when I needed the service was not done. They send 3 different techs, all of them said the gas range that I needed to be repair, was not repaired or replaced. I have waste my. payment completely. Please do not waste your money. This company is a fraud.

Marry B.
Rockville, MD
1 Star

December 15 2019 5:15PM

I after being a customer of Sears and their product services for over 20 years. Sad what they have become. My journey started out with a refrigerator covered by Sears home warranty. At the time of my initial call it wasn't chilling. Sears home warranty sent out an A&E service technician to evaluate their issue. He ordered parts after securing 75.00 deductible. The fridge two days later appeared to operate normally. The parts arrived a week later another tech A&E arrived and I informed him that my fridge appeared to be operating normally.

Their tech Ike said let him check it out anyway and advised that it would be better to put the parts in since they are there and I wouldn't have to call again if they weren't installed and fridge failed to chill in the future. He installed the items and my refrigerator hasn't chilled since. The same tech has returned no less than 5 times since and fridge still isn't working.

Last time he was here he says there is a blockage somewhere. Numerous calls to what I now call the Sears run around service zero satisfactory answers. This ordeal started two weeks before Thanksgiving. Here we are two weeks before Christmas no refrigerator. Would have liked to think that Sears who filed bankruptcy and is attempting to rebuild its brand would have gone back to the formula which made them a household name over the decades. Known for quality products and outstanding service. Whatever they believe they are doing now isn't working.

Jules F.
N.y., NY