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March 22 2021 10:26PM

Sears Whole House Warranty is a ripoff. An 8 year old inexpensive Kenmore washer which had a 5 year Sears extended warranty followed by 2.5 years of the Sears Whole House Warranty cannot be repaired, because, as the technician said, it is old and inexpensive and now the cost of the repairs are greater than the value.

Sears refused to authorize even one dime toward replacement cost. I've paid automatically every month $73 for 2.5 years. I have not had any appliance repairs, only the maintenance on the ac and furnace.

What's the point if when Sears cannot repair they do not replace as they pretend they will do? Or even pay for part of a replacement. I'm done with Sears, there are other home warranty plans out there and they cost HALF what Sears charges.

Robin A.
Los Angeles, CA
March 21 2021 11:43PM

I had called for two issues, they charged me two deductible, one claim was an emergency, I had to contact the contractors. One didn't respond for three days.

The first contractor came to my house and couldn't fix the problem so he passed it on to another contractor I had to contact. I had to fix the issue myself. The other issue was my dishwasher, the contractor had to order parts.

Two weeks went by Sears told me he would be at my house the next day, no one showed up. I called sears warranty to cancel their service and get my deductible refunded, they charged me.

Paul W.
Upper Marlboro, MD
March 20 2021 3:17AM

Sears Home Warranty is awful! You can never reach anyone by phone. When you call you will wait on an interminable hold, only to be disconnected after what feels like an eternity and you're ready to pull all your hair out.

They are extremely slow in responding to any online requests as well. Having had a hot water tank leak, they expect you to simply live without any hot water with no rush on their end. Trying to cancel this home warranty contract is almost impossible.

Getting through to them, as I stated before, can take literally all day. I'm not exaggerating. I don't know how anyone has time for this, and how they can still be in business. They should be sued, stopped, or run out of business. Do not waste your money!!!

Erin M.
March 18 2021 10:20PM

I have been trying to get a refrigerator repaired for the last week. No in the area will touch it, is a Kenmore Elite made by LG.

As they could not find anyone in their network I found a company about 35 miles away, they came, did the diagnostic work on it, gave me an estimate $1500.00. Requested that I have this company do the work and reimburse me for the cost.

They said he would have to contact them which he did over a two day span. They told him they would have to have one of their providers come out to do the diagnosis. Of course three of them had already been contacted and wouldn't touch it.

I'm finished with them, but can't get out of the contract without paying them $125.00. So I live in CA. I will fill a formal complaint with the consumer fraud department.

Ralph H.
Lompoc, CA
March 18 2021 8:42AM

It would be NO STAR, but I had to select one to submit! Service SUCKS! Argued with Customer Service about getting oven repaired. After numerous back-and-forth- oven still doesn’t work.

Two months later, the tech measures for a new oven. They deliver and can’t install because it’s the wrong size. Sears wanted ME to pay the restocking FEE when THEY ordered it!!!

Only after posting on their FB page and sending tweets did I get a new oven, and no restocking fee. Scheduled dishwasher repair 12/3/2020. 6 tech visits later, and 3 parts installed- dishwasher finally works 3/4/2021. Horrible service and the initial tech had an attitude.

When I told him the dishes were still wet after pump installation, his reply was, ”I don’t know what to tell you.” (I have his text message as proof.) Spent two hours on the phone trying to schedule another tech. Got bounced to FIVE different people!

Save your money and hire your own local service people for repairs. Average appliance service fee is about $125, plus parts or labor. At $50/month = $600 a year! If you have one appliance issue a year, the cost to service will be less than $600.

Joan S.
Bethlehem, PA
March 16 2021 10:09PM

I have Sears Home Warranty for 4 years. I used it twice and both of my experience have been very bad. The recent was so bad the kitchen faucet is broken and the water is leaking.

Despite two plumbers coming and looking at it it's very clear there is mechanical issues and it has to be replaced. Both the plumbers gave the same description and spoke to sears but they denied my claim. I was so disappointed with their behavior.

They never called me or help me out with why my claim got denied. Very bad customer service. I've asked them not to renew my contract and recommending others to cancel with Sears as well.

Muhammad M.
Gaithersburg, MD
March 16 2021 3:28PM

As soon as my contract is up May 5th 2021 going to cancel on the phone to get appointment for over 20 minutes. Guy came in May 2020 to fix washer. Replaced clutch. Still don't drain like it should.

Clothes are still wet and had someone come about refrigerator making noise. Didn't do anything. Didn't pull out and clean coils or check anything. Just open doors and looked inside so please don't do this warranty.

Flo C.
Romeoville, IL
March 12 2021 11:44PM

We have been waiting for a refrigerator repair for 3 weeks. After 5 visits to our home we still don't have a working refrigerator. As I read the other reviews I realize that many others have similar experiences if not worse! How are they allowed to continue to offer these services? Doesn't anyone care?

The answer is NO! Trust me I've called and spoken to anyone who would listen. I can't believe they are allowed to continue with these egregious actions!

A G.
District Heights, MD
March 12 2021 11:19PM

Call for repair service in December for my washer. They asked me to buy the home warranty. It would lower my payment. I never did get my warranty contact but they took money out of my bank account for two months.

I stopped the bank draft for March, (49.99) per month. It was going to cost $600.00 to fix my washer so I lost $200.00 for no service the name of Sears so call warranty is Cross country Sears home warranty.

I call the phone number. It's out of business. They are a scam. I am still trying to get my money back. Please don't mess with Sears.

Annye D.
Talladega, AL
March 12 2021 11:08AM

We have been without a working refrigerator for 3.5 weeks. After Sears sent a repair person to my house 5 times they have refused to replace the unit. Now we have to wait another week for a part to arrive which probably still won't work. Awful service!!

Sherry P.
District Heights, MD
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