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March 05 2021 4:46PM

Takes months to get help. Never have parts. Have to wait months to get part. Then have to wait month to get appointment. They ordered wrong part. Had to wait month for part then month to get repair person out. Still does my work right.

Bettie T.
Wilmington, NC
March 05 2021 11:36AM

A repairman came to service my dryer on Dec. 1st. He said that the dryer needed 3 parts and would take about 2 weeks. I called after that time and they said due to Covid19 the parts were backlogged.

I called at least 15 times. Every time I called, they lied to me. It took over 2 months to get my dryer fixed. Each time I called, I spent a hour with customer service. They kept switching me back and forth between departments.

Kenneth B.
Virginia Beach, WY
March 04 2021 1:53AM

My family has been without a refrigerator for 2 weeks. Sears is insisting on a second opinion before replacing the unit. The first contractor came to our home 4 different times and could not repair it. Now they are sending someone else! I will NOT be renewing this service contract!

S G.
District Heights, MD
March 03 2021 1:26PM

Something has changed since purchasing my warranty. Paid $75 for the deductible 3 weeks ago and no one has contacted me about coming to repairing my services; washing machine. I'm done... Seem like scammers have taken over... All they can do is send me my $75 refund...

Liana M.
February 27 2021 2:07PM

Horrible service! It takes forever just to speak to a representative to make a claim. They've tried too hard to automate their system but it's so flawed. When I try to make a claim online it tells me no techs are available and to call their hotline.

When I try to call the hotline it asks me to make the request online! And IF I finally get a rep they hardly help. They keep saying they'll pass my claim along for scheduling but no one ever does! Their dispatching system is garbage!

Matt H.
Riley, KS
February 26 2021 3:24AM

I agree with all the 1 star reviews, my experience was very similar. Waited for refrigerator repair for over two months, three tech visits later,-- finally it was obvious that it's not fixable, the warranty didn't cover replacement costs.

I am still waiting for partial refund for the repair expenses. Don't waste your money. You will be stuck with a broken refrigerator waiting for weeks for a tech to show up.

L W.
Everett, WA
February 25 2021 9:51AM

Very poor service almost a month to get my cloth washer repaired and not yet done. Schedule multiple service providers 2 of them diagnosed the same problem but they cannot repair the washer because it’s too much work.

And case manager rep is telling me they will keep sending me more providers until one of them will be capable to do the repair. It’s a jock. I have been paying them for years and when I need them they’re not there.

I wish there is less than one star to rate them at least -100. It’s a big fraud from Sears Home Warranty. I cannot wait till I see them and their employees are bankrupt. Don’t buy their policy. It’s a big scam.

Romil S.
Centrville, TN
February 24 2021 5:41PM

Took a month to receive parts (due to pandemic) for faulty washer. They canceled and rescheduled three follow up appointments that were scheduled weeks ahead for the repair, which is covered for the full repair Labor/materials on my policy.

The fourth appointment is today, which is now two months from initial repair call that found the issue. No Show in appointment window.

Called multiple times, no help, no communication back, and no way for rep to reach dispatch although they say they will try. Will not renew. They have completely failed.

Anita W.
February 23 2021 4:11PM

Dishwasher broke June 30. February 23 (8 months later) disabled since June. They said that it needs to have another replacement as well as the part we have been waiting for to be replaced.

I asked how can another part break if it hasn’t been able to turn on for eight months? I asked if I could install a temporary dishwasher while waiting at my expense and they said no.

Patti H.
Sturgeon Bay, WI
February 20 2021 12:55AM

Going to make this short and sweet, STAY AWAY! Customer service is very unhelpful. The sub-contractors they use are unreliable and unknowledgeable. Many would not even show, and I had to keep calling back to request a new company.

Once you sign, there is no turning back! When I tried to cancel the contract, they wanted over $500 as a fee, and my monthly plan is $69.99.

Frank M.
Las Vegas, NV
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