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February 24 2021 5:41PM

Took a month to receive parts (due to pandemic) for faulty washer. They canceled and rescheduled three follow up appointments that were scheduled weeks ahead for the repair, which is covered for the full repair Labor/materials on my policy.

The fourth appointment is today, which is now two months from initial repair call that found the issue. No Show in appointment window.

Called multiple times, no help, no communication back, and no way for rep to reach dispatch although they say they will try. Will not renew. They have completely failed.

Anita W.
February 23 2021 4:11PM

Dishwasher broke June 30. February 23 (8 months later) disabled since June. They said that it needs to have another replacement as well as the part we have been waiting for to be replaced.

I asked how can another part break if it hasn’t been able to turn on for eight months? I asked if I could install a temporary dishwasher while waiting at my expense and they said no.

Patti H.
Sturgeon Bay, WI
February 20 2021 12:55AM

Going to make this short and sweet, STAY AWAY! Customer service is very unhelpful. The sub-contractors they use are unreliable and unknowledgeable. Many would not even show, and I had to keep calling back to request a new company.

Once you sign, there is no turning back! When I tried to cancel the contract, they wanted over $500 as a fee, and my monthly plan is $69.99.

Frank M.
Las Vegas, NV
February 19 2021 8:14PM

Called for service on washer and dryer Jan 3.. they came out Jan 10..fixed the dryer. Had to order parts for washer.. Came out Weeks later put in the new barrel..but.. didn’t finish.. washer would not work.. Called every day for 8 days...on hold....

Finally got someone to answer and made appointment to have the work completed.. He came to the house drunk or high... started cursing on the porch..told us he was cancelling and left.. It is now Feb 19...

Still trying to get someone to talk..over 4 hours on hold.. or if they answer they hang up..WORST SERVICE ever! Disrespectful employees! What happened to Sears?? It used to be reliable! I’m 78..

Caroline R.
St Louis, MI
February 19 2021 5:51PM

All the below reviews are true. Hundreds of them. Horrible service and a total waste of money. Scam level. Interesting that the overall review hasn't been updated since October of last year.

It's not SEARS any longer folks. It's CINCH using the SEARS name. The company hides behind a firewall of "customer service" reps that are only there to give you the run around or just hang up on you.

If you are offered this or are researching home/appliance warranties DO NOT USE SEARS/CINCH.

Mike A.
Warrenton, WV
February 16 2021 6:09PM

I only gave SHS a 1 rating because negative numbers were not available. SHS used to provide dependable service but have seen them go way down hill.

Don't return calls and waited over 60 days and still no resolution to my broken washer. Bye, bye Sears. Ignore your Customers and they will go away, then you go away.

Tom B.
Hampton, NJ
February 15 2021 5:07PM

I must join every other customer here in expressing my displeasure and outrage at trying to utilize this policy. My husband scheduled a repair in December and they came out and said they needed a part.

He has talked to them at least three times about the part and their inability to get it due to shipping delays related to the pandemic. Today, because he again called, they say the repair is not covered.

I was hesitant about this policy and that we might run into just this problem if we tried to use it, but I thought SEARS would be reliable.

The policy is now managed by CINCH and they have denied the current repair and suggested that if I schedule another repair (to remove detergent from the improper receptacle that he would label a "cleaning" to exclude it), it would not be covered. In other words, we are paying for nothing.

Doris W.
Linthicum, MD
February 11 2021 9:47PM

I would give them a zero if I could. The worst company since they changed. We had Sears home warranty for 7 years then we had a lapse in coverage which then we had to change to the new program.

Well their coverage sucks. You have to wait 30 days to make a claim which isn’t the problem. It was that they wouldn’t cover our problem saying that we had a pre existing problem. Which we didn’t. The problem started 8 days before I could make a claim.

On Feb 1 I made my claim. To be told now it was a pre existing since it was before February 1. Wow. How you guys have changed for the worst. Would never recommend you to anyone.

Deanna F.
Nixa, MO
February 08 2021 5:44PM

Worst experience and would never recommend. I canceled my original purchase warranty to have the home warranty thru Sears. I’ve had a dryer worked on 5 times by two companies during the pandemic from October 2020 - today 1/08/21.

I spoke to probably every customer service representative and told different solutions. I was told someone would email me for compensation or replacement and never received a call or email.

I finally spoke to a manager who again advised I would get a call and email in 24 hrs to discuss replacement. I’ve spent $65.00 on three different trips to the laundromat and still paid my monthly dues. I could have bought a new washer and dryer.

I can’t cancel my contract so I’m locked in. This is a gimmick and burn of services. If I had money to take legal action for false advertisement I would.

In addition most of my call appear to not have been documented. Never again! Thanks Sears for stressing me out weekly since October 2020!!!!

Andrea G.
Albuquerque, NM
February 06 2021 12:48AM

I have had Sears for ten years and I have to say these are the worst people in the world for home warranties now.

We have tried three times to get service in the last month and first time they never showed for a pipe stoppage, then when we finally spoke to them they said they don’t cover clogged pipes outside the house very convenient.

Then we called last week for a shower valve that was leaking. Nothing happens. Call back. They state they never got our first call even though we called then went “online” as well and was given a fake confirmation number... but it gets worse...

We called back got another confirmation number finally a plumber shows up a week later for the leaking valve and yay Sears says they don’t cover the valve because the technician said it was due to calcium build up and we were to pay out of pocket 725 dollars....

That’s right 725.00 dollars for a valve that cost new 45.00 dollars at Home Depot... in my frustration I removed the valve. Found that a rubber washer had ripped. I went to Home Depot and for .48 cents... yes 48 CENTS! I was able to fix the valve....

We canceled the warranty and now they want money to cancel the warranty. They have stolen two 100 dollar deposits that they “said” would be refunded due to them never showing up for the repairs. RUN! DO NOT BUY A SEARS HOME WARRANTY!!!! It is not the same company.

They are HORRIBLE deceitful people. A complete rip off! They have under a 3 star rating for a reason! I will be filing with the BBB and my credit card company for fraudulent practices.

Lisa P.
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